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Samantha Burke: Anxious For Jude Law's Baby

Samantha Burke: Anxious For Jude Law's Baby

Model Samantha Burke is the 24-year-old aspiring actress who is pregnant with Jude Law‘s daughter, Sophia.

Burke took to her blog to write about her excitement about her new daughter. She wrote, “Only a month to go until I welcome Sophia into this world. I’m excited, of course, but a little anxious too. There is still so much to do to get ready. With all that I have left to do, I’m going to sign off from this blog for now. Be sure to check back with me after Sophia arrives. I can’t wait!”

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  • angie’s old nose

    Ugh. I can’t believe he didn’t wear a condom.

  • Nancy

    It’s hard not to be suspicious of any “aspiring actress” who suddenly gets knocked up with a famous actor’s child, and then who later holds a press conference about it (and later claim NOT to be a gold digger). But hey, she’s going to be a mother, and she’s excited about it, which I suppose any expectant mother should be. So kudos. Plus, it’s Jude-freaking-Law so that baby should come out looking quite beautiful.

    However, I do think she is milking this opportunity for all its worth.

  • Samantha Burke

    getting pregnant with Jude Law = Jackpot

  • ee

    I blame Jen Garner, Katie Holmes, Gwyneth PAltrow and the rest of the actresses who got marriage by trapping the guy.
    Angelina Jolie sure didn’t waited long either to make sure Brad moves on with his divorce proceedings and wouldn’t choose to stay with his wife, once he had his fun.
    Now women think it’s a way to get what you want in such a way.
    Speaks volumes of the integrity of these women.

  • ee

    Not to mention that Brazilian who did the same to Matthew Mchaunohey.
    Though in his case, it’s also his fault, because if you are high all day long, people will take advantage of that- including shameless women.

  • Anakin

    “Be sure to check back with me after Sophia arrives. I can’t wait!”

    She’s really thinking “I can’t wait for the checks to arrive”

  • ehm

    Jared, why exactly are you posting these non news about a money grabbing wh*re on your site? What do you want to prove with it? That you are unbiased? That you post any trash as long as it is remotelly concerned with a celebrity, in this case Jude Law? That you have no feeling for news and newsworthy posts? Why? tell me, I really want to understand you. Just tell me…

  • Tom Cruise is gay

    @ee: Katie Holmes signed a contract first, she’s a beard.

  • fiona


    Jared why you don’t talk about Jude’ s Hamlet on Broadway next saturday and stop focus attention on this crap!
    Thanks in advance

  • Kia

    Ugh, not this fame w***e again!

  • louisa

    Of course she’s excited about the birth. It’s payday.

  • Davleigh

    The title of this post should be “Samantha Burke: Anxious For Jude Law’s Check”.

  • dolorescraeg

    this is the most disgusting woman on god’s earth. is this what you’ve come to jared. i’ll have to reconsider coming to this’ve neglected jude’s outstanding performance as hamlet and the fact that it’s coming to broadway for this….have we sunk so low.

  • Dellina

    Although Jude Law was stupid in not wearing a condom of course the gold digger is excited too about the baby arriving in a month. That’s when she’ll start receiving big child support payments. What easier way to ensure a worry free future free of money worries? Just get a movie star or athlete to get you pregnant and you’re set for life.

  • Dellina

    ee – you are one of the trolls on here who can’t put a sentence together. You should go back to school and learn to read and write as right now you are nothing but a joke….”Angelina Jolie sure didn’t waited long either to make sure Brad moves on with his divorce”……”didn’t waited?”

  • kate


  • Train

    Vile disgusting woman. This is the only thing she’s capable of doing for a living. I feel so sorry for this baby. She’ll be wh*ring it out to the highest bidder as soon as it hits air!

  • sweetness

    Wasn’t this the same woman who a month ago called a press conference and claimed she wanted privacy..NOW she’s got a blog…
    I feel sorry for Jude Law, looks but no brains for not using a condom…Didn’t he learn anything from the Nanny who detailed her experience with him and he was followed by that scandal..Now he’s got this model using her child by Law as a steppingstone.
    I bet this dude didn’t even demand a DNA test to prove he is indeed the daddy.

  • me

    @Nancy: Agree. You know what its Jude’s fault for not keeping it in his pants. Hopefully he learned his lesson with this one.

  • Surprise

    JudeLaw is a horndog and a stupid horndog.

    This girl,1 hour,will cost him millions.
    Well, at least some money.

    Cha-ching,let the checks roll in $$$$

  • Pie

    Smart girl set for life!

  • amy

    oh dear god ….. :(

    and p.s. dolores we’re facebook friends!

  • JaneB

    Yeah I know the whole thing smacks of entrapment – but….. can you imagine waking up every morning knowing that you’re having Jude Law’s baby?????? (Well, that’s if you like Jude Law of course, otherwise it could be your worst nightmare!). I expect she thinks that somewhere along the line Jude may want to play mummies and daddies together (and if she does – methinks she’s in for a BIG disappointment ). Jude comes across as quite a cold, angry and implacable man at times – although his new little daughter may melt his heart! Who knows?

  • lakers fan in boston

    damn she’s fugs
    not fugs but really average, he really couldnt do better than that
    shame jude, shame!

  • Train


    You may be right that she thought that at some point, but this famewh*re behavior is so far away from how Jude lives that she has shot any chance of that happening straight to hell. I wonder if he utterly despises her, now? I think he might. He really hates any part of his life being public, and she’s doing everything she can to sell this thing.


    this is a really unfortunate situation for both dad and the kid. she’ll never be any more than the trash that pulled this crap on a movie star and the kid will have to live with it. these are sorry people

  • jazz

    I promised myself I would not comment on any gossip about this appaling woman but I just want to air something.

    This is why these kind of women do this stuff because they could get their 15-minute of fame. Thanks to the internet, bloggers and gossip media who adore this kind of cheap gossip. If nobody writes about their antics, they would be forgotten in a minute.

    I abhor these women who latch to celebs so they do not have to work.
    And their families too.

  • isabella

    Jesus, i can’t freaking believe it! She’s tirando proveito of her condicion to get the attention of the media! I really feel sorry for Sophia… At the end, who will suffer most will be her. Jude Law is so stupid! if he had a bit of sense and put a condom this shame wouldn’t be happening… What kind of father of three children do something like that?!?!?! I still don’t know how Jude can look at his family eyes after what he did… This is called lack of shame in the face!

  • isabella [correct post]

    I can’t freaking believe it! She’s taking advantage of her condition to draw attention of the media! I really feel sorry for Sophia… At the end, who will suffer most will be her. Jude Law is so stupid! if he had a bit of sense and put a condom this shame wouldn’t be happening… What kind of father of three children do something like that?!?!?! I still don’t know how Jude can look at his family eyes after what he did… This is called lack of shame in the face and i say more, Jude is neither better or worse than samantha… Both are on the same level of indecency!

  • amy

    I think they both made mistakes….but I just hope she’s not a total fame whore! I happen to think she’s really beautiful…a little fat maybe but ok….

  • LuckyL

    She appears to be 40.

  • LuckyL

    And how many f****** women has this asshole impregnated anyway?

  • LuckyL

    oops, I mean a**hole*

  • Angie

    @LuckyL: Only his ex-wife.

  • bambi

    ugh gross.
    I don’t know why this dude is still getting a job in hollywood??!! His movies are crap, I hope he could dissapear.
    after what he has done to his ex-wife and sienna, the nannygate thing, and now this famewhore. and also sex with Kimberly Stewart and Lindsay Lohan.

    EWWW this guy is a wh*re…yuck.

    he’s not aging well either. double yuck!

  • Train


    Wow, men like sex, what a revelation. Actually, women do too.

    I don’t know that the thing with Lindsey Lohan was ever more than gossip. I’m not sure what you mean by “what he did to his ex-wife”. She had a teenager living in her basement when the divorce became final. She is the original cougar.

    And Sienna has out whoored herself a thousand times compared to Jude and nannygate. He apologized. Sienna just nanced around like she doesn’t give a fart who she hurts in her prsuit of happiness.

  • isabella

    Sienna Miller dind’t whoored herself! She might not be the best of girfriends but she never betrayed him like he betrayed her. About Sadie Frost, i never liked her… But both betrayed each other, so both were blamed. Now come this villainy with this patetic womam… How Jude can be so greasy?!?! i can’t imagine any guy more filthy than him! He looks like an animal! After a while he’ll have to pay alimony to a litter and his carreer will go down the tubes! I hope it happen for him to stop being a shameless!

  • JaneB

    She certainly is milking it for all its worth. Such a shame for the poor baby who doesn’t get a choice- I expect she and Sophia will be splashed across all the glossys for a fat fee. Some poor children just don’t get a chance really – it’s going to be hard growing up with this whole mess surrounding her- Samantha should just take the money she’s earned by laying on her back,shut up and go away so that her child can grow up with some dignity and not in the circus her ‘mother’ – and I use the term loosely- has created.

  • Sara

    Jeez, she didn’t get herself pregnant! Planned or otherwise, it’s his baby batter that did the trick!

  • Train

    Sienna Miller was with Daniel Craig and Hayden whatever while she was with Jude, and whined and moaned to the press at EVERY opportunity! That’s whooring herself. She has now had liasons with at least 4 attatched people ( two married with kids). She was not that betrayed!

  • isabella

    Sienna Miller start a relationship with other men after the scandal of the nanngate! If there is some betrayer in this history is Jude Law! He’s the most gross man in the world, he NEVER had a serious relationship with any womam because the only thing he can think is on his di**ck! His married with Sadie Frost was a complete scandal, being both betrayers… Then he had an affair with his KID’s nanny and still blame Sienna for that, just because she enjoyed lots of partying etc… So, im not surprised that he has a child with that famewhore, he was born to be a f***cker!

  • Train

    He NEVER blamed Sienna for his affair. And the relationships were during her engagement. Check your facts.

    and I haven’t noticed Jude crawling naked all over married persons recently, like Sluttyenna has.

    “both being betrayers”? Where did you get that?

  • Isabella

    Yes he BLAMED Sienna Miller for his affair and she was not betraying him during their engagement, that happens after the affair! If you want to check just go to google and you’ll know! It’s true Sienna betrayed him but that happened bacause she was very upset with the nannygate thing… I think it’s natural cause after all he did to her, she had her reasons to revenge! When Jude Law was married to Sadie Frost we always were informed about scandals that they did… Jude was too young when he married, he wanted to join his “young life” making lots of sex and everything… And Sadie was a freak womam, she always were flag in some freak situations and both her and jude law enjoyed make sex with other couples… Their relationship was so disturbing that untill the police were involved! One more time, check it on google! Your arguments don’t make any sense.

  • Train

    neither do you. Your tirades are incomprehesible.

  • isabella

    That’s because you are too slow, sorry!

  • Train

    or because your English is reprehesible, Honestly, you are completely illiterate.

    Show one place where Jude ever blamed, publically, Sienna for his affair. It never happened.


  • Diana

    She probably put a hole in the condom. I can hear her now singing “money-money-money-money-money” chick can’t wait for that money. Lol she is hoping to see him a second time at the birth of this child. She must be a nut job. Man don’t even remember her.

  • isabella

    My english can not be perfect but since i started posting here everybody understood what i was saying! You just can’t understand because you’re too dumb!
    Say whatever, Jude Law blamed Sienna for his affair, that’s fact! You have all the rest of your life to check that, just go to google and do a search! Do you know how to do that? If you don’t, sorry, i can’t help you, i have more important things to do than trying to explain these things to an animal like you!

  • true

    it’s true, I remember the PRESS reporting that Jude told Sienna because of her partying ways he didn’t feel cared for and that he had told her he needed her by her side and as she didn’t react the way he wanted, as a result, he felt inclined to cheat on her.
    Now, I have no idea whether this is true, because it is press gossip, but Jude HIMSELF NEVER blamed her publicly, just the opposite.

  • isabella

    Hey, finally someone with a brain!
    Yeah, he never blamed her publicly, but it’s obvious he would never do that… I remember when i read that a jude law’s friend told to press that he blamed her! Then it was publicated. And i really believe that, cause if it’s coming from Jude Law, i can expect everything! But he would never blame her publicly, cause it would be very dificult someone to believe that SHE was cause of his affair…