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LeAnn Rimes & Eddie Cibrian's Exes Speak Out

LeAnn Rimes & Eddie Cibrian's Exes Speak Out

LeAnn Rimes has lunch with a friends on Thursday (September 3) in Brentwood, California.

The 27-year-old country singer’s ex, Dean Sheremet has reportedly reached out to Eddie Cibrian‘s ex, Brandi Glanville, according to Us Weekly. “They have been supporting each other,” an insider said of the two. “They’ve put the pieces together about the last few months, and they’re developing a good friendship through this.”

Dean is having a tough time seeing LeAnn with Eddie. “I don’t really know what to say. It’s bizarre. It’s surreal. But I’m doing OK,” he said.

15+ pictures inside of LeAnn Rimes having lunch with friends…

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  • ****

    Yeah, I’d imagine Dean would have a tough time seeing them together since he probably wishes he was the one getting shafted by Eddie Cibrian. Time to come out of the closet Dean, you’re not fooling anyone anymore…not even LeAnne.

  • bones

    Come on out Dean

    You say “dishonesty is deplorable” well, so is hypocrisy.

  • lightonthings

    Wow Le Ann is looking fit and pretty darn good

  • me

    They need to STFU, it’s best not to look like a fool, when people start talking about their ex’s they lose their credibility.

  • xxx

    Leann even you are not happy sexually with your husband you are a home recker,you and cheater eddie are just selfish trash and one day he will cheat on you for sure.
    Dean is a very descent guy and hot but not a gay,these are the rumors spreaded by Leann to justify her homerecking , adultrous PDA.
    see deansheremet on twitter.
    I am sure that one day eddie will cheat on Leann with another model/actor OR MAYBE NANNY OF HIS CHILDREN.

  • Lilly

    Its amazing how happy and light and joyous you can look when you have absolutely no conscience. She seems to be reveling in the attention. Sad. Her lack of remorse for the hurt she has caused is scary. Betrayal is betrayal regardless of Dean’s status.

    A little more maturity and a little less selfishness and gloating is probably a better way to go.

  • blah blah blah

    Guys, seriously. Life is short – don’t trash Leann or other couples. Judge not, lest you be judged.

  • I n F a m o u s l y C o o l

    whoree! whoreeee! whoreeeee i say.. whoreeeeeeeeeee! lmbaoooo

  • sunseeker

    Lilly well said, marriages break down and we move on, but with a little respect and sensitivity. I tell you something Rimes is loving the attention, she worries me , there is something lacking, both Cibrian and Rimes should be on Jerry Springer, somebody said on another side , look under trailer trash and next to it you will find Rimes

  • gwen

    So now DS is only talking because he wants to be with EC? The lengths people will go through to justify EC and LR actions. And how is he the hypocrite? He isn’t the one pulling the “I care about my family” routine and then being so insensitive that he shows up on a beach with a married man who said that he was “devoted” to his kids.

    For all those posters trashing Dean, what did he do wrong? How is he responsible because LR didn’t have the decency to tell a married man no or end her marriage before jumping into bed with EC? It was LR who was cheating on him, yet some people want to act like Dean owes LR something. BTW, it’s not DS or BG who are losing credibility, it’s EC and LR who are too stupid to realize that these public outtings and the trip to Mexico hurts them. DS and BG have every right to speak out. They are not sleeping with someone else’s spouse and gloating about it. They are not sticking their fingers in the shorts of the man who denied ever liking them. They are not gloating because the world saw them in action with a man who cares only about fortune and fame. So please explain why people think that trashing DS and BG will help LR and EC?

    LR and EC are being judged because they deserve it. As long as they keep showing a lack of concern for those people who were hurt by their lying and cheating people are going to comment.
    What happened to do unto others as you would have them do unto you?

  • kris

    LeAnn looks like an inbred hillbilly with those slanty,beady,too far apart eyes.

  • Torrance

    What makes her think she’s any better than his wife? If he can’t stay faithful to the wife, there’s no way he’ll stay faithful to her.

  • jackofalltrades

    we don’t know any of the details of what went wrong

    word is dean cheated first with a guy…doesn’t make what le ann and eddy though

    eddy cheat on wife all through marriage.why? why do men sometimes do that?


    Lee Ann Rimes is young, however, she has been in the entertainment business for a decade and a half and should have matured mentally having been in tough business/entertainment world.

    Unfortunately, she seems to be very, very immature. I don’t think I’ve heard her speak with the maturity of someone her age. She always comes off like she’s got the brain of a twelve year old.

    Don’t see what chump Eddie sees in this immature, spoiled, below average looking girl with veneers that are way too big for her mouth.

    She can’t even sing good anymore. I wouldn’t touch it!

  • jackofalltrades

    le ann has fantastic talent and voice

    that is very sexy to some. we don’t know if brandi is frigid empty b&tchy or what her personality is like. maybe she not too pleasant


    Forgot to add……….Lee Ann will be dumped within 6 months of her divorce being final. What comes around, goes around.

    Eddie is a nice looking guy who probably has gorgeous women after him all the time. He’s just taking up some time with LAR and getting some much needed PR before something better comes along.

    Guarantee it!

  • bones

    True about the veneers. Le Ann had nice teeth , teeth that fit her face.
    She said Dean advised her on every little thing. Too bad.

    Her teeth are too big for her face. She looks like she has dentures or like bullwinkle crossed with a beaver.

    Veneers are not reversible. Yuck!

    She still has a superb voice! But again she and Dean drank a lot. Read Dean’s Twitter page. He’s always talking about the drinks.

  • oink oink

    pig nosed horse face!

  • bones

    Are you gorgeous oink oink?

  • jackofalltrades

    wish brandi would come out with some more choice morsels. the cat has her tongue. wha happened?

  • jackofalltrades

    we don’t know if dean is hurt or glad to be free to go on to his true kind
    we have not heard from dean himself only some mag saying “dean said”, “a source said”

    don’t believe anything you hear or read unless you hear it from the person’s mouth or see pictures

    why don’t the celebs sue these mags for writing unture stuff. sometime they do but why not more. Pitt sued and won a couple year ago.

  • bones

    Dean needs to fess up and explain why he never was honest about his ambiguous sexual wishes

  • cosi

    …interestingly familiar tone to many of these comments…
    at any rate, it’s not so much that their respective marriages were torn apart, but the absolute glee and lack of decorum this piece of trash has exhibited in the process – that’s the galling bit.

  • ron

    #23 You are absolutely right! Affairs and divorces happen all the time but Cibrian and LeRimes seem to delight in humiliating and hurting their innocent spouses. She could have divorced Dean anytime during the past 7+ years of their marriage and she didn’t have to out him in such a brutal way by using her PR machine. This same PR was used to attack Brandi time and time again – and all of a sudden, she was partially to blame for her husband’s astonishing behaviour.

    LeRimes has absolutely no shame and her stupid vapid grin says it all.

  • sunseeker


    What Eddie sees is Money and he also admitted to being interested in a singing career some time back, Leann has contacts and Eddie needs contacts badly, his acting is not the best and he has only got his looks, I think Leann got him the job with CSI Miami because she knows the Producer .

  • socal

    Thinking she didn’t divorce him years ago because
    she was naive and love was blind. or maybe she just
    caught Dean or some one ratted him out.

    Same reason Brandi didn’t leave Eddie. Willfully blind or
    no one cared to tell her what all of us knew all along

  • jumpinaples

    Is this crazy or not

    Brandi puts her 2 year old in school and critisizs Eddie for not being there.

    Why is Brandi putting a 2 year old in school? A 2 year old should stay home with mommy.

    Maybe Brandi is not such a great mom as she mouths off about.

  • Perri

    There is nothing wrong with putting a 2 year old in a playgroup. It is probably a few hours and it’s good socialization for the kids. As for Brandi, I understand her hurt, but she needs to stop talking. It’s better to take the high road as opposed to what her soon to be ex is doing.

  • jumpinaples

    Big deal a playgroup but why make it sound like a firstday of school like its 4 the older kid. Its fine if a father isn’t there for a playgroup first day 4 a 2 year old. 2 year olds down need playgroups. They need mom and home.
    How long will the divorce take

  • Marieme

    Wow, she’s really full of herself isn’t she? I don’t have an argument against people who fall out of love. It happens. But I do have a problem with people who are clueless about the chaos and pain they wreak when breaking up a family. LeAnn could not care less about appearances, the kids, the lying or the ex (hers and his); all she cares about having sex with Eddie and fulfilling her needs – oh and all this free publicity, which she’s obviously loving.

    Selfish, spoiled and immature airhead. Enjoy the short time you have together. It ain’t gonna last.

  • jumpinaples

    Eddie has been with so many girls whats one more. ? is why did Brand look the other way till now?

  • john boy

    I think Eddie would have to put a bag over her head before they have sex. I would.

  • jumpinaples

    Brandi said their is a part of Eddie she’ll always love. People who are hating on him hate him more than Brandi does. Guess Brandi knows and luvs something about him He not all bad is he

  • he/she

    She was cute before she had those horse teeth installed in her mouth. Big mistake it makes her face look like Mr. Ed

  • gwen

    What does DS being gay have do with LR cheating? NOTHING? Someone is just looking to “save” LR by any means necessary and they think they can deflect from LR bad behavior by bringing up DS sexual orientation. LR CHEATED and FLAUNTED IT, so no amount of blaming DS is going to absolve her. If she was tired of DS “dishonesty”, then she should have filed for a divorce and taken up with a man who wasn’t married.

    So now BG is the bad guy because she put her kid in a playgroup? Sounds like someone is once again trying to make excuses for EC and downplay the situation to make EC look good. It wasn’t just a playgroup it was his son’s FIRST DAY and the fact that he decided to run around with LR makes him look bad. Afterall, he was the one who made it a point to tell everyone that he was a devoted father. So if he was such a “devoted” father, why would he miss his son’s first day of school? Why would he even want his son to associate his first week of school with photos of him hugging and kissing his mistress? No amount of trying to downplay this day or trash BG for wanting EC to be there for HIS child is going to save EC?

    People are “hating” on EC because he is doing something wrong. Why should people look the other way when he and his mistress are playing this out in the public’s eye without any regard for the people who are hurt by this. Trying to blame the people who are commenting on this matter doesn’t help EC and LR either. It just makes it even more obvious that despite the hype created by People, Star, and In Touch that no one is impressed by their actions.

    So now EC and LR had a right to cheat because BG was “frigid”. When all else fails blame the victim. And some wonder why people comment on this matter.

    As long as EC and LR keep going public, they have a right to talk. This is the problem with affairs, when the married man and his mistress go out the media/press ohs and ahs. When the victims of the affairs speak they are labeled as jilted and people look for ways to blame them. BTW, trashing BG or DS makes LR and EC look bad. They can’t justify their actions so they throw innocent people under the bus.

  • Dee

    Le Ann and Sienna Miller can start a “homewrecking ho’s” club

    Both of them are vile and disgusting. Hopefully karma will catch up with them.

  • he/she

    A playgroup for a 2 year old is not a first day of school. Silly silly silly

    If a mom takes a kid to daycare the dad does not usially come along. Going to school for a 1st time yeah but not a daycare or playgroup. A 2 year old won’t even remember it. Silly silly silly

  • he/she

    was eddie supposed to be with brandi to take the kid to a playgroup
    that I dont get

  • he/she is lydia


  • gwen

    Still trying to convince people that up is down and down is up.

    You are just trying to downplay the playgroup/daycare because you know it makes EC look bad for missing it. It doesn’t matter if it was a playgroup/daycare or not, a) IT WAS HIS SON’S FIRST DAY and every kid wants to share this with his parents and b) EC made sure to tell the whole world that he was a devoted father and that his kids are his first priority. So if his son is his first priority then why is he on a beach instead with his son?

    Dad’s don’t show up for the first day of daycare or playgroup, is that your assertion? That’s where you are WRONG. Stop making excuses for EC, he missed his kid’s first day and now he looks even more like a lowlife.

    You should know by now that your name calling and insults are not going to make people see things your way.

  • gwen

    “A 2 year old won’t even remember it.”

    Well thanks to his dad, who made sure that he and his mistress were spotted together in Mexico, he will remember his first day of school for the rest of his life. Just think, those photos of LR and EC on a beach are FOREVER.

  • nn

    The lies and deceit are so deep, the grusome twosome may never find their way out of it. Hustler Eddie is now trying to hide his assests by stating date of separation was March 15, who is he kidding? Just look t the numerous pics of him with his wife after that date. Just look at his on the record denials of the affair after that date. Go for it Brandi, knock the smirks off their faces.

  • sunseeker

    When my 3 year old went to pre school both my husband and I went because my husband had a day of in lieu, you take your child to pre school to help them interact with other children, I did not work either, so stop judging. Some people like to stay at home to look after their children, but still put them into day care part time. I honestly think it’s more important to be there because they are still so young, different people different idea.
    I agree with you. The photo’s on the front cover are more harming than anything else. Eddie already made a fool of his wife and children, so stop blaming Brandi for getting angry, she had the right.

  • nn


  • kim

    If Dean is gay and Braby is a loudmouth b#tch then the four of em are all better off.

    My dad was a philanderer and none of us kids hated him for it. Mom moved on found anuther hub

  • gwen

    That’s the problem, Ec isn’t just a philanderer; he is a philanderer that likes to tell the world what a great and devoted father he is as he dances around on a beach with a woman who takes pleasure in the pain that she causes others.

  • lydia is nn


  • blowser

    Hey everyone is bored silly with LiLo and the rigamarole. This is getting juicy too bad peoples feelings are invovled

  • Perri

    Excuse me, get your facts straight before you post, I am not Gwen or any of the other posters you mentioned. You think I am Gwen because I don’t think it is a big deal for a 2 year old to go to preschool? If you noticed I as disagreeing with jumpin about that and thought that Brandi should shut it. Get a grip!

  • blowser

    us weekly has a much better and more active comment board, About
    200 posts. JJ seems to be dying these days.