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Nikki Reed & Paris Latsis Couple Up In Canada

Nikki Reed & Paris Latsis Couple Up In Canada

Twilight Nikki Reed spends some time with her boyfriend, Greek shipping heir Paris Latsis, while walking around downtown Vancouver on Sunday (September 6) in Canada.

Nikki, 21, and Paris, 30, were accompanied by her Eclipse co-stars Kristen Stewart and Elizabeth Reaser.

The couple has been dating since July. Little known fact: Paris was engaged to hotel heiress Paris Hilton from May through Septemeber 2005.

25+ pictures inside of Canada couple Nikki Reed and Paris Latsis

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nikki reed paris latsis couple 01
nikki reed paris latsis couple 02
nikki reed paris latsis couple 03
nikki reed paris latsis couple 04
nikki reed paris latsis couple 05
nikki reed paris latsis couple 06
nikki reed paris latsis couple 07
nikki reed paris latsis couple 08
nikki reed paris latsis couple 09
nikki reed paris latsis couple 10
nikki reed paris latsis couple 11
nikki reed paris latsis couple 12
nikki reed paris latsis couple 13
nikki reed paris latsis couple 14
nikki reed paris latsis couple 15
nikki reed paris latsis couple 16
nikki reed paris latsis couple 17
nikki reed paris latsis couple 18
nikki reed paris latsis couple 19
nikki reed paris latsis couple 20
nikki reed paris latsis couple 21
nikki reed paris latsis couple 22
nikki reed paris latsis couple 23
nikki reed paris latsis couple 24
nikki reed paris latsis couple 25

Credit: Dzilla/JK/KR; Photos: Bauergriffinonline
Posted to: Elizabeth Reaser, Kristen Stewart, Nikki Reed, Paris Latsis

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  • iluvrob

    wait i thought kristen got extensions and colored her hair brown again?
    was it just a wig?

  • Andy

    Well, now Nikki’s got herpes…

  • petur

    Nikki is really pretty

  • H.

    JJ, please start posting about Jackson over here and not just on your teen site. He is just as relevant as the rest of the cast and is 24 years old. I don’t understand why you don’t post about him over here as well.

  • gain

    i love kristen but she definitely looks like she’s starting to gain weight and i thought the runaways movie was over and done with. are we supposed to think she likes the mullet look???

  • dani

    i don’t think she’s gaining wight. it’s just the unflattering mullet that makes her look odd

  • Peggy

    God, would it kill these girls to smile sometimes…ungrateful bunch of b******. If it weren’t for Twilight or the fans, where would they be…..oh that’s right, no names!!


    Raise your hand if you think that Kristen Stewart is ugly now……*me raising both hands*

  • Twifanatic Amanda

    I love all those girls.

  • Jen

    @sONNYKA: im raising my hands too. Kristin looks so horrible.

  • Bubbaness

    Good lord, they all look awful.

  • julie

    kristen looks adorable in that hoodie. no comment on Nikki Reed or Paris.

  • omg

    thought he was pete wentz.

  • http://www. German

    Kristen Stewart, she has a face on drugs, she now smells before anything?

  • Iggles

    Jackson made racist comments about playing an asian character in the movie “Avatar: The Last Airbender”.
    Apparently he things if he gets a tan and squints his eyes he’ll be believable as an asian on screen. I wish I was making this up, but no he ACTUALLY believes this crap.
    Please Jared, the LESS you post about Jackson the better!

  • Alison

    Kristen looks like crap…Nikki looks a bit better then her though

  • she shall remain nameless

    Are you sure they’re dating? Where’s the proof of pictures showing them holding hands or kissing? For all we know, they can just be friends with benefit lol.

  • lala

    Kristen refused to dye her hair back to brown and get extensions. So the Eclipse stylists had to get her a wig. She wants to keep her black mullet.

  • blue

    Kristen always looks like a druggie. I mean why? WTF? You’re in the hottest franchise ever. Millions of girls would kill to take yoru job. You were just lucky to be part of it. Atleast try 10%.

  • gina

    honestly kristen isn’t that pretty. she usually looks like crap most of the time.

  • Nikkz

    I’m not going to say she’s ugly, but she isn’t the most gorgeous girl ever. She’s way too overrated and it’s annoying. Look at her, she looks like an ordinary person walking on the street, a bit dirtier but who cares. I just hope she dissapears after Twilight’s done.

  • puzzle

    O! When she had the hoodie up I thought it was a boy. Lol.

  • paula

    Wow Kristen looks horrible, thousand dollars worth of make up really does wonders for her because in twilight she looks semi pretty and good and without make up she looks likes shes had a rough life and like she does crack or something. She does have really nice skin though like nikki and elizabeth.
    Like you said i hate how they dont smile it pisses me off, they are so ungrateful specially kristen in her interviws she comes accross as somebody who thinks she is better than the reporters and like she has to be there but is so annoyed and bored at them and like how DARE they ask those question. They should really take note from actorslike Johnny Depp and Hugh Jackman who are so nice and so sweet to reporters and to fans and who realize how loucky they are to be where they are and who are so grateful for everythign and they show it and are so appreaciative of evertyhing. Hugh always is nice to everybody to his drivers to his fans to the reporters it doesnt matter if they ask annoying questions or if he is tired of if its in the morning, he is always so nice. Its called HUMILITY and they should get some. It makesme wish struggling actresses could have gotten her part, girls would give their right leg for the part and she acts like this is nothing and is so rude i wish she would be more grateful.

    Not hating or anything and no im not jelous of her just anobservation. She wont last in the industry is she is known as a bitch.

  • wtf

    kristen you got money. instead of wearing your brothers clothes, go buy some nice girl clothes. maybe and maybe you will start looking like a girl and less of a drug addict.

  • candy

    NIkki and Elizabeth do smile. They always do, the rest of the cast does, except for Kristen. The paps there in Vancouver said she’s a b-tch. Rob for instance gets 100x more the craziness Kristen can imagince and he smiles all the time. He gives great interviews and he seems very overwhelmed. This is why I like Rob way better.

  • lindz

    god all of you guy need to stop hating Kristen.

  • paula


    Yeah sorry i didnt make my self too clear i meant kristen. Elizabeth and nikki always smile your so right. I wouldnt doubt for a second shes a b?tch. Completely agree with everything you said Candy a big DITTO. I like Rob too for the fact he is always so nice and pleasant to everybody and he gets the most craziness, kristen barely gets any and she acts like a brat. Rob is so great in interviews and i always feel so bad for the reporters interviewing kristen because she is rarely coherent, and she is so rude and so uninterested that i just feel horrible for the reporters. Like how awkard must it be to try and hold a conversation with a wall? SERIOUSLY

  • diana

    she’s said she likes the mullet look. she said it on an interview for a brazilian magazine.
    i agree with her. it’s SO her, this hair.

    (kristen does smile. just look through her pictures last time around in vancouver. search especially for some with green sunglasses. don’t talk about what you don’t know. i hate all the fuss on twilight, it’s such a blown out of proportion thing, but i also cannot tolerate unfairness

  • H.

    Iggles, please post this supposed “racist” quote from Jackson. I have a sneaking suspicion you have misinterpreted something he said. Jackson has never been anything but sweet and gracious in his interviews.

    As I posted earlier, please start posting about Jackson on this site too, JJ. =)

  • LOL

    WTf #24:

    Kristen can’t do that because in reality, he is a 12 year old little boy. I’m sorry, but that’s the truth. Of course that’s no excuse at why he looks like crap all the time. Taking a bath and trying to stop using drugs has nothing to do with it.

  • AB

    I guess none of you have dyed your hair jet-black and tried to go lighter. It is DAMN HARD to get that black dye off. She can’t get extensions right now because she has wear a freakin wig. So basically she’s stuck with that hairstyle and colour..for now. Please people THINK before you comment.

  • xx

    Kristen Stewart is rank. She look likes a homeless druggie 24/7. Nikki Reed is so desperate to be famous. LOL dating Paris Hilton’s ex-financee. LOLOLOLOL. What next dating Lindsay’s ex Sam?
    Media whores at their finest.

  • Bailey

    @AB: Maybe you should think. Its not hard for professionals to do that. Im a hair stylist and I do it daily. She just has enough fame now that she can refuse to do it. Simple.

  • LilyMoo

    She’s wearing a wig for “Eclipse.” @iluvrob:


    What is really going on here, is that Kristen thinks that only because she´s in a successful movie, can afford to behave like an A-List “all about art” apatic kind of actor…but guess what guys: She´s not a great actress or at least she hasn´t show it.
    She behave like she´s uncomfortable around the cameras and red carpets, but if she really doesn´t like those things…she shouldn´t had become an actress in the first place. She only behaves this way to appear interesting.

    Don´t get me wrong, I love her like Bella in Twiligh but I´m sick of her lack of interest for the fans or the lack of interest towards the movie. She seems like she doesn´t give a shit about the movie. Rob to me seems really thankful towards the fans and he´s the one who has been suffering the toll and pressure of the bussiness, not Kristen.

  • snickers

    kristen looks great so does every1 else

    i find it funny cause now kristen is the third wheel

    when nikki used to be haha

  • Vang

    ahhhhhhhh! finally Kristen! she’s looking great! wish somebody had a closeup shot. isn’t this a very offish kind of bunch? i mean the 4 of them out and about? hmmm

  • AB

    Yes you can go to a salon and have the colour stripped but your hair will be RUINED. Your hair will more than likely go an orangey/orange brown colour, so then you will have to cover it with another colour, and as your hair is so damaged, it will be more porous, therefore colour will fade, and you’ll be back to square one.

  • bebe

    what are the pictures showing us. NOTHING. big SMUG with their face but not on kristen face. she seem happy and relax. but the rest, GOD, so freaking desperate. what’s up twi-cast, like high school madness isn’t it to collaborate with your enemies. hahahahaha…………

  • kezza

    i agree post more jackson

  • props

    i give Kristen major props for not trying to look like Bella off-screen. she’s only 19 once so it’s kinda cool to see her enjoying her pseudo Joan Jett hair.

    she’s a dedicated, hard working actress who gives her all on set, personally don’t care if she smiles to the paps or not. trying keep it real and normal in this Twilight-media insanity has to be rough.

  • Janet

    kristen stewart needs to get that giant stick out of her ass. She’s a horrid actress maybes shes bitter about that?

  • bridget


    Kristen’s never been girly. I think her yearbook pictures were posted here a while ago and honestly if I didn’t know it was her I would have thought it was a boy. She’s always been slightly adrogynous but she seems comfortable so I don’t see the problem. If she doesn’t want to be “girly” off set that’s her own perrogative.

  • bridget


    WTF are you even talking about? Nikki and Elizabeth do smile for pictures and sign autographs when they’re out. They’ve been known to be extremely polite to their fans. It’s not their job to smile ALL THE TIME. They don’t have to put on a show for the paps. TBH they all just look like they’re really cold in these pictures. I’m curious as to what the weather’s like right now in Vancity.

  • get_real

    Why do you all act as if actors were obligated to suck up to their fans? These people do NOT owe something to you just because you like the book/support them/think you made them famous. Their job is acting in a movie or on TV and you can appreciate or criticize their skills, that’s legitimate but apart from that, it not of your business. And yes, there are many so-called stars that love the hype around them and being famous whereas their acting comes second, that’s their problem then. But I just don’t get this personal involvment – sure it’s fun, and I’m guilty of reading gossip as well and I don’t critize that in general: Just realize that you do not know these people and they do not owe you anything!!!!
    BTW, it’s a little stupid to judge a person, famous or not, by the amount he smiles in public. Would you rather like them being hypocrites, being lovely in public but actually not caring one bit?

  • SAint

    come on people u are real haters,that’s funny.cause they really don’t owe anything or paps. and about kristen she doesn’t gain a weight and if she likes to look like joan now at the moment being without girlish style it’s her right you know…

  • carla

    kristen is constantly harassed by the paps, do you expect her to be all smiley to them. IMPOSSIBLE!
    mullet or not, kristen is the best!!

  • nm

    Gosh, the guys of Eclipse-Cast are just the most beautiful persons in the world.

    I love Nikkis bag <33

  • Sofie

    Kristen Stewart is a drug addict

    please 12 years old have made this girl a bit popular. Shes a horrible actress & will fade away after twilight.

  • Tori

    did anyone else notice that kristen did a REALLY good job of covering her left hand???? just saying.