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Gerard Butler to Jimmy Kimmel: I Was A Carnie!

Gerard Butler to Jimmy Kimmel: I Was A Carnie!

Before hitting up Crown Bar, Gerard Butler makes an appearance at Live with Jimmy Kimmel in Los Angeles on Friday (September 4) to promote his new action flick Gamer (in theaters NOW).

The 39-year-old Scottish stud shared that after he graduated law school, he became a traveling carnie (slang term for a carnival employee). Gerry was responsible for the Wacky Wire booth, a game where you have to twist a metal ring around metal coils without having them touch each other. Jimmy had Gerry play the game and tried to distract him by asking him if he was dating Jennifer Aniston. Hilarious! Watch below –

Gerard Butler to Jimmy Kimmel: I Was A Carnie!
Watch Part I here and Part II here!

10+ pictures inside of Gerard Butler at Jimmy Kimmel Live

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gerard butler carnie jimmy kimmel 01
gerard butler carnie jimmy kimmel 02
gerard butler carnie jimmy kimmel 03
gerard butler carnie jimmy kimmel 04
gerard butler carnie jimmy kimmel 05
gerard butler carnie jimmy kimmel 06
gerard butler carnie jimmy kimmel 07
gerard butler carnie jimmy kimmel 08
gerard butler carnie jimmy kimmel 09
gerard butler carnie jimmy kimmel 10
gerard butler carnie jimmy kimmel 11
gerard butler carnie jimmy kimmel 12
gerard butler carnie jimmy kimmel 13

Credit: JCalderon ; Photos: Fame Pictures, SplashNewsOnline
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  • Jules

    love him!!!!!

  • dAWN9476

    He was adorable on Jimmy.

  • Mimi

    Yawn…I’ve heard all those stories before. That thing about him being a carnie and the wacky wire, yeah, he told that story on Leno in 2005. Geez, can’t he come up with something new?

  • princess

    What’s wrong with his mouth? Has it always looked like that?

  • omg

    I did not know he was that funny :)

  • Yoda

    Is that his girlfriend in the horrible looking dress??

  • LOL

    Gerard doesn’t date women.

  • ellie’

    Loved the video Gerard was really funny and really good looking..

  • roxiehart

    She is very pretty if she is……but, I wouldn’t think he would be that obvious. Maybe his assistant?

  • iheartthehero

    As a sometimes carnie my self, I’m proud of him, but damn I wish our boys looked like him! :)

  • pafan

    I wish someone would steal all his hats and throw them in a dumpster. He’s so cute, but those awful hats distract.

  • All Women Stalker

    I didn’t know that about him. I really should IMDB him.


  • nyob

    I have never gotten a gay vibe from him, but I am beginning to wonder about him and that guy (in the background of these shots) that is ALWAYS with him. East coast/west coast . . . he is always there it seems.

  • alison

    Thats too funny. I hope he’s not dating anistan, she is a loser.

  • huh

    he is yummy. so funny on kimmel. can a man be any hotter?
    did anyone else find the scene when he peed into the gas tank erotic? phewwww.

  • janice

    @alison: of course you know aniston. i totally agree what a loser cute, beautifull, classy and rich to boot. IF ONLY I COULD BE SUCH A LOSER. and dating all those hot guys WHAT A LOSER. another jolie loon has spoken!

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  • http://twtter renata

    follow me in twitter guys

  • ManLESSton, I likely

    Good news for Gerry fans…
    1. The Final Destination $3,575,000
    2. All About Steve $3,570,000
    3. Gamer $3,300,000
    Let’s hope Gamer continues to do well. Gerry needs it to for the future…

  • Ahhhh, bless…

    There is poor old blonde Danielle Spencer looking on lovingly at her beloved Gerry. Is it unrequited love? Don’t worry girl, the models he dates won’t last forever. You may have the last laugh.

  • I’ve noticed that

    NYOB #13

    I’ve noticed that guy too. He is known on Gerry’s IMDB board as ‘Fry Guy’. They gave him that nick-name when he was photographed with Gerry during the time when Gerry had a lot of root canal treatments in March 2008. The photo had his hand pinching a fry from Gerry’s plate.

    According to many people who have actually met him, he is much cuter and funnier than Gerry (hard to believe, but true). They say his name is Nick B(something). You can find pictures of him and Gerry coming out of a club in 2007 (or 2008) on the GALS website, so it seems they have known each other for a few years now. He was recently seen with Gerry in Philly.

  • gaggsh

    he’s hilarious. i love him. i’ll never think of krispy kremes the same way again.

  • amen

    @I’ve noticed that: Don’t know exactly which guy you are referencing, but I do see in pic #5, behind Gerry over his left shoulder, a tall guy in dark brown t-shirt and sunglasses, scruff….that’s one of Gerry’s Publicists his name is Rupert
    Fowler. He is usually always with Gerry on publicity and Premiere events in Europe and Asia…just FYI. There are lots of shots of him w/G in Berlin Film Festival 300 event.

  • Lisa

    Who the hell is Danielle Spencer?

    Also the woman in the orange dress is the wife of one of Gerry’s friends that is always with him I believe.

  • lady

    i met gerry, he’s as nice as could be. but clearly not a fan of the paps he kept shooting them dirty looks. he seeems like agreat guy.

  • I’ve noticed that

    Amen #23

    Thank you for your information, but I know exactly who Rupert is and what he looks like. You can see photos of him on this site when Gerry was doing TUT Junket and was evacuated from the hotel. Rupert was walking in the street with Gerry. He tended to look after GB in Europe, and has only recently come over to LA. Granted, both have beards, but Rupert is much slimmer. The guy you see in these photos is a guy called Nick B. I understand he works within casting/production in LA, and I have it on good authority that he escorted Zoe Bell (in the film Gamer) to both the PS I Love You and Nims Island premieres. Again, from what I have been told, Gerry had a close ‘friendship’ with Zoe at the time which was hidden from the public. His friend simply helped Gerry out.

  • You/Me

    Awww, thank you for that JJ!! That was a fun interview! He is adorable!!

  • amen

    @I’ve noticed that: Well I’ve never met Rupert, but have seen him with Gerry – at least the person Gerry referenced as Rupert…if that guy isin’t him – it surely does
    look like him. As I said, I’ve never met him. Personally I am always happier to see Gerry being handled by Rupert (or who I believe to be him) rather than Alan..but that’s just me.

  • gillianfey

    JJ, you do know how to spice up this Labor Day weekend. We’re seeing Gamer tomorrow, already have our tickets. More spice. Most of what I’ve read regarding the movie and GB is good, especially GB.

  • O

    @I’ve noticed that:
    Zoe Bell is ugly as hell! Isn’t she a lesbian btw? On the other hand, Gerry loves lesbians so… Maybe he watched Zoe and another girl having sex ;) He likes to watch girls have sex with each other. Yep.

  • ManLESSton, I likely

    Just watched Jimmy Kimmel from last night. Semi-boring interview. Only highlight for me is when Gerry was working the wacky wire and said, “so are you dating Jennifer Aniston?” and Gerry replied, “Low blow.”

  • Love-U-babe

    So likin’ the hats. Keep’em comin’ babe. Been watchin’ them since Cannes. You’re your own man now. Yep. So that includes you wearin’ all those hats (professionally as well) you been collectin’ (and dying to do) since, only God knows when. It takes a certain confidence to handle a hat. They’re so you, all of them. And it i for me “The reason I hold on.”

    Loved Gamer dude. Those scenes when you weren’t runnin’ around with a gun? Like the woman in white and the in-between times when we find out why the fight was worth fighting? Yeah, noticed those scenes, my love. When you sifted the chalk, the dust. Told her to let your jewels alone. How you had dirty nails. And how you covered your ears after letting them read your thoughts to see the truth why you were in. Brilliant, my love. Simply brilliant. Never (ever) forget, “I am right there with you.”


  • ManLESSton, I likely

    @Love-U-babe: Holy super bat-sh!t crazy. I think you would do better to write a letter to Gerry than make the rest of us puke in our mouths a little.
    A little obsessed are we? Do you really think he will read your post? I’m sorry but you got to be kidding…

  • Rupert

    Looks like Gerry has his entourage with him. I’d say the ladies are his stylists. The guys for his safety and PR. Yep, I agree with “amen”, that guy could be Rupert. I don’t think it’s Nick Bicanic.

  • wishingwell

    What’s happened to GB lately? He looks better and better with each set of photos except for the on-set ones from The Bounty. His cleansing must be working and his face is glowing with health. I am happy for him and sad at the same time. There will be more women lusting after him and makes it even harder for him to settledown. I wish him prosperity and happiness. He seems to be a nice person by nature.


    Looks like Gerard Butler new movie is a flop. I personally don’t have anything against him. But when you allow Chinnifer PR machine to plant these fake stories about a faux romance to get her ugly azz publicity you get what you deserve.

  • ManLESSton, I likely

    wishingwell @ 09/05/2009 at 8:30 pm
    What’s happened to GB lately? He looks better and better with each set of photos except for the on-set ones from The Bounty. …
    Yup he looks great. Getting away from a 130 lb ball and chain famewh0re can do a body good! he he

  • Forfait

    The guy is Ariel Vromen, the “director” of Jewel of Sahara, that SO GOOD movie, where Gerard Butler f***d a camel.
    They seem to be VERY CLOSE friends. I suppose he’s the guy with Mr Butler in NYC couple fo days ago

  • jennipoop Anusstain

    He never do anything for me before, but boy he is gross.. chunky, chubby and bloathy.. yuuuuuk! what’s up with the cap Jerry? it’s makes you even Fuglier than ever…
    For the first time I relise.. You and the Fugly Chin Man should get together… perfect match… seriously… you two should be TWINS!

  • rumors

    @I’ve noticed that:

    Good grief. Your “authority” is the f/ucking gossip columns/blogs. Quit spreading rumours. Gerry and Zoe have a working relationship, not a secret romantic one.
    The guy is not Rupert, It’s Ariel. Ariel is not his special “male friend”, but just a friend. And he is married. The girl in the orange isn’t his wife, Olga.
    Ariel lives in LA. He wasn’t the guy riding bicycles with Gerry in NYC.

    Fry Guy/Nick – who knows what their relationship is.

  • curious cat

    @mimi #3. Agree. Same old stories and so superficial and silly. I thought the donut story made GB look immature. Jimmy K didn’t seem to know much about him, (where’s the research staff?) so we get (yawn) the old law school tale and the old carnival tale, even where he’s from, for God’s sake. Almost as bad as last month’s Esquire piece which purportedly had a reporter who didn’t know anything about who GB is sent to interview him. Gimmicky, lame, and again, same old stuff rehashed. GB is reportedly intelligent. Why doesn’t he show that side?

  • pafan

    Saw Gamer today and I really liked it. It was a wild ride. The kid who played Simon is a find, IMO. Michael C. Hall (?), the guy from Dexter, was good too. But best of all was GB. His action scenes were awesome. Well, he’s awesome. He can be so silly telling his funny stories on talk shows, and then turns around and becomes this intense man on screen. Will the real Gerard Butler please stand up. Bring on LAC.

  • eeek

    WTF. This guy is freakin’ ugly. I don’t understand the attraction of Jen, Cameron, etc. He’s not sexy, very inarticulate, boring and a simpleton. He reminds me of Russel Crowe without the “talent.” Aaron Eckhart is way hotter than this dude and should get the part that this guy is playing in his movies. AE is funny, smart, talented, very handsome and a better actor. I wish JJ should get more pics of Aaron.

  • kprocks89

    lmao. i love gerry! <3 he’s so funny & hot! ;P

  • chicken sh*t

    G gave Jen a C*CK!! At least it wasn’t his.
    Washington, September 6 (ANI): Actor Gerard Butler, who is reportedly dating Jennifer Aniston, wooed her by giving her a ceramic chicken, sources say.

    ‘The Bounty’ star apparently gifted the rooster to his co-star on their first day of shooting, reports Contactmusic.

    A source said: “Jennifer and Gerard already knew each other quite well after meeting several years ago through friends in Hollywood.

    “On the first day of making ‘The Bounty’, Gerard had remembered that Jennifer had once told him she collected chicken memorabilia for her kitchen, so he bought her a ceramic rooster and gave it to her on set – she loved it!”

  • FYI

    Nick Bicanic is not the Nick B people are referring to on this thread.

  • resident crank

    Ok, let me review. “Fryguy” is named Nick, but is not Nick Bicanic. Fryguy and Ariel have the same scruff and quasi-mohawk hairstyle, but FG is taller than Ariel. Rupert works for Gerry and is often around for events, but is definitely not Fryguy. Someone please publish “The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Friends, Employees and Hangers-On of Gerry Butler”.

  • sekss

    “There’s a reason there’s a hole in the doughnut” =]

  • Troll is out

    #43 Let’s see how great looking your boyfriend/husband/sign. other is. Bring on. Chicken out? LOL

  • maria

    I don’t think there is another celebrity whose fans study eveything about him in such meticulous fashion – including the names, ages and habits of his friends and staff. Anyone who doesn’t want to be picked apart by the fans should not be seen within 50 feet of Mr. B.

    Now that Bounty has finished filming, I think the JenGer stories will come to an abrupt halt.