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LeAnn Rimes: House Hunting Happy

LeAnn Rimes: House Hunting Happy

LeAnn Rimes playfully sticks out her tongue at paparazzi while grabbing a bagel breakfast with a mystery male on Saturday morning (September 5).

The 27-year-old singer was later seen house hunting and making a quick stop at Starbucks for her caffeine fix. Afterwards, LeAnn headed over to Fred Segal for a little retail therapy.

Could LeAnn be in the market to buy a new home for herself and her boyfriend, actor Eddie Cirbian?

On Sunday, Leann stopped by the ATM and ate alone at an outside table at the Ivy On The Shore restaurant in Santa Monica.

15+ pictures inside of house hunting happy LeAnn Rimes

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Credit: Bret Thompsett/Pedro Andrade, Kaminski/Whittle; Photos: GSI Media, SplashNewsOnline
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  • Martha

    she is beautiful. i love you le ann. keep smiling and whatever happens i wish you all the best! god bless.

  • Cristobal

    I use to like LeAnn and Eddie, but when they made their relationship public while still being married showed me just how vindictive they could be to their partners.

  • manolo

    Just went to Dean’s Twitter page and it sounds like he’s drunk. God Bless him

  • manolo

    Bad judgment on their parts.

  • songstress

    Smokin’ hot Le baby

  • lure

    Don’t buy another house until you can sell the Nashville one. In this depression economy you won’t want to get caught holding too many mortgages. Unless the one you’re looking at is to lease to see if this love will last or fizzle.

    The house she’s in now in Brentwood is leased but where she is looking now, in Calabasas, is a downgrade but she’s doing it to accommodate Eddie. Eddie lives in Calabasas and it would be more convenient for him and kids.

  • dd

    Does she work at all? It appears all LR does is ride around in EC’s Porche and spend her time outside primping for the pap pics. Sorta like gloating to the world, “Look at me, I won him, can you all see”. This girl has some serious problems. She craves the attention and could not care less about the pain she has caused. Hey Jerk, zip up your pants, and really look at this immature girl you left your family for.

  • lin

    She’s happy regardless of all the Haters, Peace out LeAnn!!!

  • Dave

    She’s cute, sexy, and happy, who are we to judge how she and her new man fell in love!!

  • Cindy

    Love her music, she is young, she’s in love & glowing! I hope she finds happiness!

  • lucy

    she’s happy now. wait until he cheats on her and he will

  • big Deal

    Big Deal by LeAnn Rimes
    Look up the words to her song,Big Deal.

    That pretty much explains.

    Next year at this time,Eddie wil have left her and moved on.She is playing with fire and the poor ,pitiful thing does not know it.

  • mel

    Wow amazing some of the people who condone adultry. If he does with you he’ll do it to you.

  • erin

    Life is Short!! Love happens when we least expect it! PEOPLE MOVE ON, FACE IT!! Be Happy LeAnn, hope the relationship works.

  • gwen

    Would it kill her to show some respect and sensitivity to DS, Brandi, and the two kids? She stood on a stage as she gave people a lesson about God, and here she is gloating about winning a man who
    doesn’t even care to show up for his son’s first day of school. If EC is such a devoted father and has his son’s best interest at heart, why won’t he tell his mistress to be respectful/sensitive and stop tipping of the paps so that they can see her househunting or gloating? Because he only wants to be a “devoted” father when he can’t profit from the affair? The more photo-ops she stages, the deeper and deeper she digs herself and EC. She comes off looking like a selfish, insecure, and immature woman who is so desperate to convince people that EC loves her (and isn’t with her for fame/fortune ) that she will do whatever it takes. Yeap, everyone knows that looking for a new house for you and your boyfriend before his divorce is even finalized means that he loves you(sarcasm). He couldn’t even commit to his wife and kids, and she wants people to think that he is commited to her because they are planning on buying a house together? All of this glaoting and leaking the details of her “romance” with EC is going to come back to haunt her. He is cheating on her and I bet she is just using these stories to cover it up.

    LR isn’t making direct statements to the media/press, but she is leaking details of her “romance” to Star, In Touch, and NE via “sources”. People criticize Brandi for telling the truth, but LR is doing most of the damage with these photo-ops and pr leaks about her adventures with EC. It’s not a coincedience that after these tabs received news that she and EC are househunting, viola the media is treated with photos of house hunting.

    The problem with LR is that she thinks that she and EC are invincible and will never pay for what they did to their families, hence why she keeps gloating. EC must be very proud of himself, his name is associated with a woman who takes pleasure in the pain that she causes others. No matter how many times her sources say that EC loves or pulls these they are in love because _____(went on “romantic dates”, he bought her a bracelet/cake, took her to Mexico, living with on her, or looking for a home together)the public will never believe that EC loves her. so for the rest of the year, she is going to try to convince the public that EC isn’t after her money by leaking stories about how he bought her something and that hereally does love her (and thus they had a right to do what they did to their families) by leaking stories about how they are making “commitments” to each other. So when will US Weekly expose EC affair that he is having behind LR back?

  • gwen

    Who will shelter and feed EC kids? The same woman(aka Brandi) who has been sheltering and feeding them while EC has been “going public” with his mistress, “buying” his mistress a cake/bracelet, publicly engaging in pda on a beach in Mexico with his mistress, allowing his mistress to stick her finger in his shorts, meeting his mistress at a hotel and friend’s house for sex, househunting, and sucking his mistresses finger over dinner.

    The most convient thing she can do for EC kid is to STOP GLOATING, tipping off the paps everywhere she goes so that they can see that she has “won”, and leaking the details of her affair to various tabs?LR will get a moments peace from the paps when she stops calling them. But she wants everyone to know just how much “in love” she and EC are, so that will be NEVER.

    Why is someone always trying to make out like EC cheating is BG fault? BTW, it’s LR and EC who are doing the most damage with these photo-ops and stories.

  • ron

    Rimes’ PR team are hard at work whitewashing her behaviour and vile cruelty towards her spouse. Do people really think that the papz are just photographing her day after day by chance!

    I don’t care about the divorce, it is none of my business. But why did this couple have to be so blatant in their behaviour, why did they have to treat their spouses so badly, publically lying, lying and lying for months on end. Cibrian chose to stay with his wife in April when the affair went public and, in fact, went into therapy with her. However he continued to see his mistress, dragging out the humiliation and public contempt for his wife. She was made to look a complete fool and I can only imagine the stress and pain she has suffered.

    Rimes used her PR team to make sure that everyone knew that her husband was gay – why did she have to do that? She could have divorced him at any time during the years they have been married.

    Their behaviour is unforgivable and no amount of PR photos of Rimes is going to change that.

  • Annie

    I wonder how long LeAnn will have that smile on her face? She must know how Eddie has treated his wife, cheating and publically humiliating her for months on end. Does Rimes think that he will treat her better? Of course, she is very rich and that is probably part of the attraction but still…..

    I look forward to reading that he has dumped her as he works his way “up” to a higher class mistress.

  • Annie

    It is interesting how Eddie is avoiding the papz and Rimes is just loving the attention on a daily basis. Her PR team have obviously decided that they can whitewash her part in this unpleasant public affair. Perhaps somewhere in Eddie’s tiny brain, he is just a little ashamed of his behaviour?

    JJ, I love your site but a little less Rimes please?

  • gwen

    What was the point in driving EC car(is this the same car he drove to the golf course)? To let people know that she is still sleeping with EC despite the fact that he isn’t making public appearances with her at the moment? To make the public think that he isn’t after her money because everyone knows that a man who lets you drive his car isn’t after one’s fortune(sarcasm)? To fool the public into thinking that EC loves her so much that he would allow her to drive his most prized possession? To rub the affair in BG face? Well now you know why she is so dressed up and eating alonr. She wanted to look nice as she flaunts her affair with a cheater by driving his car.

    EC and LR are not very bright are they? If they had an ounce of common sense, they would not have went public without first getting a divorce, vacation in Mexico/be seen house hunting so soon after filing the divorce, or allow his mistress to take his car for a spin after declaring that he has been respectful/sensitive or keeping things private. By showing up in public and making sure that the paps saw her driving EC car, she is making it that much harder for herself and EC.

    She shouldn’t enjoy his car too much because he might lose it in the divorce or worse, allow mistress number 3, 4, 5, 6, etc… to drive it too.

  • Michelle

    They should have learnt something from the Getty/Miller affair of last year. They used PR in public appearances in LA after the “photoshoot” in Italy and Getty’s rather stupid statement about his separation. At that time the Miller PR only caused even more public backlash and caused terrible damage to her career.

    Cibrian and Rimes work in the entertainment industry and rely on public sympathy and support. The fact that he is keeping out of the public eye and she is using the media on a daily basis shows that she is enjoying the situation and determined to prove that “she got her man”. Well, sweetheart, you may have your man but for how long? And what about his other rumoured girlfriend? And if he treats his wife with such disrespect, how is he going to treat you, even if you are rich?

  • sunseeker

    Miss Rimes is loving this attention , she is a very immature girl, Divorce happens but the way they have behaved is very cruel and insensitive. Apparently Rimes has done this sort of thing before , with an actor who was engaged and very much in love with his fiance but Rimes followed him everywhere made a right fool of herself, then she had a boyfriend who she bought cars for and every time he had an accident she bought him another one. She obviously needs to buy her men, and Cibrian is definitely easy to buy.

  • sunseeker

    Has anybody realises that she is always out with male friends but never with any other woman.

  • Celebwatcher

    Cibrian and Leann won’t last for 2 seconds. Face it people marriage ain’t all huinky dorey sometimes you gotta go your separate ways and not save face. is the place to check out the latest psychic predictions on your fave celebs!!!

  • luckylu

    LeAnn go find yourself a good man without Eddie’s reputation. Sure he’s a delicious hunk but his past speaks volumes.
    You are lookin beautiful LeAnn. Much better

  • luckylu

    Thanks Just Jared for this Rimes subject, The Shia and Lohan and garner stuff ad nauseum was getting worn out.

  • luckylu

    LeAnn drives the Audi Q5, the black one in the driveway. Edie’s Porsch is not there. You can see the Q5 in the photo

  • Kia

    She obviously doesn’t give a damn about his kids. And she’s loving this attention, pity it has to come at the expense of the kids. FugAnn – if he couldn’t stay faithful to his wife what chance have you got??!

  • just saying

    How come all you haters love Bragelina & Tori and Dean and not Leann and Eddie? They committed adultery too you know. Y’all just jealous Leanne is sexing Eddie and not you. Leanne looks gorgeous and her voice is amazing.

  • just saying

    Brandi needs to get a freaking job and find someone else. Your moneybag moved on.

  • just saying

    leann and eddie need a reality show to prove their love. the public will love them again a la tori and dean

  • inlove

    Mannnnnnn……..Le Ann looks too good!

  • sesame

    Brandi will have to seek employment since Eddie may not get any more work. Brandi and the boys will have to live like ordinary people soon unless she can entice some rich old guy to take her in.

  • sesame

    Brandi & Eddie have had to adjust their lifestyles to a lower level in the
    past couple of years. He hasn’t got the steady parts he had though the
    Northern Lights movie helped and the CSI will help but I don’t how many episodes they signed him up for. Last year they moved to a house worth only half as much as the one they had before so Brandi must realize that things are going to take another dip economically unless she marries a tycoon.

  • delicada

    The Perez Hilton site has a new photo up of Deane Sheremet, Le Ann’s ex with about 70 comments.

    Deane looks like a very nice guy but he is packing on the pounds.

  • callie

    Spotted some LeAnn pics on X17 (?) in Calabasas house-hunting. Don’t go there!
    Stay In Brentwood or Bel Air or Malibu. Calabasas is cheap and tacky in comparison.

  • rodeodr.

    Inevitable it was that Eddie would leave his family eventually. He wants all flavors and will not be happy with one. Brandi put up with it all these years maybe Le Ann will too. He’s such a charmer.

  • ugly horseface

    Yeah her ugly horseface with those squinty little eyes won’t be laughing when he cheats on her- which will happen cause she can’t keep a man like him. She is UGLY! She needs to horseface it- she can’t sing and can’t act! Look at her! She’s a plain jane and that is being nice. Get over yourself and be happy while you can because he’ll be leaving your ugly plain no talent ass soon….

  • rodeodr.

    #88 uglyhorse

    Brandi stuck with him all these cheating years. Was even going to stay with him through this. Remember she was in counseling with him and Eddie filed for divorce because Brandi DIDN’T want to divorce him.

  • rodeodr.


    You sound very bitter. It just so happens Le Ann is extremely talented and gifted. She has sold over 40 million albums and got great reviews on her latest acting venture. Her husband loved her so you can rightfully say the way they went about this was in poor taste but when you trash a voice that is very gifted who’s going to listen?

    Her voice is superb!

  • marblestight

    Yikes! When I saw the photo of Dean on Perez’s blog I was like whoa! he better quit eating so much. Trying to find comfort in food no doubt. A common tension reliever. Be good to yourself Dean. You are a rich man and in your element in NYC.

  • gwen

    77-There is another site reporting that it was Eddie’s car that she was driving on Sunday. They said that she left her house driving his car.

    79-just because people are not commenting about AJ/BP or T/D on a LEANN RIMES thread doesn’t mean that they condone their affairs.

    The lengths that people go through to justify EC and EC. So now BG doesn’t have a job and is going to be at a loss without E help? Why are people acting like Eddie is the bread winner? Didn’t he ask for spousal support and then changed his tune when he realized that it made him look like a gold-digger? BTW, if EC is going to marry LR then that means that her money is going to support the kids, right?

    89-If Eddie wanted a divorce, why did it take him so long to file one? He had several opportunities to file for the divorce, but didn’t do that. He was willing to go public with his mistress, but not file for a divorce before doing so? Could it be because he never had any intentions of leaving his wife and just wanted a mistress on the side. Notice that he didn’t file for the divorce until BG said that she didn’t want him/wasn’t taking him back and that she was going to file for the divorce within two days.

  • gwen

    So being “gifted and talented” makes LR a good person and absolves her of her bad behavior and anyone who doesn’t agree is “bitter”? This is why LR and EC career/image will never recover because instead of putting the blame where it is rightfully due, someone is always trying to justify LR and EC actions by pointing the finger at others.

  • drums4u

    I read in an above post that Rimes doesn’t own the house she lives in in Brentwood but only leases it. They are probably going to lease again to see where this thing goes. That would be smart.

    Brandi will take a hit in her lifestyle but she was a make-up artist and perhaps can find some work. Is that why the baby was put into daycare?

  • LOOK again,KARMA!!

    Brad and Angelina did not have kids.
    Brad wanted a family, kids and his wife was stringing him along.

    Tori and Dean each had a spouse who had no clue what Tori and Dean had in store for them.
    Dean had two children.Now,he has two with Tori. Tori’s mother is bitter towards her for having a million dollar wedding and leaving the guy,Charlie Shananin,high and dry.
    Her mother did not fork over toTori a few hundred million in trust and tens of millions in cash ASAP after her father’s death because Tori just picked up Dean and CandySpelling had no idea if he wanted her money or what.

    OHOH,check out this weeksSTAR MAGAZINE!! Google it on line.
    TORI and DEAN COVER STORY …… And it looking good!!! There is no prenup.
    Now, of course,thisis all from some exfriend of Deans who got cash from Star magazine. Time will tell.

    Vince Gill and AmyGrant met for a song,a duet,and Virign Christian(HAHAHAH myb as s)saw Vince and said she wanted him and got him.Vince went for her.Janice Gill,Vince’s innocent wife,was not a matter of importance to him. GoogleAmyGrant andVinceGilland read for yourself.

    Yeah, Johnny Cash and June Carter did this. Theirs wasrealand it lasted.Theyalso had to pay the piper to be together before,during,and after. Their spouses got happy and moved on and were happy to be rid of their drama.
    Johnny and June had their karma.

    VinceandAmy-time will tell.May they eventually get sick of each and one wants out.

    Oh,wait, liars and cheaters Garht Brooks and Trisha Yearwood. She gave up a lot for Garth. Time will tell.

    If these couples make it to the 25th wedding anniversary and beyond,good!

    Time will tell.


  • drums4u

    Finishing up some scouting about and found a place called Go there and type in Rimes and you can view her Nashville manse. If you visit it you can type in Cibrian.what comes up is Le Ann’s Nashville home first but if you keep scrolling down the page you’ll see Eddie’s house in Encino up for sale 2 years ago.

    The lad who runs the blog says it looks like it was in escrow. I researched online further and found it did sell and then he buys on Amber Circle in Calabasas and the listing is still online offered by a Wolfe(last name) realtor. Type that street name and place and you’ll see photos of both his homes. The Cibrian’s were definitely caught in the economic downdraft that is affecting so many of us in the USA.

    And it looks as though it will only worsen.

  • drums4u

    One other thing…the person who writes in says it looks like L Ann has a multi-million dollar mortgage on that 7.45 million dollar property in Franklin, Tn.

    There are also pictures of the 2.3 million property she lived in before selling it and building this monstrosity of a home now for sale.

  • gwen

    So these financial hardships that EC and BG were supposedly having lend support to what people have been saying all along; that Eddie is just using LR for fame/fortune. So Eddie is a gold-digger.

    LR is leasing because even she knows that Eddie is unreliable and that his loyalities change, she doesn’t want to be caught with a house when he starts sneaking off to hotels to see his other mistress or starts begging his wife to take him back.

    Since LR is going to be marrying EC, she will be paying his child support, so BG and the kids are not going to have to worry about any hardships.

  • HockeygurL

    I hope she chokes on her food, home wrecking S.L.U.T !

  • drums4u

    If they’re going to lease or not we can’t say. Though we will know through public notices. Right now she is leasing in Brentwood.

    If she’s smart she’ll lease at least until her Tn., property sells. But you can follow it by checking in to the and top and the Los Angeles Times has a section that follows the coming and goings of the rich and famous housewise.

    Did you check out Eddie’s previous digs and his current crib? His latest one is yucky garish. Don’t know if Le Ann’s family and accountants are going to go for paying his alimony and child support. Hope she has better advisers than Michael Jackson had.