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Alexander Skarsgard & Willa Holland: Straw Dog Sexy

Alexander Skarsgard & Willa Holland: Straw Dog Sexy

True Blood hottie Alexander Skarsgard playfully washes his hair underneath a waterfall while hanging out with former O.C. actress Willa Holland.

Willa, 18, and Alexander, 33, are currently shooting their upcoming thriller Straw Dogs, a remake of Sam Peckinpah‘s movie that starred Dustin Hoffman. Kate Bosworth and James Marsden round out the cast.

Also pictured: Alexander and Willa‘s co-star Drew Powell.

The True Blood finale airs @ 9PM ET/PT on Sunday, September 13 on HBO.

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  • cassie


  • Lindsay

    I’m *such* an A-Skars fan but wtf at these photos. He hangs out with barely legal teenagers? Gross. Can’t find women his own age? Seriously reconsidering my fangirl status here.

  • truebloodROCKSMYSOCKS

    @Ani: I think when Jenny was also reffering to Evan Rachel Wood when she said that Alex hanging should stop hanging out with little girls (meaning very young women much younger than him). Because its not just this one time. I have to agree that it makes him look kinda douchebagey in a Paul Walker kinda way. And I don’t think she was the Sara that was commenting before. Everyone’s entitled to their opinions. I personally think he is a good actor and he’s HOT but this does nothing but harm his image. Again – not just this one time but also with actress ERW.

  • Sally

    Some of you people need a serious reality check in what is worth worrying about and what is not. The real pictures – not the cropped ones – don’t depict anything immoral or illegal. They’re people having a good time on a boat, period.

    Regarding him partying in bars…I think you’ll find that the photos show him having a good time amongst friends, and although there may be lots of pics, they’re all from maybe the same 5 or so nights out. This isn’t someone who’s falling down drunk in the streets and then claiming to be Mr. Rogers.

    He’s a grown man, and doesn’t need anyone’s permission on how he runs his life. Whether you like or dislike his actions is beside the point. Some of the comments left by others only show how childish and ridiculous the commenters are. Grow up.

  • T

    154 comments… REALLY????????

  • John

    All this trash talk proves what I knew all along men really are the superior gender!


    @Laura: “Have to agree with this one. Alex Skarsgard hanging out with teenagers turns me off a bit. Looks like he has been in Louisiana too long.” LOL. Donna’s comment was hilarious! I don’t know how they do things in Sweden but hanging out with ERW and Willa doesn’t make this guy look good AT ALL. Why doesn’t he ever get photographed hanging out with the female grown up actors he works with?


    @jays-girl: “1. the maturity level of a barely 18 yr old compared to a 26 is completely different, so don’t use the anna/steven situation as a comparison.
    2. how does this NOT look sleazy even if it is innocent, she’s draped all over him. if you were a mother of an 18 yr old child n u saw a couple of 33 yr old dudes hanging out wit ur daughter like they are in those pics TRUST ME, you would be like WTF. Don’t even kid yourself into thinking otherwise.
    3. i think alex is an actor to watch, i love true blood, and i think his father is a talented actor. so in saying the above- i REALLY hope for his sake, and his career, that these pics ARE innocent.
    4. these couple past years have proven- not everything is always as it seems… with regards to celebrities.. the paps arent always around to document everything.. so don’t jump on the doubters with so much hate just because you’re a fan of someone..”

    I COULDN’T AGREE WITH YOU MORE. As a parent I would be worried. And if Stellan cares about his own son then he should tell him to hang out with women his own age. I would freak out if I saw my teenager with a 33yo man on a boat out on a lake! And if that other brunette is Willa’s sister Brianna she doesn’t look much older than Willa.

  • MAYA

    Hes beautiful.

  • Lindsay

    Okay. We KNOW that it’s not technically illegal to hang out with young girls. But it’s still gross and I’m clearly not the only one who thinks that. It’s creepy. And I don’t see anyone “worrying” Sally, lol. We just wonder why a guy his age only seems to enjoy spending time with girls who are much, much younger than him. Oh sure, they are costars. Riiiight. And that dinner/movie with Kate Bosworth that allegedly happened? Pics or it didn’t happen. I’ve heard the rumors of him preferring the very young and I must say, these photos don’t help to disprove that.

  • http://Pete MAYA

    He’s so big.Hmmm.

  • were opposum

    He is a grown man of 33 that likes to chill out with 18 year old girls. WTF????

  • julie

    Well, look at his dad. Abandoned his wife of 30 years and took up with a woman 25 years his junior (and the same age as Alex). Maybe hooking up with very much younger women runs in the family.

  • were opposum

    It seems the only ones that are up in arms are the fan girls. Everyone else is pointing out how creepy it is, and the fan girlsgo crazy that someone gave him a negative comment. I am all for chilling on a lake with friends, but this is a bit much. I am his age and I have nothing in common with 18 year olds.


    @Thisistoofunny: “Underage girls drinking on a party boat with 30-something men looks sketchy, doesn’t matter who’s banging (or not banging) whom. Sure, the drinking age is 16 in Europe, but it’s 21 in the US. They’re breaking the law. But hey, bring on the controversy! It’s what the Hollywood PR machine is all about.”

    Very True. Even if Willa wasn’t shown drinking I’m sure she did. It’s very sketchy to see her and her barely of drinking age sister out with 3 grown ass men. And Alex is known to drink a lot WHEN he parties. Not a safe evironment for these 2 young girls at all. Atleast there was an adult woman present here. She seems like she’s with the other blonde man. Hopefully she didn’t leave these 2 girls alone with the fat guy and Alexander.

  • Rm65

    @were opposum: Oh please, there are people “his age” on these photos Drew Powell for instance and two more friends. This was an arranged R&R for the cast of Straw Dogs and their friends. Alex didn’t choose who came along.

  • Rm65

    @ANTONIOBROOKLYN: Your comment is disgusting, It really show what a sick mind you have.

  • were opposum

    @Rm 65 -

    I saw the other older guys, it does not make it look any better, fan girl. For you defense of him I am sure your fan girl status has been elevated. You should get a fan girl merit badge.

  • To Rm65

    Is no one except you allowed to have an opinion? Let people say what they want.

  • Rm65

    @were opposum: Everybody is allowed to think what they like but when they put in in writing on the web they better have proof of their allegations. If they don’t it’s just malicious slander and I believe there are laws against that.

  • onion

    Ew @ AntonioBrooklin. Don’t project on Alex your dirty fantasies about underage girls.

  • were opposum

    @Rm 65

    No one is making allegations-just stating that is CREEPY!!! Which to some it is, to Fan girls like you it is just fine. CHILL Fan girl- you need to think happy Alex thoughts- you have fought hard and well for the creepy swede today-extra fan girl points to you. You have been elevated to the Ultimate AS Fan Girl. I bet he would even do you-if you are under 20 yo : )

  • lmfao

    @were opposum
    too effin’ funny. too effin’ funny, man. tell it like it is!

  • Tess

    I think Alex is now at the point of too much information. The more I know about an actor or actress, the more I tend not to like them anymore. There is no mystery when you know everything from their political views (especially if they preach it) to what they eat for breakfast. Sadly, I am already at the divorce stage with AS. First I liked him, then loved him, now slowly the novelty of him is fading. Of course, I still wish him well. I just won’t be following or caring much about him anymore.

  • becareful

    After reading the comments I want to make a point. These photos look to be meant for private use and whom ever leaked them, needs a lesson in ethics and to learn to keep their mouth shut. The people in the photos whom this could hurt, need to find new friends and be a little less trusting. Think of Michael Phelps the douche who posted his photo with the bong.

  • k

    It’s funny how people refer this as a “party”… like its in a bar or something … it’s on a boat in a lake.

    IA… I’m a 32 yr old woman, I may not have much in common with an 18 yr old, male or female. But I won’t discriminate against them. I talk to them, especially if they’re colleagues. I guess people’s minds are just full of disgusting things.

    Btw… he has older female friends & co-stars… TB fans would know he’s good friends w/ Kristen Bauer …. it’s just not cheezy enough to garner online clamor.

  • live in la

    Wow. Some of you are like vultures on the attack. Should he not have a social life at all until you find someone acceptable for him to hang out with? I just can’t believe how awful some of these comments are. I wouldn’t blame the guy for no longer wanting to be accessible to his fans if this is the kind of treatment some of you give him. Mentioning his dad? Wow, that’s even lower. Unless you know what the situation was, none of us has a right to judge.


    His dad is a pedo, too?

  • anna paquin is hot

    Rm65 is a pathetic fan girl who has no mind of her own. But atleast she makes me laugh. John, you shouldn’t say comments like men are superior because it just shows how not superior we are you idiot douchebag. The other girl is Brianna Holland who is 21years old. She’s just barely of drinking age and Willa is just a baby. They are both too damn young to be hanging out with 30-something year old men. Girls of this age are too naive and immature. They don’t have yet the wisdom or intelligence to protect themselves from heartache when an older guy tries to use them. I’m not saying Alexander would try to use either girl but it’s perfectly normal to say that they shouldn’t be hanging around grown men much older than them. I guess you’d have to be a parent to understand.

  • Sweet swede Girl

    @CASEY: CASEY, the reason that some people mentioned Alexander’s father Stellan is because he’s very famous in Sweden and well known in USA so many people are aware of what happened with Stellan. Stellan was married for many years to the mother of his 6 children (Alex’s mom). But after like 30 years of marriage he divorced her and just like a year afterwards married a woman young enough to be his own daughter. She is actually Alexander’s age. GROSS. Talk about having a dysfunctional family. The rumors are that the only reason he married her is because he got her pregnant. She is Irish and probably very Catholic. Some say this will not last at all. But I sincerely hope that his father’s bad influence serves to better not worse Alexander.

  • Ilovealex

    Yeah I heard what happened with Stellan Skarsgard. That man looks like a real ahole. For those of you who don’t know him he played Bootstrap Bill in Pirates of the Carribbean. Even if he met this irish woman who seems to be a gold digger after his divorce was final it’s still DISGUSTING to impregnate and marry a woman that is your own child’s age. How sick. Having said that, I definitely don’t think that Alex is like that. He actually seems a lot more level headed than his father. Yes he likes to party but that’s not a bad thing and I don’t think he ever did anything with ERW or Willa or Willa’s sister Brianna. He may not be able to voice his thoughts publicly but I think he might actually be embarrassed and ashamed about what happened with his father. Imagine when he goes to visit his infant half brother? That irish woman is probably checking out her own stepson! Most women will find him attractive and they are the same age. Its only a matter of time before she gets drunk and slips up and tries to put the moves on Alex. His family situation is just too weird and messed up thanks to creepy Stellan. But I think Alex has more moral character than that old pervert.


    @Sweet swede Girl: Ah… thx. I guess (like someone else suggested) the preference for younger women is genetic.

  • ?

    @Sweet swede Girl: I heard that Stellan’s marriage was rocky for years. Did he really outright dump his wife for the Irish girl?

  • i like 19 year olds

    Ummmmm I don’t think a preference for younger men or women is genetic. That is definitely something very personal and each person has their own preferences. For example, I’m a young woman in my late twenties. I have a baby face (big time) and when I date men in their late twenties or early thirties it actually looks kinda weird. It looks like Alex next to Willa. So I tend to go for guys a few years younger than me just because it looks and feels more natural to me. Plus dating younger men keeps you feeling younger and more alive and it is a lot less creepy when women do it. HOWEVER, if I was a 60-something year old I would never ever date someone that was the age of any of my kids like Stellan Skarsgard did. You have to be considerate of your own children and not bring them into any dysfunctional situation needlessly. I was a fan of Stellan ever since I saw that famous movie he did called Ronin. But I have lost major respect for him. Hopefully Alex doesn’t turn out this way.

  • Desiderata

    Stellan and My were seperated for years before he met Megan. When they decided to get married he divorced his estranged wife. Not exactly an unusual or scandalous scenario. As for the “zomg he has his arm around her in the photo!!11!!” nonsense, check out any candids of him and you’ll see he tends to put his arm around pretty much anyone when posing for a photo… young, old, men, women.

  • mz_fortune

    regarding Stellans divorce: people grow apart after 30 years. its sad, but it happens. (referring to his own statements) him and his ex wife will stay close friends forever. romance probably just died. at least they are grown up about it. regarding his new wife, i mean come on. big age difference. so what? he is not the only hollywood actor in a relationship with huge age difference. maybe the skarsgårds seem dysfunctional to us, but if you think about it, who’s family isn’t? mine sure is crazy as hell.

    and for Alexander’s part: he is very talented and i salute his work in generation kill and true blood. i hope he will (continue to) be a selective actor with good taste in the future and avoid the press a bit more since he always gets misjudged or misquoted. must be so frustrating to be him sometimes. (and maybe be a bit more careful to not hang around camwhores that post private stuff on myspace or whatever. whoever that is. )

    and girls? why do you care who he is dating or not anyway? does some part of your delusional brain believe you got a chance with him? well you don’t. get over it.

    and for the gay/bi rumor: all the swedish guys i have ever known or met are a bit camp (acting gay). it’s just a swedish thing. and me being a norwegian, we both love and hate them for it. swedes are great if you ask me. especially this guy! yum!

  • TB best show on tv

    I have to agree with the person that said it must be incredibly weird to have a stepmother your own age. I mean I can totally see how she could be attracted to him. And that has gotta be so weird for Alex – who knows if there is some sort of sexual tension already between them? Also the other full siblings of Alex must feel so weird that their stepmommy is big brother’s age. How twisted. I’m sure there is a part of him that feels ashamed his father messed up so royally. Megan (the irish gold digger) needs to watch herself because if I were her I would be so tempted to hit on Alex and with a few glasses of wine in your system you loose all reason.

  • stellan is stupid

    Regarding the Stellan situation – I think the victim in all of this is that poor baby. Can you imagine graduating from high school and your dad is almost 80 years old!! That’s going to be so humiliating for this poor baby that was born. He’s not going to get a chance to do all the things he should with his dad. He’s going to watch him age and die much sooner than anyone ought to. Why would you bring a child into this world just so he could see die in a few years? That’s terribly cruel and sad. I think older men need to be even more careful about having protected sex than young men. Look at what he’s done to an innocent child. And when he dies is Alex supposed to fulfill that father role? Is he supposed to take repsonsibility for his father’s mistake? As it is, Stellan already looks very old and tired and he’s only about 58. Imagine when his baby is 10, he will deifnitely look like a senior citizen.

  • @ stellan is stupid

    You really need to re-read what you wrote and then take a hard look at what is truly “cruel and sad.” Spreading ridiculous and hurtful things about people who never did anything to you is cruel, and I find it quite sad that you are twisted enough to spend your time and energy being so negative.

    Commenting on the family life of someone you do not know is incredibly out of line. The conclusions you and other Stellan haters are leaping to are absolutely absurd and more to the point nothing they do or don’t do is any of your business.

  • were opposum

    @ check this out–

    WTF! OMG! You or whoever made the video is what happens to fan girls when they realize that their idol does not live up to expectations. Video is funny, kind of, I could feel a crazy, pissed off fan girl energy behind it.

  • checkthisout

    @were opposum

    No, my friend, not a fangirl. But meant to piss off the fansgirls.

  • were opposum

    @check this out-

    Whomever made the video is going to have to prepare for angry fan girls, who are going to see red and foam at the mouth when they see that video.

  • checkthisout

    @were opposum

    Definitely not a fangirl. But meant to piss off the fansgirls.

  • Poor alex

    OMG What the hell is wrong with you people?????? Why are crucifying this man for being on a boat with people. Look at the damn pictures, there are other people on that boat and yes an 18 year old girl. Do you have other pictures that I haven’t seen? I don’t see them having sex or doing anything inappropriate. I don’t even see her with a drink in her hand. There have been no other reports of them together other than this boat ride. And why the hell you do have to bring his father into it. Then to speculate that his stepmom is not only a gold digger but wants to jump Alex. He may be a celebrity but please remember these people have loved ones and feelings. What sick pleasure do you people get out of being so cruel??? And please don’t call me an angry fan girl. I am a 49 year old woman. I just feel it is sad and cruel to print such hurtful, hateful things. Just because they are celebrities doesn’t mean you have the right to scrutinize thier personal lives.

  • jenna

    Let me start by saying I’m not extremely happy with the way these private pics even got out. *You know who you are!!* For those of you who believe that Alexander had anything to do with their release you’re wrong!!!
    Alexander has said many times RECENTLY that he IS NOT dating. He’s too busy…has no time to commit to someone. This man is filming Straw Dogs and using his “free time” to fly off to Sweden to finish up on a movie there with his brother, then fly back a couple days later to get back on set in Shreveport.
    I’m sure whatever defense I put forth will go unheard or just rile up the masses once again, but I don’t see what the horrible injustice is. Alexander has many friends, all shapes, sizes and colors. He takes pictures with many of them that hit the public eye and when it happens, who are any of us to assume the story behind it , who are any of us to judge??!
    I have personally read about Willa and can see that she has a similar childhood to Alexander. They both have parents in the media eye and they both started their careers at a very young age. I would assume that they made fast friends and have a lot to talk about. Also, if at eighteen you’re old enough to vote…live on your own or go to war…then you should also be old enough to decide who you get on a boat with!
    I run a site for Alexander and I know a lot about the man I promote on a daily basis. I don’t know him on a personal level, but I know what kind of person I am and I am not one to stand up for someone I didn’t believe in. I am not naive nor blinded by my admiration for him or his skills. I’m a level headed woman who thinks his private life is something he should have the opportunity to share with us when HE’S READY to do so. We can bitch and moan about his public decisions all we want…we have that right. But who he chooses to date or be acquaintances with should be his choice and he shouldn’t be bashed for that!!
    And please don’t spew forth the whole…”he’s in the public eye…that’s his job and everything he does is our business!”
    Bullshit! What he does and with whom he does it is NONE of our business until it becomes a danger to her, himself or to those around him…I’m not worried about that when it comes to who he’s dating…
    eighteen = legal adult…sorry but that’s the law in these here United States that these pictures were taken in…

    If you’re upset that he didn’t get back to you with that autographed pic yet…drop me your address and I’ll send one over…let’s see if that fixes your erratic condition!

    Puss och kramar to those who know better than to judge others!!!

    And to everyone who continues to have any doubts or concerns with Alexander…please feel free to contact any one of his NUMEROUS fan based web sites and take it up with us….

    We’re confident in what we believe….are you???


  • Panthera

    I am seriously getting really, seriously angry at the whole situation. What Alexander Skarsgard or Stellan Skarsgard (what on earth has he done to you?!) does in his own free time is none of your business. I repeat: n.o.n.e.

    It does not involve helpless puppies and/or kitties, it doesn’t even involve kids (an 18 yr old that just happens to be in the vicinity does not count as a helpless victim to a sexual assault – sorry to break your bubble), Skarsgard doesn’t sell drugs/arms/people, so you have no ground whatsoever to attack him. So BACK OFF. Seriously – you may sound pathetic and moronic to us, but it is still a person’s reputation you’re toying with, just because you (obviously!) have nothing better to do. So stop it. Now.

  • kaye

    OMG… someone has a lot of time in their hands… and needs to get their head checked.

    Whoever that is… if you are an over-zealous True Blood fan angry at Alex’s/Eric’s rise … please you gotta separate fiction from reality. Seriously! For your own mental wellness…. gesshhh

  • comeon

    Come on. He’s a single guy surrounded by horny teenagers. They throw themselves at him, he’s going to get his thrills. He’s a man, not some angel.

  • I love Alex but not Stellan

    @stellan is stupid: You’ve made a very valid point. It’s immoral and unethical for an old man such as Stellan to have babies because he won’t even be around to care for this kid. The person that said you were being absurd never made any valid points herself. Why is “Stellan is stupid” being absurd? Because the truth hurts? Wake up, people. These old men you see marrying much younger women and spawning children in their 50s and 60s are ridiculous and they are harming these innocent babies. Why would you bring a child into this world that is going to be taking care of you more than you will be taking care of him? And it’s a prefectly valid point to make. If anything happens to Stellan (who does look REALLY old by the way) then Megan will either raise that child by herself or Askars will have to step in and fill those shoes.

  • Panthera

    @I love Alex but not Stellan:

    Did it even occur to you that IS NONE OF YOUR BUSINESS?! For all you know, he may live up to 100, so that “poor, innocent” (of which you know nothing and never will!) baby will be about 40! And even if he doesn’t, what’s your problem and on what ground do you possibly give yourself the right to even speak…?! Jesus Christ, go take care of your own business and let the others JUST BE!