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Alexander Skarsgard & Willa Holland: Straw Dog Sexy

Alexander Skarsgard & Willa Holland: Straw Dog Sexy

True Blood hottie Alexander Skarsgard playfully washes his hair underneath a waterfall while hanging out with former O.C. actress Willa Holland.

Willa, 18, and Alexander, 33, are currently shooting their upcoming thriller Straw Dogs, a remake of Sam Peckinpah‘s movie that starred Dustin Hoffman. Kate Bosworth and James Marsden round out the cast.

Also pictured: Alexander and Willa‘s co-star Drew Powell.

The True Blood finale airs @ 9PM ET/PT on Sunday, September 13 on HBO.

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alexander skarsgard willa holland straw dogs 01
alexander skarsgard willa holland straw dogs 02
alexander skarsgard willa holland straw dogs 03
alexander skarsgard willa holland straw dogs 04
alexander skarsgard willa holland straw dogs 05
alexander skarsgard willa holland straw dogs 06

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  • true blood

    Alexander looks good. Nice to see him relaxing and having some fun when not filming.
    Can’t wait to see Straw Dogs!

  • emmaa

    Cool. Havent seen Willa in anything since Gossip Girl so its good to see her here :)

  • cute

    He looks so goofy and cute in that pool pic. lol

  • fallenmelody

    Alex is 33, not 30. Way to go JJ.
    Also, Willa has a boyfriend. But that probably won’t stop the rumors…

  • salma

    Jared, Alexander Skarsgard is 33 not 30. His birthday was August 25th.

  • Shelly

    Skarsgard is a really weird name. Is it German?

  • fallenmelody

    @Shelly: It’s Swedish. :)

  • daysofjune

    Jesus I can’t believe these pics make its way to JJ.

  • Paige

    Alex is soo hott =)

  • kaitlin

    Willa is so lucky to be able to hangout with the sexy alexander

  • bj_4EVER

    @daysofjune : Yeah, incredible !! ^^

  • grace

    I can’t believe how hot alexander is and how bad I want him!

  • jessie

    dang. he looks delicious. :D


    jared, he is 33

  • Jan

    Alexander is hot, And Willa is beautiful. Great combination ;)

  • megan

    Alexander is looking hot as always

  • naomi

    did she already went to the dentist???

  • Lauren

    Alex looks very handsome:}

  • Julianne

    those girls are lucky to be with him

  • anna

    marry me alexander!

  • ANON

    I wonder how many people know Alexander’s daddy is definitely a DILF! He is a hottie…if U R into older men. Brilliant actor too. Skellan.

  • Weronica

    Is this Alexander’s sister?

    Anyone know?

  • Donna

    Yeah, that is his one and only sister.

    I hope Alex is just goofing off with those girls. 18 and 33 = Eww.

  • commonsense

    @ Weronica, yeah that’s his sister.

  • anja


  • @ANON

    You mean Stellan? ;)

  • fallenmelody

    @Weronica: yep, that’s his younger sister.

  • sara

    Yeah, she has a boyfriend however he is a total freak who likes ‘em young! So he says on TMZ…kinda Paul Walker-ish…if he does his career will go the same route! Hear that he is out looking for the right model/actress to date because he so HAS to be with someone famous right? Guess he is on the prowl….but have to agree 33 is so EWWWW with 18!

  • sara

    Or he is just trying to stop the gay/bi rumours! This will help! Good work PR staff in getting these pics out! Won’t stop the rumours for long though!

  • karey

    they are just goofing around, i doubt that he’s into her

  • christine

    Alexander = Total Hotness

  • @sara

    NO, he meant that Eric likes them young, his character on True Blood!

  • ASH

    yum he’s a hottie

  • ellie

    alexander does not like them young, tmz made it seem like it was him, but he was clearly talking about his character eric

  • LIV

    Geez that’s a little off-putting since she’s a teenager.

  • amy

    alex looks so hot in the pool pic!

  • melania

    ASkars is so cute!!!!

  • katkat

    Alex is so freakin hot! Can’t wait to see Straw Dogs! Also…those girls are freakin’ lucky to hang out with him!!!!

  • Katherine

    He is totally hot!!! I’m jealous of those girls

  • ErinN

    Even if they were dating I dont think it is a big damn deal. I dated a man for three years who was 32 when I was 19 and it was more than wonderful.

  • stacey

    Alexander is such a beautiful man

  • ErinN

    BTW Sara.. if you would have bothered to really listen to that TMZ video Alexander says ERIC likes them young. The doofus interviewer asked him if Eric liked American or European girls. Get the facts please.

  • ErinN

    And wow. Why the Alexander hate Sara? Everything I have ever read about him says he is such a nice guy. Fun loving. Maybe likes his beer when he does go out, but then he laughs about that himself. He is incredibly kind to his fans. Ask anyone who went to Paley Fest or Comic Con. Also, I suppose it doesnt count that a few years ago he was written up in the Swedish newpaper Aftonbladet that during a soccer riot in Sweden he risked his own life by scaling a fence to go into a crowd to rescue a fifteen year old boy who had been knocked out and was being trampled.

  • KD

    I’m losing respect for him. First ERW and then a teenager with a questionable reputation. He always sounds level headed, but if these YOUNG vapid girls are what he goes for, then he obviously isn’t what he seems.

  • ErinN

    Besides these pictures are cropped to make the most out of Alex and the girl fro dramatic effect. There are more people in each picture.

  • Michelle

    ErinN speaks the truth. There seems to be six people on that boat. Alex and Willa are the famous ones, so the pics were cropped. end of story.

  • Vanessa

    Why do people assume that he dated evan rachel wood and now this willa girl? They are just costars who hangout after filming and there is nothing wrong with that! Alex is an amazing actor and people shouldn’t assume he’s dating someone just because he’s photographed with them

  • sara

    Exactly KD! It is all about a loss of respect for someone who is sooooooo careful about crafting the RIGHT image of himself in the media and making himself seem like he is such a great guy who really cares about his…uh oh…2 special charities. That he saves the lives of kids…great but like KD said first ERW and now WH who both are sketchy skanks. He just needs to come out and say what he is! The typical Hollywood a-hole that he is and start screwing Paris Hilton or something like her. There are such GREAT actors in H-wood who deserve a chance and would not go out and make asses of themselves and it just pisses me off that mediocre talent get so much attention (or seek it out as he does) for stupid crap that is not even him. He is in the end an actor who will never have his dad’s talent but will do anything to get as much publicity as he can. He just sunk to low levels and I am no longer a fan as many will soon follow. And if the rumors are true he likes boys more than guys on occasion! Too ambiguous if you ask me and this is such a desperate attempt to change that image as well. How else would all these websites get these pics people please. HE gave them to get the pot stirred. Such a typical move from desperate actors who want so badly to rise to the A-list fast! However, a good amount of the public are aware of these tactics so to his PR/management let his work speak for itself and he will get the fame he deserves. When you are too desperate you get attention but usually the wrong kind and it backfires in the end and your relegated to…um I don’t know Dancing with the Stars! HAHAHA!!!!

  • sara

    Besides…let’s talk about some really good actors for once..not the desperate ones!

  • sara

    One last thing…not a good move for Alex Skarsgard due to the fact that Willa Holland is famous for two things the OC and using racial slurs all over myspace. You stay classy Alexander! Big loser! Hanging with racists….tells us where you fall in line!