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Gwyneth Paltrow: Moses is a Barcelona Baby

Gwyneth Paltrow: Moses is a Barcelona Baby

Gwyneth Paltrow and her son Moses, 3, catch a departing flight out of Barcelona airport on Sunday (September 6) in Spain.

The 36-year-old actress had a bit of a wardrobe malfunction at the security checkpoint. Oops!

is reporting that Gwyn wants to be next Martha Stewart sans jail time. Their source reveals, “Her plan is to stay visible in the occasional film, but to create products for real women. She is working on new products for her own beauty line under Estee Lauder and looking at different products for moms at home that she can tie to her website, GOOP. Her charity clothing line for ZOEtees, which will benefit Kids Company, is about to debut, and that was a major project. Other products will follow suit.”

DO YOU THINK Gwyneth Paltrow will be the next domestic diva?

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gwyneth paltrow moses martin barcelona 01
gwyneth paltrow moses martin barcelona 02
gwyneth paltrow moses martin barcelona 03
gwyneth paltrow moses martin barcelona 04
gwyneth paltrow moses martin barcelona 05
gwyneth paltrow moses martin barcelona 06

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  • fer


  • AWH!

    Moses is an adorable kid! Oh my gosh I don’t even want kids, but if they can look that cute then I would. I can see him growing up to be a very good look adult! Gwyn looks gorg too. I LOVE her scarf! Thank god they gave him a haircut now we can that adorable face!

  • AWH!

    Yeah! Barcelona Chris had a concert there so she was there

  • anja

    cute kid!

  • Ice

    The kid is cute but she looks like a dude

  • jess

    Moses is adorable and looks just like his daddy.
    When did Gwyneth get so tired looking?

  • Wendy
  • Wendy

    Agree, Moses is so cute!

  • rascal

    Gwyneth is reminding me of Camila Parker Bowles these days than Grace Kelly.

  • franknbeans

    Well, they’re only airport photos but yeah, she’s a mess.

  • amanda

    CUTE!!! That’s an adorable photo of Gwyneth and Moses. He is going to be Handsome!!!

  • toonces

    Yup, Moses got the Chris Martin genes.
    I can’t Gwyn being the next Martha Stewart.
    She’s starting pretty late in the game and doesn’t have the years of expertise Martha brought to the table.

  • toonces

    ^ can’t see I mean.

  • me!

    Yo Jared—-you are really neglecting to proof read lately!!
    The Spanish city on the East coast of Spain is called Barcelona–not Barelona!
    Yesterday you made Sharapova German, when everyone, including people who are not fans of tennis, knows that she is Russian.
    I am the queen of trivia, so if you need help editing, I’m all yours:-)
    Will even do it for free…..

  • me!

    Yo Jared—-you are really neglecting to proof read lately!!
    The Spanish city on the East coast of Spain is called Barcelona–not Barelona!
    Yesterday you made Sharapova German, when everyone, including people who are not fans of tennis, knows that she is Russian.
    I am the queen of trivia, so if you need help editing, I’m all yours:-)
    Will even do it for free…..

  • Mike

    wtf is she wearing? in mid life approaching women in their late 30′s do crap like this. IT”S CHEAP..looking.

  • nancy s.

    She’s not attractive, yet there’s appealing about her

  • Kendra

    Awww, Gwyneth in Barna, so near my hometown :)

  • Wild

    This chick must be a good actress because that’s a two bagger face.

  • LIAM


    not Barelona ¬¬

  • jones

    Adorable. Moses and Gwyn. Both seem to be relaxed, happy and having a good time with each other. As far as being the next domestic diva, Paltrow can do whatever she wants to do.

  • YUCK


  • bella

    @Mike: agree. The top in that one pic is horrible . . .her boob (yet covered) is literally out there . . .what they hell. She does not know how to dress.
    Totally seperate . . . .Moses is adorable.

  • just sayin’

    She reminds me of her hot yet manly cousin.
    I think her name is Katherine Moanig?

  • wexx

    I think her children are adorable. Gwyneth not so much, but at least she looks happy.

  • fun

    it is nice to see their marriage saved I thought they going to have a divorce. She is not beauty but there is something catchy about her. Her hubby is ugly but has a talent. Just like j.lo’s hubby.

  • Amy

    She has the most beautiful son of all the celebrity mothers. He is really gorgeous a perfect blend of Gwen and Chris.

  • ceezee

    Gosh, that picture is so adorable! Moses looks just like Chris! :D
    Gwyneth really does seem to be a great mother. I admire her for her lifestyle and for being happy with her life.

  • Rhonda

    Gwennie said she enjoys Europe, because the Euro’s are so much more intelligent than Americans. Therefore I hope she is planning to be the Martha Stewart of Europe. Don’t think alot of Americans will be buying.

  • etro

    She’s very plain but at least she doesn’t dress like a slob like Jen Garner who completely wastes her beauty.

  • unknown

    old enough to walk, lazy shit

  • AngryM39

    That kid is even cuter than Kingston. He will be a heartbreaker that’s for sure.

  • Cutie

    Moses is so incredibly cute. Though, I would still have to give the title of the cutest celebrity kid to Barron Trump. I am glad that both Gwens cut their sons’ hair. Moses really doesn’t look like Chris, Apple does. I guess he is a combination of his parents. Either way, he’s adorable.

  • Sam

    Agree, she’s a complete buttaface, but I do enjoy her as an actress.
    I wish they would stop casting these hot young girls who don’t know how
    to act like Megan Fox.

  • cassie

    he looks like his dad..

  • mailey

    its a very blonde family.

  • twpumpkin


  • mertz

    yay side boob -_-zzzzzzz

    moses is cute!

    please no one encourage her with her doopy martha stewart ways.

  • mertz

    lol twpumpkin. kudos to you.

  • blah blah blah

    To #37
    She loves to brag about how hot and smart she is.

  • Catsup

    Moses is cute but Apple is the one who looks like her Dad. I agree Moses must of got the best of the best genes on both sides. Good thing.
    A boob hanging out at the airport =no class . Or a huge scarfe that is way too hot in that weather that is not covering her ti.tty. Did the europeans teach her that type of classiness lol
    I never did think Gwenith P was all that great looking and her hubby is ugly.

  • mobile

    I’ve always thought that Chris Martin was hot except when he smiles really big. It looks like the kid got his jacked up smile

  • Whattagal

    whoever designed that overpriced T shirt should be fired.
    And who would wear such a thing? Only Gywn. She has no taste.

  • mobile

    u peeps that say he doesnt look like chris must be crazy. hes his clone

  • W

    ^ I think so too. He’s his daddy’s mini-me.

    That’s the wrong hair colour for Gwyn. Too light.
    It washes her out.

  • Farmer Ted

    In that fourth photo, she has a horsey face.
    Cute little boy.

  • jfree

    Gwyneth doesn’t seem to care too much about acting these days. She just seems to enjoy being famous. Has anyone heard anything about her gym lately? There were reports of them having problems getting members and then not a word since it opened.

  • Celebwatcher

    Wow he’s already 3 y/o. I’m getting old. wow. I have to do a psychic report on Chris and Gwyneth.

    Check out my Cameron Diaz psychic prediction and o/ celebs at

  • lady g

    @30 With Garner, I can usually see the pretty no matter how horrible the oufit. With Gwyneth, not as much, although I do like her kids and she seems to bath more frequently than JG.

  • ace11a

    i must say…she has come a long way since those days when she and brad had there pictures taken completely naked