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Alexander Skarsgard & Evan Rachel Wood: Dating?

Alexander Skarsgard & Evan Rachel Wood: Dating?

Alexander Skarsgard and Evan Rachel Wood are rumored to be dating after first meeting on the set of True Blood.

Evan, 22, reportedly flew to Shreveport, Louisiana this weekend to visit Alexander, 33, on the set of his new movie, Straw Dogs.

The rumored couple was spotted (pictured here) at a local festival and Evan was seen snapping away with a disposable camera. Alexander has already been seen hanging out with his movie co-star Willa Holland, 18.

WHAT DO YOU THINK of Alexander Skarsgard and Evan Rachel Wood as a couple — YAY or NAY?

You can watch Alexander and Evan together on the True Blood finale, airing @ 9PM ET/PT this Sunday, September 13 on HBO.

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  • wtf

    IMDB is notorious for crass and disgusting comments so I’m not suprised that peoples comments have been deleted as ERW tends to bring out the worst in people hahah..
    fingers crossed that whatever happens with this situation whatever it is, that it doesn’t tarnish the character of Eric on TB..
    or the quality of Alex’s work for that matter.

  • kAY

    I don’t really get the ERW hate. What did I miss?

  • TBfan

    I think they make a lovely couple and fans who think they can have a saying in who celebrities dates should go and have a lobotomy.

  • irene

    @TBfan: I think people are jumping the gun by assuming they’re a couple. It’s not unusual to hang out with and visit friends especially if you’re a celebrity who has the money to travel. When former co-stars fly in to have dinner with Jennifer Aniston, the same rumors circulate and then we learn weeks later the guy actually has a girlfriend. These two don’t appear to be more than friends in those pictures. He looked more involved with Willa Holland but I don’t think they’re a couple either.

  • Magan

    ICK! I hope not! Alex, straight or gay, can do a HELL of alot better than her! She’s dated Marilyn Manson and Micky Rouke for chrissakes.

  • Parker

    @Magan: I totally agree on every single word you wrote. Especially the “straight or gay” part, lol.

  • poor alex

    @Golly: P

    If she didn’t start dating Alex until after she broke up with Shane West how did she date Alex? ERW was since with Shane West the very end of July. Alex left for Shreveport August 3rd. She was not seen in Shreveport until last weekend. He was spotted all over Shreveport and it has been twittered about. But all this time nobody reported seeing her. I don’t believe they are dating. She is a media fame whore and is trying to ride on his coattails of fame.

  • MichelleK

    Wood never dated Mickey Rourke. She dated Jamie Bell and yes, Marilyn Manson. Yes…I think Manson was an icky mistake that hurt her career and her reputation quite a lot. Is she to be punished forever, and have cheap names thrown at her like she was the worst person in Hollywood? Why is this…because Perez Hilton deems it so?
    Angelina Jolie was so much more controversial then Evan when she was young, Billy Bob Thornton and all, wearing blood vials, playing with knives during sex, etc….but, there was no 24/7 internet gossip. Jolie has turned into one of the most charitable and hard working celebrities around. It is just horrible what these gossip bloggers do to people. These are real people, with families and parents who love them, and sisters and brothers….it’s also very sexist against women!!! Alexander has probably had 5 times the sexual experience that Wood has, yet she is the “w” word and he is the saint.

  • MichelleK

    Wood never dated Mickey Rourke. She dated Jamie Bell and yes, Marilyn Manson. Yes…I think Manson was an icky mistake that hurt her career and her reputation quite a lot. Is she to be punished forever, and have cheap names thrown at her like she was the worst person in Hollywood? Why is this…because Perez Hilton deems it so?
    Angelina Jolie was so much more controversial then Evan when she was young, Billy Bob Thornton and all, wearing blood vials, playing with knives during sex, etc….but, there was no 24/7 internet gossip. Jolie has turned into one of the most charitable and hard working celebrities around. It is just horrible what these gossip bloggers do to people. These are real people, with families and parents who love them, and sisters and brothers….it’s also very sexist against women!!! Alexander has probably had 5 times the sexual experience that Wood has, yet she is the “w” word and he is the saint.

  • Golly

    @poor alex:
    I beg your pardon, she is not a fame***** as you say. This girl could have been at every premiere every opening every event in Hollywood. If she wanted to be over exposed, it would not have been difficult. You are a real asshole for condemning a young woman you know nothing about.

    Don’t you people realize that you are acting just like you were little high school brats?

    She only dated West for a short time, and broke it off at the end of July.
    AS was out of the country before that. They became friends after he returned and she had already broke off with West.
    I believe they went on a few dates before he left for Louisiana, and obviously are on some dates this weekend. No one said they were engaged, or going steady…they are just dating…who knows if they are even exclusive or not…no one but them!

    They are both nice people….both are a little wild, but good at heart, and both are kind of shy in their everyday lives. I hope they at least stay good friends. It will be hard to have a relationship with the fans at their throats!

    I don’t care what you think of me or my circle of friends, which includes AS, but you need stop judging people so harshly, and stop spreading lies about nice people.

  • poor alex


    In previous posts you stated that you knew ERW through friends of friends of friends. Now suddenly Alex and ERW are in your close circle of friends????????? I see another media fame whore. Aren’t your 15 minutes of fame over yet. If you do know her, please tell her to do the respectable thing and quit True Blood. She’s awful and she’ll bring down the show. And did either appoint you to speak on their behalf.

  • deb

    OMG!! all these comments are hysterical!!! U ppl crack me up!! I have to agree..if it’s true…….serious upgrade for her and serious downgrade for him!!!!!!

  • pootie tang

    I don’t care what his doing with her. I just want to see more off his sweet ass on TB with SOOOOOKKKKKKKKKKKIE!


  • ladvampyre37

    Your “circle of friends, which includes AS”? Are we to infer that you know him or something? Yes, the fact that she was apparently seeing Manson and Shane West within just a few months of each other and then jumps to Skarsgard? Not good. This reputation that you speak of will never repair itself with actions such as these. It doesn’t really matter who he dates, but the people who don’t like her are entitled to their opinions, wherever they cultivated them. The press portrays her as kind of a slut, and if you want to believe all the gossip mongers, then where there is smoke there is fire.

    I have to be honest and say that I thought she was good in Thirteen, but her acting on True Blood was absolutely awful. I was so not impressed, and I am sorry for that, but I’m not the only person watching who felt the same way. Her expressions were terrible, she had on WAAAAAAAAAYYYYYYYYY too much makeup, the accent she should have had didn’t exist and she was far too cutesy/boring for such a powerful vampire. There was nothing regal about her portrayal of the vampire queen. End of story.

    And no, I am not some weird teenager who is obsessed with Skarsgard. Sure, he’s easy on the eyes, but in the end, I think she’s too young for him and the kind of press she attracts won’t be good for his career. Nobody needs to point out to me that he wouldn’t be dating me or anyone else who posts here. Only morons and insane people believe that he would. He just needs to be careful of how this plays out in the media.

  • Denna
  • Kristen

    Golly, sweetie,if you are going to pretend to know stuff, keep your lies straight. First you knew ERW through friends of a friends and today you know AS. Poor thing you are, but lets go over your timeline. ERW and Shane West were still together at the end of July. There are some raunchy pics of them at a club he was performing at. 3 whole days later AS, was in Shreveport. So when are all these dates? In July he was in Sweden, then went to ComicCon, then left to film Straw Dogs. So again, your timeline is not adding up. So consult your inside sources and come back and tell us when they started dating. Also, how does your friend ERW feel about AS saying in July that he was single and doesn’t have time to date.

  • lillith36

    I thought Alex had better taste that to date her. I hope it’s not true, but I think in the end it won’t last. I don’t know the man, but he seems to be pretty level headed. She on the other hand needs another kind of level headed person in her life, like a shrink!!!! Poorly played Alex!!!!

  • berry

    Skarsgard has said he’s single as recent as September, so I don’t believe they’re dating though I know every actresses’s fan girls would love for him to be dating their idol.
    If we only go by pics, then he must be dating Kate Bosworth and Willa Holland too.

  • Giddy aunt

    Poor Askar. It must be awful to have so much azz and so little time… If I was his Mum, I’d tell him to be careful — very careful. ERW is not worthy — but she is very shrewd. And probably a good lay. Maybe all he needs at the moment. Totally understandable. But he can do much better — even if its just effing for fun. Willa is another story. She’s barely 18. The older guys/young girls pairings may be okay in Sweden — but here, not so much. Too pervy. And he has too much at stake to fubar his career on any of them.

    Askar said he likes them young. No sh_t! And he looks way-into Willa on the boat. Oh-la, he’s yummy.

  • Kristen

    I didn’t know as recently as September he said he was single. Poor ERW. Sounds like he’s into for a fun time. Nothing more.

  • Darling_vamp

    Uggghhh… she’s so trampy. I thought he was better than that. *sighs*

  • Chelsea


  • sugarbaby

    please some1 tell me if this is true or not cuz he could do way better shes nothing really id want 2 use bad launge but shes not a classy women at all please tell me if they r true or not

  • benjie256

    omg i think i might cry i hate that girl 4rm the start its not gna end wel i promise him hes jus gna get cheated on :( please some1 tell me if its tru or not

  • hotlanta

    Calm down, folks, a friend of mine spotted a whole bunch of TB cast members at a parade in NOLA, including Askars, so there may be nothing to this at all.

  • nikka

    I didn’t care at first because ERW is a lovely girl – until I read about all her past flings/relationships. Ugh.

  • Poor alex

    Tell us more. Don’t just type two sentences. We want detailed paragraphs. Did you interrogate your friend? Was there touching? Meaningful glances at one another? Give us more…….

  • Lisa

    Yikes AS is getting destroyed online
    He is taking up with Mansons sloppy seconds so he better make sure he cleans himself up good before he starts up with someone else.

    Even PerezHilton has been freaked out by this saying AS needs to stay away far away from ERW, he said maybe Alex has no idea where she has been but it aint good! LMAO

  • Golly

    That is an untrue statement. ERW met AS on the set, and was not pursuing him. She liked the show and asked to have a small role. ERW bonded with the cast from day one. You are saying terrible things about a person you don’t know. That is a real person, with fellings, you are calling those names of. And whether you want to believe it or not…a nice person who AS genuinely likes.

  • Mar


  • tralaa

    I thought he seemed more genuine than to go for her but each to their own I guess. Maybe she first set her sights on him in ‘kill your darlings’. We all know she likes a man with makeup ;)

    Just maybe he isn’t the nice guy he likes to portray???

    On another note it must be s**t for her to find that people consider you contaminated just by dating her!

  • MIchelleK

    I think it’s quite sad and cruel that people would call her a w**** and contaminated like they were in High School. I guess all those John Hughes films in the 80′s are a thing of the past, and the young people of today are just little turds. Judging and stereotyping people? Hello? Mean girls.

  • MIchelleK

    What do mean “even Perez HIlton”? Perez has had it in for her for three years, and is the main person who has said anything he could to be cruel to her!

    ERW has had three boyfriends and dated S.West for a short while. I would be willing to bet AS has had many more women then she’s had men. He lost his virginity when she was 6!

  • fangirl

    personally who cares if she’s free and easy with her goods, my problem is the crap she said about her married lover’s wife, that is what makes her not a whore, those women are at least honest about their expectations and demands, but a slut! not that MM is a saint by any stretch of the imagination, he is the one who took the marriage vows, the perv! now alex, well…what is there to say…oh i know, MORON!!

    please note my opinion about Alex only stands if he really is dating her, wait, he is on contact with some idiotic fansite where the talk about his junk, so maybe he really is a moron

  • leela

    I guess you are judged by your actions. She hasn’t been a ‘classy’ girl in the past. But hey whatever floats your boat if you are not hurting anyone else. Not the best move on his part though, MORON might just sum it up!

  • sugarbaby

    an ya i read some of yals comment geez take it easy he is a man you kno he has lived in sweden for a long time i really dont think he heard of all those bad things about that girl give him the benifit of the doubt at lest srry i cant spell doubt :) but please dont jugde him so harshley blame the ugly girl she might like him but u dont even kno if he feels the same

  • Poor alex

    She may actually be a nice person. But her past actions are questionable. Unfortunately she herself is giving herself a bad rep. Why would she allow pictures to be taken of herself on stage with Shane West with her legs spread. Thank God she had underwear on. She dated Marilyn Manson when he was married. (I don’t have a problem with the Marilyn Manson part – it’s the married part). Then she publicly trashed is wife. There is always some drama with her co-stars. Even with Mickey Rourke, whether a kiss or some crap. The reason most fans feel she is a bad choice for Alex is because of this and because he is contradicting what he himself has said he looks for in a girl. His fans feel he is lying to them, telling them what they want to hear in order to get more famous. This is why everyone is getting pissed with him. Go on to the website Industry professionals watch these sites. Alex’s popularity is down 25% this week. People are showing less interest in him. That’s not good for him. However ERW’s popularity is up 74%. That just means more people are noticing her. So she has definitely benefited from this while his career is taking a hit. He also stated recently that he doesn’t have time to date. He could have said, that’s private I don’t discuss that, or I do date but it’s hard because I’m so busy. Not – I don’t date. Again he is lying to his fans. Then they start to questions what else he is lying about. Is he really the person he portrays in interviews or is it an act?? Golly I know you probably mean well but you are not helping the situation. We trash you and you defend yourself and say things that don’t help the situation. You stated, he’s wild too just like her. Well in interviews that not what he portrays. By you responding to these stupid posts, it shows you are not level-headed, mature or very intelligent because you are hurting their careers. And if you and ERW are the people he hangs with he must be just like you and your group, immature. Again not what he portrays himself to be. His fans would love nothing more than for him to find someone to share his success. Hell they wouldn’t even care if he came out and said he was gay. There was one site that was throwing out mans of men they would like to see him with. But he needs to be honest about who he is. And ERW needs to act a little bit more mature if she wants to be serious as an actress.

  • Ginnie

    @Poor alex No one has said it better! Nicely written! I am convinced that he can redeem himself but he has to ditch this b*tch right now. What she said about Dita is what makes me dislike her the most. If your wrong your wrong but don’t try and make the wife look bad. And he is contaminated if he is sleeping with her…mentally, professionally, physically, and emotionally. He can do so much better. Hopefully he learns something from this. LESSON: Don’t sleep around with skanky STD ridden sl*ts who are only using you to gain some attention. BTW are they really bringing her back as the queen…no joke before all this I thought her performance was hysterical and not in a good way. I seriously think this girls talent is gone and her star has faded. Go away gracefully ERW! gracefully

  • Poor alex


    Unfortunately I believe she will be in season 3. I hope that Alan Ball and HBO have really read her reviews (none are good). I hope they recast her role or shorten her screen time. I only watch True Blood because of Alex. I am a fan of the books. I am disappointed how Alan Ball is not only charging the story but changing the nature of the characters. And because of this past weekend, I will admit, Alex has turned me off a bit. I may not watch next season. Not to say I won’t watch his clips from the show on youtube. I still think he is extremely talented. But I can cancel my HBO and do something else on my Sunday nights.

  • yep

    I really didn’t like her as the queen in True Blood, but I read somewhere that it was exactly how Alan Ball wanted it done. I haven’t read the books so I don’t have any background on her. As for A.S. I just know he could have anyone he wanted, why her? I mean if it makes him happy then yeah cool, but really? I just didn’t see it coming at all!

  • Ginnie

    @Poor alex your are right! He was the main reason I watched Season 2. After Season 1 I really wasn’t hooked but I think he gave a great performance along with Anna/Ryan/Godric and the whole Fellowship of the Sun characters. But AS was the best. I love how he gracefully developed the character of Eric. But after the boat thing and now ERW I am totally turned off. It is hard to separate the two especially when it is something so gross as this..erw…ewwww! She was the worst part of Season 2 and will be in Season 3. I think Alan Ball’s arrogance will get the show cancelled if he doesn’t pay attention to ALL the reactions of the fans. She WAS TERRIBLE. Even people who do not regularly watch the show thought it was overacted and comical. What is wrong with people. This kind of acting is only good in…..nothing.

  • Kristen

    I don’t know how much she will be in season 3. She’s suppose to be doing Spiderman in Jan, so we may luck out and only get her awful acting in a few episodes. I read that the Queen will only be in season 3 and nothing beyond that. BTW, what did she say about Dita? I never heard this. Also, we don’t know if this is true. Every gossip site is running with this rumor based on these pics. Its kinda ridiculous.

  • babydoll1229


    How do you know she’s dating that guy? I need more details…If so, that girl really gets around…

  • wtf

    “he lost his virginity at 6″
    UHM WTF AHAHAHHAHA that is the most LUDICROUS thing I have EVER heard..

    I’m with @pooralex

  • wtf

    oops my bad i read it wrong hahahaha ..
    was laughing too hard at all these posts!

  • kitt

    I’m sure he likes her as a friend but I don’t believe for a moment they’re dating no matter how much ERW’s fan want it.

    Agree with the person who said there was more chemistry with the girl in the boat but I think she’s a bit too young for him.

  • tralaa

    @poor alex.
    You summed it up nicely. People hate hypocrisy.

  • MIchelleK

    Dumb a**…I said he lost his virginity when she was 6. He just told a damn story about how he was 15 or 16….so, actually, I guess that would have made ERW 4 or 5. My point was, he’s had much more time to make his own mistakes and had his own flings, I’m quite sure he’s had more experience then her.
    I doubt he’s a hypocrite either. He’s been very upfront and open…and surprisingly, people sometime end up with someone the opposite of what they expected. You know? It’s okay people. He’s got a huge film career in front of him. Men always do fine, and survive exposure and gossip. Look at Colin Farrell.

  • katkat

    I don’t beleive the rumors. I think they are friends. Unless otherwise stated by Alex or Evan, then I’ll beleive it. Otherwise, these two are just friends.

  • MIchelleK

    Well…okay….then I get it….because these people are crazy! I’m sorry I ever started replying to this shite.
    So…sorry I called you a dumb***.