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LeAnn Rimes: House Hunting Happy

LeAnn Rimes: House Hunting Happy

LeAnn Rimes playfully sticks out her tongue at paparazzi while grabbing a bagel breakfast with a mystery male on Saturday morning (September 5).

The 27-year-old singer was later seen house hunting and making a quick stop at Starbucks for her caffeine fix. Afterwards, LeAnn headed over to Fred Segal for a little retail therapy.

Could LeAnn be in the market to buy a new home for herself and her boyfriend, actor Eddie Cirbian?

On Sunday, Leann stopped by the ATM and ate alone at an outside table at the Ivy On The Shore restaurant in Santa Monica.

15+ pictures inside of house hunting happy LeAnn Rimes

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leann rimes house hunting 05
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Credit: Bret Thompsett/Pedro Andrade, Kaminski/Whittle; Photos: GSI Media, SplashNewsOnline
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  • natureme

    How do you get all that housing info? Are you sure it’s not hearsay?

  • drums4u

    Its all in the public record and found online. Just type in the things I’ve said. Interesting stuff, yes?

  • drums4u

    Eddie might not have the bucks, Rimes might not. Who knows but TV
    actors , except for a few top paid ones, haven’t been doing great these days of belt tightening. Some of these celebs spend and flaunt what they don’t have.

  • natureme


  • sarah

    Reading through these posts when I got a big chuckle from the suggestion that Brandi and Dean might hook up. Didn’t Shania Twain do just that with the husband of her best friend who ran off with her husband, Lange?

  • jordana

    Slow news day here?

  • sarah

    LOL jordana

    We need some new sightings

  • razmataz

    Ms. Rimes doesn’t cook at all so what is she supposed to do . Only order take-out and eat at home alone? She and Dean went out a lot but he also cooked at home too. Of course she’ll be photographed more she’s eating out more. The cook has left for cooking school in NYC.

  • alyssa

    How Eddie could leave his gorgeous wife and kids for this fugly woman is laughable. She is a real homewrecker in every sense of the word. She’s so gross, as is he. What goes around comes around. When kids are involved it really is wrecking a home, unlike Brad and Jen. They were already over and had no kids. People use the term loosely, when its really meant for cases like Eddie and Leann. Jolie is no homewrecker, Leann? Absolutely!

  • gwen

    So the public is seeing DAILY shots of LR because she doesn’t cook or doesn’t want to eat all alone? No, the public is seeing DAILY shots of LR because she is an ATTENTION-SEEKER and is trying to shoe everyone that she “won”.

  • stacey

    I don’t think LeAnn is gloating. I think it’s her way of letting Eddie’s ex know that she’s not a stalker, which I knew wasn’t true the first time I heard it. I don’t even believe that Eddie told her that.

  • she doesnt want privacy

    Leeann may have a nice voice but thats the only nice thing about her. she obviously loves all the attention, smiling for the camera and all and everyone who reads blogs or knows anything about LA knows celebrities dont eat at the IVY for privacy ESPECIALLY outside that and robertson avenue are well known paparazzi hot spots. she loooves all this attention which is sad bc it makes her look so bad

  • gwen

    Leann is gloating and no amount of telling people that she isn’t gloating is going to make people believe otherwise. A woman doesn’t gloat like this if she wasn’t doing some of the things that BG said that she was doing. The fact that she is tipping off the paps on a daily basis lends support to those stalker stories. She hasn’t LAID LOW since she got back from Mexico, why do you think that this is so? Why would she leak stories and then tip off the paps so that they could she her househunting when EC divorce isn’t even final? So is she starting these living together rumors to force EC hand?

    LA is a stalker, no one in their right mind would have canceled a concert and then take photos with the man she is rumored to be sleeping with. He might have told her that he was going to be at the game, but that doesn’t mean that she had to cancel a concert to be there .EC might have given her his phone number, but that doesn’t mean that she had to call it. Besides, what did she do when she couldn’t make EC leave his wife? She did everything in her power to make EC wife leave him.

    So now EC didn’t tell BG that LR was a stalker and BG is lying when she says this? Excuses, excuses, excuses. EC is a compulsive liar,don’t forget the lies that came out of this man’s mouth. He said “everyone who knows him knows that he wouldn’ t do a thing like that [cheat] ” and then the famous quote about how the media is piecing together moments in time to construct an affair that doesn’t exist; and then after telling all of these lies he has the audacity to “go public” and on a trip to Mexico with the woman he denied ever having any interests in. EC lied about his affair with LR because he didn’t want his wife to leave him. BG isn’t the liar, Eddie is.

  • gwen

    So now LR is smiling to let Brandi know that she isn’t a stalker?
    And she didn’t sleep with Eddie either, right? Now why would LR even be concerned about what Brandi thinks of her? Why would LR go out of her way to be seen dining alone at the IVY, just so that she can prove to Brandi that she isn’t a stalker? Because as many have pointed out she is GLOATING and trying to rub the affair in Brandi’s face.

  • ramen

    I don’t see her gloating at all. Le Ann has what are called “smiling eyes”.

    They’ll take dip in popularity but will spring back just like Bill Clinton, Jolie, Paul Newman and so many others. You can’t keep good talent down.

  • ramen


    You say you read things that Eddie has said or so and so has said that I’ve never read. If I ask you for sources so I can read them too you won’t mind, right?

  • ramen

    If Eddie didn’t want his wife to leave him or if he didn’t want to leave his wife he would have sent Le Ann on her way. Le Ann is not forcing Eddie to stay with her. eddie is much stronger and confident than that.

  • gwen

    lydia (aka ramon)

    115-Leann is gloating and no matter how many names you post under to tell other posters that they are not really seeing what they are seeing, you will never convince anyone otherwise. Why do you keep bringing up what other people have done? To deflect from LR bad behavior? The truth of the matter is that as long as LR keeps staging these daily photo-ops and showing disregard to BG, DS, and the two kids she and EC will never recover from this. She needs to LAY LOW because the more people see her, the more she comes off as a heartless/sick individual who doesn’t care about anyone but herself. EC looks like a weakling for standing by this woman and not doing anything while she taunts his kids.

    116-So now Eddie really didn’t say those things even though they have been documented and repeated over and over by almost every media/press source? Is that your assestion? You live by the out of sight out of mind mentality? If you don’t see it, then it didn’t happen, right? Stop making excuses. He said what he said and you can not get mad because people call him out on it.

    117-Eddie is much srtonger and confident than that? A man who when caught red handed told every lie in the book.That’s where you are wrong. Confident and strong men admit when they are wrong, apologize to the people they hurt, abide by their word, don’t sneak to motels for sex with his mistress, wait until their divorce is finalized to flaunt the affair, and aer concerned about the message/impact that their actions have on their kids . Just admit it, if he wanted to leave his wife he would have left a long time agoHe didn’t send LR on her way because he wanted a WIFE and a MISTRESS, it’s called wanting his cake and to eat it too. You are right LR isn’t forcing EC to stay with her. That’s because she is using her money to buy his affection,attention, and time.

  • ramen=lydia


  • Fan not judge

    Like LeAnn’s hair down. Will not judge her or others in this situation. Dont know behind the scenes. Obivous she was not happy before. Yes, she should have waited the right way and divorced. Hope she makes better decisions in the future. Sorry for kids. I am still a fan of LeAnn.

  • gwen

    Why would anyone have sympathy for LR when she is still gloating and still to this day has not shown any remorse for what she did to 4 people? She cheated because she was selfish, not because she was “unhappy”.

  • michaela

    Did Brandi know Eddie was like this when she fell for him? I’m willing to bet she did so does LeAnn.

    What about eds engagement to Julianne Morris? What does Bg know about that? HMMMMMMMMmm

  • gwen

    michela (validate/lydia)

    So wait, where do you get off criticizing others when you are doing the very thing that you accuse others of doing. So why are you so invested to the point where you are posting this in EVERY OLD THREAD? Your hypocrisy just amazes me.

    Well what we can take way from this is that EC and LR are losing the public’s sympathy and the lone fan is trying to gain them support by default. She thinks that posting that BG and EC cheated in EVERY thread and on EVERY site will make people dislike BG and therefore cut LR and EC some slack. Blaming the victim does not help EC and LR in anyway, especailly since there is no proof that EC and BG ever knew each other in 1997.

    Leann knows what EC is like when she fell for him, yet she keeps trying to convince us that this man is in love and happy with her. In fact, you keep drooling all over LR and EC “great romance” knowing full well what this man is all about. And you want to blame BG for EC actions. And you wonder why people won’t have any sympathy for them. Who in their right mind will try to defend EC and LR actions by throwing the victims under the bus?

    PS-How many threads did you post this message in?

  • michaela

    Beautiful sunny nature. Don’t go plastic LeAnn. You’re beautiful in a natural way and that voice is a gift from God.

  • gwen

    micheala (aka cbme, validate, lydia)

    1)”Beautiful sunny nature.”

    She gloats, has not shown any remorse for her actions, and has been stalking the married man’s wife, so that dispels the notion that she has a beautiful or sunny nature. Is that what this is about? You are upset beause I wrote that Leann is unstable?

    2) “Don’t go plastic LeAnn.”

    How do you that Leann hasn’t gone plastic? You don’t.

    3)”You’re beautiful in a natural way and that voice is a gift from God.”

    Who are you trying to convince, yourself or the public? Must be yourself. So you think that saying that Leann is beautiful will somehow make it true?

    Having a voice that you consider to be a gift from God doesn’t absolve Leann or make what Leann is doing right. She is wrong. And if she doesn’t do the right thing, she may lose the gift that you seem to fantasize is from God.

  • suppress your appetite

    Great pics

  • gwen

    That is if you like women who take pleasure in the pain that they cause others.

  • michaela

    gwen… suffer a persecution complex