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Wentworth Miller on Law & Order: SVU -- FIRST PICS!

Wentworth Miller on Law & Order: SVU -- FIRST PICS!

Check out these first Law & Order: SVU stills of Wentworth Miller as Nate Kendall, an NYPD officer who saves a rape victim and interacts with Det. Elliot Stabler (Christopher Meloni) and Olivia Benson (Mariska Hargitay).

Law & Order: SVU episode “Unstable” will air @ 9PM ET/PT on Wednesday, September 23rd on NBC. Check out the latest preview of Wentworth below!

Wentworth Miller on “Law & Order: SVU”
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wentworth miller law and order svu stills 01
wentworth miller law and order svu stills 02
wentworth miller law and order svu stills 03
wentworth miller law and order svu stills 04

Photos: Will Hart/NBC
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  • Just me…

    OMG!! Wentworth I LOVE you and I miss you soooooo much!!!

  • omg

    I think he will be great on the show

  • Just me…

    THANK YOU for posting about him Jared…you are the BEST!!!

  • anon


  • Just me…

    I feel like a 10 year little girl…I got butterflies in my stomach!! :D

    I’m so excited about the show return and him!!

  • garner affleck fan

    wentworth you are amazing!!!!!! i cant wait to see u in svu

  • I n F a m o u s l y C o o l

    ugh.. i like went but he doesn;t fit the show. all his scenes seemed.. blah.

  • Just me…

    Ok I’m gonna stop now…I am a little bet ashamed of myself!

    Wentworth don’t ever forget that we love you! ;)


    Thanks Jared…….Miss you Went and cant wait until this airs.

  • Whoever


  • Whoever


  • jill

    He looks great, keep it oup!

  • sueli

    what is the name of the actress in the pic above with Miller?

  • SushiBreath

    I love Wentworth Miller to death but honestly he has gained a lot of weight! He really shouldn’t let himself go, especially since he no longer has a stable acting job. I hope he gets everything together and become a huge movie star! Wentworth Miller forever!!!!

  • Romeo

    He is a guy, so it wont be a huge problem. Men don’t survive on their looks alone in Hollywood. Its all about the craft and talent when it comes to them. I think he will do fine. Thank God he is not a women, with his popularity you could imagine the way Tabloids would be all over his supposed weight gain. It sucks for women in Hollywood to much pressure is on them to always look good and stay fit.

    I am so happy for him though.I liked him skinner I have to admit though. He still has his pretty face though. This guy is really pretty.

  • Romeo

    p.s forgive me, I think in my last sentence I used too much “though” I don’t know why I do that. I am only going to use it once from now on.

  • Romeo

    Do you guys know Michael is 37, he really looks good for his age. He will only get better with age. He could easily past for being in his twenties.

  • sueli

    “Nate Kendall” is also 37, then, and it fits.

  • http://no. kara

    Wentworth Miller is the man & no other. HANDSOME! Thanks for the update JJ though I was hoping for more recent pic of Went along with some fresh news.

  • The Comedian

    I agree with sushibreath he has gained too much weight ! and he is…orange….wtf the make up team is doing ???

  • Tamlyn

    Woohoo I love WENTWORTH!!!!!!!!!!!!!! But he seems to be overacting on Law & Order! And he does look a bit fat hey! Must have been depressed or something!!!!!!!!!!!!! Why oh why did Prison Break have to end. He was so hot in that! But I love Law & Order and can’t wait to see Wentworth in action again!

  • Angi


  • tcm

    The reason he’s put on weight is because he’s quit smoking, give him a break .I’m sure he’ll lose it again. Anyway he now looks like a real man and not a weed. Are you trying to say 37 is old my goodness you guys must be young. You’re still my no.1. Can’t wait till we see you in

  • 1234

    i was wondering the title of this eppy is unstable so who is unstable the victim. or the cop dealing the victim. if the cop {nate} is unstable then the acting is good otherwise wentorth doesn’t look comfortable in this situation n yes he is a good-looking guy but he needs to 2 loose weight n fast right now he look like a chubby child who is abt 2 cry 4 ice cream
    im sorry if it upset any1 as im not being rude its just the observation. and im his huge fan

  • CHRIS downunder

    Great to see him back on air again. I hope this leads to a regular appearance on the show for him. He has more than paid his dues on that soul destroying audition treadmill in the past and has earned ongoing success.

    Good luck to him. He should be himself and not be influenced by shallow comments on his appearance. He is an actor, remember, and the parts demand certain characteristics of the actors.

  • key oui

    He needs to lose the weight asap. Or actually maybe I should accept he’s been this way for about 2 years and this is the way he will always be.

    If he’s happy I guess it’s ok………………… but why hide the hotness under the fat, it’s a waste.

  • me

    Can’t waited to see him again . Miss him aon prison break and the other guys. IThink guy suppose to be on southland.The spanish guy.

  • ana

    went sos hermoso te amo!!!!!!!!! sos el mejor actor i love you!
    ana de argentina

  • sweetness

    He’s still does speak using that hoarse whispering voice…I guess that is his official trademark….
    so basically he is still playing that his same Prison Break character.

  • nenee

    Can’t you see, he doesn’t want to be hot and beautiful guy, he just wants to be an actor!
    And of course, I like the way he looks (now and before), and can’t wait to see him again :)

    “be good”

  • Veronica

    sexiest man in the world…doesn’t matter if he’s fat

  • Vicky.Ath

    Wonderful as ALWAYS.I want more…

  • Ryan

    Did Wentworth gain weight after become depressed from his breakup with Luke MacFarlane?

  • Ryan

    Did Wentworth gain weight after become depressed from his breakup with Luke MacFarlane?

  • paulynha

    Ele é lindo de qualquer jeito… sinceramente eu gosto mais dele atualmente!! Está perfeito como sempre!!

    Anna Paula do Brasil.

  • m



  • me


    You know what ?maybe you are gay or love gay or you want to be gay
    for that you can’t move on of that subject.

  • Betty

    You don`t know nothing, so please, shut your big mouth…

  • Bitchetta

    Lose some weight lard-ass. Fat boy needs to go to the gym.

  • Danielle

    He looks like Brendan Fraser but younger… He is super hot

  • I can’t believe ….

    # 24 # 1234 @ 09/04/2009 at 4:55

    — he is a good-looking guy but he needs to 2 loose weight n fast right now he look like a chubby child who is abt 2 cry 4 ice cream
    im sorry if it upset any1 as im not being rude its just the observation. and im his huge fan

    You are a huge fan ?
    I don`t wanna know what someone says who is not a fan.

    You judge about someone, how does he
    looks like ? Boo!

    He added a few pounds and he looks more grown-up now.
    It doesn`t makes him fat or ugly. He looks great.
    Leave him alone girl, if you can`t stand it.
    You ought to go and try to be a – fan – of someone,
    who looks like a famine has broken out.
    There are enough boys outside who looks like a stick.
    WM looks like a man.

    # 30 # nenee @ 09/04/2009 at 10:31 am

    Can’t you see, he doesn’t want to be hot and beautiful guy, he just wants to be an actor!
    And of course, I like the way he looks (now and before), and can’t wait to see him again :)

    “be good”

    Thank you. Well said. Nothing more to add.

    He quits smoking end of 2006, beginning 2007. That is a trite topic.

  • genevieve


    He looks old now, and his looks are lost!!!!

    Hollywood is shallow, surely Went and you all know that! He is not that good an actor, he needs his looks as back up. Went and you all know that too!

  • genevieve

    And don’t tell me he looks like a man!

    As If a man has to be OVER WEIGHT and look like Perry Mason to be a MAN! Give me a break! He can look like a man with normal slender weight too! With this massive weight, he looks like a FAT MAN! Lmao!

  • marianne

    i have to say that i find it quite comical that when people say Went looks plumper and needs to lose weight, his defenders automatically go to the fact that skinny and anorexic people are not attractive either…..

    Hello?!?! Your intellect must be pretty low if you have to go to the exact opposite of “fat” to make an argument! What about slim people who are the right weight? Don’t they look like men too? Didn’t Went look attractive in season 1, 2 and 3 when he was the right weight? I think you need to know when people say he’s too fat, they are not saying he should be super duper skinny either! Think a little ………….

  • sueli

    imo, he was too skinny in season 1. He looked best in season 3.

  • kEYLA84

    Okay, will all of you judgemental chicks, ect. stop harassing Went about his weight. So what if he’s a little pudgier than before? It just shows he’s a human being who is prone to gaining weight like everyone else. And if you ask me, he doesn’t look any worse for it (while you’re all acting as if he’s as big as John Goodman!). Most of you need to stop living in the phoney world created by the media, ect..

  • Rasha

    Ok, I me agree with you now he ‘s fat more than past in S 1 2 3 , but he ‘s not ugly or sooooo fat I think he ‘s normal person , he was so slim and now he ‘s normal .
    And you should think a little……. that maybe he ‘s not 25 or 30 ,now he ‘s 37 and if you make same compare with any guy in the same age wenty he ‘s not fat .

  • http://no. thor

    You who say Wentworth is fat…..
    I wonder how you all look like behind your computer screens. Something tells me some asses are leaking out of the chairs while the owners criticize every inch of Wentworth.

  • gold


  • lee

    We wish we can see Went regularly in screen soon. It will be such a great happiness for us. Sure wish Went can be Nate successfully, acting as good as Michael.

    We love to see him. We will be with him always. Now, indeed, we expect to see Nate so much! Thanks a lot JJ for the pics and information of the show.

    Looking forward to 923!