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Gerard Butler: 'Gamer' Comes Out Today!!!

Gerard Butler: 'Gamer' Comes Out Today!!!

Gerard Butler takes a swig of Fiji water and darts through the terminal at LAX airport in Los Angeles on Friday morning (September 4).

Gerry has his new action flick, Gamer, out TODAY. The movie is set in the future where video games and high tech entertainment have taken high priority in the world. It costars Amber Valletta, Michael C. Hall, Kyra Sedgwick and Logan Lerman.

Are you going to watch Gamer this weekend?? Or Bradley Cooper and Sandra Bullock‘s comedy All About Steve?

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Credit: Matingas; Photos: Bauergriffinonline
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  • Mike

    America’s funnist sweetheart Sandy & Bradley..looks funny.

  • dani

    :)… he looks good

  • H.

    Love Gerry, but I’m waiting for Law Abiding Citizen to see him next. If I can get to a movie this weekend it will be All About Steve and Extract.

  • halo

    looking doable again. i love the hair peeking out of his shirt hahahah!

  • maria

    I will be seeing Gamer tomorrow night. Can’t wait.

    I will be skipping Sandra B’s new one. Can’t stand Bradley Cooper.


    I just saw Gamer. It is wild and GB is sooooo hot.

  • pafan

    Glad to hear from someone who saw it and liked it. I’ll be driving 40 miles Saturday to see it.

  • bailey

    damn. he is gorgeous.

  • dAWN9476

    He’s so hot. I can’t wait to see him on Jimmy tonight.

  • Lynne

    I just saw Gamer. It is one very wild ride. I highly recommend it.

  • Gamer on

    Next show start 4:05pm and now is 3:08pm. I am getting ready for the theater now.
    He looks so good in this group of pics. He def. is on top of his game.

  • Francie

    Gamer for sure!! I hear it’s heart stopping…No wait …that’s Gerry!
    Good Gawd can this man get any more “HOT”

  • lisa

    How many people here were paid to say that Gamer was great..

    PLEASE.. the movie was OK at best.. just another updated Running Man.. nothing more.. Don’t expect a lot.. the plot what there is to is is a bit to comic book. But I’m sure young guys will enjoy it. I don’t think it will be a huge hit. .After this weekend we will see if it has legs.. I for one don’t need to see it again..

    But everyone should make up their own mind.. My grade C

  • Willie B. Hardigan

    Gamer was about as enjoyable as getting cancer. Future gaming, my ass. What a putz.

  • Francie

    Lisa, why does one have to be paid to like a movie…Maybe it’s because it just so happens to be their individual choice .. I say to each his own Sweetie.. If you prefer Rom-coms then do your thang!

  • Swansong

    I haven’t seen GAMER yet, but Gerry looks great in these photos and he has given some really good interviews over the past month! The man is flying high!


  • Bordado

    I am not going to watch Gamer or All About Steve.
    I am going to watch my toe nails grow.

  • ManLESSton, I likely

    Just got back from seeing Gamer. It was a perfect choice for me and the hubby. Hubby loves action and I love Gerry. Quite brutal but I was never bored. For Lisa looking for Oscar fare, this wasn’t the right choice. BUT it was entertaining and d@mn Gerry looked great beefed up a little.

  • Creampie

    gamer. goregous gerard.

  • wed mother


  • toobad

    I’m going to Extract and All About Steve this weekend. Gamer was lame. It’s just Running Man all over again, but with bad camera angles and lame acting. Save your money.

  • lilac

    I’ll make up my own mind about Gamer this weekend when I see it.

    There is something about Mr. B’s body that makes me want to put my arms around his waist, especially when he’s wearing a shirt like the one above. God, he’s gorgeous.

  • Loveubabe

    The Washington Post said in an article titled “So Bad It’s Puzzling” that “Sandra Bullock is wasted in ‘Steve’” They go so far as to draw a puzzle with interconnecting words using: offensive, excruciating, unfunny, gruesome unfunny and ALL ABOUT STEVE. So, I’d say I’m going to take a pass.

    Good to see Gerry in LA in another hat because he’s man who wears a lot of hats these days!

    Not to focus so much on his looks, but the man looks hotter than molting lava hot these days.


  • Swansong

    #22 I agree. He has a gorgeous body and face. Beautiful man!

  • nyob

    Hate the hat but otherwise he is looking very hot in these.

  • Red

    To all you peeps who go on about the Butler’s looks: I couldn’t agree more. I know it gets kind of old reading it again and again, but he is just the finest thing on the planet today. All those little twit teeny types making movies can’t compare to this hot man.

  • Stinkylouise

    That hat matches the upholstery on one of my grandmother’s chairs.Both are hideous.
    So this will be the 3rd Butler film I’ll be paying to see.The first two didn’t disappoint,and I don’t think this one will either.
    All About Steve is getting horrible reviews. It was at 6%on rotten tomatoes.A local critic said it should bypass the dvd and head straight for the nearest landfill.So, I think i’ll give it a pass.

  • amen

    Of the movie I just saw I will say only this: I can see why Gerry did it and I do think there is a certain demographic that will go for it. I think he is a good “action” guy – he’s big and tough and his face beautifully expresses pain and angst…he performed well in the film. Bring on LAC…please!

  • WOW

    Just came back from Gamer. What a ride. Gerard looks FANTASTIC in the military uniforms. The second half of the movie he really shows his acting chops, being expressive and emotional and broody. Man, what a body. I don’t think any other actor in HW nowadays, including the young up and comers, has what Gerard has as far as physical attibutes are concerned. This man just has that stature on the screen that makes you give a little “sigh”. Absolutely recommend it.

  • oh my god!!!!

    WOW….LOOK AT THAT GORGEOUS MAN…..Mmmm!!! yummy….so, handsome…move over tc….theirs a new hunk in town….

  • Good for Gerry

    No doubt this man CAN act! Gamer further proves that. He needs GOOD SCRIPTS! It’s time Hollywood takes notice and sends to Gerry’s way some good scripts. He is a better actor IMO than Brad Pitt and Tom Criuse. He is right on the same level as Bale and Depp and Hanks. He IS an A-lister and there is no doubt about that.

  • jaye

    No, not seeing the movie. He’s totally boring. Too bad he doesn’t REALLY have the hotness of his computer enhanced character in the movie 300. Wow, I guess I am superficial afterall lol.

  • Red

    I think the real GB is hotter than his pumped up King Leo, although Leo was nice. I like GB just as he is right now. Can’t improve on perfection.

  • Reality Bites


    Rotten Tomato gave All About Steve the worst rating in history.. like a .06% Fresh (Reviews Counted: 66 Fresh: 4 Rotten:62)
    .. and Gamer was not much better at 24%.

    I’ll catch District 9 or Inglorious Basterds a second time.

  • http://. A FAN

    I will be seeing Gamer but won’t get to see it until tomorrow night, gotta wait on my sister. She can’t go tonight and begged me to wait on her, started to leave her arse, but I’ll be nice and wait. We both love action/sci fi and I know that we won’t be disappointed. Gerard looks handsome in the pics.

  • halo

    @Reality Bites: sheeep. Only sheep follow what the Reviews say. baaaaaaaah! I hated Inglourious Basterds and District nine was just decent. baaaaaaaah sheeeeep!

  • resa

    I like Butler but I believe his movie is going to bomb.

  • curious cat

    Haven’t seen “Gamer” yet but feel forwarned. What ex-fans of the once promising Butler wanted to see was serious films about serious stuff. Suddenly he was a created Hollywood stud, beefcake, hottie celebrity. This sounds like another Hollywood smash disappointment. Don’t tell us we had no right to our expectations. He gave us reason to expect greatness and he failed us. SO FAR. He sold out bigtime.

  • Pilar

    Now, resa, let’s think positve now….lol!

  • Truth

    I would be willing to bet that Gerard Butler would not watch Gamer if he were not in it.

  • ManLESSton, I likely

    @Truth: I don’t agree with that. He has stated in interviews for this project that he is a fan of the Crank guys. So who knows…

  • Truth

    LOL, manlesston. Of course he has said that. He is promoting Gamer. He has also said in interviews that he wants to settle down, get married and have children. That he hates Hollywood. That he loves all kinds of women – big and small, young and old. I bet he talked up that piece of crap Dracula movie too. Interviews are part of the job – they are not him. My money is on him not liking this movie for anything more than a big paycheck.


    Just saw Gamer. I will see anything with GERRY in it. He really is a great actor and great in action movies. It has a lot of action in it and a good story line. It is very fast pace. Gamers will love it. I just love Gerry. He is really hot in this and hot in these pictures. Can’t wait for LAC next month..Gerry is producing this one..

  • ManLESSton, I likely

    @Truth: The interviews I am talking about were back just after he finished filming Gamer and was promoting PSILY or Nim’s Island (sorry I can’t remember which one) not recently. In fact I haven’t even seen an interview from this press junket for the movie.
    I would bet my money on him NOT seeing All About Steve. As my hubby and I were waiting in the ticket line for Gamer today, he pointed at the AAS poster and said it would cost me dearly if I wanted to see that movie.
    Like I said earlier. we both enjoyed it. I got my Gerry fix and he had plenty of action…

  • PAT

    I can’t see Gamer until Sunday and I am really anticipating it! He is the hottest I’ve seen him look lately as Kable….even more so than Leonidas and man was he gorgeous as Leo. God, I can’t wait! The man is a real jewel!

  • Kristine

    GAMER was awesome! I will watch Gerry in whatever he does. He looks fantastic in this movie and it is very intense. Not generally my kind of movie genre, but this one, it’s got the hook baby!
    You Go Boy!!!!!

  • gillianfey

    More pics. Thanks, JJ. Gamer tickets already purchased for this Sunday. Enjoyable Labor Day weekend with bright, sunny days. Life is good.

  • Grow Up Already!

    this speaks for itself–

    -Actor Gerard Butler tricked a director into thinking he had eaten a doughnut that the Scot had put in his ass.

    The 39-year-old thanked the directors of his new sci-fi thriller Gamer’s by sending them doughnuts, but they were made to think the sugary treats had been messed with.

    The PS I Love You star explained to British ShortList magazine: “I wrote to the two directors on Gamer separately. I wrote that me and the stunt guys are having a blast and sent them half a dozen doughnuts each as a thank you. They were so chuffed.

    “The next day we got six fresh doughnuts and shoved them between our ass cheeks… and took a Polaroid. We sent this snap to the directors and, sure enough, they thought they’d been eating the very same sugary treats. They were freaked out.”

  • rainyday

    I’ve seen almost all of Gerry’s movies available on DVD and at the movies. I love him, but I’m not some crazy who loves all his movies. There have been some turkeys: Anyone seen Fast Food? Gawdawful. Shooters was also terrible, but he was good in it. I also did not like Reign of Fire, but that really wasn’t his movie. Beowulf and Grendel was another bad move on his part, but Wrath of Gods, the documentary about the making of B&G, was wonderful. So, I guess, all was not lost on that one. My all-time favorite is The Jury, which was a BBC Masterpiece Theater series. Shows what he can do dramatically. Even though it didn’t make money in the US, I thought Rocknrolla was great.

  • critics are wrong

    I remember when Phantom of the Opera came out it was pounded by critics. Back then my decision of going to see certain movies pretty much depended on reading critics’ reviews. I have missed the chance of seeing POTO on big screens. What an experience that would have been! The lesson is don’t listen to critics but go make your own judgment because you may a better critic than them.