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Roger Federer: Shirtless Sexy

Roger Federer: Shirtless Sexy

Roger Federer practices his serve shirtless for the U.S. Open held at the USTA Billie Jean King National Tennis Center on Thursday (September 3) in Flushing, Queens.

On Wednesday, Roger warmed up his game, beating Germany’s Simon Greul in straight sets, 6-3, 7-5, 7-5. His biggest supporters in the audience? His wife Mirka Federer and Vogue‘s editor Anna Wintour, whose documentary The September Issue is now in theaters.

10+ pictures inside of shirtless sexy Roger Federer

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roger federer shirtless 01
roger federer shirtless 02
roger federer shirtless 03
roger federer shirtless 04
roger federer shirtless 05
roger federer shirtless 06
roger federer shirtless 07
roger federer shirtless 08
roger federer shirtless 09
roger federer shirtless 10

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58 Responses to “Roger Federer: Shirtless Sexy”

  1. 1
    his wife Says:

    his wife is just hideous
    oh my god
    what an ugly beatch
    waht could he possiblitysee in her
    maybe bc she put s up with his crybaby ways

  2. 2
    liza Says:

    I wouldn’t regard THAT as sexy!!

  3. 3
    Dassie Says:

    The body is lookin’ good….manly, not all waxed like all the other sissy dudes we’re so accustomed to. :P

  4. 4
    jmho Says:

    I don’t think the wife is bad looking. She’s not gorgeous but she’s sort of cute.

  5. 5
    jane Says:

    He is so hideous. *vomit*

  6. 6
    katie n Says:

    She gave birth to twins a month or two ago. Good for her that she is taking it slow.

  7. 7
    Hypn0tikal Says:

    Nadal > Federer

  8. 8
    flutters Says:

    I don’t know why I didn’t expect him to have such a nice body. Obviously as an athlete he’s supremely fit. Those are definitely more attractive than I was expecting. Thanks Jared!

  9. 9
    Karen Says:

    Federer sexy ? Seriously? Not at all…

  10. 10
    cooh Says:

    yummy,Mirka is ugly,he could do best,but,maybe she has something we don’t see

  11. 11
    j Says:

    LOVE HIMMMMM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Federer totally beats Nadal.
    If Federer doesnt win the US Open, im going to be supremely disappointed. i absolutely adore him.

  12. 12
    Cavill Says:

    not attractive

  13. 13
    lakers fan in boston Says:

    damn, wtf happened to his wife
    i use 2 find her kinda cute a yr ago, but shiz, what’s going on with her face
    damn dude, i doubt it was because of the twins she had, maybe is just isnt taking that much care of herself anymore
    anna wintour scares the shiz out of me

  14. 14
    ruby Says:

    THANK YOU SOO MUCH JJ for putting this gorgeous man on your site, I was wondering when you would have more of him!!

    He is so sexy in such a manly way!!! Hope he wins the us open again!

    His wife isn’t amazing but she’s cute, also there’s no rule that a celeb must be with a model-like woman, she’s very supportive of him and sweet.

  15. 15

    Not only is Roger totally sexy, Mirka is gorgeous in a way most American just don’t get. Nadal is no oil painting…that snarky sneer and constantly pulling of the pants out of his crack, not exactly alluring.

  16. 16
    bam! Says:

    Go Roger, get your 6 straight USO & 16th overall GS!

    I find him strangely hot too, not in a particularly conventional way, he certainly is not “perfect” looking & I wouldn’t say he was my type at all but I honestly find him hot as can be…think his talent ups his hotness level.

  17. 17
    kate Says:

    Federer is such a likable guy, you can’t help but adore him! He’s not only a great champion, but a perfect gentleman. Love his hairy chest too, hehehe!

  18. 18
    EAC Says:

    okay, Mirka is NOT ugly! what are you talking about?

  19. 19
    Anthea Says:

    good heavens cover up – you are a shame for Switzerland anyway

  20. 20
    Hillary Says:

    Well they have been together for a long time so I guess looks don’t matter to him. He is too hot for her though

  21. 21
    anug6469 Says:

    So HOT!

    Love Him! x

  22. 22
    anug6469 Says:

    So HOT!

    Love Him! x

  23. 23
    kat Says:

    This guy is soooo hot!! and cute, love just listening to him talk.

    Yummy :)

  24. 24
    Valerie Says:

    Roger is the HOTTEST MAN IN THE ENTIRE WORL! He is a classy gentleman, faithful to his wife, committed to his game and extremely talented. He is the greatest tennis player of all time!

  25. 25
    vera Says:

    he is a nice guy and mirka not a stunning beauty but cute… and miss Wintour seems very pleased of what she see :D

  26. 26
    KElly pattinson Says:

    I DON’T think that’s SEXY AT ALL !
    I mean, he’s supossed to be all sexy and have an amaizing body
    but he’s noooot
    iugh don’t like it….

  27. 27
    Linda Says:

    Hairy chest, a rare find these days. Kinda sexy.

    Mirka is what Roger wants/what he needs and he couldn’t find a better wife and partner than her. May be she’s not for you… but she’s everything for him.
    They’ve been together for almost 10 years: she mothered him, nurtured him, took care of him, managed him. cooked for him, practised with him, sitting thru court side all thru thick and thin, supported him, encouraged him, yelled at him “keep your chin up”, cried with him, smiled with him ……. gave him babies (twins). She’s the ROCK to him.
    What else you need in a partner? She’s not a trophy wife or a gold digger. Not everything depends on “looks” only. She is very elegant/ in classical way. And her manners are very courteous and royally (whole Frederer family is).

  28. 28
    Ugly? Post pic of yourself pls Says:

    To those shallow, ignorant people posting nasty comments that he and his wife are ugly, etc, please look in the mirror and imagine your picture posted on justjared for all those to comment on.

  29. 29
    Lydia Says:

    sexy man:P

  30. 30
    anne Says:


    to you , maybe he isnt. but for the others like me i find it so……

    to each his own you know.

    thanks jj.its always nice to see you always having a piece on roger.appreciate it very much.after all we his fans dont regularly see the greatest tennis player of all time aka nos 1 in the world half naked .Hehe.

  31. 31
    anne Says:


    says the hater….yikes.karma is a ***** no?lol

  32. 32
    anne Says:

    @his wife:

    oh yes , the crybaby who is also known as the GOAT and currently the nos 1 player in the world.?funny how the” hideous” mirka snatched the most popular one eh? if thats how hideous somebody look after giving birth then i definitely would want to look “hideous” like ANd kudos to Roger for choosing his “hideous” wife.It means that he is not most guys who went for girls who are model thin and model faced but yet airheads!

  33. 33
    anne Says:

    @his wife:

    oh yes , the crybaby who is also known as the GOAT and currently the nos 1 player in the world.?funny how the” hideous” mirka snatched the most popular one eh? if thats how hideous somebody look after giving birth then i definitely would want to look “hideous” like ANd kudos to Roger for choosing his “hideous” wife.It means that he is not like most guys who went for girls who are model thin and model faced yet pea brained!lol

  34. 34
    denise Says:


    oh pfffttt….dont you worry .switzerland will never ever be ashamed of him .Good heavens..He practically let the Switzerland be known all over the world so im sure whatever he do , his country will be proud of him.

  35. 35
    joyce Says:


    you mean 3 is > than 1?lol!

  36. 36
    denise Says:

    @KElly pattinson:
    as if he cares if you dont like it.

    seriously those of you haters…..just enjoy bashing him all you want.after all he will always be up there and you will always be at your pathetic life tapping in your laptops looking up at him.Haha!

  37. 37
    susan Says:

    OMG!So freaakinnnnn Hot!!!!!!!!!!!!Thanks JustJared for this delish pictures!Looking forward to more of Roger in here!Thannkkkksssssss!

  38. 38
    corin Says:

    @KElly pattinson:

    So if THIS is not sexy, please tell me what is!!!!

  39. 39
    Mia Says:

    So glad to see a Sexy Manly body and super cute guy, please we need more of him on this site!!!

    Getting bored of the baby oil rubbed plastic look most famous guys are doing thesedays. This is Real, toned and taned but not OTT!

  40. 40
    me me me Says:

    LOL i never thought federer and sexy could be in the same sentence, but he does actually come pretty close to it in the serving pic.. anyways, lol again.

  41. 41
    tennis fan Says:

    Seriously hot. Nice to see a real man not a Ken doll. Physically sexy and talent-sexy!

  42. 42
    Anthea Says:


    Wrong Denise – I am Swiss and I am not proud of him – cause he is like the most famous sports people in Switzerland – no real Swiss – his mother is South African – lucky him his father is Swiss citizen.

    Many others are only buied in by the government so we have some stars to show.
    For me – if we are not having here born and raised got sport stars – we don’t have to buy them – it’s cheap and makes us look like idiots.

    If Switzerland wants to compete in the world – they should finally start a real sports academy so the atlethes can be there train, study and so on – till nowadays their parents have to pay for everything and this is nearly impossible for any normal family – so all the talents (if we really have some – in which sports ever) all have to refuse.

  43. 43
    Musiker Says:

    Federer seems to be a nice guy—he obviously loves his wife and his children. I find nothing sexy about him, so am not “feeling” the plethora of topless pics. Further (IMO), he’s just one of those tennis players who, while outstanding, possesses absolutely NO charisma. So, what’s the big deal? I feel the same way about Kim Clijsters and Justine Henin. Excellent players, but no charisma, therefore, so what?

  44. 44
    Random Says:

    Weeeee. HOTTT!! Especially in the serving pic OMG. @-) ILY Federer. ;))

  45. 45
    ginny Says:

    roger is sooo cute and hot.. more pics of him please? i agree, enough of the ken doll look alikes!

  46. 46
    Carolina Says:

    Who said Roger has no charisma??? wth??? That person must be blind! I was lucky to meet him in person last Wimbledon and you just could feel how everybody was in awe at him. When he entered the court you could feel as if everyone there was not breathing for a second. He has such a magnetic aura, something really special about him, his demeanour, the way he moves, like casually. And don’t let me start on the hotness factor, OMG, he is amazingly atractive, handsome and extremely hot! Your knees can get really weak in his presence, I’m telling you. And these pics… yummie yummie yummie, this is what I call a real man. Can’t get enough of him!

  47. 47
    Shelly Says:

    Please, Fed was ready to dump her and she gets pregnant. She is a gold digger. He wants security and she wants money. It works for them.

    This past week, a. major swiss paper just called her out on her past and her going with her babydaddy after getting dumped by another rich man.

  48. 48
    lee Says:

    really really makes me wanna barf.
    only dellusional people may think he is sexy or hot.
    neither his appearance nor his attitdude/personality are sexy.
    his wife is pathetic and has no life of her own.

  49. 49
    Annie Says:

    Roger is a very sexy man, especially for european, americans are more into barbie and ken;

    Roger has of course lots of charisma, everyone loves him across the world, watch him closely; he raise his fist into the air after a great point while shouting a c’mooon!
    That’s enough, that’s class;
    No need to act like monkeys, like nadal and verdasco at the australian open, they were ridiculous, everybody mock their dances;

    Lendl was a bore, Agassi was fun btw
    Mirka is indeed a goldigger and not beautiful but I don’t care, I’ve only eyes for Roger.

  50. 50
    sakthivel Says:

    hey really looking nice. really i love him for his charming personality and trickful play.

  51. 51
    sakthivel Says:

    hey really looking nice. really i love him for his charming personality and trickful play.

  52. 52
    love Says:


  53. 53
    rogerrules! Says:

    Stop critisising Mirka’s looks people.
    Roger looks amazing! Hot!

    And Mirka looks really sweet!

  54. 54
    Ginger Says:

    Yes Roger is hot. Well maybe hot isn’t the word. I think he is handsome. There is a difference. Very nice face, pretty hair. Body is OK but too hairy. Nadal has the rockin hot body but a so so face only!!! My favorite the one who I think is totally hot and cute too is Novak Djokovic. He has my heart and my vote as the hottest tennis guy!!! <3

  55. 55
    jerri Says:

    I wonder if all of you people that are running down Mirka are totally beautiful yourselves. I think that she is cute and she has a nice smile. Too bad that she has to be exposed to such negative comments but she would probably never read this…she is enjoying your great life – are all of you??????

  56. 56
    suzie Says:

    I agree with Jerri,Anne and Linda. “They have a beautiful marriage and have been together for 10 years. No signs of him dumping her. They adore each other and manage their hectic lives with style and class. I am a Swiss and we are so proud of him. He does our country proud. No idea what the other person is talking about at all. Must live on another planet…. Oh, well. It does not matter because they have the life of gold…so happy for them

  57. 57
    suppress your appetite Says:

    the best player

  58. 58
    Christa Says:

    Yum how could you not think he’s hot. He’s gorgeous and Mirka is lucky. And stop calling Mirka ugly. She’s what a real woman looks like. Who says that weighing 100 pounds and looking like a play boy ***** is sexy. They both love eachother for who they are. Looks aren’t everything. You guys are so shallow. Good luck dying alone a**holes!!

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