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Alexander Skarsgard & Willa Holland: Straw Dog Sexy

Alexander Skarsgard & Willa Holland: Straw Dog Sexy

True Blood hottie Alexander Skarsgard playfully washes his hair underneath a waterfall while hanging out with former O.C. actress Willa Holland.

Willa, 18, and Alexander, 33, are currently shooting their upcoming thriller Straw Dogs, a remake of Sam Peckinpah‘s movie that starred Dustin Hoffman. Kate Bosworth and James Marsden round out the cast.

Also pictured: Alexander and Willa‘s co-star Drew Powell.

The True Blood finale airs @ 9PM ET/PT on Sunday, September 13 on HBO.

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  • jenna


    That ignorant video is gone….

    “This video has been removed by the user.”

    Dumb ass!

  • hellzBellz

    I did not trash trash Stephen Moyer. I like the guy and enjoy him in the show too… Where did I even say his name? I am talking about a few over zealot fans spinning stuff about Alexander. I think you need to relax and quit pointing fingers, or are you one of the people are worried about Alexander’s success too?

  • kc


    So off topic … but I love your “name” … it reminds me of Harry in the show Spooks!

    Sorry… I gotta change the mood here … its so negative.

  • HellzBellz

    Thanks KC…I remember Spooks but that is not where I took my nickname. My mother used that expression when I was little, but you dont hear it much anymore.

    I agree with you about the negativity. Alexander deserves better than this. If you are one of his fans then you know he has a quirky, almost dorky sense of humor that can easily be misunderstood. ie the Eric likes them young joke. Alexander didnt get the nickname “Adorkable” for nothing. BTW I am not a young fang-girl and actually am too old to even consider myself a respectable cougar. LOL

  • Rm65

    Alex is looking really good in these pictures. EW is running a competition for fans to write their own episode of TB (or summary). As a part of that challenge you can vote for what feature you think must be included. “Eric somehow gets naked” is in the lead with 59%.
    I admire him not just for his looks. He is an extraordinarily good actor as well, what a combination! There are a lot of goodlooking men out there, but they do not all combine it with great talent.

  • kc


    I respect everyone’s opinion. Some people may like that he’s easygoing, some may not like that hangs out with young people. I personally, don’t discriminate. (its not a sex video, btw)

    It’s just infuriating to read the hateful and ignorant slurs by some people. OR maybe its just 1 or 2 person(s) who keep(s) repeating their comments and talking to themselves.

    But seriously, no one is claiming that Alex is a saint or the “ideal guy”. He’s a human being. I like him for his work & his pleasant personality… including his humor & the way he treats his fans.


    “Based on all the idiotic talk about age difference one or two of you are spouting… then Moyer is also a dirtbag for marrying Paquin (39 to her 26). And while we are slinging dirt, what about the rumors (or facts, if what you read is true) that Moyer got the girl he was with before pregant when she was 18 and he was 29?

    *This is such trash, but I wanted to show we are talking about people’s lives and they are not our own personal soap opera. It is sad.”

    This is what you wrote. I have no strong feelings toward either actor. Because I get that it isn’t real. I’m not bashing you. But I think it doesn’t serve any purpose introducing someone who has nothing to do with this post into this argument. I think these pictures were taken out of context, the right context has been provided, and people can make more informed judgements about it (if that’s there inclination). And I’m not bashing your guy. My initial reaction to the pics were not favorable but after reading some of the explanations I stand corrected. Which I’m happy about because I really like Alexander – never seen True Blood but loved Generation Kill.

  • HellzBellz

    @Rm65 I agree with you. I think Alexander is a great looking guy, but that is not all it is. I have discussed with friends why it is we are so enamored and we cant figure it out. One thing we hear repeatedly is… I have never felt like this before. It is more than just his looks for sure because he is a really good actor. After Generation Kill I searched out some of his Swedish movies. Some are subtitled or ironically they are in English to begin with. If you havent seen Om Sara or Cuppen I suggest those, and Kill Your Darlings is good too and was critically acclaimed. I actually feel kinda bad for him because he left Sweden five years ago to get away from the Sexiest Man title and only being offered handsome boyfriend roles, and now here he is back as the hunk again with True Blood. He says he wants to do indie films so I hope he gets to pursue that. I would watch him in anything.

  • HellzBellz

    Since you choose to remain anoymous. I stand corrected about my post yesterday. I did say it I was trying to point out how silly it is to assume something. I am not one who thinks there is anything wrong with SM. Please dont assume I did. We know nothing about any of these people and what is really going on. I am only glad the stuff about the SM did not get blown out of proportion for him. I never said he was creepy or some of the awful things others have said about Alex here. In fact, I dont think either are creepy. But that is just MHO.

    I also notice you only took exception to the mention of SM. What about the people who brought up AS’s father? What does that have to do with anything either? I am not knighting or nominating any of them for sainthood. So get off your high horse too.

  • HellzBellz

    @anoymous who has singled only me out to criticize. I apologize because I dont post rude things to other posters. For saying for you to get off your high horse too was rude of me.

  • Rm65

    @HellzBellz: I’ve seen GK and it was an amazing show. What an ensemble of actors they had for that miniseries. I hope it will win the Emmy that it is nominated for. Alex’s acting in GK is so subtle, but empowering. I didn’t even know you could portray so much just by the look in your eyes. I must have watched GK about 15 times by now.


    I have not gotten personal with you so there is no need to get personal with me. You wrote a post and I responded to it. I’ll stay on my high horse, thank you very much, because I stand by what I said. There is no need to trash anyone. Let alone trashing someone that has nothing to do with this post – ie: Stephen or Stellan – because you’re defending Alex or trying to trash him even more. Chill out and stick with defending Alex (which I support). There’s no need for anyone else to be brought into this. As for Alex himself – he seems like a great guy who’s got a huge glare on him. Everything he does will be inspected. It’s trial and error. He’s a good guy and will emerge from it unscathed.


    OK! *Timeout* I just read your last post – so disregard my last post. I think we’re on the same page. I applaud you for standing up for Alex. And actually I’m glad that this discussion was started because a few people came out to put everything in context. I think he comes off looking better and all the negative posters come off looking mental. Anyway, I hope nothing I said to you was rude either because I don’t want it to be personal. All good? :)

  • maryjane

    This has all been so upsetting to read. As a fan of Alex, I do think that as long as its not illegal, I agree with @truefan in saying who cares. I first saw the pictures on a facebook page I’m a member of “alexander skarsgard” which I know is run by @jenna who said she never posted the pictures..well she did on Thursday @ 2:29 pm but has since removed them. Here: Alexander Skarsgård New pic of Alexander on a relaxing getaway from filming Straw Dogs….

    Thank you B!
    Thu at 2:29pm · Comment · Like / Unlike · View Feedback (119)Hide Feedback (119) · Share
    50 people like this.
    View all 69 comments Good for you but you are a hypocrite too..I’m no longer part of that page as they are obviously irresponsible and your constant posting here and there and on your website is detrimental to Alexander. Think before you react dear.
    @Wow, wonderful remarks! @Hellzbellz super! Namaste.

  • HellzBellz

    Thank you. Again I apologize because my post did go rude in the end and I dont do that… I was reacting because I thought you were being rude to me and misrepresenting my intent with my original post. I will stand by what I said.. I was not trying to trash SM, sincerely. And your apology is accepted too. Appreciate it. Stepping off my own high horse again. (BTW I used “too” at the end of my “first” high horse statement because I was talking about me also then, but it didnt come off that way.) LOL

    I agree the negative posters who want to find hidden dirty meaning in everything are sick.

  • HellzBellz

    @maryjane. Thanks for the compliment. On other sites I post I am known as a level headed one for the most part, but insanity and meanness drives me nuts. These are people’s lives and nothing to toy with. BTW. We likely already know each other from some of the usual Skarsgard or True Blood sites, but I use a different name. Somehow the nickname I picked when I first started posting in January sounded way too vampire fangbanger so I chose HellzBellz to come off at least slightly normal. LOL

    @rm65. I know… I watched GK many times. Have you listened to his narrative with James Ransome and the director on episode 4? They both are hysterical. Ransome didnt have to act hard to be Corporal Person… he IS corporal person with his sense of humor. It seems as if Alexander is pretty well thought of by the people he has worked with.

    Alexander’s humor is much quieter and weirder. Like when he said in an interview at Comic Con I believe, as he downplayed the popularity of the Eric character that he was Moyer’s biggest fan and founded Bill’s Babes. I actually read a few posters who believed he really did. Another example is about 8 months ago in a Swedish interview they asked him how he got the role his breakthrough role in Generation Kill. He laughs and said he had to sleep with a lot of producers. The woman laughs and makes a joke about that very “old” Hollywood joke. Yet another example is in a recent Swedish interview he replied to what director he would like to work with he said Ingar Bergman but he thought it would might be too hard work. (he laughs and so does the interviewer). I read negative comments about that too. Duh, people… Ingar Bergman died in 2007 so to work with him would be pretty hard indeed. Humor is lost on some people.

  • Golly

    The studio did not arrange this photoshoot…that’s silly…there was a flim crew on the boat? Haha! If that was true, Bosworth and Marsden would have been there! But, I also think it’s gotten ridiculously blown up and out of control. I also think blaming AS is not the way to go! I would be willing to bet money that these personal photos leaked out via Willa Holland or her sister. This looks like the work of an immature teenage girl who wants everyone to know that she was in a boat with AS. Nothing more.

    And…I doubt ERW will be pissed, because she is not a jealous type…and my sources say, they are very similar, and like each other a lot, but are not locked in to a relationship. Just dating. The fact that “I can confirm” doesn’t know this…makes me sure that he/she doesn’t have any inside knowledge.

  • Go away fan girls

    Check out all the loser psycho fan girls. They probably pray to a picture of Alexander Skarsgard. I would be more afraid of them than of any youtube slam video or rude comments on a gossip site.

  • shesalovelymonkey

    I don’t quite understand the reasoning behind the negative comments surrounding these photos. To me, it looks like cast members enjoying some free time together, probably after a long day of shooting. Obviously the person who took the photo was a friend of the group, and must work closely with those involved. I would assume (however naive this may be on my part) that said person published the photos online with either distinct permission from those involved, or at least a general sense from the group that to publish the photos would not generate such negative backlash. I personally don’t see the problem.

  • hans

    @Go away fan girls:

    Yeah because someone that actually takes the time to make a hate video is not creepy…

  • Why so insecure?

    Someone posted earlier about Paul Walker and how they were shocked to learn that he was dating a barely legal girl even though he’s 30something. Well sorry to burst your bubble but there were definitely signs that he has insecurity issues. After he finished shooting the movie “Into the Blue” with Jessica Alba he said in interviews how he didn’t like working with her. It seems that Alba has a mind of her own and she didn’t go along with everything he said. Then he even went on to make rude sleazy comments about her body and how he wanted to fudge her even though she would give him back talk. This was of course to demean her like if she was only important for one thing and one thing only. I cringed when I read some of his interviews. He seems like an insecure macho pig. Stellan does too, just an older wrinklier version.

  • becca

    @Golly: I don’t believe he’s dating Willa Holland or Evan Rachel Wood. The lady who runs his most popular fan site and who is in regular touch with Alex also confirmed that the studio arranged the photos. She’s been a reliable source in the past so I’m inclined to believe her word.

  • TBfan

    That Sara woman is a deranged Bill fan who has been on a personal vendetta against Alex on several sites. Men in white coates will be picking her up soon and putting her on the meds again. She can’t even distinguish between the actors and the characters they play. She thinks Alex is stealing Moyers limelight…

  • Golly

    Sorry…I am not guessing…I’m just telling you the facts.

    I just read on that she is in Shreveport right now, with him. But, don’t be sad, I heard from a friend of his that she is a very smart and fun person, a lot like him, and is very sweet to him! They’re not getting married! Just dating.

  • you women are fools

    As a dude I have to admit that when men date much younger women it’s USUALLY about power and control. They want to have the lastest model as if a woman is a car model. Can you imagine Stellan dating a peer of his own like Meryl Streep? Or Paul Walker dating a peer of his own like Cameron Diaz? Walker and Stellan couldn’t handle being with an equal. This is why these types of men go for the much younger car models er women who are much dumber and can be more easily controlled. It’s all about power and control and status. It’s ironic because women are always talking about how much smarter they are from men but I’ve seen a lot of women post here defending these jerks. They are putting themselves down by defending these men and then they complain about sexism because they want equal rights. Use your brains ladies. *Scoffs* And they say that women are smarter.

  • TBfan

    @you women are fools: Stellan was married to a woman who is a doctor (MD) for 30 years. How is that not being able to handle a intelligent woman. They grew apart and were separated for several years before the divorce. Megan had nothing to do with their divorce.

  • Golly

    Yes….women can be fools, and their own worst enemy…never understood that.

  • Borderline personalities

    Hey don’t group all women togethor. I’m a woman and I’m fully aware that it’s usually jerks who date or marry women many years younger than them. I’VE NEVER BEEN FOOLED BY THAT. These fan girls defend Stellan because he is Alex’s dad not because they agree with his actions. They are borderline obsessive and they don’t even realize it because they spend all their time in fan girl websites interacting with other fan girls. So any time that they come across reality they just freak out. It’s not necessarily that the women that have defended Stellan are all ignorant sexist women that are putting down their own gender. It is just that they are blinded by their fandom. Again, these are women with borderline personalities.

  • rm65

    @Borderline personalities: It’s funny how you can dismiss facts and then make up some pseudo psycho babble about fangirls with borderline personalities.

  • I’m a SMART fan girl

    CORRECTION: Askars has said in interviews that for many years they lived on only one salary because Mom wasn’t working. Stellan was married to a doctor who put her career aside to raise the 6 children he wanted to have. I’m sure that was hell for her body. I cannot imagine popping out 6 kids. And how many years has she been practicing? Is she currently even practicing? She stayed at home with an army of children while the husband went out and lived his life and built a successful acting career. He spent a lot of time away from his own family. How is that showing respect to her? Then at the age of 58 Stellan goes on to marry someone his own child’s age without any consideration for his 6 children. And if that wasn’t bad enough he then brings a baby into this world who will not get to have a father for long. When that baby graduates high school in 19 or 18 years Stellan will be an 80 year old man! Talk about depressing. A normal well-balanced man wouldn’t do any of those things. This is why so many people have commented that he appears to be a very inconsiderate selfish man. I’m still an Alex fan but definitely not a Stellan fan.

  • Paul walker is not too bad

    This has been one of the most interesting posts here on this website. I didn’t know about Paul Walker or Stellan Skarsgard being with much younger women. This definitely appears to be insecure jerk behavior. Personally, I think Stellan is worse because he is with a woman that is Alexander’s age. Like someone mentioned earlier, that is Kentucky hillbilly creepy. And also because of having a baby so late in life which most people will agree is cruel for the child. Atleast Paul Walker isn’t dating someone his own daughter’s age (which is a good thing considering she’s only like 10 years old). And atleast he’s not a 58 year old having babies.

  • fan girls are dumb

    For all the idiot fan girls who keep saying that Stellan can marry anyone he wants and 33years old is an adult – YOU CRAZIES ARE ALL MISSING THE POINT. We know she is an adult woman but what a lot of the people here are trying to say is that it was unethical for him to marry someone who could be his daughter. They probably don’t have a normal healthy relationship. He is probably like her father. That is creepy. And it must be so awkward for Aksars to have a stepmom his own age. It’s also disrespectful to Stellan’s exwife and mother to his other 6 children. It’s true, she must feel like a used up old car model. And of course he’s way too old to be having babies when soon he will need his own diapers changed.

  • rm65

    @I’m a SMART fan girl: You make her out to be a victim. Do you seriously think Stellan coerced her into having 6 children? You know nothing about her and you wrong her by calling her a victim.

  • Ani

    LOL don’t listen to Golly – she’s lying through her teeth trying to stir shit up again. Don’t worry, He’s NOT dating Willa. WOW even the people who for some rediculous reason hate Alex are obsessed with him.

  • hans


    Im pretty sure Golly was talking about someone else,,,

  • Ani

    HANS – haha was she? My bad. FORGIVE ME GOLLY!!!

    This whole thing reminds me of this:

    Only we’re not discussing what vegetable Alexander likes, but if he is a pedo swine or not.

  • Golly

    She? She’s lying through her teeth?

    He’s not Dating Willa…no. But, I am not lying about ERW though. That was who I was speaking of. I’m going to stop saying anything…I should never have to begin with…no one wants to hear anything except what they want to hear anyway…why am I here? I am only friends with friends of these people, so…I am being stupid. But, I know what I know…so, I will only require a little eating of your words when I’m proven to be telling the truth…after being called liar by many.

  • God

    psst Alex is single…

  • Ramen noodles

    Golly – Watch out so your so your nose don’t grow any bigger… It’s already poking though your computer screen…

  • Gee

    You women are fools= fangirls are dumb= Bordeline Personalities= Paul Walker is not so bad= Sarah

    Good God, woman! Take a break, it’s Sunday FFS.

  • FYI

    @Ramen noodles: Didn’t want to get into this fray, but Golly is correct. Some fan who got their picture taken with him said ERW was with him in Shreveport, La.

  • Poor alex

    Golly – you are an ASS. You are friends of friends of these people??? Why are you here is correct? You are here because you want your 15 minutes of fame. ERW is a media fame whore who can’t act. So tell your friends of your friends brother or who ever the hell you know that.

  • etro

    @Golly: That website also said she was spotted in Hollywood the same day. Funny no pics have shown up so far. She’s pretty famous. I think we would have seen photos by now if she was visiting him on set.

    Agree, don’t believe everything you read.

  • Ramen noodles

    I think FYI’s nose just poked me in the eye.

  • Poor alex

    The fan girl in LA thought it was ERW because she saw someone with red hair. She admits she’s not sure it was her because she was busy concentrating on Alex. Some one also reported that that same day these girls reported her with Alex, she was seen in LA, California signing autographs. Girl sure gets around.

  • Poor alex

    The fan who got her picture with him admitted she couldn’t say for sure it was ERW. She only thought it was her because she saw red hair. The same day she was seen with Alex in Shreveport, she was seen in LA, Cali signing autographs. Girl sure gets around.

  • FYI

    @Ramen noodles: You sound like you are 2 years old. You must feel stupid now that a few posters confirmed that there might have been a sighting of AS and ERW in La. Are you going to suddenly hate him because you don’t like who he is dating?

  • W

    @FYI: I think Ramon noodles is a cute name. lol All of those “posters” are referencing the same website where the person wasn’t sure if it was her and someone else said they saw her in LA on the same day. So, it proves nothing.

  • TheBEE

    Sorry dear…You are wrong, Jenna, didn’t post the BOAT pics EVER. Only the one with him alone in the waterfall! Jenna, did not post any of his boat pics with his friends as she felt it as an invasion of their privacy…
    And for your info…it was NEVER removed…it’s still there! : )
    However, one of the affiliates did post them on the Facebook page.
    Jenna, discussed this with the Affiliates, and they were removed, from there.

    You should get your info right before attempting to make someone a liar…it’s a pretty serious charge!

    And my purpose for being here was to clear the air about Alexander…yours is to bash one of his sites…good job….

    PS…and I don’t hide behind fake names

  • http://Google Bessie

    Leave the man alone.