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Ben Affleck: Violet is Sprinkles Sweet

Ben Affleck: Violet is Sprinkles Sweet

Ben Affleck spends some quality time with two of his favorite girls — his daughter Violet Anne and his mom Christine Ann — on Sunday (September 6) in Boston, Mass.

Ben took Violet for her bi-annual check-up at the dentist followed by a cup of vanilla ice cream with ranibow sprinkles.

Jennifer Garner was on the other side of town taking Violet‘s lil sis Seraphina for a walk.

Ben has been busy in town directing and starring in his new movie The Town.

15+ pictures inside of sprinkles sweet Violet Affleck

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violet affleck sprinkles 01
violet affleck sprinkles 02
violet affleck sprinkles 03
violet affleck sprinkles 04
violet affleck sprinkles 05
violet affleck sprinkles 06
violet affleck sprinkles 07
violet affleck sprinkles 08
violet affleck sprinkles 09
violet affleck sprinkles 10
violet affleck sprinkles 11
violet affleck sprinkles 12
violet affleck sprinkles 13
violet affleck sprinkles 14
violet affleck sprinkles 15

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  • Jennifer

    I think he read the blog.

  • SouthAfricanGirl

    Ben is a changed man ever since he met Jennifer….
    Garner :)

  • y

    abbie cornish?
    sienna miller?

  • next

    Trying to to do some damage control now are you Ben,if you really want to put on a good front try taking your wife and other child too,and then i would be more impressed

  • Kia

    Wow, Ben is spending time with Violet for a change.

  • ice cream with Ben

    Ben doesn’t read this blog or any other. It’s the weekend and his family is with him.

    Chris Affleck looks a bit sick. And not joking either. I saw a few pictures of her in CA a month or 2 ago. She looks like she has lost weight. Hoping she is not ill.

  • next

    even better than that holding your wife’s hand

  • sooo

    cuteee kiddd

  • sooo

    cuteee kiddd

  • Sande

    why isn’t the gramma paying any attention to Violet? And why isn’t Jennifer with them? Have you noticed there are no pics of them as a family? Why is that??? Is there trouble???

  • life happens not in pictures

    Do some think that if a picture of a star doing something doesn’t appear on a blog, then it didn’t happen? A tree falls in a forest, if no one hears did it make a sound?

    Stars and their children don’t stay in a closet, box or locker and only come to life when a picture is taken. Ben, Jen, Sera, and Violet live in a rented house in Boston. I am sure that Ben has spent time with Violet, Sera, and Jen. WE JUST DON’T (NOR DO WE NEED) PICTURES OF THAT.

  • well

    I think he read the blog.

    More like Ken Sunshine did. LMAO. But yeah out with his mother not his wife

  • ee

    This is odd. Why aren’t the 2 parents together?

  • life happens not in pictures

    ee @ 09/07/2009 at 9:34 am This is odd. Why aren’t the 2 parents together?

    Are these pictures time stamped? Do you know that Jen was walking with Sera at the same moment Ben was with Violet??????? Goes to show that some comments don’t have a family, don’t live in realities time zone. Millions of parents take one child to a dentist, out for ice cream, shopping, book store, and all. While another parent is with a different child at a park, for a walk, taking a nap.

    Why drag a 8 month old to the dentist if you don’t have to? I wouldn’t and most parents wouldn’t.

    Further a dentist will ask you NOT to bring a young child/baby/infant to the office.

  • lizzie

    @life happens not in pictures:

    yes exactly, this is what people don’t understand.. I guess they have time to waste!

  • office fan

    LOL, boy I am glad that I don’t have random freaks commenting “that I must not love my wife or my kids because “they” don’t see enough pics of us together or I’m not smiling enough in them.” I like seeing pics of celebrities, but I would never assume to know what’s going on in their relationships based on pictures that I see on some website. Hey…but whatever makes your miserable lives have meaning. =)

  • can’t win for nothing

    Ben is working. Comments say he isn’t around.

    Weekend, Ben takes Violet to a dr. Comments say why isn’t he with Jen.

    If we saw Ben and Jen out all the time. Comments would say they don’t spend time with their children.

    If Ben and Jen were out with their children. Comments would say they aren’t kissing and making out in the street.

    Can’t win for nothing.

  • lollipop

    Its not about winning. Pictures don’t lie. Its obvious to everyone that the marriage is dead. Life goes on.

  • well

    Oh please. When Affleck was trying to change his image he’d make sure the paps had pictures of him and Garner. In fact he’d invite them to his office in Santa Monica. Then once he realized Garner and a baby wasn’t helping him it all with his image it became oh I remember I hate the paparazzi. I know, I’ll go to Africa and get in on that whole trying to make the world a better place thing and see where it gets me. Puleeeeeeze! This is Ben Affleck that set up a “candid” moment with USweekly because he didn’t like how his hair looked in a photo then ran

  • !!!

    u know if Ben and Jennifer (esspecially) spent the amount of time working on movies, then “strolling” around, they might actually produce something decent and worth watching………

  • go sox

    Did it occur to anyone that maybe Jen is home with the baby, who may be napping???? Such stupid specualtion. Seriously!

    Just a funny tid-bit here……sprinkles are called “Jimmies” here in Boston.

  • !!!

    @SouthAfricanGirl: …..yea u got that right……he’s boring as hell!!!!!!

  • Ow

    Don’t tell me that Violet is still on the bottle? Affleck is holding one and the caption says after the Dentist they went out for ice cream and a cupcake with jimmies. I know she’s 1. Still in diapers and 2. Still using a pacifier…..but the bottle at 4? wth? And look at Chris Affleck’s legs. She has massive brown spots all over them and one under her eye

  • Ow

    Sorry a cup of ice cream with jimmies not a cupcake. I was too distracted by the baby bottle lol

  • Lplusfpluse

    Yeah he might have read the blog… :) But I mean if they both took their daughters for a stroll, why couldn’t they have done this together?!

  • Dellina

    Wow you trolls will find negativity anywhere you can even if none exists. It’s fun reading your nonsense though so keep it up. It’s good for a laugh.

  • sippy cup

    Dumb comment. It is not a bottle Ben is holding, it is a sippy cup with the spout up. Gosh!

  • slow

    It’s concerning that Violet still wears pullups, has a pacifier, rides in a stroller and now it appears she still drinks from a bottle. Is she feeling the emotional strain?

  • sippy cup

    Duh, sippy cups don’t have nipples. It’s a baby bottle with handles. Most doctors recommend weaning from the bottle at age one. It’s bad for the teeth, ergo the dentist visit.

  • Ow

    I didn’t realize sippy cups had NIPPLES ON THEM! Enlarge the photo moron. It’s clear as day

  • well

    You can just imagine the type of cr*p every other celebrity mother would get if her 4 yr old was still in diapers, sucking on a pacifier and STILL ON THE BOTTLE! But because Garner dresses like a slob and is seen 24/7 with Violet she’s the bestest motha evah! GMAFB.

    That kid will be put into a special ed class if they don’t have her potty trained by 5 or by the time she gets into kindergarten.

  • well

    Oh and ad a celebrity couple that’s never together with two kids between them or a father that takes off to Africa in the days leading up to his child’s birth. They don’t get written about because most people don’t care about them

  • name calling not nice

    Hey 29 and 30, get out from under your rock much?

    Is so a sippy cup!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Thermos Leak Proof Sippy Cup with Handles
    Avent 2 Magic Cups With Trainer Handles
    Avent 2 Magic Cups With Trainer Handles

    Enlarge those pictures and compare.

  • Ow

    Most doctors recommend weaning from the bottle at age one. It’s bad for the teeth, ergo the dentist visit.


    Violet’s teeth have bigger problems then still being on the bottle at that age. She has massive spaces between her teeth.

  • Sweetness

    Cute pics.

    What is wrong with some of you people?

    I get the impression that some of you are children playing on the internet. You guys are just making things up about people you don’t know. Looking at paparazzi photos does not gives you the true reality of any ones life.

    I don’t think Ben and Jen read websites and then puts on a show just to shut down the nonsense on the blogs. They know that people will continue to make up rumors about them. For the simple fact that you negative people have no lives. People who sit around all day and make up stuff about other people on blogs, need to venture out and see how real people live. Then maybe you will not be so judgmental about a few photos. Some of you need to get some new hobbies other then story telling on blogs.

  • hey Stevie Wonder

    name calling not nice @ 09/07/2009 at 11:00 am


    Dude, regardless of whether it’s a sippy cup or not it has a big ass nipple on the top of it. LMAO

  • haters go away

    Not a bottle.

    Ben was not in Africa a “few days before”. He went to Africa in Sept/Oct. Sera was born in Jan. I know time flies but isn’t that a stretch?

  • lol

    Look at people trying to say that isn’t a nipple on the bottle. ROTFL.

  • haters go away

    Most dentist recommend that 3-4 yr olds visit the dentist on a regular basis.

    Besides do we have a picture of Violet in a dentist chair? Nope!

    Ben could have taken Violet to visit a friend. Some assume a lot from some pics.

  • It’s a NIPPLE

    You think that people can’t see the rubberized nipple on the top of that thing? The kid still uses a bottle, is on a pacifier and wears diapers still at 4 yrs old. And I agree about the kid being put in special ed.

    A child has to be potty trained to attend school and if they aren’t they have to be put in a special ed class. Exactly who’s going to change the kid? Let alone that she’s 4 and eating solid food. Gross Jennifer

  • Kate

    “Jennifer Garner was on the other side of town”
    Ben should dump that b!tch.

  • name calling not nice

    Thermos Leak Proof Sippy Cup with Handles
    Avent 2 Magic Cups
    Avent 2 Magic Cups

    Not a bottle!

    My reusable h2o bottle has a rubber spout. Doesn’t make it a bottle.

  • It’s a NIPPLE

    That’s not even the same cup. face it the kid still uses a bottle.

  • leah

    Details, details…. a dentist that works on Sundays?

    “Ben took Violet for her bi-annual check-up at the dentist followed by a cup of vanilla ice cream with ranibow sprinkles.

    Jennifer Garner was on the other side of town taking Violet’s lil sis Seraphina for a walk.”

    Just the facts, Jared.

    Jennifer Garner & Seraphina Affleck: Sunday Stroll

  • It’s a NIPPLE, not

    #40. So what if all you say is correct. Not your child. Not your dime. Not your business.

  • HA HA

    Look at people trying to convince everyone that it’s not a giant nipple on the top of that thing. It’s a thermalized bottle with a nipple on the top. OBVIOUS

  • leah

    On Labor Day Weekend? Bahahaha!

  • ben fan

    Ben rocks as a dad. Way to go taking V. to the dentist.

  • HA HA

    Not your dime. Not your business
    Technically it’s every American’s business because our tax dollars go to funding special education

  • bloggers in need of Sp ed

    only ppl here needing sp ed is some crazy bloggers. get a life already. being mean to a 3 year old make you feel important?