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Jennifer Garner: 'The Invention Of Lying' Movie Poster!

Jennifer Garner: 'The Invention Of Lying' Movie Poster!

Jennifer Garner takes her daughters Violet Anne, 3, and Seraphina Rose, 7 months, for a morning stroll on Friday (September 4) in Boston, Mass.

Below is the movie poster for Jen‘s new romantic comedy, The Invention Of Lying, out October 2. The flick takes place in an alternate reality where lying—even the concept of a lie—does not exist. Everyone—from politicians to advertisers to the man and woman on the street—speaks the truth and nothing but the truth with no thought of the consequences. But when a down-on-his-luck loser named Mark (Ricky Gervais) suddenly develops the ability to lie, he finds that dishonesty has its rewards. In a world where every word is assumed to be the absolute truth, Mark easily lies his way to fame and fortune. But lies have a way of spreading, and Mark begins to realize that things are getting a little out of control when some of his tallest tales are being taken as, well, gospel. With the entire world now hanging on his every word, there is only one thing Mark has not been able to lie his way into: the heart of the woman he loves.

FYI: Jen is using her BOB Revolution Stroller!

15+ pictures inside of the Garner girls out for a stroll…

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jennifer garner invention of lying poster 01
jennifer garner invention of lying poster 02
jennifer garner invention of lying poster 03
jennifer garner invention of lying poster 04
jennifer garner invention of lying poster 05
jennifer garner invention of lying poster 06
jennifer garner invention of lying poster 07
jennifer garner invention of lying poster 08
jennifer garner invention of lying poster 09
jennifer garner invention of lying poster 10
jennifer garner invention of lying poster 11
jennifer garner invention of lying poster 12
jennifer garner invention of lying poster 13
jennifer garner invention of lying poster 14
jennifer garner invention of lying poster 15
jennifer garner invention of lying poster 16
jennifer garner invention of lying poster 17
jennifer garner invention of lying poster 18

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  • Catalina

    Correction….the Affleck girls.

  • Jennifugly

    Look at those shorts! LMFAO! For the life of me, I cannot fathom why Ben is still with this woMAN.

  • Sande

    Why aren’t these little girls EVER pictured with their father?? Does he still live with them???

  • garner affleck fan

    everyone should just leave them alone oh and the reason ben has not been around is because he is filming a movie

  • Dellina

    He’s not with them because he’s working on his movie. These photos are taken in Boston. Jennifer as you can see is not happy about being photographed every time she tries to take her children outside for a walk. This is the downside of an enormous paycheck for a few weeks work – the paps following you every time you step outside. Not sure if the trade off is worth it.

  • JU

    Seraphina is tooo cute

  • AutumnN

    It is weird how Ben is almost never with them. It seems like Jen is always with the kids by herself. Can Ben ever help out?! Shame on him!

  • lollipop

    Its September so doesn’t Violet have preschool??? Or did Jen have a tizzy over Ben doing s*x scenes with his new lady love on set so she needed to rush on over to Boston to keep up appearances of the happy homemaker. Maybe Jen will visit Ben on his set and start leering at all the hot girls that Ben works with while holding Ben’s babies. That would be splendid.

  • tooo funny

    she must have been up all night reading this blog
    bc everyone was saying she never spends time with the baby and lo and behold there’s the baby


  • baby

    the baby is really cute
    violet, not so much ;(

  • You/Me

    So, no smiles from Jennifer since the Ben w/Blake pictures came out, and she got her butt to Boston right away didn’t she!?!?
    Ah, I’d be pissed too if everyone was saying my husband doesn’t like me :(

  • woooo

    jen looks like hel1
    she must be going thru tough times while her hubby is cheating with a much younger prettier girl

  • http://israel Lisa rose

    now, when I’m looking at Violet……….. maybe she IS slow and has some needs!!!!!! now I’m feeling bad for calling her ugly. lol

  • http://israel Lisa rose

    WOW Sera is almost all Ben!!!!!!!!!! YAY! maybe she’ll be realy beautiful in a few years!

  • Jennifugly

    Violet seemed to stop going to preschool at the same time it was reported she was upset that Gwyneth signed her kids up to attend there. I’m sure both Ben and Jens PR people sent Jen and the kids to Boston asap after those photos with Blake and Ben beeming happiness generated so much response.

  • twigs

    This chick must be a good actress because that’s a two bagger face.

  • lilie

    You idiots trying to justify Ben for not being with them because ”he’s filming a movie”’need to wake up,, you dont film a movie 24/7 every second of the hour he must get breaks even if its for a an hour,he could spare that atleast to be with them for a stroll,plenty of other cleberties with children do it,,and you/me i agree with your cooment usually when the paps are around she has a smug look on her face but ever since those pics surfaced she looks very scorned woman

  • coral

    I feel sorry for her, she always looks like a single mother. She must be having a bad moment, with the photos of her husband glowing with a blonde and she having to travel to Boston going after him.Ben is a bast__

  • sweetness

    Now I get it….. the pacifier that Violet put in her mouth was one of Seraphina’s that V found in that stroller because both girls use the same stroller. So it’s no big deal.
    All the girls look lovely…..
    I don’t understand the hatin’.

  • lilie

    meant to spell celeberties,,and comment

  • agreed

    i do feel bad about violet – she is obviously got the back woods hillbilly inbred DNA from jen’s side of the family

    that baby looks like maybe she got his side,but that means she’ll be an alcoholic tho….so too bad

  • carrie ann

    Another movie I won’t watch because Jen Garner is in the lead role. When will Hollywood get a clue about her? Her PR team/agent is fierce y’all. They track blog comments all the time and know what people are saying, tell her and then she goes out and tries to extinguish them.

    E.g. Blake and Ben Flirting. Next day, Jen gets on the next plane to Boston. Talk of her never being w/Sera. Next day, Jen goes on a walk with Sera. Talk of divorce. Next day, “date” night photo op.

    Jen G = Most Fake Saccharin Celeb Who Can’t Carry a Movie, Controls Her Husband & is a Marriage of Convenience for Fame and Power in Hollywood.

  • lollipop

    Jen’s shorts look like a soggy diaper. Im sorry but those are bad. lol

  • off to boston after pics

    did u see her face that day she left to boston? the day after the love pics from ben blake”? she looked absolutely insane with jealousy is was freightening

  • Erin

    Lillie, you are a moron. You try to correct your spelling but neglect to correct your punctuation, capitalization (or lack there of), “atleast”, “cooment”, “,,”, etc. I’m sure the Afflecks are devastated that a twat like you is on their case. You and the rest of you haters might want to hit the books instead of the “internets” (you know, instead of the internet). Beast off louck two u,, lillllliiiiiieeee.

  • alias

    Wow! some people must be really jealous of Jennifer. Otherwise they wouldn’t spend time trying to bring her down. Get a life people. I will only believe that her marriage has problems when they actually divorce. As of now, it’s their business like all other people’s marriages.

  • time will tell

    @carrie ann:

    I agree with you. Unfortunately for Ben, that probably means he’s going to have to do some family time for the paps because of all this “where’s Ben” comments. The next pictures will be “family time, everythings great” kind of pictures. Poor guy.

  • he’s gotta want to sleep

    with a prety blonde like blake whatever her name is
    i bet he goes to NYC and meets up with her when jen goes back to LA

  • moms

    Oohmpa Loompa Ommpadeedoo…Uhm, Jen Willa Wonka called and he wants his glasses back!

    And Ben called and he wants you out of his life for good.

    And us moms called and is asking you to stop saying you’re a “normal mom” because you’re not. We don’t have agents, red carpet premieres, fancy stylists/jewels, housekeepers, nannies, pr teams, multi-millions, oh and that $20 million dollar home of yours. Get real please and stop mocking us regular moms.

  • stylists?

    that she obviously does NOT have

  • who wears short shorts

    Richard Simons wants his shorts back.

  • garat

    I think she´s very controlling…some people said that but i didn´t belive it. But why she travelled to boston the day after the photos were released?If she is sure about her husband she doesn´t need a last minute travel to Boston.

  • Shawna

    You guys are so pathetic. Jen IS a good actress and producers will stop hiring her when she stops doing a good job in their movies. I can’t wait to see her new movie, it looks hilarious! Secondly, there is nothing wrong with Ben and Jen’s marriage. Obviously he is not cheating with Blake – she has a boyfriend who she is very happy with! Photos only capture small little snapshots of their lives so you have no idea of how Jen and Ben’s family actually is. You all seriously need to get a life!

  • poor violet

    this is the school the little girl attends – it is for retarted kids

    ok so leave her alone

  • Ben is working

    HOW MANY TIMES DOES IT HAVE TO BE SAID (over and over) Ben is on set directing and acting in a movie. Check the web, you can see pics of him. Latest are him joking with a crew member (male) pretending with an air gun.

    I was out shopping today, even mowed the grass all without my husband holding my hand. Oh wait we must be heading for divorce court.

  • haters go away

    FYI………………..the shorts are very much the thing this summer.

  • that last time

    i saw ben, he was beaming ear to ear with that blonde chick
    that wasn’t just colleagues talking sweet heart

    the entire web is buzzing about it

  • http://israel Lisa rose

    its obviously that she doesnt trast on Ben, cus if she was she didnt was traveling to Boston, when her daughter need to GO BACK TO SCHOOL!
    I’m sure that they wouldnt divorce any time soon, but I’m also sure that there’s alot of troubles in this relationship right now!
    and I’m even more sure (cus I was a huge fan of this couple in the past and sew alot of photos of them togather) that Ben didnt looked THAT happy around Jen, as he looked happy around Blake, since thier early days of dating! somethng like four years ago!
    seems like the children realy kills thier happines and love for each other! or maybe its not even the children?

  • ann

    @garat: How do you know it was last minute? She could have had that trip scheduled for weeks!!

  • o man hes diggin her
  • that aint right one bit, baby
  • AutumnN

    @Ben Is Working

    That’s not a good excuse. Plenty of actors work and still find time to spend with their families. He definitely gets time off just like anyone else who works, but for some reason you never see him with Jen or his daughters. Even when Ben wasn’t working on a movie, I hardly saw pics of him spending time with Jennifer or the kids. It seems to me like Jen is the one who is mainly raising these kids.

  • Melindawarrington

    36# You can make all the jokes you want, but we´re not talking about one day.This woman is always alone. When Ben is with her, his face looks miserable. The thing with the photos with blake is not that they are dating or something, because Blake is young and sexy and Ben looks horrible, he can´t use his body like when he was young and sexy and he was seducing famous women. The thing is he was smiling like a fool and flirting, something he never does with jennifer. Look at the physical language,it´s like gigli set two. That´s why people are talking about it. So don´t be demagogic,it´s clear there´s something wrong when you need to take a plane to control your husband and he looks happier with a 20 years old girl than in the last years with you.

  • suzy

    The Invention of Lying. Is this a movie about their marriage?

    I liked her in Alias but she’s gone downhill since she married Ben and seems desperate now. I agree with most of the sayings that Ben is not happy with being married to her and it’s not a coincidence that she tries so hard to make it look like she is an average mom with a great husband, etc. She has said in interviews that she “fakes acting calm”, her hero is Martha Stewart (the queen of perfectionism, control and lies) and they are both Hollywood actors. They know how to ‘act’ the role. She’s a not a good actress though so we’re not buying it.

  • Dellina

    I notice the haters on here can barely put a sentence together. Their spelling is terrible…”she doesn’t trast on Ben”….what does that mean? You might have more credibility if you went to school and learned something. Right now your posts are so funny and so full of bad spelling and errors that I e-mail some to my friends so we can all get a good laugh.

  • Ben is working

    @ AutumnN #43

    Except these pics of Jennifer and Violet walking yesteday and then of Jennifer, Sera, and Violet were taking during the day AT the same time that Ben is shooting his movie.

    Can you imagine Ben telling the producers, “sorry can’t film day scenes as I have to take a walk with my family so the bloggers won’t have a cow.” Really?

    Ben flew from Boston to CA several weekends in a row to hang with the family. Because you didn’t see pictures of him kissing them at the airport doesn’t mean he doesn’t spend time with them.

  • mimi

    All the kids go to school but Violet has to be dragged to a different city, just to have some PR damage control for her parents loveless marriage?
    They are no better than the BRangelina and how the drag their kids to advance their career, and the kids don’t get school.

  • jolie pitt

    this is just how this whole thing started
    on set people were talking
    pictures were taken
    and voila- there ya go, history was made

  • seus

    Stank nasty.

  • suzy

    Dellina, I think there’s foreigners that post on this blog. Before criticizing others, why don’t you take some grammar lessons before you start trashing others for their spelling? Your run-on sentences don’t pass 4th grade. In general, why is it that all the diehard Jen fangirls start to PERSONALLY ATTACK the person who they disagree with? Is that the West Virginia bar trash thing you guys do when you can’t acknowledge the truth? Are you, like Jen Garner, in denial too? You must be a follower of that Pippi fangirl who fanatically obsesses over Jen Garner and defends her to the nth degree. Wake up, Dellina. If she weren’t so fake and with Ben, people might like her better. She should take that tip from Reese who did just that after Ryan.