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Kanye West & Amber Rose Intermix It Up

Kanye West & Amber Rose Intermix It Up

Kanye West and his girlfriend, model Amber Rose, spend the afternoon shopping on Thursday (September 3) along Robertson Boulevard in Beverly Hills, Calif.

The pair stopped off at Intermix and a few other stores.

Kanye, per usual, didn’t take well to being followed by paparazzi. He exchanged words with one cameraman while driving along Fairfax Avenue in West Hollywood.

10+ pictures inside of Kanye West and Amber Rose Intermix-ing it up…

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kanye west amber rose intermix 01
kanye west amber rose intermix 02
kanye west amber rose intermix 03
kanye west amber rose intermix 04
kanye west amber rose intermix 05
kanye west amber rose intermix 06
kanye west amber rose intermix 07
kanye west amber rose intermix 08
kanye west amber rose intermix 09
kanye west amber rose intermix 10

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30 Responses to “Kanye West & Amber Rose Intermix It Up”

  1. 1
    sogiekhog Says:

    she’s so ugly!

  2. 2
    meemee Says:

    Here we go. Let the ignorant posts begin. I am staying out of this one.

  3. 3
    LuckyMe Says:

    I love her shoes!! I need to do some shoe shopping, edgy stuff is out now!

  4. 4
    Anonymous Says:

    Something about her just bugs me. She is pretty, but strange looking at the same time…and it’s not just the closely-shorn head thing either. It’s something about her trying to seem white…or black…I can’t figure it out. Be who you are, whoever that is!

  5. 5
    Anonymous Says:

    It’s like everything she does is for the cameras. I don’t think that she really loves Kanye, but is just using him. He’s irritating too. Can’t he figure it out, anyway?

  6. 6
    jess Says:

    ignorant posts number 2?? uh yeahhhh she’s one classless lady of course…

  7. 7
    jj Says:

    nothing boils the blood of trolls than seeing a hot women (with fanstatic figure) with a rich man. There you go you hating byches. the truth!

  8. 8
    erik Says:

    Uh, what the hell is she a model for?

  9. 9
    Spfxgirl Says:

    I really don’t like Kayne. I think the guy is an arrogant d**k. As for his orange looking gf. Well she does have a good body but not he best looking girl.

    They both need to crack a smile!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. 10
    jmho Says:

    She’s a strange-looking chick. If she makes Kanye happy, great.

  11. 11
    Séries Megaupload Says:

    What is the problem with is hair??

  12. 12
    jess Says:

    She looks this gorgeous with a bald head and an amazing body. You people just can’t stand it!

  13. 13
    NT Says:

    In my opinion she is not at all attractive. Its something to do with her face. But good luck to them if they really like eachother.

  14. 14
    odie Says:

    She tries to look so sophisticated when she’s all the opposite. When this girl opens her mouth, you can imagine what comes out of it right? it’s call ****, bull ****. She’s a total *****. Seriously!!

  15. 15
    tweety Says:

    while everyone else is saying that amber is strange-looking, freaky, and ugly, i just think that she’s a hot piece of azz!! theres something about her thats edgy and mysterious. im intrigued.

  16. 16
    poon Says:

    I just get tired of his attitude that he is the ****. He has such a smartass smugness about him. As far as she goes… they are a pair.

  17. 17
    dundies Says:

    It’s something about her trying to seem white…or black



  18. 18
    Jamal Says:

    Kanye should know better than this, he knows you cant turn a ho into a housewife. She is a stripper and he knows this, I hope he doesnt get to emotionally attached to her. She looks like she is manipulative and Kanye has to know but he seems smitten with her.

    I hope this is a game for Kanye cause this trick wont last, she even told her friends that this was her chance to become famous.

    Oh well he is prob borderline gay, cause this chick does have a manish quality to her, maybe thats why kanye likes her because she resembles a man with that bald hair.

  19. 19
    Bastardus Grull Says:

    If more of you broads on here posting looked like this the world would be better for it.

  20. 20
    blondie Says:

    Here is a song, written by blondie
    about this matter… dot dot dot.

    Well Kanye, I am just jealous
    about this new chick
    that I see you with

    You’ve got me tossing and turning
    ’cause it’s her lips
    that’s got you burning and burning and burning

    Is she arm candy
    Mr. Dandy?
    Does she deliver the goods
    real good? Real good.

    Does she pick up and deliver
    what satisfies you
    Is she like the girl who serviced John Belushi
    but from the hood?

    Does she get you high
    and make you sigh
    and make you cry
    out in a falsetto voice
    “cause it’s so good

    Would mama aprove?
    or would she weep
    because you sleep
    with such a bleep….with such a bleep, bleep, bleep

    But who am I to judge.
    I’m only jealous.

    So carry on
    nobody’s wrong.

    The heart wants,
    what the heart wants
    Go on and flaunt.

  21. 21
    blondie Says:

    (The song is just a little mental excercise, and a bit of creative
    writing, and nothing more.)

    The lady that he is with is a real beauty and I get the impression
    that if Kanye is her lover, well….
    that she is smitten and loves his company
    and his sharing his time and his energy with her
    and not leaving her for the millions
    of women that would love to be in her shoes,
    and in his bed.

  22. 22
    Dassie Says:

    Great song, blondie! :P

    I don’t see anything wrong with this couple, they’re both cute, frankly she is so different from what most people on this site are used to seeing that they just can’t handle it or something, lol….

  23. 23
    thats_right Says:

    i hate that pink lip stick on her I mean she looks like a man there is nothing feminine about her

  24. 24
    lakers fan in boston Says:

    @thats_right: totally agree, im almost 100% sure she’s a tranny

    totally hate her, she looks more like a robot tranny than anything
    i dont get why kanye bitczhes all the time about the paps, i swear not 2 long ago he loved em
    now with his super sized ego he just thinks they’re beneath him
    eff both of these waste of humans

  25. 25
    ambertheshemale Says:

    OMFG… what the hell is THAT thing/creature? “model” my ass… her lower part is thick…

  26. 26
    Cranky Franky Says:


    Jamal, you’re a true loser just like Kanye. Its a matter of time before he beats her and ***** slaps her just like all you ghetto scum…and she will then leave his blackness…..back at the curb….where Kanye belongs!!

  27. 27
    HEdel Says:

    KAnye is an ignorant monkey fo back to the jungle and swing on trees thats all your good for.

  28. 28
    sheeda Says:

    why is race an offense but u white ppl are the only ones posting races post.because u guys are ignorant..i see why the indians called u guys devils its cuase u guys r

  29. 29
    sheeda Says:

    now when we start cracking jokes on u crackers dont get mad..

  30. 30
    suppress your appetite Says:

    she looks really cute!!

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