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Tokio Hotel Have Findi Fun

Tokio Hotel Have Findi Fun

German mega-band Tokio Hotel leave their hotel in Paris, France on Thursday (September 3) to have dinner at Findi restaurant on Avenue George V.

Tokio Hotel rented out the entire Heide Park Soltau amusement park for twins Bill and Tom‘s 20th birthdays (their actual birthday was on September 1).

Tom told Seventeen, “We didn’t miss a single ride: rollercoaster, wild water rides and anything that was spinning. This has always been one of our childhood dreams, to have an amusement park just for ourselves. No long lines, no waiting and we can get on the rollercoasters as often as we want. That’s what we’ve been dreaming about since we were young. It was so freakin’ amazing.”

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  • lizzy

    fat from the waist up
    legs are skinny though

  • rpatzfan

    she is beautiful

  • kaaatyyyy

    like somebody care about them /

  • rarrkun

    Those pants are fabulous


    @kaaatyyyy: oh you have no idea

  • Allen

    Super Skinny Legs Alert!!!

  • Jamie

    Skeleton legs. But she does have a beautiful face.

  • Juli

    You should show pictures of Tom (Bill’s twin brother) he is really hot! He doesn’t wear makeup like his brother and has a great body! Abs to die for not so skinny like Bill.

  • the_boyfriend

    lol@ lizzy’s ‘fat from the waist up’.

    the other one with the long hair would be hot if he cut his hair imo.

  • oceane

    @Juli: He does wear make-up, a lot actually. Bill needs to put some weight on. His legs look like they might snap!


    his legs have always been skinny, it was just really noticeable these days because he started wearing skinny jeans. Back then he wears like old used up jeans that are really loose. 8/

  • finally..

    Wicked thanks JJ!

    Bill is a boy& he’s hot. So stop calling him a girl! Id really care actually because he looks better than most of you! As well as being ridic talented, he’s got the money to back it. WTF, were you doing at 13? Idk playing with yourself, he was out getting ready to making millions. So i’d definitely would take bill anyday. Besides I like a man who cares about his outer appearance, the way that he does!

  • Michaela

    Jared, thanks for posting about them so much lately!!! Bill looks amazing here!

  • elena

    AHHH! Another Tokio Hotel post!!! I LOVE THEM!!! Bill does look quite thin here, but he has always been this way, and I’m sure he’s loosing weight the healthy way. Georg looks great in that pic, btw!

  • KALbo

    Thank you for posting TH again JJ! :DDDDD

    Bill what a hot mess. and OH HAI GEORG! XD

  • Berta

    Bill has such amazing style, I love it. It’s funny becaus his legs are stick skinny, but his upper body and face aren’t lol Georg looks amazing too. I can’t wait for their new album!!

  • Smilehexe

    Another thread about Tokio Hotel after the many posts on the first one over here. ;-) More please, this is fun! These boys always make me smile.

  • Bordado

    It looks like he is wearing one of these on his head:

  • vicky

    I love his pants

  • pup

    Ooooo emmm geee Tokio hotel! Haha. Loves it. ;D

  • Sophie

    Yay for Tokio Hotel. They are really good.
    And Bill has such a beautiful face. I’m jealous, lol.

  • Glitterrelli

    Bill Kaulitz has such an amazing style! He’s definitely *the* style icon to keep an eye on right now. He’s fashion choices are usually about several months before the other fashionista celebs start wearing them, as evident by his white-deep blue acid pants that Gwen Stefani six month later was seen wearing. Plenty of examples like this. I love his scottish plaid drop crotch pants he has been seen with lately and his feather-leather-sequine assymetrical jacket.

  • karl

    How tall is the bodyguard next to Bill? Bill is about 6’2” and wears 2″ heels!

  • SATH

    Those legs.. He must be almost 7 feet tall with those boots.

  • Änschie

    In Germany just 13-year old girls like Tokio Hotel ! They are so embarrasing! We have better musicians here!

  • nay

    Thought that was a chick!(?)
    Sick legs…plus who is that? Ew.

  • dew

    He looks anmazing . Thanks for posting Jared <3

  • Emily

    Gorgeous boy. AND omg, Bill is 6’3 but look at that giant bodyguard!!

  • eiri

    Bill’s never ending, long ,sexy legs <3

  • Hannah

    Oh he is HOT!

  • Sass

    God he is so beautiful, I am jealous and I love his style. Is he a model as well? He is way skinny (lol at the fat from the waist up) there’s no fat on him and those legs go on forever.

  • Whattagal

    Is he a manorexic? those legs are twigs.

  • Sarah


    He is lead vocal from German band-Tokio Hotel.
    (in the article…)
    And i know he is young(20), very tall and skinny,also gorgeous:)
    Their music most popular with teenager(almost girls…)

    But some people hate the band (the reason is simply stupid xD)
    I just admire his amazing voice.

  • Mia

    Fiercier than Rihanna , huh? I adore him.

  • Annaaaa

    goodness .. so ugly. they world must think that every german looks like that – not true !

  • Mia

    @Annaaaa Isn’t it pitty that your men looks better than your women in Germany? Ha!

  • Glitterrelli

    @ Änschie, it was several years ago that TH’s german fans were 13 year olds (and even back then a majority was betwen 13-18). Just take a look at the average age of the german fanclub members, they are far older than that. Intersting fact about the american fanclub is that 25% of the members are older than 30, at least according to an age poll among members

  • Fx

    ahhhh, Tokio Hotel <3
    I love them :)
    & Bill looks absolutely amazing here! He’s gorgeous!
    Thanks for posting, Jared!

  • me me me

    he tries too hard, he looks awful and so overdone. and yes, their fans in germany are mostly teenage and prepubescent girls.

  • Phabio

    I agree, the whole ‘all of TH’s fans are 13 girls’ is reeeeally old. That applied when the twins were fifteen and they were performing overproduced music that was primarily written for them. Not their best days, imo, but they’ve progressed a lot. They’re not the type of band that produces album after album that all sounds the same, their music now is much more mature [and written and even produced by the twins] and wasn’t built to cater to teenies. TH was expected to be a one-hit-wonder band, that’s why their first album didn’t appeal much to people 18+, but they’re definitely here to stay.

    Anyway… lol@Bill being fat on top. He’s not fat and he’s not anorexic; if you look at other pictures of him where he’s either sleeveless or wearing a tight shirt, you can see that he definitely works out—he’s not as muscular as his brother, but he’s definitely not a noodle-limbed wimp. But I don’t think he does much work on his legs, thus they don’t have much muscle definition and when he wears skinny jeans, they seem extra skinny.

    I love his style though, even the two inch heels [the boy is 6'3", does he really need to be taller? or maybe he feels short next to that 7' bodyguard oO] I think he looks beautiful, and yeah, he looks feminine, but that’s the whole point of androgyny, isn’t it? I love that he’s so comfortable with himself like that.

  • Fridha

    Wow, george is soo handsome :O And Bill too, of course. My god they are so hot xD <3

  • faith

    those are the prettiest guys ive ever seen

  • PKat

    Bill looks like Victoria Beckham LOL

  • shana

    Omg! They had so much! i wish i could do that for my birthday! I Love you JJ, you are freaking amazing for posting this about them. And everyone he is a he not a she! He is cross dressing. So stop calling him a freakin girl!

  • Aylin Celik

    no one wanna see this girls

  • Oana

    bill is so skinny… :(

  • Sass

    Thanks Sarah, I have been watching them on youtube, I love his voice, he is magical, I could watch him forever, lol.

    I really like this new song Automatic & Automatisch gonna get the album when it comes out.

  • JK

    Bill is so GORGEOUS! Amazingly Beautiful!

  • JK

    Btw, it was Bill who said this part: “This has always been one of our childhood dreams, to have an amusement park just for ourselves. No long lines, no waiting and we can get on the rollercoasters as often as we want. That’s what we’ve been dreaming about since we were young. It was so freakin’ amazing.”

  • les537


    Yeah? Other than Cinema Bizarre, which is crap, never heard of any others. Except Nena, and how long ago was that?

    Tokio Hotel fans are more than just 13 year old girls. And their positive image does a lot in promoting a positive image of Germany so why hate?