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Alexander Skarsgard & Willa Holland: Straw Dog Sexy

Alexander Skarsgard & Willa Holland: Straw Dog Sexy

True Blood hottie Alexander Skarsgard playfully washes his hair underneath a waterfall while hanging out with former O.C. actress Willa Holland.

Willa, 18, and Alexander, 33, are currently shooting their upcoming thriller Straw Dogs, a remake of Sam Peckinpah‘s movie that starred Dustin Hoffman. Kate Bosworth and James Marsden round out the cast.

Also pictured: Alexander and Willa‘s co-star Drew Powell.

The True Blood finale airs @ 9PM ET/PT on Sunday, September 13 on HBO.

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  • EricNorthmanfan

    I completely agree about Alexander’s father. It was extremely selfish of him to have a baby at such a late age. There is a youtube video where Meryl Streep who did Mama Mia with Stellan said (jokingly but still trying to make a point) that Stellan loves attention and would do anything to be the center of it. She was answering back in regards to a joke he made about the movie Mama Mia. It was all lighhearted but you could tell she meant it. Also why would he ever date someone Alex’s age? That’s very inconsiderate to his own children. So yeah Stellan definitely seems selfish and very self absorbed. I don’t know if all old Swedish men are supposed to be like this. I hope Alex learns from his father’s mistakes.

  • who leaked these pics?

    I’d like to know. Was it Willa’s publicist, HBO or what? Because 2 or 3 days ago there were tweeters, called HBOfan, True blood net or wharever, frantically sending this pics to Perez, Laineygossip, etc. Is Alexander Skarsgard bothering AP and SM that much? This is all very weird.

    And to the 51years old lady who did that video, well I feel sorry for her. Nobody mentally health would sink so low to try to hurt a career of somebody because of a bunch of innocent pictures.

  • Jessie

    If they were leaked, my guess it was someone from the Willa team. AS is incredibly high-profile right now, and she would stand to gain the most from being seen with him.

  • hellzBellz

    Perhaps the person who did the video needs to look up the word “slander” in the dictionary. Hope she has lots of money to defend herself in court.

  • ???

    @who leaked these pics?: How do you know all that? Including the person’s age? I’ve seen someone on the Trueblood IMDB board called HBOFan, is that who you are referring to?

  • It will quiet down

    After TB finale the AS hype will die down. We probably won’t hear much about him until next summer when S3 airs.

  • EricNorthmanfan

    There is something called Freedom of Speech in this here U.S.A So I don’t think they can sue the person who made the Askars slam video. If that were the case then TMZ would be off the air by now. I don’t think Alex is the next pseudo-pedo Paul Walker. I also don’t think he’s going to end up an old pervert like his father Stellan by marrying someone half his age and having a baby in his senior years. I think Alex is a lot more level headed than both Paul Walker and Stellan Skarsgard. Those pictures were just of him having fun. I doubt he ever dated Willa Holland or Evan Rachel Wood.

  • jenna

    Oh I’ll be making sure his “HYPE” does NOT die down!

    He’s got a few movies coming out….and filming for True Blood starts up again in December….

    Nope…his sites will make sure his “HYPE” stays moving and POSITIVE in nature!!!

    PS…Didn’t have the stomach to read all the above comments but how the hell did Stellan get brought into a discussion about Alexander and his friends on a boat??
    People need to start worrying about what’s going on in their own lives… bash the people who are really causing concern in the world… like criminals and evil doers….
    If you don’t like the Skarsgard’s…move on!!!

  • truefan

    First of all this is such a waste of time…WHO CARES? The jealous nasties, the self righteous (BTW – STFU Jenna – do you keep a batch of autographed pics of Alex in your worship room?dumb-ass Freak) who run websites that posted and tweeted said pictures along with this article.
    Stop replying and end this thread already. There. Done.

  • He’s dating…

    Evan Rachel Wood.

  • Viggo

    @KD, why does it matter who he’s perported to be sleeping with, how does that affect his work? It sounds like you’re taking your crush a little too far. He’s never going to be with you,so calm down and just appreciate his work as you should. He’s not killing anyone he’s living his life.

  • Why

    Seriously, why do care what other people think of him? Seems like you’re the one with the overly obsessive problem. Think what you want and let others do the same.

  • jenna

    True Fan…I never posted those pics! Know what you’re talking about before you start flapping!

    Shhh…..I think I hear your “mistress” calling….hurry…she needs help bashing some other site!!

    There!!! Done!!!

  • Wow

    Well if he is dating Evan Rachel Wood then these pics have got to sting just a little for her. It is just a little too cozy and you would expect that he would have the forethought to be careful to not give the wrong impression to her or any other girl. That said they have to handle that themselves but if I were Evan I would be a little peeved especially that these pics could so easily be misinterpreted. If he released the pics himself for PR purposes(to keep him in the spotlight during filming or hiatus) then it worked to get him attention but not the attention he wanted I’m sure. If another camp released it then if I were he I would not be too pleased at all. Celebrities need to be careful of both fans AND other celebrities. They have to remember that other celebrities to have their own agenda as well and will often do whatever it takes to achieve it. I am the partner of a celebrity and we have discussed the fact that we would not still be married if I had too been a famous in the entertainment world(I am well known in my profession). In fact, I know we would have been divorced. I feel sorry for most celebrities because they get caught up in their own hype and play the press/PR game UNTIL it plays them. In the beginning they often feel that they HAVE to be at the right parties, premieres, awards shows, and always they must be seen on the arm of the RIGHT CELEBRITY. Celebrities need to surround themselves with people who care about them and not people who want to just be around them because they are famous and that includes other celebrities. Not to say you can’t have normality with two very public profiles but it sure is damned hard and most fail. Along with their relationship failures they usually damage their careers=work=pay=reputation. When the game plays you back, and it most certainly does if you play it, the revelation hits them and bites them in the ass. They are most certainly devastated but after it is all said and done they realize that they were once regular people too and, most importantly, they still are regular people with just a higher public profile. That’s all and nothing more. You can still be a talented, highly sought after thespian without playing the media hype and PR game. Take a look at Meryl Streep, Anthony Hopkins, Cate Blanchette, or Kate Winslet. They are not sending personal pics like this to gossip blogs to keep their name in the spotlight nor would they allow such pictures to be taken and run the risk of it getting out and causing the wrong stir. There are two types of fame: 1) based soley on your talent and 2) based on how well you play the Hollywood/PR game. The second nevers ends up the way they want it. I am not bashing gossip blogs but to utilize them like to keep you name circulating constantly for fear you will be forgotten is not how you want to run your career. So much at stake for them that they have to more than careful when choosing the right management, PR , and publicists as well. Not everyone is super talented in these arenas and the higher you profile goes then the time comes to re-evaluate that as well. All in all this should just be a learning lesson for all involved. The American public loves their films and film stars but when slips like this are made judgments are made too. It happens everywhere and is simply a part of human nature. America is also very keen on their youth and related issues and very passionate about their opinions. That’s why so much spark here! People have the right to state their opinions and some would say that’s what makes America great. If this is not to a celebrities liking then be very careful what you perpetuate to the media and what you let out. Be very careful in choosing a partner for relationship and try to have a normal life in what is considered the craziest profession out there. It can suck the life out people so quickly that mistakes happen. Before you know it the public has tried and convicted you and sent you on your way. Not only for your family and friends but for you career as well. I have seen too many celebrities ruin books, films, shows, endorsements etc., because they get on the roller coaster, screw up, and piss off the powers that be. Even if things are meant to be innocent perceptions are what matters in this world. People will make decisions based on theirs/public perceptions before you have time to explain yourself. In the end, explanations mean nothing only the money that can be made. The public decides the money part by simply liking you or disliking you. Simple as that. As for Mr. Skarsgard he should focus on perfecting his talent, expanding his work, and finding people (they don’t have to be famous) who truly care about him and are out for his best interest. Understand the pressure chamber and the ambitions here before you make character judgments on anyone. If someone leaked them for the wrong reasons then they will one day have their karma back.

  • jenna

    Good reply Wow….on all aspects!

    Thank you for your level-headed comment!

  • iseesee

    Just so you know, this was a trip organized by the studio. There were other people on the boat. Alexander is easy to talk to and a popular guy so people talk to him. There is absolutely nothing going on between him and will. Alex is like a big brother to her, and she has a boyfriend. Alex hangs out with people his age, this was for work, it’s hilarious what some of you are insinuating. I felt I had to say something because he doesn’t deserve this crap.

  • Wow

    @jenna Thank you! I just hope that Mr. Skarsgard has someone be so honest with him in his career so that he does not have it damaged or even bruised in any way. He is so talented and the public would not have the opportunity to see what he can really do if he allows himself to get on the celebrity rollercoaster. It’s way to volatile and silly and the public will view him in a lesser light. Instead of being an intelligent, talented and gifted ACTOR he will be the attention-seeking famewhore, B-D list CELEBRITY or whatever the media can come up with in a flash.
    The lesson here is don’t play the CELEBRITY game of strategically releasing personal pics (whoever did it) for attention for the sake of more attention, feeling that celebrities are the only ones for relationships( I can speak to that), and not thinking clearly ahead to see if your actions, if ever found out, could cause hurt and damage to you or anyone you care about. Play the ACTOR game. Read, write, hone your talent, expand your career choices and parts, and have a normal life when not on set. ALERT: You don’t even have to live in Hollywood. My husband and I don’t and he still is quite sought after for parts(good ones too, indies, the best!). My husband is here and he is laughing and shaking his head at the same time. He was once there and it got him alot of unwanted attention, a divorce(sad times), career decline, and a whole lot of exhaustion from unnecessary worrying, work, fatigue, and anxiety. I respect the actors I mentioned before because they stay focused on the craft and not the “celebrity” of it. You don’t have to be a “celebrity” to be respected. In fact, in today’s world it is almost better to not do that and go the way of all those people we needlessly talk about AND laugh about(cruel) to fill our empty minutes in the day. It can be fun in the beginning but ask them a year or two later how much fun they are having.
    Good nite again.

  • Ollie


    THANK YOU!!! FInally a voice of REASON!!!! How did this all get so spun out of control!!?!? Would the pics have been ok if Kate Bosworth and James Marsden been in them too?

    Thank you iseesee, for the post

  • ICanconfirm

    I can confirm that what iseesee said is true. This was for his work and only for work and is going to probably end up in the extras of the DVD about what the cast would do on their day off while filming this movie. I work for the studio and It was set up by the studio. It is completely innocent and Alex sees Willa as more like a little sister as well and doesn’t have any romantic intentions toward her.

    Now see what a waste all this was? You people are just sick.

  • hans


    Uhm, the other person is right. This is more like an act of a “pissed off” fangirl…

  • LauraS

    Thank you Jenna and Wow. You both posted MUCH needed logic in a hurricane of nonsense.

  • ICanconfirm

    He’s not dating Even Rachel Wood. He’s single.

  • Perri

    No way. Even the most disenfranchised fan would never do something like that. That is a hardcore hater.

  • pr guy

    @Wow: that was nicely put and he’s not dating any of these girls — ERW included. He’s just a nice dude enjoying his day off. The speculation has really gotten out of hand.

  • sobsistah

    Jared, your disgusting dream of becoming the next Perez Hilton is right on target. You’re following in his footsteps by posting pictures from another website on your own without giving the owners attribution. In fact, you stripped the owner’s names OFF the pix deliberately. I saw the pictures on Friday and the name was clearly printed on them. It’s not a small thing to steal someone else’s work. You’re a small person for doing it.

  • jenna

    actually sobsistah….these pics were not “property” of any of Alex’s sites although they were sent to Jared by some of them….

    These were personal pics from someone on the boat…

  • hans

    Well the “dating” rumors will come out eventually, rather sooner than later, as that would put a end to all this nonsens.

  • i like em young too

    Now that he’s getting famous I guess he could have his pick of barely legal girls. His fans are just upset over this because it reinforces what little chance they have to get with him. All those women that run those fansite are fat menopausal biddies.

  • ex-fan


  • I like eric but not alex

    Like Paul Walker like Alex Skarsgard. Both are tall blonde handsome pervs.

  • Papa is a pervert

    I agree with all the Stellan Skarsgard comments. Yes, Papa Stellan is an old pervert who needs to act his age and find himself a woman in her 50s or 60s. YOU DON’T MARRY SOMEONE YOUNG ENOUGH TO BE YOUR CHILD whether you are male or female. And you don’t spawn a child when you are old enough to be their grandfather. Someone mentioned that Stellan will be almost 80 when his baby graduates! That is so sick and cruel. However, i don’t think Alex is anything like his dad. God I hope not.

  • Graduation day

    I can just picture the graduation day of Alex’s baby brother 18 years from now…
    Stellan: Son, I am so proud of you. Today you graduate high school and now you will go on to college and become a young adult.
    Megan: Yes I am so proud of you, too.
    Son: Thank you mama and papa.
    Stellan: Megan, I just pooped my pants. Please change me in the car. Do you think everyone around us can smell it? I really hope not.
    Megan: I should have never married for money.

  • ani

    haha you know you’re famous when you attract ugly friendless trolls like the poster(s) above. It was bound to happen! Poor little sods being so jealous of Alexander’s good looks and fame <:/

  • don’t become a diaper changer

    LOL at the graduation story. But you know I don’t think she would change Stellan’s diapers for all the money in the world. Get out while you’re still young, Megan! Get your alimoney and child support and upgrade to a young handsome hunk. If you wait too long you will just be an old washed up hag with a celebrity’s kid and no man will want you. Stellan looks pretty old for his age. I’ve seen people in their sixties look much younger and he’s still in his fifties.

  • Ewwwww

    I’m a young woman in my 30s and the thought of having sex with 58 year old man gives me the creeps! Can you imagine how wrinkly and droopy his junk must be? OMG and he probably has gray hair down there!! Not for all the money in the world. EWWWWWW

  • strange family

    I knew that Alex comes from a large family with many brothers and one sister. But I had no idea that Alex had a 33year old stepmother. That is weird. And I mean Kentucky hillbilly weird. I guess this would be considered Eurotrash? I bet she has naughty thoughts about Alex and her other stepsons (Alex has handsome brothers in Sweden).

  • Alex is his own person

    I used to think Paul Walker was one of the hottest and nicest guys around then he gets all pervy by dating this barely legal little girl. In fact I think they’re engaged now. I was shocked when I found out. But I’m not surprised about Stellan, he looks like a selfish control freak. This shows that they have a lot of insecurities and need to feel like they are the one in control of the relationship. They cannot handle dating a woman their age with a mind of her own so instead they date much much younger women that they can outsmart outearn and control. But let’s leave Alex alone because he doesn’t seem to be at all like Paul or Stellan. In fact I think this whole thing will just prove how UNLIKE them he is. He has only dated women around his own age and I don’t think he will ever date a barely legal little girl. He is his own person, not his dad.

  • poisongirl

    Seriously stopping hating on Alex and his Dad. He should be allowed to date whatever age woman he chooses and not be judged for it. If he dates a chick in her twenties then so be it. Most women go for older men anyways. Do you see people hatin’ on Megan Fox for dating Brian Austin Green? There is a signifcant age gap there. There was a large age gap with ERW and Marilyn Manson as well. It’s whoever makes you happy that counts not how old they are. Don’t be so hateful and judgemental towards people you dont even know. Everyone’s families are f*cked up, ours are just not in the spotlight. Be supportive of Alex. He is doing great things. TEAM ALEX!! Woohoo.

  • becareful

    @wow, @jenna, @icanconfirm, all of you made valid comments. I especially apprecaite @wow because of the logic behind treating the job as a job and not as a lifestyle. Was the arranged outting for publicity or was it a private gathering? Public, then send out all the photos you want. Private, keep the shit to yourselves and think about who you could be damaging.

  • Alexis

    She looks a lot like his sister, are you sure it is Miss Holland?
    There are a lot of “news” that have not been checked in gossip magz.
    So far Alex has dated women around his own age.

  • Rm65

    The boat trip was arranged by the studio making Straw Dogs in order to give the actors some R&R and to do some filming for the extras which will be featured when Straw Dogs comes out on DVD in the future. There was an entire film crew present.

  • EK81

    I don’t think there is anything going on. Like Rm65 stated this trip was organized by the studio. You can go to Skarsgardnews’s tweet if you want to read it for yourself.

  • jess

    @hans: The silly rumors are what started the nonsense.

    @poisongirl: ERW and Marilyn Manson is not a good comparison — that was not a real relationship. That guy cheated on his wife with Evan cause he was going through an early midlife crisis.

    I don’t believe any of the rumors about Skarsgard. I think he was just goofing around during some down time and it’s been blown out of proportion.

  • jenna


    Thank you and I agree…WOW, ISEESEE and ICANCONFIRM saved the day…

  • Hula

    How stupid are you.

    If you film a movie together you spent a lot of time together and hang out a lot.

    What should they do? Avoid each other?
    I really wonder in what kind of worlds you live?

    If you have a boyfriends, don’t you even speak to other men? Don’t you get more than 2meters near to other men?

    Don’t you have male friends?

    What’s wrong with you.

    Here in Europe, good friends even kiss each other when they greet each other. OMG, the outrage.

  • EK81

    I just wanted to come back and say that Alexander seems like a nice guy. I think what is going on here, and on other boards, is a bunch of people trying to find something wrong with a guy who has, so far, acted really decently in his public life. So, because they haven’t been able to find any obvious bad behavior they are trying to use these innocent photos to incriminate him in some way. This whole incident doesn’t reflect badly on Alex, who was just out on a studio sanctioned outing, but rather on some of the posters on this board, and others, who have used it to malign his character with vicious speculation. You should be ashamed of yourselves.

  • hellzBellz

    Thank you to all you level headed posters. The insanity needs to stop. A few weeks ago some were saying he is gay or bi… now he is a pervert. What next, an outer space alien?

    For those of you who are not into the Sookie books there is a ridiculous sick war going on between Bill and Eric lovers. Big clue here… Eric is winning the suitor race. Now they fear with Alexanders success it will happen on the show. And it freaks them out. You dont think a few over the top True Blood Bill fans are capable of getting things started? If you think this sounds nuts, spend some time on the Charlaine Harris site (read the back logs). Most of the posters are descent but there are a few real crazies. It is one of the reasons I stopped going there. I came away with the conclusion there are now 3 topics that should never be discussed in public… Religion, Politics and now Sookie Suitors.

    I believe the people who said it is an outing planned by the studio. Do I think Alexander is a saint? No one is. Look closely at the pictures. There is nothing there to be worked up over.

  • kc

    I think its obviously a troll … maybe the SAME person … responding to himself or herself. Same bad grammar & sentence construction, hateful comments w/ a shameful name.

    He/She must be so obsessed with hating Alexander … and maybe Paul Walker. (I can’t figure it out) LOL! I can’t comprehend this person anymore. But SERIOUSLY, please get some help. You’re already saying offensive things to someone along with his family …. and even young kids… all of whom you barely know.

  • Rm65

    Several of these sick posts must have been flagged many times. The people who run Just Jared seem not to take any responsibility in moderating. Is the entire staff still suffering from a labour day hangover?


    Is there any reason to bring Stephen Moyer into this? You totally negated your comment by trashing someone with rumor and innuendo. Everyone needs to relax. You don’t know these people.