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Evan Rachel Wood Gets Her Blood Work Done

Evan Rachel Wood Gets Her Blood Work Done

Wearing her Lolita heart-shaped sunglasses, Evan Rachel Wood gets her blood tested at a Quest Diagnostics blood lab inside a Beverly Hills medical center on Thursday (September 3) in California.

Speaking of blood, the 21-year-old actress will reprise her role as Vampire Queen Sophie-Ann in the True Blood finale, airing @ 9PM ET/PT on Sunday, September 13 on HBO.

Evan Rachel will also be back next season playing the same character. Excited???

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  • meeshhead


    You can’t base her acting on one performance. I’ve seen her in films like “Thirteen” where she was amazing. Bad acting can be a result of poor direction.

  • salma

    @meeshhead: I think she was closer to the role in Thirteen so she had more to draw upon. For this part, she had to do more research and find a way to tap into a character very unlike her. I don’t think one performance can ruin a career but I do think it can change your opinion of an actor/actress. Her range is much more limited than I expected but I also think Alan Ball gave them awkward lines for that scene. A more skilled actress could have pulled it off. I hope she gets better as the show goes along or they limit her part.

  • hypocrite

    #42 – meeshhead,

    Look at the pics. She has a bandage on the inside of her elbow. Yeah – she had her urine tested from the inside of her elbow. LMFAO.

  • bebe

    she is so pretty.

  • Golly

    Hey….Suz…we’re the same person! And apparently we have a thing for ERW. Who knew? Liz is gonna have to eat her words very soon.

  • Michigan

    This is how rumors get started. As I said in another post, Alex isn’t dating anyone. He said so in several Swedish publications that interviewed him on the Straw Dogs set in late August. He’s just having fun with his co-stars during some time off. He’s a very friendly, fun-loving guy. Super sweet. I’ve met him in-person several times.

  • camille

    i just want to add to the chorus of people who think evan rachel is not a very good sophie anne and just plain not a very good actress. eva green is a very nice idea.

    i, however, think tom welling is too pretty and boyish to be alcide and strongly push for jeremy sisto in that role. hey, he already worked with AB in six foot under, and he could do it very well!

  • hans

    Where do people get their info from, are they just making things up for the hell of it? Just so you know, yes Alex is dating “someone”, but he’s keeping it low-key.

  • Infinite

    @hans: We can only go by what the man actually says and he’s said he’s single and not dating anyone in interviews as recent as September. He probably doesn’t have time right now, but every time he goes out with a co-star or cast mate, he gets linked to this person in the press. He’s an attractive man so it’s bound to happen.

    I agree the Queen was a let down. Maybe she was too built up? But I think someone like Eva Green would have been amazing. I wonder if she watches True Blood?

  • Golly

    He didn’t say he wasn’t dating anyone….he said he didn’t have a girlfriend.

  • truly

    @Golly: that’s pretty much the same thing and dating in Sweden is different. Swedes go on casual, friend dates all the time. it’s no big deal.

  • Christopher26

    I liked ERW on TB, but think they should have cast someone younger and more Regal. Like Godric in female version. But she’s simply so gorgeus that it didnt matter. I did her make-up for an event recently and fell in love. Her skin is flawless. But she told me she was dating someone NOT from TB and that aside from rumors, AS seems to be going on several dates with another actress from Spain: Christina something something Lopez? but dont really know if its just friendly or serious or what. Wanted so badly to ask but I didnt want to seem like a crazy psycho! ERW was super nice and although I actually think shes great, she could have done better in another role.

  • meeshhead


    Haha! Just noticed that. You have a good point.

  • patagruel

    All you lovely ladies commenting here are invited to a gala launch of our new acne and zit eradicating product being introduced next month. All the stars of True Blood will be in attendance.
    Thanks so much for your insightful and warm critiques of our cast posted here!!
    Please visit our website for event details.

  • mands

    i thought she was hilarious in the role. the queen is insane, full of herself yet quite disarmingly cozy with her intimates..i was entertained by evan’s take on her.

  • chewie

    Was that Evan Rachel Wood? Her acting was terrible. At first I thought it was Lindsay Lohan. I’ve never seen Evan so stiff. I hope she takes some acting lessons if she returns for next season.

  • Alicia


    Is the girl Alex dating This one?
    Did ERW say anything else?
    I found her website I hope not, I really wish he would date Kate Bosworth. She’s so much sweeter looking. AS needs to leave this spanish girl alone and date me if not! LOL.

  • Flirty

    Just read about the spanish girl. I think she must be just a friend because looked her up and she is married. I doubt our lovely Alex Skarsgard would be with a married woman unless it was as a friend or maybe they are going to work together. Alex is too classy!!!

  • hans


    nice story… you got any more…

  • ha!

    Pretty eyes but she’s a buttaface.
    For some reason I thought she could act but she sucked on TB.

  • Dan


    Here she is with her HUSBAND :

    Stop making up stories! She doesnt even live in the US. Alex needs to be left alone. Im sure if he dates someone seriously we will find out.

  • W

    @Dan: He said Christina something something Lopez. Doesn’t sound like the dude knew her exact name so who knows if that’s who he was referring to. He might have gotten the name wrong too or maybe the lady they discussed is separated. People do date when they’re separated.

  • Min


    What concert in NY?

  • shiegra

    Evan was fabulous as the Sophie-Anne. I don’t agree with the character changes the writers made, but she was utterly charming; whimsical, amused, a little vicious–utterly flippant about a mythical near-unkillable creature. She brought so much character and life to the role. Her performance is one of the few things that I look forward to in season 3.

  • Jordymom

    Evan Rachel Wood is not a good pick for True Blood or Alex Skarsguard. I did not like her as the queen.

  • Jordymom

    Evan Rachel Wood is not a good pick for True Blood or Alex Skarsguard. I did not like her as the queen.

  • Janitalove

    So is this Christina spanish girl the one that was photographed with him coming out from a restaurant a few weeks ago or is that someone else? And FYI, Alex shouldnt be with someone married/ separating not because he cant, but because he doesnt need the drama. ERW is just lovely in TB.

  • Giddy aunt

    Now this begins to make sense. Christina Ochoa Lopez is NOT married. The picture is with her FATHER (not her husband), the sculpture Victor Ochoa. She’s totally the kind of girl I’d imagine ASkars would go for. She’s under 25, well-educated, classy and incredibly beautiful. (He said he liked them dark-haired and exotic…) They would have gorgeous babies! Of course he flew to NY on his birthday to spend it with her! Check her out — she’s WORTHY of him. He’s not dating ERW, and I doubt if he’s “dating” Willa (but those pictures were not great PR…). I hope he doesn’t blow-it with this girl, because she looks like a catch.

    Golly, I feel so much better now.

  • Sookiefan

    I love Christina Ochoa for Skarsgard!! Please, if she really is single let him NOT ruin it with her! Honestly, I think I would have prefered anyone to ERW. She seems like STD central! Have you seen that E Online says they were seen together in LA this weekend? Say it isnt so!

  • Rita

    Actually, I liked her performance on True Blood. My idea of Sophie Ann was of someone so charming, seemingly naive, that would easily lead you to assume that she wasn’t dangerous at all.

    The rolling of the eyes, the overly dramatic stance, the childish behaviour are Sophie Ann’s way of leading people to believe in what they see.

    Looks can be deceiving and that’s the case here. She’s just playing Sophie Ann as a 15 year old brat ( that she was when turned), that actually is a lot more dangerous and conniving than anyone would imagine. With the obvious glamour that comes with being from the France of the 15th century, being rich, and having developed her taste into a more mature one…

  • RRLewis

    @Giddy aunt:

    Christina Ochoa Lopez IS married, but obviously not to her father. She’s married to a guy called Julius Ross. I know because I worked with them in Alexandria, VA where she worked as a receptionist, NOT an actress. Christina and Julius met in Ibiza while he was on a vacation and then married in some quickie justice of the peace ceremony a few months later I imagine only so that she could get citizenship.

  • anna

    Christina Ochoa Lopez is a phony, her bio page on IMDb states that her linage includes noble -prize winner Severo Ochoa, that she is the granddaughter. Yet, Dr.Severo Ochoa had no children. Her agency is just leaking false info to get her onto main stream USA media. I hope Alex S. is not going for this ,lots of misinformation on her life, sketchy gold digger….most likely doesn’t even have a degree at any of those listed colleges…

    BIO on noble prize winner Dr.Severo Ochoa

    “Dr. Ochoa was not only a great scientist but also a great teacher, both at the undergraduate and at the postdoctoral levels. At this level he left a very large family, his true sons, since he left no children of his own. Students came from every corner of the planet to train with him.”

    from the International Union of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology

  • suppress your appetite

    love her!