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Matt Damon Brings 'The Informant!' to Venice!

Matt Damon Brings 'The Informant!' to Venice!

Matt Damon and his wife Luciana attend the photo call for his new movie, The Informant!, at the Palazzo del Casino during the 66th Venice Film Festival on Monday (September 7) in Venice, Italy.

In the movie, the 38-year-old actor plays agribusiness firm executive Mark Whitacre, who labels himself Agent 0014, “because I’m twice as smart as James Bond.”

Variety has a review of Damon‘s performance in the movie: “Damon is in very sharp form in his fifth film with Soderbergh. The thesp makes Mark brazen in his conviction that he’s always right and unremorseful about his fabrications, but never in a superior, hubristic manner; as is slowly revealed, he’s always been able to rationalize any alteration of reality that served his purposes, and even when faced with his own deviousness, he never doubts that, “I’m the good guy in all this.”

30+ pictures inside of Matt Damon bringing The Informant! to the Venice Film Festival…

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matt damon informant venice film festival 16
matt damon informant venice film festival 17
matt damon informant venice film festival 18
matt damon informant venice film festival 19
matt damon informant venice film festival 20
matt damon informant venice film festival 21
matt damon informant venice film festival 22
matt damon informant venice film festival 23
matt damon informant venice film festival 24
matt damon informant venice film festival 25
matt damon informant venice film festival 26
matt damon informant venice film festival 27
matt damon informant venice film festival 28
matt damon informant venice film festival 29
matt damon informant venice film festival 30

Credit: Laurent; Photos: Pascal Le Segretain/Getty, Bauergriffinonline
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  • ewwww

    so not a fan of his. Matt, go home and eat some more donuts!


    and nice to see Mattie in a comedy for a change…

  • dani


  • random

    matt damon is such a great actor

  • mimi

    that is a married couple who are in love and who actually enjoy being together. ben and jen do not look like they’re in love.

  • Menie

    Matt can do what he wants since he doesnt have the JLo baggage Ben has. Ben has to keep his private and personal life separate from his professional life since he didnt do it before. He doesnt want to become another Brandgelina. Its working since nobody calls him and Jennifer Garner Bennifer II, they are not seen as one big conglomerate. THey have said they will never walk the carpet together, doesnt make them any less a couple than the nobody and Matt Damon. I’ve heard a lot more rumors about Matt’s extracurricular activites than Ben’s anyway.

  • Menie

    He is banging the Cuban pool boy according to Lanie Gossip.

  • nikomilinko
  • Menie

    I quote:
    The first is a happy father, settled down and reformed, bankable and respected at the same time… a major player. Which is why it’s so important that he keeps his Cuban male lover hidden away to be enjoyed when he’s not on location. It might seem risqué, having his secret stashed so close to home and his official partner, but he’s hot and horny, and it’s not like he’s not living in a freestyling environment, although I have to tell you, this one really, really surprised me. He plays it so well. And in the end, if it wasn’t such a fraud, it totally wouldn’t matter. He is the nicest, nicest person. Kind and considerate and generous… makes me sad he’s forced to live a lie.
    Been revealed as Damon

  • black model

    that waitress hit the jackpot



    Oh please.. that rumor was also rumored to be about Hugh Jackman.. I don’t believe for one minute it is Matt D.

    I think he is a settled man and very happy with his family. She is not in the business and I really think Matt likes it that way. she seems content to be the wife and Mother.. more power to them. I plan on seeing this movie. It looks cute and funny.

    Leave Matt alone.. I like him more then Ben.. Casey is the one I just love.. I will admit Ben is a very good Director.. Gone Baby, Gone was outstanding..

  • M

    Hugh already has a boyfriend. And he lives with him. The blind is referencing Damon

  • anon

    In the end his life is his business and no one elses. He doesnt fame chase and pimp out his kids like so-called fleating realty show stars and does alot for good causes. His job is to make movies and I will see this new one…the rest I will leave to tabloid fodder and wish him the best.

  • Menie


    WTF??? What has this got to do with ben or casey affleck? It just goes to show how easy it is to fool the public by holding hands and all of a sudden they become “a couple obviously in love” WHEN SHE’S HIS BEARD! Ben and Casey Affleck maybe good friends with Matt but THEY ARE STRAIGHT HONEY!!!

  • Menie

    To anon: I agree his life is his business but like the blind says, its his FRAUD of a life that is disturbing because people would still embrace him as an actor (see Dougie Howser). So stop the pretending please Damon~!

  • she-whom-shall-not be named

    I admire Matt for being a successful Hollywood star but he still could make his mariage work with an average Jane from outside the biz. It looks like they have a solid marriage and they have proven to the world that a relationship can still have longevity despite one spouse being more successful and they have a way of keeping the media out of their life. Im tired of hearing every tv biographies using ‘success’ as an excuse to explain stars’ failed relationships with their Hollywood ex-spouses

  • I disagree

    @she-whom-shall-not be named:
    Its better for a woman to hve her own success as her own person rather than being attached to somone successful because when it goes away, and it will, she will have absoultely nothing except the kids. Woman will never learn not to lean on a man for validation. I dont respect a woman without a career. Or a man for that matter (K-Fed)




  • National Reader

    Oh you guys all need to stop this.
    If you haven’t noticed , Gossips have problem with family men. Look at Brangelina , Look at Hugh look at Ben Affleck and look at TomKat and now Matt Damon. What do you think these guys have that other people don’t have? You are right family.
    Ted C and other gossiper have problem with settled down men. Look at all these break up rumors for 5 or 6 years about Brangelina For 5 years , has it ever stopped? no, Look at these gay rumors about Hugh and Matt that lainey and Ted C are making. Ted makes every single man in HW gay because he is GAY and wants to have sex with these hot men .and look at these marriage problems about Ben and Tom.
    They make it because this ugly world HollyWeird has problem with no story behind it’s super stars. Do you think these men being happy and settled down will work for HW gossipers and tabloids? Why don’t they go after without family men , like George clooney? You all are falling for their tricks.
    If you look more closely at these gossips , they all are about men or women with family not seperate man or the one without family. HW embraces lonely and desparate women or men and tries to give this impression to you to love them and find men or women for them but have problem with married men and always try to tear couples up to have stories for a while.

  • Linda

    @National Reader: Yeah you actually make a lot of sense. Gossips ARE either dried up lonely women or (mostly) Gay men. A family man that is happy is no juicy story, that’s true. One thing I don’t agree with you on though is Bradgelina is not a family man.

  • Bordado


  • Happy

    Love Matt and love his wife. She is supportive but stays out of the limelight. Think he is a great actor and a great father.

  • congrats

    According to all the industry ubuzz, Matt will be nominated for this performance in The Informant.

  • National Reader

    Brangelina is not a family man? Really Linda? I’m not one of Brangelina’s loonies but i would call them a very good family. They hardly do anything without their family. But i know you may be one of Brangelina’s hater and i don’t care and i’m not one of those loonies to try to change your mind about them But in all fairness Brangelina have created a good family and actually try to put their family first and i saw that through their actions and how they all go to different locations whenever one of them is working But well you have your own opinion and it doesn’t affect mine’s. Have a great day. Peace.

  • Linda

    Haha. I meant they are not a man – Brangelina is two people – Brad and Angelina. Its like they have become one conglomerate, fused as one person.

  • Linda

    Actually, I think that is what the poster meant about Jen and Ben Affleck not wanting to become like them – one person fused together from two people. Its a lot of baggage. But I agree with you about the rumors about them are because them together without any strife is not interesting.

  • lakers fan in boston

    where’s joe mchale!!!
    he said he was starring =p

    anyways…matt’s face doesnt look that bad here
    i think i might watch this movie since it looks kinda interesting

  • cutiepie32

    @she-whom-shall-not be named: Well said, and might I add that even though he’s extremely successful and famous, he’s also not a conceited a..hole who treats ppl like garbage. Ive heard he’s a really nice guy.

  • rachelsun

    you people are really pathetic. Matt Damon is not in a fake marriage or w/ a secret male lover. This is a lie and the blind item is proof of nothing. You are just a bunch of bitter bitc##es who cannot accept that a man who is a movie star would marry a woman who was a bartender. It happens get over it and he would never have looked at any of your ugly asses gay or straight anyway.

  • Dawn

    EWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW! His wife is so ugly!!! Matt could have done so much better than her. She use to clean toilets in a bare.

  • clearly

    What the heck is a bare? You must be Puerto Rican since you can’t spell. It’s called a bar and yes, she is ugly but I’m sure it won’t last she has several other children that poor Matthew Damon is taking care of.

  • jessie

    She is ugly and he is a looser and yes she was an illegal immigrant with no green card wtf was he thinking…the owner of the bar was paying her with his well you know she is a very easy girl.sorry matt if i was you i would not be happy to walk with her..if you only knew..good luck

  • Rob

    girls from argentina are bad they come to the states to pimp the hell he end up with one of joe’s girls from cro!!!!If you come to miami the best girls are Cuban they are Hot oh and my best friend from Honduras she is hotttttttttttbut Argentina they are stupid and liers they think they come from Italy freeking looser…..

  • carlos

    OMG!!!! WTF is he doing with this woman i know her from Miami Crobar she stinks down there she took my money for her girl the girl was sick aand she was to stay with me instead she took my money.never gave me waht i paid for .. my friend mike did get what he paid for .she was very stinky …..

  • Boston Red Sox

    It’s not too late Mr. Damon to exchange this illegal alien maid for the white, er, white woman like your best bud Ben. He came to his senses just in time so can you.

  • jim

    Why do actors look for latin dark women? they have a very low self steem…

  • nathan

    Hold your horses Jim Cuban girls are Beautiful come to miami for a better view.this woman is from Argentina a very bad place plus she is ugly nothing will change that , maybe he likes ugly women he is not that good looking guy in my opinion they are even…

    Read more:

  • Roy

    More like the Latins go to them because they hate short, fat, ugly Latin men.

  • cad

    @Menie: He will be lucky if he has the love of people and the success off the jolie-pitts. Noone liked bennifer that is why they fail. He don’t got no baggage from j.lo except only he acted stupid in those days and he made a lot of carrier mistakes that killed his carrier. Loving your woman doesn’t make you bad but smiling to other woman and acting like you want to be somewhere else when you are with you woman will cost him even more than his stupidity when he was one half of bennifer.

  • um

    only him ? where are the others?

  • carla

    @anon: It is because no one care to see much the immigrant and the mostly b lister spawn. When there is no want there is not pic.

  • Roxanne

    She is not at all attractive. Buck-toothed, ugly face and horrible legs, Matthew could have done better by a mile I feel so bad for him.

  • Cutie pie

    She is UGLY

  • Pink Pride

    Damon is losing his looks and his hair swiftly. He was never really handsome compared to the A-List actors anyway and it’s ashamed that he still refuses to come out. Everyone knows he is gay getting married doesn’t change that Matt.

  • Love Matt

    Thanks so much, Jared! :D I love Matt Damon. He’s gorgeous as always and I’m looking forward to this movie. Matt’s great, everything a man should be.

  • kj

    i don’t really like this guy. and no i have never met him. but when he does publicity for his movies or other endeaveors, he comes across like he thinks he is better than everyone else. it bugs me so much, that i can’t even watch him in movies anymore. plus i don’t think he all that great of an actor. usually the other actors and actresses in the movie carries the movie for him. oh well, just my opinion.

  • You must be joking……

    Menie, you should change your name to “idiot who buys into stupid gossip”

  • um

    Thanks JJ. I smell another Academy Award nomination. This is his year along with George Clooney.

  • Marisol

    I really like Matt. He keeps a very low profile for someone who is an Oscar winner. I can’t wait for the next Bourne movie.

  • she shall remain nameless

    I wonder if his wife ever works. Looks like he’s being the breadwinner.