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Sienna Miller & George Baker: U.S. Open PDA!

Sienna Miller & George Baker: U.S. Open PDA!

Sienna Miller gets her bottom grabbed by her boyfriend DJ George Baker during the 2009 U.S. Open at the USTA Billie Jean King National Tennis Center on Friday (September 4) in Flushing, Queens, New York City.

The couple watched Venus Williams pull out a win against Slovakia’s Magdalena Rybarikova despite knee problems (6-2, 7-5).

Sienna, 27, and George, aka Slinky Wizard, weren’t shy about their love in Ibiza either!

25+ pictures inside of Sienna Miller and George Baker‘s U.S. Open PDA…

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sienna miller george baker us open 01
sienna miller george baker us open 02
sienna miller george baker us open 03
sienna miller george baker us open 04
sienna miller george baker us open 05
sienna miller george baker us open 06
sienna miller george baker us open 07
sienna miller george baker us open 08
sienna miller george baker us open 09
sienna miller george baker us open 10
sienna miller george baker us open 11
sienna miller george baker us open 12
sienna miller george baker us open 13
sienna miller george baker us open 14
sienna miller george baker us open 15
sienna miller george baker us open 16
sienna miller george baker us open 17
sienna miller george baker us open 18
sienna miller george baker us open 19
sienna miller george baker us open 20
sienna miller george baker us open 21
sienna miller george baker us open 22
sienna miller george baker us open 23
sienna miller george baker us open 24
sienna miller george baker us open 25

Photos: HRC/WENN, Nick Laham/Getty
Posted to: George Baker, Sienna Miller

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  • mike

    she 27 or 47?? wow. I know 77 yr olds that look better than her (well not really, just tryin to make a point)

  • All Women Stalker

    She’s so touchy-feely with her boyfriends. Except for when she was that guy who was in Notting Hill, I think.


  • ivanka

    sienna is so beautiful, her boyfriend looks kind of like roger fed. lol

  • Meagan is not so pretty

    Skank. Touching your lover’s bottom is not good.Everyrthing else was okay.

  • lauren

    i love her smile

  • why bother

    Why did they bother to go to the match? Neither one seems to be watching it. She knows Getty is back with his wife and needed an ‘in your face’ photo op.

  • facts

    Pass that betch around like a doobie!

  • alison

    She really gets around!

  • Mike

    they went to the match to be seen.. DUH
    she eats these guys & she is VERY whorey & too loose. Bad example to girls in their 20′s.

  • sunseeker

    I don’t think they are dating, they are just friends, Getty and Miller are just keeping a low profile until he files for divorce. This is just an act to make us think they are dating. She is always the touchy-feely person, she looks a bit bored and putting on an act.

  • It is all about business!!!

    Getty’s wife is so private person, but stil maneged to put her kid photo on facebooks open profile.. oh please…

  • mickey

    This girl changes boyfriends daily.

  • Erica

    Every time I see a picture of her smiling, I feel sick. She doesn’t mind nearly breaking up a family and here she is smiling with her next boytoy. Getty is an idiot for almost leaving his wife for her! She is very obviously not worth it. Plus, she’s aging already and she’s only 27!

  • http://twtter renata

    follow me in twitter guys

  • http://twtter renata
  • nikomilinko
  • susie

    she looks happy…but i cant help but think of the the interview she recently gave saying how she only spends time with someone if she really loves can she be with balthazar and love him in june,sticking her tongue in his ear..and love george the next month?
    kissing and having fun with him in ibiza? this means that after being with balthazar for over a year,she left him and got over him and everything that they went through,in just one month??? that doesent match,does it..a decent girl who doesnt spend time with anyone she doesent love..wouldent be over her boyfriend of a year and in the next guys’s pants in just one month! what about those guys? what decent guy would want his girl to be so easy? i just dont get her and she talks bull every time….silly silly girl

  • romanz

    she doesn’t look happy , her eyes don’t look in love , she is definitely not in love , she is not interested ,even if she smile,kiss ,embrace him ,,look how she was looking to Baltazar and how she is looking to this guy , even “not to the point” feels like she is frustrated and of course it is , as she sells her soul now for nothing ,just to show people that she has free guy ,poor girl , I don’t like the story with Baltazar as he is married , she just needed time to recover and to be in love again!!!now she looks tired , poor Sienna

  • jen

    Getty and his wife have an open marriage, she said it in a mag. as long as he does it quietly she does not care.

  • missme

    I think they make a cute couple!

  • missme

    I think they make a cute couple!

  • Dee


    where did you here that crap? Open marriage? Please!!

    This blond trashy stupid whore and her alcoholic deadbeat boyfriend Getty are still together. They are just trying to lay low until they try to salvage their dessicated carrers. Too little too late!

    She is still queen of the homewrecKers!!

  • Jules

    I love her hair.

  • H.

    The ho looks tired. Too much bitch around.

  • wow!

    She looks 40 in those pics.

  • anthony

    She’s still with Getty. These are staged pics. Even the butt grabbing isn’t convincing.

  • gracie

    wow! @ 09/05/2009 at 5:04 pm
    H. @ 09/05/2009 at 5:01 pm
    She doesn’t look 40, you need glasses. She’s no ho either, she is a beautiful girl, young and single. Get a life you two and loose the green.

  • c

    No matter how much she and her pr team release photos of her kissing/touching this man, she is not going to fool anyone into believing that her affair with BG is over. This relationship with her sister’ s ex-boyfriend is just a cover for her affair and she proved this by releasing photos on of all weekends during Labor Day weekend where she is worried that the married man is paying more attention to his wife and kids than he is to her.

    What’s SM MO? Show up in public with the married man on a family holiday to make people think that BG loves her because he ditched his kids to go on an alcoholic binge and public pda session with her. But she can’t do that now because someone must have gave her a nice little talk about how her bad behavior with a married man costs them money. Either she is trying to send BG a warning (ie-don’t get to comfortable with his wife and kids because this is what he will be missing) or she is secretly planning to meet up with BG on the holiday and is trying to throw people off by staging these photo-ops with her sister’s feeling on her behind.

    DJ and SM weren’t shy about their “love” in Izbia? Well just a month before her vacation with her sister’s ex, she wasn’t shy about her “love” for a married man who wouldn’t divorce his wife either. When has SM ever been shy about sharing her personal business with the rest of the world? And then she has the nerve to whine about how she doesn’t have any privacy. Well she can easily change things for herself by not having public pda sessions. Why does this woman determine her worth by the number of times she is spotted making out with a man in public? So the public is supposed to think that this is real love because his hands are on her behind and that she is not with the married man?

    Does she not have any respect for herself? She is her own worst enemy because she just doesn’t know how to leave well enough alone. She just couldn’t be seen in public sitting with the DJ, she just had to put on a show to get noticed and of course make the married man jealous. How much will the producers of After Miss Julie have to shell out to clean up this mess?

    We are suppose to think that they are in love because they go to a tennis match together? How can she be in love with this man when she was “in love” with BG just a month before she met this man?

  • dani

    @gracie: Just because someone does not agree with your opinion does not mean they’re jealous. Lose the jealousy card. It’s tired and played out. She absolutely looks 40ish in those photos and a lot of people think she’s a whore. I can’t blame them. She flaunted her affair with a married man.

  • london chica

    She does look older than 27 — closer to 37 perhaps.
    Isn’t Sienna a smoker? That can prematurely age you.

  • Train


    Open your eyes….

    She’s an old-looking homewrecker whose only significance is her sex life….

  • Spfxgirl

    She’s more or alse just a prostitute!! She certainly throws herself about a fair bit.

    What happened to her last bf Getty who i migt add was married with kids.It didn’t last long until she was chewing up the next one Who she will spit out sooner than later!! Watch the space!!!!!!!!!!!

  • wendy

    WOW she looks simply stunning, so young and fresh and natural.People with ageist comments you simply sound stupid and narrow minded!!!

    Oh and yeah who and how many she f**** is none of my business or any of yours, so get a life!

  • jenny

    She does look haggard there.
    So what happened with Getty? Did he dump her ass and go crawling back to Rosetta?

  • Lplusfpluse

    The girl’s beautiful, but I just wish she’d make this one last! still love her tho!

  • lakers fan in boston

    she looks kinda rough
    i love that guys name, dj slinky wizard, lmao
    i love how she’s not at all afraid of what others think about her
    gotta respect that, whoring in public isnt easy ppl

  • Karma

    Man, the woman likes her photo ops! Poor bastard should run away because she’ll soon spit him out after she’s dragged him through tabloid hell and back. She’s a toxic waste of space onscreen and off.

  • c

    Well that’s the problem, she makes who and how she ***** everyone’s business when she pulls stunts like this and then plays the victim when it doesn’t work in her favor. As long as she keeps pulling stupid stunts like this people are going to comment.

    SM needs to get a life and stop trying to define her worth by the man she is currently making out in public with. Wasn’t she just whining about how she isn’t taken seriously? Well, it’s because of stunts like this. She is a 27 yo ADULT, not a teenager. She would have come off looking better if she had just sat there and enjoyed the game without all of this nonsense. Now she looks desperate, as if she is either trying to make the married man jealous or trick people into thinking that she isn’t sleeping with the married man because she is making out with another man.

    Narrow minded is getting mad because people won’t fawn over SM pr stunts or her “great beauty”. If SM wants people to say nice things about her, then perhaps she should challenger herself a little bit more. How is this pr stunt different than the ones she pulled last year and this year? Because the man isn’t married? Well her partner might have changed, but she is still the same woman who courts attention. She takes 1 step forward only to set herself back two steps. Is her PR team that incompetent? Does she not have someone who can show her how to act like she has some respect for herself?


    OMG, Sienna you are really hot. Please dont date ugly ugly old men.

  • kristin

    its weird that she is dating her sister’s ex, i would feel awkward

  • kelly

    sweet flipping Moses, JJ… who CARES? you can post about her every hour and still never convince most of us that this heinous slag is worth the effort to click on a thumbnail. is this site getting paid to promote her? can’t think of any other reason as to why she’s featured here as often as she is.

    I don’t buy the act either. nothing about this supposed romance rings true. Miller lies to the press constantly, and manipulating people comes as easily as breathing. the DJ is being used, whether he knows it or not.

  • sweetness

    She’s not a very good actress. BUT she relishes being photographed with man after man because for some reason this is equated in Hollywood as being sexy and being sexy translates into being box office material….That is why she loves having her pics taken of her being topless and lots of PDA because producers can’t actually hire prostitutes but at least they can get close with her. …btw isn’t she opening in a play in NYC called After Miss Julie…have you seen the poster for it…typical.

  • A

    I think I read on imdb that tickets to see her ‘play’ cost $10. producers must be really desperate.
    SM always tries to prove something with her uncanny collection of soulmates. not that she simply is a ho, coz this fact is obvious to you if you’ve got at least a bit of brain activity, but that SM is an adult ho.
    that she dated real mofo’s, real junkies, real alcoholics, sex addicts and f*ckheads. so you see, SM is a grownup ho.
    and that ‘collection’ is reflected right on her 27 years old(or so they say) face.
    let’s hope her relatives know how and where ‘girls’ like SM usually end up. her parents did a great job

  • Torrance

    Does she do anything other than make out with guys in public?! Piece of homewrecking trash.

  • fifa

    SHE’S SUCH A HOE!!!!!!

  • Celebwatcher

    Wow I wish I had such an active love life. Sienna ain’t settling down for now at all.

    Check out my celeb psychic predictions and get a free reading at

  • Lekili

    She’s a pig!

  • c

    And why would people go see the play, when she is giving FREE shows on a boat and at a tennis match? How is what she is doing at this tennis match any different from what she will be doing in the play?

  • kk

    Remember when she threatened the nanny who had an affair with Jude Law publicly?
    You dont see Rosetta Getty doing that right? thats because she is a lady, sienna is beautiful yes but LOW CLASS

  • Hollyb

    This is a fake romance. There is NO chemistry there whatsoever. When Sienna was with Getty, she was all over him at every opportunity. With this guy, she keeps her distance. She is showing no interest in him. Instead, he is the one who is grabbing her and kissing her. This is a smokescreen romance and he is in it to raise his profile. She is in it to deflect attention from her shenanigans with Getty. But like many here, I too think she is still planning on hooking up with Getty again and I would not be surprised if they “reunite” by Christmas. Oh yes. And Getty will still be married and he still won’t have filed for divorce.