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Rachel Bilson: Project Runway's Latest Judge!

Rachel Bilson: Project Runway's Latest Judge!

Rachel Bilson will play a celebrity guest judge on an upcoming episode of Project Runway.

This week, a sandal-clad Tim Gunn gives the fashion designers their a California-themed challenge while on a beach along the Santa Monica Pier.

Rachel‘s fashion is spot on and she’s from L.A., so this was the perfect episode for her to join the panel of judges!

Don’t miss Ms. Bilson on Project Runway TONIGHT (September 3) @ 10 PM ET/PT on Lifetime.

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Photos: Mike Yarish/Lifetime
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  • LuckyMe

    I love her tights!! I’ve got a good collection of patterned tights myself. LOVE THEM. She looks great here, so gorgeous!!

  • huh?

    she is not attractive at all. she dresses like shiiiit

  • Jen

    she has such lame taste when it comes to fashion, what a joke

  • chris 23

    There’s nothing stylish, beautiful or talented about her. She’s a Natalie Portman wanna be. Looser!! Go back to the mall!

  • alicia

    She is beautiful. I can’t wait to see her judge them.


    Makeup and hairspray do miracles!

  • jamie


  • illuminatea

    Wow, this was unexpected! But I’ll be glad to see Rachel be a judge. Project Runway is my favorite reality show for sure, so I’ll definitely be watching!

  • sam

    I think I’ll sleep in front of television today

  • Anakin

    She looks so much better since she dumped that gargoyle Brody, Brody on the other hand looks like, well you’ve seen the pic…he went from hideous to “please put on a paper bag”

  • @all

    She is a Natalie Portman wanabe but will never be.

  • lexy

    Poor Rachel, this is probably the best thing to happen to her since Hayden and his trouble maker brother!!!

    Seems Brody’s doing just fine without Rachel – he’s got a movie with Bruce Willis coming out – I’m sure RB is kicking herself for dumping him!!! Afterall if she’d stay with him she could have insisted he get her a role too!


    Project Runway isn’t that good anymore the show is in trouble well if they take on Lohan on it now Bilson we can see they are desperate but, really these woman are not designers they are want to be ones.

  • mega cute rachel

    I like Rachel, she’s a cute actress, I hope she does well in her career. She seems a level headed girl & not consummed by Hollywood. Hopefully she’s good to her fans, I hang out a lot in most of the areas she frequests. Love her outfit on PR!

  • Proj runway gone way downhill

    Lindsay Lohan was on earlier. Project Runway has really gone to the dogs if it has her and since it left Bravo! and went to Lifetime. Last season was TERRIBLE + BORING, just rehash of old challenges and colorless contestants making fairly fugly fashion. This season is really bad if it had to resort to fashion troll Bilson to boost ratings, having them design Ms.-desire-for-privacy-Bilson’s wedding dress. I don’t watch PR anymore. Its a ruin of what used to be a fun and interesting show, absolutely no creativity now.

    And how typical, now that she’s back in LA with her fugly brother-of-a-felon, she has to be on JJ every day.

  • benito delicias

    thanks for spoiling it Jared….GOD! what need did we have to know this hours before it aired?

  • Save The OC

    Aww, Rachel look’s so BEAUTIFUL. Wow!

  • bob

    fugly as usual

  • jgner

    follow me twitter –

  • dundies

    reach for the stars why dont you

  • Pau_Gasol Fan#16

    Project Runway used to be great. Used to enjoy watching it. I have to agree with #15. Project runway was horrible this past year and I stopped watching it. Is Michael Kors no longer on the show? I have not seen him on the show. Too Bad. I liked him. Too bad the Nina Garcia did not leave. She is a uppity snot! Michael Kors was at least very cool and used kinder words to the designers. I can see Nina is still on the show and sitting next to Rachel. Looks like the gruesome twosome!

    Rachel A judge on this show? A copy cat designer?! Whatever. If, Lindsay Lohan or Lilo was just on the show. This explains why Rachel is on the show. They show has been on a downslide and they will or are very desperate to boost ratings. Looks like I will be on the couch texting tonight then! Plus, boycotting this show.


    Doesn’t sound like a wedding dress design said something about beach or LA wear..I seriously doubt she would ever let anyone design something she wants credit for in stolen design wear.

  • Tom

    She is so cute I want to make babies with her.

  • lakers fan in boston

    i think you guys are letting your hate get to you
    i agree, she may not be the most likeable celeb but you have to admit she does have some style, more than most celebs, who just let their stylists dress them
    she looks really cute in that outfit, she might have pushed it a bit with the makeup tho

  • ivanka

    @Save The OC: agreed

  • anne

    How can she be a Project Runway judge if she’s a MAJOR COPYCAT. She PLAGIARIZED the design of some unknown designer and included it in her DKNY Line. Do the Project Runway producers want the show’s contestants to um, COPY Rachel?

    What a great role model she is.

  • lil

    So because she’s a relatively new actress, she’s now qualified to know more about fashion than people who have been learning about it for most of their lives?! That’s just crazy. She doesn’t even choose a lot of her OWN clothes – a stylist does. It would be much more fun to just pick some random homeless person off the street and hear what they have to say.

  • tess
  • adam

    Rachel is just like Mischa Barton. Her fame is mostly in the tabloids and gossip columns. What she’s wearing, who she’s dating. Very little for her acting.

    She’s not a druggie alkie like Mischa so that’s to her advantage. But they’re both very good at manipulating the press. When you have limited acting talent you have to do that.

  • Jessie

    nice, she is so pretty!

  • glam

    This is what most has beens will be up to for the coming days, right Rachel?

  • sharon

    @Anakin: Huh ??? Adam has done just fine …like one person commented he is doing a movie with Bruce Willis and loved the movie In The Land Of Women who by the way had Meg Ryan and Kristen Stewart ,who and what A LISTED movie star has Rachel been in with ???And Benjamin Mckenzie has done well too just saw him in 88 Minutes and another movie with Jamie Bell who I think was the best out of Jumper.

  • tina

    I just saw a clip of NYILU on DHnet, Rachel ruined it for me. She was too perky, had no depth, no sex appeal, just like a ditz out of place. her voice was too high pitched for a woman with the 2 men in the scene HC and EG I am telling you, she will ruin the film.

  • sharon

    @anakin anybody who is turned into a zombie is Hayden …Adam looks alot happier and the sad part is Hayden used to have the same glow …guess she sucks the life right of them !!!

  • tina

    Adam Brody is the man, he dumped Rachel and said that he was glad she did not go all psycho on him. Hayden picked up a dumped dumb midget and a ditz.

  • xoxo


  • o.c.

    Rachel Bilson is better than all of you people who commented on this (minus her fans!). I’m sure she has better fashion then you guys as well. And I don’t know what you guys are thinking she’s gorgeous! and I love the O.C.!!!!!! Plus she’s dating Hayden Christensen and he’s HOTTTT! Rachel is my idol…..

  • ebony

    Cute. Adorable. Dates costars.

    That’s nice.

    But if you don’t have any solid talent to back that up cute and adorable and dates costars can only take you so far.

    She’s making the most of it and Hollywood is full of the marginally talented like her.

  • @38

    Go to sleep now tweeny-dumb… its running late now for your bed time & scram – lol!

  • MMM

    can’t wait to watch it! love her <3

  • @lil

    She’s on the show as a guest celebrity not as a fashion designer. Like guest celebrities appear on other shows even if they can’t sing or dance. It’s simply to attract ratings. After all most celebs are not known for having any particular talent (other than being a celeb of course), so whether people think she has great fashion sense or none isn’t important. Onlly that she is a known face that, hopefully, people will tune in to watch.

  • Sally

    Rachel has a lot of style, she knows fashion, but she isn’t a fashion victim, so I think it was a really good choice of the program. Great!

  • ocsethummer

    Wonder when this was taped?
    No engagement ring!

  • news flash

    @44 last September—-before she was engaged.

    @Tina so great that you can make an assumption based on something in which lasted just over 1 min and she was not the focal character shown-you should be a critic with your depth of knowledge. LOL

  • Anakin

    @sharon: @sharon:

    Adam looks like shIt and you know it, come on, I wonder how many cologne ads he’ll ever do, with what passes for his face? Meg Ryan? Yeah, good example, talk about someone who’s best days were in the 80′s, she was ok before the crap with Russell Crowe. Bruce Willis? don’t even get me started!

  • gemma

    Anakin, Hayden C. has been called by some critics as the worst actor of his generation. Quite a compliment.

  • lexy

    Adam is doing fine – that much we know. As for doing cologne ads – who cares that he doesn’t do that? Perhaps like Hayden, he’s had offers to endorse products but is holding out for the right deal. Personally I think the reason Lacoste chose Hayden was b/c they couldn’t afford a real tennis pro and Hayden’s a tennis player and semi-famous and more in their budget.

    You’re knocking Bruce and Meg but at the end of the day they are still (especially Bruce) more bankable and more popular than Rachel. In fact Anakin, let’s be real here – Bruce’s daughter Rumer is more popular and well known and bankable than Rachel – LOL! then again Violet Affleck and Suri Cruise are more popular than Rachel.

    As for the girl who LOVES the OC. Honey turn off those DVDs (since the show hasn’t been on in YEARS) and turn back to regular TV or go to the movies – check out some real actors doing REAL tv & movies! If you want some fashion advice from celebs try Victoria Beckman, Angelina Jolie, Jen Aniston – you know women who actually popular and have good taste!

  • tina

    @news flash

    That is how it is decided, you don’t say that it is ok to ruin 1 minute in a 10 min short, no it is not ok and she ruins everything, she sucked in every film she was in, always too perky, too ditzy, no depth, high pitched voice, always the same, oh please, she can’t act and she does not fit well with hc and eg in NYILU. It looked forced, ridiculous and unnatural. She should be a nursery school teacher’s assistant.

  • emmaa

    @Anakin: Pfft! Cologne ads…wtf. Actors ACT, you know. Despite all the negative commentary made about Rachel, I like her. I’m a fan of her because of The OC. Always. But it is NOT cool to go making remarks about Adam. He has done waaaaaay more than Rachel in terms of an actual actor’s work, and is by far more accomplished in the industry. Sure he’s been hiding under a rock for a while, but he’s an actor who has actually been working on FILM lately, not fcking Lacoste ads. So shut the fk up.

  • ocsethummer

    Adam spent time before the elections going around to Universities etc and encouraging young people to register and vote for the future. Making them realise that their votes count.
    He has been in Death in Love movie (opened July 2009), is the voice to a FOX cartoon (about surfer dudes), drummer for band Big Japan and even co-wrote a comic with Rachel’s dad in the past. They may not be major projects, but he certainly is employable.
    Jennifer’s body opens in a couple of weeks. What else he has coming not sure, but I am sure we will be seeing him working on other projects.
    I wait for Rachel to do something that is not fame gaining.
    Applauds for her acting – not hearing it.
    On the OC she played the Valley Girl, not too much of a stretch, she was liked, but a lot of that was because of her choice in co-star, they worked well on the screen and even won screen chemistry awards, but that was a long time ago.
    Still cannot understand why Doug Liman cast her in Jumper, cannot for a minute think there were no other actresses out there that could play the role.