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Alexander Skarsgard & Evan Rachel Wood: Dating?

Alexander Skarsgard & Evan Rachel Wood: Dating?

Alexander Skarsgard and Evan Rachel Wood are rumored to be dating after first meeting on the set of True Blood.

Evan, 22, reportedly flew to Shreveport, Louisiana this weekend to visit Alexander, 33, on the set of his new movie, Straw Dogs.

The rumored couple was spotted (pictured here) at a local festival and Evan was seen snapping away with a disposable camera. Alexander has already been seen hanging out with his movie co-star Willa Holland, 18.

WHAT DO YOU THINK of Alexander Skarsgard and Evan Rachel Wood as a couple — YAY or NAY?

You can watch Alexander and Evan together on the True Blood finale, airing @ 9PM ET/PT this Sunday, September 13 on HBO.

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  • salma

    @LauraS: I read a story by a blogger who saw him there and the concert sounded like a lot of fun. It was at night so he might have filmed during the morning/early afternoon and flew in for the night. That is a really nice birthday treat.

  • toofunny

    @jo OMG..even worse! How could Alex be someone who was cheating on her current boyfriend just to be with him. He is just doing her for now. She is ms. right now and easy breezy. she isn’t demanding too much and that makes it perfect. once he is ready to settle down and have a serious relationship out the window her ass goes unless he has the crappiest taste ever. he lost sooooo many points in Hwood for this one. he is trying to be a list but this just knocked him back so much. too easy. anyone can get her. my dog alfie could do her and then walk up the street in new orleans and she would be proud to talk about it and display it.

  • kASEY

    Twitter is every celebs worst nightmare. Haha. A lot of sightings came from there also. Yeah, it seems like now we know why the sudden break up with Shane West.

  • Kristen

    That’s the thing, its so easy to make stuff up. He was in NYC on his bd, but there is no proof but someone says it, then its true

    I don’t know about that Randy. He’s a pretty good fake then. He hardly gives interviews because he thinks he’s overexposed and doesn’t seem handled by publicists. He’s too friendly to his fans

  • what

    WTF That’s it! Just lost all respect for him. Never had any for her to begin with. This guy is totally out of the running for serious Hollywood actor. He is now relegated to the C-D list. What a tool! He should take a note from Matt Damon, Brad Pitt, etc. Date decent WOMEN not GIRLS and you will go far! Seriously what a tool!

  • Michigan

    Man, this is how rumors get started. He can’t hang out with any woman without being romantically linked to her. I really feel sorry for Alex. He’s such a nice guy.

  • what

    He might be good looking and all but maybe his IQ is low. You know all brawn and no brain. He is built and heard from an interview that he is well endowed but not in the brains department. That is so typical of actors. He should let his PR people hook him up with someone because I don’t think he can make good decisions on his own. Now that I think about it he fumbles over his words in interviews and rambles on making no sense! He is always trying to portray that he is reading some classic novel. I think this guys image is one big fake just like Randy said. He needs to let the PR people handle is love life too if he is going to make decisions like this one. Christine Ochoa Lopez was sooo much of a better decision but she was prob not sleazy enough.hehehe

  • omg

    @Chelsea: that is what I was thinking . . .wow she is that young and she has had a revolving door of men. . . gross.

  • Buttercup

    I have a stupid crush on him… actually I have a crush on him AND his Eric character. Alex seems to be a genuine nice person, a funny guy too and pretty down to earth. That appeals to me. And Eric well… he’s the whole package.
    If Alex’s dating ERW, then my heart will be breaking as soon as I hear a confirmation. brrrr ERW please!! You can date someone nicer.
    Does anyone else have a feeling that he could be gay though?

  • Cherie

    I don’t understand why people are freaking out over this. So what, he’s dating ERW. If the guy is happy, then more power to him.

  • qwert

    Wow! It seems a lot of people have a lot of opinions about this!
    Maybe they are just friends. Maybe they are dating. Who cares?
    If they are, then congrats to them for finding each other.
    (And while there may be an age gap, they are still both old enough to decide who to date or do or whatever).
    He is doing a great job as an actor. That’s what matters! :)

  • what

    @Buttercup Yessssss..however he is European and they give off a gay vibe to Americans. But yeah he is awfully gay-ish a lot of things. Maybe he is trying to stop the gay rumors by using Willa and ERW. Or maybe just bi. In these pics he seems like a girls best gay guy friend right? Even the way they have distance between them. She seems like someone who would be down with having a bi boyfriend or one able to cover for a great gay friend. Thoughts?

  • Maria


    Hey, what comes to him fumbling with words and rambling on: He speaks English as a foreign language. I do as well, and I know very well that sometimes you lose the word you wanted to use, or cannot express your thoughts very concisely. And some people are really bad in those interview situations even in their first language. So let’s not use this as a measure of intelligence.

  • eLLA

    Even though I am a female fan, yes I sometimes wonder if he is. I know the old American joke about is he gay or European but Alex as even had rumors in his native country, which he denied. To be honest, there is a gay vibe he gives off

  • Buttercup

    Who talked about his intelligence? I have no doubt he’s quite a clever one! I’m European too and English also is my second language as well. The gay vibe does not come from his speech, just from his behaviour. I can’t explain it.

  • Buttercup

    If she IS dating Alex, that will be definitely be an upgrade, compared to Manson and West!

  • t

    I don’t believe he’s dating Evan. She’s just acting like his fan girls. A picture or two together doesn’t mean they’re dating. Bradley Cooper and Aniston went out to dinner. They weren’t dating. Skarsgard had more chemistry with that dude in Generation Kill.

  • newtoyou

    Do I think he’s dating ERW? No.
    Do I think he’s dating Willa Whatever? No.
    Do I think he’ll hit a nice piece of a$$ in his spare time? Yes.

    He’s a man. He’s 33 and I’m pretty sure he wants someone who can F%$#. Not someone he has to teach and no matter how many times ERW did MM, she’s still an amateur.

    He’s single. And the woman he dates FOR REAL is gonna have more experience in relationships and in the sack than this GIRLS.

  • Poor alex

    I defended Alex in the whole “boatgate” situation. But now this. ERW is just one step above Paris Hilton and Lindsay Lohan and slightly older than Willa Holland. If he is dating her, I seriously question this man ‘s judgement. He presents himself as a intelligent, mature, level headed individual. She is none of the above. Maybe what he presents isn’t really what he is. Could he just be playing the Hollywood game? I hope not. I love this man and thing he is really talented.

  • Ella

    @What&Buttercup- I think he speaks quite well for English being his second language. I agree with Buttercup, it’s not the speech. It’s the whole overall package. It’s the aura he gives off. What – we thought the same way as far European or gay. I do see what you are saying about
    these pictures though. I have always thought he was questionable.

  • Poor alex

    RE: the rumors of him being gay? I would rather hear he is gay then be dating ERW. She is nasty…..

  • she shall remain nameless

    I thought she and Shane West were dating!

  • what

    @Buttercup I said he fumbles not because his English is bad but he seems to be winging it most of the time…like an airhead! My family is immigrant and I know the difference. I just think he is trying WAY to hard for a reason to portray himself as the PERFECT guy. Smart, honest, fan friendly, wants a family, is really close to his family, great actor who wants to do indies, read really difficult books..he says what everyone wants to hear. I just saw his typical day and it was like something out of the freakin brady bunch. No one is perfect. His image is too crafted. The ERW thing…whatever floats your boat. But he could do so much better. She is a major downgrade for him. I think he is just looking for as much publicity as possible. The whole gay vibe still won’t go away. I have a European friend who says that even for Europeans he seems a little gay or bi. Whatever, he can do better than ERW and Willa but definitely ERW. It’s like dating a nasty prostitute…even worse because she doesn’t get paid for it.

  • ladyvampyre37

    It almost seems like the main reason people don’t like her is because of Marilyn Manson. Hey, everyone makes a bad relationship call in their lives. She wouldn’t be the first to pick the wrong guy, heaven knows. Manson is actually a fairly quiet and articulate person which most people don’t really know. He’s not the guy offstage that he is onstage.

    As to Skarsgard being gay…wtf? He has some decent taste in clothes and takes personal grooming to heart and he’s gay?? I don’t believe that he is gay, just very metrosexual. And there’s nothing wrong with that since it just means he cares about how he looks and chooses not to be a caveman who picks the least bad-smelling shirt off the floor to wear out.

  • Bia

    Shane is finally free of Evan.
    I love Shane West! I do not care to see Evan & Alex together . Since Evan is far from Shane!

    Shane deserves so much better than her!

  • teresa

    why can’t they be just friends?? jeez if two guys are together they must be gay, and if one’s a guy and the other a chick they must be dating…
    seriously there is such a thing as plain friendship ppl!
    BUT if they were together yay! ERW has improved in her taste by ALOT. I mean going from Marilyn Manson to Alexander Skarsgard is like DAMN!

  • what

    @Poor alex You are right! Whatever with the “boatgate” even though I think he could have used better judgment with that but whoever put those pics out will have to deal with that wrath. However, like I have been saying I think he is playing the Hwood game WAAYYYY too much. He wants to be accepted too hard and he doesn’t realize he was so accepted already and even loved more than most celebrity actors, for his “humble” demeanor. But now i just don’t know. So sad for those who were his fans. This is really lowbrow for him and she is sucking up the attention. He shines a great light on her and she just casts him in a huge shadow. Poor move alex! Poor move! I think the boat thing was just the beginning of the cracks showing in this guys carefully crafted image. for all we know these pics could be out there to try to get the edge off of that. hollywood is so sleazy, slimy

  • what

    someone needs to have a conference call with his PR publicists? tomorrow morning asap!

  • Don’t forget….

    She was also with Mickey Rourke between Manson and Shane West.

  • kyra182lovesgosling

    No that bitch!!!!! I hate her now!!!! Get off my man!!!!!! Poor Shane……

  • gay yes

    no straight guy wears see through black knit shirts that are form fitting or rolled cuffed jeans…GAY!

  • IMO

    Many people are reacting negatively about his public persona being bullshi t then harboring bad feelings towards Evan herself. I don’t really care about her rep, she just goes against everything Alexander said he would go for. Somehow, I always knew he would only hook up with a name actress.

  • Maria


    In my opinion What’s comment was going to that direction, but he/she already responded and that was not the intention. I am little bit on edge after the “boat picture” discussion and the Eurotrash comments. I didn’t link this on any way to gay / not gay. (And that is definitely none of our business, so I don’t even want to go there.)

  • monopoly

    @ladyvampyre37: I actually don’t mind Manson. I think he’s an intelligent but messed up guy and most of his issues are probably due to dr*gs. Now regarding Evan, she just seems like an immature, selfish girl. Her pettiness toward Manson’s ex, Dita Von Teese, is inexcusable. Evan is not a woman who respects other women probably because she doesn’t respect herself.

    I don’t find Skarsgard metrosexual either; he’s a pretty bad dresser on occasions. Pants too short, shirts too tight. He’s just so good looking everyone gives him a pass.

    Agree with those who think he’s not dating Wood. Hanging out together just isn’t enough proof especially when there’s so many photos of him with other women. I don’t get a gay vibe from him though. I think he’s straight but just overly friendly. I’ve seen photos of him kissing female fans.

  • gay yes

    @IMO last comment from me but yes he is definitely a disappointment! He is so part of the fame game and whoring that it’s too late. I am no longer a fan. Goodbye all! Hope his PR people do take the time to read this and let him know how he REALLY looks to his fans. If you are reading this: ALEX LOOKS LIKE A BIG OLD HYPOCRITE!!!! THAT’S WHERE THIS DISCUSSION HAS BEEN HEADING THE WHOLE DAY. HYPOCRITE!!!

  • oh noes

    Alex has no self respect if he’s willing to be seen in public with a sle*zebag like Evan. What bad judgment for a guy who I thought was smart and had some standards. She slept with a married man, then had the gall to talk smack about his wife. Srsly, what is he thinking.

  • Golly

    She quit smoking. And was never a heavy smoker…always a social smoker to begin with. And to Jo…there was no cheating on SW. There was hardly a relationship…she broke up with him face to face and officially before she ever went on a date with AS. Why so much hate people….really….geez. Are you all teenagers or what?
    AS is a sincerely good guy and guess what…ERW is a sincerely nice girl. How horrible!

  • LauraS

    Those of you who are saying that you are no longer fans of Alex’s because he was seen with ERW? Good, because that just proves that you were never a true fan to begin with. A true fan is someone who sticks by the star no matter what, no matter who they may be seeing. A true fan is a fan of the persons work NOT just how good looking they are.

    As to AS being gay just because he dresses in a way that is not typically “the norm”? Give me a break. He dresses the way he wants to and does not care what anyone thinks. If he is gay, that is his business not ours. Just as long as he is happy.

  • Golly

    @Don’t forget….:

    No…she made a movie with Mickey Rourke, she never dated him. Good grief.

  • lol

    I think it’s funny that ppl think they’re dating when they’re not.

  • LoveLeeR

    WHAT ?!!!
    Triple Yay :D

  • clearly

    I honestly think this won’t last at all. I think he is playing the field having a good time and he needs a F-Buddy and that she is. She will not be his girlfriend for long. Bank on it! He is just raising his profiel a little and then he will go on his merry way. Don’t worry he already has the most awesome lady/woman already lined up. He is just not ready to be serious so he is keeping her as his friend until then. He is a man and that is what men do. He will not take this piece of trash who broke up a marriage, talked about the wife, did/does drugs(rumored), is known for sleepy around LA like a cat in heat, and just plain ugh home to his family. No way in hell. He has way to much respect for his mother to do something like that. This is fun for now. Poor ERW hope she doesn’t put too much stock in this. But Alex better watch out and hope she doesn’t get preggers on him. That would be a travesty.

  • freebird

    @LauraS: To a certain extent I agree with you, but there are some exceptions. If someone was dating a pedophile, you can’t expect even true fans to stand by them.

    W.r.t. Evan Rachel Wood, she lacks character and I don’t believe she’s dating this man. I think like most are saying, they’re hanging out together but because they’re the opposite sex, everyone assumes it’s romantic. Plus, she’s been giving gushy interviews about the dude and acting as obsessed as his fan girls.

    Those pictures of him and Willa Holland on the boat looked a lot more cozy and I believe that he’s not dating her too.

  • were opposum

    I have to agree with WHAT- but in my words. He is a big stupid boy. He is attractive and that is it . Eye candy with nothing upstairs, you can see it in his eyes, he has a blank look. He can hardly talk in interviews, and it is not a second language issue. Unlike most US citizens, I do not suffer from monolingualism. He got lucky in the Eric role, that had a built in fan base, and things took off. Fan girls put up websites and he became their dream boy. Never thinking that he may not be what his PR team want you to think. This is him- drinking on boats with 18 year olds and dating a famewhore, man face ( the close up of her on my HD screen was not good, she looks good from a distance only) actress that with all her experience could not perform a simple TV role. AS fan girls have had a bad weekend- he has been pictured frolicking with young chicks-both who have wild reputations. What does that tell you about him???????

    The fan girls will still love him no matter what. Look at Gerard Butler-he hits dogs and tells “funny” stories about putting donuts between his butt cheeks. The Fan girls love him so much they would lick the sugar off his butt and eat the donuts- Yum E. Coli and frosting go so well together.

  • Penny

    i think we’re starting to see a little bit of backlash now. btw, DID YOU GUYS SEE HOW THE PEEPS ARE REACTING AT ONTD? craziness.

  • rachee

    NAY. personally i find evan rachel wood extremely annoying.
    and alexander so not. so no.

  • what

    @were opposum agreed! Better said my friend! Better said! Those boat pics screamed were are doing the dirty but people didn’t want to believe that. Now ERW you know they are doing the nast nast. Maybe he is filly his wild Hollywood oats! Just having a grand old time before he settles down. But yeah he does look and talk really dumb! and there is a pic of him actually carrying a book around so peeps can take a picture. i beat he only reads his scripts and cliff notes if needed. lol. he is just making himself look terrible to lots of people.

  • what

    Lastly I feel bad for the fangirls of eric and alexander but this goes to show you. Don’t spend your free time in life doing a website for an actor and getting nothing from it. No money, no premiere tickets, nada! I mean seriously that is time you could be developing yourself, a hobby, a skill, in the gym, reading,whatever. I mean fangirls out there that are doing sites for hours a day go take acting classes and start doing it yourself. It’s like girls are bowing down and worshipping this guy like he is a god. He says he is grateful for the fansites. Of course, FREE publicity and work to promote him. come on ladies he really doesn’t appreciate it. Give yourself you time back. His PR people can and SHOULD run his OWN website. That goes for all these fansites. I am so over actors/actresses. they are not all that. this is proof enough.

  • were opposum

    @ What -

    This weekend has been a big reveal for him! I also do not think he is as well read as it puts himself out to be. He finds the latest in book reads reviews on line.

  • yep

    Ugh don’t really like her, but damn if she is dating him then she did damn well!