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Alexander Skarsgard & Willa Holland: Straw Dog Sexy

Alexander Skarsgard & Willa Holland: Straw Dog Sexy

True Blood hottie Alexander Skarsgard playfully washes his hair underneath a waterfall while hanging out with former O.C. actress Willa Holland.

Willa, 18, and Alexander, 33, are currently shooting their upcoming thriller Straw Dogs, a remake of Sam Peckinpah‘s movie that starred Dustin Hoffman. Kate Bosworth and James Marsden round out the cast.

Also pictured: Alexander and Willa‘s co-star Drew Powell.

The True Blood finale airs @ 9PM ET/PT on Sunday, September 13 on HBO.

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  • Michigan

    Alex isn’t dating anyone. He said so in several Swedish publications that interviewed him on the Straw Dogs set in late August. He’s just having fun goofing around with his co-stars during some time off. He’s a very friendly, fun-loving guy. Super sweet. I’ve met him in-person several times.

  • Jacky

    First of all who are you to judge him first of all second these photos were taken from willa myspace i think , third he nothing but gracious with his fans. he is not a famewhore in fact he has said in many interviews he likes his privacy ok just because he not dating anyone dosent mean he is gay , if you look at his schedule the guy has no time to date someone because as soon he finishes straw dogs he has to go back to la to start true blood so those rumors that he gay or he dating his costars are untrue because the guy has no time at all. about his talent just watch at least one scene with him in true blood the guy has range and also he has said that he dosent want to be compared with his day he wants to this on his own ok so get your facts straight ok just because you dont like him dont judge him

  • @sara

    Why do you hate him so much? He is relatively new to the scene and seems harmless.

  • Jacky

    so what if he is new ok dosent matter ok if you dont like him dont comment the people who comment are the people who love him as an actor and by the way i prefer relatively new actors because they are a breath of fresh air in hollywood no the stupid crap that i hear everyday of the same people who have no talent so back off because i like him a lot as an actor as a person ok he loves his fans and respect them that i cant say about other stupid actors who only care about fame and money

  • sara

    Cause I live in la and know what is up! Btw am a fan of true blood. He will ALWAYS be compared to his dad and should be bc it was his family name and connections that got him started both inSweden and the US. And I do have my facts straight…the truth hurts about these actors/actresses but the fact is they are people too and have their own bs to deal with. Don’t get deluded and believe the hype. They say what they think and frankly know what people want to hear and that is 95% not the case in real life. Use ur brains and read between the lines. Just think there are so many more people to focus on least of all a racist twit whose stepfather, Brian DePalma, gets her work for her not her talent and a “new to the scene” moderately talented actor who is looking for as much publicity as he can get. He is going for the AWWWW factor from you guys and he is getting it. The truth will come out one day. Just wait!

  • Jacky

    Yeah you are fan of the show but clearly not him from what i can understand and honestly i think you are a little mad of all the publcity he is getting and the person that you like from show is not getting it as much as him i am right ?

  • commonsense

    @ Sara, WOW!! Somebody hates Alexander Skarsgard. Are you a woman scorned? Because you sure sound like one. To my knowledge I haven’t read anything in print or seen anything on TV about him that would elicit such scathing remarks. But maybe I’m mistaken, if you can cite any incidents to back up your hate why don’t you share with the rest of the class?

  • ErinN

    @ Sara. You know absolutely nothing about Alexander and I am sorry but it is you who is the a-hole (to use your words) with your vehemence. He has said countless times that his father’s name did not get him any open doors, in fact for the last 5 years in LA he has rented a room from friends while he struggled for his big break. One of the reasons he left Sweden was because he could not shake the Sexiest Man Titles and could not be taken seriously for roles other than handsome hunk boyfriend. I say it shows he has guts to do that. I am not saying the guy is a saint, but honestly why do we have to fall for every rumor out there? Think about it… he was also rumored to be dating Lady GaGa after the video.

    Just because you live in LA doesnt mean you know everything about everyone. So if we take your words for how it “really” is then Moyer and Paquin are not in love too.

    Besides, why pee on everyone’s parade if some like the guy? Crawl away.

  • ErinN

    Good point Jacky. Methinks I smell a Bill Lover. LOL

  • RM65


    TMZ asked him how ERIC liked them and he answered ERIC likes them young., All of Alex’s past girlfriends have been his own age. Don’t spread false rumors on the net.

  • RM65


    TMZ asked him how ERIC liked them and he answered ERIC likes them young., All of Alex’s past girlfriends have been his own age. Don’t spread false rumors on the net.

  • me

    I want Alex for my BIRTHDAY!!! OMG! That is one FINE specimen of man!!

  • Lisa

    Sara please go away! U have ur facts wrong and I find it stupid that you are on here spreading stupid false rumors about Alexander!

  • taylor

    Alexander has got to be one of the best looking men I have ever seen! He totally does it for me!

  • anirac


    Sara, please take a deep breath and calm down. This can’t be healthy.

  • Lindsey

    alex looks adorable in the pic of him in pool..but then again he always looks good

  • TBfan

    I think Sara is a Billsbabe. A few those women love to slander Alex as soon as they have a chance. Something about Alex stealing Moyers time in the limeligt…

  • lina

    Alexander is truely gorgeous!!!! He gets hotter everytime I see him

  • Leanne


    You clearly must not know Alexander well, even though you claim to be a True Blood fan (what are you a bitter Bill fan?). He’s very honest in all the interviews of read/seen.

    Alexander has stated many times he wouldn’t let his father, or his name get him anywhere, Stellan wanted him to make his own choices and mistakes also. Also there’s people out there who don’t even make the connection between the two.

    Apparently Alex is not allowed to hang out with co-stars according to you, because he’s automatically dating them, even if the females in question are already dating someone (ERW and WH both have boyfriends), also he’s with other people there, I recognise his good friend Björne Larson (which you often see hanging out with Alex at events).

    What makes you think Alex has no talent?, he’s gotten a lot of praise for his work on Generation Kill. If he was mediocre, he wouldn’t be cast in things like True Blood (Alan Ball wouldn’t let it happen), he’d be doing bad horror movies. And when has he made an ass of himself? That TMZ clip which they misquoted him?

    Give me one example of Alex seeking out attention? These photos, which look like they’ve been taken from somebodies myspace/facebook (I read their from Willa’s sister’s facebook which is private), which HE didn’t post? Those ERW RUMOURS, which there is no proof of? Had he wanted the attention (which he doesn’t) they’d be photos of him partying all over the place, not just in some personal photos that people have posted. Alex in a recent interview said that he’s pulling up doing interviews because he thinks he’s had to much exposure in the press here.

    Get your facts straight next time.

  • Mimi

    @anna: @Weronica: Yes it is!

  • Rachel

    Alex is so HOT! I love him

  • anirac


    I feel for her. It must be painful.

  • Golly

    That Willa child just turned 18 two months ago. I’d bet she made a point of those pics “accidently” getting out to the press from her Facebook.

    And she looks like his sister, so that would be creepy!

  • Ani

    LOL @ Sara – Are you insane? Did Askars cut in front of you at McDonalds or something?

  • cali

    Alex looks sexy! I can’t wait to see straw dogs!

  • Iris


    Obvious troll is obvious.

  • amyinla

    Sara is just like a whole bunch of attention-whore seekers here in LA…she can’t get by on talent alone and so must leach on to a rising star
    {in any way possible) in order to divert attention to herself. Yawn.

    Hopefully Straw Dogs will live up to the press it’s getting, I’m not keen on Marsden and Bosworth, but the director and supporting cast might pull it through.

  • Celebwatcher

    Look at those biceps hubba hubba!

    Check out my celebrity psychic predictions at

  • Kristin

    Gorgeous man

  • Leslie

    Alexander skarsgard is freaking hot…I hope he shows off his beautiful body in the movie

  • kc

    @sara …. that’s a lot of hateful words w/o any proof. Gosh. A LOT of people live in LA. It’s a huge metropolis. Rumors and facts aren’t the same thing.

    Bashing his private life and acting chops are 2 hard hits on someone we all barely know. Geesshh, grow up. If you don’t like his acting, just say it isn’t your type. That is all.

    He’s been getting a lot of attention these days because of his work. Especially in TB and Generation Kill. If he wanted to use the skarsgard name in LA, he wouldn’t have to struggle for 5 years. And the Skarsgard name might work in Sweden, but if you really live in LA, you know that won’t help you a long way.

  • Jenny

    I’m going to have to agree with Sara. I think Alex is starting to act really unclassy and weird by hanging out with these little girls. Even if it isn’t romantic. Think about it – WHY doesn’t he hang out with the women his age? I’m sure there are grown women that work on the set of True Blood and Straw Dogs. Is he so immature that his female peers don’t have much in common with him? Does he feel more in control around younger girls? Maybe he feels more intelligent or confident next to the much younger actresses? I don’t know. It just seems weird. I like ASkars but I would like to see him with women his own age.

  • floridagirl

    @Golly: You are so right. Willa does look a lot like Alex’s little sister, Eija Skarsgard. They are even the same age, height, and body type. It would be so GROSS if they were flirting with each other during this trip out to the lake or on the set of their movie. Hopefully he just sees her as a little sister and nothing more. YUCKINESS.

  • Iloveaskars

    Well one thing is for sure – Alex has definitely become friendly with Willa Holland. But I seriously doubt they will become real friends and hang out after the movie is done. There are other pics online of Alex, Willa, and Bily Lush (who played weirdo Trombley on Generation Kill) on the set of straw dogs. And Alex seems really chummy with Willa. He’s in his chair right next to hers and he’s resting his arm over her arm chair the entire time. They were very close to each other (like inside your personal space). If any of you have seen these pics you will know what I’m talking about. And then they start watching something on a cell phone or ipod together. They look like old buddies. But like I said, I think they will just be friends for this movie. Sometimes actors get close to each other during filming and then they just lose touch. The same thing happens to a lot of us regular folks with our co-workers. I hope he only sees her as a little sister because she really does look like Eija and the age difference is way too much. He could almost be her faher – eeek!

  • truebloodgirl

    Askars seems like a nice guy, not your typical L.A. douchebag. So I’m going to have to assume that Willa is just his little buddy and that she reminds him of his sis. Does anyone know where I could find those candid pics of them on the set of SD? I would like to see for myself just how “chummy” they appear to be. Are these pics also posted on here? And WHERE did these pics originally come from? Was it Willa? Or was it Willa’s big sister Brianna who is also on that boat with Askars? HMMMM very interesting. Or maybe even Askars leaked them?

  • Ani

    @ Jenny (or should I just call you Sara) – lmao are you serious??? OMG go see a doctor for your head STAT. You need help to see the world in a clearer light. Based on this ONE picture – where he’s sitting with SEVERAL other people from WORK, he’s suddenly immature and into ‘little girls’? Do you not see how ridiculous that reads? oh God I can’t even…

  • Ani

    I’ve seen those pics from the set. He’s sitting there talking to her. But I forget that is how you make babies in Hollywood. Poor Alex can’t even talk to a person without people thinking they must be dating. It’s so delusional.

  • Laura


    Have to agree with this one. Alex Skarsgard hanging out with teenagers turns me off a bit. Looks like he has been in Louisiana too long.

  • HellzBellz

    Based on all the idiotic talk about age difference one or two of you are spouting… then Moyer is also a dirtbag for marrying Paquin (39 to her 26). And while we are slinging dirt, what about the rumors (or facts, if what you read is true) that Moyer got the girl he was with before pregant when she was 18 and he was 29?

    *This is such trash, but I wanted to show we are talking about people’s lives and they are not our own personal soap opera. It is sad.

  • Mark

    You know an actor has made it when he starts to attract mentally unbalanced people.

    The funny part is that in all these pictures Alex Skarsgard is not even touching any of the girls at any moment. I wonder if Sara is going to lose it when he starts dating someone for real.

  • HellzBellz

    Wanted to add. I do not in any way condemn Moyer or want to spread anything. It was an example of the insanity. He seems like a fine person too.

    @Mark I agree.

  • ErinN

    @ Sara.

    Holy Cow. Found this on one of Alexanders fansites under Wall of Shame. If this “SaraT” person who emailed them is indeed you “Sara”, you appear to be one an angry and mean person to spread this kind of hate. Maybe it is a coincidence. I wouldn’t want to “assume” anything from something I saw in print or anything now would I?

    Actors are just people. With the same goodness and frailties as the rest of us. I wouldn’t presume to judge them or you.

    To quote something hate spreaders might actually understand ….
    Pycho Barbie Church Lady to Jason in True Blood, “Grow a brain cell already!”

    For anyone interested in what I read here is the link.

  • ErinN

    @ Sara.

    Holy Cow. Found this on one of Alexanders fansites under Wall of Shame. If this “SaraT” person who emailed them is indeed you “Sara”, you appear to be one an angry and mean person to spread this kind of hate. Maybe it is a coincidence. I wouldn’t want to “assume” anything from something I saw in print or anything now would I?

    Actors are just people. With the same goodness and frailties as the rest of us. I wouldn’t presume to judge them or you.

    To quote something hate spreaders might actually understand ….
    Pycho Barbie Church Lady to Jason in True Blood, “Grow a brain cell already!”

    For anyone interested in what I read here is the link.

  • ErinN

    Moving on. LOL

    Agree, look at those biceps. Did you see the other picture (not shown here) where he has his arms outstretched and the others are are sitting under them? Alexander has the wing span of a condor. *sigh

  • jays-girl

    1. the maturity level of a barely 18 yr old compared to a 26 is completely different, so don’t use the anna/steven situation as a comparison.
    2. how does this NOT look sleazy even if it is innocent, she’s draped all over him. if you were a mother of an 18 yr old child n u saw a couple of 33 yr old dudes hanging out wit ur daughter like they are in those pics TRUST ME, you would be like WTF. Don’t even kid yourself into thinking otherwise.
    3. i think alex is an actor to watch, i love true blood, and i think his father is a talented actor. so in saying the above- i REALLY hope for his sake, and his career, that these pics ARE innocent.
    4. these couple past years have proven- not everything is always as it seems… with regards to celebrities.. the paps arent always around to document everything.. so don’t jump on the doubters with so much hate just because you’re a fan of someone..

  • True blood fan

    These pictures do not look good. Even if they were taken in innocent fun, his friends and him are thirtysomething men drinking and hanging out with girls not old enough to to drink (in the US). My husband is 12 years older than me, but we met when I was 26. There is a big difference in a woman in her mid twenties and a girl who is 18. He is on his way to a promising career, it would be sad to see it ruined. I am sure Alan Ball will not like these pictures. Eric/Alex has a huge following and if he looses fans because he likes to party with underage (drinking age) girls, it will effect the show. Anyone else who is thinking of hiring him for a movie role might see these pictures and think about his behavior, and go with another actor. One thing is for sure, he needs to stop hanging with this chick, she leaked these pictures for her own benefit.

  • poke

    Dudes, he’s not ‘hanging out’ randomly with these girls, they’re working together in a movie. I know it can be hard to understand but men and women can socialize without having sex. True story!

    This is a pathetic demonstration of how unhinged and immature fans can be. People accusing him of wanting to party with young women seem to forget that he had a life before coming to Hollywood and that he has never, ever been seem been inappropriate with young girls when he was working in Sweden.

    You guys need to chill.

    And I love Alexander, he’s a great guy and he deserves all the success and happiness in the world.

  • camilla

    Jesus Christ cant they just be co-workers that actullay like each other and that are just hanging out on there day of or something. Seriously why does everyone start with ‘oooh I heard he likes them young’ or ‘oooh these pictures are published to stop the rumors that he’s (A.S.) gay/bi’ it’s so annoying !!!!

    Oh and thanks JJ for the pics, they’re cute :D

  • True blood fan

    DUDE- I am not a fan of his rather the show he is on. I thought he was Eurotrash before the pictures, after the above pictures I still think of him as Eurotrash. He is parting with barely age girls, not socializing and discussing Healthcare reform,not that he or these girls are capable of cerebral discussions of any kind. These sleazy pictures won’t stop me from watching the campy fun that is True Blood. They simply show Mr. Eurotrash engaging in a weekend of drinking and partying with girls not legal to drink. No matter how the Super Fangirls try to paint this, the same picture will emerge.

  • Randy

    @sara: You make a lot of assumptions Sara dear. Who knows what’s real and what isn’t but I think that the general public is a hell of a lot smarter than you give them credit for. In fact I think that to assume someone is a deliberate fame-whoring wannabe based on scant evidence is pretty ignorant. It seems like you really need to reveal the dishonest PR machinations behind actors which I can assure most people are savvy to.