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Bill Kaulitz is a Dior Dude

Bill Kaulitz is a Dior Dude

Bill Kaulitz, the lead singer of German mega-band Tokio Hotel, is led out of the Dior boutique by a bodyguard on Friday (September 5) in Paris, France.

The band was recently asked if it was true that that Jay-Z invited them to dinner. They responded, “He was at one of our concerts. But we didn’t know beforehand. It was more of a spontaneous thing–we didn’t know that he would be there. We just found out about it right before [the concert]. Afterwards, we all went to eat something together. I don’t think that Jay-Z paid, to be honest. I think the record label did.”

Jay-Z is a Tokio Hotel fan!

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bill kaulitz dior 01
bill kaulitz dior 02
bill kaulitz dior 03
bill kaulitz dior 04
bill kaulitz dior 05

Photos: Fame Pictures
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  • I n F a m o u s l y C o o l

    new addiction, huh?

  • franzi

    he would look good as a dior model .. :D

  • vicky

    He’s gorgeous

  • babydoll1229

    Man, I thought that was a woman at first glance! He looks like a goth-inspired version of Brooke Shields in that photo. CRAZY!!

  • liz

    What is this? you never wrote about them befor :S.. are you on their payroll or what? lol

    Anyway, Im a fan and I cant wait to here all of the new songs! Bill looks great as always..

  • automatic

    love him!!!!

  • SATH

    Nice coat! I adore his style.

  • Isabel

    He’s SO stylish and handsome he should be a model

  • vanity

    He is gorgeous.

  • eiri

    I alays visited your site, and was wondering when will you post about this Europe style god , finally!

  • Dance Teacher

    What did he eat , a parsley sprig??

  • Dance Teacher

    But his bodyguard is hot!

  • wanda

    gosh he looks so gay…

  • ann

    How gorgeous his he?! i agree he could definitely be a model.

  • Rainbow

    Is that one of the Olsens behind him?

  • poon


  • Tina

    Holly smokes! I thought he is a girl but then I didn’t see any boobs!!!

  • Shirley

    Are those pants from Miley’s line as well?

  • Sophie

    He looks soooo awesome.

  • michaela

    OMG! Bill looks amazing here! Jared, I love how you are realizing that Tokio Hotel is bigger then you expected! We love them! You should post pictures of his twin brother here too!! Thanks for the TH love lately!

  • anonymous

    no, it’s Nathalie Franz, his makeup artist/stylist for years now.

  • kenza

    @Rainbow: No lol It’s his make-up artist, Nathalie. Bill looks hott here. He is so beautiful!

  • Rainbow

    Oh, thanks for telling but she really looks like one of Olsen twins, or it’s just me.

  • YAR

    He looks like an anorexic girl.

  • anonymous

    ^^^ wait. Kenza??? :O

  • diana

    they’ve been around for years and now they’re the new hype?

  • naive

    There were pics of Jay-Z and Nicole Scherzinger in their concert, cool.

  • Jen

    looks like a hot mess, but to each its own

  • Laura

    oh my gosh. can’t believe jj is posting about tokio hotel now.


    He’s so beautiful as always. I love those blue jeans.
    I love how Nathalie is there with him to keep him right.

  • Barby

    He looks like a woman

  • Felicity

    god it’s embaressing to be German these days. why do you even care about them?? bad enough they invaded OUR country, don’t let em get to you!
    Bill looks like a bad dressed girl.

  • carol

    perfect :D

  • wanda

    ²Felicity – your so damn right girl! he doesn’t even look like a girl – he looks more like Knuckles the Echidna from the sonic adventures

  • naive

    Dude came out of his mom’s vayjayjay as a f**** runway model.
    My favourite phrase about this androgynous beauty ♥

  • Apple

    He makes straight guys doubt their straightness XD

  • yahoo

    He looks like a pretty (bright blue pants) little (because there’s that giant bodyguard around) diva model.

  • Peaches

    Thank you for these photos. That guy is beautiful. I’ll have to check them out. Has a twin? Two of them? OMG

  • sam

    It’s a good thing i love TH music and their personalities because Bill’s fashion choices are getting more and more wtf for me. Just saying.

  • Malle

    I’ve been on one of their first concerts in Germany..
    (I’m german)
    I think they’re a good band and they do a very good job
    but i’m not a fan anymore. I don’t like them..
    BUT I think they’re one of the bands who are famous AND come from Germany.. Dunno know how they did that but.. respect guys!
    Your Concert was my very first concert of my life :D

  • Aylin Celik

    pls no more tokio hotel

  • Glitterrelli

    Bill Kaulitz is Adam Lambert’s favourite celeb crush. He even twittered about how stunningly beautiful he find Bill to be. And understandably so. Bill is unbelievably charismatic..

  • Eirene

    I’m loving all the JJ love towards Bill lately. :D
    And lets face it, he’s one of the most fabulous young celebrities out there.

  • porsche

    Bill is the defintion of PERFECTION!!! I love them! TH is so amazing live! I can’t wait to see them again!

  • wow

    @Glitterrelli: Wow!
    What a copule would Adam and Bill make!

  • Glitterrelli

    @ Shirley. Bill would rather be dead than be seen in anything that from Miley’s line or taht can be boufght at Wallmart. He is a fashion icon ffs (and his taste are quite expensive too). The blue pants he wears in those pics are Dior, and the ones he wore from the other JustJared post from yesterday was Dior too.

  • Glitterrelli

    @wow, they sure would be. :D

  • LB

    Bill Kaulitz is the most beautiful man in this world!

    I love what Bill is wearing here! This man has style! ♥

  • Neil

    I don’t know sqwat about them but I do know over at jjb they have the largest mega thread next to the Angie/Brad mega threads. Always thought it was weird that they were obviously popular enough to have such a large and dedicated a fan base and yet no one else ever talked about them on sites such as this one. Oh well, I guess it was just a matter of time.