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Rumer Willis Shows Sorority Row

Rumer Willis Shows Sorority Row

Rumer Willis (in Stella McCartney) arrives at Summit Entertainment’s Premiere of Sorority Row with her mom, Demi Moore, at the ArcLight Theater in Hollywood on Thursday (September 3).

The 21-year-old actress stars in the remake of the 1983 slasher film The House on Sorority Row. She described her character in the movie as, “the girl who would finish her term papers for the year” right away, but she insisted she has a sexy side. She gets to fire a shotgun in the film and show off what she called her ‘bad a–’ side.”

Check out‘s recent exclusive interview with Rumer Willis.

FYI: Rumer is wearing Irit Design Cluster Earrings from Broken English Jewelry.

30+ pictures inside of Rumer Willis showing Sorority Row

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rumer willis shows sorority row 01
rumer willis shows sorority row 02
rumer willis shows sorority row 03
rumer willis shows sorority row 04
rumer willis shows sorority row 05
rumer willis shows sorority row 06
rumer willis shows sorority row 07
rumer willis shows sorority row 08
rumer willis shows sorority row 09
rumer willis shows sorority row 10
rumer willis shows sorority row 11
rumer willis shows sorority row 12
rumer willis shows sorority row 13
rumer willis shows sorority row 14
rumer willis shows sorority row 15
rumer willis shows sorority row 16
rumer willis shows sorority row 17
rumer willis shows sorority row 18
rumer willis shows sorority row 19
rumer willis shows sorority row 20
rumer willis shows sorority row 21
rumer willis shows sorority row 22
rumer willis shows sorority row 23
rumer willis shows sorority row 24
rumer willis shows sorority row 25
rumer willis shows sorority row 26
rumer willis shows sorority row 27
rumer willis shows sorority row 28
rumer willis shows sorority row 29
rumer willis shows sorority row 30

Photos: Jason Merritt/Getty, Adriana M. Barraza/WENN
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  • M

    Gawd she´s UGLY.

  • Tom

    She really got the ugly genes. I feel bad that Demi has to go to these B list premieres to support this exciting career.

  • cooh

    Give the girl a break,ever actor has to go to the b list in the beggining,it’s how it works.

  • tizz

    You know what, I am getting sick and tired of everyone, people are always complaining that it’s the media that is making girls want bigger boobs, or making them anorexic etc. but people on gossip boards are just ridiculous. She’s ugly. right great, so she’s not your type, so what?! She could be someone elses type. She coould’ve easily gone and gotten plastic surgery just like her mom did, but instead she stuck through it and is trying to make a career for herself while all people seem to look at his her jaw and keep calling her ugly. I actually think she looks really nice here. I like her outfit and she has really lovely eyes.

  • Lara

    She actually looks sorta good here…the darker her suits her!

  • Elvie

    I dont think she would have any chance if she wasnt the daughter of Bruce willis and Demi Moore.

  • I

    love the outfit and the make up

  • NT

    Wow, you guys are horrible. Good luck to her. I hope she has a great career. At least she not like some of the rest of the celebrity spawn with DOI’s etc. She actually works and is trying to make a name for herself outside of her father and mothers fame. I think thats quite admirable compared to the likes of Paris Hilton who is famous for being rich.

  • humpty dumpty

    The Willis daughters must curse their father daily for their egg-heads and man faces.
    I can just imagine it….”fcuk dad and his fcukin bald egg-head. fcukin a*shole passing on his fcukin ugly genes”

  • abc

    wow….a chin that won’t quit and a nose and a mouth that quit too early.

    i didn’t know demi had an affair with jay leno.

  • Paulinha

    Someone warns that this girl has a horse face?

  • Paulinha

    HORSE FACE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • sienna

    bruce willis is a f*cking dog and demi would be very ordinary without all the cosmetic sugery and help she has had.

    makes perfect sense that rumer is so ugly!

  • sha’

    I hate to say it but she is really ugly and she doesn’t help herself out by closing her mouth. She always has this weird star glazed over her eyes that is way ugly. She and her boyfriend should never procreate, their child would have the biggest and ugliest jawline.

    That is way mean and I am sorry.

  • sunshine

    Is that her boyfriend?
    What’s with all the big chins???

  • not ad

    shes not so bad shes actully looking better
    but her mother is a FREAK did u read her tweets?
    wow…..crazy mental menapause b!tch

  • eleni

    Most posters on here remind me of the 12 year old school bullies who try to compensate for their own lack of self esteem, looks and accomplishments by taunting others. Grow up…you sound pathetic!

  • hydrangea

    She looks just beautiful with her hair this color! She needs to keep it:)

  • me

    She sort of resembles Dita Von Teese. They have a very similar shape face.

  • pokeman

    cooh @ 09/04/2009 at 7:28 am

    i am sure she is a very sweet and nice girl and compare to other young hollywoow girls she got a good head on her shoulder. but lets be realistic here if it wasn’t for her parents, she wouldn’t have even made it at all.

  • pokeman

    anyway, forgot to say i wish her luck. i hope she do well regardless how she looks.

  • leah

    “Oh Lord, it’s hard to be humble, when you are perfect in every way…..”

    Check yourselves.

  • Laurie

    I agree, she would not be given a second look if she wasnt bruce and demis daughter. not fair to people who REALLY have talent and cant get a chance.

  • ha


  • ha

    this is the best she can look folks. the best hairstylist, clothes, war paint & she still is funny looking with her photoshop morphed face. next!

  • LolaSvelt

    I think she looks good. This is a good site, it’s a shame it attracts such superficial losers.

  • Shawn

    I think she looks absolutely beautiful! Love the hair color, make-up, outfit. She really looks like her mom in these pictures.

  • ace11a

    looks ok..lets face it she is not as hot as her mom…

    but then again how many spend as much to look as good as Demi?

  • http://facebook jennab

    @M: @Elvie:

    I agree and the poor thing should slap her parents for passing on the ugly.

  • jj fan

    i heart this outfit!

  • PUKE!

    Only Tori Spelling and Rumer Willis can look like they do and get acting gigs….because of their parents!!!!!

  • PUKE!

    #27, she would have to chop off about 4 inches of head to even look close to her plastic mother. She IS daddys girl, egg head and all.

  • me!


    I think what people object to is the fact that she is always out there as if she has done anything of value. I have never seen her in movies/tv shows, etc., etc…
    Yet she appears in gossip colums, magazines and what not.
    She has famous parents–that’s it, so let’s just call her what she is: a celebrity whore like Paris Hilton, the Kardashians, Lindsay Lohan—and the list goes on.
    Now go away!

  • Beach Lover

    Poor Rumer should never have her picture taken standing next to her mother…the contrast is too stark and too striking. Demi just is lucky enough to have that beautiful face. Ru has the worst traits of both Willis and Demi or she has exagerated traits of them both. I’m not sure. But I am sure that she looks better, if never good, on her own. I can’t believe someone hasn’t already told her that.

  • Eric D. Midget

    That is one fugly dude.

  • voe

    Love her jacket!

  • Jen

    She may not be the prettiest but I think she looks good here, great outfit and good makeup and hair.

    Briana Evigan looks gorgeous, she is so pretty, like the new hair color on her

  • tizz

    Why should I go away?
    Anyway, she’s at the premiere for one of her movies, she’s going to appear on 90210 and I think she’s done other things. I’m not a fan, I haven’t seen her on anything, and will definately not be watching this movie. But that wasn’t my point.
    My point was people being so awful about her looks. Yeah her chin is large, I’m sure she knows it. If you look back at the comments people aren’t calling her out on being a fame wh*re, they’re just calling her out on her looks as thought they’re perfect.

  • Torrance

    At least she isn’t Paris Hilton.

  • s

    perez was right,demi is really struggling(emphasis on the word) to hang on to her youth,maybe she should just give up n let age happen to her..

  • dani

    She looks good here. All you haters need to drop your prejudices about what she used to look like and focus on how she looks now. She has lost weight, probably had some work done on her face–especially the cheeks.
    She also is hard working–she is out there working the schmooz factor like all the starlets do. She has been in 9 movies or television shows in 2009 which is 8 more than Lindsay Lohan or Paris Hilton have done. And she was in ten in 2008.
    So she is in to self-publicity–what wanna be actress isn’t. Look at Tori Spelling, Haydn Pantierre, Spiedi, and all the rest of the celebutards. She is doing well in comparison.

  • miapocca

    This a prime example that plastic surgery dont fix your genes., Now I guess we know what Mummy looked like before all the work…Women of American be proud of what yo have and grateful that you have no desire to fix anything…because it will be difficult to explain to your daughter why you call her beautiful but you found it necessary to change your face

  • Khristi

    She isn’t that bad to look at my God, I just wonder what some of you look like. People really get on my nerves talking about someone else’s appearance-what I’ve encountered in alot of these situations is that people generally aren’t happy with themselves for some reason and that’s why they feel the need to take down others. I know that I’m not the most attractive and that’s okay. It’s called life.

  • miapocca


    Pretty good and comfortable…just because you are uncomfortable with your looks, dont assume everyone else is the same as you…There are people who hollywood will consider ugly but they still are VERY comfortable.
    Your comment only informs us of your insecurities without adding much to the conversation at hand…

  • Iknow

    OMG GUYS !!! She totally had a Nose job. If you guys cant tell ,her nose is a bit different than other pics.. SHE HAD A NOSE JOBBBB .

  • cosi

    girl in the spaghetti straps looks good

  • Kathy

    I think she looks good, that’s partially because I don’t like that whole cookie cutter thing that hollywood gots going on….I like people who look different (and thats not a bad thing )and is comfortable with it…I only seen her in the movies that her dad starred in so I don’t know much about her acting skills (the part was a small part for her)…to everyone who says she only gets parts cause of her parents: hollywood isn’t about talent these days (if you haven’t noticed) its all about who you know and being in the right place at the right time FOR EVERY ACTOR/ACTRESS, not just her. Every now and again you get a good/great actor out of the bunch, hopefully she will be one of them…
    she is pretty much just starting out so time will tell….

  • Jaw

    Everyone, it’s her chin. If it were smaller, she’d be a lot prettier.

    And who cares if she’s not hot, her parents are mega famous! I’d rather be her than myself right now.

  • whatever

    I think she looks really good here…

  • sarah

    She looks really pretty!