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LeAnn Rimes: We Are Dissolving Our Marriage

LeAnn Rimes: We Are Dissolving Our Marriage

LeAnn Rimes checks her phone as she waits for a friend to pick her up from the gym on Wednesday (September 2).

The 26-year-old country star announced through her website on Tuesday that she and Dean Sheremet will get a divorce. “After much thoughtful mutual consideration, Deane and I have agreed to move forward with dissolving our marriage,” LeAnn wrote on her website. “This decision was amicable and we remain committed and caring friends with great admiration for one another. Thank you so much for all of your continued love and support – it is deeply appreciated.”

Eddie Cibrian, whom LeAnn was rumored to be involved with, is also getting a divorce from his wife Brandi Glanville. While LeAnn and Eddie denied their relationship at first, they have now been going out on dates together in public.

10+ pictures inside of LeAnn Rimes after her workout at the gym…

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  • Casey

    Damn she’s one vomit inducing chick.

  • Ali

    It is OK for women to cheat on their husbands. Good work LeAnn.

  • me!

    Don’t like the way she looks at all!

  • gwen

    Just because they have been going out on dates doesn’t mean that he is in love with her. He was going out on dates with his wife too, was even spoted smiling and lauging with her, even held her hand as they walked through airports, but was cheating on her. So what we are to take away from these dates is that he is cheating on LR? So it seems someone is trying to sell their disgusting behavior as a “romance”. There is nothing romantic about their lies, cheating, and the manner in which they so carelessly flaunt this affair.

    Love and support? Is she serious? No one supports the lying, cheating, and gloating that she and EC have done to 4 innocent people. You would think that after those photos in mexico that she would LAY LOW, but not LR. She has to show everyone that she has “won”. US Weekly should work on exposing his affair with the woman that EC is sleeping with behind her back.

    So if EC is such a devoted father, why isn’t he telling his mistress to be respectful/sensitive to his sons? Why is it okay for his mistress to leak stories about how she is planning the wedding and going to marry EC after the divorces are final? What a devoted father, teaching his kids that family takes the backseat to fame and fortune.

  • Dee

    Yet another couple who thinks it’s all right to crap all over the people you love if you can better-deal them. They both suck big time!!! I can only hope that divorce leaves both of these guys penniless.

  • jj

    Chicago Sun Times is reporting that Brandi and her team of lawyers may be preparing to sue LR!
    Hope they can prove how she and/or her friends alerted the paps to ensure his wife would leave him. Also, be still my heart, the Smirk and the Jerk will be tying the knot when their divorces are final. With their total disregard for their spouses and his children, one can only hope that they will be miserable. For Brandi and Dean, the best revenge is a life well lived. Find love and prosper!!

  • mju8

    How can a divorce be amiable when one person cheats?

  • Denise

    I’m not condoning affairs, but some of Hollywoods most enduring marriages started from one (Paul Newman/Joanne Woodward, Tom Hanks/Rita Wilson, etc.). It’s funny how everyone hated Angelina Jolie – and then turned instead against Jennifer Aniston, even though she didn’t do anything wrong.

  • BHAM

    How could someone that looks like her, break up a marriage? Baffling.

  • annab

    She does look rough….not a good person at all. Spoiled at a young age.

  • sunseeker

    Cibrian is after her money and her lifestyle, it is well known he wants to further his career but can’t do it on his own. He has always wanted to get into singing but has not been good enough, so he is going to live his dream throough Rimes.

  • alycia

    didn’t she stalk some guy?

  • um

    Freedom for all four involved. Trust if you don’t have a spouse who has you as number one in his/her life, then you don’t have a marriage.
    What’s the point in hanging on to someone who doesn’t want you anymore? Oh and another person rarely is the reason for breaking up a marriage. If you have a solid marriage, other people are invivisble much less break apart a marriage. Usually a third party magnifes the cracks in a marriage that normally would be ignored until much later.

  • Zandra

    If she thinks he’ll stay faithful to her when he couldn’t even stay faithful to the mother of his children, then she’s delusional.

  • ticktock

    eddie is on csi miami this season and i am not going to watch that show because of him. there is something sneaky about his eyes and hers! i can’t stand to look at either of them. i hope they both get an std and can’t stop scratching!

  • jenny.canada

    she is wearing full lululemon athleticas gear, the website is

  • jenny.canada

    she is wearing full lululemon athleticas gear, the website is

  • roni

    This young woman has absolutely no shame and no amount of PR is going to change most of the public’s attitude to her and her lover.

    Most married people who are conducting affairs go out of their way to be discreet and protect their own reputation. However, these two choose to humiliate and abuse their spouses in a very public way, using Rimes’ powerful PR team to vilify her husband and his wife quite viciously. No wonder Cibrian runs from the papz cameras – I am sure that deep in his heart, he is ashamed of what he has done to his wife. Why couldn’t he be honest with her months ago when the affair went public? Why go into marriage therapy whilst continuing to have sex with your girlfriend? How can anyone lie so much?

    If he was so dishonest to Brandi, how is he going to treat Rimes after the first months of lust?

  • lydia

    Eddie has had numerous affairs over the course of his marriage…it is reported.

    Anyone ever hear of the woman he is alleged to have had a 3 yr. affair with while married? Scheana -Marie Jancon…in fact there are pics of the two in each others’ arms. Search it!

    So what kind of marriage was Brandi in? And why didn’t someone tell her? I mean the whole world knows about her husband except her. Huh? Has she no friends looking out for her?

  • lydia

    to Bham……..

    Looks aren’t everything . In fact a beautiful woman’s looks can be spoiled by a rotten attitude or no personality or talents.

    Think of all the gruesomely UGLY musicians and the beauties flocking them. Beauty isn’t everything. Remember “beauty fades, dumb is forever”

  • a realist

    # 8
    Denise @ 09/03/2009 at 8:40 am
    It’s funny how everyone hated Angelina Jolie – and then turned instead against Jennifer Aniston, even though she didn’t do anything wrong.

    Angie didn’t do anything wrong either. Brad and Jenn are the ones responsible for their breakup.

  • Jackie

    she’s not wearing nike, its Lululemon for sure!

  • lydia

    A tabloid reported this morning that Brandi Glanville will sue Le Ann for

    “alienation of affection”. That is a 1864 tort action that was abolished in 42 states in 1935. Of the 8 states where it can still be used California is NOT one of them, neither is Tennessee nor any of the others where Rimes resides.

    See how ridiculous the tabs can be?

  • Iggles

    @a realist:
    This argument I think will continue for the rest of time..
    Personally I’m on Team Jolie.
    Aniston has been milking the “break up” for publicity for the past 4+ years..

  • doody

    Isn’t it silly when someone says “I’m not gunna watch CSI Miami or a Brad Pitt film” because of what they did?

    Don’t you realize how much cheating goes on behind the scenes that we never hear about?
    Not condoning it but you may as well turn off the television and radio because lots of our fave celebrities do it and don’t get caught. Its as old as Hollywood itself

  • doody

    Aniston is so overrated. Just a smoky botoxed, browneyed dyed hair
    mildly talented person with a good pr team.

  • jm

    LOL! Whenever I see her picture i think of Falkor from Neverending story!

  • lydia

    to jm……

    I see you on other boards repeating the exact same comment……on x17 for example.

    No imagination, eh?

  • StaceyLacey


    It takes two to make a marriage.Brandi Cibrian hled on,for gave ,and tried with Eddie after his affairs. Either shemust have tried or was dumb. Ithink she was the forgiver and trier being that she had the most financially to lose.

    As Brandi said last week,

    Now, do you really think Eddie Cibrian is stepping out with LeAnn,and divorcing Brandi to marry or be committed to her!?!??!NO WAY!
    A MAN like him, a cheater, does leave one marriage to get stuck in another.He will be finished with LeAnn next year around this time.

    Dean Sheremt,if he is gay or not,truth will tell and sooner than later.

    Yes,Dean and leAnn got married young, too young.

    HOWEVER,that is no excuse for her to go after Eddie just cheats when he feels like it. I do not why he and Brandi got married but he may just be onen of those guys who does not want marraige and one-woman right now.

    Next…other cases are case by case…
    Brad-Angelina-Jennifer.he wanted a family and Anniston gave him a date ,after Friends,but she kept on making her little dvd movies.We know because they said abouta family in interviews.Check the Emmy’s after Friends ended. But Annsiton is sorry now. Yeah, because all she does is talk about the poor littleJennifer and them still like 6 yrs. later.

    Tori Spelling- lost her mom over dumping her husband after amking a moive with her Dean.

    Virgin Christian Amy Grant met Vince Gill and Janice Gill had to go and Janice Gill went too. Guickly and first.Then Amythe sweet nice one got rid of Gary her husabnd and she and Vince married and had daughter Corrine. they are still togwether,but …there is always but.

    Trash talking bad HONEST Tanya Tucker is more nicer and sweet and honest that sugar lying coated Vince Gill and Amy Grant.

    LeAnn might be hoping for a Vince -Amything. LeAnn sure can pick- a maybe gay guy Dean and a a user Eddie.

    LeAnn ,jokes on her.

  • StaceyLacey

    Also,LeAnn’s pr release is jsut basic scripted pr .This is the same messgae w/same words all pr people use…we remain amicable,commited caring friends,,,blahbllahblah.”

  • lydia

    staceylacey….you write in the same way as Gwen LOL

  • rawr

    If she’s waiting for a friend to pick her up, how come she has car keys in her hand?

  • bebe

    LOOK UP WHITE TRAILER TRASH and you would find LR RIGHT NEXT TO IT. HOW DOES a woman take a father away from his kids and flount it in MEXICO. I KNOW SHE HATES her own Father but she has no right to deprive these kids of a full time Father.

  • gwen

    Just because EC has had mutiple affairs that justifies his affair with LR? It doesn’t matter if he had one or ten affairs before he jumped into bed with LR, it doesn’t change the fact that he is having a very public affair with LR. He is wrong for sleeping with LR and LR is wrong for sleeping with him. Trying to justify the affair with the “but he has done this before” defense isn’t going to absolve LR.

    Why is someone always trying to blame BG for EC actions?
    He is the cheater, so why keep trying to make her into the bad guy with these “how could she not know…” mentality. Blaming BG isn’t going to make LR look any better. LR knows that EC is a cheater and when he cheats on her will these same people who are trying to blame BG say “how could LR not know…”?

    So just because cheating is frequent behind the scenes and other celebs do it without getting caught, that makes it right and means that when it happens people should just look the other way? Just because all of HW is cheating that doesn’t mean that it is right or that it is not hurtful. You raise an interesting point, if some celebs cheat and don’t get caught, then what does it say about LR and EC?

    What’s the point in hanging on to someone who doesn’t want you? Well that’s the problem, neither LR nor EC were in that type of situation. Just because LR may have been having issues with her husband it doesn’t mean that she has the right to insert herself into another woman’s marriage. It is not true that “If you have a solid marriage, other people are invivisble much less break apart a marriage. Usually a third party magnifes the cracks in a marriage that normally would be ignored until much later.” The truth of the matter is that people cheat because they are selfish, not because they are “unhappy” or there are already cracks in a marriage which are invisible/wouldn’t have been exposed if the person wasn’t cheating. Even solid marriages experience affairs.

  • Marieme

    @Dee: I agree! Enjoy this wet muskrat, Eddie. You both are total, lying scum.

  • gwen

    Go figure, lydia, the poster who posys under different names to trash BG and DS, is going around trying to accuse other posters of posting under different names? Hey Lydia how is shooly?

  • doody is lydia


  • rinka

    judge not lest ye be judged

  • gwen

    Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.

  • lilian

    I think Lydia is lonely….sitting at home reading all the comments, searching all the celebrity websites and reading every comment. Lame!

  • michaela

    Just because Eddie married Brandi doesn’t mean he loved her.

    Did Brandi know that Eddie loves the women when she married him? Bet she knew and what did she know or was she involved when he was engaged to Julianne Morris?

  • gwen


    Just because Eddie holds Leann hand, it doesn’t mean that he loves her. Leann knows that EC didn’t and doesn’t love her and yet she keeps trying to convince the public that they have this “great romance”. Knowing that EC loves women,you keep trying to convince us that they are “happy and in love”. So instead of questioning BG,perhaps you should question why Leann insists on being with EC knowing full well that his actions with her are not sincere.

    So inquirying minds want to know, who are you really and did you really post this message in EVERY thread? You went through all the trouble to post this message in EVERY thread, and by your logic that makes you invested. So are things that bad for EC and LR that the only way to make the public feel sorry for them is to depict BG as a villian. So since the BG and EC cheated lies didn’t catch on the first time, you thought a second time will so the trick. Posting this in EVERY thread and on every site isn’t going to it true. Besides, it’s just going to blow up in your face. Everyone sees this as a mad attempt to deflect from EC and LR. And you think that posting that BG cheated with EC is going to make people dislike BG?

  • michaela

    Love that look on her face. Determined, a bit fierce. Beautiful!!!

  • gwen

    micheala (aka cbme, validate, lydia)

    That’s not the look of determination. That’s the “I have to go to the bathroom” look.

    You were not lying, Leann is a fierce person. I have never seen anyone take so much pleasure in the pain that they cause others the way that Leann does.

    Leann is beautiful? Who are you trying to convince, yourself or the public? By the looks of it you must be trying to convince yourself. If you think that Leann is so beautiful, then why were you calling her a dog in the other threads?

  • suppress your appetite

    omg! LOLL

  • gwen

    Why? Because LR pr person is criticizing BG for exercising and here are photos of Leann doing the same thing?

  • Nell


    lggles-that is so not true, Aniston has not been milking the break up. she is so over it and has been. thats the mosts stupidest mess i’ve heard.