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Alexander Skarsgard & Willa Holland: Straw Dog Sexy

Alexander Skarsgard & Willa Holland: Straw Dog Sexy

True Blood hottie Alexander Skarsgard playfully washes his hair underneath a waterfall while hanging out with former O.C. actress Willa Holland.

Willa, 18, and Alexander, 33, are currently shooting their upcoming thriller Straw Dogs, a remake of Sam Peckinpah’s movie that starred Dustin Hoffman. Kate Bosworth and James Marsden round out the cast.

Also pictured: Alexander and Willa‘s co-star Drew Powell.

The True Blood finale airs @ 9PM ET/PT on Sunday, September 13 on HBO.

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alexander skarsgard willa holland straw dogs 01
alexander skarsgard willa holland straw dogs 02
alexander skarsgard willa holland straw dogs 03
alexander skarsgard willa holland straw dogs 04
alexander skarsgard willa holland straw dogs 05
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325 Responses to “Alexander Skarsgard & Willa Holland: Straw Dog Sexy”

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  1. 126
    mouche Says:

    I just don´t get it – if someone of the male sex is capable to have fun and be social with both women and men, young and “old” at the same time, he is per definition an immoral sleezebag, and into underaged girls or gay or bisexual – wow! AS has grown up in a big family and is probably a good mixer with a large circle of friends!

  2. 127
    Randy Says:

    @jays-girl: I posted my 2nd apology before reading this… :) this is most amusing. I guess we are all guilty of making snap judgements before bothering to get the full picture. I can’t believe so many people have posted on this blog entry… It’s getting a little ridiculous. I really don’t care about all of this and yet here I am… oh the dilemma!!!!!

  3. 128
    Randy Says:

    @Thisistoofunny: Yeah and this never ever happens anywhere! I don’t get why this such a big deal at the very worst it makes the guy a little sleazy but we don’t know the full story, we don’t know the people and to make any assumption good or bad is a complete waste of time. Do we live in a Salem?

  4. 129
    Randy Says:

    @Thisistoofunny: Once again I have to apologize I didn’t read your post properly. So sorry!!! what I meant to say is that I know its illegal but the vast majority of 18 year olds in the US participate in underage drinking. In fact i would have to worry a bit if they didn’t.

  5. 130
    @Weronica Says:

    Yes, Alexander’s sister’s name is Eija and she’s a model I think.

  6. 131
    ErinN Says:

    @Jays-Girl. I apologize to you. Sincerely. I misunderstood what you were saying. That has happened to me before too. Also you were never that offensive to begin with so never meant to come off too harsh too. Sorry this took so long, I stepped away from the computer to talk to my poor husband who is a saint for not giving me a hard time about my Alexander crush. Which by the way is the worse one I have ever had. Dont know what it is about this guy but we fans love him. LOL

  7. 132
    live in la Says:


    Why the hate? Life is too short. You have a lot of anger issues or something. What do you hope to accomplish by your rants? It makes you look like the “freak” not him.

  8. 133
    P Says:

    BOTH girls are underage, the other one is 19. Sorry, the photos look bad no matter how fans try to spin it. These stars say what the public want to hear in interviews. Alex could be a great guy with his fans, but that doesn’t mean he might not be sleazy in his real life.

  9. 134
    kirsten Says:

    He’s a great talented actor but I’m disappointed at his choice of G/F!

  10. 135
    TBfan Says:

    Please identify the other girl then. I can tell you that it’s not Megan Adelle who also co-stars in Straw dogs

  11. 136
    hans Says:

    I can’t belive what I’m reading in these comments. People getting all upset over some pictures of someone hanging out by a lake? And not only that, they are all co-workers for the movie Straw Dogs. This is beyond stupid.

  12. 137
    s Says:

    @Sara ~ First, you need to look inside yourself and wonder why you hate someone you don’t know and would probably NEVER meet. I feel sorry for you because this sounds mental. Secondly, there are actors out there many people don’t like, but most just turn a blind eye. Honestly try it- you’ll feel better. Lastly, I and probably most people on this forum live in L.A. too and that does not mean a single thing (regarding your mental rumors/facts you think you know). Don’t give the assumption that L.A. is some little town were everyone knows each other, because you may have seen an actor here or there does not mean you know the person. Honestly you sound like an obsessed fan of an actor you feel isn’t getting the recognition YOU think they deserve, but how is this Alexander Skarsgard’s fault? I don’t understand where all your hate is coming from, all I know is that it is not an healthy emotion. Cheers and meditate… breathe.

  13. 138
    Bob Says:

    Yeah these comments are lame quit it already! Chicks what can you expect!

  14. 139
    hellzBellz Says:

    How does this make the guy a little sleazy at all? Do ANY of us know what happened that day? The girls dont look drunk or dont debauched… what is the big damn deal? Maybe the ones here screaming foul so loudly are the ones with the real dirty, sick minds. I saw the pixs and never thought a thing other than people having fun. Think what you will, but I am not going to give it and those of you with small, dirty minds another thought.

  15. 140
    anne Says:

    We don’t know what really happened, but pictures are powerful, body language says a lot, and actors should be aware of the consequences. These aren’t paparazzi shots, these are posed photographs.

    If Alex wants to be considered a serious actor (like it seems he does), then he needs to act like one. Do you think Gary Oldman would be caught partying on a boat with teenage girls hanging all over him–even if they were co-workers? Would Anthony Hopkins do that? Daniel Day Lewis?

    And Willa isn’t just sitting next to Alex. She’s basically groping him (3rd pic), and Alex looks pretty OK with it. That’s great, but I do not buy his whole family-man, guy-you-want-to-bring-home-to-mom schpiel anymore.

  16. 141
    kbb Says:

    LOL! I pity the woman who ever dates Skarsgard.

  17. 142
    TBfan Says:

    Willa is wearing jeans. Alex is wearing shorts. In the third picture Willa is holding her own jeans clad leg, not Alex’s. They are not even touching each other.

  18. 143
    Dr_ludwig Says:

    Correction… the woman he is sitting next to on the set of straw dogs – the one where he is leaning on the arm of his chair – she is not Willa. The woman in the pictures has a tattoo. Willa does not have a tattoo. Plus the woman in the pics has lighter hair.

  19. 144
    anne Says:

    @TBfan: point taken on the knee, didn’t realise that. still feel that if Alex is wanting to present himself a certain way, these pics kind of counter-act that whole persona.

  20. 145
    TBfan Says:

    @anne: People should think once and twice before posting things they believe to be facts. You looked at a cropped photo and you thought you saw the truth. I hope this was a lesson you take to heart before posting in the web again.

  21. 146
    anne Says:

    lol at all of this

  22. 147
    Poor alex Says:

    Wow, I can’t believe how some of you people are tearing poor Alex apart. We don’t know for sure that Willa and Alex are dating. There were reports that he had dinner and went to the movies with Kate Bosworth. Nothing was reported about that because it wouldn’t be scandalous enough (both around same age). Reports from extras on the set have said it appeared that Willa tried to be around Alex whenever she could. He didn’t appear to encourage anything. But look at the pictures again. Not the cropped pictures. The girl sitting on the other side of him appears to be leaning towards him. And in one of the pictures, she is draped over his arm. There are also other people on the boat. As my swedish friend explained: they may be just hanging around. To swedes the age thing isn’t a big deal. Hanging around doesn’t mean anything inappropriate. I sometimes hang out with the people I work with. Some of them are guys, 20 years younger than me. I am not a cougar. It’s just drinks or dinner with co-workers. NOTHING MORE. So let’s not bring this man’s career down before we have all the facts. He is a great actor. Let’s judge him on that.

  23. 148
    babydoll1229 Says:

    Well, I’m a BIG ASKARS fan! Plus, I’m a Black female. I didn’t know that Willa Holland was known for spouting racial slurs because I’ve never followed her like that. But if that piece of information is true about her, I wonder why ASkars would want to hang around some stupid, immature kid like that. He is 33yo and she just turned 18yo…I’m close to 30 and I don’t have anything to talk about with an 18yo, but that’s just me. But like they say: You are the company you keep! I really hope they were just hanging out for the sake of the movie. Because I would be really disappointed if ASkars shared her same views!

  24. 149
    .... Says:

    Yes, the whole family thing is bullshiat. I read an old article where he said he hardly partied anymore, then I saw about 20 subsequent pictures of him drunk in bars. I am not saying that he can’t party, but own it. I guess my bigger issue is who he is seen with. You have to be a pretty immature guy to hang out with teenagers and the likes of ERW. He tries to present a certain image and then stuff leaks out and it totally blows everything he has said to pieces.

  25. 150
    anne Says:

    @….: ia. as you said: “own it.”

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