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Tokio Hotel: 'Automatic' Music Video!

Tokio Hotel: 'Automatic' Music Video!

Tokio Hotel cause quite the ruckus as they leave their hotel to do interviews on Thursday (September 3) in Paris, France.

Germany’s hottest musical export returns October 6th with new album Humanoid, the follow-up to their 2007 debut Scream. Their first single off Humanoid is “Automatic.” Check out the sci-fi themed video below — it was shot in the South African desert!

Tokio Hotel – “Automatic” Music Video

20+ pictures inside of Tokio Hotel taking Paris by storm…

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tokio hotel automatic music video 01
tokio hotel automatic music video 02
tokio hotel automatic music video 03
tokio hotel automatic music video 04
tokio hotel automatic music video 05
tokio hotel automatic music video 06
tokio hotel automatic music video 07
tokio hotel automatic music video 08
tokio hotel automatic music video 09
tokio hotel automatic music video 10
tokio hotel automatic music video 11
tokio hotel automatic music video 12
tokio hotel automatic music video 13
tokio hotel automatic music video 14
tokio hotel automatic music video 15
tokio hotel automatic music video 16
tokio hotel automatic music video 17
tokio hotel automatic music video 18
tokio hotel automatic music video 19
tokio hotel automatic music video 20
tokio hotel automatic music video 21
tokio hotel automatic music video 22
tokio hotel automatic music video 23
tokio hotel automatic music video 24

Photos: ANG/Fame Pictures
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  • shana

    First! OMG! OMG! I am like the BIGGEST FAN EVER! i am so excited and the video looks amazing! Love the single and thanks jared for posting this! You are like the coolest person ever!

  • ivanka

    ew gay

  • ME

    WHO are they?!!

  • Freesia

    AHHH I LOVE THEM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I thought Bill couldn’t look any cuter i was wrong ^_^

  • ivanka

    not homophobic, just dont like his look

  • omg

    Is that a guy or a girl . . .kinda reminds me of a young but punked out Boy George????
    Never heard of them.

  • pania

    argh..i am from germany and we are associated with this?!
    the oktoberfest, bier, munich and now tokio hotel..sad sad

    but thankfully this song is not as bad as the others…they grow, but the leadsinger is ugly as hell^^

  • gaia

    Kinda weird see them on JJ xD
    They are HUGE in Europe :D

  • stargirl

    Robot love! Tokio Hotel is the greatest. And the random Bill movements are super.

  • mary

    so these BOYS represent germany? omg I’m so ashamed…. there are so many bands over here that are much better….. well either you love them or you hate them… and i definitely HATE them….

  • Augusta

    I don’t think TH represents Germany (nor have they ever said they represent Germany). They’re an awesome band who happens to be composed of German guys (yes, they’re all guys). And Bill is gorgeous so anyone saying he isn’t is either blind or insanely jealous.

    Anyway, love the song and the video! God I can’t wait for the album!

  • diana

    this guy looks WEIRD. he’s got this fmeinine look about him… yuk

  • rpatzfan

    that guy is so girly eww watching him makes me sing “im not a girl not yet a woman “

  • jj

    this has to be one of the worst crap i ever heard! FAIL

  • Sarah May

    lame. that guy wears more make up than a high school bathroom full of girls preening up.

  • Anne

    could not drink the kool aid on this one. no clue they were german. interesting….

  • Jamie

    Is the lead singer in the process of a gender transformation?

  • jULI


  • jill

    Interesting, I’ll have to keep an eye out for them!

  • realloveinyou



  • kenza


  • Michaela

    This video is really good! Love the song!

  • Sarah

    ok wth, the whole video was nothing but bill doing the napoleon dynamite dance, and just shots of tom, where was georg and gustav?!

  • lena

    Jared, there are no other pictures!! LOL Post them!! I love Tokio Hotel! So weird to see them on this site haha

  • Anastacia

    I hate them!!
    they are sooo gay and they suck

  • lena

    They why even comment?? Seriously people, grow up.

  • Marley

    Yes his movements are! But thats Bill! At 1:44 it’s a bird move! I love TH!

  • Marley

    @Jamie: NO! He is just him! He took his look from David Bowie via the Labyrinth at a really early age!

  • finally..

    I love tokio hotel, & those who say Bill looks girly need to think outside the box. Why don’t you go to google & type in ‘Cinema Bizarre’. Now that’s girly!
    I love that his voice has grown, & just like almost ALL on here say, ‘Haters will always hate’. They will only get richer! So keep on hating I hope they get bigger just to shut you up. Of course the video is about bill he’s the lead singer, they have been a band for almost 10 years if Gustav & Georg wanted to be front & center once in awhile they would definitely tell both Tom & Bill.They are a band & don’t seem to mind letting Bill & Tom take the lead!

  • Marley

    I am so excited that their new album is coming out! I love them and couldn’t be any happier for them! I just wish we could have seen more of Tom,George, and Gustav in the video!

  • julia

    I was never really a big fan, but my sister was. I used to accompany her to their shows – happy to hear their new song. I like it a lot better than their other stuff!

  • Alexis

    ok im a fan of tokio hotel, i really liked there last album
    and i really like this song, i think its cute.
    but i have to say that this music video is bad beyond words!
    When it started, i thought it would be good, with the cool ass cars and it being in Africa, i was really excited! :D but then robots? wtf? and robots can be cool but robots in love?!?!?! im sorry it was so bad!
    AND! Since when did bill get all the limelight? we saw little of tom, even less of georg, and one frame of gustave. i like the band as a band! not as bill’s band!
    Is this what America has done to tokio hotel?
    they were so original! y did they sell out like this?
    im very disappointed =[
    what happened?

  • Natasha

    I agree with some of the comments that Bill is featured a lot, but the video is still amazing!! I love Tokio Hotel, and once this new album is released and they are #1 all the haters will be silenced! lol

  • Smilehexe

    Funny to see Tokio Hotel on this site. :-) They are really huge over here in Europe, and media coverage is immense.
    Although I’m out of this age group I still enjoy some songs of them, and the lyrics are not bad at all, e.g. the song about the divorce of their parents and how it felt for them, and some others.
    Bill Kaulitz is very pleasant to watch on interviews, man, this guy can TALK. LOL A real media pro and naturally made for being in public.
    The new video looks cool, and I wish them all the best for their new album and further career!

  • Jen

    if you dont know the band well or just heard their new single, dont be so mean and quick to judge
    theyre really successful as a german band and they’ve accomplished so much
    i think their musics great &really different from other bands

  • Ripitgirl

    Omg. I am so happy I have finally heard this, and the video is so amazing. they have combined my favorite things in the world in this video, cars, music, and TOKIO HOTEL!!!!! I Am crying with tears of joy right now. no lie at all. I am so happy!!!!!!

  • martin

    To see Tokio Hotel on JJ, is just weird! I frst thought, I might have gone nuts. But, no, it’s them.

    I seriously hope, this is the last post of them here. Go away, fags.

  • bob

    hate them

  • Elektraone

    Ohh TH on JustJured!! Wow!!
    I like this song and vid! in german it sounds better, but i like english version too))
    Yeah Russia love Tokio Hotel!!

  • Kitty

    awww audiotune :/

  • V.


    Excuse me.
    Beside the fact that he is NOT gay what’s wrong in being gay anyway?

    And believe me. No one cares about your hateful comments. (:
    Thank you.

  • oceane

    I really wanted to watch the whole video through but I couldn’t. It got my nerves. Bill got on my nerves. These guys take themselves WAY too serriously. Hopefully the next single might be better than this…

  • Rachaellampa4ever

    We Germans have so many talented singers and bands: Sarah Connor, Jeanette Biedermann, Yvonne Catterfeld, No Angels, Monrose… Why Tokio Hotel??? :-(

  • finally..

    @Rachaellampa4ever: Because tokio hotel have higher hopes? They aren’t going to get big here singing in german! I like tokio hotel explain to me why it’s such a bad thing? Why do you dislike them? Tell me I’d like to know.

  • black

    Oh mein GOTT.

    Seems like they have arrived—finally.

    ——————Shame on you Germany.

  • tracy

    im not a fan but their stuff isn’t to bad . and bill is famous because he tries out new stuff the other two guys are avarage

  • eatIT

    Bill Kaulitz have the most beautiful face EVER!!! It is unreal… Reminds me of Elizabeth Taylor.

    Does NOT matter what he does in bed, gay or not! He is gorgeous. Period.

    Jared… Do you remember not long ago I’ve sent you an article about TH?! Your answer was that you don’t care about them or their music! Next time you should listen ;)

  • Bordado

    Is that a Pekingese on his head?

  • Georgia, England

    i bought ‘Scream’ and went off TH but I ♥ this song.

  • hk!

    we miss bills super lion-like hair!!!