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Nicole Kidman: U.S Open With Keith Urban!

Nicole Kidman: U.S Open With Keith Urban!

Nicole Kidman and her country superstar husband Keith Urban share a laugh together at the U.S. Open at the USTA Billie Jean King National Tennis Center on Monday (September 7) in Flushing, Queens, New York City.

The Aussie power couple watch Switzerland’s Roger Federer beat out Spain’s Tommy Robredo in straight sets, 7-5, 6-2, 6-2. Federer is one step closer to a sixth successive U.S. Open crown!

15+ pictures inside of Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban at the U.S. Open

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nicole kidman keith urban us open 01
nicole kidman keith urban us open 02
nicole kidman keith urban us open 03
nicole kidman keith urban us open 04
nicole kidman keith urban us open 05
nicole kidman keith urban us open 06
nicole kidman keith urban us open 07
nicole kidman keith urban us open 08
nicole kidman keith urban us open 09
nicole kidman keith urban us open 10
nicole kidman keith urban us open 11
nicole kidman keith urban us open 12
nicole kidman keith urban us open 13
nicole kidman keith urban us open 14
nicole kidman keith urban us open 15

Photos: Julian Finney/Getty, Timothy A. Clary/AFP
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  • Autumnm

    Not a fan of Nic’s in general, but I must say she looks great here!

  • erin

    Sweet couple!!!!!!!!!! luv them, Sunday is a lucky baby!!!

  • sweetie

    She looks beautiful. :-)

  • Sheri

    OMG, Keith is sooooooo Hott! Lucky Nicole & vice versa!!! They are such a down-to-earth couple!!!!!!!!!!!!! xox

  • mary

    so is she pregnant for a second time? anyone know?

  • ivanka

    she looks great, not a preggers body btw
    sweet couple

  • just wondering

    you know, we see photos of her out with the little one; sunday. but why don’t we ever see any of her with the two older children; conner and isbella (i think that’s her name). has nicole forgotten that she is their mother as well.

  • dani

    Great pics. They were at the US Open last year too!

  • ember

    keith urban has fantastic arms…..yuuuuum!!!

    so hot!

  • plez

    I use to be a fan of Kidman until it seem she made a decision to stop being a mother to her two oldest kids. Just like I don’t like deadbeat dads the same goes to deadbeat moms.

    She put her second husband before her two oldest kids.

  • mju8

    Did you ever think that maybe her control freak of an ex-husband Tom Cruise has something to do with her not having as much access to the older kids? Just sayin’

  • linda

    TC control the kids thru’ Scidentology; they have no free time.

  • SERIOUsly!

    This is what a happy couple looks like not like Ben and Jen

  • to 11

    sorry using tom cruise as an excuse just doesn’ t cut. even if tom does have primary custody nicole still would have visitation rights and vacation time with them. maybe she should stop following her new husband all over and spend some time mothering her own children.

  • happy

    totally agree mju8. Heck Tom isn’t seen with the older kids other than for photo ops.

    Gorgeous pics of Keith and Nicole.

  • Franny

    I love, love, love this couple! They are so cute together.

    @pleaz – Nicole didn’t stop being a mother to her 2 older kids. She just doesn’t parade them around like Tom Cruise does. Stop hatin’ on people you don’t know.

  • emma

    Money talks, and Nicole Kidman is loaded, she is a millionare, she could get access to Bella and Connor if she wanted to. There are women out there who fight for their rights who don’t have any money like she does. They fight the husband ,the partner, the whole system for their kids. Sorry people but she does not fall into that catargory.
    Kids know who love and care for them the most, paticularly 16 nearly 17, an a nearly 15 yr old, and please don’t say she is private because she is not!

  • Karrie

    This is truly a classy and extremely talented celeb couple! Glad to see them having such a great time at the US Open. I am also glad that they are so happy together and they have their beautiful baby girl!

  • to linda

    TC control the kids thru’ Scidentology; they have no free time.

    my mother and father divorced when i was three years old; she physical custody of me. after the divorce mom joined scientology and since i lived with her i went as well. my father never joined. so i know what i’m talking about here.

    i was never “controlled thru scientology” as you put it. and i had free time; lots of it especially in the summer months. my father had no trouble getting access to me when ever he wanted. i lived with him for one month in the summer, alternate spring breaks and christmas holidays. scientology never put up any barriers. so please don’t feed me that nonsense that nicole is never with her children because of scientology. it’s her own choice at work here.

  • Scott Summers

    And how would he manage that no matter how much of a control freak he is, #11? Kidman herself said that they have joint custody. Anyway, Kidman’s busy schedule prevents her from spending as much time with her kids as you’d like to.

    You watch too many movies, #12.

  • James

    Kidman looks gorgeous there.
    She seems very happy with her husband.
    Good for her.

  • happy girl

    Keith! please! why the hell are you with this woman? You are so cool and she is so fake. Will you wake up ,please and be with someone like yourself,free and beautiful and real. she will hurt you.she is only for her career.

  • xx

    She looks happy :)

  • sweetness

    Conner Cruise likes being with his Dad more than Nicole. And Isabella is an ordinary looking young girl…Nicole doesn’t like being seen with her rather ordinary looking older daughter..because that reminds people that A) Isabella is not her biological daughter and B) that Nicole is getting long in the teeth. She wants to be thought of as still being young..NOT middled age.

  • blah blah blah

    @happy girl:

    Wtf? Um no she is not.

  • viv

    they look gorgeous and absolutely in love. sigh.

  • pooter

    Scott Summers-

    and how would YOU know anything? Stop pretending you know……I don
    t believe they hired you to answer or correct these comments on here… freaking idiot!

  • notbusy

    They both look so happy and in love. So nice to see a real couple enjoying time together. They are both gorgeous!! Keith seems more at peace and calm since he has been with Nicole. They are always together and their marriage means everything to them. #22, Nicole is with Keith all the time. She goes to alot of his concerts or she’s home waiting for him on his days off. I think Keith gets to pick his own wife just like you get to pick who you marry. At least Keith is committed to his wife and knows how to have a successful marriage and didn’t have a 3 month marriage like some in Hollywood.

  • Lynne

    I think Isabella & Connor have come to an age that they want to be left alone now-don’ you think? They can always visit each other, right?

  • indiegirl

    At first I thought these two were a mismatched couple and had no chemisty…. I’ve changed my mind. They look cute together and seem happy. Just one question. What are they holding up to their ears and listening to in that one pic?

  • maria

    He is beautiful. She’s one lucky woman.

  • lovely couple

    I admit, that at one time, for some reason I did like Nicole Kidman. I thought she was a snob and go-getter. But, in recent years, her true character has surfaced and she seems to be such a classy and compassionate lady. I am so happy for her and her husband. They look like they have a deep connection that’s admirable. Congratulations to them.

  • Scott Summers

    Kidman herself said that they have joint custody AND Kidman IS a very busy actress, #27.

  • LuckyL

    plez @ 09/07/2009 at 10:49 pm

    I use to be a fan of Kidman until it seem she made a decision to stop being a mother to her two oldest kids. Just like I don’t like deadbeat dads the same goes to deadbeat moms.

    She put her second husband before her two oldest kids.

    ^Lol, at the fake “fans” and obvious Cruise circle-jerkers spreading this rumor continuously. How many names are you posting under idiot?

  • LuckyL

    God, the sh** you people come up with!

  • dani

    You don’t know that she has stopped being a mother to her two other kids. She has always been fiercely protective of their privacy unlike TomKat who pimp out Suri at the drop of a pap camera.
    Furthermore, there are reports in legit media from Church of Scientology, defector Marty Rathbun, once considered CoS leader David Miscavige’s “top lieutenent” that the church orchestrated Cruise’s divorce from Kidman to try and get him back in the church 100 percent. If that is true (and there is no reason for this man to lie)–then who knows what happened with the kids.

  • LuckyL

    I love that their both Aussies who found one another haha; they must constantly toss around the native slang over breakfast. Sometimes it’s nice to date/ marry someone culturally in sync with you.

  • IcKe

    I don`t know, if she`s a good mother or not and I don`t care.
    But She looks very nonnatural. Look at her hollow back – nobody moves this way exepting you did a fotoshoot…

  • Rami

    Kidman is stunning in these pics !! the New hair looks fits her amazingly ! i think the dress she wore is the same on the premier of Happy feet in Australia in that children cancer hospital !
    Love her

  • april

    leave tom and katie alone nicoles kid is seen more now than suri was at her age this is nicole and keith tom and nicole has found other mates and are totaly in love nicole would rather make movie after movie and live in nashville than to be closer to her kids and thats not being mean its the truth leave tom and katie alone they are happy and they have been throuigh enough. i think its so funny people attacked them for giving their kid privacy early in life now they want to keep suri hidden but katie is a real person and she actually is a hands on mom so she has suri with her in the open good for her

  • so what

    sweetness>>>>where in the world did you get that info???I hardly think that Nicole is ashamed of her oldest daughter, and just because you don’t see pics of Nic and her two oldest doesn”\’t mean she doesn’t see them! She looks great, and happy!

  • sea

    Those filled lips are so wrong…


    ugh nicole…..go away out of the public eye FOREVER
    you ugly old fa g-hag

  • bia

    Sweet couple!! they looks so happy.

  • vanessa

    Keith and Nicole are gorgeous!!

  • dj

    I love this couple!! they are so happy.

  • aahhh isn’t that cute.

    Granny’s trying to get her groove on lolol

    waht is she thinking – kissing PDA? that’s soooo not her, we all no she is asexual

    god, what a mess that old bitty is

  • !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    there is nothing natural about Nic , not her face, the way she walks or her hair, always wearing hairpieces, looks like a block of ice !!!!!

  • FANI

    they are fantastic! LOVEEEE.

  • Cat

    They look soo cute together!