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Rihanna: Giorgio Baldi Beauty

Rihanna: Giorgio Baldi Beauty

Rihanna and her bodyguards leave her favorite West Coast restaurant, Italian eatery Il Ristorante di Giorgio Baldi, after dinner on Wednesday night (September 2) in Santa Monica, Calif.

The 21-year-old Bajan beauty wore a gorgeous black-and-white mini with matching fingernails. Love the eye makeup!

On Larry King Live last night, Chris Brown admitted that he’s still in love with Rihanna and they ended their relationship being friends (before the five-year protective order was imposed).

10+ pictures inside of Giorgio Baldi beauty Rihanna

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rihanna giorgio baldi restaurant 01
rihanna giorgio baldi restaurant 02
rihanna giorgio baldi restaurant 03
rihanna giorgio baldi restaurant 04
rihanna giorgio baldi restaurant 05
rihanna giorgio baldi restaurant 06
rihanna giorgio baldi restaurant 07
rihanna giorgio baldi restaurant 08
rihanna giorgio baldi restaurant 09
rihanna giorgio baldi restaurant 10
rihanna giorgio baldi restaurant 11
rihanna giorgio baldi restaurant 12

Photos: Flynetonline, WENN
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  • tm

    SHE LOOKS AMAZING as usual.

  • littlekitty89

    she´s so gorgeous!!
    LOVE U RIH!!

  • babe_luv_ya


  • Noticias de famosos

    Rihanna is very pretty and very natural, the dress is fantastic.

  • etro

    She looks like a guy there.

  • Juice

    Her nails are so ugly.

  • M

    Rihanna seems to eat out every night.
    Does she not know how to cook or she just wants
    to be seen?

  • James

    I can’t stand her face but she does have a banging body.

  • kiss

    OMG……Prince grew boobs?

  • shalom

    She doesn’t look so bad here but most of the time she looks terrible.
    She’s a cute girl. Does she purposely try to make herself ugly?

  • weezer

    rihanna needs lonq hair
    short hair doesn’t work for her.

  • Duchess

    I always thought she was so pretty…this haircut made me realize that she really doesn’t have that pretty of a face.

  • sully

    RiRi reminds me of a pin-headed Whitney Houston in those shots.

  • No Brown

    It was clear Chris Brown and his mama are attempting to keep her on the hook…she’s too young and beautiful to wait five years for that guy whether he beat her up only once, three times, or not at all. His loss of endorsements must be hurting his and mama’s lavish lifestyles by now. Wishing Rhianna a magnificent future relationship with a man who can teach her the difference between animal lust and a beautiful true love relationship.

  • finch

    from the neck down, nice.
    from the neck up, she does look like a boy.

  • Bella

    Her nails are scary.

  • Peace

    I think this chick is still in love with Chris Brown which is pretty sick. He doesn’t need to keep her on the hook. She seems to be working to try to get that retraining order lifted cause she’s a sick, insecure girl. Glad the judge saw through her silliness.
    Now if only she would get a good stylist….

  • kimi

    she looks drunken. maybe she needs some support from her bodyguard.

  • LRon

    RiRi trolls for photo-ops.
    I used to think Katie Holmes was the biggest famewhore.
    Rihanna’s got her beat by a mile.

  • what’s up

    She just tries too hard. She looks like Grace Jones.

  • asdf

    For some reason…her face kinda looks like a dude’s in those pics. Nice legs.

  • borat

    He looks very handsome!

  • lulu24

    That hair cut is awesome but it does not suit her.

  • TRUE


  • Soul

    The most normal she’s looked in years though her makeup needs some work.
    I wish she looked this good every day and also that we didn’t see her almost every day.
    Girl is way too overexposed.

  • enoughalready

    What happen to all that but she had the other day? Rihanna is not a victim and when she slips up, people will see the truth. I just dont get her or feel her cause she is so fake!

    With no talent also, walking around dont make you have talent!

  • babe_luv_ya

    I love all of your post…
    You rock enoughalready ! !!YOU ROCK!!!!!

  • rihannaforever

    so funny how people hate on her too bad cos she doesnt give a shit!!.

    she looks amazing.

    love you rihanna.

  • GO RIRI!!!

    @babe_luv_ya: @babe_luv_ya: What Losers dont people keep saying blah blah she is not a victim yet Chris brown accepts full responsiblity of what happend.seriously if you dont like her just dont read anything about her.i love her music she is awesome.

    love u Rihanna.

  • Jen

    pretty but has a horrible fashion sense

  • You are not perfect

    Rhianna looks nice, but her eyes are so sad. I don’t think Chris is trying to keep her on the hook. She obviously still cares for him or she wouldn’t be trying to get the restraining order removed. If we are all honest with ourselves, it’s hard to just lose someone you have been with for years. We have to remember they are young and still have a lot to learn. In the end, it’s their business. If she feels he is getting the help he needs, it’s her business and her choice. It’s her life, not ours. Stop judging them and hopefully they both can move on and be productive and happy.

  • sooo

    love her and her music!!!!!

  • thunder thighs fatass

    She looks good except for her thunder thighs and fat ass

  • Billie

    Can’t wait for her 15 minutes of fame to be over. Can’t stand her!

  • delvin

    .@GO RIRI!!!: This is not a fan blog, we’re all allowed to comment. Agree, Brown is a loser but she has a problem if she’s been trying to get the protective order lifted.

    She has a cute body but she still looks like a man in drag. At least she’s dressed normally.

  • babe_luv_ya

    @GO RIRI!!!:
    just because i’m givin my opinion doesn’t mean that i’m a hater…geez!

  • sigh

    rihanna probably regrets being a celeb….. the media’s gotta do what they gotta do that’s how they get paid by blowing things out of proportion, trainwrecking someone’s life and invading their privacy… i guess rihanna can feel the pinch of the shoe now

  • Pinky

    She got big legs and she’s so fcking ugly, what happened to her?

  • Cammie

    All she does is work the street with her free designer clothes and styled hair and makeup. She is avoiding talking about domestic violence, but likes to pretend she is Grace Jones.. I wish she would take her robotic self back to the islands. Her and Beatdown Brown deserve each other, the judge should let them be together..eventually one will end up in the ICU.

  • brina

    Just wanted to know im i the only one who remember how ryan oneil use to beat the $hit out of farrah and they ended up having a 20+love story it can happend

  • dorothy’sredshoes

    she looks lost.

  • jess

    Wow she looks absolutely gorgeous!

  • xavier

    She’s smoking from the neck down but gross from the neck up. She should really trim those claws too.

  • hollawierd

    I donno if it’s the fashion game running .. or herself .. but those pics don’t look that happy .. really sad .. damned ..

  • im dina p so let me talk

    i just dont like her im dina p and this shit wouldnt let me comment but like i said i just like her i mean come on she was involed too but cb take the blame i been do some reseach lately and some people say riri used to hit alot and if thats ture then riri better step and take the place as will . and cb would have a virgn if is was for riri i heard that riri sleep wit her best friend bf so i know she wasnt a virgin if would he have chose js cb wouldnt NEVER BEEN IN THIS B.S. (MESS)
    shit thinking about make my insides sick
    Dina P yall
    ps if u dont like what sayin then deal wit it

  • suppress your appetite

    she looks amazing :) I love her sooo much :)