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Alexander Skarsgard & Evan Rachel Wood: Dating?

Alexander Skarsgard & Evan Rachel Wood: Dating?

Alexander Skarsgard and Evan Rachel Wood are rumored to be dating after first meeting on the set of True Blood.

Evan, 22, reportedly flew to Shreveport, Louisiana this weekend to visit Alexander, 33, on the set of his new movie, Straw Dogs.

The rumored couple was spotted (pictured here) at a local festival and Evan was seen snapping away with a disposable camera. Alexander has already been seen hanging out with his movie co-star Willa Holland, 18.

WHAT DO YOU THINK of Alexander Skarsgard and Evan Rachel Wood as a couple — YAY or NAY?

You can watch Alexander and Evan together on the True Blood finale, airing @ 9PM ET/PT this Sunday, September 13 on HBO.

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  • Danielle

    Pretty much anything Lainey says is irrelevant, she uses a magic 8 ball as a source.

  • Sydney

    @Chris A+ Totally dating

  • meh

    What’s the source for this? I read about this on LaineyGossip.

  • Joe

    go because she visited him in La, she’s dating him. Shoot, I’m better never ever visit my friends otherwise ppl will assume some sexy times is going down

  • Purple

    Who needs Lainey when you have photographic proof? He is only filming for a few weeks, why else would she be visiting if she wasn’t a girlfriend? I don’t even like her, but the pictures are too much to ignore.

  • Penny

    This girl goes around- Manson, Shane West….now Alex Skarsgard. Wasn’t she also linked to Mickey Rourke? grody.

    I guess them dating is slightly better than him dating an 18 year old like Willa Holland

  • jess

    Who cares. They can date whomever they want. Why is this such a big deal?

  • m

    Well actually Lainey is right most of the time… like that time when Taylor Lautner & Selena Gomez broke up? Lainey reported it first, then they had their PR date, then Taylor was back with his old gf.

  • jenn

    @Purple: Because they’re friends? They’re filming for 2-3 months and I believe they’ve been filming since the beginning of August. I did something similar but I wasn’t dating the guy. We were just really good friends.

  • toofunny

    Well Kate Bosworth is not so great but better than this!

  • Is she a…

    a beard? The reason I ask is because I know there were rumors about Shane West being gay and Skarsgard sends a lot of people’s gaydar off.

  • captain v

    @m: Having been a source for Laimey, I disagree. :-)

  • fangirl

    @celeb spotter:

    i had read on twitter that ERW had arrived at the hotel on friday. as to whether or not they are dating, who knows..

  • she is gross

    askars is smarter than this – what is wrong with his skank detector?

  • toofunny

    I think he is trying to make his star rise SUPER fast and that’s why pics of him keep getting “released” “out” so quickly now. he prob wants to be a big household name fast and this is the way to do it. like they always say there is not such thing as bad press. he doesn’t care what people say as long as they are talking about him. then when he is ready he will flip the script and date someone totally awesome and decent but for now he needs to go for the shock value. same with erw. people stopped talking about her and now she is going to be all over the place with this. they are just testing the waters right now to see how many people respond to this. it’s looking good right about now

  • rpatzfan

    she date Marylin Manson ? it so she had a awesome upgrade .

  • Purple

    How long were you friends for? These two met fairly recently and for someone to go down to a place like Shreveport, LA and stay through her birthday sounds like more than just visiting a friend. She said in a video a few weeks ago she was taken.

  • Joe

    Sorry, but Lainey is not a reliable source. Then she waits until the pics leak to say they’ve been dating for weeks. Shady. And Alexander has been filming for a month now.

  • Nick

    Evan is dating Michael McMillan, the creepy pastor on True Blood.

  • @toofunny

    you’re as dumb as rocks to think that Alex staged these photos. Those are not paparazzi photos, idiot.

  • hollywoodgirl

    @Nick: Michael McMillian is officially gay

  • melody39

    Who cares if he IS dating an 18 year old girl?! 18 is legal, innit? ERW is beautiful but the two of them don’t look like they are dating but just hanging out.

  • blackberry

    @Purple: If they met fairly recently, why do people think they’re dating? That doesn’t make sense especially if the guy hasn’t been in LA. Why wouldn’t she fly down? It sounds like fun. Also, if there is other True Blood cast there, maybe it’s for work and they met up?

  • missme

    Since they are co-stars perhaps they are just friends at a festival, hanging out. They don’t look particularly lovey dovey to me..but who knows!?

  • Molly

    Wow, Purple really really wants this to be true. ERW says she’s dating. AS says he’s single doesn’t have time to date. Clearly they are dating each other. Slow news day.

  • Renegade

    @hollywoodgirl: I know Mike from high school. He’s not gay. He’s played gay characters though. He’s a great actor.

  • Purple

    If I met a friend a few months ago, would I visit him/her in another state? No. If I met a man recently that I started to date and he needed to go out of state for work, would I visit? Yes. Two different types of relationships. Too many sightings of just these two for it not to be true.

  • nlah

    he’s NOT dating willa. that boat trip was arranged by the crew, it was for work. these clearly arent staged considering a fan took these pictures and not the paparazzi. if they are dating, good for him, hope he’s happy. but honestly it doesnt seem like they are dating, just seems like two friends hanging out.

  • fresh

    @Purple: How are people getting too many sightings? I’ve only read about an awards show and these new pics. Which is no more than the other women he’s been spotted with. I guess this dude gets around. He’s probably dating my mother too.

  • Man

    I CANNOT BELIEVE THAT! oh nooooooo….
    not rachel wood! I mean… LOOK AT HIM!
    thats a sad world

  • she is gross

    why would he want to hang out with her even as friends?

    she’s not a nice girl…she’s been thru manson and west in the past 6 mos…the heat has affected askars’ brain :(

  • Sydney

    Exactly fresh. One was at a work function and this photo. I’m gonna need more proof, otherwise ASkars is dating a bunch of women as he’s been photographed more with them then ERW

  • Purple

    No Molly, I don’t want it to be true. I could care less who he is dating, that’s his business. However, some people are so star struck and delusional that they can’t see how obvious it is. I am merely pointing that out. PS. you actually believe everything a celebrity says? You are very naive.

    @fresh – there were a bunch before he left for Louisiana, soccer games, dinner, boat rides. That’s why I think they are dating. I have no agenda, there is just evidence to support it.

  • iris

    Idk, why would a ‘friend’ visit another ‘friend’ while they’re working on their own birthday weekend?

  • Sydney

    You got some bad info Purple. The rumors of the boat ride and dinner were FALSE. They came out the same time the soccer pics did and some girl on a Skarsgard site admitted she made those up to prove how easy it is to make rumors up. So, now you are back to a grand total of 2 pics.

    @iris ok they are dating, so why didn’t she visit him on HIS birthday?

  • Bill

    Eh, so they are dating. I give them a few months

  • ladyvampyre37

    It’s possible that they are dating, but they don’t look very close in these pictures. They aren’t holding hands or even looking at each other with puppy dog eyes, they way that most people do when they first start dating someone. And if they are dating right now, it doesn’t mean that they will be 6 months from now. Celebrity gossip sites don’t normally have the best track record with this kind of stuff, so until I see some definite signs of affection between them or he comes out and says that he’s dating her, it’s kind of like whatever. But honestly, she doesn’t seem to have “type”, except for older than herself, so anything is possible.

  • Golly

    Someone even said Kate Bosworth would be better then Evan? Kate Bosworth who smokes and has a drug problem and cheats on her boyfriend regularly? You have no idea what you are talking about.

    Evan is a cool woman….yes, I have met her….and she is really funny, and passionate about life, and they both have a goofy sense of humor and are a good match! I know that his friends really like her too.

  • true blood

    He is not dating ERW but I do believe she has a crush on him which is understandable. Most women do and if I were her, I would use any opportunity to hang out with him too. AS has been linked to so many girls in the past month. Someone needs to make a “I dated Alexander Skarsgard” t-shirt.

  • lakers fan in boston

    no pics, i wanted 2 see evan =[
    i really dont no much about him other than he’s on true blood, so i have no idea
    long as rachel is away from that marilyn creep, fine by me

  • viv

    he’s such a tall big boy. yum.

  • ecctv

    Rachel is a stupid nasty cunt. I hope she diaf

  • toofunny

    @golly uh regarding smoking erw smokes so if you know her so well you would know that. in addition, she slept with a married man and broke up his marriage. and with marilyn you know drugs were involved in the relationship. just saying since you “say” you know her so well.

  • pr guy

    Just do the math on this one. She’s been spotted in LA all August aside from this weekend. He’s been in Shreveport since early August. No spottings of them together during these weeks Lainey Gossip claims they were dating even though this guy has been continuously photographed all over the state of Louisiana including with different women. As for flying down, well even his fan girls have been flying in from all over the country to see him and they don’t even know the man. There would have been a spotting before now if they’d been dating but this does make for good gossip foddler.

  • Jacky

    @ pr guy you are right the timing dosent seem right at all in this case but i read he was in NYC for this birthday in NIN concert that night suppodesly but you never know. also if they were really dating at least you would have seen some kind of affection in public and you dont see that at all in the pictures. and @ Golly if you know her so well and you know alex so well too then how come we havent heard that she has been in louisiana before this. it dosent make any sense at all

  • Bill

    @Golly. Cover youself, you are showing your behind. You met ERW and don’t know she smokes, but know for a fact that Alex’s friends like her. Riiiight, I believe you. As Michael K on Dlisted says, I need moar proof.

  • RandyM

    Maybe Alexander isn’t what he seems. Sure he says certain things in the press, but that could be all drummed up by his publicists. Action speaks louder than words. He might be on the same level as Evan, and by level, I don’t mean age either;-)

  • LauraS

    Someone I know who has been an extra on Straw Dogs, said Alex was filming on his recent birthday. Don’t see how he could have been at a NIN concert in NYC.

  • toofunny

    it was also noted by a fan in Shreveport that she saw him there having dinner on his birthday with people from the movie. who knows.
    but one thing is for sure he needs to improve his taste in women

  • jo

    Dear God …that twitter gossip in last few days of July were true???!
    Evan cheating on Shane with Alex…in end of July someone posted it at twitter …thats why Shane and Evan broken up …?
    Aw Shane you’ve me!