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Jennifer Garner & Seraphina Affleck: Sunday Stroll

Jennifer Garner & Seraphina Affleck: Sunday Stroll

Jennifer Garner sips on her cup of coffee while taking daughter Seraphina Rose, 7 months, for a walk on Sunday morning (September 6) in Boston, Mass.

The 37-year-old former Alias actress has been religiously taking daily walks with her two daughters (Seraphina has an big sis, Violet Affleck, 3).

The Garner girls recently grabbed a few slices at a local pizza parlor.

FYI: Jen is using her Maclaren stroller!

15+ pictures inside of Jennifer Garner and Seraphina Affleck‘s Sunday stroll…

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jennifer garner seraphina stroll 01
jennifer garner seraphina stroll 02
jennifer garner seraphina stroll 03
jennifer garner seraphina stroll 04
jennifer garner seraphina stroll 05
jennifer garner seraphina stroll 06
jennifer garner seraphina stroll 07
jennifer garner seraphina stroll 08
jennifer garner seraphina stroll 09
jennifer garner seraphina stroll 10
jennifer garner seraphina stroll 11
jennifer garner seraphina stroll 12
jennifer garner seraphina stroll 13
jennifer garner seraphina stroll 14
jennifer garner seraphina stroll 15

Photos: Fame Pictures
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  • blah blah blah

    She is such a nerd

  • A spade is a spade

    Wearing different clothes, check. Seen spending time with the other daughter, check. Now all we’re missing is the “happy marriage/family” shots with Ben.

  • well

    Alone again and on a Sunday

  • blah blah blah

    to A spade is a spade,

    You have just dug a hole for Jenny. Now others can lay he inside it!

  • sweetness

    So are Ben and Jennifer still together…I never see them together with their kids?

  • LKJH

    Seraphina is SOOO CUTEEE!

  • mike

    must suck knowing you have two kids with a guy who doesn’t love you lol

  • Kitkat

    Seraphina does look sooooo cuuuute!!! AWW!!!
    Jen looks better “put together” today.
    Why does everyone ask if Jen & Ben are still together?
    They don’t ask that about other famous people who go out without there spouse (i.e.Haley Berry, Jessica Alba, Nicole Richie, etc.). The list is way to long to keep going on. Anyway I get the vibe that Ben doesn’t like to have his picture taken by the Paps so maybe thats why he isn’t with her. Who knows. I am a fan of both and hope they stay together.

  • mel

    If she was always seen out with Ben and the kids, then you’d all be saying they were trying to convince the media that they’re a happy family or some such rubbish.

    Honestly, celebrities can’t win. She’s just a woman out for a walk with her baby – nothing newsworthy. Let her be.

  • megameg

    Can she not handle 2 kids at the same time? She’s just got this one out because she’s been reading how much she neglects her.

  • Sunday

    Ben is probably hanging with Violet. Spending some fun Daddy/Daughter.

    Some bloggers should be glad they don’t have to justify every minute of their day to a bunch of people.

  • eliza

    Adorable baby, and Jen IS looking better today. When you’re directing a movie as well as acting in it, you have more responsibilities and less free time. That’s why Jen seems to be alone so often.

  • whatever

    megameg @ 09/06/2009 at 8:50 pm Can she not handle 2 kids at the same time? She’s just got this one out because she’s been reading how much she neglects her.

    Right? B/C Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner have nothing better to do than read Just Jared?

  • Mel’s right

    Dont make a mountain out of amolehill. I can imagine the cow you haters would have had Ben come out with Jen and the kids on a stroll!!!! How obvious. THey really don’t care (dont you get it!!) what you a**holes think. Also its hilarious when people talk about how Isla Fisher is only with her baby ever, never Sacha B. Cohen, lo and behold, he comes out of the woodwork (temporarily). Im glad they don’t play that game with internet idiots, it is beneath them.
    HERE IS WHAT bEN HAD TO SAY: I work harder now than I ever have in my life, because I got a family. I worry about that. I’ve stopped looking at press coverage, Internet, any kind, because it kinda bothers me. It’s ugly, you know, where I show up, because it’s either kind of venal, or at least it’s, like, glib, and it’s kinda misleading. It’s about a construct. But the most, to me, the most, if I had to pick one thing that’s interesting about me, if I were writing a profile, it would be that I’m not really like any of those things. Because who I am, as a person, in my everyday life, wouldn’t sell any magazines

    Read more:

  • Good description

    Good description of the hateful creeeps on this site Ben. Ugly, Venal and glib and misleading and trying to make a bigger things out of nothing. He admits his life is not going to sell magazines, but the haters want to make him into the tabloid creature he left years ago behind.

  • annab

    Seraphina is so adorable. So much more than some of the other celebrity babies lately.

  • lizzy

    baby is too fat

  • Cute baby

    She is cute. Such cubby cheeks I want to PINCH them!!! and those feet!!!!

  • jonas brother

    Thank you, Mel’s Right. Unfortunately, it is not going to make a difference to the haters that not only cannot write but will not be able to understand a word of that piece that Ben is quoted as saying in Esquire.
    Ben and Jen don’t give a shit about anything we have to say here, they are living their lives. More power to them.

  • stefano

    Seraphina is soooooooo beautiful

  • T.

    she looks like a mini jen
    and lizzy that is not a fat baby

  • Shut up

    @stefano: For a rat.

  • Liza

    The baby is so cute, she looks like Ben.

  • Ewwww

    @Liza: how dare you say sera looks like a man!!!!!!!

  • stefano


    these kids will have to listen christina aguilera’s Beautiful because of your coments….
    they soooooo care about you! haha

  • well

    Ben is banging the bombshell from Gossip Girl now

  • to 5

    So are Ben and Jennifer still together…I never see them together with their kids

    read up on what ben affleck is currently doing before making such a stupid comment. the man is in the process of directing a film like he did with gone baby gone. did it even occur to you that jennifer and baby maybe out shopping with ben is busy on the set?? and just because you, PERSONALLY, do not see them together with their childrendoes not mean they are no longer together. trust me; they are. i have seen ben, jennifer and their two little girls shopping around the neighborhood where i life; as have other people.

  • ooff

    So far, Seraphina looks like Ben. I think Violet looks like Jen.

  • Shut up

    @stefano: I can give a rats ass who a baby cares about. I’m stating the truth no matter what you or anyone thinks

  • well

    if i were Ben ,i’d rather f*ck the blonde bimbo not Jen G

  • Huh?

    @to 5: So it takes 24/7 to direct? Riiiiiight, keep living your fairy life.

  • ANON

    Damn the photographers for intruding on them and damn all the sites who post the pictures! It should be illegal to photograph the minor children of celebrities without their parents permission. These people went all the way to effing Boston and still get pestered. SHAME!

  • well

    We can see JG and her daughters after the photos about Ben flirting Blake

    Shame on Jen! where is your husband ?I think he is flirting the bombshell now

  • megameg

    She can’t handle the 2 kids by herself at one time or she wouldn’t have to travel with a nanny. All celebs travel with nannies. It’s ridiculous.

  • who says

    That had to be one hell of a huge movie set that Ben and Blake were on, as it seems like there were at least several 1000 of JJ readers there. How else do you know what Ben and Blake were doing on the set? Why, a few pictures of a few seconds taken by a pap?

  • adorable

    Sera is to cute!

  • They’re just lying

    THey have nothing to say about this sweet family so they make up stuff about Ben. Its so stupid. Blake doesnt even have the big part in the movie. She is a minor player – the sister of one of the bank robbers (played by Jeremey Renner). No romance with Ben, sorry. So you cant make up stuff that happened because nothing has happened and nothing will happen! Just because Brad Pitt is a whore doesnt mean every other man is.

  • kj

    I find it humerous that anyone on this board thinks that they know what is going on or what is best for these two. All anyone has is speculation ( and that ain’t worth a damn). I wish J & B would read this blog, just so the they both could get a good laugh!!!

    FYI: I like Blake Lively, and I think her and Penn make a good couple. To bad that many on this board are trying to make her out to be a homewrecking wh*** because they don’t like Jen.

  • well

    @They’re just lying:
    Blake and Ben filmed sex scene a few days ago,.Yeah ,maybe there’s no sex scene about them in the book.But the movie never follow the book 100% excetly

    Ben ,hope you leave Jen and hook up Blake

  • well

    JG and her daughters W/O Ben Afflcek followed by the paps everyday!
    Blah ,Blah ,Blah

    how annoying JG is ?

    I think this is the perfect time Ben leaving Jen

  • to. haters

    You guys are pathetic!

  • missme

    Nice quote, Mel’s Right! He is in the middle of shooting a movie, right? So maybe he doesn’t have time to go take a walk with the family but that doesn’t mean they are having problems!! That little girl is just precious!!

  • missme

    Nice quote, Mel’s Right! He is in the middle of shooting a movie, right? So maybe he doesn’t have time to go take a walk with the family but that doesn’t mean they are having problems!! That little girl is just precious!!

  • shut up

    @missme: oh and you know it all? DOUBT IT!!!!

  • well

    yes ,he is shooting a movie,banging Blake now.We get it

  • garner affleck fan

    Seraphina is such a cute baby

  • Sheri

    @Shut up: How can you spew such hatred? You must have a pretty pathetic life.

  • shut up

    @Sheri: not really. im stating facts but it sounds like hatred to you obsessed fans.

  • because she’s normal

    # because they are nuts, thats why. Ben/Jen seem like they are ‘trying’ to be just like you and me, (the kids clothes speak volumes too), yet posters feel the need to bring this wonderful family down. Sick? Yes. Yet, the woman in all black, with the little blonde who now looks like a little boy also in black, is Normal. Go figure.

  • damn

    LOL Is Jennifer supposed to be with Ben and both children 24/7? Where on earth do you people come up with such STUPID SH*T????? DAMN!!!! Get a LIFE!! I don’t think you and your kids go with daddy to work. The stupidity on here is just UNREAL! Iknow this is a celeb blog, but who’s business is it, if this family isn’t stuck to the hip 24 hours a day? I mean, really, are you all insane?