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Khloe Kardashian & Lamar Odom: Dinner Date!

Khloe Kardashian & Lamar Odom: Dinner Date!

Khloe Kardashian and boyfriend, NBA star Lamar Odom, hold hands during a a date night together at Boa Steakhouse in West Hollywood on Saturday (September 5).

Khloe, 25, and Lamar, 29, were accompanied by her her mom, Kris Jenner.

Earlier this week, the reality show star and Los Angeles Lakers forward danced the night away at West Hollywood’s Guys and Dolls nightclub. “They never left their booth,” a spywitness revealed. “He was holding her hand and every time a good song came on, she would pull him up to dance and steal kisses here and there. There is no denying the chemistry between those two.”

After dancing the night away, the two left together hand in hand.

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Credit: JCalderon, Josephine Santos; Photos: SplashNewsOnline, Pacificcoastnewsonline
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  • yo

    The fameho sistas must’ve really a thing for black brathas! Keep it hos and spread the love!

  • maya

    and people wonder why the Kardashian’s are so attention hungry, look at their mom.

  • omg

    Sorry she looks like a guy in drag.

  • happy girl

    once you go black you never go back! the sisters agree

  • christyjolie

    I LOVE Khloe!

  • Topdog

    Wow, Kris Jenner is one tall lady.

  • julie

    Watching the Kardashians, i fell in love with Khloe, so so funny!

  • Ali

    I thought he was married. Didn’t he and his wife lose a child a few years ago?

  • blah blah blah

    They are really disappointing.
    Too desperate for attention.

  • me!

    @happy girl:

    So true! Once you go black, you never go back:-)
    If he is built in proportion, she’s one lucky girl!

  • dundies

    @ 2 lol yeah somehow the mom is the absolute worst

  • sillyme

    So, is this like Khloe’s third black athlete in a row? Is that her only standard, be black and an athlete? Although, white guys don’t seem to be attracted to her, so I guess she has no choice.

  • joella

    Chris Jenner needs to realize she is pushing 60 and not 25 like Khloe. She needs to dress her age. The dress is way to short for this old lady and notice the large holes in the design alone the bottom. (EW, lets hope she is wearing panties, not going camando) The jacket does nothing for her and makes it look like she has gained about 20 pounds. She seems so desperate for attention. So sad. She needs to go on that show “WHAT NOT TO WEAR” or at least get some serious help dressing herself. She sure likes to party with the younger set. Is she an alcoholic? Guess she could be going through menapause. Bruce please help your wife, can’t you do something, please. PS: Khloe, you look great. Keep it up girl.

  • Pau_Gasol Fan#16

    Aaggghhhh??!!! Lamar!!! WTF are you doing?! He was not married. He had the long time g/f and must of split when their baby died.

    Well. At least he is honest about her and does not try to deny he is seeing her! To bad he picked a media ho is all.

  • Jamie

    How tall in the boyfriend? Khloe is 5″10 and barely is above his shoulders.

  • Pau_Gasol Fan#16

    Lamar Odom is 6’10″. It say’s on Imbd that Khloe is 5’9″. Lamar will tower over almost anyone being 6’10″.

    I just wished he would have not picked a media press wh*re is all. Maybe, he won’t mind or does not mind the press up his a$$. She is kind of fat though. These NBA stars can get themselves super models. I just don’t get it?

  • kardashians_r_white_trash

    With the exception of the knocked up one,these Kardashian ho’s only like to date fugly black inbreeds

  • alexanderina

    damn a bunch of haters on here. I think they look cute together and so what if she likes black men, nothing wrong with that

  • alexanderina

    and of course we have to have the racist idiots on here

  • AngryM39

    No that’s not true they have dated white guys and she does have a choice she can date Hispanics but they obviously don’t appeal to any of the Kardashian sisters. Even their brother Robert dumped that Puerto Rican girl he threw a bone to after a few weeks. What was that chick’s name… Adriana Bailon I think. I knew you were old but I didn’t think you were that old.

  • Jamie

    Maybe he is just dating Khloe to get closer to Kim? Kim is single now.

  • AngryM39

    No, just kidding, I always knew you were pushing 40. Old dogs with impulsive behaviors beyond their control can’t learn new tricks.

  • ANakin

    She looks like Chyna from WWE

  • cassie

    they are cute!!

  • CitizenLand

    Khloe looking for that big roll-o-tar paper between her thighs……

  • Meet The New Boss..Same As The

    Old Boss. Old boss had to go put flowers on mummy’s grave. Sad when one loses their mummy and is left with that monthly obligation isn’t it? But of course, that would depend on what kind of mummy you had in life, whether or not she deserves flowers. Did yours? Silly me! Of course everyone’s mum deserves flowers. I ramble….sometimes visiting these blogs I feel that I am eavesdropping in on an obscene conversation between two crazy people, but only one person knows that they are crazy.

  • CitizenLand


    Racists? Ask a black girl who dates white guys how accepting other blacks are of her choice in men.

  • mertz

    way to lower yourself lamar.

  • twpumpkin


  • Jen

    I like Kloe on her show and I dont think she resembles a drag queen. Don’t know why people say that. I think she is a pretty girl.

  • Junge

    Khloe is just dog ugly. A fat blob covered with moles. Funny how people that are turn-away ugly are now celebs too. Sad.

  • tim

    I see that pimpster Kris is with them, Kris is now pushing diet pills that Kim is gonna be promoting, Kris has to have that 10% what a pimp of a motha

  • sienna

    I do not see any chemistry between these two at all. It seems as if somebody forced them to hold hands..

  • lakers fan in boston

    come on you had to pick this ugly ho, all i have to say is you better not this dumb ho distract u!!! lakers need to win again in 2010
    she’s nothing but a tranny imo

  • Rhonda

    I watch the show but I really don’t “like” these people. They are all about the money! Appear to be following in mama’s footsteps. Bruce Jenner seems so down to earth, but the rest of them (including the two younger ones) are just money grubbers. Extremely shallow people.

  • kev

    Chewbacca and Lando Calrissian are an item?

  • racecae

    ya once you go black you go on welfare,or get beat up,70% of black men abandon thier children,i hope she doest want to get married and start a faimly my god,why risk it.

  • twpumpkin

    What the hell is a nice guy like Bruce Jenner doing with this family of sluts?

  • *******

    Why is it the kardashians always date only black guys???? is kinda weird actually.

  • Pau_Gasol Fan#16

    You sound so silly Alexanderia,
    I’m not a hater and I’m certainly no racist! I have no problem with interracial relationships. You must learn to read more carefully. I love Lamar and I don’t care if he wants a white girl or black or whatever??!!! He just picked a media wh*re ditz is all. Oh well. That is on him. I don’t think this will last very long. I don’t think Lamar will want the paparazzi up his a$$. He seems like a rather private guy.

  • black model

    black and thick

  • eww

    Eww fug couple. They are nobodies, well, Lamar is somebody but the Kardashians are like trash trash trash….Nobody should be looking up to them. Ladies teach your little girls to never be like these hos.

  • um

    Are Armenians considered white? I dont think so

  • Gina

    Just as long as he’s black, she’ll date him. To be honest, white guys don’t like girls that look like her, black men have lower standards and are more likely to date her (I am a black person so don’t call me a racist, I’m just speaking the truth).

  • happy girl

    and the black man likes that big booty,you know what i mean.

  • p!nk

    Khloe rocks!

  • retrobanana

    im not gonna even dignify that above comment…how rediculous ok insult wicked powerful athletes that have more shit then you prob ever will in your life but no they are fugly and inbred…pshhhhhh

  • retrobanana

    gina you’re a retard

  • big Deal

    Khole is pretty.She could do bettter than these Black NBA players.

    You Kris Jener really really really does not like this,but what can she do. You know she thinks back to Nicole Brown,her best friend.
    Onedaughter beingwith a Blackathleteis onething,but two?No.

    Have you ever seen Kris’slil White mother. What must she think?

    Kim,at least had and probably still has Reggie Bush.At least he is easy on the eyes,has his own money,and is really a good guy.

  • Celebwatcher

    This is so not going to work. Khloe end this charade. He’s just not that into you.

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