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Sarah Michelle Gellar is Market Maternal

Sarah Michelle Gellar is Market Maternal

Sarah Michelle Gellar attends a pilates class and then picks up groceries at Gelson’s Market on Friday (September 4).

The 32-year-old former Buffy actress was seen throwing in a few boxes of Jell-O into her eco-friendly shopping bag.

SMG is a CARE Ambassador and recently visited education projects with CARE (“Cooperative for Assistance and Relief Everywhere”).

“When you educate a woman, you strike at the root of poverty,” says SMG.

15+ pictures inside of market maternal Sarah Michelle Gellar

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sarah michelle gellar market maternal 01
sarah michelle gellar market maternal 02
sarah michelle gellar market maternal 03
sarah michelle gellar market maternal 04
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sarah michelle gellar market maternal 15

Credit: Gabo/GVK; Photos: Bauergriffinonline
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  • mike

    that belly looks extremely centered and high…never seen one that erect before on a knocked up lady lol

  • Sazzy

    it loosk so fake from the side lol!! she looks grogeous tho, MUST be ready to pop!

  • Sazzy

    it loosk so fake from the side lol!! she looks grogeous tho, MUST be ready to pop!

  • team jen/buffy

    wow she looks amazing glad to see shes not in killer heels again she seems so down to earth she rocks

  • alicia

    She looks gorgeous!

  • nixx

    she’s so pretty and always stylish!!!

  • amanda

    i guess she’s having a boy..

  • sweetie

    She looks beautiful :-)

  • Sazzy


    rumour says girl.

  • sharon

    i heard girl too! looks like a girl bump nice and high up

  • lexy

    JJ you need to stop nagging SMG and give her some peace! You don’t want another Princess Di scandal b/c the paps are out of control harrassing pregnant women!

  • Lucky her

    Here in France you get told not to use hair die or lightener when you’re pregnant. She would have long roots by now if that was the case in US. Wow!

  • Stupid

    she is so pretty ..I love her husband, they are so cute together!

  • Lala

    she is so pretty ..I love her husband, they are so cute together! … stupid is from writing about megan fox!

  • Sazzy


    shes carrying all at fron tho whih means boy..confusing bump lol

  • joanne

    WHere’s her husband?? she’s always running errands by herself

  • priscila – brazil

    where is freedie (again)?

  • jess

    my god they are NEVER together! and now that he should be with her, she’s at the end of pregnancy, I think they are separated.

  • jess

    She seriously looks AMAZING pregnant !!!

  • michelle

    the whole time she’s been pregnant i have yet to see the husband anywhere with her. weird.

  • Jo

    @michelle: yes they’ve been seen together.

    Thanks Jared for posting, love her and looking great ! can’t wait to see her little girl !

  • kirsty

    her and freddie just celebrated their 7th wedding anniversary, he is busy filming 24 and there were pics of them together whilst she was pregnant from last month

  • 1/8th only!

    Alone again…naturally. So sad.

  • Lily

    Umm A bump doesnt indicate the gender of a baby
    trust me
    my sister was carrying high
    everybody said it was a girl but it was a boy

    every bump is different

  • amber

    jared has a hard on for this woman

  • meh

    She’s so pretty.. love her gorgeous hair.

  • @22

    okay he’s shooting 24, but when Sarah announced the pregnancy, there is not pictures of them together and he was not in the cast of 24 yet, not strange?

  • ezzy

    Actually there was pictures of him visiting her on the set of her new show back in may, and then thery were seen out together in July. Try doing a little research next time before posting.

  • katie

    very cute couple. They will make great parents.

  • jess

    yes, only two pictures of them together since she became pregnant? I wonder if he will be with her when the baby born.

  • ezzy

    Dude, they don’t have to be out in public to prove they spend time together. You do know they’re married and they live together right??

  • Sazzy

    My god, do you spoend every waking hour with your husban?! freddie said he doesnt wanna be in the public eye.. sarah enjoys it, so what if there not together alllllllll the time in pictures which btw arent every day of the week.. so how do u know they havent been together this weekend?

  • ezzy

    Yeah, I know. It was their wedding anniversary a few days ago. Are you saying they didn’t spend it together just because we didn’t see them?? *rolls eyes*

  • mjkbk

    Poor Sarah can’t even buy a box of Jell-O without having it documented by the paps for the whole world to see. I wonder if it was sugar free. And what flavor? Ridiculous. Glad to see she’s cool in the face of it, though.


    oh thank god there was an update on her i was going mad not knowing what she was doing. i love her so much and i have only just realized how obsessive i am about her.

    her and Freddie are going to be great parents but it would be nice to see them together more while she is pregs. even if he is work i’m sure he is there for her =D

    love them both xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  • Shiloh13

    I am happy for both of them. Congrats!! on your little one. Health and Happiness always. Who cares how many times they’ve been photographed together..please! There are more important things to worry about. I hope you and Freddie have a wonderful life with your bundle of joy!

  • malady

    They are not the jolie-pitts, okay? They don’t want to become in the public eye. It doesn’t mean they are not together because we don’t see them together. I’m sure they enjoy their time at home, they love privacy! And she looks great again. :) Love her so much. It’s nice to see she’s promoting her husband’s TV Show (24) earlier with the hat. :))

  • team jen/buffy

    Freddie’s workin on something they prob meet at the end of the day after work like a normal non-celebrity couple

  • Jo

    She went to pilates class that morning before heading to Gleson’s. So you really think she’d bring her hubby to pilates class ? She’s photographed mostly when she’s going to her class… that’s the last place on hearth youll find Freddie IMO. Besides they’re married for 7 years, freddie is paparazzi intolerant… you make the math dumbass :)

  • jennifer

    To Lucky: We are told not to bleach our hair here when pregnant but some how celebs don’t have the same rules and it all works out anyway.

  • Sazzy

    just like your not advised to wear heels but a lot of celebs seeem to ignore that one too :/ but then again all about there image?

  • brunettefury

    The hairdye thing is overblown. There is no medical evidence that actually says that the dyes will harm the baby. Plus there are safe dyes that one can use.

  • Sarah Bercar

    OMG she look so cute .. thanks jared for posting pics I was drive crazy not to see her….

  • Elle

    SNOOZE……………….Could you at least follow a true celeb around???This chick hasn’t made a ripple in the entertainment industry forever and if you really, I mean really, watch Buffy – she must have stepped on a four leaf clover when she got that part. Does she let you know EVERY move she makes so you can get her picture and she can PRETEND not to notice? Stop wasting your time or better yet – get a picture of hubby Freddie who is making his mark – and about time. I wonder what that’s doing to her ego? Just wait- when this baby is born she will have her face plastered all over the mags like the drivers license thing. She is grasping at straws for another 15 minutes of fame.

  • brunettefury

    Elle – Don’t like it, don’t read it. It’s simple, really.

  • Rocks31

    I love her sooooo much :’)

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