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Megan Fox: Michael Bay is Like Hitler

Megan Fox: Michael Bay is Like Hitler

Megan Fox spews forth many more hilarious quotes in her interview with UK’s Wonderland Magazine. Here’s what the 23-year-old actress had to say:

On her most favorite and least favorite things about working with [director] Michael Bay: “God, I really wish I could go loose on this one. He’s like Napoleon and he wants to create this insane, infamous mad-man reputation. He wants to be like Hitler on his sets, and he is. So he’s a nightmare to work for but when you get him away from set, and he’s not in director mode, I kind of really enjoy his personality because he’s so awkward, so hopelessly awkward. He has no social skills at all. And it’s endearing to watch him. He’s vulnerable and fragile in real life and then on set he’s a tyrant. Shia [Labeouf] and I almost die when we make a Transformers movie. He has you do some really insane things that insurance would never let you do.”

On Zac Efron on the April 2009 cover of Interview Magazine: “He’s beautiful. He’s the next Elizabeth Taylor. I’m just kidding. I just like to make fun of him. I know Zac. He knows that I make fun of him out of love. Everything I say in interviews I say to his face in person. I try it on him and get his reaction and then I say it publicly… I’ll tell him that [he's the male Elizabeth Taylor] in the future. This picture made me think of it. It was like [her perfume ad for] White Diamonds.

Megan will be a guest on Tonight Show With Conan O’Brien @ 11:35PM ET/PT on Thursday, September 17 on NBC. Her horror flick Jennifer’s Body opens the next day!

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  • Mickey von Dutch

    Blurting out anything that comes to mind doesn’t make for “a brilliant mind” #24. It just means that she will do whatever to keep herself in the spotlight. Overrated, cheap and tacky. That about covers it as far as I’m concerned. Her light will fade away quickly.

  • Melindawarrington

    Oh please…
    Enough of this bit**

  • Meagan is not so pretty

    She is so stupid.

  • gold baybay


    Jokes are meant to be funny, idiot. Insulting someone isn’t exactly funny in my book. I don’t know about you…

  • gold baybay

    She may have “thought” she was joking, but if somebody said that to me, I’d be insulted. Especially if I made her famous. A little ungrateful, huh? Just like Katherine Heigl, complaining non-stop.

  • me me me

    she’s needlessly vain sometimes and should definitely watch her mouth about michael bay, it’s disrespectful not funny. but the zac efron part was hillarious :D

  • alison

    Michael Bay loves the casting couch

  • hello1

    i was soo in love with her and now im getting tired of her. seriously she’s becoming a total b i t c h. i know thats how shes getting attention from males. She’s trying to act like one of the guys announcing she plays video games and smokes weed to think shes the perfect one for them. its smart but its becoming annoying. every year hot actresses are found and are quickly forgotten. Lindsay Lohan used to be really popular and look at her now. Megan looks good but I dont see her lasting like Scarlet Johannson, Natalie Portman, Rachel McAdams. She’ll be just another Jessica Alba looks good but cant act. She stay in movie rolls that dont require alot of acting. I hope and know Michael Bay will replace her in the next Transformers movie. Transformers 2 was horrible so i doubt the next one will be popular.

  • hello

    you see she is tring to be original by growing out of that ”l dont talk about directors” kind of thing…but now Megan! l love ya but l also worry about what you say…oh megan, megan, megan

  • mickey

    She has learned the art of the soundbite, hasn’t she? Her persona is so calculated, but it works because everyone thinks she’s beautiful. She is textbook.

  • hello

    @Mickey von Dutch: l have to agree…(frawning)

  • Hello

    I wonder if Zac finds her jokes funny. Saying he’s beautiful like Liz Taylor is like saying he looks like a woman! She’s like a grammer school girl picking on and making fun of the guy she has a crush on. Please Megan, grow up!!! Maybe I’m looking into this too much, but I wonder what are his come back jokes? I believe he’s too much of a gentleman to turn this into an insult fest. I thought their demeanor was more flirty and playful. Oh well, whatever. I’m sure he doesn’t like being compared to a woman. LOL. That’s not impressive at all. roles eyes.

  • mary

    megan what are you doing? comparing a director to hitler! great way of making sure you get a bad rep with other directors. people like scorcese, spielberg, nolan, might get the idea that you are difficult to work with.

  • http://twtter renata

    follow me in twitter guys

  • Mel

    Comparing someone to Hitler will never be funny..
    Remember, last time she did this, Michael Bay was very upset.
    Maybe she’s trying to get out of making anymore Transformers sequels?

  • marla

    The girl is a self confessed nutjob. what’s the point in taking her words with a grain of salt and make fun of it? Isn’t her looks enough to fawn over with?

  • lina

    did she REALLY say this??

    such a stupid girl. she’s good looking okay. but obviously she has no brain.
    she talks about things she don’t no anything. ?
    to compare the man who made her famous with one of the horriblest man EVER EVER EVER in historie , is unrespectfull and stupid.,.
    she has no brain when she really said this.

  • mimi

    Bay admitted that he sort of sexually harrassed her when she wanted to audition for Transformers, so of course she would think he is this disgusting creep.
    Good for her for not stayong quiet about it.
    Much better than all the fake Hollywood starlets who would never name names and be submissive.

  • Dagon

    She’s stupid and wanna look like Angelina Jolie…She’s ridiculous!
    We “know” her only through Michael Bay’s movie and she’s just the “pretty but stupid ass” of Transformers! I hope Michael Bay will make another transformers film and totally erase her character…Hitler liked to erase people anyway!
    And a second zone talentless “actress”,insulting someone like Michael Bay is kinda ridiculous…
    Buy yourself a brain idiot!!!

  • Celebwatcher

    It’s obvious Megan has had little schooling education wise. No educated person compares anyone to Hitler (that man was pure evil).

    Check out my celebrity psychic predictions at

  • ?

    Such an idiot! Comparing Idi Amin to Hitler, that I understand, comparing Saddam Hussein to Hitler, that I understand. What I do not understand is why she would compare a creative and intelligent director to a person who sysmatically sent six million jews to their deaths. Does that sound like the comment of an smart woman? No! This girl sounds like she has no education, no class and possibly no brain. Someone should also tell her that the tongue is not noted for being a beautiful part of the human anatomy so it is best to keep it inside the mouth least someone thinks she was born with more chromosomes than most individuals.

  • Neil

    She’s a gem! Not boring, beautiful, rich, famous, and scary.
    What she is like up close and personal, I haven’t a clue but probably intimidatingly hot at least.

  • mertz

    oh megan fox, please for the love of god shut up.

  • mertz

    oh and i forgot about her tongue. she needs to stop doing that all the time. i think she might have some wort/sort of tongue disorder…i think it’s called i’m a c_u_n_t syndrom.

  • mertz

    how can she be a gem? a gem is AUTHENTIC! this girl is like spencer and heidi, inauthentic about being authentic. megan fox has been under the knife because she needed to be “more pretty” to get more movie rolls, and yet she goes around preaching about being a feminsit but she doesn’t understand how she’s not a feminist and how she’s setting females back years. she doesn’t understand, and that’s why it’s hilarious when she thinks she’s so smart, and so in control and playing the game. she’s not playing any game and she’s not playing me or many people who can smell her bs. maybe she is playing dudes but we know some of them think with their d_i_c_k_s, like how megan seems to think with her v_a_g. mimi says bay harrassed her for her auditions for transformers, and on set, but give me a break. she thinks he’s enadearing and so awkward because he and many of the guys around her are so horny for her? you see how she sticks out her tongue, her boobs, and a$$ mimi? you think megan fox is “pure” like how mariah carey has been pretending to be a virgin for many years? give me a break. this chick is a full fledged sloon, and a p()rn star in the making.

  • noha

    ? plz i’am from egypte and i hate when someone talk about the irakiene like this so plz shut up

  • lakers fan in boston

    ehh, im pretty much over her now
    she just wont stfu
    altho the zac quote was kinda funny, she just says stupid shiz overall

  • c

    Is it just me or does that picture show Rose McGowan instead of Megan Fox? I’m confused…

  • Haha

    D I M W I T!!! This whatsisname reeks of arrogance and tactlessness. The pictures not pretty anymore. Beauty gone to the head (& wasted) NEXT!!!!

  • Shes not even hot

    I never ever comment. But this is exceptional. It has to be said. This girl needs to put a lid on it. If this is a pr stint and being cheap,tacky and overtly sexual is her thing, it aint working or maybe it is-she does it so well. Lame, really lame.

  • offtheproperty

    Michael Bay is like Hitler and Hitler is like Megan Fox!

  • YAR

    She’s an idiot and she comes off as dumb.

  • rachel

    oh god. MAKE HER GO AWAY. she’s starting to annoy me. it’s like she wants the attention that’s why she disses everyone

  • ugly doll

    she is so stupid=_=

  • Jokergurl

    Yeah, Michael Bay is the reason why Megan Fox is who she is basically and she’s saying this about him? Her publicist needs to put a mute button on her for a while or just tell her to stand there, smile and look pretty.

  • elisa

    this girl literally can’t keep her mouth shut. literally!

  • Me

    is anyone else fed up of reading about this girl? she is a classic example of a girl who is so insecure that she says everything possible that she believes makes guys like her. she reminds me of girls from my high school. why do you still publish her stupid interviews? there is not much substance to what she says anyway. geez.

  • luckyme

    I predict before too long she’s going to become the most talked about wild girl in Hollywood and I think thats exacty what she wants. Well…at least she’s not boring. She’s paid to entertain and that she does.

  • natt

    L O S E R what does that spell? M E G A N

  • jetsuki

    she’s an airhead.

  • lina

    I think she is just so stupid. you can’t compare anyone with the horriblst man ever in historie. this is unrespectfull to the man who made her famous, to everone who has a brain and to the million over million people who died at the in the world war 2.


  • dayuum69

    megan fox is hot !

  • e

    crazy girl

  • LolaSvelt

    Normally I would say “He made you a star.”, but Michael Bay is such a hack/terrible director, I don’t care.

  • periwinkle

    quick! tie her to a lamp post before she floats away. what an airhead! and people compare her to angelina because?

  • johnny

    Megan Fox needs to shut up. She’s not good looking, and she should look better after all the plastic surgery she has had. She’s not beautiful like a Natalie Portman. She’s fug and a dumba**.

  • sara

    I see Megan has taken out the hair extensions. Also, if she was sexually harrassed by Bay why did she work with him again and not just sue him? This girl is starved for attention. I think that she’s overrated in the looks department and don’t understand why people think that she’s beautiful. I mean she has had a ton of plastic surgery. She also has horrible skin.

  • sandra

    Megan still has extensions. It’s just not as long as normal. Her hair looks greasy.


    I really hate her, idk why she is famous
    gosh she is annoying , maybe she has
    beauty but NO brain. =\

  • Jacob

    So what are the chances she’s not going to be in Transformers 3? This girl is a stupid bitch. You don’t talk shit about the man that made you famous.