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Alexander Skarsgard & Evan Rachel Wood: Dating?

Alexander Skarsgard & Evan Rachel Wood: Dating?

Alexander Skarsgard and Evan Rachel Wood are rumored to be dating after first meeting on the set of True Blood.

Evan, 22, reportedly flew to Shreveport, Louisiana this weekend to visit Alexander, 33, on the set of his new movie, Straw Dogs.

The rumored couple was spotted (pictured here) at a local festival and Evan was seen snapping away with a disposable camera. Alexander has already been seen hanging out with his movie co-star Willa Holland, 18.

WHAT DO YOU THINK of Alexander Skarsgard and Evan Rachel Wood as a couple — YAY or NAY?

You can watch Alexander and Evan together on the True Blood finale, airing @ 9PM ET/PT this Sunday, September 13 on HBO.

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  • whisper

    @katkat: Since the rumors to have been filtered indirectly from Evan via a few fans, I’ll believe it when it comes directly from Alex. The man has been constantly stating he’s single and not dating anyone in interviews for the past month so I’ll take his word over a co-star with an obvious crush.

  • anne

    @Poor alex: and so many others here–I so agree. I’m glad I’m not alone. In fact, I think we’re the majority.

    TrueBlood producers better take a hint on ERW before their show goes down the toilet.

    Good luck Alex.

  • wtf

    @MichelleK haha it’s cool :)

    @whisper: you are on point with the “co-star with an obvious crush” she clearly stalked alan ball out to get on the show, and is probably in love with the idea that she could try date eric the viking vamp..

    I’m pretty sure they could take her out of season 3 if need be, she doesn’t make an appearance in the book, only is spoken about…

  • Camden

    I think they’re dating…though i’m curious to know what happened to Shane West…so soon.

  • Penelope

    This is the way i see it with celebrities…the MORE they try to look like they’re not together in public…the more likely it is that they’re dating. Case and point: Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson….and from awhile ago Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie.

  • ani

    Alex has been linked with every person he’s been pictured with, man and woman – Malin Åkerman, Lady Gaga, Kristin Bauer, Tuva Novotny, Izabella Miko to name a few. He seems to have a lot of female friends which is cute :) But if this rumour is true – ERW is the luckiest bitch on the planet hands down. Well done on catching the hottest man on the planet.

  • hans

    Seriously, people will stop watching TB if Alex is dating Evan? lol Yeah, I’m fine with that. Too many rabid Eric fans as it is allready.

  • sally

    So it is TRUE! …. The True Blood fans are crazier than the Twilighters, who would have thought it

  • V

    I really enjoy True Blood. The only thing ruining it is the static interference from the barking mad, rabid fans with too many opinions. If you leave, this world will be a much safer place!

  • Denna

    @Golly: she bonded with the cast. Really? Are you friends with them too?

  • Bill

    This it the stupidest post I have ever read I can’t believe I’m typing a comment… well truthfully my pet monkey’s the one doing the typing and I’m really in a parallel universe! Here’s to 300 stupid comments.

  • Bill

    In my parallel universe there are 300 comments except they aren’t as lame.

  • Diana

    Evan seems to be the type who likes to be famous. She does not care that fame has a high cost. Even if she has to be famous at the expense of her relationships.
    And accept that Evan can even be a good actress. But it would not be as famous if she was not involved in scandals …

  • ginnie

    @MIchelleK Umm..Colin Farrell’s career took a severe beating as well as his personal life because he couldn’t get himself together. He missed out on a lot of roles and some of his films did poorly because people were so over him and his bs. He got way to cocky and full of himself and thought that is was cool to be the bad boy. That only lasts for a short while and then people move on to something better. People want to be inspired or moved when they go to a movie not be reminded that the actor was just written up in gossip rags about the latest starlet(wannabe) he shagged and how he recovered from last nights bender. Only now is he starting to get his career back but we have to wait to actually see how the movies will do. Alex should definitely rethink the ERW situation. This girl is just plain bad news. She is out for publicity and has a crush like everyone else. All people need something real and she is definitely not it.

  • Doctor Pil

    Yeah, I believe ERW is responsable for starting rumors about her and Alex. Remember when she ”accidentaly” told a reporter that she was “team Alex” when asked if she was team Bill or team Eric? Ooops. Except that to me it was a very deliberate and smart way of putting the idea of those two together in people’s minds. She clearly wants to take some of the space that Anna Paquin has as the star of the show. And linking herself to the hottest star of True Blood is a great way to do that.

    Season 3′s behind the scenes will be interesting.

  • hans

    I really cant stand people that are telling overs how to live their lives…

  • deb

    “Poor Alex” you said it perfectly!!! I agree!!!

  • ladvampyre37

    What I don’t get is all the people who say they won’t watch True Bood anymore over this. I mean, Jayzus people, there are other interesting characters on this show besides Eric. Sam? Jason? Lafayette??

    I agree that season three would be better for less of the Queen. ERW’s portrayal was dull and made me even more interested in what was happening with Sam and Bon Temps in general, and if she is signed on to do Spiderman then her role would be seriously diminished in True Blood. I’ve seen her do well in roles as the “angsty teenager”, but this role called for something beyond that and she did not deliver the goods. You have to wonder why there were no open auditions for the role of the Queen, because there obviously SHOULD have been.

    The fact that there has been no confirmation NOR denial of this rumor makes me think that it very well may be true and they’re simply waiting for the fuss to die down before saying or doing anything further. Given this media sh*t storm, and the fans’ reactions to the news, I doubt we’ll be seeing them out and about anytime soon. But if it IS true, the fuss will die down and they’ll be seen out with each other within a few weeks. We’ll all know soon enough. And, people, it’s Hollywood…the place where people get married for a day and a half and it’s over. Think about it. If it lasts more than a couple of months, I’d be extremely shocked.

  • Kristen

    hans, its a gossip site. If you don’t like it, why are you here?

  • Sydney

    I agree it won’t last, its Hollywood etc etc, but honest to goodness, there is no media shitstorm over this rumor. It was reported as a rumor a few days ago, and the ONLY people talking about it are Alexander Skarsgard fans, and very few of them. Trust. The gossip world has forgotten about this already. We never get any confirmation about Alexander’s dating life. He hardly gives interviews and he probably has no clue about this.

  • ladvampyre37


    He may not have a clue about this craziness, but you can bet the people at HBO do. Take a look at their forum boards for True Blood, under the Alexander Skarsgard threads. Whoooo! And it’s been on every entertainment website online, with the exception of People magazine (who seem to be smart enough to wait for some sort of confirmation before printing anything).

    I can guarantee you that the fact that fans are not just disgusted that she’s dating their Viking but that they felt her acting was absolutely ATROCIOUS on the show hasn’t escaped anyone at HBO’s attention. Fan reaction has been the same, on the HBO forums, IMDB and virtually all webistes where it’s talked about. If you look at IMDB, HIS popularity has DROPPED about 25% while HERS has RAISED to 75%. What does that tell you??

    I’m guessing that Alan Ball does not want to come out and admit that he made an error of gargantuan proportions by casting her but maybe has learned something about just casting some actress in a part on the show without having her READ for it first. Very few fans of True Blood are at all pleased with ERW and it’s just as much for her boring, bloodless portrayal of Queen Sophie-Anne as it is for boning the Swede.

  • hans


    For the “gossip”, there is always some truth in gossip. But what im reading in these comments is pure stupidity… lol

  • godess

    Can’t anyone be friends without the whole world going overboard?? I can’t believe someone as cool as AS would go after a mere 22 year old. WTF would they have in common except the fact that they are both actors? Leave it alone, guys…it will go away, trust me.

  • Sydney

    @ladvampyre37: I don’t disagree with you. Yes, this rumor was on every gossip site when it first broke on Monday. My point was more that today, 2 days later TB/AS fans are the ones talking about it still. Its not front page news. Now, about ERW and her acting. This is what HBO needs to be concerned about. I’m sure they are aware how her acting was ripped apart by fans and media alike. HBO can’t stop AS and ERW from dating. At this point the best TB fans can hope for is she is better next Sunday. Hoping that last Sunday it was a bad script, that episode was pretty awful. And secondly, with her being in a play in Jan, she won’t be on the show too much. As a fan of AS, I do feel bad for him because he is very private, so I’m sure he’s not thrilled that his face is on every gossip site. Evan Rachel Wood, on the other hand, loves it and the attention, otherwise she wouldn’t have went I’m on Team Alex—whoops Eric. Teehee. Fans have this reaction because of ERW. Solely.

  • Kristen

    @hans: Yes, but a gossip site talks about other people’s lives, but threatening to quit the show because of these pictures and some of the other things that are being said are ridiculous, but gossip site, it goes with the territory. Gossip site comments are the best entertainment

  • candy

    @godess: Agree with you there. There’s no proof there’s more than a friendship and it’s pretty obvious ERW is the one behind the rumors. The boat-gate pictures were more damning.

  • Kristen

    Well we can Ted Casablanca to the list of people that are confirming that “something” is going on between them. He’s also on the list of people that are gagging about it.

  • Mia

    Just wow… haha This is strange. In the Swedish media today Alex is said to be dating Malin Åkerman. One blog that states this has always been legit – she lives in Hollywood and has been pictured with Alex in the past. I don’t even know who this red headed girl is! lol Whatever. I’m more into Gustaf anyways.

  • Jesper

    The same Ted Casablanca who said Evan and Shane West were still together a few days ago? Ok.

    At this point every gossip columnist in Hollywood is just following the trail of that LaneyGossip woman, they don’t know anything.

  • Gaieto

    He’s gay. Definitly.
    And it hurts my heart cause he’s so damn hot! but we just have to admit it.
    And they can hang out, they’re friends. Poor people, they make friends on set and suddenly hundreds of boyfriends/girlfriends around.

  • ladvampyre37


    You are absolutely right…none of this stuff started until she came into the picture. Everyone was happy having their fantasies of hot, Swedish men and enjoying a hot, sexy show about vampires (for adults for a change)…and then one person kind of came in and flipped everyone on edge.

    HBO can’t stop him from dating her, but they can damn well use a little pull to keep ERW from ruining the show any further, especially if the fans hate her and refuse to watch. This is a big money-maker for HBO and they do NOT want to lose viewers. I am sure that hiring her sounded great…on paper, but nobody checked to see if she could actually do it. THAT is a bigger problem than whether she’s sleeping with Skarsgard at this point.

    I mean, someone said, “what could a man his age and a 22 year old have in common?” LMAO, well, what do you THINK they might have in common? The media has made it seem that ERW will bone anyone who is “hot” at the moment, and Skarsgard is the flavor this month. He is a man after all, and he has hot, young women throwing themselves at him constantly. Maybe he IS a decent man, but he’s a man and men can resist constant sexual attention for so long it seems before they succumb to biological urges. I have nothing against Marilyn Manson, but I wouldn’t want to be where he has been, if you catch my drift. Manson is one of the most unattractive humans I have ever laid eyes on and I can’t for the life of me understand why these young, attractive women want to be with him.

    The press he is getting right now is hurting him, there’s no doubt about that either. This is a learning experience for him because Hollywood might be the land of 3 hour marriages and interchangeable relationships, but it’s still all about the bottom line: COLD HARD CASH and if he ain’t bankable, he ain’t nothing.

  • J_HOOD


  • hans


    Seriously, the only ones getting hurt here, are the fangirls/stalkers…

  • Giddy aunt

    Oh please. He’s not gay. Get a grip. These “he’s gay” statements are just hilarious. If he is — then he’s certainly doing pennance by effing a bunch of young hot girls. Geez, I wish gorgous gay guys were doing that when I was young and hot!!!

    ERW is not in Askars class. Period. And her acting on TB was horrendous. (Shame on you Allan Ball.) The show, the other actors and the fans deserve better. And for her to even THINK she’s in Anna’s league is again — hilarious.

    Alex can eff who he wants — and he obviously does. I don’t care if he’s dating (or effing) someone. But his recent choices are disappointing and curious — even damaging. Too bad.

  • Lisa

    AS needs to visit the nearest clinic & make sure he gets a STD freezone sticker after this is over with ERW.

    No classy woman will want to be anywhere near that knowing where it’s been with someone who has let Manson in between her legs, ick! lol

  • Ginnie

    Malin Ackerman…huh? (am really starting to think this is all a publicity stunt. Or there was more to those rumors of him with Willa. And those made him look like a perv, which he would be if that were true. Suddenly…ERW…and that makes him look like an even bigger perv and freak with diseases. Now Malin…who is 31…closer to his age. Someone is on the spin case…

  • Ginnie

    and I am sure he is trying to control his image back home in Sweden so things don’t spread out of control

  • Ginnie

    and I am sure he is trying to control his image back home in Sweden so things don’t spread out of control

  • lady g

    @Jesper: Good point. They’re just parroting what Lainey said and she’s just going by a few innocent pictures and a secret source that doesn’t make sense when you consider the timeline.
    I guess he’s sleeping with the girls in the boat cause those photos looked far more suggestive.

  • cillian

    @lady g love these comments…I personally feel that those pics were way to suggestive…like way too suggestive…so much so that they were suggesting some horizontal tango-ing with a 18 year old. once he got called out on it he had to divert the attention. what better way to do it than this. i don’t think he is seriously about any of them. i think he is doin as many as he can on the DL. once the word got out about Willa he had to divert it with this. pics like this are easy to stage. oh..a “fangirl” took it and posted it but i bet it got sent to all the gossip sites with “reliable” sources. hell who is really talking about the 18 year old and the boat thing. a few. it has died which is what he wanted. he would rather be called disgusting and gross for humping erw instead of a “pedoboat” guy. sorry but he would. hope erw doesn’t put much stock in this unless she’s in on it.

  • cillian

    no matter what once most people saw those pics it was a gross factor too. but look these actors are never what they seem. they say what they know will make them look good. but behind the scenes they are total idiots, jerks, rude, and egomaniacs. if you want to act in the hollywood you have to be an egomaniac who wants to be the center of attention. some take the good guy role some the bad guy role. he wanted everyone to believe he was an honorable decent person but we don’t really know that. and who cares. his star may fade by next year. i honestly think he is an egomaniac who annoys lots of people. do you ever notice how is co-stars look at him when he talks. the smiles look so forced but watch for the rolling of the eyes and the uncomfortable shifting. he wants, likes, and cultivates being the center of attention in a good way. this is making him look like sh*t (boat thing and now erw) or just showing us what he really is about! think about it folks. he and erw and maybe the 18 year old are all the same..weirdos. we know erw is one but for alexander, you are who you hang with.

  • fangirl

    @Doctor Pil:

    i had told my friend the same thing, it was deliberate on her part, she was out to snag him from the very beginning….props to her for getting what she wanted, boo-hiss to him for being fool enough to getting involved with someone of her ilk..

  • anna

    NAY- i just lost all respect for him. never had for her. no longer his fan. way too desperate for both of them. desperation is a turn off.

  • Wow, seriously?

    Seriously? I can’t believe he’s dating her? I’m really turned off by AS now. All this publicity has totally hurt him. He screwed himself over, didn’t he? I want to see the Youtube video. Was he really pedo?

  • good grief

    I don’t even see what’s so racy about those pics on the boat. The girls are putting on their best “young and sexy” faces because… they’re young, and they’re girls, and they’re on a boat with a really handsome, rising star actor. He looks like he’s just goofing off and having fun. I see nothing pervy coming from him at all, I just see young excited girls. He can’t control them.

    I also don’t think a picture of he and ERW walking several inches apart on a public street is proof that they’re banging each other, though I wouldn’t doubt she has some, er, intentions for him no matter how he feels about it. I don’t care for her, and I’m definitely feeling some, “Out of all the women in the world you could possible date… her? Really?!” But it still makes me have more respect for Alexander, not less, that he’s willing to get to know her on her own merits and give her a chance despite all the negativity directed at her. People make mistakes, and they don’t always deserve to be punished for them indefinitely.

    Many of the reactions here are absolutely nauseating because they’re both puritanical (“OMG, he’s a total pedo!” “She’s 21 and he’s 33! Gross!”) and vulgar (“I bet his stepmom wants in his pants.”), and it’s often coming from the same person. Pathetic, infantile rubbish. (And yes, it comes with the territory of reading these comments at all. I know that.)

    Really don’t get the impression that there is much of a publicity machine for this guy, and even if there is, I don’t think it stoops to the level of subterfuge and manipulation being talked about here. These conspiracy theories are ridiculous.

  • sundown

    Give the man a break–in the boat photos, he’s not leering down the 18-year old’s cleavage or touching the girls–more the other way around. probably just trying out their wiles as young girls do. i doubt he is dating ERW, either, but either way, MYOB, people. He’s a great actor, period.

  • wtf

    whoever said he’s dating Malin Ackermen is misinformed by misleading press… Malin is HAPPILY married to her muso husband and has been with him for like 6 years and is quoted as saying she knows it’s for life..
    she sounds and looks incredibly ecstatic when she’s with her husband so i’d put that rumor down to press trying to squash the boatgate saga…


    i really hope ERW gets the “gtfo” from alan ball, i was so disappointed with the queen portrayal..

  • Bill

    hey people are still commenting on this!

  • Skarsgardcafan

    Noooo……he could do better than that horrible actress. I was so disappointed in last episode that I lost all hype. But thank goodness for Eric Nortman. It’s obvious that he loves young young girls! Well, son like father!

  • Skarsgardcafan

    We should all send boycott letters to ERW and I promise to never watch anything with her in it. What a horrible horrible horrible actress. Campy at best. Paris Hilton could have done a better job!