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Kourtney Kardashian & Scott Disick: Carpaccio Couple

Kourtney Kardashian & Scott Disick: Carpaccio Couple

A very pregnant Kourtney Kardashian hangs out at her luxury hotel with boyfriend Scott Disick on Friday (September 4) in Miami, Fla.

The 30-year-old reality star shared, “I went to Bal Harbour today in Miami for a delicious lunch at [ritzy Northern Italian hotshot] Carpaccio with Scott and some shopping!”

Kourtney‘s summer series, Kourtney & Khloe Take Miami, airs on Sundays @ 10PM ET/PT on E!.

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Credit: Kadena Pix; Photos: Bauergriffinonline
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  • mike

    i wonder if her baby will grow up to be a scumbag defense lawyer like her dad and get OJ off of his second murder trial after he gets out of prison.

  • know what i bet?

    oily variety greasy bohunk
    both of them are yuck

  • know what i bet?

    and you know what else i bet….that baby will have deformities bc she was PARTYING while pregnant


  • what the hel1 does

    he have on


    what a sleaze ball

  • shes is NOT….

    …”VERY” pregnant – althought she should look it as she is due in 3 mos……that’s bc the baby is not developing well from the abuse the mother imposed on it early on, drinking and god only knows what else

  • stella

    Nice shorts and wife beater t shirt…Great examples for parents…

  • Janice

    # 1
    mike @ 09/04/2009 at 8:10 pm

    i wonder if her baby will grow up to be a scumbag defense lawyer like her dad and get OJ off of his second murder trial after he gets out of prison.
    GET HELP!!!!!!!!!!!

  • IMO

    these whores/idiots/sisters…..should all have been spade and neutered

  • IamLegend

    is any kardashian housebroken or paper trained yet?
    nad here she is showing off the condom she poked holes is…the tramp of the day, the whore of the hour, the slut of the second..ah screw it

  • mike

    @Janice: lol, oh, im sorry Janice, I guess I should consider any guy who helped get OJ off for murder, and then the lawyer’s children living off that fame, nobel peace winners. moron.

  • Anna

    why all the haters on here??

  • because anna…

    …this girl is a disgusting excuse for a mother-to-be partying/drinking/?
    while prgenant…if she is due on 12/25 then she was pregnant by march 23rd…so you do some research and find out then see was getting sh!t faced in miami

  • carrie

    i love his pants!!!! so ….silly?!

  • fashionfan

    I agree with everyone, they are both looking awful! gross

    also agree that it’s very very bad to drink when you’re pregnant, but how do we know that she knew she was pregnant when she was partying in miami? my best friend had no clue she was pregnant and got drunk a few times those first few weeks after he was conceived, thank God her baby is perfect

  • the_boyfriend

    I’m starting to like his style, I mean,’s hard to pull off the American Psycho thing but he has it down. It’s interesting at least, I have to give him that.
    I saw a pic on some Britney fan forum of him and K-fed partying in Miami a few days ago, eek.

  • leah

    God Bless them both and their baby. You haters out there are will have to answer for your judging her so harshly.

  • answer to who?

    answer to who?

    WTH? u r nuts

  • candy

    she is dark and ugly

  • she is ugly i agree

    dark and u gly
    i bet she smells gross like garlic and BO

  • blah

    this bicctch didnt become news until she opened her legs and got pregnant. Cant stand the Kardasians, they are too fame hungry

  • I n F a m o u s l y C o o l

    lame douchebag and his nobody babymama.

  • commonsense

    JJ we don’t give a shit about ANY of the Kardashians!

  • unknown

    FAT BITCH, why isnt it dead already.

  • mailey

    nice shorts, a-hole.

  • marla

    Who are this people again and why does Jared gives a f****k about them.
    And why do we care if she’s a h*b*g and got knocked up?

  • Lisa

    Scott’s pretty good looking … BUT WHATS WITH THE SHORTS?!?!

  • Bella

    Ouch! Some of you people are very harsh! I’m not a huge fan of the Kardashians, but the way some of you are so quick to judge is sickening. How do we know if she knew she was pregnant while partying? It happens…at least she is pregnant by someone that she has been with for a while, even if it’s been on and off. Best of luck to them and their baby.

  • Lisa too

    I have a question for you posters….. What does Scott do for a living? I really don’t know anything about where he is from? I wonder how she met him? He has famous friends ( or should I say, he hangs out with other celebrity’s kids, such as Rod Stewarts son who seems to be a loser)

  • alabama88
  • bilyana

    ur insane with your comments.. she is actually very good looking and they look like a normal young couple stop with the insults if you dont like them simply dont look at their pictures.. if they are so dumb and etc why are u losing your time browsing through their ‘dumb”ugly’ pictures?

  • tim

    LMAO these two are a joke, she gets knocked up from a guy that cheats on her, I see a reality show out of this, good ole American Television, she looks greasy by the way!

  • cutie pie

    Oh fu-k you and your OJ bull crap, like if it had of been a black woman you would never here a damn thing! But it was a white women (nicole) so thats all you hear is Oj is a murderer, where you there when it happened, what about all the black folks that whites have killed GGTFOH!! How about all those racist as- cops who have shot black men and said they was reaching for something and come to find out it was a cellphone.. HOW ABOUT THAT SH_T HUH!!!

  • cutie pie

    nice unwed mother~~~

  • Irene

    Man…so many jealous hoes….. So many haters, that’s y their famous!

  • simmonsV

    @because anna…:
    I am just stunned at watching Kortney drink and party while pregnant! I can not believe there is not anyone responsibie enough in her life to tell her to straighten up. Just think of what she is role modeling for all those teen age girls. PLEASE address this. Just ignoring the baby’s needs is terrible. Kortney needs to acknowledge this issue, admit she has been wrong and start living in a healthy pregnancy! PLEASE! PLEASE!!

  • suppress your appetite

    Her boobs are gone=P

  • WOW90

    It’s really funny to me how you losers like to bag on people like the Kardashian’s because you wish you could live their lives. You mofo’s have no life but to waste your time talking ish. I’m pretty sure if she knew she was pregnant, drinking wouldn’t have been an option for her. You idiot douche bag losers are bagging on her and her family while I can bet you are no saints. Get a fn life and find something productive to do. I bet if you had money you wouldn’t be on this website talking ish and you wouldn’t want anyone talking ish about you either. Stop being haters and grow the f up…..fn losers. If this offends anyone in any kind of way where they feel they have to attack me because of MY OPINION…. do yourself a favor and jump of a bridge and land on concrete ground!

  • aMANDA

    i think that is sooo stupid.. GROW UP JACKASS