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Alexander Skarsgard & Evan Rachel Wood: Dating?

Alexander Skarsgard & Evan Rachel Wood: Dating?

Alexander Skarsgard and Evan Rachel Wood are rumored to be dating after first meeting on the set of True Blood.

Evan, 22, reportedly flew to Shreveport, Louisiana this weekend to visit Alexander, 33, on the set of his new movie, Straw Dogs.

The rumored couple was spotted (pictured here) at a local festival and Evan was seen snapping away with a disposable camera. Alexander has already been seen hanging out with his movie co-star Willa Holland, 18.

WHAT DO YOU THINK of Alexander Skarsgard and Evan Rachel Wood as a couple — YAY or NAY?

You can watch Alexander and Evan together on the True Blood finale, airing @ 9PM ET/PT this Sunday, September 13 on HBO.

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  • yep

    Ugh don’t really like her, but damn if she is dating him then she did damn well!

  • were opposum

    I have a feeling some may be shutting down soon and the next comic con will be quieter when he walks in. I do not understand the level some fans go to. I like these sites to unwind for light humor, especially after reading Huff po or Media Matters (I hate Lou Dobbs) the comment sections make me laugh.

  • becareful

    You go girl! Hey ERW is spending time with a hunk of a man, you can’t blame her one bit for wanting to do it. I have no issue with this at all. So one of her past boyfriends was freaky. Haven’t we all had the freaky/crazy past boyfriend?

    Maybe ERW will be ASkars freaky/crazy past girlfriend!

    Just don’t get caught up in the celebrity BS and lunching at the Ivy or shopping at the Grove. Please don’t throw your personal lifes in our face. If you f**k where you work, it just makes you a whore.

  • PR gal

    @what oh believe me his pr people are reading this and taking notes. and if they are not then he needs to change them stat! as far as ontd they are probably watching that and anything else. he probably already got a call or twenty by now. but he might like this attention. you’d be surprised how some actors are so pathetic that they like any attention. however, this is not good. not good at all. evan rachel wood is not good for anybody. i’m hoping shane’s people told him the same thing. right after it hit the gossip sites….dumped! just wait it’s coming. poor girl but she screwed herself badly with her slutty ways and poor choice of words. she is getting bad reviews for true blood and spiderman(who knows what that will be like???) she is desperate and faltering in hollywood. she can’t get the roles she really wants so she is resorting to tv. kristen stewart, dakota fanning, etc. have already replaced her so many more are coming up and they have learned from her image what not to do. they will survive. she is failing and she knows it. she is grasping. who cares about her really. HE needs to watch himself in this situation. he has too much talent to throw away because the public doesn’t like him and won’t want to watch him in anything because of her. and believe me it happens all the time. pr is all over it. the question is will he listen.

  • Lisa

    @Straw Dog:

    How do you know they are just friends Straw Dog?

  • Perspective

    I am actually starting to feel a little sorry for her. She is taking a beating all over the internet. If he likes her, that is his choice. Cheer up people, it could be worse. He could be spouting off about politics or caught drunk driving. This won’t last anyway.

  • Onyx

    Why do people think these two are more than friends? I saw more affection in those boat photos and Willa’s sister is also 21, Alex looked so happy and relaxed. Are they dating too?

  • dit

    This won’t last if they are indeed dating. It’s a new month and ERW needs a new man. I’ll guarantee you by the end of the year she will be with a new guy. Men are probably disposable to her just like that camera she’s holding.

  • Kristen

    People think they are dating because they are walking together. Yep, that easy. Two friends walking down the street don’t get hundreds of comments to speculate.

    And those that are upset and bashing Alex because of this picture, well sorry about your life. I don’t think Alex is this stupid. She seems was immature and they seem mismatched

  • funderpants

    I’d be on his nootz like white on rice whether I was Willa, ERW, or even just little old me. His gorgeousness deserves some recognition here stateside, it’s about time. The only reason I care to read speculation about who he’s screwing is: I like to think about him screwing, period. Sex is not dating, people, take it easy on these poor kids.

  • Lisa

    Well ERW did say a couple weeks ago she was “spoken for” so something must be going on.

    Also over at a fansite for AS someone said they have a friend in Shreveport who was eating at the Hilton where Alex is staying & on Friday night he came into the lobby with an attractive woman who this person said looked alot like the actress playing the Queen on TB & the went over & got on the elevator & he was carrying an overnight bag.

    Yuck, someone needs to send Alex to the nearest clinic ASAP. lol

  • if he’s that clueless

    Kristen, I’m not so sure about that. He’s getting mixed up with the worst kind of opportunist. If he’s dumb enough to spend time with her, even as friends, he deserves whatever trap she sets.

  • sam

    I knew this post would be full of win. I had quite an entertaining time reading through ‘boatgate” yesterday and when i saw dlisted’s post on this tonight i checked this site out rightaway.

    I seriously cannot believe all the ott comments and analysis all because of who the guy is dating! Lol.

    Take it from an unbiased person, regular people who enjoy True Blood like myself don’t really care who the actors date. I’ll continue to watch True Blood becuse its a bloody good show. That is all.

    No intervention/PR/excorsism of the actors needed.

  • castings

    @Lisa: They must have gotten their nights mixed up cause there were shoots Friday night.
    I don’t think he’s dating her though but she definitely has a crush.

  • youfreak

    LOL! I wonder if What/were possum/Sara had any sleep in these last 3 days.

    You sholud concentrate on finding what’s wrong in your life and in your mind that makes you so obssessed about this actor. This can’t be good for you, lady. Seek help.

  • I n F a m o u s l y C o o l

    …wow… a lot of people care.

  • me

    NO EFFIN WAY!!!!! I hope they’re just friends, but they would make a couple. I think Stephen Moyer and Anna Pacquin are like 11 years apart too. Crazy!

  • anne

    Beginning to think AS has a PR shpiel that he just says in interviews to make the fan girls swoon (I want to get married and have a big family….I have to fall in love first…I like natural women who don’t wear make-up….blah blah blah).

    ERW isn’t exactly marriage material, it doesn’t seem like she wants to put her career on hold to pop out 6 kids, and she sure as heck doesn’t go for the “au natural” look.

    So if they ARE dating, then it makes what AS says in interviews about marriage, kids, women, etc sound like total bull.

  • Kristen

    Oh she for sure has a crush, this is ASkars. I read that fan’s account and she said, they weren’t even staying in the same hotel room so I don’t get the overnight bag thing. Plus, people it came from Lainey. He’s been in Shreveport since the beginning of Aug. She was still with Shane at that time, so she’s completely jumping the gun if at the start of dating Alex she’s saying she’s spoken for

  • hannah

    yikes! evan is disgusting.

  • foxy

    Noooo…pls tell me this aint true…

  • Kristen

    It ain’t true

  • agent end

    this is SO hilarious.. the comments on gossip sites are the best entertainment value out..

    does anyone hear the wheels of the publicity mill turning?
    some unPC photos turn up of Askars n his 30 something friend n co-star on the web with a barely turned 18 yr old brat.. and he’s now hanging with ERW.. coincidence?!

    Anyways.. and on a side note- I have no qualms in saying that ERW thinks very highly of herself. So she probably wishes she had a chance if that’s the case.

  • YAR

    OMG who cares? Some people in here are talking like they know them. O___o They can do whatever they like. Leave them alone! Oh saying things like Alexander wouldn’t do this and he has no self respect is crazy. He’s a grown ass man and he can do whatever.

  • ecctv

    Hey, I just wanted to thank all of the Rachel haters out there :) I thought I was so alone in hating her all these years. I love you all!!!!!

  • Hollywoodgirl

    @agent end: Your theory about the publicity mill has a serious flaw. Evan arrived at Shreveport on Friday, and Alex and Evan were seen at the hotel and in New Orleans during the weekend. The boatgate thing happened simultaniously so Even being there could not have been planned as a publicity stunt.

  • agent end

    it wasn’t a theory so therefore no flaw hollywood girl.. i was just saying it seems a happy coincidence.. didn’t see any date stamps on those photos.. but whatever

    people just need to get over this whole thing whether it a publicity cover up or actually happening
    someone is dating someone else… /end sarcasm


  • ****

    Well, now that’s more like it, Evan. I see you’ve started taking your meds again. Good for you.

  • rosewishingurgay

    Is it sick that I’m wishing he’s gay rather than see him dating hot attractive women?? probably.. haha.. god he’s HOT!!

  • LALA

    isnt she dating shane west?
    hopefully theyre just friends…
    he should stay single.. until i come into the picture :)

  • kc

    Nicole Kidman is a hermaphrodite???? Ooppss… sori, got side-tracked from all the comments coz that was the only interesting bit of gossip.

    Anyway, they’re both adults. I got the vibe from eonline’s interview of ERW that she has a little crush on Alex. Its their choice whether they be friends or dating or whatever. Personally, I do think Alex could do better. But then again, I’m not his mother to tell him what to do.

  • John

    @PR gal:
    Does someone need a Vaca….?

  • wtf

    so like uh… she pretty much stalked out this role in true blood.. she’s quoted as sayin she rung alan ball and said keep me in mind for a character because i love the show.. TOO BAD HE FORGOT TO CHECK SHE COULD ACT!!! maybe she offered sexual favors

    so if she can get her way with a role, pretty sure she can get alex ;)
    i give it a couple months.

  • John

    dammit…vacay…now I need a vacation


    Bring back the PEDOBOAT youtube video!!!


    Bring back the PEDOBOAT youtube video!!!

  • Julia

    I’m so sad, hope this isn’t true

  • Bring PEDOBOAT back

    Yeah I didn’t even get a chane to see the PEDOBOAT video. I hear it was super funny. PLEASE SOMEONE GIVE ME A LINK TO IT!!

  • I saw the PEDOBOAT video

    I saw the video. It was a spoof of Alex using the pics of Willa Holland and him on the boat. And then they had that stupid Pedobear that’s supposed to be a perverted teddy bear that “likes” kids. He’s like a representation of all pedos. I bet you anything that they will make another PEDOBOAT video with those lake pics plus these new ERW pics. Hahaha. I can’t wait.

  • like father like son

    It’s funny because all his psycho fan girls were saying that he’s not a pervert like his dad Stellan Skarsgard. And that he always dates women his own age and Willa and EVR were just rumors. Well i guess the proof is in the pudding fan girls. Like father like son.


    I think EVR is way too immature at this point in her life. Maybe if it was someone with more maturity. But their age difference right now is substantial in both personality and appearances. She looks like his little sister.


    They don’t look cute togethor AT ALL. They look like a very awkward match. His blondeness and tanness dont match with her redheadedness and paleness. Not a pretty picture.

  • He’s too old for her

    I agree. He looks much better with brunettes because of the contrast. And it’s kinda sleazy for him to be dating someone who just recently became of legal drinking age.

  • pedobear is coming for EVR

    Why did youtube remove the PEDOBEAR video??? It was hilarious. I guess his obsessed fan girls were up in arms about it. They probably complained to anyone they could find. I hate those psychos. BRING BACK THE VIDEO!! It can even be posted on another site that isn’t youtube.

  • becareful

    @rosewishingurgay Is it sick that I’m wishing he’s gay rather than see him dating hot attractive women?? probably.. haha.. god he’s HOT!!

    That was my first thought as well. I guess we are both sick. LOL!!!

  • Ginnie

    Everyone over at IMDB are freaking out that there messages are being removed! well..because his people are trying not to get him associated or too involved with this. that is the site potential casters go to if they have never met you to see you body of work. they also read the comments to see how much bs is out there about you. they are already trying to get a grip on the backlash bc whether fans want to admit this or not it is hurting him especially after the boat pics now this. Perez Hilton got a hold of it and you know how he ripped that one. once it gets to him and he has an opinion things always seem to change unless your Lindsay or Britney. alex is neither. he is smart he will learn alot from this.

  • xavier

    @Hollywoodgirl: No, it didn’t. The boat pictures came out the beginning of last week. Just Jared was late in posting the pics but they hit the Net before ERW was spotted in Louisiana the following weekend.

    I agree, the guy looked more into the girls on the boat. I doubt he’s dating this girl. Maybe she’s a beard/pr cover up, but I think she’s just a co-star with a fan girl crush.

  • jb

    @Ginnie: what is IMDB and how do you know this?

  • jb

    I get it now Ginnie–I don’t know all this movie lingo
    Anyway, I agree with those who thought her performance in TB was bad. I have to agree. I just think she has been around a lot of blocks for only being 22

  • Jennifer

    No! She’ll ruin him.