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Alexander Skarsgard & Willa Holland: Straw Dog Sexy

Alexander Skarsgard & Willa Holland: Straw Dog Sexy

True Blood hottie Alexander Skarsgard playfully washes his hair underneath a waterfall while hanging out with former O.C. actress Willa Holland.

Willa, 18, and Alexander, 33, are currently shooting their upcoming thriller Straw Dogs, a remake of Sam Peckinpah’s movie that starred Dustin Hoffman. Kate Bosworth and James Marsden round out the cast.

Also pictured: Alexander and Willa‘s co-star Drew Powell.

The True Blood finale airs @ 9PM ET/PT on Sunday, September 13 on HBO.

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325 Responses to “Alexander Skarsgard & Willa Holland: Straw Dog Sexy”

  1. 1
    true blood Says:

    Alexander looks good. Nice to see him relaxing and having some fun when not filming.
    Can’t wait to see Straw Dogs!

  2. 2
    emmaa Says:

    Cool. Havent seen Willa in anything since Gossip Girl so its good to see her here :)

  3. 3
    cute Says:

    He looks so goofy and cute in that pool pic. lol

  4. 4
    fallenmelody Says:

    Alex is 33, not 30. Way to go JJ.
    Also, Willa has a boyfriend. But that probably won’t stop the rumors…

  5. 5
    salma Says:

    Jared, Alexander Skarsgard is 33 not 30. His birthday was August 25th.

  6. 6
    Shelly Says:

    Skarsgard is a really weird name. Is it German?

  7. 7
    fallenmelody Says:

    @Shelly: It’s Swedish. :)

  8. 8
    daysofjune Says:

    Jesus I can’t believe these pics make its way to JJ.

  9. 9
    Paige Says:

    Alex is soo hott =)

  10. 10
    kaitlin Says:

    Willa is so lucky to be able to hangout with the sexy alexander

  11. 11
    bj_4EVER Says:

    @daysofjune : Yeah, incredible !! ^^

  12. 12
    grace Says:

    I can’t believe how hot alexander is and how bad I want him!

  13. 13
    jessie Says:

    dang. he looks delicious. :D

  14. 14
    VICTORIA Says:

    jared, he is 33

  15. 15
    Jan Says:

    Alexander is hot, And Willa is beautiful. Great combination ;)

  16. 16
    megan Says:

    Alexander is looking hot as always

  17. 17
    naomi Says:

    did she already went to the dentist???

  18. 18
    Lauren Says:

    Alex looks very handsome:}

  19. 19
    Julianne Says:

    those girls are lucky to be with him

  20. 20
    anna Says:

    marry me alexander!

  21. 21
    ANON Says:

    I wonder how many people know Alexander’s daddy is definitely a DILF! He is a hottie…if U R into older men. Brilliant actor too. Skellan.

  22. 22
    Weronica Says:

    Is this Alexander’s sister?

    Anyone know?

  23. 23
    Donna Says:

    Yeah, that is his one and only sister.

    I hope Alex is just goofing off with those girls. 18 and 33 = Eww.

  24. 24
    commonsense Says:

    @ Weronica, yeah that’s his sister.

  25. 25
    anja Says:


  26. 26
    @ANON Says:

    You mean Stellan? ;)

  27. 27
    fallenmelody Says:

    @Weronica: yep, that’s his younger sister.

  28. 28
    sara Says:

    Yeah, she has a boyfriend however he is a total freak who likes ‘em young! So he says on TMZ…kinda Paul Walker-ish…if he does his career will go the same route! Hear that he is out looking for the right model/actress to date because he so HAS to be with someone famous right? Guess he is on the prowl….but have to agree 33 is so EWWWW with 18!

  29. 29
    sara Says:

    Or he is just trying to stop the gay/bi rumours! This will help! Good work PR staff in getting these pics out! Won’t stop the rumours for long though!

  30. 30
    karey Says:

    they are just goofing around, i doubt that he’s into her

  31. 31
    christine Says:

    Alexander = Total Hotness

  32. 32
    @sara Says:

    NO, he meant that Eric likes them young, his character on True Blood!

  33. 33
    ASH Says:

    yum he’s a hottie

  34. 34
    ellie Says:

    alexander does not like them young, tmz made it seem like it was him, but he was clearly talking about his character eric

  35. 35
    LIV Says:

    Geez that’s a little off-putting since she’s a teenager.

  36. 36
    amy Says:

    alex looks so hot in the pool pic!

  37. 37
    melania Says:

    ASkars is so cute!!!!

  38. 38
    katkat Says:

    Alex is so freakin hot! Can’t wait to see Straw Dogs! Also…those girls are freakin’ lucky to hang out with him!!!!

  39. 39
    Katherine Says:

    He is totally hot!!! I’m jealous of those girls

  40. 40
    ErinN Says:

    Even if they were dating I dont think it is a big damn deal. I dated a man for three years who was 32 when I was 19 and it was more than wonderful.

  41. 41
    stacey Says:

    Alexander is such a beautiful man

  42. 42
    ErinN Says:

    BTW Sara.. if you would have bothered to really listen to that TMZ video Alexander says ERIC likes them young. The doofus interviewer asked him if Eric liked American or European girls. Get the facts please.

  43. 43
    ErinN Says:

    And wow. Why the Alexander hate Sara? Everything I have ever read about him says he is such a nice guy. Fun loving. Maybe likes his beer when he does go out, but then he laughs about that himself. He is incredibly kind to his fans. Ask anyone who went to Paley Fest or Comic Con. Also, I suppose it doesnt count that a few years ago he was written up in the Swedish newpaper Aftonbladet that during a soccer riot in Sweden he risked his own life by scaling a fence to go into a crowd to rescue a fifteen year old boy who had been knocked out and was being trampled.

  44. 44
    KD Says:

    I’m losing respect for him. First ERW and then a teenager with a questionable reputation. He always sounds level headed, but if these YOUNG vapid girls are what he goes for, then he obviously isn’t what he seems.

  45. 45
    ErinN Says:

    Besides these pictures are cropped to make the most out of Alex and the girl fro dramatic effect. There are more people in each picture.

  46. 46
    Michelle Says:

    ErinN speaks the truth. There seems to be six people on that boat. Alex and Willa are the famous ones, so the pics were cropped. end of story.

  47. 47
    Vanessa Says:

    Why do people assume that he dated evan rachel wood and now this willa girl? They are just costars who hangout after filming and there is nothing wrong with that! Alex is an amazing actor and people shouldn’t assume he’s dating someone just because he’s photographed with them

  48. 48
    sara Says:

    Exactly KD! It is all about a loss of respect for someone who is sooooooo careful about crafting the RIGHT image of himself in the media and making himself seem like he is such a great guy who really cares about his…uh oh…2 special charities. That he saves the lives of kids…great but like KD said first ERW and now WH who both are sketchy ******. He just needs to come out and say what he is! The typical Hollywood a-hole that he is and start ******** Paris Hilton or something like her. There are such GREAT actors in H-wood who deserve a chance and would not go out and make asses of themselves and it just pisses me off that mediocre talent get so much attention (or seek it out as he does) for stupid crap that is not even him. He is in the end an actor who will never have his dad’s talent but will do anything to get as much publicity as he can. He just sunk to low levels and I am no longer a fan as many will soon follow. And if the rumors are true he likes boys more than guys on occasion! Too ambiguous if you ask me and this is such a desperate attempt to change that image as well. How else would all these websites get these pics people please. HE gave them to get the pot stirred. Such a typical move from desperate actors who want so badly to rise to the A-list fast! However, a good amount of the public are aware of these tactics so to his PR/management let his work speak for itself and he will get the fame he deserves. When you are too desperate you get attention but usually the wrong kind and it backfires in the end and your relegated to…um I don’t know Dancing with the Stars! HAHAHA!!!!

  49. 49
    sara Says:

    Besides…let’s talk about some really good actors for once..not the desperate ones!

  50. 50
    sara Says:

    One last thing…not a good move for Alex Skarsgard due to the fact that Willa Holland is famous for two things the OC and using racial slurs all over myspace. You stay classy Alexander! Big loser! Hanging with racists….tells us where you fall in line!

  51. 51
    Michigan Says:

    Alex isn’t dating anyone. He said so in several Swedish publications that interviewed him on the Straw Dogs set in late August. He’s just having fun goofing around with his co-stars during some time off. He’s a very friendly, fun-loving guy. Super sweet. I’ve met him in-person several times.

  52. 52
    Jacky Says:

    First of all who are you to judge him first of all second these photos were taken from willa myspace i think , third he nothing but gracious with his fans. he is not a famewhore in fact he has said in many interviews he likes his privacy ok just because he not dating anyone dosent mean he is gay , if you look at his schedule the guy has no time to date someone because as soon he finishes straw dogs he has to go back to la to start true blood so those rumors that he gay or he dating his costars are untrue because the guy has no time at all. about his talent just watch at least one scene with him in true blood the guy has range and also he has said that he dosent want to be compared with his day he wants to this on his own ok so get your facts straight ok just because you dont like him dont judge him

  53. 53
    @sara Says:

    Why do you hate him so much? He is relatively new to the scene and seems harmless.

  54. 54
    Jacky Says:

    so what if he is new ok dosent matter ok if you dont like him dont comment the people who comment are the people who love him as an actor and by the way i prefer relatively new actors because they are a breath of fresh air in hollywood no the stupid crap that i hear everyday of the same people who have no talent so back off because i like him a lot as an actor as a person ok he loves his fans and respect them that i cant say about other stupid actors who only care about fame and money

  55. 55
    sara Says:

    Cause I live in la and know what is up! Btw am a fan of true blood. He will ALWAYS be compared to his dad and should be bc it was his family name and connections that got him started both inSweden and the US. And I do have my facts straight…the truth hurts about these actors/actresses but the fact is they are people too and have their own bs to deal with. Don’t get deluded and believe the hype. They say what they think and frankly know what people want to hear and that is 95% not the case in real life. Use ur brains and read between the lines. Just think there are so many more people to focus on least of all a racist twit whose stepfather, Brian DePalma, gets her work for her not her talent and a “new to the scene” moderately talented actor who is looking for as much publicity as he can get. He is going for the AWWWW factor from you guys and he is getting it. The truth will come out one day. Just wait!

  56. 56
    Jacky Says:

    Yeah you are fan of the show but clearly not him from what i can understand and honestly i think you are a little mad of all the publcity he is getting and the person that you like from show is not getting it as much as him i am right ?

  57. 57
    commonsense Says:

    @ Sara, WOW!! Somebody hates Alexander Skarsgard. Are you a woman scorned? Because you sure sound like one. To my knowledge I haven’t read anything in print or seen anything on TV about him that would elicit such scathing remarks. But maybe I’m mistaken, if you can cite any incidents to back up your hate why don’t you share with the rest of the class?

  58. 58
    ErinN Says:

    @ Sara. You know absolutely nothing about Alexander and I am sorry but it is you who is the a-hole (to use your words) with your vehemence. He has said countless times that his father’s name did not get him any open doors, in fact for the last 5 years in LA he has rented a room from friends while he struggled for his big break. One of the reasons he left Sweden was because he could not shake the Sexiest Man Titles and could not be taken seriously for roles other than handsome hunk boyfriend. I say it shows he has guts to do that. I am not saying the guy is a saint, but honestly why do we have to fall for every rumor out there? Think about it… he was also rumored to be dating Lady GaGa after the video.

    Just because you live in LA doesnt mean you know everything about everyone. So if we take your words for how it “really” is then Moyer and Paquin are not in love too.

    Besides, why pee on everyone’s parade if some like the guy? Crawl away.

  59. 59
    ErinN Says:

    Good point Jacky. Methinks I smell a Bill Lover. LOL

  60. 60
    RM65 Says:


    TMZ asked him how ERIC liked them and he answered ERIC likes them young., All of Alex’s past girlfriends have been his own age. Don’t spread false rumors on the net.

  61. 61
    RM65 Says:


    TMZ asked him how ERIC liked them and he answered ERIC likes them young., All of Alex’s past girlfriends have been his own age. Don’t spread false rumors on the net.

  62. 62
    me Says:

    I want Alex for my BIRTHDAY!!! OMG! That is one FINE specimen of man!!

  63. 63
    Lisa Says:

    Sara please go away! U have ur facts wrong and I find it stupid that you are on here spreading stupid false rumors about Alexander!

  64. 64
    taylor Says:

    Alexander has got to be one of the best looking men I have ever seen! He totally does it for me!

  65. 65
    anirac Says:


    Sara, please take a deep breath and calm down. This can’t be healthy.

  66. 66
    Lindsey Says:

    alex looks adorable in the pic of him in pool..but then again he always looks good

  67. 67
    TBfan Says:

    I think Sara is a Billsbabe. A few those women love to slander Alex as soon as they have a chance. Something about Alex stealing Moyers time in the limeligt…

  68. 68
    lina Says:

    Alexander is truely gorgeous!!!! He gets hotter everytime I see him

  69. 69
    Leanne Says:


    You clearly must not know Alexander well, even though you claim to be a True Blood fan (what are you a bitter Bill fan?). He’s very honest in all the interviews of read/seen.

    Alexander has stated many times he wouldn’t let his father, or his name get him anywhere, Stellan wanted him to make his own choices and mistakes also. Also there’s people out there who don’t even make the connection between the two.

    Apparently Alex is not allowed to hang out with co-stars according to you, because he’s automatically dating them, even if the females in question are already dating someone (ERW and WH both have boyfriends), also he’s with other people there, I recognise his good friend Björne Larson (which you often see hanging out with Alex at events).

    What makes you think Alex has no talent?, he’s gotten a lot of praise for his work on Generation Kill. If he was mediocre, he wouldn’t be cast in things like True Blood (Alan Ball wouldn’t let it happen), he’d be doing bad horror movies. And when has he made an ass of himself? That TMZ clip which they misquoted him?

    Give me one example of Alex seeking out attention? These photos, which look like they’ve been taken from somebodies myspace/facebook (I read their from Willa’s sister’s facebook which is private), which HE didn’t post? Those ERW RUMOURS, which there is no proof of? Had he wanted the attention (which he doesn’t) they’d be photos of him partying all over the place, not just in some personal photos that people have posted. Alex in a recent interview said that he’s pulling up doing interviews because he thinks he’s had to much exposure in the press here.

    Get your facts straight next time.

  70. 70
    Mimi Says:

    @anna: @Weronica: Yes it is!

  71. 71
    Rachel Says:

    Alex is so HOT! I love him

  72. 72
    anirac Says:


    I feel for her. It must be painful.

  73. 73
    Golly Says:

    That Willa child just turned 18 two months ago. I’d bet she made a point of those pics “accidently” getting out to the press from her Facebook.

    And she looks like his sister, so that would be creepy!

  74. 74
    Ani Says:

    LOL @ Sara – Are you insane? Did Askars cut in front of you at McDonalds or something?

  75. 75
    cali Says:

    Alex looks sexy! I can’t wait to see straw dogs!

  76. 76
    Iris Says:


    Obvious troll is obvious.

  77. 77
    amyinla Says:

    Sara is just like a whole bunch of attention-***** seekers here in LA…she can’t get by on talent alone and so must leach on to a rising star
    {in any way possible) in order to divert attention to herself. Yawn.

    Hopefully Straw Dogs will live up to the press it’s getting, I’m not keen on Marsden and Bosworth, but the director and supporting cast might pull it through.

  78. 78
    Celebwatcher Says:

    Look at those biceps hubba hubba!

    Check out my celebrity psychic predictions at

  79. 79
    Kristin Says:

    Gorgeous man

  80. 80
    Leslie Says:

    Alexander skarsgard is freaking hot…I hope he shows off his beautiful body in the movie

  81. 81
    kc Says:

    @sara …. that’s a lot of hateful words w/o any proof. Gosh. A LOT of people live in LA. It’s a huge metropolis. Rumors and facts aren’t the same thing.

    Bashing his private life and acting chops are 2 hard hits on someone we all barely know. Geesshh, grow up. If you don’t like his acting, just say it isn’t your type. That is all.

    He’s been getting a lot of attention these days because of his work. Especially in TB and Generation Kill. If he wanted to use the skarsgard name in LA, he wouldn’t have to struggle for 5 years. And the Skarsgard name might work in Sweden, but if you really live in LA, you know that won’t help you a long way.

  82. 82
    Jenny Says:

    I’m going to have to agree with Sara. I think Alex is starting to act really unclassy and weird by hanging out with these little girls. Even if it isn’t romantic. Think about it – WHY doesn’t he hang out with the women his age? I’m sure there are grown women that work on the set of True Blood and Straw Dogs. Is he so immature that his female peers don’t have much in common with him? Does he feel more in control around younger girls? Maybe he feels more intelligent or confident next to the much younger actresses? I don’t know. It just seems weird. I like ASkars but I would like to see him with women his own age.

  83. 83
    floridagirl Says:

    @Golly: You are so right. Willa does look a lot like Alex’s little sister, Eija Skarsgard. They are even the same age, height, and body type. It would be so GROSS if they were flirting with each other during this trip out to the lake or on the set of their movie. Hopefully he just sees her as a little sister and nothing more. YUCKINESS.

  84. 84
    Iloveaskars Says:

    Well one thing is for sure – Alex has definitely become friendly with Willa Holland. But I seriously doubt they will become real friends and hang out after the movie is done. There are other pics online of Alex, Willa, and Bily Lush (who played weirdo Trombley on Generation Kill) on the set of straw dogs. And Alex seems really chummy with Willa. He’s in his chair right next to hers and he’s resting his arm over her arm chair the entire time. They were very close to each other (like inside your personal space). If any of you have seen these pics you will know what I’m talking about. And then they start watching something on a cell phone or ipod together. They look like old buddies. But like I said, I think they will just be friends for this movie. Sometimes actors get close to each other during filming and then they just lose touch. The same thing happens to a lot of us regular folks with our co-workers. I hope he only sees her as a little sister because she really does look like Eija and the age difference is way too much. He could almost be her faher – eeek!

  85. 85
    truebloodgirl Says:

    Askars seems like a nice guy, not your typical L.A. douchebag. So I’m going to have to assume that Willa is just his little buddy and that she reminds him of his sis. Does anyone know where I could find those candid pics of them on the set of SD? I would like to see for myself just how “chummy” they appear to be. Are these pics also posted on here? And WHERE did these pics originally come from? Was it Willa? Or was it Willa’s big sister Brianna who is also on that boat with Askars? HMMMM very interesting. Or maybe even Askars leaked them?

  86. 86
    Ani Says:

    @ Jenny (or should I just call you Sara) – lmao are you serious??? OMG go see a doctor for your head STAT. You need help to see the world in a clearer light. Based on this ONE picture – where he’s sitting with SEVERAL other people from WORK, he’s suddenly immature and into ‘little girls’? Do you not see how ridiculous that reads? oh God I can’t even…

  87. 87
    Ani Says:

    I’ve seen those pics from the set. He’s sitting there talking to her. But I forget that is how you make babies in Hollywood. Poor Alex can’t even talk to a person without people thinking they must be dating. It’s so delusional.

  88. 88
    Laura Says:


    Have to agree with this one. Alex Skarsgard hanging out with teenagers turns me off a bit. Looks like he has been in Louisiana too long.

  89. 89
    HellzBellz Says:

    Based on all the idiotic talk about age difference one or two of you are spouting… then Moyer is also a dirtbag for marrying Paquin (39 to her 26). And while we are slinging dirt, what about the rumors (or facts, if what you read is true) that Moyer got the girl he was with before pregant when she was 18 and he was 29?

    *This is such trash, but I wanted to show we are talking about people’s lives and they are not our own personal soap opera. It is sad.

  90. 90
    Mark Says:

    You know an actor has made it when he starts to attract mentally unbalanced people.

    The funny part is that in all these pictures Alex Skarsgard is not even touching any of the girls at any moment. I wonder if Sara is going to lose it when he starts dating someone for real.

  91. 91
    HellzBellz Says:

    Wanted to add. I do not in any way condemn Moyer or want to spread anything. It was an example of the insanity. He seems like a fine person too.

    @Mark I agree.

  92. 92
    ErinN Says:

    @ Sara.

    Holy Cow. Found this on one of Alexanders fansites under Wall of Shame. If this “SaraT” person who emailed them is indeed you “Sara”, you appear to be one an angry and mean person to spread this kind of hate. Maybe it is a coincidence. I wouldn’t want to “assume” anything from something I saw in print or anything now would I?

    Actors are just people. With the same goodness and frailties as the rest of us. I wouldn’t presume to judge them or you.

    To quote something hate spreaders might actually understand ….
    Pycho Barbie Church Lady to Jason in True Blood, “Grow a brain cell already!”

    For anyone interested in what I read here is the link.

  93. 93
    ErinN Says:

    @ Sara.

    Holy Cow. Found this on one of Alexanders fansites under Wall of Shame. If this “SaraT” person who emailed them is indeed you “Sara”, you appear to be one an angry and mean person to spread this kind of hate. Maybe it is a coincidence. I wouldn’t want to “assume” anything from something I saw in print or anything now would I?

    Actors are just people. With the same goodness and frailties as the rest of us. I wouldn’t presume to judge them or you.

    To quote something hate spreaders might actually understand ….
    Pycho Barbie Church Lady to Jason in True Blood, “Grow a brain cell already!”

    For anyone interested in what I read here is the link.

  94. 94
    ErinN Says:

    Moving on. LOL

    Agree, look at those biceps. Did you see the other picture (not shown here) where he has his arms outstretched and the others are are sitting under them? Alexander has the wing span of a condor. *sigh

  95. 95
    jays-girl Says:

    1. the maturity level of a barely 18 yr old compared to a 26 is completely different, so don’t use the anna/steven situation as a comparison.
    2. how does this NOT look sleazy even if it is innocent, she’s draped all over him. if you were a mother of an 18 yr old child n u saw a couple of 33 yr old dudes hanging out wit ur daughter like they are in those pics TRUST ME, you would be like WTF. Don’t even kid yourself into thinking otherwise.
    3. i think alex is an actor to watch, i love true blood, and i think his father is a talented actor. so in saying the above- i REALLY hope for his sake, and his career, that these pics ARE innocent.
    4. these couple past years have proven- not everything is always as it seems… with regards to celebrities.. the paps arent always around to document everything.. so don’t jump on the doubters with so much hate just because you’re a fan of someone..

  96. 96
    True blood fan Says:

    These pictures do not look good. Even if they were taken in innocent fun, his friends and him are thirtysomething men drinking and hanging out with girls not old enough to to drink (in the US). My husband is 12 years older than me, but we met when I was 26. There is a big difference in a woman in her mid twenties and a girl who is 18. He is on his way to a promising career, it would be sad to see it ruined. I am sure Alan Ball will not like these pictures. Eric/Alex has a huge following and if he looses fans because he likes to party with underage (drinking age) girls, it will effect the show. Anyone else who is thinking of hiring him for a movie role might see these pictures and think about his behavior, and go with another actor. One thing is for sure, he needs to stop hanging with this chick, she leaked these pictures for her own benefit.

  97. 97
    poke Says:

    Dudes, he’s not ‘hanging out’ randomly with these girls, they’re working together in a movie. I know it can be hard to understand but men and women can socialize without having sex. True story!

    This is a pathetic demonstration of how unhinged and immature fans can be. People accusing him of wanting to party with young women seem to forget that he had a life before coming to Hollywood and that he has never, ever been seem been inappropriate with young girls when he was working in Sweden.

    You guys need to chill.

    And I love Alexander, he’s a great guy and he deserves all the success and happiness in the world.

  98. 98
    camilla Says:

    Jesus Christ cant they just be co-workers that actullay like each other and that are just hanging out on there day of or something. Seriously why does everyone start with ‘oooh I heard he likes them young’ or ‘oooh these pictures are published to stop the rumors that he’s (A.S.) gay/bi’ it’s so annoying !!!!

    Oh and thanks JJ for the pics, they’re cute :D

  99. 99
    True blood fan Says:

    DUDE- I am not a fan of his rather the show he is on. I thought he was Eurotrash before the pictures, after the above pictures I still think of him as Eurotrash. He is parting with barely age girls, not socializing and discussing Healthcare reform,not that he or these girls are capable of cerebral discussions of any kind. These sleazy pictures won’t stop me from watching the campy fun that is True Blood. They simply show Mr. Eurotrash engaging in a weekend of drinking and partying with girls not legal to drink. No matter how the Super Fangirls try to paint this, the same picture will emerge.

  100. 100
    Randy Says:

    @sara: You make a lot of assumptions Sara dear. Who knows what’s real and what isn’t but I think that the general public is a hell of a lot smarter than you give them credit for. In fact I think that to assume someone is a deliberate fame-whoring wannabe based on scant evidence is pretty ignorant. It seems like you really need to reveal the dishonest PR machinations behind actors which I can assure most people are savvy to.

  101. 101
    TBfan Says:

    Love the pictures. Collegues having fun on a day off work and goofing around. I find it hard to believe that some seriously disturbed people make the assumption that these people (Alex, Willa, Drew and their friends) must be romantically linked just because they were photographed together. I have myself been photographed in much worse poses when goofing around with collegues much younger as well as much older than me and you know what I wasn’t having sex with any of them. The internet with twitter, facebook etc. will soon make everybody who is famous so anxious of how they are portrayed that they will never have the courage to leave the privacy of their homes

  102. 102
    poke Says:

    To call Eurotrash a guy who’s been always elegant and gracious to his fans, the press and his colleagues is just a prove of how unhinged and immature fans can be, *g*

  103. 103
    ErinN Says:

    @ Jays-Girl. The real comparison was not on Anna / Stephen, but on Stephen getting a girl of 17 or 18 pregnant when he was 29. I said I dont judge him and I dont. I like him too. I am actually happy not to read about that being blown out of proportion. No one knows what the real situation is.

    @ Poke. You are so right. He had a career in Europe and a huge following for years. Friends I correspond with said this… We are more open sexually than in the U.S. and we follow Alexander’s career closely. If he was gay or bi it would have been out there already. And it is not. Also his over the top womanizing would have been out there too. Alexander says he has not had a long term relationship in around 5 years, since he came to the states he has been concentrating on his career. Prior to that he had two long term relationships… one for three years and one for two years.

    I am not ready to condemn this man on such rumors. None of us are God are we?

  104. 104
    Randy Says:

    @jays-girl: This is much ado about nothing.
    Last time I checked it wasn’t illegal to date an 18 year old. You people are making a lot of judgments about something that is really insignificant. As long as its not a child or animal I couldn’t care less about who an actor is dating. Wow, what is it about this guy that seems to inspire such rabid devotion and moral finger pointing? Even if it turns out the guy isn’t the golden boy some people might want. WHO CARES!! Compared to some of the s**t out there this is a big nothing. Are you all so perfect that you haven’t done a few foolish things in your own life. Get a grip! especially that Sara chick.

  105. 105
    b Says:

    I have to set some things clear here. I usually do not post anything but some of the posts upset me as European. I really start feeling sorry for AS.
    I give you the European perspective, this might explain a couple of things which seem so odd to you North Americans.

    1. We are used to different rules. (daah) In most of Europe the legal drinking age is 16! By then you are considered more or less as an adult. The only exception is that you are not allowed to drive. You have to be 18 to get you license. (I do not know the swedens law but it is similar I guess)

    By the way hardly anybody gets carded at bars, nobody cares! If you are stupid enough to intoxicate yourself with alcohol, you take full responsibility for your own actions anyways as you will be very very sick the next day.

    2. For us it is OK to hang out with 18 year olds if you are 30 and vice versa!! When I was 18 I was hanging out with 30 year olds too! NOT A PROBLEM! My parents were actually happy about that as my 30 year old friends kept an eye on me when we went clubbing, I was totally protected by them.

    I hope this info gives you more insight into the European way of life.
    Poor AS being verbally violated just because he hung out with friends on a boat.


    PS: sorry for my bad grammar, English is not my first language

  106. 106
    Randy Says:

    Oh jays-girl… I’m really sorry in my rant I wasn’t referring to you in particular but just to some of the responses in general. I forgot I had replied to your quote. So sorry!

  107. 107
    ErinN Says:

    @Randy. Agree. That is what I have been saying. Big damn deal. But you did strike a real cord… those of us who are fans of Alexanders and have taken the time to look at his old newsletters he wrote, listen to his long time friends, even listen to most of the press and his coworkers, we have discovered he is really, truly a nice man. Perfect? Hardly.

    @ to whoever called him EuroTrash. You are a complete moron. Considering the U.S. is in extreme financial distress and perhaps decline, while Europe (at least Sweden) is successful… does this make us AmeriTrash now?

  108. 108
    ErinN Says:

    @ B… I am appalled too by what some of us Americans can say. Soem of us seem to get our cultural experience from our local Wal-Marts. Not all of us are like that though. I only hope we dont scare Alexander back to Sweden.

    Please dont judge us all as Ugly Americans by a few.

  109. 109
    ErinN Says:

    @b: B are you a poster on I post there too but under a different name.

  110. 110
    "Eurotrash" Says:

    “Eurotrash” – that’s nice. You sound intelligent! Anyways. I’m Swedish and I would like to say that Alexander has been known for his whole life in Sweden and he has never acted inappropriately. Quite the oposite actually. This is just ridiculous what some of you are insinuating. He’s had a several girlfriends over the years and they have always been the same age as him. This is just a bunch of speculation. Please tell me what’s ‘sleazy’about these pictures? The fact that they are drinking? Oh please – welcome to the world. And it might so happen that they are together on that boat because they work together.

    I’m just basing this on interviews of course, but Alexander strikes me as a very intelligent, decent and hard working person. And he looks gorgeous in these pictures.

  111. 111
    jays-girl Says:

    where did i state that it was illegal? no where.. you’re missing my point..
    everyone is entitled to opinions and i was merely pointing out that everyone is so quick to jump on the person who differs to the “norm” opinion, when i’m pretty sure 99% of the people here actually have no idea about who A.S is as a person, only the way he comes across in interviews and the like..
    *insert scold scold scold and moral finger pointing here*
    *rolls eyes*

  112. 112
    ErinN Says:

    THANK YOU Eurotrash. It is days like this I am embarrassed to be an American.

  113. 113
    ErinN Says:

    @ jays-girl. *rolls eyes back at you for your moral piousness and bigotry too. WTH? You assume the worst and you dont know him either. Must be hard on you having all the answers.

  114. 114
    b Says:

    thanks erin

    I usually do not judge a nation. There are so many nice people living in the USA but also not so nice people, how could I put you all in the same box!?

  115. 115
    Rukiddingme Says:

    @sara – sadly, you sound like a woman scorned who has found her man with another woman. Even if you are assessing from a less than positive place, your comments are actually very bitter and hateful. I guess I am sorry you had a crush on him and perhaps held a fantasy of meeting him and sweeping him off his feet, but . . . .

    Everyone is entitled to their opinion, even if it does not mesh with the masses and it is reaching in its accusations. Ironically, both his defenders and detractors are quoting or substantiating their comments from interviews / articles that YOU think capture his character. “He said . . .” , “He was quoted on TMZ . . .” etc. There is no one who actually knows him and cannot validate either source (sorry, but even if you do, it is still only second hand news.) He has been very consistent and has projected his image as humble and respectable. I for one choose to believe this as I have seen him with fans and he has been welcoming, respectful and appreciative of the adoration. He was the last star to leave the Paley event in April evidently because he heard that people had flown from all over and he was determined to sign every autograph and take every picture he could, even while his ‘people’ tried to usher him out of the room; that’s quality.

    And no one is not commenting on the character of the person who actually posted those pictures. Let’s also look at this co-star who has grown up in the age of the “more media the better”, regardless of good or bad (and was on the OC and Gossip Girl – ’nuff said? okay no?) and may have blind-sided him by posting these with access to the general public (and how careless for her – she evidently has a boyfriend – that could NOT have been a happy moment seeing her on AS.) The only reason her age matters here is because if effects her maturity and decision making process that perhaps has come back and bit him on the butt. Certainly helps her profile – never heard of her before, but I sure have now. But can we imagine that being on a movie set in a small town must be very isolating – give them a break – imagine being away from family and friends for months at a time. What would you do? Hide in your room?

    Also, to disparage someone about their charity work does a disservice to the charity. I’ve worked in non-profit and I can tell you, as sad as this may sound, it is the backing of a celebrity that helps the organization’s awareness. No one at a charity will scoff if a celebrity lends their name and nothing else. That ALONE helps to generate enough awareness to help raise the funds needed for research, services, grants, etc. that benefit the respective organizations. Of course, it would be preferable for the celeb to do more and actually show up and get involved where/when they can, but your comments ultimately hurt the charity, not really the person, so do not be so flip and careless with your assessments in that area. Regardless of what can be confirmed about the level of his involvement, he is being responsible and doing SOMETHING . . . you would be SHOCKED to find out how many celebrities do nothing or want a charity to pay for their travel, hotel, make up, etc. for them to walk a red carpet – thousands of dollars that come out of the funds trying to be raised for the cause they supposedly support, it’s rather disgusting. I have to defend him on this one.

    On the other side, he has also said he left acting as a teenager because he was uncomfortable with the press commenting on his personal life. That was in Sweden with virtually no paparazzi and even 15 years ago here, it was not the salacious lie-generating monster it has become today. I worry that he is not prepared. I am happy to see that, after being hit by TMZ a handful of times, there is nothing new – and perhaps he has learned a lesson. I hope that the media machine and free ‘fan’ comments of the US are not more than he is ready to handle – but I suspect that even a smart, well-grounded person that he appears (and I like to believe) to be, cannot always prepared for this – it takes on a life of it’s own. But lesson learned and hopefully he will be more careful about the company he keeps to avoid these situations. I do not enjoy the quick clips and pictures of him walking on the street, in the airport or sharing time with his friends as much as I have watching GK, TB or some of his other older and Swedish movies – and would honestly feel deprived (and a little embarrassed for us silly Americans) if he threw up his hands and once again left the industry because of our strange and unhealthy obsession with celebrity. If I never see another photo op, paparazzi attack or read an article about his work or life, I will still be satisfied to see him in any body of work – he has been that impactful in his performance and I wish him well – so that I can see him more – in a theatrical environment.

    Oh my goodness – someone please get this soap box away from me!!

  116. 116
    Thisistoofunny Says:

    Underage girls drinking on a party boat with 30-something men looks sketchy, doesn’t matter who’s banging (or not banging) whom. Sure, the drinking age is 16 in Europe, but it’s 21 in the US. They’re breaking the law. But hey, bring on the controversy! It’s what the Hollywood PR machine is all about.

  117. 117
    Johnny Says:

    I loved how Just Jared cropped the picture to make it look like Alex and Willa were alone on the boat. Stay classy, you guys!

  118. 118
    TBfan Says:

    The only person under 21 is Willa, and you don’t see her with any alcoholic beverage on any of the photos.

  119. 119
    "Eurotrash" Says:

    @ErinN – don’t be embarrassed :) There’s stupid people everywhere in the world. God knows we have them in Sweden.

    Oh and I’m sure Alexander won’t be scared and go home. From reading about him, it sounds like he’s had tougher times. And it sounds like he feels LA is home now.

    There’s a downside to fame, and this is exactly it. I was just waiting for someone to make up some dirt about him.

  120. 120
    jays-girl Says:

    i never assumed ANYTHIN – i said it looks bad.. read the sentence word for word.. i never claimed to have all the answers and i rolled my eyes because i mistakenly thought Randy’s rant was directed to me but they had apologised before i had seen it..

    Sorry Randy for that rude gesture!!!


  121. 121
    "Eurotrash" Says:

    @TBFan – That’s so true. Willa isn’t even drinking LOL

  122. 122
    TBfan Says:

    Nope, Willa isn’t holding any beverage of any kind in these photos. Innocent of the charges. Please convict those who falselsy accuse her of doing so.

  123. 123
    kc Says:

    1. So I guess if I sit beside a male co-worker and take a picture, it means I’m dating him.
    2. Willa doesn’t seem to be holding any alcohol bottle. She is in the vicinity of people drinking. So does that mean that parents having dinner and drinking wine in front of their kids is disgusting?
    3. If Willa does choose to drink, it’ll be her choice or her mistake. She’s 18, she can vote for a President, I’m sure she can choose whether its right or wrong for her to drink or be in the presence of people who drink. :)
    4…. I think its the fact that people are rushing to conclusions that are angering some fans. All these accusations of “dating” & “fame-seeking” or whatever are based on pictures that are cropped.
    5. Instead of calling him “eurotrash” .. I think you should take a look at the likes of Paris Hilton or other reality “stars” who haven’t done much but are pictured going to “events”. Then define the word “trash” for me.
    6. Alex hangs out with all kinds of female friends. One such is his co-star Kristen Bauer. Alex co-hosted her birthday party the other year in Vegas… but you barely see photos of that… oh I guess its because she’s not 18. *duh*

  124. 124
    b Says:

    @ Thisistoofunny

    Correct, 21 is the legal age. What I just wanted to adress before is that when you are not used to such a law you just forget to pay attention.

    But as the young girl does not drink in any of this pics, I guess your accusations are wrong. There is no drinking party going on if only 1 person, who is old enough, has 1 beer! Because then my roomate and me would have a drinking party every evening.

    And there is nothing inappropriate about hanging out with coworkers on a boat enjoing the sun.

    I normally do not post at all ( well maybe in some newspapers from home town)

  125. 125
    Randy Says:

    @jays-girl: Yeah I know this… I did apologize a few posts later. When i was on my rant I had forgotten that I had replied to your comment. Many apologies!!!!!!! You were most certainly wronged

  126. 126
    mouche Says:

    I just don´t get it – if someone of the male sex is capable to have fun and be social with both women and men, young and “old” at the same time, he is per definition an immoral sleezebag, and into underaged girls or gay or bisexual – wow! AS has grown up in a big family and is probably a good mixer with a large circle of friends!

  127. 127
    Randy Says:

    @jays-girl: I posted my 2nd apology before reading this… :) this is most amusing. I guess we are all guilty of making snap judgements before bothering to get the full picture. I can’t believe so many people have posted on this blog entry… It’s getting a little ridiculous. I really don’t care about all of this and yet here I am… oh the dilemma!!!!!

  128. 128
    Randy Says:

    @Thisistoofunny: Yeah and this never ever happens anywhere! I don’t get why this such a big deal at the very worst it makes the guy a little sleazy but we don’t know the full story, we don’t know the people and to make any assumption good or bad is a complete waste of time. Do we live in a Salem?

  129. 129
    Randy Says:

    @Thisistoofunny: Once again I have to apologize I didn’t read your post properly. So sorry!!! what I meant to say is that I know its illegal but the vast majority of 18 year olds in the US participate in underage drinking. In fact i would have to worry a bit if they didn’t.

  130. 130
    @Weronica Says:

    Yes, Alexander’s sister’s name is Eija and she’s a model I think.

  131. 131
    ErinN Says:

    @Jays-Girl. I apologize to you. Sincerely. I misunderstood what you were saying. That has happened to me before too. Also you were never that offensive to begin with so never meant to come off too harsh too. Sorry this took so long, I stepped away from the computer to talk to my poor husband who is a saint for not giving me a hard time about my Alexander crush. Which by the way is the worse one I have ever had. Dont know what it is about this guy but we fans love him. LOL

  132. 132
    live in la Says:


    Why the hate? Life is too short. You have a lot of anger issues or something. What do you hope to accomplish by your rants? It makes you look like the “freak” not him.

  133. 133
    P Says:

    BOTH girls are underage, the other one is 19. Sorry, the photos look bad no matter how fans try to spin it. These stars say what the public want to hear in interviews. Alex could be a great guy with his fans, but that doesn’t mean he might not be sleazy in his real life.

  134. 134
    kirsten Says:

    He’s a great talented actor but I’m disappointed at his choice of G/F!

  135. 135
    TBfan Says:

    Please identify the other girl then. I can tell you that it’s not Megan Adelle who also co-stars in Straw dogs

  136. 136
    hans Says:

    I can’t belive what I’m reading in these comments. People getting all upset over some pictures of someone hanging out by a lake? And not only that, they are all co-workers for the movie Straw Dogs. This is beyond stupid.

  137. 137
    s Says:

    @Sara ~ First, you need to look inside yourself and wonder why you hate someone you don’t know and would probably NEVER meet. I feel sorry for you because this sounds mental. Secondly, there are actors out there many people don’t like, but most just turn a blind eye. Honestly try it- you’ll feel better. Lastly, I and probably most people on this forum live in L.A. too and that does not mean a single thing (regarding your mental rumors/facts you think you know). Don’t give the assumption that L.A. is some little town were everyone knows each other, because you may have seen an actor here or there does not mean you know the person. Honestly you sound like an obsessed fan of an actor you feel isn’t getting the recognition YOU think they deserve, but how is this Alexander Skarsgard’s fault? I don’t understand where all your hate is coming from, all I know is that it is not an healthy emotion. Cheers and meditate… breathe.

  138. 138
    Bob Says:

    Yeah these comments are lame quit it already! Chicks what can you expect!

  139. 139
    hellzBellz Says:

    How does this make the guy a little sleazy at all? Do ANY of us know what happened that day? The girls dont look drunk or dont debauched… what is the big damn deal? Maybe the ones here screaming foul so loudly are the ones with the real dirty, sick minds. I saw the pixs and never thought a thing other than people having fun. Think what you will, but I am not going to give it and those of you with small, dirty minds another thought.

  140. 140
    anne Says:

    We don’t know what really happened, but pictures are powerful, body language says a lot, and actors should be aware of the consequences. These aren’t paparazzi shots, these are posed photographs.

    If Alex wants to be considered a serious actor (like it seems he does), then he needs to act like one. Do you think Gary Oldman would be caught partying on a boat with teenage girls hanging all over him–even if they were co-workers? Would Anthony Hopkins do that? Daniel Day Lewis?

    And Willa isn’t just sitting next to Alex. She’s basically groping him (3rd pic), and Alex looks pretty OK with it. That’s great, but I do not buy his whole family-man, guy-you-want-to-bring-home-to-mom schpiel anymore.

  141. 141
    kbb Says:

    LOL! I pity the woman who ever dates Skarsgard.

  142. 142
    TBfan Says:

    Willa is wearing jeans. Alex is wearing shorts. In the third picture Willa is holding her own jeans clad leg, not Alex’s. They are not even touching each other.

  143. 143
    Dr_ludwig Says:

    Correction… the woman he is sitting next to on the set of straw dogs – the one where he is leaning on the arm of his chair – she is not Willa. The woman in the pictures has a tattoo. Willa does not have a tattoo. Plus the woman in the pics has lighter hair.

  144. 144
    anne Says:

    @TBfan: point taken on the knee, didn’t realise that. still feel that if Alex is wanting to present himself a certain way, these pics kind of counter-act that whole persona.

  145. 145
    TBfan Says:

    @anne: People should think once and twice before posting things they believe to be facts. You looked at a cropped photo and you thought you saw the truth. I hope this was a lesson you take to heart before posting in the web again.

  146. 146
    anne Says:

    lol at all of this

  147. 147
    Poor alex Says:

    Wow, I can’t believe how some of you people are tearing poor Alex apart. We don’t know for sure that Willa and Alex are dating. There were reports that he had dinner and went to the movies with Kate Bosworth. Nothing was reported about that because it wouldn’t be scandalous enough (both around same age). Reports from extras on the set have said it appeared that Willa tried to be around Alex whenever she could. He didn’t appear to encourage anything. But look at the pictures again. Not the cropped pictures. The girl sitting on the other side of him appears to be leaning towards him. And in one of the pictures, she is draped over his arm. There are also other people on the boat. As my swedish friend explained: they may be just hanging around. To swedes the age thing isn’t a big deal. Hanging around doesn’t mean anything inappropriate. I sometimes hang out with the people I work with. Some of them are guys, 20 years younger than me. I am not a cougar. It’s just drinks or dinner with co-workers. NOTHING MORE. So let’s not bring this man’s career down before we have all the facts. He is a great actor. Let’s judge him on that.

  148. 148
    babydoll1229 Says:

    Well, I’m a BIG ASKARS fan! Plus, I’m a Black female. I didn’t know that Willa Holland was known for spouting racial slurs because I’ve never followed her like that. But if that piece of information is true about her, I wonder why ASkars would want to hang around some stupid, immature kid like that. He is 33yo and she just turned 18yo…I’m close to 30 and I don’t have anything to talk about with an 18yo, but that’s just me. But like they say: You are the company you keep! I really hope they were just hanging out for the sake of the movie. Because I would be really disappointed if ASkars shared her same views!

  149. 149
    .... Says:

    Yes, the whole family thing is bullshiat. I read an old article where he said he hardly partied anymore, then I saw about 20 subsequent pictures of him drunk in bars. I am not saying that he can’t party, but own it. I guess my bigger issue is who he is seen with. You have to be a pretty immature guy to hang out with teenagers and the likes of ERW. He tries to present a certain image and then stuff leaks out and it totally blows everything he has said to pieces.

  150. 150
    anne Says:

    @….: ia. as you said: “own it.”

  151. 151
    cassie Says:


  152. 152
    Lindsay Says:

    I’m *such* an A-Skars fan but wtf at these photos. He hangs out with barely legal teenagers? Gross. Can’t find women his own age? Seriously reconsidering my fangirl status here.

  153. 153
    truebloodROCKSMYSOCKS Says:

    @Ani: I think when Jenny was also reffering to Evan Rachel Wood when she said that Alex hanging should stop hanging out with little girls (meaning very young women much younger than him). Because its not just this one time. I have to agree that it makes him look kinda douchebagey in a Paul Walker kinda way. And I don’t think she was the Sara that was commenting before. Everyone’s entitled to their opinions. I personally think he is a good actor and he’s HOT but this does nothing but harm his image. Again – not just this one time but also with actress ERW.

  154. 154
    Sally Says:

    Some of you people need a serious reality check in what is worth worrying about and what is not. The real pictures – not the cropped ones – don’t depict anything immoral or illegal. They’re people having a good time on a boat, period.

    Regarding him partying in bars…I think you’ll find that the photos show him having a good time amongst friends, and although there may be lots of pics, they’re all from maybe the same 5 or so nights out. This isn’t someone who’s falling down drunk in the streets and then claiming to be Mr. Rogers.

    He’s a grown man, and doesn’t need anyone’s permission on how he runs his life. Whether you like or dislike his actions is beside the point. Some of the comments left by others only show how childish and ridiculous the commenters are. Grow up.

  155. 155
    T Says:

    154 comments… REALLY????????

  156. 156
    John Says:

    All this trash talk proves what I knew all along men really are the superior gender!

  157. 157

    @Laura: “Have to agree with this one. Alex Skarsgard hanging out with teenagers turns me off a bit. Looks like he has been in Louisiana too long.” LOL. Donna’s comment was hilarious! I don’t know how they do things in Sweden but hanging out with ERW and Willa doesn’t make this guy look good AT ALL. Why doesn’t he ever get photographed hanging out with the female grown up actors he works with?

  158. 158

    @jays-girl: “1. the maturity level of a barely 18 yr old compared to a 26 is completely different, so don’t use the anna/steven situation as a comparison.
    2. how does this NOT look sleazy even if it is innocent, she’s draped all over him. if you were a mother of an 18 yr old child n u saw a couple of 33 yr old dudes hanging out wit ur daughter like they are in those pics TRUST ME, you would be like WTF. Don’t even kid yourself into thinking otherwise.
    3. i think alex is an actor to watch, i love true blood, and i think his father is a talented actor. so in saying the above- i REALLY hope for his sake, and his career, that these pics ARE innocent.
    4. these couple past years have proven- not everything is always as it seems… with regards to celebrities.. the paps arent always around to document everything.. so don’t jump on the doubters with so much hate just because you’re a fan of someone..”

    I COULDN’T AGREE WITH YOU MORE. As a parent I would be worried. And if Stellan cares about his own son then he should tell him to hang out with women his own age. I would freak out if I saw my teenager with a 33yo man on a boat out on a lake! And if that other brunette is Willa’s sister Brianna she doesn’t look much older than Willa.

  159. 159
    MAYA Says:

    Hes beautiful.

  160. 160
    Lindsay Says:

    Okay. We KNOW that it’s not technically illegal to hang out with young girls. But it’s still gross and I’m clearly not the only one who thinks that. It’s creepy. And I don’t see anyone “worrying” Sally, lol. We just wonder why a guy his age only seems to enjoy spending time with girls who are much, much younger than him. Oh sure, they are costars. Riiiight. And that dinner/movie with Kate Bosworth that allegedly happened? Pics or it didn’t happen. I’ve heard the rumors of him preferring the very young and I must say, these photos don’t help to disprove that.

  161. 161
    MAYA Says:

    He’s so big.Hmmm.

  162. 162
    were opposum Says:

    He is a grown man of 33 that likes to chill out with 18 year old girls. WTF????

  163. 163
    julie Says:

    Well, look at his dad. Abandoned his wife of 30 years and took up with a woman 25 years his junior (and the same age as Alex). Maybe hooking up with very much younger women runs in the family.

  164. 164
    were opposum Says:

    It seems the only ones that are up in arms are the fan girls. Everyone else is pointing out how creepy it is, and the fan girlsgo crazy that someone gave him a negative comment. I am all for chilling on a lake with friends, but this is a bit much. I am his age and I have nothing in common with 18 year olds.

  165. 165

    @Thisistoofunny: “Underage girls drinking on a party boat with 30-something men looks sketchy, doesn’t matter who’s banging (or not banging) whom. Sure, the drinking age is 16 in Europe, but it’s 21 in the US. They’re breaking the law. But hey, bring on the controversy! It’s what the Hollywood PR machine is all about.”

    Very True. Even if Willa wasn’t shown drinking I’m sure she did. It’s very sketchy to see her and her barely of drinking age sister out with 3 grown ass men. And Alex is known to drink a lot WHEN he parties. Not a safe evironment for these 2 young girls at all. Atleast there was an adult woman present here. She seems like she’s with the other blonde man. Hopefully she didn’t leave these 2 girls alone with the fat guy and Alexander.

  166. 166
    Rm65 Says:

    @were opposum: Oh please, there are people “his age” on these photos Drew Powell for instance and two more friends. This was an arranged R&R for the cast of Straw Dogs and their friends. Alex didn’t choose who came along.

  167. 167
    Rm65 Says:

    @ANTONIOBROOKLYN: Your comment is disgusting, It really show what a sick mind you have.

  168. 168
    were opposum Says:

    @Rm 65 -

    I saw the other older guys, it does not make it look any better, fan girl. For you defense of him I am sure your fan girl status has been elevated. You should get a fan girl merit badge.

  169. 169
    To Rm65 Says:

    Is no one except you allowed to have an opinion? Let people say what they want.

  170. 170
    Rm65 Says:

    @were opposum: Everybody is allowed to think what they like but when they put in in writing on the web they better have proof of their allegations. If they don’t it’s just malicious slander and I believe there are laws against that.

  171. 171
    onion Says:

    Ew @ AntonioBrooklin. Don’t project on Alex your dirty fantasies about underage girls.

  172. 172
    were opposum Says:

    @Rm 65

    No one is making allegations-just stating that is CREEPY!!! Which to some it is, to Fan girls like you it is just fine. CHILL Fan girl- you need to think happy Alex thoughts- you have fought hard and well for the creepy swede today-extra fan girl points to you. You have been elevated to the Ultimate AS Fan Girl. I bet he would even do you-if you are under 20 yo : )

  173. 173
    lmfao Says:

    @were opposum
    too effin’ funny. too effin’ funny, man. tell it like it is!

  174. 174
    Tess Says:

    I think Alex is now at the point of too much information. The more I know about an actor or actress, the more I tend not to like them anymore. There is no mystery when you know everything from their political views (especially if they preach it) to what they eat for breakfast. Sadly, I am already at the divorce stage with AS. First I liked him, then loved him, now slowly the novelty of him is fading. Of course, I still wish him well. I just won’t be following or caring much about him anymore.

  175. 175
    becareful Says:

    After reading the comments I want to make a point. These photos look to be meant for private use and whom ever leaked them, needs a lesson in ethics and to learn to keep their mouth shut. The people in the photos whom this could hurt, need to find new friends and be a little less trusting. Think of Michael Phelps the douche who posted his photo with the bong.

  176. 176
    k Says:

    It’s funny how people refer this as a “party”… like its in a bar or something … it’s on a boat in a lake.

    IA… I’m a 32 yr old woman, I may not have much in common with an 18 yr old, male or female. But I won’t discriminate against them. I talk to them, especially if they’re colleagues. I guess people’s minds are just full of disgusting things.

    Btw… he has older female friends & co-stars… TB fans would know he’s good friends w/ Kristen Bauer …. it’s just not cheezy enough to garner online clamor.

  177. 177
    live in la Says:

    Wow. Some of you are like vultures on the attack. Should he not have a social life at all until you find someone acceptable for him to hang out with? I just can’t believe how awful some of these comments are. I wouldn’t blame the guy for no longer wanting to be accessible to his fans if this is the kind of treatment some of you give him. Mentioning his dad? Wow, that’s even lower. Unless you know what the situation was, none of us has a right to judge.

  178. 178
    CASEY Says:

    His dad is a pedo, too?

  179. 179
    anna paquin is hot Says:

    Rm65 is a pathetic fan girl who has no mind of her own. But atleast she makes me laugh. John, you shouldn’t say comments like men are superior because it just shows how not superior we are you idiot douchebag. The other girl is Brianna Holland who is 21years old. She’s just barely of drinking age and Willa is just a baby. They are both too damn young to be hanging out with 30-something year old men. Girls of this age are too naive and immature. They don’t have yet the wisdom or intelligence to protect themselves from heartache when an older guy tries to use them. I’m not saying Alexander would try to use either girl but it’s perfectly normal to say that they shouldn’t be hanging around grown men much older than them. I guess you’d have to be a parent to understand.

  180. 180
    Sweet swede Girl Says:

    @CASEY: CASEY, the reason that some people mentioned Alexander’s father Stellan is because he’s very famous in Sweden and well known in USA so many people are aware of what happened with Stellan. Stellan was married for many years to the mother of his 6 children (Alex’s mom). But after like 30 years of marriage he divorced her and just like a year afterwards married a woman young enough to be his own daughter. She is actually Alexander’s age. GROSS. Talk about having a dysfunctional family. The rumors are that the only reason he married her is because he got her pregnant. She is Irish and probably very Catholic. Some say this will not last at all. But I sincerely hope that his father’s bad influence serves to better not worse Alexander.

  181. 181
    Ilovealex Says:

    Yeah I heard what happened with Stellan Skarsgard. That man looks like a real *****. For those of you who don’t know him he played Bootstrap Bill in Pirates of the Carribbean. Even if he met this irish woman who seems to be a gold digger after his divorce was final it’s still DISGUSTING to impregnate and marry a woman that is your own child’s age. How sick. Having said that, I definitely don’t think that Alex is like that. He actually seems a lot more level headed than his father. Yes he likes to party but that’s not a bad thing and I don’t think he ever did anything with ERW or Willa or Willa’s sister Brianna. He may not be able to voice his thoughts publicly but I think he might actually be embarrassed and ashamed about what happened with his father. Imagine when he goes to visit his infant half brother? That irish woman is probably checking out her own stepson! Most women will find him attractive and they are the same age. Its only a matter of time before she gets drunk and slips up and tries to put the moves on Alex. His family situation is just too weird and messed up thanks to creepy Stellan. But I think Alex has more moral character than that old pervert.

  182. 182
    CASEY Says:

    @Sweet swede Girl: Ah… thx. I guess (like someone else suggested) the preference for younger women is genetic.

  183. 183
    ? Says:

    @Sweet swede Girl: I heard that Stellan’s marriage was rocky for years. Did he really outright dump his wife for the Irish girl?

  184. 184
    i like 19 year olds Says:

    Ummmmm I don’t think a preference for younger men or women is genetic. That is definitely something very personal and each person has their own preferences. For example, I’m a young woman in my late twenties. I have a baby face (big time) and when I date men in their late twenties or early thirties it actually looks kinda weird. It looks like Alex next to Willa. So I tend to go for guys a few years younger than me just because it looks and feels more natural to me. Plus dating younger men keeps you feeling younger and more alive and it is a lot less creepy when women do it. HOWEVER, if I was a 60-something year old I would never ever date someone that was the age of any of my kids like Stellan Skarsgard did. You have to be considerate of your own children and not bring them into any dysfunctional situation needlessly. I was a fan of Stellan ever since I saw that famous movie he did called Ronin. But I have lost major respect for him. Hopefully Alex doesn’t turn out this way.

  185. 185
    Desiderata Says:

    Stellan and My were seperated for years before he met Megan. When they decided to get married he divorced his estranged wife. Not exactly an unusual or scandalous scenario. As for the “zomg he has his arm around her in the photo!!11!!” nonsense, check out any candids of him and you’ll see he tends to put his arm around pretty much anyone when posing for a photo… young, old, men, women.

  186. 186
    mz_fortune Says:

    regarding Stellans divorce: people grow apart after 30 years. its sad, but it happens. (referring to his own statements) him and his ex wife will stay close friends forever. romance probably just died. at least they are grown up about it. regarding his new wife, i mean come on. big age difference. so what? he is not the only hollywood actor in a relationship with huge age difference. maybe the skarsgårds seem dysfunctional to us, but if you think about it, who’s family isn’t? mine sure is crazy as hell.

    and for Alexander’s part: he is very talented and i salute his work in generation kill and true blood. i hope he will (continue to) be a selective actor with good taste in the future and avoid the press a bit more since he always gets misjudged or misquoted. must be so frustrating to be him sometimes. (and maybe be a bit more careful to not hang around camwhores that post private stuff on myspace or whatever. whoever that is. )

    and girls? why do you care who he is dating or not anyway? does some part of your delusional brain believe you got a chance with him? well you don’t. get over it.

    and for the gay/bi rumor: all the swedish guys i have ever known or met are a bit camp (acting gay). it’s just a swedish thing. and me being a norwegian, we both love and hate them for it. swedes are great if you ask me. especially this guy! yum!

  187. 187
    TB best show on tv Says:

    I have to agree with the person that said it must be incredibly weird to have a stepmother your own age. I mean I can totally see how she could be attracted to him. And that has gotta be so weird for Alex – who knows if there is some sort of sexual tension already between them? Also the other full siblings of Alex must feel so weird that their stepmommy is big brother’s age. How twisted. I’m sure there is a part of him that feels ashamed his father messed up so royally. Megan (the irish gold digger) needs to watch herself because if I were her I would be so tempted to hit on Alex and with a few glasses of wine in your system you loose all reason.

  188. 188
    stellan is stupid Says:

    Regarding the Stellan situation – I think the victim in all of this is that poor baby. Can you imagine graduating from high school and your dad is almost 80 years old!! That’s going to be so humiliating for this poor baby that was born. He’s not going to get a chance to do all the things he should with his dad. He’s going to watch him age and die much sooner than anyone ought to. Why would you bring a child into this world just so he could see die in a few years? That’s terribly cruel and sad. I think older men need to be even more careful about having protected sex than young men. Look at what he’s done to an innocent child. And when he dies is Alex supposed to fulfill that father role? Is he supposed to take repsonsibility for his father’s mistake? As it is, Stellan already looks very old and tired and he’s only about 58. Imagine when his baby is 10, he will deifnitely look like a senior citizen.

  189. 189
    @ stellan is stupid Says:

    You really need to re-read what you wrote and then take a hard look at what is truly “cruel and sad.” Spreading ridiculous and hurtful things about people who never did anything to you is cruel, and I find it quite sad that you are twisted enough to spend your time and energy being so negative.

    Commenting on the family life of someone you do not know is incredibly out of line. The conclusions you and other Stellan haters are leaping to are absolutely absurd and more to the point nothing they do or don’t do is any of your business.

  190. 190
    were opposum Says:

    @ check this out–

    WTF! OMG! You or whoever made the video is what happens to fan girls when they realize that their idol does not live up to expectations. Video is funny, kind of, I could feel a crazy, pissed off fan girl energy behind it.

  191. 191
    checkthisout Says:

    @were opposum

    No, my friend, not a fangirl. But meant to piss off the fansgirls.

  192. 192
    were opposum Says:

    @check this out-

    Whomever made the video is going to have to prepare for angry fan girls, who are going to see red and foam at the mouth when they see that video.

  193. 193
    checkthisout Says:

    @were opposum

    Definitely not a fangirl. But meant to piss off the fansgirls.

  194. 194
    Poor alex Says:

    OMG What the hell is wrong with you people?????? Why are crucifying this man for being on a boat with people. Look at the damn pictures, there are other people on that boat and yes an 18 year old girl. Do you have other pictures that I haven’t seen? I don’t see them having sex or doing anything inappropriate. I don’t even see her with a drink in her hand. There have been no other reports of them together other than this boat ride. And why the hell you do have to bring his father into it. Then to speculate that his stepmom is not only a gold digger but wants to jump Alex. He may be a celebrity but please remember these people have loved ones and feelings. What sick pleasure do you people get out of being so cruel??? And please don’t call me an angry fan girl. I am a 49 year old woman. I just feel it is sad and cruel to print such hurtful, hateful things. Just because they are celebrities doesn’t mean you have the right to scrutinize thier personal lives.

  195. 195
    jenna Says:

    Let me start by saying I’m not extremely happy with the way these private pics even got out. *You know who you are!!* For those of you who believe that Alexander had anything to do with their release you’re wrong!!!
    Alexander has said many times RECENTLY that he IS NOT dating. He’s too busy…has no time to commit to someone. This man is filming Straw Dogs and using his “free time” to fly off to Sweden to finish up on a movie there with his brother, then fly back a couple days later to get back on set in Shreveport.
    I’m sure whatever defense I put forth will go unheard or just rile up the masses once again, but I don’t see what the horrible injustice is. Alexander has many friends, all shapes, sizes and colors. He takes pictures with many of them that hit the public eye and when it happens, who are any of us to assume the story behind it , who are any of us to judge??!
    I have personally read about Willa and can see that she has a similar childhood to Alexander. They both have parents in the media eye and they both started their careers at a very young age. I would assume that they made fast friends and have a lot to talk about. Also, if at eighteen you’re old enough to vote…live on your own or go to war…then you should also be old enough to decide who you get on a boat with!
    I run a site for Alexander and I know a lot about the man I promote on a daily basis. I don’t know him on a personal level, but I know what kind of person I am and I am not one to stand up for someone I didn’t believe in. I am not naive nor blinded by my admiration for him or his skills. I’m a level headed woman who thinks his private life is something he should have the opportunity to share with us when HE’S READY to do so. We can ***** and moan about his public decisions all we want…we have that right. But who he chooses to date or be acquaintances with should be his choice and he shouldn’t be bashed for that!!
    And please don’t spew forth the whole…”he’s in the public eye…that’s his job and everything he does is our business!”
    Bullshit! What he does and with whom he does it is NONE of our business until it becomes a danger to her, himself or to those around him…I’m not worried about that when it comes to who he’s dating…
    eighteen = legal adult…sorry but that’s the law in these here United States that these pictures were taken in…

    If you’re upset that he didn’t get back to you with that autographed pic yet…drop me your address and I’ll send one over…let’s see if that fixes your erratic condition!

    Puss och kramar to those who know better than to judge others!!!

    And to everyone who continues to have any doubts or concerns with Alexander…please feel free to contact any one of his NUMEROUS fan based web sites and take it up with us….

    We’re confident in what we believe….are you???


  196. 196
    Panthera Says:

    I am seriously getting really, seriously angry at the whole situation. What Alexander Skarsgard or Stellan Skarsgard (what on earth has he done to you?!) does in his own free time is none of your business. I repeat: n.o.n.e.

    It does not involve helpless puppies and/or kitties, it doesn’t even involve kids (an 18 yr old that just happens to be in the vicinity does not count as a helpless victim to a sexual assault – sorry to break your bubble), Skarsgard doesn’t sell drugs/arms/people, so you have no ground whatsoever to attack him. So BACK OFF. Seriously – you may sound pathetic and moronic to us, but it is still a person’s reputation you’re toying with, just because you (obviously!) have nothing better to do. So stop it. Now.

  197. 197
    kaye Says:

    OMG… someone has a lot of time in their hands… and needs to get their head checked.

    Whoever that is… if you are an over-zealous True Blood fan angry at Alex’s/Eric’s rise … please you gotta separate fiction from reality. Seriously! For your own mental wellness…. gesshhh

  198. 198
    comeon Says:

    Come on. He’s a single guy surrounded by horny teenagers. They throw themselves at him, he’s going to get his thrills. He’s a man, not some angel.

  199. 199
    I love Alex but not Stellan Says:

    @stellan is stupid: You’ve made a very valid point. It’s immoral and unethical for an old man such as Stellan to have babies because he won’t even be around to care for this kid. The person that said you were being absurd never made any valid points herself. Why is “Stellan is stupid” being absurd? Because the truth hurts? Wake up, people. These old men you see marrying much younger women and spawning children in their 50s and 60s are ridiculous and they are harming these innocent babies. Why would you bring a child into this world that is going to be taking care of you more than you will be taking care of him? And it’s a prefectly valid point to make. If anything happens to Stellan (who does look REALLY old by the way) then Megan will either raise that child by herself or Askars will have to step in and fill those shoes.

  200. 200
    Panthera Says:

    @I love Alex but not Stellan:

    Did it even occur to you that IS NONE OF YOUR BUSINESS?! For all you know, he may live up to 100, so that “poor, innocent” (of which you know nothing and never will!) baby will be about 40! And even if he doesn’t, what’s your problem and on what ground do you possibly give yourself the right to even speak…?! Jesus Christ, go take care of your own business and let the others JUST BE!

  201. 201
    EricNorthmanfan Says:

    I completely agree about Alexander’s father. It was extremely selfish of him to have a baby at such a late age. There is a youtube video where Meryl Streep who did Mama Mia with Stellan said (jokingly but still trying to make a point) that Stellan loves attention and would do anything to be the center of it. She was answering back in regards to a joke he made about the movie Mama Mia. It was all lighhearted but you could tell she meant it. Also why would he ever date someone Alex’s age? That’s very inconsiderate to his own children. So yeah Stellan definitely seems selfish and very self absorbed. I don’t know if all old Swedish men are supposed to be like this. I hope Alex learns from his father’s mistakes.

  202. 202
    who leaked these pics? Says:

    I’d like to know. Was it Willa’s publicist, HBO or what? Because 2 or 3 days ago there were tweeters, called HBOfan, True blood net or wharever, frantically sending this pics to Perez, Laineygossip, etc. Is Alexander Skarsgard bothering AP and SM that much? This is all very weird.

    And to the 51years old lady who did that video, well I feel sorry for her. Nobody mentally health would sink so low to try to hurt a career of somebody because of a bunch of innocent pictures.

  203. 203
    Jessie Says:

    If they were leaked, my guess it was someone from the Willa team. AS is incredibly high-profile right now, and she would stand to gain the most from being seen with him.

  204. 204
    hellzBellz Says:

    Perhaps the person who did the video needs to look up the word “slander” in the dictionary. Hope she has lots of money to defend herself in court.

  205. 205
    ??? Says:

    @who leaked these pics?: How do you know all that? Including the person’s age? I’ve seen someone on the Trueblood IMDB board called HBOFan, is that who you are referring to?

  206. 206
    It will quiet down Says:

    After TB finale the AS hype will die down. We probably won’t hear much about him until next summer when S3 airs.

  207. 207
    EricNorthmanfan Says:

    There is something called Freedom of Speech in this here U.S.A So I don’t think they can sue the person who made the Askars slam video. If that were the case then TMZ would be off the air by now. I don’t think Alex is the next pseudo-pedo Paul Walker. I also don’t think he’s going to end up an old pervert like his father Stellan by marrying someone half his age and having a baby in his senior years. I think Alex is a lot more level headed than both Paul Walker and Stellan Skarsgard. Those pictures were just of him having fun. I doubt he ever dated Willa Holland or Evan Rachel Wood.

  208. 208
    jenna Says:

    Oh I’ll be making sure his “HYPE” does NOT die down!

    He’s got a few movies coming out….and filming for True Blood starts up again in December….

    Nope…his sites will make sure his “HYPE” stays moving and POSITIVE in nature!!!

    PS…Didn’t have the stomach to read all the above comments but how the hell did Stellan get brought into a discussion about Alexander and his friends on a boat??
    People need to start worrying about what’s going on in their own lives… bash the people who are really causing concern in the world… like criminals and evil doers….
    If you don’t like the Skarsgard’s…move on!!!

  209. 209
    truefan Says:

    First of all this is such a waste of time…WHO CARES? The jealous nasties, the self righteous (BTW – STFU Jenna – do you keep a batch of autographed pics of Alex in your worship room?dumb-ass Freak) who run websites that posted and tweeted said pictures along with this article.
    Stop replying and end this thread already. There. Done.

  210. 210
    He's dating... Says:

    Evan Rachel Wood.

  211. 211
    Viggo Says:

    @KD, why does it matter who he’s perported to be sleeping with, how does that affect his work? It sounds like you’re taking your crush a little too far. He’s never going to be with you,so calm down and just appreciate his work as you should. He’s not killing anyone he’s living his life.

  212. 212
    Why Says:

    Seriously, why do care what other people think of him? Seems like you’re the one with the overly obsessive problem. Think what you want and let others do the same.

  213. 213
    jenna Says:

    True Fan…I never posted those pics! Know what you’re talking about before you start flapping!

    Shhh…..I think I hear your “mistress” calling….hurry…she needs help bashing some other site!!

    There!!! Done!!!

  214. 214
    Wow Says:

    Well if he is dating Evan Rachel Wood then these pics have got to sting just a little for her. It is just a little too cozy and you would expect that he would have the forethought to be careful to not give the wrong impression to her or any other girl. That said they have to handle that themselves but if I were Evan I would be a little peeved especially that these pics could so easily be misinterpreted. If he released the pics himself for PR purposes(to keep him in the spotlight during filming or hiatus) then it worked to get him attention but not the attention he wanted I’m sure. If another camp released it then if I were he I would not be too pleased at all. Celebrities need to be careful of both fans AND other celebrities. They have to remember that other celebrities to have their own agenda as well and will often do whatever it takes to achieve it. I am the partner of a celebrity and we have discussed the fact that we would not still be married if I had too been a famous in the entertainment world(I am well known in my profession). In fact, I know we would have been divorced. I feel sorry for most celebrities because they get caught up in their own hype and play the press/PR game UNTIL it plays them. In the beginning they often feel that they HAVE to be at the right parties, premieres, awards shows, and always they must be seen on the arm of the RIGHT CELEBRITY. Celebrities need to surround themselves with people who care about them and not people who want to just be around them because they are famous and that includes other celebrities. Not to say you can’t have normality with two very public profiles but it sure is damned hard and most fail. Along with their relationship failures they usually damage their careers=work=pay=reputation. When the game plays you back, and it most certainly does if you play it, the revelation hits them and bites them in the ass. They are most certainly devastated but after it is all said and done they realize that they were once regular people too and, most importantly, they still are regular people with just a higher public profile. That’s all and nothing more. You can still be a talented, highly sought after thespian without playing the media hype and PR game. Take a look at Meryl Streep, Anthony Hopkins, Cate Blanchette, or Kate Winslet. They are not sending personal pics like this to gossip blogs to keep their name in the spotlight nor would they allow such pictures to be taken and run the risk of it getting out and causing the wrong stir. There are two types of fame: 1) based soley on your talent and 2) based on how well you play the Hollywood/PR game. The second nevers ends up the way they want it. I am not bashing gossip blogs but to utilize them like to keep you name circulating constantly for fear you will be forgotten is not how you want to run your career. So much at stake for them that they have to more than careful when choosing the right management, PR , and publicists as well. Not everyone is super talented in these arenas and the higher you profile goes then the time comes to re-evaluate that as well. All in all this should just be a learning lesson for all involved. The American public loves their films and film stars but when slips like this are made judgments are made too. It happens everywhere and is simply a part of human nature. America is also very keen on their youth and related issues and very passionate about their opinions. That’s why so much spark here! People have the right to state their opinions and some would say that’s what makes America great. If this is not to a celebrities liking then be very careful what you perpetuate to the media and what you let out. Be very careful in choosing a partner for relationship and try to have a normal life in what is considered the craziest profession out there. It can suck the life out people so quickly that mistakes happen. Before you know it the public has tried and convicted you and sent you on your way. Not only for your family and friends but for you career as well. I have seen too many celebrities ruin books, films, shows, endorsements etc., because they get on the roller coaster, screw up, and piss off the powers that be. Even if things are meant to be innocent perceptions are what matters in this world. People will make decisions based on theirs/public perceptions before you have time to explain yourself. In the end, explanations mean nothing only the money that can be made. The public decides the money part by simply liking you or disliking you. Simple as that. As for Mr. Skarsgard he should focus on perfecting his talent, expanding his work, and finding people (they don’t have to be famous) who truly care about him and are out for his best interest. Understand the pressure chamber and the ambitions here before you make character judgments on anyone. If someone leaked them for the wrong reasons then they will one day have their karma back.

  215. 215
    jenna Says:

    Good reply Wow….on all aspects!

    Thank you for your level-headed comment!

  216. 216
    iseesee Says:

    Just so you know, this was a trip organized by the studio. There were other people on the boat. Alexander is easy to talk to and a popular guy so people talk to him. There is absolutely nothing going on between him and will. Alex is like a big brother to her, and she has a boyfriend. Alex hangs out with people his age, this was for work, it’s hilarious what some of you are insinuating. I felt I had to say something because he doesn’t deserve this crap.

  217. 217
    Wow Says:

    @jenna Thank you! I just hope that Mr. Skarsgard has someone be so honest with him in his career so that he does not have it damaged or even bruised in any way. He is so talented and the public would not have the opportunity to see what he can really do if he allows himself to get on the celebrity rollercoaster. It’s way to volatile and silly and the public will view him in a lesser light. Instead of being an intelligent, talented and gifted ACTOR he will be the attention-seeking famewhore, B-D list CELEBRITY or whatever the media can come up with in a flash.
    The lesson here is don’t play the CELEBRITY game of strategically releasing personal pics (whoever did it) for attention for the sake of more attention, feeling that celebrities are the only ones for relationships( I can speak to that), and not thinking clearly ahead to see if your actions, if ever found out, could cause hurt and damage to you or anyone you care about. Play the ACTOR game. Read, write, hone your talent, expand your career choices and parts, and have a normal life when not on set. ALERT: You don’t even have to live in Hollywood. My husband and I don’t and he still is quite sought after for parts(good ones too, indies, the best!). My husband is here and he is laughing and shaking his head at the same time. He was once there and it got him alot of unwanted attention, a divorce(sad times), career decline, and a whole lot of exhaustion from unnecessary worrying, work, fatigue, and anxiety. I respect the actors I mentioned before because they stay focused on the craft and not the “celebrity” of it. You don’t have to be a “celebrity” to be respected. In fact, in today’s world it is almost better to not do that and go the way of all those people we needlessly talk about AND laugh about(cruel) to fill our empty minutes in the day. It can be fun in the beginning but ask them a year or two later how much fun they are having.
    Good nite again.

  218. 218
    Ollie Says:


    THANK YOU!!! FInally a voice of REASON!!!! How did this all get so spun out of control!!?!? Would the pics have been ok if Kate Bosworth and James Marsden been in them too?

    Thank you iseesee, for the post

  219. 219
    ICanconfirm Says:

    I can confirm that what iseesee said is true. This was for his work and only for work and is going to probably end up in the extras of the DVD about what the cast would do on their day off while filming this movie. I work for the studio and It was set up by the studio. It is completely innocent and Alex sees Willa as more like a little sister as well and doesn’t have any romantic intentions toward her.

    Now see what a waste all this was? You people are just sick.

  220. 220
    hans Says:


    Uhm, the other person is right. This is more like an act of a “pissed off” fangirl…

  221. 221
    LauraS Says:

    Thank you Jenna and Wow. You both posted MUCH needed logic in a hurricane of nonsense.

  222. 222
    ICanconfirm Says:

    He’s not dating Even Rachel Wood. He’s single.

  223. 223
    Perri Says:

    No way. Even the most disenfranchised fan would never do something like that. That is a hardcore hater.

  224. 224
    pr guy Says:

    @Wow: that was nicely put and he’s not dating any of these girls — ERW included. He’s just a nice dude enjoying his day off. The speculation has really gotten out of hand.

  225. 225
    sobsistah Says:

    Jared, your disgusting dream of becoming the next Perez Hilton is right on target. You’re following in his footsteps by posting pictures from another website on your own without giving the owners attribution. In fact, you stripped the owner’s names OFF the pix deliberately. I saw the pictures on Friday and the name was clearly printed on them. It’s not a small thing to steal someone else’s work. You’re a small person for doing it.

  226. 226
    jenna Says:

    actually sobsistah….these pics were not “property” of any of Alex’s sites although they were sent to Jared by some of them….

    These were personal pics from someone on the boat…

  227. 227
    hans Says:

    Well the “dating” rumors will come out eventually, rather sooner than later, as that would put a end to all this nonsens.

  228. 228
    i like em young too Says:

    Now that he’s getting famous I guess he could have his pick of barely legal girls. His fans are just upset over this because it reinforces what little chance they have to get with him. All those women that run those fansite are fat menopausal biddies.

  229. 229
    ex-fan Says:


  230. 230
    I like eric but not alex Says:

    Like Paul Walker like Alex Skarsgard. Both are tall blonde handsome pervs.

  231. 231
    Papa is a pervert Says:

    I agree with all the Stellan Skarsgard comments. Yes, Papa Stellan is an old pervert who needs to act his age and find himself a woman in her 50s or 60s. YOU DON’T MARRY SOMEONE YOUNG ENOUGH TO BE YOUR CHILD whether you are male or female. And you don’t spawn a child when you are old enough to be their grandfather. Someone mentioned that Stellan will be almost 80 when his baby graduates! That is so sick and cruel. However, i don’t think Alex is anything like his dad. God I hope not.

  232. 232
    Graduation day Says:

    I can just picture the graduation day of Alex’s baby brother 18 years from now…
    Stellan: Son, I am so proud of you. Today you graduate high school and now you will go on to college and become a young adult.
    Megan: Yes I am so proud of you, too.
    Son: Thank you mama and papa.
    Stellan: Megan, I just pooped my pants. Please change me in the car. Do you think everyone around us can smell it? I really hope not.
    Megan: I should have never married for money.

  233. 233
    ani Says:

    haha you know you’re famous when you attract ugly friendless trolls like the poster(s) above. It was bound to happen! Poor little sods being so jealous of Alexander’s good looks and fame <:/

  234. 234
    don't become a diaper changer Says:

    LOL at the graduation story. But you know I don’t think she would change Stellan’s diapers for all the money in the world. Get out while you’re still young, Megan! Get your alimoney and child support and upgrade to a young handsome hunk. If you wait too long you will just be an old washed up hag with a celebrity’s kid and no man will want you. Stellan looks pretty old for his age. I’ve seen people in their sixties look much younger and he’s still in his fifties.

  235. 235
    Ewwwww Says:

    I’m a young woman in my 30s and the thought of having sex with 58 year old man gives me the creeps! Can you imagine how wrinkly and droopy his junk must be? OMG and he probably has gray hair down there!! Not for all the money in the world. EWWWWWW

  236. 236
    strange family Says:

    I knew that Alex comes from a large family with many brothers and one sister. But I had no idea that Alex had a 33year old stepmother. That is weird. And I mean Kentucky hillbilly weird. I guess this would be considered Eurotrash? I bet she has naughty thoughts about Alex and her other stepsons (Alex has handsome brothers in Sweden).

  237. 237
    Alex is his own person Says:

    I used to think Paul Walker was one of the hottest and nicest guys around then he gets all pervy by dating this barely legal little girl. In fact I think they’re engaged now. I was shocked when I found out. But I’m not surprised about Stellan, he looks like a selfish control freak. This shows that they have a lot of insecurities and need to feel like they are the one in control of the relationship. They cannot handle dating a woman their age with a mind of her own so instead they date much much younger women that they can outsmart outearn and control. But let’s leave Alex alone because he doesn’t seem to be at all like Paul or Stellan. In fact I think this whole thing will just prove how UNLIKE them he is. He has only dated women around his own age and I don’t think he will ever date a barely legal little girl. He is his own person, not his dad.

  238. 238
    poisongirl Says:

    Seriously stopping hating on Alex and his Dad. He should be allowed to date whatever age woman he chooses and not be judged for it. If he dates a chick in her twenties then so be it. Most women go for older men anyways. Do you see people hatin’ on Megan Fox for dating Brian Austin Green? There is a signifcant age gap there. There was a large age gap with ERW and Marilyn Manson as well. It’s whoever makes you happy that counts not how old they are. Don’t be so hateful and judgemental towards people you dont even know. Everyone’s families are f*cked up, ours are just not in the spotlight. Be supportive of Alex. He is doing great things. TEAM ALEX!! Woohoo.

  239. 239
    becareful Says:

    @wow, @jenna, @icanconfirm, all of you made valid comments. I especially apprecaite @wow because of the logic behind treating the job as a job and not as a lifestyle. Was the arranged outting for publicity or was it a private gathering? Public, then send out all the photos you want. Private, keep the **** to yourselves and think about who you could be damaging.

  240. 240
    Alexis Says:

    She looks a lot like his sister, are you sure it is Miss Holland?
    There are a lot of “news” that have not been checked in gossip magz.
    So far Alex has dated women around his own age.

  241. 241
    Rm65 Says:

    The boat trip was arranged by the studio making Straw Dogs in order to give the actors some R&R and to do some filming for the extras which will be featured when Straw Dogs comes out on DVD in the future. There was an entire film crew present.

  242. 242
    EK81 Says:

    I don’t think there is anything going on. Like Rm65 stated this trip was organized by the studio. You can go to Skarsgardnews’s tweet if you want to read it for yourself.

  243. 243
    jess Says:

    @hans: The silly rumors are what started the nonsense.

    @poisongirl: ERW and Marilyn Manson is not a good comparison — that was not a real relationship. That guy cheated on his wife with Evan cause he was going through an early midlife crisis.

    I don’t believe any of the rumors about Skarsgard. I think he was just goofing around during some down time and it’s been blown out of proportion.

  244. 244
    jenna Says:


    Thank you and I agree…WOW, ISEESEE and ICANCONFIRM saved the day…

  245. 245
    Hula Says:

    How stupid are you.

    If you film a movie together you spent a lot of time together and hang out a lot.

    What should they do? Avoid each other?
    I really wonder in what kind of worlds you live?

    If you have a boyfriends, don’t you even speak to other men? Don’t you get more than 2meters near to other men?

    Don’t you have male friends?

    What’s wrong with you.

    Here in Europe, good friends even kiss each other when they greet each other. OMG, the outrage.

  246. 246
    EK81 Says:

    I just wanted to come back and say that Alexander seems like a nice guy. I think what is going on here, and on other boards, is a bunch of people trying to find something wrong with a guy who has, so far, acted really decently in his public life. So, because they haven’t been able to find any obvious bad behavior they are trying to use these innocent photos to incriminate him in some way. This whole incident doesn’t reflect badly on Alex, who was just out on a studio sanctioned outing, but rather on some of the posters on this board, and others, who have used it to malign his character with vicious speculation. You should be ashamed of yourselves.

  247. 247
    hellzBellz Says:

    Thank you to all you level headed posters. The insanity needs to stop. A few weeks ago some were saying he is gay or bi… now he is a pervert. What next, an outer space alien?

    For those of you who are not into the Sookie books there is a ridiculous sick war going on between Bill and Eric lovers. Big clue here… Eric is winning the suitor race. Now they fear with Alexanders success it will happen on the show. And it freaks them out. You dont think a few over the top True Blood Bill fans are capable of getting things started? If you think this sounds nuts, spend some time on the Charlaine Harris site (read the back logs). Most of the posters are descent but there are a few real crazies. It is one of the reasons I stopped going there. I came away with the conclusion there are now 3 topics that should never be discussed in public… Religion, Politics and now Sookie Suitors.

    I believe the people who said it is an outing planned by the studio. Do I think Alexander is a saint? No one is. Look closely at the pictures. There is nothing there to be worked up over.

  248. 248
    kc Says:

    I think its obviously a troll … maybe the SAME person … responding to himself or herself. Same bad grammar & sentence construction, hateful comments w/ a shameful name.

    He/She must be so obsessed with hating Alexander … and maybe Paul Walker. (I can’t figure it out) LOL! I can’t comprehend this person anymore. But SERIOUSLY, please get some help. You’re already saying offensive things to someone along with his family …. and even young kids… all of whom you barely know.

  249. 249
    Rm65 Says:

    Several of these sick posts must have been flagged many times. The people who run Just Jared seem not to take any responsibility in moderating. Is the entire staff still suffering from a labour day hangover?

  250. 250

    Is there any reason to bring Stephen Moyer into this? You totally negated your comment by trashing someone with rumor and innuendo. Everyone needs to relax. You don’t know these people.

  251. 251
    jenna Says:


    That ignorant video is gone….

    “This video has been removed by the user.”

    Dumb ass!

  252. 252
    hellzBellz Says:

    I did not trash trash Stephen Moyer. I like the guy and enjoy him in the show too… Where did I even say his name? I am talking about a few over zealot fans spinning stuff about Alexander. I think you need to relax and quit pointing fingers, or are you one of the people are worried about Alexander’s success too?

  253. 253
    kc Says:


    So off topic … but I love your “name” … it reminds me of Harry in the show Spooks!

    Sorry… I gotta change the mood here … its so negative.

  254. 254
    HellzBellz Says:

    Thanks KC…I remember Spooks but that is not where I took my nickname. My mother used that expression when I was little, but you dont hear it much anymore.

    I agree with you about the negativity. Alexander deserves better than this. If you are one of his fans then you know he has a quirky, almost dorky sense of humor that can easily be misunderstood. ie the Eric likes them young joke. Alexander didnt get the nickname “Adorkable” for nothing. BTW I am not a young fang-girl and actually am too old to even consider myself a respectable cougar. LOL

  255. 255
    Rm65 Says:

    Alex is looking really good in these pictures. EW is running a competition for fans to write their own episode of TB (or summary). As a part of that challenge you can vote for what feature you think must be included. “Eric somehow gets naked” is in the lead with 59%.
    I admire him not just for his looks. He is an extraordinarily good actor as well, what a combination! There are a lot of goodlooking men out there, but they do not all combine it with great talent.

  256. 256
    kc Says:


    I respect everyone’s opinion. Some people may like that he’s easygoing, some may not like that hangs out with young people. I personally, don’t discriminate. (its not a sex video, btw)

    It’s just infuriating to read the hateful and ignorant slurs by some people. OR maybe its just 1 or 2 person(s) who keep(s) repeating their comments and talking to themselves.

    But seriously, no one is claiming that Alex is a saint or the “ideal guy”. He’s a human being. I like him for his work & his pleasant personality… including his humor & the way he treats his fans.

  257. 257

    “Based on all the idiotic talk about age difference one or two of you are spouting… then Moyer is also a dirtbag for marrying Paquin (39 to her 26). And while we are slinging dirt, what about the rumors (or facts, if what you read is true) that Moyer got the girl he was with before pregant when she was 18 and he was 29?

    *This is such trash, but I wanted to show we are talking about people’s lives and they are not our own personal soap opera. It is sad.”

    This is what you wrote. I have no strong feelings toward either actor. Because I get that it isn’t real. I’m not bashing you. But I think it doesn’t serve any purpose introducing someone who has nothing to do with this post into this argument. I think these pictures were taken out of context, the right context has been provided, and people can make more informed judgements about it (if that’s there inclination). And I’m not bashing your guy. My initial reaction to the pics were not favorable but after reading some of the explanations I stand corrected. Which I’m happy about because I really like Alexander – never seen True Blood but loved Generation Kill.

  258. 258
    HellzBellz Says:

    @Rm65 I agree with you. I think Alexander is a great looking guy, but that is not all it is. I have discussed with friends why it is we are so enamored and we cant figure it out. One thing we hear repeatedly is… I have never felt like this before. It is more than just his looks for sure because he is a really good actor. After Generation Kill I searched out some of his Swedish movies. Some are subtitled or ironically they are in English to begin with. If you havent seen Om Sara or Cuppen I suggest those, and Kill Your Darlings is good too and was critically acclaimed. I actually feel kinda bad for him because he left Sweden five years ago to get away from the Sexiest Man title and only being offered handsome boyfriend roles, and now here he is back as the hunk again with True Blood. He says he wants to do indie films so I hope he gets to pursue that. I would watch him in anything.

  259. 259
    HellzBellz Says:

    Since you choose to remain anoymous. I stand corrected about my post yesterday. I did say it I was trying to point out how silly it is to assume something. I am not one who thinks there is anything wrong with SM. Please dont assume I did. We know nothing about any of these people and what is really going on. I am only glad the stuff about the SM did not get blown out of proportion for him. I never said he was creepy or some of the awful things others have said about Alex here. In fact, I dont think either are creepy. But that is just MHO.

    I also notice you only took exception to the mention of SM. What about the people who brought up AS’s father? What does that have to do with anything either? I am not knighting or nominating any of them for sainthood. So get off your high horse too.

  260. 260
    HellzBellz Says:

    @anoymous who has singled only me out to criticize. I apologize because I dont post rude things to other posters. For saying for you to get off your high horse too was rude of me.

  261. 261
    Rm65 Says:

    @HellzBellz: I’ve seen GK and it was an amazing show. What an ensemble of actors they had for that miniseries. I hope it will win the Emmy that it is nominated for. Alex’s acting in GK is so subtle, but empowering. I didn’t even know you could portray so much just by the look in your eyes. I must have watched GK about 15 times by now.

  262. 262

    I have not gotten personal with you so there is no need to get personal with me. You wrote a post and I responded to it. I’ll stay on my high horse, thank you very much, because I stand by what I said. There is no need to trash anyone. Let alone trashing someone that has nothing to do with this post – ie: Stephen or Stellan – because you’re defending Alex or trying to trash him even more. Chill out and stick with defending Alex (which I support). There’s no need for anyone else to be brought into this. As for Alex himself – he seems like a great guy who’s got a huge glare on him. Everything he does will be inspected. It’s trial and error. He’s a good guy and will emerge from it unscathed.

  263. 263

    OK! *Timeout* I just read your last post – so disregard my last post. I think we’re on the same page. I applaud you for standing up for Alex. And actually I’m glad that this discussion was started because a few people came out to put everything in context. I think he comes off looking better and all the negative posters come off looking mental. Anyway, I hope nothing I said to you was rude either because I don’t want it to be personal. All good? :)

  264. 264
    maryjane Says:

    This has all been so upsetting to read. As a fan of Alex, I do think that as long as its not illegal, I agree with @truefan in saying who cares. I first saw the pictures on a facebook page I’m a member of “alexander skarsgard” which I know is run by @jenna who said she never posted the pictures..well she did on Thursday @ 2:29 pm but has since removed them. Here: Alexander Skarsgård New pic of Alexander on a relaxing getaway from filming Straw Dogs….

    Thank you B!
    Thu at 2:29pm · Comment · Like / Unlike · View Feedback (119)Hide Feedback (119) · Share
    50 people like this.
    View all 69 comments Good for you but you are a hypocrite too..I’m no longer part of that page as they are obviously irresponsible and your constant posting here and there and on your website is detrimental to Alexander. Think before you react dear.
    @Wow, wonderful remarks! @Hellzbellz super! Namaste.

  265. 265
    HellzBellz Says:

    Thank you. Again I apologize because my post did go rude in the end and I dont do that… I was reacting because I thought you were being rude to me and misrepresenting my intent with my original post. I will stand by what I said.. I was not trying to trash SM, sincerely. And your apology is accepted too. Appreciate it. Stepping off my own high horse again. (BTW I used “too” at the end of my “first” high horse statement because I was talking about me also then, but it didnt come off that way.) LOL

    I agree the negative posters who want to find hidden dirty meaning in everything are sick.

  266. 266
    HellzBellz Says:

    @maryjane. Thanks for the compliment. On other sites I post I am known as a level headed one for the most part, but insanity and meanness drives me nuts. These are people’s lives and nothing to toy with. BTW. We likely already know each other from some of the usual Skarsgard or True Blood sites, but I use a different name. Somehow the nickname I picked when I first started posting in January sounded way too vampire fangbanger so I chose HellzBellz to come off at least slightly normal. LOL

    @rm65. I know… I watched GK many times. Have you listened to his narrative with James Ransome and the director on episode 4? They both are hysterical. Ransome didnt have to act hard to be Corporal Person… he IS corporal person with his sense of humor. It seems as if Alexander is pretty well thought of by the people he has worked with.

    Alexander’s humor is much quieter and weirder. Like when he said in an interview at Comic Con I believe, as he downplayed the popularity of the Eric character that he was Moyer’s biggest fan and founded Bill’s Babes. I actually read a few posters who believed he really did. Another example is about 8 months ago in a Swedish interview they asked him how he got the role his breakthrough role in Generation Kill. He laughs and said he had to sleep with a lot of producers. The woman laughs and makes a joke about that very “old” Hollywood joke. Yet another example is in a recent Swedish interview he replied to what director he would like to work with he said Ingar Bergman but he thought it would might be too hard work. (he laughs and so does the interviewer). I read negative comments about that too. Duh, people… Ingar Bergman died in 2007 so to work with him would be pretty hard indeed. Humor is lost on some people.

  267. 267
    Golly Says:

    The studio did not arrange this photoshoot…that’s silly…there was a flim crew on the boat? Haha! If that was true, Bosworth and Marsden would have been there! But, I also think it’s gotten ridiculously blown up and out of control. I also think blaming AS is not the way to go! I would be willing to bet money that these personal photos leaked out via Willa Holland or her sister. This looks like the work of an immature teenage girl who wants everyone to know that she was in a boat with AS. Nothing more.

    And…I doubt ERW will be pissed, because she is not a jealous type…and my sources say, they are very similar, and like each other a lot, but are not locked in to a relationship. Just dating. The fact that “I can confirm” doesn’t know this…makes me sure that he/she doesn’t have any inside knowledge.

  268. 268
    Go away fan girls Says:

    Check out all the loser psycho fan girls. They probably pray to a picture of Alexander Skarsgard. I would be more afraid of them than of any youtube slam video or rude comments on a gossip site.

  269. 269
    shesalovelymonkey Says:

    I don’t quite understand the reasoning behind the negative comments surrounding these photos. To me, it looks like cast members enjoying some free time together, probably after a long day of shooting. Obviously the person who took the photo was a friend of the group, and must work closely with those involved. I would assume (however naive this may be on my part) that said person published the photos online with either distinct permission from those involved, or at least a general sense from the group that to publish the photos would not generate such negative backlash. I personally don’t see the problem.

  270. 270
    hans Says:

    @Go away fan girls:

    Yeah because someone that actually takes the time to make a hate video is not creepy…

  271. 271
    Why so insecure? Says:

    Someone posted earlier about Paul Walker and how they were shocked to learn that he was dating a barely legal girl even though he’s 30something. Well sorry to burst your bubble but there were definitely signs that he has insecurity issues. After he finished shooting the movie “Into the Blue” with Jessica Alba he said in interviews how he didn’t like working with her. It seems that Alba has a mind of her own and she didn’t go along with everything he said. Then he even went on to make rude sleazy comments about her body and how he wanted to fudge her even though she would give him back talk. This was of course to demean her like if she was only important for one thing and one thing only. I cringed when I read some of his interviews. He seems like an insecure macho pig. Stellan does too, just an older wrinklier version.

  272. 272
    becca Says:

    @Golly: I don’t believe he’s dating Willa Holland or Evan Rachel Wood. The lady who runs his most popular fan site and who is in regular touch with Alex also confirmed that the studio arranged the photos. She’s been a reliable source in the past so I’m inclined to believe her word.

  273. 273
    TBfan Says:

    That Sara woman is a deranged Bill fan who has been on a personal vendetta against Alex on several sites. Men in white coates will be picking her up soon and putting her on the meds again. She can’t even distinguish between the actors and the characters they play. She thinks Alex is stealing Moyers limelight…

  274. 274
    Golly Says:

    Sorry…I am not guessing…I’m just telling you the facts.

    I just read on that she is in Shreveport right now, with him. But, don’t be sad, I heard from a friend of his that she is a very smart and fun person, a lot like him, and is very sweet to him! They’re not getting married! Just dating.

  275. 275
    you women are fools Says:

    As a dude I have to admit that when men date much younger women it’s USUALLY about power and control. They want to have the lastest model as if a woman is a car model. Can you imagine Stellan dating a peer of his own like Meryl Streep? Or Paul Walker dating a peer of his own like Cameron Diaz? Walker and Stellan couldn’t handle being with an equal. This is why these types of men go for the much younger car models er women who are much dumber and can be more easily controlled. It’s all about power and control and status. It’s ironic because women are always talking about how much smarter they are from men but I’ve seen a lot of women post here defending these jerks. They are putting themselves down by defending these men and then they complain about sexism because they want equal rights. Use your brains ladies. *Scoffs* And they say that women are smarter.

  276. 276
    TBfan Says:

    @you women are fools: Stellan was married to a woman who is a doctor (MD) for 30 years. How is that not being able to handle a intelligent woman. They grew apart and were separated for several years before the divorce. Megan had nothing to do with their divorce.

  277. 277
    Golly Says:

    Yes….women can be fools, and their own worst enemy…never understood that.

  278. 278
    Borderline personalities Says:

    Hey don’t group all women togethor. I’m a woman and I’m fully aware that it’s usually jerks who date or marry women many years younger than them. I’VE NEVER BEEN FOOLED BY THAT. These fan girls defend Stellan because he is Alex’s dad not because they agree with his actions. They are borderline obsessive and they don’t even realize it because they spend all their time in fan girl websites interacting with other fan girls. So any time that they come across reality they just freak out. It’s not necessarily that the women that have defended Stellan are all ignorant sexist women that are putting down their own gender. It is just that they are blinded by their fandom. Again, these are women with borderline personalities.

  279. 279
    rm65 Says:

    @Borderline personalities: It’s funny how you can dismiss facts and then make up some pseudo psycho babble about fangirls with borderline personalities.

  280. 280
    I'm a SMART fan girl Says:

    CORRECTION: Askars has said in interviews that for many years they lived on only one salary because Mom wasn’t working. Stellan was married to a doctor who put her career aside to raise the 6 children he wanted to have. I’m sure that was hell for her body. I cannot imagine popping out 6 kids. And how many years has she been practicing? Is she currently even practicing? She stayed at home with an army of children while the husband went out and lived his life and built a successful acting career. He spent a lot of time away from his own family. How is that showing respect to her? Then at the age of 58 Stellan goes on to marry someone his own child’s age without any consideration for his 6 children. And if that wasn’t bad enough he then brings a baby into this world who will not get to have a father for long. When that baby graduates high school in 19 or 18 years Stellan will be an 80 year old man! Talk about depressing. A normal well-balanced man wouldn’t do any of those things. This is why so many people have commented that he appears to be a very inconsiderate selfish man. I’m still an Alex fan but definitely not a Stellan fan.

  281. 281
    Paul walker is not too bad Says:

    This has been one of the most interesting posts here on this website. I didn’t know about Paul Walker or Stellan Skarsgard being with much younger women. This definitely appears to be insecure jerk behavior. Personally, I think Stellan is worse because he is with a woman that is Alexander’s age. Like someone mentioned earlier, that is Kentucky hillbilly creepy. And also because of having a baby so late in life which most people will agree is cruel for the child. Atleast Paul Walker isn’t dating someone his own daughter’s age (which is a good thing considering she’s only like 10 years old). And atleast he’s not a 58 year old having babies.

  282. 282
    fan girls are dumb Says:

    For all the idiot fan girls who keep saying that Stellan can marry anyone he wants and 33years old is an adult – YOU CRAZIES ARE ALL MISSING THE POINT. We know she is an adult woman but what a lot of the people here are trying to say is that it was unethical for him to marry someone who could be his daughter. They probably don’t have a normal healthy relationship. He is probably like her father. That is creepy. And it must be so awkward for Aksars to have a stepmom his own age. It’s also disrespectful to Stellan’s exwife and mother to his other 6 children. It’s true, she must feel like a used up old car model. And of course he’s way too old to be having babies when soon he will need his own diapers changed.

  283. 283
    rm65 Says:

    @I’m a SMART fan girl: You make her out to be a victim. Do you seriously think Stellan coerced her into having 6 children? You know nothing about her and you wrong her by calling her a victim.

  284. 284
    Ani Says:

    LOL don’t listen to Golly – she’s lying through her teeth trying to stir **** up again. Don’t worry, He’s NOT dating Willa. WOW even the people who for some rediculous reason hate Alex are obsessed with him.

  285. 285
    hans Says:


    Im pretty sure Golly was talking about someone else,,,

  286. 286
    Ani Says:

    HANS – haha was she? My bad. FORGIVE ME GOLLY!!!

    This whole thing reminds me of this:

    Only we’re not discussing what vegetable Alexander likes, but if he is a pedo swine or not.

  287. 287
    Golly Says:

    She? She’s lying through her teeth?

    He’s not Dating Willa…no. But, I am not lying about ERW though. That was who I was speaking of. I’m going to stop saying anything…I should never have to begin with…no one wants to hear anything except what they want to hear anyway…why am I here? I am only friends with friends of these people, so…I am being stupid. But, I know what I know…so, I will only require a little eating of your words when I’m proven to be telling the truth…after being called liar by many.

  288. 288
    God Says:

    psst Alex is single…

  289. 289
    Ramen noodles Says:

    Golly – Watch out so your so your nose don’t grow any bigger… It’s already poking though your computer screen…

  290. 290
    Gee Says:

    You women are fools= fangirls are dumb= Bordeline Personalities= Paul Walker is not so bad= Sarah

    Good God, woman! Take a break, it’s Sunday FFS.

  291. 291
    FYI Says:

    @Ramen noodles: Didn’t want to get into this fray, but Golly is correct. Some fan who got their picture taken with him said ERW was with him in Shreveport, La.

  292. 292
    Poor alex Says:

    Golly – you are an ASS. You are friends of friends of these people??? Why are you here is correct? You are here because you want your 15 minutes of fame. ERW is a media fame ***** who can’t act. So tell your friends of your friends brother or who ever the hell you know that.

  293. 293
    etro Says:

    @Golly: That website also said she was spotted in Hollywood the same day. Funny no pics have shown up so far. She’s pretty famous. I think we would have seen photos by now if she was visiting him on set.

    Agree, don’t believe everything you read.

  294. 294
    Ramen noodles Says:

    I think FYI’s nose just poked me in the eye.

  295. 295
    Poor alex Says:

    The fan girl in LA thought it was ERW because she saw someone with red hair. She admits she’s not sure it was her because she was busy concentrating on Alex. Some one also reported that that same day these girls reported her with Alex, she was seen in LA, California signing autographs. Girl sure gets around.

  296. 296
    Poor alex Says:

    The fan who got her picture with him admitted she couldn’t say for sure it was ERW. She only thought it was her because she saw red hair. The same day she was seen with Alex in Shreveport, she was seen in LA, Cali signing autographs. Girl sure gets around.

  297. 297
    FYI Says:

    @Ramen noodles: You sound like you are 2 years old. You must feel stupid now that a few posters confirmed that there might have been a sighting of AS and ERW in La. Are you going to suddenly hate him because you don’t like who he is dating?

  298. 298
    W Says:

    @FYI: I think Ramon noodles is a cute name. lol All of those “posters” are referencing the same website where the person wasn’t sure if it was her and someone else said they saw her in LA on the same day. So, it proves nothing.

  299. 299
    TheBEE Says:

    Sorry dear…You are wrong, Jenna, didn’t post the BOAT pics EVER. Only the one with him alone in the waterfall! Jenna, did not post any of his boat pics with his friends as she felt it as an invasion of their privacy…
    And for your info…it was NEVER removed…it’s still there! : )
    However, one of the affiliates did post them on the Facebook page.
    Jenna, discussed this with the Affiliates, and they were removed, from there.

    You should get your info right before attempting to make someone a liar…it’s a pretty serious charge!

    And my purpose for being here was to clear the air about Alexander…yours is to bash one of his sites…good job….

    PS…and I don’t hide behind fake names

  300. 300
    Bessie Says:

    Leave the man alone.

  301. 301
    Peace please!? Says:

    Can’t we all just play nice and be respectful of someone we DON’T know? Who are we to past judgement on someone? It takes a society like ours, to build someone up and viciously tear them down. I for one am ashamed that we do this. Let’s just all agree, to disagree, because once someone has there mind set on an idea you can’t change it. You can’t rationalize with irrational people.

    Let’s just celebrate in the fact with all of Alexander’s hardwork, he is finally being recognized for his work. Let’s not jump to conclusions on pictures that were taken out of context.

    I’ve said my peace.

    Much Love!

  302. 302
    shesalovelymonkey Says:

    @Peace please!?: Well said. Time to put this discussion to rest people. And Scene.

  303. 303
    princessmischka Says:

    @sara: Someone sounds bitter. wonder if Sara’s one of those “great” actors that can’t get a job and must spread rumors about others in order to feel better about themselves.

    if you don’t like Alex, then stop checking out stories, pictorals, etc. about him.

  304. 304
    princessmischka Says:

    @Thisistoofunny: Where in the any of the pictures is the 18 year old drinking?

  305. 305
    Nicole Says:

    You people are all crazy. Seriously. Ripping apart the poor guy’s family and reputation? What’s wrong with you? You don’t even know this person. It’s repulsive.

  306. 306
    hans Says:

    Now stop with all the nonsens.

  307. 307
    HellzBellz Says:

    @princessmischka. Sara is most likely a deranged Bill lover. Honestly, the lengths I see some overly obsessed Bill Lover or even Eric Lover go is beyond scary.

  308. 308
    gemini Says:

    @hans: I think you are the one who needs to stop with the nonsense. The man has said he’s not dating anyone. He is friends with the True Blood cast and she is not the only cast member in Shreveport right now.

    People just need to leave this poor guy alone. He’s allowed to be friends with the people he works with and hang out with them and go boating.

  309. 309
    hans Says:


    Im just posting the “picture” that people seem to need for them to belive the “rumor”, I’ve know about it for quite some time.

  310. 310
    LauraS Says:

    Like @ gemini said all your picture shows is to coworkers who are friends having some fun in New Orleans. Sure seems like you are trying to start up more rumors.

    OK, so you have “known about it.” Care to tell us how you know this? Or are you going to hide behind a vague comment.

  311. 311
    LauraS Says:

    @Hans you have know what for quite some time? What a vague comment. Just looks like you are trying to stir the pot up again.

  312. 312
    Ewwww Says:

    Oh poor Alex! He is a great actor but he has absolutely zero taste in girls if the ERW thing is true! Gross. Willa would be so much better than THAT!!!

  313. 313
    Golly Says:

    That is just rude, and mean spirited. You don’t know either of these girls. Evan is a very loving and sweet girl. Willa may be too, but she JUST turned 18. Do you really think she is more appropriate?
    Evan was a bit wild, but so was Alex! He is not going to date some milquetoast….sorry!
    They actually have a lot in common with their theatre backgrounds, the way they grew up. They were both child actors. They are both Virgos too. Although I don’t know if that’s good or bad.
    This is NOT such a crazy thing.
    They are both tall, lean and attractive! I would love to see them dressed for the red carpet together! Beautiful!

  314. 314
    Lisa Says:

    All I can say is if he has been anywhere near either ERW or WH then he better get a real scrub down & go to the nearest clinic for a regular STD check. lol

  315. 315
    Ewwww Says:

    @Lisa So true! Hilarious! She is gross! Sooo gross! Don’t know about Willa but she is so much more beautiful! ERW is such a famewhore and her rep is really bad as a homewrecker. But who knows maybe this is just a PR stunt to quiet down the negative rumors about Willa. Just three days later SUDDENLY he is seen with ERW. Either she went down there to regulate on Alexander and Willa or he and his PR peeps made sure that the photo was captured and sent to all the RIGHT sites so people will stop the whole pervy older guy with a teen on a boat! Maybe ERW is trying to clean up her rep as a homewrecker too. They each get something out of the deal. Too Funny. Just like the above comment. It’s all a game! People are getting way too smart for the old pr tactics now. Come up with something new. too amateur.

  316. 316
    Ewwww Says:

    @Lisa Why does everyone talk about STDs with ERW? Did she really give someone STDS. Every website talks about her and STDS.

  317. 317
    Ewwww Says:

    @Lisa Why does everyone talk about STDs with ERW? Did she really give someone STDS. Every website talks about her and STDS.

  318. 318
    wild Says:

    if it’s a publicity thing then that’s a negative PR material for AS…. 33/18?
    we talking about high school girls?!?!?

  319. 319
    pootie tang Says:

    @True blood fan:

    He’s a man and that’s what men do, period. Sadly, it’s a Man’s world and men run Hollywood. They’ve got each other’s backs, gay or straight. It’s a man thing. But I’ll tell you what, if I could catch me a fine, ass young hot thang 13 years younger that me, I’d have some fun! However, I’d never make him my husband. Just a play thing!

    These young women are play things too, then they get their hearts broke. That’s when they start jumping from man to man trying to get one to stay. Just hope he doesn’t get anyone pregnant or else he’ll be a baby’s daddy. Now THAT might be a problem.


  320. 320
    librasweetpea Says:


    He is dating the Marilyn Manson left-overs. When i met him in Shreveport last weekend, she flew up the same day to be with him on her Birthday weekend…. =/

  321. 321
    Giddy aunt Says:

    Oh my. These comments range from the ridiculous to the sublime. Older men have relationships with (and marry) much younger women all the time. (It shows their fear of aging and death — as if effing younger and younger women is some crazy fountain of youth.) An 18 year old is more physically perfect than a 30 year old, so the attraction is understandable. Some of these relationships become great marriages (Bogart and Bacall???), so it’s not always purvey. Happens all the time — even in the best of families.

    Askars is a yummy one. There is no way women actresses (and actors as well) of any and all ages wouldn’t be throwing themselves at his feet. None of this is surprising. But HIS choices are a bit odd — and will not be helpful to his career. He may not care, but these things have an affect. Trust. ERW is not a worthy trade-off. I’m sure she can be fun. Seems low-class and schrewd. Not in Askars league. And unless he’s quite serious about Willa, “dating” (or effing) someone that young is really unwise. May be fine in Sweden, but its different here. Europeans can disagree, but its the price you guys pay for making it big in HW. And Life is all about trade-offs.

    I really like Alex as an actor, and think he has one heck of a career ahead of him. But, he could blow it here. Lots of them do…

  322. 322
    godess Says:

    OMG….someone needs to get a life. He’s an actor, for god’s sake, just trying to do his job well and have a little fun in the process. WTF is wrong with that? Since when is living the good life a friggin crime? I say, you go, Alex, you gorgeous hunk of man! Have the time of your life…it passes too quickly and if you don’t grab opportunities when you can, they’re lost.

  323. 323
    suppress your appetite Says:

    #1 :)

  324. 324
    fee Says:

    i saw alexander at christmas time in sweden. they parents from him are the immidiate neighbours from my grandparents……..i dont talk to him,but he looks nice:-)))

  325. 325
    2yearslate Says:

    I wonder how big his ding dong is.

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