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Josh Hartnett & Sophia Lie Couple Up

Josh Hartnett & Sophia Lie Couple Up

Josh Hartnett and his gorgeous girlfriend, Norwegian model Sophia Lie, drop by the Thompson Chemists Pharmacy in the SoHo neighborhood of New York City on Saturday (September 5).

Josh, 31, and Sophia, 20, have been dating for several months now. They were spotted holding hands back in April.

A few months ago, Sophia shared her earliest fashion memory: “I used to go to the opera with my mom when I was five, and I remember seeing the beautiful gowns that the women would wear. It really inspired me.”

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Credit: Jose Perez; Photos: SplashNewsOnline
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  • lala


  • SHopaholic22


  • Liza

    I used to respect him so much for staying with his childhood sweetheart after making it big. Now he is like all the rest dating the unknown models.

  • Jennifer

    Man HO.

  • rosie

    Totally agree with #3. She could do better. Anyway he’s too old for me and I’m 22

  • @sebaldus

    @rosie: Not to old for me…LOL

  • ew

    He’s a sad man who has to date an almost teenager to feel like a stud. Typical and dull behavior of the dumb male species. And she’s a perfect example of the typical hot blonde nothing special species.

  • ness17

    i used to like him but agree with #3 too

  • monkey

    so he’s dating an sm look alike…….

  • becky

    I agree with you, #3! Didn’t really like his highschool sweetheart either, but she knew him at least before he became popular with Pearl Harbor. Now he’s dating some skinny blonde wannabe-model who is even like 10 years older than him. I am fairly disappointed of him.
    So long, Josh, huh?

  • becky

    Oops… I meant ‘some skinny blonde wannabe-model who is even like 10 years YOUNGER than him’. :D Sorry. It’s still too early morning here. :P

  • becky

    I mean ’10 years YOUNGER’. Oops. :D

  • becky

    I actually meant ’10 years YOUNGER’! Oops.

  • m.b

    she is very very pretty women.

  • m.b

    I think she is a model but very nice

  • Liverwurst

    How about dating someone old enough to order her own glass of wine at dinner Josh? sheesh… 11 years is too much of an age difference. Someone who is only 20 has absolutely nothing in common with a man who is 31.

  • bradsfullofregrets

    She’s average at best, just another pasty blonde.

  • Memei

    love everything about him. so hot. lucky girl

  • Lawrence

    I bet that girl Josh is dating is ten times more mature then the dipshits that comment on this website*lol*.

  • nikomilinko
  • dundies

    lol i didn’t know he’d date that young. im only a year younger than she is LOL

  • Tamer

    What a loser. He’s like Paul Walker, dating 20-yr-olds. So pathetic. It’s a good thing his career is over, anyway.

    Is this a pre-midlife crisis? He turned 30 and panic and so now he’s dating a 20-yr-old, famewhore “model”–the term model is used by women without talent who want fame.

  • Danielle

    He is too hansome, he always was one of my favorites but I agree with you guys, he should think better next time

  • Sun

    I saw J.H in London at a play “Rain Man” (character Charlie Babbitt) and was amazing,also he’s surprising in “Mozart and the Whale”(character with Asperger’s syndrome ) as manipulative boy in “O” and in movies as August and Lucky Number Slevin.

  • vANE

    waiting Released new’s movies Josh
    I come with the rain
    End zone

  • ghada

    what`s the name of his sweet heart from college?

  • Kelsay

    He needs to brake up with her and go out with me:] haha
    even tho im only 14, but whocares, haha

  • madhatter

    Com’on don’t be so hard on JH…he’s just not ready to commit and what better way to say it then to fall for a 20 yr old who isn’t ready either. but there’s nothing wrong than fallin for someone younger…after all age is just a number…once you pass 25 anyway. You should have some semblence of what you want by then.

  • mie

    wow, judgemental people here.. that girl is probably smart, outgoing, nice and ten times more mature then you guys. I stay by that till someone prove me wrong. btw, she can order her own glass of wine, she can order whatever she’d like, in Norway ;)

  • annieRich

    @mie: Yes, you can drink beer and wine in norway when you are 18.

  • car

    right. I really like him and as well think that next time he will find better one.

  • carol

    wtf???? prejudice right here…
    i dont like her, she is like nobody, he can do so much better…but she is pretty and he is not an idiot…what the matter?

  • steff

    jeez, you guys are jealous (i am too), but theres no need to take it out on the poor girl, she’s gorgeous.
    and so what if she’s only 20, if he likes her then he likes her, its not like he can help it.

  • What?

    UM HELLO….
    How is it bad for a 20 year old to date a 31 year old? They could both be equally mature. My grandparents were at least 12 years apart from eachother, and were married their whole lives together.

    Age is but a number unless shes UNDERAGE.
    All of you are too judgmental.

  • AJBP

    He’s cute.

  • agos

    I just wanted to say I completely agree with #34. The girl is not underage -at list not in my country, I don’t know how things are in the US- and ten years is not that much of a difference.

    I think that people should just stick to their own buissness because, and I’m quoting, “who’s to say what is right or wrong in affairs of the heart?”

    PS: I apologize for my english, I did my best

  • agos

    Sorry, I wrote “buissness” instead of “business”, just a typing mistake

  • Daria


  • Joggi

    I’m from Switzerland and I would lovely like to buy this shirt. Do anybody have an idea where i can buy it?


  • Jody M

    I agree with number 34 and 36!
    Like seriously guys…if you don’t like the guy then why are on here!??!!

    Grow up! Age is just a number- you don’t fall for someone because of their age!!
    her being able to drink or not drink is not important!

    If he liked her he likes her- you can’t control who you fall for and who you fancy!