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Alexander Skarsgard & Evan Rachel Wood: Dating?

Alexander Skarsgard & Evan Rachel Wood: Dating?

Alexander Skarsgard and Evan Rachel Wood are rumored to be dating after first meeting on the set of True Blood.

Evan, 22, reportedly flew to Shreveport, Louisiana this weekend to visit Alexander, 33, on the set of his new movie, Straw Dogs.

The rumored couple was spotted (pictured here) at a local festival and Evan was seen snapping away with a disposable camera. Alexander has already been seen hanging out with his movie co-star Willa Holland, 18.

WHAT DO YOU THINK of Alexander Skarsgard and Evan Rachel Wood as a couple — YAY or NAY?

You can watch Alexander and Evan together on the True Blood finale, airing @ 9PM ET/PT this Sunday, September 13 on HBO.

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420 Responses to “Alexander Skarsgard & Evan Rachel Wood: Dating?”

  1. 1
    Chelsea Says:

    What happend to Shane West?

  2. 2
    jj Says:

    Young Hollywood – they get around. Hope they are wearing protection!

  3. 3
    Hula Says:

    God, he’s hot.

    Well done Ms Wood. :D

  4. 4
    Pan Says:

    Nooooo, not her!

  5. 5
    LoveIT Says:

    Cute couple! A definite improvement from Manson!

  6. 6
    lmao Says:

    Well, if Lainey [b]Gossip[/b] says it’s true, it must be true…

  7. 7
    lmao Says:

    Cause Lainey’s always right. lmao

  8. 8
    jmho Says:

    They’re friends. They’re not dating. She was with West at the end of July and he’s been in Shreveport since early August.

  9. 9
    nancy s. Says:

    I don’t believe they’re dating.

    He keeps saying he’s single and there’s no reason to hide the relationship.

  10. 10
    jb Says:

    Can’t stand her!

  11. 11
    toofunny Says:

    He is just trying to stop the rumorrs about the 18 year old girl. Its all bs and pr. just a couple of days later and now he is dating her. he is never so careless about this stuff and now the pics get out. they put them out for a reason. to make sure he doesn’t look bad.

  12. 12
    Justme24 Says:

    He’s gay.

  13. 13
    pebbles Says:

    Don’t you have to go on dates to be dating? I see two people at a local festival, but prior to that they were spotted at a True Blood-related function before he left to film Straw Dogs. Prior to this, there were no sightings of ERW on the Straw Dogs set.

  14. 14
    just sayin' Says:

    Lainey is the source on this. This is the same Lainey who claims Nicole Kidman is a hermaphrodite.

  15. 15
    natt Says:

    Oh mann, that’s going to be so hot! Good choice Evan!

  16. 16
    bia Says:

    Poor Shane…

    I hate her now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! She’s &%$#$

    Another man older than her ..33 years…

    Seems that Evan cheated on Shane and the gossip in ends of July about her and Alex it’s true!

  17. 17
    wendy Says:

    Lainey is such a pathetic b***h!!

    Wouldn’t trust anything she writes!!

  18. 18
    aqua Says:

    I think they’re pals but I am not sure about them dating cause why have there been no reports of her in Louisiana for the entire month AS has been done there? I don’t think two sightings means they’re dating. If that were the case, he must be dating Willa Holland. I’ve seen photos of him with her and not just the boat ones.

  19. 19
    getty Says:

    I saw a whole bunch of TB cast members in Shreveport this weekend, so that doesn’t prove anything.

  20. 20
    bia Says:

    She’s cheated on Shane West?
    I hate her!!!!

  21. 21
    canuck Says:

    I love Lainey but she’s such a **** talker.
    I know this firsthand cause when Phillippe was filming in Canada,
    my pal gave her a whole bunch of false info. and she ran with it like
    it was from a stellar source.
    She’s fun to read though.

  22. 22
    hollywoodgirl Says:

    Evan was seen with Alex at the hotel in Shreveport where he is staying while filming Straw Dogs there. No sighting of Shane West. Evan and Alex look gorgeous together. What a lovely couple!

  23. 23
    Wicked Says:

    He had more chemistry with those teenage girls in the boat.
    Is he dating them too?

  24. 24
    lovely Says:

    @hollywoodgirl: If they’re hanging out together, that makes sense, but it’s not proof of dating. Just visiting. And he’s been seen out with other women over the past two weeks.

  25. 25
    hollywoodgirl Says:

    Shane West has been out on dates with 3 different women i August, so it seems like he has moved on.

  26. 26
    Katie Says:

    Yeah right.
    I’m dating him too.
    We’re waiting to announce it to People Magazine. lol

  27. 27
    Halo Says:

    I DON’T LIKE THIS IDEA AT ALL! she will always go back to dirty Marylin manson.

  28. 28
    May_m Says:

    My sentiments exactly.

  29. 29
    Sydney Says:

    So which is it. They are dating or she’s in Shreveport with Shane West. And sorry, but if the source is LaineyGossip, then I disregard automatically

  30. 30
    bia Says:

    Surely that Shane came out with 3 different women in August to forget that Evan has betrayed him with Alex while filming True Blood in July

  31. 31
    JM Says:

    NO NO NO! Come back to Sweden, I want you!! haha but I guess if he’s happy why not

  32. 32
    marissa Says:

    i knew this was going to happen :D they make a ok couple

    Bye Bye to shane west

  33. 33
    toofunny Says:

    @Katie Congrats and if you decide you don’t want him he should definitely think about some classy girls with talent if he only wants actors. think natalie portman, anne hathaway, kristen stewart, cameron diaz, even jennifer aniston.

  34. 34
    hollywoodgirl Says:

    The picture of Alex and Evan is of them visiting New Orleans this weekend.

  35. 35
    sarah Says:

    Alex is defiantly WAY better than Marilyn Manson. Nice upgrade, Evan!

  36. 36
    Straw Dog Says:

    He’s not dating her but at least this takes the focus off boat-gate. Some fanatics and bloggers like to spread this rumor but they are definitely just friends.

  37. 37
    space Says:

    That’s funny how they’re hanging out on her birthday weekend.

  38. 38
    Wwoww Says:

    Ugh, no. I don’t want him taking up with her. He can do soooooo much better. Don’t settle for easy p*ssy Alex, quality is always better!

  39. 39
    toofunny Says:

    @Wwoww hahaha!! I just fell off my chair. easy p*ssy is the best description of her ever!!!

  40. 40
    Sydney Says:

    So if you seen out walking with someone you are dating, Am i right. Well, then Skarsgard is dating a bunch of females as he was seen having dinner with them. And then ERW was seen with the guy that plays Steve Newlin.

  41. 41
    oseary Says:

    @ 9 ITA – This would actually increase his profile.
    Why would he hide it, unless he’s ashamed of her?
    I think they’re just friends like those girls on the boat.

  42. 42
    toofunny Says:

    @wwoww hahaha. funny

  43. 43
    mel Says:

    He looks anemic.
    I don’t get his appeal.

  44. 44
    hollywoodgirl Says:

    @oseary: Why would they announce to the world that they are dating after just a few dates? If I had the paparazzi and fan photograpers following me everywhere I would like to be a little bit sure of my feeling before announcing to the world that I’m dating someone.

  45. 45
    commonsense Says:


  46. 46
    Celebwatcher Says:

    Evan Rachel gives me the creeps. She’s an opportunist. is the place to visit for your free psychic reading and celebrity psychic predictions!!!

  47. 47
    celeb spotter Says:

    @hollywoodgirl: An announcement is irrelevant. There have been sightings of this guy all over Shreveport — at his hotel, on set, restaurants, etc…If Wood had been there before Sunday, something would have been reported before today. The only time he can be linked to her is at a work-related function right before he flew down to Louisiana and these pics from Sunday. Two incidents doesn’t seem like dating. More like hanging out.

  48. 48
    Chris Says:

    According to Star Magazine, he’s dating Kate Bosworth and I have seen photos of them out together on TWO separate occasions, including one at a bar, so I guess they MUST be dating. :-)

  49. 49
    incognito Says:

    Lainey is the source? Oh nevermind…I don’t believe it.

  50. 50
    L Says:

    Oh come on, why would she be visiting him in Louisiana if they weren’t dating? Of course they are dating.

  51. 51
    Danielle Says:

    Pretty much anything Lainey says is irrelevant, she uses a magic 8 ball as a source.

  52. 52
    Sydney Says:

    @Chris A+ Totally dating

  53. 53
    meh Says:

    What’s the source for this? I read about this on LaineyGossip.

  54. 54
    Joe Says:

    go because she visited him in La, she’s dating him. Shoot, I’m better never ever visit my friends otherwise ppl will assume some sexy times is going down

  55. 55
    Purple Says:

    Who needs Lainey when you have photographic proof? He is only filming for a few weeks, why else would she be visiting if she wasn’t a girlfriend? I don’t even like her, but the pictures are too much to ignore.

  56. 56
    Penny Says:

    This girl goes around- Manson, Shane West….now Alex Skarsgard. Wasn’t she also linked to Mickey Rourke? grody.

    I guess them dating is slightly better than him dating an 18 year old like Willa Holland

  57. 57
    jess Says:

    Who cares. They can date whomever they want. Why is this such a big deal?

  58. 58
    m Says:

    Well actually Lainey is right most of the time… like that time when Taylor Lautner & Selena Gomez broke up? Lainey reported it first, then they had their PR date, then Taylor was back with his old gf.

  59. 59
    jenn Says:

    @Purple: Because they’re friends? They’re filming for 2-3 months and I believe they’ve been filming since the beginning of August. I did something similar but I wasn’t dating the guy. We were just really good friends.

  60. 60
    toofunny Says:

    Well Kate Bosworth is not so great but better than this!

  61. 61
    Is she a... Says:

    a beard? The reason I ask is because I know there were rumors about Shane West being gay and Skarsgard sends a lot of people’s gaydar off.

  62. 62
    captain v Says:

    @m: Having been a source for Laimey, I disagree. :-)

  63. 63
    fangirl Says:

    @celeb spotter:

    i had read on twitter that ERW had arrived at the hotel on friday. as to whether or not they are dating, who knows..

  64. 64
    she is gross Says:

    askars is smarter than this – what is wrong with his ***** detector?

  65. 65
    toofunny Says:

    I think he is trying to make his star rise SUPER fast and that’s why pics of him keep getting “released” “out” so quickly now. he prob wants to be a big household name fast and this is the way to do it. like they always say there is not such thing as bad press. he doesn’t care what people say as long as they are talking about him. then when he is ready he will flip the script and date someone totally awesome and decent but for now he needs to go for the shock value. same with erw. people stopped talking about her and now she is going to be all over the place with this. they are just testing the waters right now to see how many people respond to this. it’s looking good right about now

  66. 66
    rpatzfan Says:

    she date Marylin Manson ? it so she had a awesome upgrade .

  67. 67
    Purple Says:

    How long were you friends for? These two met fairly recently and for someone to go down to a place like Shreveport, LA and stay through her birthday sounds like more than just visiting a friend. She said in a video a few weeks ago she was taken.

  68. 68
    Joe Says:

    Sorry, but Lainey is not a reliable source. Then she waits until the pics leak to say they’ve been dating for weeks. Shady. And Alexander has been filming for a month now.

  69. 69
    Nick Says:

    Evan is dating Michael McMillan, the creepy pastor on True Blood.

  70. 70
    @toofunny Says:

    you’re as dumb as rocks to think that Alex staged these photos. Those are not paparazzi photos, idiot.

  71. 71
    hollywoodgirl Says:

    @Nick: Michael McMillian is officially gay

  72. 72
    melody39 Says:

    Who cares if he IS dating an 18 year old girl?! 18 is legal, innit? ERW is beautiful but the two of them don’t look like they are dating but just hanging out.

  73. 73
    blackberry Says:

    @Purple: If they met fairly recently, why do people think they’re dating? That doesn’t make sense especially if the guy hasn’t been in LA. Why wouldn’t she fly down? It sounds like fun. Also, if there is other True Blood cast there, maybe it’s for work and they met up?

  74. 74
    missme Says:

    Since they are co-stars perhaps they are just friends at a festival, hanging out. They don’t look particularly lovey dovey to me..but who knows!?

  75. 75
    Molly Says:

    Wow, Purple really really wants this to be true. ERW says she’s dating. AS says he’s single doesn’t have time to date. Clearly they are dating each other. Slow news day.

  76. 76
    Renegade Says:

    @hollywoodgirl: I know Mike from high school. He’s not gay. He’s played gay characters though. He’s a great actor.

  77. 77
    Purple Says:

    If I met a friend a few months ago, would I visit him/her in another state? No. If I met a man recently that I started to date and he needed to go out of state for work, would I visit? Yes. Two different types of relationships. Too many sightings of just these two for it not to be true.

  78. 78
    nlah Says:

    he’s NOT dating willa. that boat trip was arranged by the crew, it was for work. these clearly arent staged considering a fan took these pictures and not the paparazzi. if they are dating, good for him, hope he’s happy. but honestly it doesnt seem like they are dating, just seems like two friends hanging out.

  79. 79
    fresh Says:

    @Purple: How are people getting too many sightings? I’ve only read about an awards show and these new pics. Which is no more than the other women he’s been spotted with. I guess this dude gets around. He’s probably dating my mother too.

  80. 80
    Man Says:

    I CANNOT BELIEVE THAT! oh nooooooo….
    not rachel wood! I mean… LOOK AT HIM!
    thats a sad world

  81. 81
    she is gross Says:

    why would he want to hang out with her even as friends?

    she’s not a nice girl…she’s been thru manson and west in the past 6 mos…the heat has affected askars’ brain :(

  82. 82
    Sydney Says:

    Exactly fresh. One was at a work function and this photo. I’m gonna need more proof, otherwise ASkars is dating a bunch of women as he’s been photographed more with them then ERW

  83. 83
    Purple Says:

    No Molly, I don’t want it to be true. I could care less who he is dating, that’s his business. However, some people are so star struck and delusional that they can’t see how obvious it is. I am merely pointing that out. PS. you actually believe everything a celebrity says? You are very naive.

    @fresh – there were a bunch before he left for Louisiana, soccer games, dinner, boat rides. That’s why I think they are dating. I have no agenda, there is just evidence to support it.

  84. 84
    iris Says:

    Idk, why would a ‘friend’ visit another ‘friend’ while they’re working on their own birthday weekend?

  85. 85
    Sydney Says:

    You got some bad info Purple. The rumors of the boat ride and dinner were FALSE. They came out the same time the soccer pics did and some girl on a Skarsgard site admitted she made those up to prove how easy it is to make rumors up. So, now you are back to a grand total of 2 pics.

    @iris ok they are dating, so why didn’t she visit him on HIS birthday?

  86. 86
    Bill Says:

    Eh, so they are dating. I give them a few months

  87. 87
    ladyvampyre37 Says:

    It’s possible that they are dating, but they don’t look very close in these pictures. They aren’t holding hands or even looking at each other with puppy dog eyes, they way that most people do when they first start dating someone. And if they are dating right now, it doesn’t mean that they will be 6 months from now. Celebrity gossip sites don’t normally have the best track record with this kind of stuff, so until I see some definite signs of affection between them or he comes out and says that he’s dating her, it’s kind of like whatever. But honestly, she doesn’t seem to have “type”, except for older than herself, so anything is possible.

  88. 88
    Golly Says:

    Someone even said Kate Bosworth would be better then Evan? Kate Bosworth who smokes and has a drug problem and cheats on her boyfriend regularly? You have no idea what you are talking about.

    Evan is a cool woman….yes, I have met her….and she is really funny, and passionate about life, and they both have a goofy sense of humor and are a good match! I know that his friends really like her too.

  89. 89
    true blood Says:

    He is not dating ERW but I do believe she has a crush on him which is understandable. Most women do and if I were her, I would use any opportunity to hang out with him too. AS has been linked to so many girls in the past month. Someone needs to make a “I dated Alexander Skarsgard” t-shirt.

  90. 90
    lakers fan in boston Says:

    no pics, i wanted 2 see evan =[
    i really dont no much about him other than he’s on true blood, so i have no idea
    long as rachel is away from that marilyn creep, fine by me

  91. 91
    viv Says:

    he’s such a tall big boy. yum.

  92. 92
    ecctv Says:

    Rachel is a stupid nasty ****. I hope she diaf

  93. 93
    toofunny Says:

    @golly uh regarding smoking erw smokes so if you know her so well you would know that. in addition, she slept with a married man and broke up his marriage. and with marilyn you know drugs were involved in the relationship. just saying since you “say” you know her so well.

  94. 94
    pr guy Says:

    Just do the math on this one. She’s been spotted in LA all August aside from this weekend. He’s been in Shreveport since early August. No spottings of them together during these weeks Lainey Gossip claims they were dating even though this guy has been continuously photographed all over the state of Louisiana including with different women. As for flying down, well even his fan girls have been flying in from all over the country to see him and they don’t even know the man. There would have been a spotting before now if they’d been dating but this does make for good gossip foddler.

  95. 95
    Jacky Says:

    @ pr guy you are right the timing dosent seem right at all in this case but i read he was in NYC for this birthday in NIN concert that night suppodesly but you never know. also if they were really dating at least you would have seen some kind of affection in public and you dont see that at all in the pictures. and @ Golly if you know her so well and you know alex so well too then how come we havent heard that she has been in louisiana before this. it dosent make any sense at all

  96. 96
    Bill Says:

    @Golly. Cover youself, you are showing your behind. You met ERW and don’t know she smokes, but know for a fact that Alex’s friends like her. Riiiight, I believe you. As Michael K on Dlisted says, I need moar proof.

  97. 97
    RandyM Says:

    Maybe Alexander isn’t what he seems. Sure he says certain things in the press, but that could be all drummed up by his publicists. Action speaks louder than words. He might be on the same level as Evan, and by level, I don’t mean age either;-)

  98. 98
    LauraS Says:

    Someone I know who has been an extra on Straw Dogs, said Alex was filming on his recent birthday. Don’t see how he could have been at a NIN concert in NYC.

  99. 99
    toofunny Says:

    it was also noted by a fan in Shreveport that she saw him there having dinner on his birthday with people from the movie. who knows.
    but one thing is for sure he needs to improve his taste in women

  100. 100
    jo Says:

    Dear God …that twitter gossip in last few days of July were true???!
    Evan cheating on Shane with Alex…in end of July someone posted it at twitter …thats why Shane and Evan broken up …?
    Aw Shane you’ve me!

  101. 101
    salma Says:

    @LauraS: I read a story by a blogger who saw him there and the concert sounded like a lot of fun. It was at night so he might have filmed during the morning/early afternoon and flew in for the night. That is a really nice birthday treat.

  102. 102
    toofunny Says:

    @jo OMG..even worse! How could Alex be someone who was cheating on her current boyfriend just to be with him. He is just doing her for now. She is ms. right now and easy breezy. she isn’t demanding too much and that makes it perfect. once he is ready to settle down and have a serious relationship out the window her ass goes unless he has the crappiest taste ever. he lost sooooo many points in Hwood for this one. he is trying to be a list but this just knocked him back so much. too easy. anyone can get her. my dog alfie could do her and then walk up the street in new orleans and she would be proud to talk about it and display it.

  103. 103
    kASEY Says:

    Twitter is every celebs worst nightmare. Haha. A lot of sightings came from there also. Yeah, it seems like now we know why the sudden break up with Shane West.

  104. 104
    Kristen Says:

    That’s the thing, its so easy to make stuff up. He was in NYC on his bd, but there is no proof but someone says it, then its true

    I don’t know about that Randy. He’s a pretty good fake then. He hardly gives interviews because he thinks he’s overexposed and doesn’t seem handled by publicists. He’s too friendly to his fans

  105. 105
    what Says:

    WTF That’s it! Just lost all respect for him. Never had any for her to begin with. This guy is totally out of the running for serious Hollywood actor. He is now relegated to the C-D list. What a tool! He should take a note from Matt Damon, Brad Pitt, etc. Date decent WOMEN not GIRLS and you will go far! Seriously what a tool!

  106. 106
    Michigan Says:

    Man, this is how rumors get started. He can’t hang out with any woman without being romantically linked to her. I really feel sorry for Alex. He’s such a nice guy.

  107. 107
    what Says:

    He might be good looking and all but maybe his IQ is low. You know all brawn and no brain. He is built and heard from an interview that he is well endowed but not in the brains department. That is so typical of actors. He should let his PR people hook him up with someone because I don’t think he can make good decisions on his own. Now that I think about it he fumbles over his words in interviews and rambles on making no sense! He is always trying to portray that he is reading some classic novel. I think this guys image is one big fake just like Randy said. He needs to let the PR people handle is love life too if he is going to make decisions like this one. Christine Ochoa Lopez was sooo much of a better decision but she was prob not sleazy enough.hehehe

  108. 108
    omg Says:

    @Chelsea: that is what I was thinking . . .wow she is that young and she has had a revolving door of men. . . gross.

  109. 109
    Buttercup Says:

    I have a stupid crush on him… actually I have a crush on him AND his Eric character. Alex seems to be a genuine nice person, a funny guy too and pretty down to earth. That appeals to me. And Eric well… he’s the whole package.
    If Alex’s dating ERW, then my heart will be breaking as soon as I hear a confirmation. brrrr ERW please!! You can date someone nicer.
    Does anyone else have a feeling that he could be gay though?

  110. 110
    Cherie Says:

    I don’t understand why people are freaking out over this. So what, he’s dating ERW. If the guy is happy, then more power to him.

  111. 111
    qwert Says:

    Wow! It seems a lot of people have a lot of opinions about this!
    Maybe they are just friends. Maybe they are dating. Who cares?
    If they are, then congrats to them for finding each other.
    (And while there may be an age gap, they are still both old enough to decide who to date or do or whatever).
    He is doing a great job as an actor. That’s what matters! :)

  112. 112
    what Says:

    @Buttercup Yessssss..however he is European and they give off a gay vibe to Americans. But yeah he is awfully gay-ish a lot of things. Maybe he is trying to stop the gay rumors by using Willa and ERW. Or maybe just bi. In these pics he seems like a girls best gay guy friend right? Even the way they have distance between them. She seems like someone who would be down with having a bi boyfriend or one able to cover for a great gay friend. Thoughts?

  113. 113
    Maria Says:


    Hey, what comes to him fumbling with words and rambling on: He speaks English as a foreign language. I do as well, and I know very well that sometimes you lose the word you wanted to use, or cannot express your thoughts very concisely. And some people are really bad in those interview situations even in their first language. So let’s not use this as a measure of intelligence.

  114. 114
    eLLA Says:

    Even though I am a female fan, yes I sometimes wonder if he is. I know the old American joke about is he gay or European but Alex as even had rumors in his native country, which he denied. To be honest, there is a gay vibe he gives off

  115. 115
    Buttercup Says:

    Who talked about his intelligence? I have no doubt he’s quite a clever one! I’m European too and English also is my second language as well. The gay vibe does not come from his speech, just from his behaviour. I can’t explain it.

  116. 116
    Buttercup Says:

    If she IS dating Alex, that will be definitely be an upgrade, compared to Manson and West!

  117. 117
    t Says:

    I don’t believe he’s dating Evan. She’s just acting like his fan girls. A picture or two together doesn’t mean they’re dating. Bradley Cooper and Aniston went out to dinner. They weren’t dating. Skarsgard had more chemistry with that dude in Generation Kill.

  118. 118
    newtoyou Says:

    Do I think he’s dating ERW? No.
    Do I think he’s dating Willa Whatever? No.
    Do I think he’ll hit a nice piece of a$$ in his spare time? Yes.

    He’s a man. He’s 33 and I’m pretty sure he wants someone who can F%$#. Not someone he has to teach and no matter how many times ERW did MM, she’s still an amateur.

    He’s single. And the woman he dates FOR REAL is gonna have more experience in relationships and in the sack than this GIRLS.

  119. 119
    Poor alex Says:

    I defended Alex in the whole “boatgate” situation. But now this. ERW is just one step above Paris Hilton and Lindsay Lohan and slightly older than Willa Holland. If he is dating her, I seriously question this man ‘s judgement. He presents himself as a intelligent, mature, level headed individual. She is none of the above. Maybe what he presents isn’t really what he is. Could he just be playing the Hollywood game? I hope not. I love this man and thing he is really talented.

  120. 120
    Ella Says:

    @What&Buttercup- I think he speaks quite well for English being his second language. I agree with Buttercup, it’s not the speech. It’s the whole overall package. It’s the aura he gives off. What – we thought the same way as far European or gay. I do see what you are saying about
    these pictures though. I have always thought he was questionable.

  121. 121
    Poor alex Says:

    RE: the rumors of him being gay? I would rather hear he is gay then be dating ERW. She is nasty…..

  122. 122
    she shall remain nameless Says:

    I thought she and Shane West were dating!

  123. 123
    what Says:

    @Buttercup I said he fumbles not because his English is bad but he seems to be winging it most of the time…like an airhead! My family is immigrant and I know the difference. I just think he is trying WAY to hard for a reason to portray himself as the PERFECT guy. Smart, honest, fan friendly, wants a family, is really close to his family, great actor who wants to do indies, read really difficult books..he says what everyone wants to hear. I just saw his typical day and it was like something out of the freakin brady bunch. No one is perfect. His image is too crafted. The ERW thing…whatever floats your boat. But he could do so much better. She is a major downgrade for him. I think he is just looking for as much publicity as possible. The whole gay vibe still won’t go away. I have a European friend who says that even for Europeans he seems a little gay or bi. Whatever, he can do better than ERW and Willa but definitely ERW. It’s like dating a nasty prostitute…even worse because she doesn’t get paid for it.

  124. 124
    ladyvampyre37 Says:

    It almost seems like the main reason people don’t like her is because of Marilyn Manson. Hey, everyone makes a bad relationship call in their lives. She wouldn’t be the first to pick the wrong guy, heaven knows. Manson is actually a fairly quiet and articulate person which most people don’t really know. He’s not the guy offstage that he is onstage.

    As to Skarsgard being gay…wtf? He has some decent taste in clothes and takes personal grooming to heart and he’s gay?? I don’t believe that he is gay, just very metrosexual. And there’s nothing wrong with that since it just means he cares about how he looks and chooses not to be a caveman who picks the least bad-smelling shirt off the floor to wear out.

  125. 125
    Bia Says:

    Shane is finally free of Evan.
    I love Shane West! I do not care to see Evan & Alex together . Since Evan is far from Shane!

    Shane deserves so much better than her!

  126. 126
    teresa Says:

    why can’t they be just friends?? jeez if two guys are together they must be gay, and if one’s a guy and the other a chick they must be dating…
    seriously there is such a thing as plain friendship ppl!
    BUT if they were together yay! ERW has improved in her taste by ALOT. I mean going from Marilyn Manson to Alexander Skarsgard is like DAMN!

  127. 127
    what Says:

    @Poor alex You are right! Whatever with the “boatgate” even though I think he could have used better judgment with that but whoever put those pics out will have to deal with that wrath. However, like I have been saying I think he is playing the Hwood game WAAYYYY too much. He wants to be accepted too hard and he doesn’t realize he was so accepted already and even loved more than most celebrity actors, for his “humble” demeanor. But now i just don’t know. So sad for those who were his fans. This is really lowbrow for him and she is sucking up the attention. He shines a great light on her and she just casts him in a huge shadow. Poor move alex! Poor move! I think the boat thing was just the beginning of the cracks showing in this guys carefully crafted image. for all we know these pics could be out there to try to get the edge off of that. hollywood is so sleazy, slimy

  128. 128
    what Says:

    someone needs to have a conference call with his PR publicists? tomorrow morning asap!

  129. 129
    Don't forget.... Says:

    She was also with Mickey Rourke between Manson and Shane West.

  130. 130
    kyra182lovesgosling Says:

    No that *****!!!!! I hate her now!!!! Get off my man!!!!!! Poor Shane……

  131. 131
    gay yes Says:

    no straight guy wears see through black knit shirts that are form fitting or rolled cuffed jeans…GAY!

  132. 132
    IMO Says:

    Many people are reacting negatively about his public persona being bullshi t then harboring bad feelings towards Evan herself. I don’t really care about her rep, she just goes against everything Alexander said he would go for. Somehow, I always knew he would only hook up with a name actress.

  133. 133
    Maria Says:


    In my opinion What’s comment was going to that direction, but he/she already responded and that was not the intention. I am little bit on edge after the “boat picture” discussion and the Eurotrash comments. I didn’t link this on any way to gay / not gay. (And that is definitely none of our business, so I don’t even want to go there.)

  134. 134
    monopoly Says:

    @ladyvampyre37: I actually don’t mind Manson. I think he’s an intelligent but messed up guy and most of his issues are probably due to dr*gs. Now regarding Evan, she just seems like an immature, selfish girl. Her pettiness toward Manson’s ex, Dita Von Teese, is inexcusable. Evan is not a woman who respects other women probably because she doesn’t respect herself.

    I don’t find Skarsgard metrosexual either; he’s a pretty bad dresser on occasions. Pants too short, shirts too tight. He’s just so good looking everyone gives him a pass.

    Agree with those who think he’s not dating Wood. Hanging out together just isn’t enough proof especially when there’s so many photos of him with other women. I don’t get a gay vibe from him though. I think he’s straight but just overly friendly. I’ve seen photos of him kissing female fans.

  135. 135
    gay yes Says:

    @IMO last comment from me but yes he is definitely a disappointment! He is so part of the fame game and whoring that it’s too late. I am no longer a fan. Goodbye all! Hope his PR people do take the time to read this and let him know how he REALLY looks to his fans. If you are reading this: ALEX LOOKS LIKE A BIG OLD HYPOCRITE!!!! THAT’S WHERE THIS DISCUSSION HAS BEEN HEADING THE WHOLE DAY. HYPOCRITE!!!

  136. 136
    oh noes Says:

    Alex has no self respect if he’s willing to be seen in public with a sle*zebag like Evan. What bad judgment for a guy who I thought was smart and had some standards. She slept with a married man, then had the gall to talk smack about his wife. Srsly, what is he thinking.

  137. 137
    Golly Says:

    She quit smoking. And was never a heavy smoker…always a social smoker to begin with. And to Jo…there was no cheating on SW. There was hardly a relationship…she broke up with him face to face and officially before she ever went on a date with AS. Why so much hate people….really….geez. Are you all teenagers or what?
    AS is a sincerely good guy and guess what…ERW is a sincerely nice girl. How horrible!

  138. 138
    LauraS Says:

    Those of you who are saying that you are no longer fans of Alex’s because he was seen with ERW? Good, because that just proves that you were never a true fan to begin with. A true fan is someone who sticks by the star no matter what, no matter who they may be seeing. A true fan is a fan of the persons work NOT just how good looking they are.

    As to AS being gay just because he dresses in a way that is not typically “the norm”? Give me a break. He dresses the way he wants to and does not care what anyone thinks. If he is gay, that is his business not ours. Just as long as he is happy.

  139. 139
    Golly Says:

    @Don’t forget….:

    No…she made a movie with Mickey Rourke, she never dated him. Good grief.

  140. 140
    lol Says:

    I think it’s funny that ppl think they’re dating when they’re not.

  141. 141
    LoveLeeR Says:

    WHAT ?!!!
    Triple Yay :D

  142. 142
    clearly Says:

    I honestly think this won’t last at all. I think he is playing the field having a good time and he needs a F-Buddy and that she is. She will not be his girlfriend for long. Bank on it! He is just raising his profiel a little and then he will go on his merry way. Don’t worry he already has the most awesome lady/woman already lined up. He is just not ready to be serious so he is keeping her as his friend until then. He is a man and that is what men do. He will not take this piece of trash who broke up a marriage, talked about the wife, did/does drugs(rumored), is known for sleepy around LA like a cat in heat, and just plain ugh home to his family. No way in hell. He has way to much respect for his mother to do something like that. This is fun for now. Poor ERW hope she doesn’t put too much stock in this. But Alex better watch out and hope she doesn’t get preggers on him. That would be a travesty.

  143. 143
    freebird Says:

    @LauraS: To a certain extent I agree with you, but there are some exceptions. If someone was dating a pedophile, you can’t expect even true fans to stand by them.

    W.r.t. Evan Rachel Wood, she lacks character and I don’t believe she’s dating this man. I think like most are saying, they’re hanging out together but because they’re the opposite sex, everyone assumes it’s romantic. Plus, she’s been giving gushy interviews about the dude and acting as obsessed as his fan girls.

    Those pictures of him and Willa Holland on the boat looked a lot more cozy and I believe that he’s not dating her too.

  144. 144
    were opposum Says:

    I have to agree with WHAT- but in my words. He is a big stupid boy. He is attractive and that is it . Eye candy with nothing upstairs, you can see it in his eyes, he has a blank look. He can hardly talk in interviews, and it is not a second language issue. Unlike most US citizens, I do not suffer from monolingualism. He got lucky in the Eric role, that had a built in fan base, and things took off. Fan girls put up websites and he became their dream boy. Never thinking that he may not be what his PR team want you to think. This is him- drinking on boats with 18 year olds and dating a famewhore, man face ( the close up of her on my HD screen was not good, she looks good from a distance only) actress that with all her experience could not perform a simple TV role. AS fan girls have had a bad weekend- he has been pictured frolicking with young chicks-both who have wild reputations. What does that tell you about him???????

    The fan girls will still love him no matter what. Look at Gerard Butler-he hits dogs and tells “funny” stories about putting donuts between his butt cheeks. The Fan girls love him so much they would lick the sugar off his butt and eat the donuts- Yum E. Coli and frosting go so well together.

  145. 145
    Penny Says:

    i think we’re starting to see a little bit of backlash now. btw, DID YOU GUYS SEE HOW THE PEEPS ARE REACTING AT ONTD? craziness.

  146. 146
    rachee Says:

    NAY. personally i find evan rachel wood extremely annoying.
    and alexander so not. so no.

  147. 147
    what Says:

    @were opposum agreed! Better said my friend! Better said! Those boat pics screamed were are doing the dirty but people didn’t want to believe that. Now ERW you know they are doing the nast nast. Maybe he is filly his wild Hollywood oats! Just having a grand old time before he settles down. But yeah he does look and talk really dumb! and there is a pic of him actually carrying a book around so peeps can take a picture. i beat he only reads his scripts and cliff notes if needed. lol. he is just making himself look terrible to lots of people.

  148. 148
    what Says:

    Lastly I feel bad for the fangirls of eric and alexander but this goes to show you. Don’t spend your free time in life doing a website for an actor and getting nothing from it. No money, no premiere tickets, nada! I mean seriously that is time you could be developing yourself, a hobby, a skill, in the gym, reading,whatever. I mean fangirls out there that are doing sites for hours a day go take acting classes and start doing it yourself. It’s like girls are bowing down and worshipping this guy like he is a god. He says he is grateful for the fansites. Of course, FREE publicity and work to promote him. come on ladies he really doesn’t appreciate it. Give yourself you time back. His PR people can and SHOULD run his OWN website. That goes for all these fansites. I am so over actors/actresses. they are not all that. this is proof enough.

  149. 149
    were opposum Says:

    @ What -

    This weekend has been a big reveal for him! I also do not think he is as well read as it puts himself out to be. He finds the latest in book reads reviews on line.

  150. 150
    yep Says:

    Ugh don’t really like her, but damn if she is dating him then she did damn well!

  151. 151
    yep Says:

    Ugh don’t really like her, but damn if she is dating him then she did damn well!

  152. 152
    were opposum Says:

    I have a feeling some may be shutting down soon and the next comic con will be quieter when he walks in. I do not understand the level some fans go to. I like these sites to unwind for light humor, especially after reading Huff po or Media Matters (I hate Lou Dobbs) the comment sections make me laugh.

  153. 153
    becareful Says:

    You go girl! Hey ERW is spending time with a hunk of a man, you can’t blame her one bit for wanting to do it. I have no issue with this at all. So one of her past boyfriends was freaky. Haven’t we all had the freaky/crazy past boyfriend?

    Maybe ERW will be ASkars freaky/crazy past girlfriend!

    Just don’t get caught up in the celebrity BS and lunching at the Ivy or shopping at the Grove. Please don’t throw your personal lifes in our face. If you f**k where you work, it just makes you a *****.

  154. 154
    PR gal Says:

    @what oh believe me his pr people are reading this and taking notes. and if they are not then he needs to change them stat! as far as ontd they are probably watching that and anything else. he probably already got a call or twenty by now. but he might like this attention. you’d be surprised how some actors are so pathetic that they like any attention. however, this is not good. not good at all. evan rachel wood is not good for anybody. i’m hoping shane’s people told him the same thing. right after it hit the gossip sites….dumped! just wait it’s coming. poor girl but she screwed herself badly with her ****** ways and poor choice of words. she is getting bad reviews for true blood and spiderman(who knows what that will be like???) she is desperate and faltering in hollywood. she can’t get the roles she really wants so she is resorting to tv. kristen stewart, dakota fanning, etc. have already replaced her so many more are coming up and they have learned from her image what not to do. they will survive. she is failing and she knows it. she is grasping. who cares about her really. HE needs to watch himself in this situation. he has too much talent to throw away because the public doesn’t like him and won’t want to watch him in anything because of her. and believe me it happens all the time. pr is all over it. the question is will he listen.

  155. 155
    Lisa Says:

    @Straw Dog:

    How do you know they are just friends Straw Dog?

  156. 156
    Perspective Says:

    I am actually starting to feel a little sorry for her. She is taking a beating all over the internet. If he likes her, that is his choice. Cheer up people, it could be worse. He could be spouting off about politics or caught drunk driving. This won’t last anyway.

  157. 157
    Onyx Says:

    Why do people think these two are more than friends? I saw more affection in those boat photos and Willa’s sister is also 21, Alex looked so happy and relaxed. Are they dating too?

  158. 158
    dit Says:

    This won’t last if they are indeed dating. It’s a new month and ERW needs a new man. I’ll guarantee you by the end of the year she will be with a new guy. Men are probably disposable to her just like that camera she’s holding.

  159. 159
    Kristen Says:

    People think they are dating because they are walking together. Yep, that easy. Two friends walking down the street don’t get hundreds of comments to speculate.

    And those that are upset and bashing Alex because of this picture, well sorry about your life. I don’t think Alex is this stupid. She seems was immature and they seem mismatched

  160. 160
    funderpants Says:

    I’d be on his nootz like white on rice whether I was Willa, ERW, or even just little old me. His gorgeousness deserves some recognition here stateside, it’s about time. The only reason I care to read speculation about who he’s ******** is: I like to think about him ********, period. Sex is not dating, people, take it easy on these poor kids.

  161. 161
    Lisa Says:

    Well ERW did say a couple weeks ago she was “spoken for” so something must be going on.

    Also over at a fansite for AS someone said they have a friend in Shreveport who was eating at the Hilton where Alex is staying & on Friday night he came into the lobby with an attractive woman who this person said looked alot like the actress playing the Queen on TB & the went over & got on the elevator & he was carrying an overnight bag.

    Yuck, someone needs to send Alex to the nearest clinic ASAP. lol

  162. 162
    if he's that clueless Says:

    Kristen, I’m not so sure about that. He’s getting mixed up with the worst kind of opportunist. If he’s dumb enough to spend time with her, even as friends, he deserves whatever trap she sets.

  163. 163
    sam Says:

    I knew this post would be full of win. I had quite an entertaining time reading through ‘boatgate” yesterday and when i saw dlisted’s post on this tonight i checked this site out rightaway.

    I seriously cannot believe all the ott comments and analysis all because of who the guy is dating! Lol.

    Take it from an unbiased person, regular people who enjoy True Blood like myself don’t really care who the actors date. I’ll continue to watch True Blood becuse its a bloody good show. That is all.

    No intervention/PR/excorsism of the actors needed.

  164. 164
    castings Says:

    @Lisa: They must have gotten their nights mixed up cause there were shoots Friday night.
    I don’t think he’s dating her though but she definitely has a crush.

  165. 165
    youfreak Says:

    LOL! I wonder if What/were possum/Sara had any sleep in these last 3 days.

    You sholud concentrate on finding what’s wrong in your life and in your mind that makes you so obssessed about this actor. This can’t be good for you, lady. Seek help.

  166. 166
    I n F a m o u s l y C o o l Says:

    …wow… a lot of people care.

  167. 167
    me Says:

    NO EFFIN WAY!!!!! I hope they’re just friends, but they would make a couple. I think Stephen Moyer and Anna Pacquin are like 11 years apart too. Crazy!

  168. 168
    anne Says:

    Beginning to think AS has a PR shpiel that he just says in interviews to make the fan girls swoon (I want to get married and have a big family….I have to fall in love first…I like natural women who don’t wear make-up….blah blah blah).

    ERW isn’t exactly marriage material, it doesn’t seem like she wants to put her career on hold to pop out 6 kids, and she sure as heck doesn’t go for the “au natural” look.

    So if they ARE dating, then it makes what AS says in interviews about marriage, kids, women, etc sound like total bull.

  169. 169
    Kristen Says:

    Oh she for sure has a crush, this is ASkars. I read that fan’s account and she said, they weren’t even staying in the same hotel room so I don’t get the overnight bag thing. Plus, people it came from Lainey. He’s been in Shreveport since the beginning of Aug. She was still with Shane at that time, so she’s completely jumping the gun if at the start of dating Alex she’s saying she’s spoken for

  170. 170
    hannah Says:

    yikes! evan is disgusting.

  171. 171
    foxy Says:

    Noooo…pls tell me this aint true…

  172. 172
    Kristen Says:

    It ain’t true

  173. 173
    agent end Says:

    this is SO hilarious.. the comments on gossip sites are the best entertainment value out..

    does anyone hear the wheels of the publicity mill turning?
    some unPC photos turn up of Askars n his 30 something friend n co-star on the web with a barely turned 18 yr old brat.. and he’s now hanging with ERW.. coincidence?!

    Anyways.. and on a side note- I have no qualms in saying that ERW thinks very highly of herself. So she probably wishes she had a chance if that’s the case.

  174. 174
    YAR Says:

    OMG who cares? Some people in here are talking like they know them. O___o They can do whatever they like. Leave them alone! Oh saying things like Alexander wouldn’t do this and he has no self respect is crazy. He’s a grown ass man and he can do whatever.

  175. 175
    ecctv Says:

    Hey, I just wanted to thank all of the Rachel haters out there :) I thought I was so alone in hating her all these years. I love you all!!!!!

  176. 176
    Hollywoodgirl Says:

    @agent end: Your theory about the publicity mill has a serious flaw. Evan arrived at Shreveport on Friday, and Alex and Evan were seen at the hotel and in New Orleans during the weekend. The boatgate thing happened simultaniously so Even being there could not have been planned as a publicity stunt.

  177. 177
    agent end Says:

    it wasn’t a theory so therefore no flaw hollywood girl.. i was just saying it seems a happy coincidence.. didn’t see any date stamps on those photos.. but whatever

    people just need to get over this whole thing whether it a publicity cover up or actually happening
    someone is dating someone else… /end sarcasm


  178. 178
    **** Says:

    Well, now that’s more like it, Evan. I see you’ve started taking your meds again. Good for you.

  179. 179
    rosewishingurgay Says:

    Is it sick that I’m wishing he’s gay rather than see him dating hot attractive women?? probably.. haha.. god he’s HOT!!

  180. 180
    LALA Says:

    isnt she dating shane west?
    hopefully theyre just friends…
    he should stay single.. until i come into the picture :)

  181. 181
    kc Says:

    Nicole Kidman is a hermaphrodite???? Ooppss… sori, got side-tracked from all the comments coz that was the only interesting bit of gossip.

    Anyway, they’re both adults. I got the vibe from eonline’s interview of ERW that she has a little crush on Alex. Its their choice whether they be friends or dating or whatever. Personally, I do think Alex could do better. But then again, I’m not his mother to tell him what to do.

  182. 182
    John Says:

    @PR gal:
    Does someone need a Vaca….?

  183. 183
    wtf Says:

    so like uh… she pretty much stalked out this role in true blood.. she’s quoted as sayin she rung alan ball and said keep me in mind for a character because i love the show.. TOO BAD HE FORGOT TO CHECK SHE COULD ACT!!! maybe she offered sexual favors

    so if she can get her way with a role, pretty sure she can get alex ;)
    i give it a couple months.

  184. 184
    John Says:

    dammit…vacay…now I need a vacation

  185. 185
    PEDOBOAT Says:

    Bring back the PEDOBOAT youtube video!!!

  186. 186
    PEDOBOAT Says:

    Bring back the PEDOBOAT youtube video!!!

  187. 187
    Julia Says:

    I’m so sad, hope this isn’t true

  188. 188
    Bring PEDOBOAT back Says:

    Yeah I didn’t even get a chane to see the PEDOBOAT video. I hear it was super funny. PLEASE SOMEONE GIVE ME A LINK TO IT!!

  189. 189
    I saw the PEDOBOAT video Says:

    I saw the video. It was a spoof of Alex using the pics of Willa Holland and him on the boat. And then they had that stupid Pedobear that’s supposed to be a perverted teddy bear that “likes” kids. He’s like a representation of all pedos. I bet you anything that they will make another PEDOBOAT video with those lake pics plus these new ERW pics. Hahaha. I can’t wait.

  190. 190
    like father like son Says:

    It’s funny because all his psycho fan girls were saying that he’s not a pervert like his dad Stellan Skarsgard. And that he always dates women his own age and Willa and EVR were just rumors. Well i guess the proof is in the pudding fan girls. Like father like son.

  191. 191
    TOO YOUNG Says:

    I think EVR is way too immature at this point in her life. Maybe if it was someone with more maturity. But their age difference right now is substantial in both personality and appearances. She looks like his little sister.

  192. 192

    They don’t look cute togethor AT ALL. They look like a very awkward match. His blondeness and tanness dont match with her redheadedness and paleness. Not a pretty picture.

  193. 193
    He's too old for her Says:

    I agree. He looks much better with brunettes because of the contrast. And it’s kinda sleazy for him to be dating someone who just recently became of legal drinking age.

  194. 194
    pedobear is coming for EVR Says:

    Why did youtube remove the PEDOBEAR video??? It was hilarious. I guess his obsessed fan girls were up in arms about it. They probably complained to anyone they could find. I hate those psychos. BRING BACK THE VIDEO!! It can even be posted on another site that isn’t youtube.

  195. 195
    becareful Says:

    @rosewishingurgay Is it sick that I’m wishing he’s gay rather than see him dating hot attractive women?? probably.. haha.. god he’s HOT!!

    That was my first thought as well. I guess we are both sick. LOL!!!

  196. 196
    Ginnie Says:

    Everyone over at IMDB are freaking out that there messages are being removed! well..because his people are trying not to get him associated or too involved with this. that is the site potential casters go to if they have never met you to see you body of work. they also read the comments to see how much bs is out there about you. they are already trying to get a grip on the backlash bc whether fans want to admit this or not it is hurting him especially after the boat pics now this. Perez Hilton got a hold of it and you know how he ripped that one. once it gets to him and he has an opinion things always seem to change unless your Lindsay or Britney. alex is neither. he is smart he will learn alot from this.

  197. 197
    xavier Says:

    @Hollywoodgirl: No, it didn’t. The boat pictures came out the beginning of last week. Just Jared was late in posting the pics but they hit the Net before ERW was spotted in Louisiana the following weekend.

    I agree, the guy looked more into the girls on the boat. I doubt he’s dating this girl. Maybe she’s a beard/pr cover up, but I think she’s just a co-star with a fan girl crush.

  198. 198
    jb Says:

    @Ginnie: what is IMDB and how do you know this?

  199. 199
    jb Says:

    I get it now Ginnie–I don’t know all this movie lingo
    Anyway, I agree with those who thought her performance in TB was bad. I have to agree. I just think she has been around a lot of blocks for only being 22

  200. 200
    Jennifer Says:

    No! She’ll ruin him.

  201. 201
    wtf Says:

    IMDB is notorious for crass and disgusting comments so I’m not suprised that peoples comments have been deleted as ERW tends to bring out the worst in people hahah..
    fingers crossed that whatever happens with this situation whatever it is, that it doesn’t tarnish the character of Eric on TB..
    or the quality of Alex’s work for that matter.

  202. 202
    kAY Says:

    I don’t really get the ERW hate. What did I miss?

  203. 203
    TBfan Says:

    I think they make a lovely couple and fans who think they can have a saying in who celebrities dates should go and have a lobotomy.

  204. 204
    irene Says:

    @TBfan: I think people are jumping the gun by assuming they’re a couple. It’s not unusual to hang out with and visit friends especially if you’re a celebrity who has the money to travel. When former co-stars fly in to have dinner with Jennifer Aniston, the same rumors circulate and then we learn weeks later the guy actually has a girlfriend. These two don’t appear to be more than friends in those pictures. He looked more involved with Willa Holland but I don’t think they’re a couple either.

  205. 205
    Magan Says:

    ICK! I hope not! Alex, straight or gay, can do a HELL of alot better than her! She’s dated Marilyn Manson and Micky Rouke for chrissakes.

  206. 206
    Parker Says:

    @Magan: I totally agree on every single word you wrote. Especially the “straight or gay” part, lol.

  207. 207
    poor alex Says:

    @Golly: P

    If she didn’t start dating Alex until after she broke up with Shane West how did she date Alex? ERW was since with Shane West the very end of July. Alex left for Shreveport August 3rd. She was not seen in Shreveport until last weekend. He was spotted all over Shreveport and it has been twittered about. But all this time nobody reported seeing her. I don’t believe they are dating. She is a media fame ***** and is trying to ride on his coattails of fame.

  208. 208
    MichelleK Says:

    Wood never dated Mickey Rourke. She dated Jamie Bell and yes, Marilyn Manson. Yes…I think Manson was an icky mistake that hurt her career and her reputation quite a lot. Is she to be punished forever, and have cheap names thrown at her like she was the worst person in Hollywood? Why is this…because Perez Hilton deems it so?
    Angelina Jolie was so much more controversial then Evan when she was young, Billy Bob Thornton and all, wearing blood vials, playing with knives during sex, etc….but, there was no 24/7 internet gossip. Jolie has turned into one of the most charitable and hard working celebrities around. It is just horrible what these gossip bloggers do to people. These are real people, with families and parents who love them, and sisters and brothers….it’s also very sexist against women!!! Alexander has probably had 5 times the sexual experience that Wood has, yet she is the “w” word and he is the saint.

  209. 209
    MichelleK Says:

    Wood never dated Mickey Rourke. She dated Jamie Bell and yes, Marilyn Manson. Yes…I think Manson was an icky mistake that hurt her career and her reputation quite a lot. Is she to be punished forever, and have cheap names thrown at her like she was the worst person in Hollywood? Why is this…because Perez Hilton deems it so?
    Angelina Jolie was so much more controversial then Evan when she was young, Billy Bob Thornton and all, wearing blood vials, playing with knives during sex, etc….but, there was no 24/7 internet gossip. Jolie has turned into one of the most charitable and hard working celebrities around. It is just horrible what these gossip bloggers do to people. These are real people, with families and parents who love them, and sisters and brothers….it’s also very sexist against women!!! Alexander has probably had 5 times the sexual experience that Wood has, yet she is the “w” word and he is the saint.

  210. 210
    Golly Says:

    @poor alex:
    I beg your pardon, she is not a fame***** as you say. This girl could have been at every premiere every opening every event in Hollywood. If she wanted to be over exposed, it would not have been difficult. You are a real ******* for condemning a young woman you know nothing about.

    Don’t you people realize that you are acting just like you were little high school brats?

    She only dated West for a short time, and broke it off at the end of July.
    AS was out of the country before that. They became friends after he returned and she had already broke off with West.
    I believe they went on a few dates before he left for Louisiana, and obviously are on some dates this weekend. No one said they were engaged, or going steady…they are just dating…who knows if they are even exclusive or not…no one but them!

    They are both nice people….both are a little wild, but good at heart, and both are kind of shy in their everyday lives. I hope they at least stay good friends. It will be hard to have a relationship with the fans at their throats!

    I don’t care what you think of me or my circle of friends, which includes AS, but you need stop judging people so harshly, and stop spreading lies about nice people.

  211. 211
    poor alex Says:


    In previous posts you stated that you knew ERW through friends of friends of friends. Now suddenly Alex and ERW are in your close circle of friends????????? I see another media fame *****. Aren’t your 15 minutes of fame over yet. If you do know her, please tell her to do the respectable thing and quit True Blood. She’s awful and she’ll bring down the show. And did either appoint you to speak on their behalf.

  212. 212
    deb Says:

    OMG!! all these comments are hysterical!!! U ppl crack me up!! I have to agree..if it’s true…….serious upgrade for her and serious downgrade for him!!!!!!

  213. 213
    pootie tang Says:

    I don’t care what his doing with her. I just want to see more off his sweet ass on TB with SOOOOOKKKKKKKKKKKIE!


  214. 214
    ladvampyre37 Says:

    Your “circle of friends, which includes AS”? Are we to infer that you know him or something? Yes, the fact that she was apparently seeing Manson and Shane West within just a few months of each other and then jumps to Skarsgard? Not good. This reputation that you speak of will never repair itself with actions such as these. It doesn’t really matter who he dates, but the people who don’t like her are entitled to their opinions, wherever they cultivated them. The press portrays her as kind of a ****, and if you want to believe all the gossip mongers, then where there is smoke there is fire.

    I have to be honest and say that I thought she was good in Thirteen, but her acting on True Blood was absolutely awful. I was so not impressed, and I am sorry for that, but I’m not the only person watching who felt the same way. Her expressions were terrible, she had on WAAAAAAAAAYYYYYYYYY too much makeup, the accent she should have had didn’t exist and she was far too cutesy/boring for such a powerful vampire. There was nothing regal about her portrayal of the vampire queen. End of story.

    And no, I am not some weird teenager who is obsessed with Skarsgard. Sure, he’s easy on the eyes, but in the end, I think she’s too young for him and the kind of press she attracts won’t be good for his career. Nobody needs to point out to me that he wouldn’t be dating me or anyone else who posts here. Only morons and insane people believe that he would. He just needs to be careful of how this plays out in the media.

  215. 215
    Denna Says:

    @Golly</Gosh @Golly!!!

    your circle of friends include AS and ERW. How would I go about getting a membership to said circle? LOL, aren’t you the one that said in an earlier posts that all his friends like her? Ok? how would you determine if you like her if he just started dating her. Personally I think she is just a good lay, when he becomes serious he will move on. A garden tool is a garden tool. She is so terrible in TB, she actually called Alan Ball because of Alex, she had her claws out from the beginiing focusing on Alex. If that is not a fame *****, than what is? Guys will not turn down anything that girls fling at them, even if it requires a paper

  216. 216
    Kristen Says:

    Golly, sweetie,if you are going to pretend to know stuff, keep your lies straight. First you knew ERW through friends of a friends and today you know AS. Poor thing you are, but lets go over your timeline. ERW and Shane West were still together at the end of July. There are some raunchy pics of them at a club he was performing at. 3 whole days later AS, was in Shreveport. So when are all these dates? In July he was in Sweden, then went to ComicCon, then left to film Straw Dogs. So again, your timeline is not adding up. So consult your inside sources and come back and tell us when they started dating. Also, how does your friend ERW feel about AS saying in July that he was single and doesn’t have time to date.

  217. 217
    lillith36 Says:

    I thought Alex had better taste that to date her. I hope it’s not true, but I think in the end it won’t last. I don’t know the man, but he seems to be pretty level headed. She on the other hand needs another kind of level headed person in her life, like a shrink!!!! Poorly played Alex!!!!

  218. 218
    berry Says:

    Skarsgard has said he’s single as recent as September, so I don’t believe they’re dating though I know every actresses’s fan girls would love for him to be dating their idol.
    If we only go by pics, then he must be dating Kate Bosworth and Willa Holland too.

  219. 219
    Giddy aunt Says:

    Poor Askar. It must be awful to have so much azz and so little time… If I was his Mum, I’d tell him to be careful — very careful. ERW is not worthy — but she is very shrewd. And probably a good lay. Maybe all he needs at the moment. Totally understandable. But he can do much better — even if its just effing for fun. Willa is another story. She’s barely 18. The older guys/young girls pairings may be okay in Sweden — but here, not so much. Too pervy. And he has too much at stake to fubar his career on any of them.

    Askar said he likes them young. No sh_t! And he looks way-into Willa on the boat. Oh-la, he’s yummy.

  220. 220
    Kristen Says:

    I didn’t know as recently as September he said he was single. Poor ERW. Sounds like he’s into for a fun time. Nothing more.

  221. 221
    Darling_vamp Says:

    Uggghhh… she’s so trampy. I thought he was better than that. *sighs*

  222. 222
    Chelsea Says:


  223. 223
    sugarbaby Says:

    please some1 tell me if this is true or not cuz he could do way better shes nothing really id want 2 use bad launge but shes not a classy women at all please tell me if they r true or not

  224. 224
    benjie256 Says:

    omg i think i might cry i hate that girl 4rm the start its not gna end wel i promise him hes jus gna get cheated on :( please some1 tell me if its tru or not

  225. 225
    hotlanta Says:

    Calm down, folks, a friend of mine spotted a whole bunch of TB cast members at a parade in NOLA, including Askars, so there may be nothing to this at all.

  226. 226
    nikka Says:

    I didn’t care at first because ERW is a lovely girl – until I read about all her past flings/relationships. Ugh.

  227. 227
    Poor alex Says:

    Tell us more. Don’t just type two sentences. We want detailed paragraphs. Did you interrogate your friend? Was there touching? Meaningful glances at one another? Give us more…….

  228. 228
    Lisa Says:

    Yikes AS is getting destroyed online
    He is taking up with Mansons sloppy seconds so he better make sure he cleans himself up good before he starts up with someone else.

    Even PerezHilton has been freaked out by this saying AS needs to stay away far away from ERW, he said maybe Alex has no idea where she has been but it aint good! LMAO

  229. 229
    Golly Says:

    That is an untrue statement. ERW met AS on the set, and was not pursuing him. She liked the show and asked to have a small role. ERW bonded with the cast from day one. You are saying terrible things about a person you don’t know. That is a real person, with fellings, you are calling those names of. And whether you want to believe it or not…a nice person who AS genuinely likes.

  230. 230
    Mar Says:


  231. 231
    tralaa Says:

    I thought he seemed more genuine than to go for her but each to their own I guess. Maybe she first set her sights on him in ‘kill your darlings’. We all know she likes a man with makeup ;)

    Just maybe he isn’t the nice guy he likes to portray???

    On another note it must be s**t for her to find that people consider you contaminated just by dating her!

  232. 232
    MIchelleK Says:

    I think it’s quite sad and cruel that people would call her a w**** and contaminated like they were in High School. I guess all those John Hughes films in the 80′s are a thing of the past, and the young people of today are just little turds. Judging and stereotyping people? Hello? Mean girls.

  233. 233
    MIchelleK Says:

    What do mean “even Perez HIlton”? Perez has had it in for her for three years, and is the main person who has said anything he could to be cruel to her!

    ERW has had three boyfriends and dated S.West for a short while. I would be willing to bet AS has had many more women then she’s had men. He lost his virginity when she was 6!

  234. 234
    fangirl Says:

    personally who cares if she’s free and easy with her goods, my problem is the crap she said about her married lover’s wife, that is what makes her not a *****, those women are at least honest about their expectations and demands, but a ****! not that MM is a saint by any stretch of the imagination, he is the one who took the marriage vows, the perv! now alex, well…what is there to say…oh i know, MORON!!

    please note my opinion about Alex only stands if he really is dating her, wait, he is on contact with some idiotic fansite where the talk about his junk, so maybe he really is a moron

  235. 235
    leela Says:

    I guess you are judged by your actions. She hasn’t been a ‘classy’ girl in the past. But hey whatever floats your boat if you are not hurting anyone else. Not the best move on his part though, MORON might just sum it up!

  236. 236
    sugarbaby Says:

    an ya i read some of yals comment geez take it easy he is a man you kno he has lived in sweden for a long time i really dont think he heard of all those bad things about that girl give him the benifit of the doubt at lest srry i cant spell doubt :) but please dont jugde him so harshley blame the ugly girl she might like him but u dont even kno if he feels the same

  237. 237
    Poor alex Says:

    She may actually be a nice person. But her past actions are questionable. Unfortunately she herself is giving herself a bad rep. Why would she allow pictures to be taken of herself on stage with Shane West with her legs spread. Thank God she had underwear on. She dated Marilyn Manson when he was married. (I don’t have a problem with the Marilyn Manson part – it’s the married part). Then she publicly trashed is wife. There is always some drama with her co-stars. Even with Mickey Rourke, whether a kiss or some crap. The reason most fans feel she is a bad choice for Alex is because of this and because he is contradicting what he himself has said he looks for in a girl. His fans feel he is lying to them, telling them what they want to hear in order to get more famous. This is why everyone is getting pissed with him. Go on to the website Industry professionals watch these sites. Alex’s popularity is down 25% this week. People are showing less interest in him. That’s not good for him. However ERW’s popularity is up 74%. That just means more people are noticing her. So she has definitely benefited from this while his career is taking a hit. He also stated recently that he doesn’t have time to date. He could have said, that’s private I don’t discuss that, or I do date but it’s hard because I’m so busy. Not – I don’t date. Again he is lying to his fans. Then they start to questions what else he is lying about. Is he really the person he portrays in interviews or is it an act?? Golly I know you probably mean well but you are not helping the situation. We trash you and you defend yourself and say things that don’t help the situation. You stated, he’s wild too just like her. Well in interviews that not what he portrays. By you responding to these stupid posts, it shows you are not level-headed, mature or very intelligent because you are hurting their careers. And if you and ERW are the people he hangs with he must be just like you and your group, immature. Again not what he portrays himself to be. His fans would love nothing more than for him to find someone to share his success. Hell they wouldn’t even care if he came out and said he was gay. There was one site that was throwing out mans of men they would like to see him with. But he needs to be honest about who he is. And ERW needs to act a little bit more mature if she wants to be serious as an actress.

  238. 238
    Ginnie Says:

    @Poor alex No one has said it better! Nicely written! I am convinced that he can redeem himself but he has to ditch this b*tch right now. What she said about Dita is what makes me dislike her the most. If your wrong your wrong but don’t try and make the wife look bad. And he is contaminated if he is sleeping with her…mentally, professionally, physically, and emotionally. He can do so much better. Hopefully he learns something from this. LESSON: Don’t sleep around with ****** STD ridden sl*ts who are only using you to gain some attention. BTW are they really bringing her back as the queen…no joke before all this I thought her performance was hysterical and not in a good way. I seriously think this girls talent is gone and her star has faded. Go away gracefully ERW! gracefully

  239. 239
    Poor alex Says:


    Unfortunately I believe she will be in season 3. I hope that Alan Ball and HBO have really read her reviews (none are good). I hope they recast her role or shorten her screen time. I only watch True Blood because of Alex. I am a fan of the books. I am disappointed how Alan Ball is not only charging the story but changing the nature of the characters. And because of this past weekend, I will admit, Alex has turned me off a bit. I may not watch next season. Not to say I won’t watch his clips from the show on youtube. I still think he is extremely talented. But I can cancel my HBO and do something else on my Sunday nights.

  240. 240
    yep Says:

    I really didn’t like her as the queen in True Blood, but I read somewhere that it was exactly how Alan Ball wanted it done. I haven’t read the books so I don’t have any background on her. As for A.S. I just know he could have anyone he wanted, why her? I mean if it makes him happy then yeah cool, but really? I just didn’t see it coming at all!

  241. 241
    Ginnie Says:

    @Poor alex your are right! He was the main reason I watched Season 2. After Season 1 I really wasn’t hooked but I think he gave a great performance along with Anna/Ryan/Godric and the whole Fellowship of the Sun characters. But AS was the best. I love how he gracefully developed the character of Eric. But after the boat thing and now ERW I am totally turned off. It is hard to separate the two especially when it is something so gross as this..erw…ewwww! She was the worst part of Season 2 and will be in Season 3. I think Alan Ball’s arrogance will get the show cancelled if he doesn’t pay attention to ALL the reactions of the fans. She WAS TERRIBLE. Even people who do not regularly watch the show thought it was overacted and comical. What is wrong with people. This kind of acting is only good in…..nothing.

  242. 242
    Kristen Says:

    I don’t know how much she will be in season 3. She’s suppose to be doing Spiderman in Jan, so we may luck out and only get her awful acting in a few episodes. I read that the Queen will only be in season 3 and nothing beyond that. BTW, what did she say about Dita? I never heard this. Also, we don’t know if this is true. Every gossip site is running with this rumor based on these pics. Its kinda ridiculous.

  243. 243
    babydoll1229 Says:


    How do you know she’s dating that guy? I need more details…If so, that girl really gets around…

  244. 244
    wtf Says:

    “he lost his virginity at 6″
    UHM WTF AHAHAHHAHA that is the most LUDICROUS thing I have EVER heard..

    I’m with @pooralex

  245. 245
    wtf Says:

    oops my bad i read it wrong hahahaha ..
    was laughing too hard at all these posts!

  246. 246
    kitt Says:

    I’m sure he likes her as a friend but I don’t believe for a moment they’re dating no matter how much ERW’s fan want it.

    Agree with the person who said there was more chemistry with the girl in the boat but I think she’s a bit too young for him.

  247. 247
    tralaa Says:

    @poor alex.
    You summed it up nicely. People hate hypocrisy.

  248. 248
    MIchelleK Says:

    Dumb a**…I said he lost his virginity when she was 6. He just told a damn story about how he was 15 or 16….so, actually, I guess that would have made ERW 4 or 5. My point was, he’s had much more time to make his own mistakes and had his own flings, I’m quite sure he’s had more experience then her.
    I doubt he’s a hypocrite either. He’s been very upfront and open…and surprisingly, people sometime end up with someone the opposite of what they expected. You know? It’s okay people. He’s got a huge film career in front of him. Men always do fine, and survive exposure and gossip. Look at Colin Farrell.

  249. 249
    katkat Says:

    I don’t beleive the rumors. I think they are friends. Unless otherwise stated by Alex or Evan, then I’ll beleive it. Otherwise, these two are just friends.

  250. 250
    MIchelleK Says:

    Well…okay….then I get it….because these people are crazy! I’m sorry I ever started replying to this shite.
    So…sorry I called you a dumb***.

  251. 251
    whisper Says:

    @katkat: Since the rumors to have been filtered indirectly from Evan via a few fans, I’ll believe it when it comes directly from Alex. The man has been constantly stating he’s single and not dating anyone in interviews for the past month so I’ll take his word over a co-star with an obvious crush.

  252. 252
    anne Says:

    @Poor alex: and so many others here–I so agree. I’m glad I’m not alone. In fact, I think we’re the majority.

    TrueBlood producers better take a hint on ERW before their show goes down the toilet.

    Good luck Alex.

  253. 253
    wtf Says:

    @MichelleK haha it’s cool :)

    @whisper: you are on point with the “co-star with an obvious crush” she clearly stalked alan ball out to get on the show, and is probably in love with the idea that she could try date eric the viking vamp..

    I’m pretty sure they could take her out of season 3 if need be, she doesn’t make an appearance in the book, only is spoken about…

  254. 254
    Camden Says:

    I think they’re dating…though i’m curious to know what happened to Shane West…so soon.

  255. 255
    Penelope Says:

    This is the way i see it with celebrities…the MORE they try to look like they’re not together in public…the more likely it is that they’re dating. Case and point: Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson….and from awhile ago Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie.

  256. 256
    ani Says:

    Alex has been linked with every person he’s been pictured with, man and woman – Malin Åkerman, Lady Gaga, Kristin Bauer, Tuva Novotny, Izabella Miko to name a few. He seems to have a lot of female friends which is cute :) But if this rumour is true – ERW is the luckiest ***** on the planet hands down. Well done on catching the hottest man on the planet.

  257. 257
    hans Says:

    Seriously, people will stop watching TB if Alex is dating Evan? lol Yeah, I’m fine with that. Too many rabid Eric fans as it is allready.

  258. 258
    sally Says:

    So it is TRUE! …. The True Blood fans are crazier than the Twilighters, who would have thought it

  259. 259
    V Says:

    I really enjoy True Blood. The only thing ruining it is the static interference from the barking mad, rabid fans with too many opinions. If you leave, this world will be a much safer place!

  260. 260
    Denna Says:

    @Golly: she bonded with the cast. Really? Are you friends with them too?

  261. 261
    Bill Says:

    This it the stupidest post I have ever read I can’t believe I’m typing a comment… well truthfully my pet monkey’s the one doing the typing and I’m really in a parallel universe! Here’s to 300 stupid comments.

  262. 262
    Bill Says:

    In my parallel universe there are 300 comments except they aren’t as lame.

  263. 263
    Diana Says:

    Evan seems to be the type who likes to be famous. She does not care that fame has a high cost. Even if she has to be famous at the expense of her relationships.
    And accept that Evan can even be a good actress. But it would not be as famous if she was not involved in scandals …

  264. 264
    ginnie Says:

    @MIchelleK Umm..Colin Farrell’s career took a severe beating as well as his personal life because he couldn’t get himself together. He missed out on a lot of roles and some of his films did poorly because people were so over him and his bs. He got way to cocky and full of himself and thought that is was cool to be the bad boy. That only lasts for a short while and then people move on to something better. People want to be inspired or moved when they go to a movie not be reminded that the actor was just written up in gossip rags about the latest starlet(wannabe) he shagged and how he recovered from last nights bender. Only now is he starting to get his career back but we have to wait to actually see how the movies will do. Alex should definitely rethink the ERW situation. This girl is just plain bad news. She is out for publicity and has a crush like everyone else. All people need something real and she is definitely not it.

  265. 265
    Doctor Pil Says:

    Yeah, I believe ERW is responsable for starting rumors about her and Alex. Remember when she ”accidentaly” told a reporter that she was “team Alex” when asked if she was team Bill or team Eric? Ooops. Except that to me it was a very deliberate and smart way of putting the idea of those two together in people’s minds. She clearly wants to take some of the space that Anna Paquin has as the star of the show. And linking herself to the hottest star of True Blood is a great way to do that.

    Season 3′s behind the scenes will be interesting.

  266. 266
    hans Says:

    I really cant stand people that are telling overs how to live their lives…

  267. 267
    deb Says:

    “Poor Alex” you said it perfectly!!! I agree!!!

  268. 268
    ladvampyre37 Says:

    What I don’t get is all the people who say they won’t watch True Bood anymore over this. I mean, Jayzus people, there are other interesting characters on this show besides Eric. Sam? Jason? Lafayette??

    I agree that season three would be better for less of the Queen. ERW’s portrayal was dull and made me even more interested in what was happening with Sam and Bon Temps in general, and if she is signed on to do Spiderman then her role would be seriously diminished in True Blood. I’ve seen her do well in roles as the “angsty teenager”, but this role called for something beyond that and she did not deliver the goods. You have to wonder why there were no open auditions for the role of the Queen, because there obviously SHOULD have been.

    The fact that there has been no confirmation NOR denial of this rumor makes me think that it very well may be true and they’re simply waiting for the fuss to die down before saying or doing anything further. Given this media sh*t storm, and the fans’ reactions to the news, I doubt we’ll be seeing them out and about anytime soon. But if it IS true, the fuss will die down and they’ll be seen out with each other within a few weeks. We’ll all know soon enough. And, people, it’s Hollywood…the place where people get married for a day and a half and it’s over. Think about it. If it lasts more than a couple of months, I’d be extremely shocked.

  269. 269
    Kristen Says:

    hans, its a gossip site. If you don’t like it, why are you here?

  270. 270
    Sydney Says:

    I agree it won’t last, its Hollywood etc etc, but honest to goodness, there is no media shitstorm over this rumor. It was reported as a rumor a few days ago, and the ONLY people talking about it are Alexander Skarsgard fans, and very few of them. Trust. The gossip world has forgotten about this already. We never get any confirmation about Alexander’s dating life. He hardly gives interviews and he probably has no clue about this.

  271. 271
    ladvampyre37 Says:


    He may not have a clue about this craziness, but you can bet the people at HBO do. Take a look at their forum boards for True Blood, under the Alexander Skarsgard threads. Whoooo! And it’s been on every entertainment website online, with the exception of People magazine (who seem to be smart enough to wait for some sort of confirmation before printing anything).

    I can guarantee you that the fact that fans are not just disgusted that she’s dating their Viking but that they felt her acting was absolutely ATROCIOUS on the show hasn’t escaped anyone at HBO’s attention. Fan reaction has been the same, on the HBO forums, IMDB and virtually all webistes where it’s talked about. If you look at IMDB, HIS popularity has DROPPED about 25% while HERS has RAISED to 75%. What does that tell you??

    I’m guessing that Alan Ball does not want to come out and admit that he made an error of gargantuan proportions by casting her but maybe has learned something about just casting some actress in a part on the show without having her READ for it first. Very few fans of True Blood are at all pleased with ERW and it’s just as much for her boring, bloodless portrayal of Queen Sophie-Anne as it is for boning the Swede.

  272. 272
    hans Says:


    For the “gossip”, there is always some truth in gossip. But what im reading in these comments is pure stupidity… lol

  273. 273
    godess Says:

    Can’t anyone be friends without the whole world going overboard?? I can’t believe someone as cool as AS would go after a mere 22 year old. WTF would they have in common except the fact that they are both actors? Leave it alone, guys…it will go away, trust me.

  274. 274
    Sydney Says:

    @ladvampyre37: I don’t disagree with you. Yes, this rumor was on every gossip site when it first broke on Monday. My point was more that today, 2 days later TB/AS fans are the ones talking about it still. Its not front page news. Now, about ERW and her acting. This is what HBO needs to be concerned about. I’m sure they are aware how her acting was ripped apart by fans and media alike. HBO can’t stop AS and ERW from dating. At this point the best TB fans can hope for is she is better next Sunday. Hoping that last Sunday it was a bad script, that episode was pretty awful. And secondly, with her being in a play in Jan, she won’t be on the show too much. As a fan of AS, I do feel bad for him because he is very private, so I’m sure he’s not thrilled that his face is on every gossip site. Evan Rachel Wood, on the other hand, loves it and the attention, otherwise she wouldn’t have went I’m on Team Alex—whoops Eric. Teehee. Fans have this reaction because of ERW. Solely.

  275. 275
    Kristen Says:

    @hans: Yes, but a gossip site talks about other people’s lives, but threatening to quit the show because of these pictures and some of the other things that are being said are ridiculous, but gossip site, it goes with the territory. Gossip site comments are the best entertainment

  276. 276
    candy Says:

    @godess: Agree with you there. There’s no proof there’s more than a friendship and it’s pretty obvious ERW is the one behind the rumors. The boat-gate pictures were more damning.

  277. 277
    Kristen Says:

    Well we can Ted Casablanca to the list of people that are confirming that “something” is going on between them. He’s also on the list of people that are gagging about it.

  278. 278
    Mia Says:

    Just wow… haha This is strange. In the Swedish media today Alex is said to be dating Malin Åkerman. One blog that states this has always been legit – she lives in Hollywood and has been pictured with Alex in the past. I don’t even know who this red headed girl is! lol Whatever. I’m more into Gustaf anyways.

  279. 279
    Jesper Says:

    The same Ted Casablanca who said Evan and Shane West were still together a few days ago? Ok.

    At this point every gossip columnist in Hollywood is just following the trail of that LaneyGossip woman, they don’t know anything.

  280. 280
    Gaieto Says:

    He’s gay. Definitly.
    And it hurts my heart cause he’s so damn hot! but we just have to admit it.
    And they can hang out, they’re friends. Poor people, they make friends on set and suddenly hundreds of boyfriends/girlfriends around.

  281. 281
    ladvampyre37 Says:


    You are absolutely right…none of this stuff started until she came into the picture. Everyone was happy having their fantasies of hot, Swedish men and enjoying a hot, sexy show about vampires (for adults for a change)…and then one person kind of came in and flipped everyone on edge.

    HBO can’t stop him from dating her, but they can damn well use a little pull to keep ERW from ruining the show any further, especially if the fans hate her and refuse to watch. This is a big money-maker for HBO and they do NOT want to lose viewers. I am sure that hiring her sounded great…on paper, but nobody checked to see if she could actually do it. THAT is a bigger problem than whether she’s sleeping with Skarsgard at this point.

    I mean, someone said, “what could a man his age and a 22 year old have in common?” LMAO, well, what do you THINK they might have in common? The media has made it seem that ERW will bone anyone who is “hot” at the moment, and Skarsgard is the flavor this month. He is a man after all, and he has hot, young women throwing themselves at him constantly. Maybe he IS a decent man, but he’s a man and men can resist constant sexual attention for so long it seems before they succumb to biological urges. I have nothing against Marilyn Manson, but I wouldn’t want to be where he has been, if you catch my drift. Manson is one of the most unattractive humans I have ever laid eyes on and I can’t for the life of me understand why these young, attractive women want to be with him.

    The press he is getting right now is hurting him, there’s no doubt about that either. This is a learning experience for him because Hollywood might be the land of 3 hour marriages and interchangeable relationships, but it’s still all about the bottom line: COLD HARD CASH and if he ain’t bankable, he ain’t nothing.

  282. 282
    J_HOOD Says:


  283. 283
    hans Says:


    Seriously, the only ones getting hurt here, are the fangirls/stalkers…

  284. 284
    Giddy aunt Says:

    Oh please. He’s not gay. Get a grip. These “he’s gay” statements are just hilarious. If he is — then he’s certainly doing pennance by effing a bunch of young hot girls. Geez, I wish gorgous gay guys were doing that when I was young and hot!!!

    ERW is not in Askars class. Period. And her acting on TB was horrendous. (Shame on you Allan Ball.) The show, the other actors and the fans deserve better. And for her to even THINK she’s in Anna’s league is again — hilarious.

    Alex can eff who he wants — and he obviously does. I don’t care if he’s dating (or effing) someone. But his recent choices are disappointing and curious — even damaging. Too bad.

  285. 285
    Lisa Says:

    AS needs to visit the nearest clinic & make sure he gets a STD freezone sticker after this is over with ERW.

    No classy woman will want to be anywhere near that knowing where it’s been with someone who has let Manson in between her legs, ick! lol

  286. 286
    Ginnie Says:

    Malin Ackerman…huh? (am really starting to think this is all a publicity stunt. Or there was more to those rumors of him with Willa. And those made him look like a perv, which he would be if that were true. Suddenly…ERW…and that makes him look like an even bigger perv and freak with diseases. Now Malin…who is 31…closer to his age. Someone is on the spin case…

  287. 287
    Ginnie Says:

    and I am sure he is trying to control his image back home in Sweden so things don’t spread out of control

  288. 288
    Ginnie Says:

    and I am sure he is trying to control his image back home in Sweden so things don’t spread out of control

  289. 289
    lady g Says:

    @Jesper: Good point. They’re just parroting what Lainey said and she’s just going by a few innocent pictures and a secret source that doesn’t make sense when you consider the timeline.
    I guess he’s sleeping with the girls in the boat cause those photos looked far more suggestive.

  290. 290
    cillian Says:

    @lady g love these comments…I personally feel that those pics were way to suggestive…like way too suggestive…so much so that they were suggesting some horizontal tango-ing with a 18 year old. once he got called out on it he had to divert the attention. what better way to do it than this. i don’t think he is seriously about any of them. i think he is doin as many as he can on the DL. once the word got out about Willa he had to divert it with this. pics like this are easy to stage. oh..a “fangirl” took it and posted it but i bet it got sent to all the gossip sites with “reliable” sources. hell who is really talking about the 18 year old and the boat thing. a few. it has died which is what he wanted. he would rather be called disgusting and gross for humping erw instead of a “pedoboat” guy. sorry but he would. hope erw doesn’t put much stock in this unless she’s in on it.

  291. 291
    cillian Says:

    no matter what once most people saw those pics it was a gross factor too. but look these actors are never what they seem. they say what they know will make them look good. but behind the scenes they are total idiots, jerks, rude, and egomaniacs. if you want to act in the hollywood you have to be an egomaniac who wants to be the center of attention. some take the good guy role some the bad guy role. he wanted everyone to believe he was an honorable decent person but we don’t really know that. and who cares. his star may fade by next year. i honestly think he is an egomaniac who annoys lots of people. do you ever notice how is co-stars look at him when he talks. the smiles look so forced but watch for the rolling of the eyes and the uncomfortable shifting. he wants, likes, and cultivates being the center of attention in a good way. this is making him look like sh*t (boat thing and now erw) or just showing us what he really is about! think about it folks. he and erw and maybe the 18 year old are all the same..weirdos. we know erw is one but for alexander, you are who you hang with.

  292. 292
    fangirl Says:

    @Doctor Pil:

    i had told my friend the same thing, it was deliberate on her part, she was out to snag him from the very beginning….props to her for getting what she wanted, boo-hiss to him for being fool enough to getting involved with someone of her ilk..

  293. 293
    anna Says:

    NAY- i just lost all respect for him. never had for her. no longer his fan. way too desperate for both of them. desperation is a turn off.

  294. 294
    Wow, seriously? Says:

    Seriously? I can’t believe he’s dating her? I’m really turned off by AS now. All this publicity has totally hurt him. He screwed himself over, didn’t he? I want to see the Youtube video. Was he really pedo?

  295. 295
    good grief Says:

    I don’t even see what’s so racy about those pics on the boat. The girls are putting on their best “young and sexy” faces because… they’re young, and they’re girls, and they’re on a boat with a really handsome, rising star actor. He looks like he’s just goofing off and having fun. I see nothing pervy coming from him at all, I just see young excited girls. He can’t control them.

    I also don’t think a picture of he and ERW walking several inches apart on a public street is proof that they’re banging each other, though I wouldn’t doubt she has some, er, intentions for him no matter how he feels about it. I don’t care for her, and I’m definitely feeling some, “Out of all the women in the world you could possible date… her? Really?!” But it still makes me have more respect for Alexander, not less, that he’s willing to get to know her on her own merits and give her a chance despite all the negativity directed at her. People make mistakes, and they don’t always deserve to be punished for them indefinitely.

    Many of the reactions here are absolutely nauseating because they’re both puritanical (“OMG, he’s a total pedo!” “She’s 21 and he’s 33! Gross!”) and vulgar (“I bet his stepmom wants in his pants.”), and it’s often coming from the same person. Pathetic, infantile rubbish. (And yes, it comes with the territory of reading these comments at all. I know that.)

    Really don’t get the impression that there is much of a publicity machine for this guy, and even if there is, I don’t think it stoops to the level of subterfuge and manipulation being talked about here. These conspiracy theories are ridiculous.

  296. 296
    sundown Says:

    Give the man a break–in the boat photos, he’s not leering down the 18-year old’s cleavage or touching the girls–more the other way around. probably just trying out their wiles as young girls do. i doubt he is dating ERW, either, but either way, MYOB, people. He’s a great actor, period.

  297. 297
    wtf Says:

    whoever said he’s dating Malin Ackermen is misinformed by misleading press… Malin is HAPPILY married to her muso husband and has been with him for like 6 years and is quoted as saying she knows it’s for life..
    she sounds and looks incredibly ecstatic when she’s with her husband so i’d put that rumor down to press trying to squash the boatgate saga…


    i really hope ERW gets the “gtfo” from alan ball, i was so disappointed with the queen portrayal..

  298. 298
    Bill Says:

    hey people are still commenting on this!

  299. 299
    Skarsgardcafan Says:

    Noooo……he could do better than that horrible actress. I was so disappointed in last episode that I lost all hype. But thank goodness for Eric Nortman. It’s obvious that he loves young young girls! Well, son like father!

  300. 300
    Skarsgardcafan Says:

    We should all send boycott letters to ERW and I promise to never watch anything with her in it. What a horrible horrible horrible actress. Campy at best. Paris Hilton could have done a better job!

  301. 301
    Tilly-tot Says:

    A boycott letter WTF! Why would you even bother… who cares.
    These actors and actresses may be ego maniacal douches but the true enemy here are the fans/ex-fans who use them as their personal play thing. Jesus people, you make it sound like you’ve actually met these people.

    I honestly don’t understand why people would want to subject themselves to this. Oh wait I just remembered…

  302. 302
    Denna Says:

    and so are you Bill…If it bugs u why come into the thread?LOL

  303. 303
    Denna Says:

    @Tilly-tot: Yeah that is going too far!!! I mean yes ERW does not have a great reputation, but if the man likes her, then WTH can we do about it. Hopefully this mess will die, if its any consolation, I’m sure this man knows what he is doing and I don’t think it will last…but on the other hand he might be good for her, maybe he will be the one to help her mature and turn her life around…

  304. 304
    Denna Says:

    oh and help her with her

  305. 305
    anna Says:

    look to a lot of people she is just plain trash and no longer a good actress. agree with the comment about being able to play the teenage angst crap to death. but alot of people feel that he is trash now too. i agree you are who you hang out with, date, whatever.

  306. 306
    Bill Says:

    @Denna: My pet monkey made me do it, seriously he’s holding a gun to my head this very second… its awful

  307. 307
    Bill's monkey Says:

    I want to see the point at which people quit commenting… keep typing Bill.

  308. 308
    Kate Says:

    Alex is not gay and is not dating anyone. He has male and female friends and is very close to his True Blood caste mates. He will be linked to every female that he comes in contact with. He has basically said that he limits the number of interviews that he does and doesn’t make many public appearances to keep a low profile. Personally I don’t care for Evan Rachel Wood, her acting abilities or her choice of former lovers (Marilyn Manson…gross). I would hope that Alex has better taste than to get romantically involved with her. None of the photos of them together look like anything but two friends hanging out and it is nothing for a celebrity to fly somewhere for the day to hang out with a friend. Who he dates or sleeps with is his business though. I would like to make a point though. I don’t believe that any sane man would dedicate a song to an old girlfriend and talk about what a passionate relationship he had with her that went on for several years and what an impact she made, saying she would always be a part of him IF HE WAS DATING ANYONE ELSE! That would be relationship suicide. Alex is a very intelligent man. I think this guest DJ appearance on 9-9-09 was his way of dispelling rumors without having to directly talk about his relationship status, Here is a portion taken directly from the KCRW radio web site. Check out the web site and listen for yourself. _________________________________
    AL: I am Anne Litt from KCRW and we are here with Alex Skarsgard. This is KCRW’s Guest DJ Project and the next song I want to talk about is the Buzzcocks’ “Ever Fallen in Love.” AS: Yeah, I had this girlfriend awhile ago, many years ago, and it was a very passionate relationship. I was very much in love with this girl, but after a few months we both realized we weren’t good for each other. But it was one of those relationships that we didn’t make each other happy, but every time we broke up, we ended up back together and that went on for almost 3 years. I don’t know if you’ve experienced that, but it just killed me. It was really, really tough. I just tried to move on and so did she but we just couldn’t. I want to dedicate this song to her and I hope she found happiness somewhere out there. Song: Buzzcocks’ “Ever Fallen in Love” AS: Every time after a fight I would just put on my big headphones and I would crank up the volume and go Pete Shelley freakin’ gets it. In a way she will always be a part of me, but I don’t have to listen to Buzzcocks and cry every day and night any more. I can actually listen to it now and enjoy it because it’s a great song.
    Brace yourselves…I’m sure there will be more rumors to come! Don’t believe everything you read. Alex doesn’t strike me as the kind of guy who would deny an important relationship when something good finally comes along for him. Whomever he chooses to be with is not for us to say.

  309. 309
    Denna Says:

    @Bill’s monkey: you are crazy…I needed a good

  310. 310
    Denna Says:

    @Bill’s monkey: and for God’s sake put down the gun…!!!or at least take it away form Bill’s head…LOL

  311. 311
    Bill's monkey Says:

    Denna I think I like you, we should join forces and plot world domination. We could put an end to all malicious threads or not… however you want to play it is fine by me… though we might need another human to type for us Bill’s starting to wimp out on me…. mwa ha ha ha!

  312. 312
    amandamichelle74 Says:

    who cares?

  313. 313
    Denna Says:

    @Bill’s monkey: @Bill’s monkey@Bill’s monkey: I will type for you, we can just bring BIll along for the ride…ba wawa:

  314. 314
    JP Says:

    I don’t see any evidence of dating going on here. Only two sightings together. The girl doesn’t seem to be very close with her parents and you never see her out with friends, just men, so it makes sense that she would fly down to hang out with a male pal. He looked friendly with the other girl in the boat though, Willa Holland’s sister. Don’t know her name but I read she’s 21, so she’s legal.

  315. 315
    Youthful1 Says:

    The person who took the pictures (magnoliap) said on Twitter that they were with two men who looked like handlers and that there was no couple action going on between them.

  316. 316
    Bill's monkey Says:

    @Denna: Yes! Denna I knew it! this is the start of a beautiful partnership… we’ll make Bill our pet gimp and teach him tricks & stuff. Then we’ll force him to perform for the masses… we can make milllllions! All we need now is a gimpy Eric.
    Can you believe people still are commenting on this… sweet HeyZues!

  317. 317
    Bill's monkey Says:

    I meant HeyZeus… that was Bill’s fault, holy batman Bill you have to pay more attention! How are you ever going to make a good gimp this way.

  318. 318
    Denna Says:

    @Bill’s monkey: pathetic that they are still commenting , right? I guess we can sit and wait for the next big story about Alex, so the fangurls can stress
    I think I’ll let you handle all of my comments next

  319. 319
    Bill's monkey Says:

    @Denna: Ha ha :) I think you would agree our comments raised the quality level in this popsicle joint. Much luck and keep rocking!!!

  320. 320
    forever morphing evan Says:

    just sayin.

  321. 321
    Denna Says:

    @Bill’s monkey: you too my love, see you in the next AS and ERW

  322. 322
    ladvampyre37 Says:

    Some fans are saying that Skarsgard has confirmed that he IS dating ERW, confirmed it just today in fact. I have yet to see a URL or link to this confirmation, so it could still be BS. If he did, expect to see that all over the internet within days…

  323. 323
    T Says:

    @ladvampyre37: I don’t see anything on the Net about it. The guy seems pretty private and has been seen around with other women, so I would be surprised if it’s true.

  324. 324
    cillian Says:

    @ladvampyre37 me either. I think it is bs but you never know with hollywood. I like how his pr is trying to get as many NEW interviews with him completed to make him look all sweet, humble, and awesome. At this point I still an not convinced with this. He seems two-faced saying one thing and doing completely opposites. All this new stuff just seems soooo manipulated and not genuine at all. Well, shame on him if he chooses women like her. It will turn around to bite him in the a** in the end. But thanks for the potential tip…..gross though it is.

  325. 325
    anna lisa Says:


  326. 326
    CILLIAN Says:

    @ladvampyre37 I just saw a new article from contact music where is goes over the whole radio stint he did and dedicated a song to his ex and all. in the article the writer states that he is dating his true blood co-star erw but not a direct quote from him and nothing new. it looks like they are taking the rumors to be truth and just stating it matter of factly. bad reporting I think nothing major from him so it is just the rumors getting going again. probably erw herself and her friends getting stupid stuff started. she is so desperate right now because she needs this “relationship” to make her valid again in hollywood. right now she is a pariah because of the Dita/Manson thing. she wants to be taken seriously and right now she looks like a clown(literally and figuratively)! haha….

  327. 327
    good grief Says:

    @CILLIAN: If that’s where the new surge of rumors is coming from, then yes, it looks like they’re just taking gossip as fact. That article isn’t even an interview, it’s just a summary of his stint at KCRW on some music-related site–they don’t have access to anything that wasn’t in that KCRW stint or already out elsewhere on the internet.

    Gotta say, whether they’re friends or lovers, I can’t help but wish they’d waited another weekend to hang out so viewers could watch their scenes in the finale in peace. If this was a PR stunt to bump the finale ratings, they can both kiss my ass. I doubt it is, but embarrassingly, I’m a little resentful of their timing…

  328. 328
    CILLIAN Says:

    @good grief where are people seeing this surge of rumors because I honestly cannot find it anywhere…

  329. 329
    Giddy aunt Says:

    @ladvampyre37: Thanks for the info. On one of the other threads several people mentioned ASkars was seen out and about with (and was thought to be dating) a Spanish actress named Christina Ochoa. ( (Some people said she is married — but the press mislabed her father as her husband on some red-carpet event…). She seems like the kind of woman ASkars would go for. Young, well-educated, classy and gorgeous. Has anyone read anything about her and him together?

    I agree that much of this hyperventilating is silly. But these things motivate people to pay attention to an actor — which ultimately drives people to see their films or subscribe to HBO. ASkars can date (or eff) whomever he likes. If his choice is ERW, I’m sure mankind will survive the blow. But dating her is ickky, any way you slice it — and he’ll be tainted.

  330. 330
    good grief Says:

    @CILLIAN: I was just referring to a previous commenter who said fans are saying there was new confirmation. I thought maybe the article you referred to was where these people were getting their supposed new info.

  331. 331
    Giddy aunt Says:

    @good grief: I totally agree with your last comment. I was soooo looking forward to the last episode and now its like I know too much for my own good. I’ll be cringing through their scenes. It’s just not fair! Someone please make her go away!

    Look, I totally want to see him hook-up with hot babes. It would please me to no end to see him happy, cranking out those 6 little Vikings. But seeing him with her is sooooo disappointing.

  332. 332
    Pamela Says:

    Dating ERW would completely kill his anti-Hollywood image. Now the man can date who he wants, but dating her is a bit cliche, and while I would not be crazy enough to stop watching True Blood because of it, I would have to say my respect for him would drop a bit. I had a friend who worked on Across the Universe and he said she was nice enough but is very immature and quite wild. That would mean Alex’s “I want a family and wife” statements were fasle. Plus the age difference is just stupid. What does a thirty-something year old man have in common with a 22-year-old? It’s just another Hollywood cliche.

  333. 333
    anna Says:

    @Pamela so right! It is very disappointing. and the age difference is ridiculous.

  334. 334
    good grief Says:

    @Pamela: If it’s true, it doesn’t mean his statements about wanting a family are false. It means he likes the girl and enjoys spending time with her. Just because he wants to have a family doesn’t mean everyone he dates has to be a potential wife–sometimes people just enjoy one another’s company and want to see where it goes. He also may not have reached the conclusion that she’s incapable of being a wife and mother. (Personally, I think having a baby with her might be the dumbest thing he could possibly do, but who knows? People change. He certainly knows her better than I do.)

    There’s way too much “because he’s dating ERW, ______ is a lie,” whether it be wanting to have kids or reading books. These things are not mutually exclusive.

  335. 335
    ladvampyre37 Says:

    I don’t understand all the animosity towards Skarsgard. Who he dates doesn’t change his acting ability. There is always the chance that he is seeing a different side of this woman than what we see. It’s hard to say whether that side of her is fabricated on her part to ensnare him or whether it is genuine, but whatever. She tends to have a habit of “becoming” whatever it is that the man in her life requires, a sort of chameleon it seems. How long can she keep it up though is the question. If she’s playing a part, I wager that eventually she’ll tire of it and move on anyway. Or, just maybe, there is something genuine about her that we and the press don’t see and that is what he is drawn to…there is no way to know and it still doesn’t mean that his acting is sh*t. At worst, it just means that his taste in women is questionable.

  336. 336
    benjie256 Says:

    uhhhhh im so gna keck her n the face if i ever c her lolz jk ill just thik it :) and 2 A.S fans dont B mad hell c the true side of her soon an plus hes from sweden he prob didn hear all that bad stuff about her or he jus might like easy girls :p

  337. 337
    benjie256 Says:

    uhhhhh im so gna keck her n the face if i ever c her lolz jk ill just thik it :) and 2 A.S fans dont B mad hell c the true side of her soon an plus hes from sweden he prob didn hear all that bad stuff about her or he jus might like easy girls :p

    Read more:

  338. 338
    disbeliever Says:

    But let’s be honest here. What he tells his fans and press is really “him” he is doing for a reason and that reason is that he wants to be the “good guy” in hollywood. This guy could be a total psycho pathetic freak…we have no idea. People like Marilyn Manson have their psycho freak image because it sells to a specific demographic. The same with AS…this image he has portrayed he is doing for a specific group that he wants to appeal to. He wants to be the next hunk but smart who likes indies and will once and awhile step out of his comfort roles to shake things up a bit….for Oscar contention no less! Sound familiar…Brad Pitt. He is vying for that slot. But what they tell you guys and what they really are usually very different. He stays and talks with the fans, gives sweet interviews, etc. because he is still and up and comer. He has not quite fully arrived. If he started out being an ******* he would fade quickly. I am starting to think this because his timing for the sweet interviews and fan hugging is too coincidental. Face it he likes press but not all the negativity….HE IS SWIRLING JUST A BIT BECAUSE HE IS NOT AT THE TOP YET AND ANY BAD PRESS, SCANDALS, NAME CALLING ETC STICK AND COULD MAKE HIM LOOK LESS MARKETABLE. Don’t believe the hype with this guy or any actor/actress. If tomorrow you found out he was on drugs, sleeps with prostitutes and teenages, hates animals, doesn’t like Americans, will only dates models and actresses who are a size zero, laughs behind the backs of his fans at how pathetic they are, and has a horrible relationship with his family believe me you would like him a whole lot less. Not that any of those are true but they could because NO ONE on this board or any fansite knows this guy and his people will spin it to make you believe anything and to make him look a certain way. Right now he might actually like this because people who were not saying his name before in America are now because of this “dating rumour”. She knows her rep and she lives with it. She is who she is but I think they are both in on this and enjoying this crap thorougly. And to most people if you found out that was true you would think he was a sick in the head, famewhore. Hollywood is never what it seems. EVER. Watch the show, take his acting for what it is, and do not elevate this guy or any actor based on his looks or who you think he is. Let him do his own work and climb the ladder to the top of hollywood himself. All the fans flipping out over how great and beautiful he is and writing in saying they want more is only getting this guy richer and more famous. His acting is okay not great…we have seen better. But the way all these fangirls are acting you would think he is DeNiro and that he is not. Don’t push him to roles that he f*cks up because he is not ready and cannot do but he gets because he is so popular. Look at Zac Efron..dude cannot act and yet he is everywhere. Let AS really prove himself here without this unnecessary hype and his raw talent. Then we will see how far he goes. Change you hype to Clooney, Damon, Bardem, Bettany, DeNiro, etc. really good actors. Maybe he will get there but with all this “youre so great hype” from one TV series is very much out of proportion. And ERW is an okay actress who was better when she was younger. She is too immature and stupid for Hwood. She can never change that. It’s who she is. All in all just look at the acting and performance…who cares what he or she say they are like, what they like to do, charites, etc. Because all that could be fake.

  339. 339
    Kate Says:


    I see what you are saying disbeliever. You can’t believe everything you see and hear in the media.

    Funny though that you never hear anything about him being a jerk in person other than comments from people on web sites like this who don’t personally know him. He avoids going places where he attracts attention and he limits the number and frequency of interviews that he does to stay out of the spotlight. While he does have an agent he has said that he doesn’t have public relations people becuase he can talk for himself. He has been exceedingly kind and polite to even the few paparatzi who have caught him at the airport or coming or going places who ask him embarrassing questions and then take his comments out of context to create scandal. He has said he doesn’t read the comments that people write about him because he is afraid he will read negative things and it will make him doubt himself and affect the way he acts.

    It seems like he is just a really nice, intellegent, humble guy who loves to act. I think he has done some great acting on Generation Kill and True Blood and I can’t wait to see him prove his talent in more challenging movies. I hope he is offered the kinds of roles that Robert DeNiro and George Clooney have gotten a chance to prove themselves in.

    I also think he is very attractive and has a fantastic body. I’m not going to lie.

  340. 340
    MIo Says:

    @disbeliever: “This guy could be a total psycho pathetic freak…we have no idea.”

    Actually we do. He’s been famous and in the media spotlight for his whole life in Sweden/Scandinavia. He’s never ever been spotted doing something ‘wrong’ or ‘bad’. He is definitely a good guy. Why do you ppl care so much anyways. He’s a celebrity. What does his life have to do with any of you?

  341. 341
    ohnotheydidn't Says:

    according to EOnline!!they were spotted FRiday night in Los Angeles, exiting a club , hugged up with each other…However, people are now saying he was in Louisiana at the time….Ok fangurls , where was he…?LOL

  342. 342
    happy Says:

    @ohnotheydidn’t: But not a single picture was taken? Interesting. Anyone can call in a sighting. Sounds like someone’s publicist is working overtime.

  343. 343
    ohnotheydidn't Says:

    @happy: ITA not a pic which is odd for Hollyweird..

  344. 344
    Pamela Says:

    First of all, just because he was a great guy in Sweden does not mean fame hasn’t gotten to his head over the past few months. Like others said, we don’t know him, and have no idea what he is really like. Second, I know it’s stupid, but I dating ERW would change how I view him. Evan made sure there was speculation about their relationship as soon as she started doing interviews for True Blood. She wants people to know (or think) they are dating, and therefore wants the attention. Who knows, maybe Alex wants the attention as well. Still, look at his fan boards, interest in him has dropped quite a bit since this news came out. I agree, it is none of our business who he dates, but that doesn’t change the fact that my respect for him will drop if he takes the Hollywood route.

  345. 345
    MIo Says:

    He was voted sexiest man in Sweden 6 times. He would have a had a big head by now. Idk… Maybe he’s dating her because he really likes her? I doubt it’s for attention anyways. He always hated all the attention he got back home. That’s part of why he quit acting the first time. And it’s also one of the reasons he left Sweden. The whole Askars/ErW “relationship” is just odd :/ Sorry.

  346. 346
    ohnotheydidn't Says:

    @Pamela: Yeah we know why Evan is in it for the minute…but what about Alex? Why is he dating her? I mean she is nothing like what he described as what he wants in a woman, but heh who knows?opposites do
    @MLO it is very odd indeed, like it was purposely and deliberately planned…

  347. 347
    angie Says:

    guys in the end there is still no confirmation of anything. It is all speculation and rumours. she definitely wants him though that is for sure. the girl is desparate for just about any attention she can get

  348. 348
    woodless Says:

    I would hope he’d have better judgment than that. I think she’s a ****** social climber. She reeks of damaged goods.

  349. 349
    angie Says:

    Her stuff is all used up and damaged. you’re right woodless.

  350. 350
    angie Says:

    she’s gross, so gross

  351. 351
    bunny Says:

    Either this guy just wants to have a famous couple thing going on to get him even more fame, he has REALLY bad taste(how could you bring her home to your family), or he is a freak. She is such a fame seeker and washed up, totally washed up and done. He could do so much better. And what do they have in common other than acting. She is 22, stupid, loose, ******, goth trash. Wow….I am really disappointed in AS. He would be better off dating a regular girl is he can’t date a decent woman in Hollywood. He sucks now. I am not watching TB the same ever again. So ruined it for me. I hope his people read all these comments and tell him. If he even cares…probably has a big ego now.

  352. 352
    Amanda Says:


    lol…no kidding!

  353. 353
    ladvampyre37 Says:

    E! Online has posted a story about Skarsgard and Wood leaving a LA club together Friday night. There are no photos, but “sources” claim that they were there and left together. If you go to E! Online and type in Wood’s name, you will find the story.

  354. 354
    jb Says:

    just saw a tweet from a random girl that she was behind AS in line at Burger King at LAX yesterday….It looks like it is true. See (jennifer cho-je_nifer on twitter)

  355. 355
    Poor alex Says:

    Still don’t believe they are dating. Go EricNorthman dot com or dot net. Look at the postings for Sept 6th, posted before all the rumors started. Two girls got a picture with him in the same outfit, same day that he was seen with ERW. In the comments, they say their room was near his. They did see ERW, they didn’t really know her by name only as the Queen. She didn’t stay in the same room as Alex. She was on a different floor. And some other guy was with them. Someone else reported seeing them with handlers at the parade. Plus the pictures don’t really show any couple action. He looked more like a couple with Willa Holland and her sister than with ERW. What’s with the separate rooms. If they are dating, looks like he’s not giving up the “goods” so easy. We all know she does.

  356. 356
    ladvampyre37 Says:

    I, for one, think they are either dating or doing the “friends with benefits” thing. However, that doesn’t mean it’s serious in any case. The rumor mill isn’t talking about planned marriages or children, so this will likely continue, at least until she starts that play and hooks up with some other co-star and then it will end. She seems to move through guys pretty quickly if this past year has been any indication. I think I’ve read that she’s been linked to at least 5 or 6 men this year alone, which is a pretty shoddy rep for a 22 year old girl. Skarsgard isn’t the first man to be bewitched by sex appeal…and he won’t be the last.

  357. 357
    CILLIAN Says:

    @ladvampyre37 I agree with you on the hooking up part. I personally think he wants to keep things “really casual” while that is not her style. She is used to blasting her relationships out there for everyone to see and judge. ERW likes the attention and definitely wanted people to know that there is something going on even if it is minor. That’s why the “team alex…ooops, I mean team eric” slip up happened. He might be serious but I have strong doubts. The guy is trying to grow his career in hwood, not sabotage it. I think he is busy and wants to do ALOT of roles right now and he is casual. When the right girl comes along he will blast it to the world because guys are possessive that way. If he hasn’t done that yet he’s not in it for the long run. Poor erw…it will take her a lot longer to stop making a fool of herself won’t it? If he does decide that she is “the one” God help him but he is in for D-R-A-M-A!!!!

  358. 358
    Sarah Says:

    Aw, Skarsgard’s definitely a catch! Lucky Evan! She’s gorgeous as well. He’s a definite upgrade from Manson.

  359. 359
    pootie tang Says:


    Yeah, but not before people do it to him first. Damn. Don’t forget that he is human. I believe he has child-like ways about him and can be taken advantage of and taken down EASILY! He needs someone to help him protect himself from the warebitches and ******** alike.

    Fame is a *****, and I think he might be finding that out right about now.

  360. 360
    ex-fan Says:

    No longer a fan. I was buying up all his old movies and planning on going to see whatever new movies he starred in but now I no longer care. Poor choice in dating partner. ERW is gross and disgusting.

  361. 361
    sugarbaby Says:

    omg u ppl r so quick to jugde shut up every1 of you need to shut up
    hes not gay he is tryin 2 play any games idk were u getting this idea from if u havent forgotten hes from sweden i dont think hes known about erw past an if he does and he is tryin 2 find the good n her good good at least hes not quick to jugde ppl like u ppl really only a lil bit of u r making secne the rest r bein stupid honestly
    1-u ladys r mad that hes not single
    2- yes hes still single
    3-hes not dating her just hanging out
    4- he was at the village idiot with her but not alone with other guys an some ladys i saw they werent hugging an kissing and stuff like that omg
    5- at the hotel they were n sepreate rooms and had bodygaurds with them while they were wlking at the parade
    an ppl sayin they lost all respect for him if hes reading this hes lost all respect for u crazy ppl =.= an y did u lose all respect 4 him it made no since

    an last erw likes alexander s. shes was the first one 2 start the rumors then pereze hiltion really y would u belive anything that guy says.and fans took this pic not the pap and fans clearly said they posted it so all u ppl should feel stupid 4 ur comments im not a fan of erw shes a bad actress and she cant sing an shes a copier and has no stlye of her own dita copier and im srry if i hurt ne1s feelings just tryin 2 get a point across really

  362. 362
    geezus Says:

    how old are you?!

  363. 363
    jb Says:

    @sugarbaby: What the hell? I don’t understand a stinken work you just wrote?

  364. 364
    Lauren Says:

    NAYYYYYYYYYYYYYY! All the way. Ok so not only did Evan Rachel Wood destroy the series playing Queen Sophia-Anne b/c the queen is 12 but in general she is a terrible actress. She goes off of looks. She tries to act all like high and mighty but really she comes off as arrogant. Skarsgard can do way better. If they start dating I’ve lost total respect fro him. LOL

  365. 365
    jb Says:

    they are obviously dating. Just saw an article that they visited a soccer team together on Aug 1…

  366. 366
    CILLIAN Says:

    Just read on IMDB BOTH of the popularity went down this week.
    AS Down 36%
    ERW 63%
    Note to Both: Your publicity STUNT did not work! Ovaaaaah!

  367. 367
    sugarbaby Says:

    @jb: omg r u really that stupid that u cant read really i can understand an i think most popl here r sayin that cuz im right reread cuz it made since idiot

  368. 368
    jb Says:

    @sugarbaby: wow! here’s a tip—take some english classes dumb ass!

  369. 369
    sugarbaby Says:

    @jb: lol ya heres a tip 4 u its the internet u cant really tell ppl how to type correctly on the internet its stupid an a waste of time:p since im a bigger person i hav no need to use curse words. ya i type how i txt stupid thats not how i really write n wrk idiot proves how much u kno aboutr some1 :)

  370. 370
    jb Says:

    I am sorry. I should not have been so rude.

  371. 371
    J J bowles Says:

    @toofunny: Do any of you people know either one of these celebrities? Saying such awful things about this woman when you don’t know a thing about who she really is. You judge her by what you read in the gossip columns and that is truly hateful. Why don’t people give them both a break. Yes their fans have a right to take pictures of them and even go up to them and ask for autographs because they have made themselves into public figures, but their personal life should be left out of it. All of you who are being so hateful should be ashamed of yourselves.

  372. 372
    J J bowles Says:

    @what: Your IQ seems to need some help. And I sure don’t see you making any contribution in the acting community.

  373. 373
    J J bowles Says:

    @what: I’m sorry I keep writing on this but my god you people are so awfully cruel and you don’t know anything about these people. I love Alex as an actor (all of his personal life is his own and what business is it of ours what he does with it), I think he is one of the best actors to come along in many years. That is his craft, that is what he gets paid for not his lifestyle. Why do we always have to judge people, is it because we are certainly not perfect ourselves and if we put our public figures down enough for what they do we will feel better about ourselves.

  374. 374
    J J bowles Says:

    @Ginnie: I think from day one most everyone in the business was so intimidated by Alexander Skarsgard that they have all been out to get him. They are afraid of his incredible talent and super good looks. A few pictures of a man having a good time (how many men play around with women much younger then themselves and no one is screeming about them) and they are all accusing him of ruining his career and saying they will no longer be fans. As for what he says in interviews, I think he is totally sincere about what he eventually wants out of life, but he has every right to live his life as he sees fit until then. IT IS NOBODY’S BUSINESS BUT HIS. How would you like it if everything you did was under the microscope and everyone was telling you how to live. No one even knows what the truth really is. I wouldn’t blame him if he decided to go back to Sweden and deprive us of the best actor of the century. We American’s do not deserve him. We in America claim to be so moral but we are only incredibly cruel and self serving. What a bunch of hypocrits.

  375. 375
    CILLIAN Says:

    @j j bowles okay I wouldn’t go that far as he being the best actor of the century….lolololol. That is taking it a little too far. People have a right to say what they want and to their opinions. In fact, because of your post you are being all moral and hypocritical because you are doing EXACTLY what you just chided them on from their posts. Wow… look, everyone talks about people other than themselves and it is not always nice and friendly and sweet. It will never be that way. If you have never criticized someone then go ahead and type away. Oh…nevermind you just criticized both ginnie and what! Wow…look who the hypocrite is! Looking beyond the hollywood facade and calling like you see it is not a bad thing. It just keeps things real and honest. That is better since so many people compare their own lives to what they think hwood lives are without knowing the truth. No one is stupid here just honest.

  376. 376
    hans Says:


    so tell me genius, if this was a “stunt” wouldnt there be a shitload of pictures of them sucking tounges…?

  377. 377
    ohnotheydidn't Says:

    @hans: is it really this serious dude? Thats why she is saying that it is a stunt there are no pics..duh

  378. 378
    ohnotheydidn't Says:

    @J J bowles: we don’t its just why so serious?

  379. 379
    leslie Says:

    I think hans and j j bowles are serious butt kissers to erw and as!!! or working for them!!! look at it this way. no one in the mainstream media is even talking about this anymore. they are both irrelevant. the only reason it made the sites is because she is such an effin freak who screwed manson on his video and broke up his marriage to a beautiful woman. it was just shock….because HE could do so much better but maybe he likes slummin’ because he picked her straight out of the street gutters. good riddance to pieces of sh*t to them both!

  380. 380
    hans Says:

    @leslie: @ohnotheydidn’t:

    Umm no, if there are no pics, its because that they want to keep it quiet.

    Nobody is talking about it because they dont want anyone to know about it, If it was a “stunt” then they would go ***** a magazine with sex pics like any other famewhore… looking at the lohans, hiltons, spears and what have ya….

  381. 381
    leslie Says:

    And like stated before they both want and courted this attention. This is expected of ERW but not Alex. He is all quiet about it now because he got his sh*t called out on him that is all and nothing more. This big good guy act that he puts on for his co-stars and fans is just that…an act. He wants the attention just as much as she does if not more. He almost did not make it in Hollywood and he can’t believe his good luck. He craves stardom and he is falling into the sh*tty pit of hollywood. His star was growing because he was so unlike most celebrities. But with the Willa thing and now ERW he is proving that he is no different than the rest. I hope we don’t see too much of either of them in the near future. I would rather watch someone who is honest about what kind of d*ckhead he really is instead of a complete faker.

  382. 382
    leslie Says:

    @hans and there are pics! They are right above! Are you blind. If someone claims that this wasn’t staged then that is complete and total bs. If stars DO NOT want to be seen together then they don’t go out on the streets together to a flippin festival in the town where he is not only filming but becoming increasing popular with the town girls. This was made to look like a “fan” took them and that same “fan” put them up on different websites and sent them to the gossip blogs. I honestly think HE is a complete idiot, good looking, but stoooopid. He thought it would be good publicity but it made him look like a total tool. But hey…most actors in Hollywood are total tools. Good for him! He just joined the ranks. This was staged and poorly done and they both are paying the price. She is realizing that her popularity is complete sh*t and probably will never recover. He just ruined the image that most people had of him. No matter what people will always bring up the pedo thing and erw when they talk about him. Excellent, Alexander! Real smart! Looks like his dad got all the brains in the family. Anyways…on to bigger and better things…like the fact that THOR is going to be an awesome movie and Chris Hemsworth totally deserves it!!!! Can’t wait for that to come out!!! Chris is the next big thing and Kenneth saw something in him that he didn’t see in AS. Too sad…one tear! Over!

  383. 383
    ohnotheydidn't Says:

    You are so right ..kudos to you and a very good post indeed.
    This guy had it all, I’m just trying to wonder why did he waste it on ERW. Their popularity has taken such a big nose dive. I think they are hiding because of the embarassment. Oh well i wish them well, True Blood sucks now anyway. I was very dissappointed as most fans were…

  384. 384
    ohnotheydidn't Says:

    @hans: ummm, Hans, now why would they want to keep it quiet? They have been seen together like 3 times and there are pics..soooo..just tell your friend Alex if he wants to play with a B lister actress , please hire a publicist. I know in Sweden people don’t care, but in USA appearances are everything…Hell we even expect our POTUS to come correct…Can’t lie to the people, and American fans do not forgive or forget easily. They are very judgmental people…He might as well let it all hang out, its out now…why hide it?

  385. 385
    leslie Says:

    Okay…I have to say something else. I totally agree with you ohnotheydidn’t and thanks for really reading what I posted. But on another note I just saw pics of his two ex- girlfriends from Sweden and all I have to say is WHAT THE EFFIN HELL!!! He is really slummin. OMG his past girlfriends are totally beautiful, his age range, and seem normal. Now people don’t get along and make it but come on Alex! Jesus Christ you went from great to sh*t! Whatever. ERW is bad news. Hope this is just a fling or better a rumor.

  386. 386
    sicko Says:

    just read that Marilyn Manson is a Satanist! Wow…now I am all about freedom of religion but seriously wtf….you know she got involved in that sh*t! she states she is jewish but……you are who you hang with. and they do some SICK SICK sh*t. wow…Alexander Skarsgard is dating that…..f***kin yuck!

  387. 387
    sugarbaby Says:

    @leslie: i wana c his old gf wats they names

  388. 388
    sugarbaby Says:

    @leslie: i wana c his old gf wats they names

  389. 389
    leslie Says:

    @sugarbaby one is named sara tun and the other amelia drake. think they are both swedish and models. if they are not then they should be. found them on one of his fan sites. beautiful, classy, and at least clean unlike erw. very olivia wilde looking. I am sorry but I am totally turned off by him now. I won’t be able to watch anything and look at him like he is decent and worthwhile. Too bad because I really liked True Blood and hope his career was going to be great. First she ruined it completely for the last two episodes and then I was completely repulsed by him in the last episode because of her. He needs to get away from her and fast. If Marilyn Manson can’t even stand her and wants to kill her then you can only imagine what kind of tripe she is…..

  390. 390
    leslie Says:

    @ohnotheydidn’t You’re right! HE is/should be completely embarrassed and should be because he came to class and didn’t do his homework! I mean just because you work with someone doesn’t mean they are dating material. Not for him anyways! She is dating material for the sleaze of Hollywood. Does he not know how to use Google and the internet. I do think she put it out there to try and stake some kind of claim to him and maybe they are. However, I think it is quite interesting no comments have been made further and no more pictures of them. If he was SO PROUD of her then he would stake his claim as well and let as many pictures out. Call it the alpha male thing. She is used up and played out. I think he will be a quick blaze that will fade when True Blood becomes boring to the public. That is only a few seasons away. After that what? He is way too tall to be a normal leading man so he will be the awkward role or the villain. Looks like he is keeping one foot in Sweden as far as the industry is concerned and that is the smartest thing I have seen him do in the past couple of months. Keep working in Sweden stupid. You will be back there soon enough. Take ERW with you!! Maybe she will appeal to them up there.

  391. 391
    hans Says:


    Ok stop fing replying to yourself are you insane? And the pics are not staged pics for crying out loud. You need a reality check my friend, and again, stop replying to youself.

  392. 392
    leslie Says:

    @hans you need to get a life. no one is insane but just being honest that is why these boards were created to allow people to state their opinions. this is not the only board that people reply. also, reality check this is America and there is freedom of speech and just because someone does not agree with you doesn’t mean they are insane and need a reality check. and get you head out of the a**es of erw and as they could care less about anyone but themselves and that is the honest truth. that is not the point. the point is that people are shocked that he has such poor taste in choosing a homewrecking, insecure, style stealing, lame actress for a gf when he claims the total opposite thins. btw way for your information I am not replying to myself. what a complete idiot you are! so stupid and yes I called you stupid because you called me insane for having an opinion. and you will never change people’s minds that the pics were not leaked by her peeps. and for information i don’t give two sh*ts what you think or say so don’t worry about what I say. if you don’t like it don’t read it. I think you are so upset because you know what I am saying is true. and if you don’t believe in freedom of speech go live in another country other thant the U.S. like maybe…um Sweden.lolololol….

  393. 393
    leslie Says:

    And just for good measure everyone should start paying attention to Chris Hemsworth!!! He is IT! He is young, fresh, talented, and got the role that Alex wanted so bad. That would be a action hero in …..gasp….movies! So get over AS. He is old news that never was actually any news!

  394. 394
    sugarbaby Says:

    @leslie: ummmm wtf mm wants 2 kill her lmaooooo ya i dont think hes dating jus hanging out ppl think jus cuz of pictures an i do agree erw is a down grade 2 even be seen with :p but thats just me

  395. 395
    leslie Says:

    @sugarbaby yeah, marilyn manson made the comment that he had fantasies about killing her. google it. hilarious. anyways….i do agree with you that he shouldn’t even be seen out with her. I despise cheaters and the people they cheat with. that’s just me.

  396. 396
    Alexis Says:

    Isn’t it kind of strange that both of them have on the exact same cloths as they had when they went to a soccer match in Los Angeles in the beginning of August to see Zlatan Ibrahimovic.
    Just google “Ibrahimovic” and “Alexander Skarsgård” and you will see for yourself, even Evan is in one of the pictures with the same dress on. The photos are not taken in New Orleans.

  397. 397
    Alexis Says:

    By the way, they are not holding hands or anything and Alex hugs pretty much everybody in picures. Just saying that I don´t see any proof to back up these dating rumours.
    And if there are true Alex is allowed to date whomever he want.
    Wow there are some nasty comments by some people on this site.

  398. 398
    ohnotheydidn't Says:

    @hans: umm, hans, she is not replying to herself, I assure you that she and I are 2 different people….and Hans dear what is your interest?do you work for Alex? Seriously dude, I have a cousin that is an insider in Hollywood and Alex is like the laughing stock of Hollywood, they are essentially saying that he picked the worst thing to date and hang out with, her rep is really messed up and people have pics and truth to stand by..and the chick is only 21. His popularity has taken a nose dive…which is sad..I think he is a talented actor and I think he is a nice guy..but you really have to be careful who you choose as friends in this town. …Hans, sorry its the truth and you can spin it anyway you like..and again I am not leslie….lol, but hey maybe he can make an honest and upstanding lady out of Evan…she might fall for it this time…lol

  399. 399
    Poor alex Says:

    I feel sorry for Alex. I don’t believe he ever had to worry about the people that were around him. Now that he’s being noticed in Hollywood, he has to be aware of this. Not all people that present themselves as wanting to be your friend have your best interest at heart. I don’t believe he and erw are dating, hanging around, yes. There always seems to be other people with them on their “dates”. I don’t think he really knows how to play the Hollywood game (being popular is different in Sweden than it is in the US). She (erw), however does. I think she had her sights set on him from the beginning. The hot up-and-coming actor. She called Alan Ball for a part in True Blood. Her performance was horrible. It wasn’t about the part for her (or she would have done her research on the character from the book) it was about getting the hot guy on the show. She was the one who dropped all these hints to the press about her and him. And then showing up for her birthday in LA which would make it look like he was her boyfriend (if your a female this is one occasion that you want to be with your significant other). The pictures and eye withness reports don’t say any couple action happened. I think he’s was played by her. From all accounts, he is an intelligent man. But all you guys, when it comes to women, you are dumb assess and can easily be manipulated. I feel sorry for him. Her reputation is really messed up. She’s not going to be able to cross over into more serious adult roles that she is older. He had a promising career and I hope he still does. But the buzz about him has faded a bit. I hope he gets it back. Here’s a good questions, not being a pr person myself, how can he recover from this, what will it take?

  400. 400
    ohnotheydidn't Says:

    @Poor alex: Good Post..I agree..she knows the game and she is a manipulator. I think he is really a nice guy..I would hope that he would step away from her and be very careful. If I were him, I would just call it what it is.. a friendship. I think he is making it worse by not saying anything, not that he should have to. However, becuase he is an up and coming actor and she does have a horrible rep. I just think he owes it to his fans, who will stick with him later through thick and thin if he is honest with them now. Everyone makes mistakes and I really think Alex did not know or did not know the full extent of her rep. It is a lesson learned. I think he will be okay, but he will have to stop with the nice guy routine with these Hollywierd people. I think being nice to his fans is okay..but ERW..ewww.. she wishes she could be Oscar winning award actress Anna Paquin…

  401. 401
    nycgal Says:

    Evan gets around – she probably has cooties. Hope he yanks her off himself soon.

  402. 402
    leslie Says:

    @ohnotheydidn’t Wow…just got a chance to get on the computer today! thank you for standing up to hans as well. whoever that is he/she is so rude and trite for criticizing people for their opinions. Anyways, I am not the only who knows that he is the laughing stock in Hwood. Hahahahaha!!!! Lololololol….I have been laughing every since I saw these pics myself. Look I don’t have insider contacts in Hwood but I know what the public is saying and guess what they are humans and so are the peeps in Hwood. And people are disgusted by her (always have been) and now disgusted by him. They are calling him the “garbage man” (because he picks up trash), “skanksgard”, “stanksgard”, etc. I particularly like “skanksgard”! Let’s see if that picks up! His popularity has taken another decrease on IMDB. I think the biggest disappointment with him has been this however there have been others. When people portray themselves one way and show themselves to be something different people have no respect simple as that. They lost respect for her a long time ago and that is happening to him now.
    Look if he is dating her or not the impression that is being given by some of the media is that this is the “hottest” couple in Hwood which is the farthest thing from the truth. Maybe in their own little world, i.e. their heads, but to everyone else it is the funniest joke around. People just think that he is completely mentally challenged.
    @Poor Alex you also make a very good point. She was giving lots of hints to the media about him and I think she was making her play for him awhile back. Now that you mention it they were seen together at the soccer game and then she went on to date Shane West. Maybe they have been hooking up all along and when things didn’t work out with Shane she went scrambling back to Alex. Wow. Maybe he is not that stupid after all!! Maybe she is just a hookup friend with benefits thing, clingy kind of girl. Wait…it is ERW so he is quite stupid!!! Forgot who I was talking about. I think she is behind alot of crap. THAT GIRL is quite sneaky and crafty. When she wants something(MM, AS) she is balls out and quite shady. He really needs to watch himself with her. Does he not have internet? Come on HBO get the guy a laptop with internet hookup!
    @hans I think you do work for one or both of them, a friend, or maybe you are them! WHO CARES! if you read this take it for exactly what people say! People are not haters just sounding off and putting their opinions out there. If you don’t know them or have any affiliation with them then why do you care so much to insult others opninions! They don’t care what any of us have to say/and they definitely wouldn’t like this board if they ready it(yeah right!)but that will not stop us from saying it. So it is you who needs the reality check. JustJared created this site and he put this wonderful sounding board here for a reason and we have the right to use it. Most people on here know they will never ever meet these people and could care less but they have their opinion about the stories he posts and should feel free to state it without anyone being nasty and mean to them directly for doing so. If you don’t agree you can politely say that you disagree and give and separate, intelligent rebuttal and maybe people will listen. Until that day comes for you Hans(Alex, ERW, their friends, managers, family, fangirl etc), I suggest you don’t come back here if you cannot handle what people want to/have the right to say. People will always talk about others. JustJared does it everyday and yet you still come to this site. Alex and ERW do it themselves! Just look at what she said about Dita! We all do but most don’t like it when the shoe is on the other foot. So if they don’t like it then I suggest to them to leave Hollywood! BTW didn’t Alex say he didn’t want famedome? Then why does he come to premieres, swag lounges, parties, conferences, etc. Other actors, i.e. Marlon Brando and George C. Scott and two of the greatest of all time completely rebuffed Hollywood for being sick and they did not ever attend these types of events in their later years. Look at Daniel Day Lewis…he would never be caught dead in a swag lounge! Give me a break he doesn’t want famedome. He does appear to be nice and polite to his fans and for that I think he is a good guy but he is making some whack decisions lately, 17year old girl, ERW…just to name a few.

  403. 403
    aqua Says:

    @Alexis: Agree, I don’t see any “proof’ to these rumors too. There were other True Blood cast members down there at the time, but you just didn’t see them in the pics. But I read about sightings. Is he dating them too?
    And you’re right, he’s a friendly guy. I’ve seen photos of him kissing and hugging fans. Plus, he said in a recent Newsweek interview that he went out with his male co-stars for his birthday. If he was dating someone, she would have spent his birthday with him and we would have heard about it by now.
    I think Miss Wood likes the publicity. If she really had something to keep quiet about, she wouldn’t have been dropping all those hints about how she likes him in interviews.

  404. 404
    Karen Says:


    REally, the Laughing Stock? I am intrigued. Can you tell more about this???

  405. 405
    ohnotheydidn't Says:

    @Karen: Intrigued?Really…? I explained it in my post..what else is there to did read it right?or did you scan it? I think its pretty much self explanatory….

  406. 406
    Kanniedy Says:


    I totally agree. To me it seems like she is just one more of the cast members that were there that day. She just probably stays close because he is gorgeous. Who wouldnt? I think partly I hope the rumor about him and Christina Ochoa Lopez is true and Evan Rachel Wood is not the type of girl he would go for. Even Sara Tun was an option I thought was appropriate but ERW is just so…arghh.

  407. 407
    benjie256 Says:

    ppl it has ben confirmed evan r. woods said so on ok magazine that they are

  408. 408
    benjie256 Says:

    @benjie256: i would like 2 correct myself for wat i posted
    “All this might come as a surprise to Evan, as a source close to the star, 22, recently told OK! of the True Blood couple, ” Yes, they’re definitely dating. She’s really sweet and so excited about it. She said she didn’t expect it to happen; she was just so happy to be on the show, but it’s definitely a bonus.”
    this is wat i read so still no confirmation from there own words

  409. 409
    benjie256 Says:

    @benjie256: i would like 2 correct myself for wat i posted
    “All this might come as a surprise to Evan, as a source close to the star, 22, recently told OK! of the True Blood couple, ” Yes, they’re definitely dating. She’s really sweet and so excited about it. She said she didn’t expect it to happen; she was just so happy to be on the show, but it’s definitely a bonus.”
    this is wat i read so still no confirmation from there own words

  410. 410
    Sydney Says:

    yep, still not confirmed. If you notice, it always comes from “sources” close to Evan Rachel Wood. Its always her, not ever coming from him. She is making a fool out of herself. She didn’t expect to fall in love with him. In love. Christ, he has even admitted to dating her and she’s in love.

  411. 411
    Simplysmile Says:

    I agree with the Shane chemistry thought. You can barely see them for a splash of a second in Roda Monroe video. But they are a good couple. Both look handsome together.

  412. 412
    lola Says:

    god, i hope it’s not true

  413. 413
    Meghansmith Says:

    She is supposedly back with Manson, as reported in her most recent interview with GQ magazine, go google it?

  414. 414
    Sydney Says:

    She’s not back with Manson. He has a girlfriend, not named Evan Rachel Wood.

  415. 415
    Sydney Says:

    @Meghansmith: Here is the quote

    In the issue she says she is now back with her ex Marilyn Manson after “taking some time” away from the relationship. She also talks again about the dating rumors between her ‘Wrestler’ co-star Mickey Rourke and brings up how it was working with Woody Allen, who wrote & directed the upcoming film she is in, ‘Whatever Works.’

    This was for the May 2009 issue. ERW has probably moved on 10 times from that time

  416. 416
    svenska Says:

    I think the real love story is between Billy Lush and Alexander Skarsgard. Sooner or later it will come out. I think AS is a nice guy and no one wants to out him but a guy as yummy as he is should have had some real dates in the last two years, and if he had the papparazi would have caught them.

    The only one he hangs around with is Billy Lush. They did Generation Kill together (listen to the commentary by AS where he calls him “My sweet Billy”), there is the infamous airport picture and now they happen to be working on Straw Dogs together. It’s going to be hard for him to explain when the movie wraps and Billy shows up in LA to continue the relationship.

  417. 417
    Safira Says:

    i think miss wood is more mature than other actresses in her generation, it’s happy to see her hang out with this great guy. I think if they could be together, that is great for both of them.

  418. 418
    John C. Says:

    Wood nothing more than an immature little famewh*re. That is why ppl are talking about her hookups instead of her acting these days. I laughed when I read all those Swedish interviews where Skarsgard made it clear he wasn’t dating her. Probably nothing ever went on between those two, but if it did, the man was sure trying to distance himself from this *****. What a bruise to her out of control ego that must have been. lol

  419. 419
    John Says:

    Wood nothing more than an immature little famewh*re. That is why ppl are talking about her hookups instead of her acting these days.

  420. 420
    John C. Says:

    Wood nothing more than an immature little *****. That is why ppl are talking about her hookups instead of her acting these days. I laughed when I read all those Swedish interviews where Skarsgard made it clear he wasn’t dating her. Probably nothing ever went on between those two, but if it did, the man was sure trying to distance himself from this *****. What a bruise to her out of control ego that must have been. lol

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