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Ben Affleck: Violet is Sprinkles Sweet

Ben Affleck: Violet is Sprinkles Sweet

Ben Affleck spends some quality time with two of his favorite girls — his daughter Violet Anne and his mom Christine Ann — on Sunday (September 6) in Boston, Mass.

Ben took Violet for her bi-annual check-up at the dentist followed by a cup of vanilla ice cream with ranibow sprinkles.

Jennifer Garner was on the other side of town taking Violet‘s lil sis Seraphina for a walk.

Ben has been busy in town directing and starring in his new movie The Town.

15+ pictures inside of sprinkles sweet Violet Affleck

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142 Responses to “Ben Affleck: Violet is Sprinkles Sweet”

  1. 1
    Jennifer Says:

    I think he read the blog.

  2. 2
    SouthAfricanGirl Says:

    Ben is a changed man ever since he met Jennifer….
    Garner :)

  3. 3
    y Says:

    abbie cornish?
    sienna miller?

  4. 4
    next Says:

    Trying to to do some damage control now are you Ben,if you really want to put on a good front try taking your wife and other child too,and then i would be more impressed

  5. 5
    Kia Says:

    Wow, Ben is spending time with Violet for a change.

  6. 6
    ice cream with Ben Says:

    Ben doesn’t read this blog or any other. It’s the weekend and his family is with him.

    Chris Affleck looks a bit sick. And not joking either. I saw a few pictures of her in CA a month or 2 ago. She looks like she has lost weight. Hoping she is not ill.

  7. 7
    next Says:

    even better than that holding your wife’s hand

  8. 8
    sooo Says:

    cuteee kiddd

  9. 9
    sooo Says:

    cuteee kiddd

  10. 10
    Sande Says:

    why isn’t the gramma paying any attention to Violet? And why isn’t Jennifer with them? Have you noticed there are no pics of them as a family? Why is that??? Is there trouble???

  11. 11
    life happens not in pictures Says:

    Do some think that if a picture of a star doing something doesn’t appear on a blog, then it didn’t happen? A tree falls in a forest, if no one hears did it make a sound?

    Stars and their children don’t stay in a closet, box or locker and only come to life when a picture is taken. Ben, Jen, Sera, and Violet live in a rented house in Boston. I am sure that Ben has spent time with Violet, Sera, and Jen. WE JUST DON’T (NOR DO WE NEED) PICTURES OF THAT.

  12. 12
    well Says:

    I think he read the blog.

    More like Ken Sunshine did. LMAO. But yeah out with his mother not his wife

  13. 13
    ee Says:

    This is odd. Why aren’t the 2 parents together?

  14. 14
    life happens not in pictures Says:

    ee @ 09/07/2009 at 9:34 am This is odd. Why aren’t the 2 parents together?

    Are these pictures time stamped? Do you know that Jen was walking with Sera at the same moment Ben was with Violet??????? Goes to show that some comments don’t have a family, don’t live in realities time zone. Millions of parents take one child to a dentist, out for ice cream, shopping, book store, and all. While another parent is with a different child at a park, for a walk, taking a nap.

    Why drag a 8 month old to the dentist if you don’t have to? I wouldn’t and most parents wouldn’t.

    Further a dentist will ask you NOT to bring a young child/baby/infant to the office.

  15. 15
    lizzie Says:

    @life happens not in pictures:

    yes exactly, this is what people don’t understand.. I guess they have time to waste!

  16. 16
    office fan Says:

    LOL, boy I am glad that I don’t have random freaks commenting “that I must not love my wife or my kids because “they” don’t see enough pics of us together or I’m not smiling enough in them.” I like seeing pics of celebrities, but I would never assume to know what’s going on in their relationships based on pictures that I see on some website. Hey…but whatever makes your miserable lives have meaning. =)

  17. 17
    can't win for nothing Says:

    Ben is working. Comments say he isn’t around.

    Weekend, Ben takes Violet to a dr. Comments say why isn’t he with Jen.

    If we saw Ben and Jen out all the time. Comments would say they don’t spend time with their children.

    If Ben and Jen were out with their children. Comments would say they aren’t kissing and making out in the street.

    Can’t win for nothing.

  18. 18
    lollipop Says:

    Its not about winning. Pictures don’t lie. Its obvious to everyone that the marriage is dead. Life goes on.

  19. 19
    well Says:

    Oh please. When Affleck was trying to change his image he’d make sure the paps had pictures of him and Garner. In fact he’d invite them to his office in Santa Monica. Then once he realized Garner and a baby wasn’t helping him it all with his image it became oh I remember I hate the paparazzi. I know, I’ll go to Africa and get in on that whole trying to make the world a better place thing and see where it gets me. Puleeeeeeze! This is Ben Affleck that set up a “candid” moment with USweekly because he didn’t like how his hair looked in a photo then ran

  20. 20
    !!! Says:

    u know if Ben and Jennifer (esspecially) spent the amount of time working on movies, then “strolling” around, they might actually produce something decent and worth watching………

  21. 21
    go sox Says:

    Did it occur to anyone that maybe Jen is home with the baby, who may be napping???? Such stupid specualtion. Seriously!

    Just a funny tid-bit here……sprinkles are called “Jimmies” here in Boston.

  22. 22
    !!! Says:

    @SouthAfricanGirl: …..yea u got that right……he’s boring as hell!!!!!!

  23. 23
    Ow Says:

    Don’t tell me that Violet is still on the bottle? Affleck is holding one and the caption says after the Dentist they went out for ice cream and a cupcake with jimmies. I know she’s 1. Still in diapers and 2. Still using a pacifier…..but the bottle at 4? wth? And look at Chris Affleck’s legs. She has massive brown spots all over them and one under her eye

  24. 24
    Ow Says:

    Sorry a cup of ice cream with jimmies not a cupcake. I was too distracted by the baby bottle lol

  25. 25
    Lplusfpluse Says:

    Yeah he might have read the blog… :) But I mean if they both took their daughters for a stroll, why couldn’t they have done this together?!

  26. 26
    Dellina Says:

    Wow you trolls will find negativity anywhere you can even if none exists. It’s fun reading your nonsense though so keep it up. It’s good for a laugh.

  27. 27
    sippy cup Says:

    Dumb comment. It is not a bottle Ben is holding, it is a sippy cup with the spout up. Gosh!

  28. 28
    slow Says:

    It’s concerning that Violet still wears pullups, has a pacifier, rides in a stroller and now it appears she still drinks from a bottle. Is she feeling the emotional strain?

  29. 29
    sippy cup Says:

    Duh, sippy cups don’t have nipples. It’s a baby bottle with handles. Most doctors recommend weaning from the bottle at age one. It’s bad for the teeth, ergo the dentist visit.

  30. 30
    Ow Says:

    I didn’t realize sippy cups had NIPPLES ON THEM! Enlarge the photo moron. It’s clear as day

  31. 31
    well Says:

    You can just imagine the type of cr*p every other celebrity mother would get if her 4 yr old was still in diapers, sucking on a pacifier and STILL ON THE BOTTLE! But because Garner dresses like a slob and is seen 24/7 with Violet she’s the bestest motha evah! GMAFB.

    That kid will be put into a special ed class if they don’t have her potty trained by 5 or by the time she gets into kindergarten.

  32. 32
    well Says:

    Oh and ad a celebrity couple that’s never together with two kids between them or a father that takes off to Africa in the days leading up to his child’s birth. They don’t get written about because most people don’t care about them

  33. 33
    name calling not nice Says:

    Hey 29 and 30, get out from under your rock much?

    Is so a sippy cup!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Thermos Leak Proof Sippy Cup with Handles
    Avent 2 Magic Cups With Trainer Handles
    Avent 2 Magic Cups With Trainer Handles

    Enlarge those pictures and compare.

  34. 34
    Ow Says:

    Most doctors recommend weaning from the bottle at age one. It’s bad for the teeth, ergo the dentist visit.


    Violet’s teeth have bigger problems then still being on the bottle at that age. She has massive spaces between her teeth.

  35. 35
    Sweetness Says:

    Cute pics.

    What is wrong with some of you people?

    I get the impression that some of you are children playing on the internet. You guys are just making things up about people you don’t know. Looking at paparazzi photos does not gives you the true reality of any ones life.

    I don’t think Ben and Jen read websites and then puts on a show just to shut down the nonsense on the blogs. They know that people will continue to make up rumors about them. For the simple fact that you negative people have no lives. People who sit around all day and make up stuff about other people on blogs, need to venture out and see how real people live. Then maybe you will not be so judgmental about a few photos. Some of you need to get some new hobbies other then story telling on blogs.

  36. 36
    hey Stevie Wonder Says:

    name calling not nice @ 09/07/2009 at 11:00 am


    Dude, regardless of whether it’s a sippy cup or not it has a big ass nipple on the top of it. LMAO

  37. 37
    haters go away Says:

    Not a bottle.

    Ben was not in Africa a “few days before”. He went to Africa in Sept/Oct. Sera was born in Jan. I know time flies but isn’t that a stretch?

  38. 38
    lol Says:

    Look at people trying to say that isn’t a nipple on the bottle. ROTFL.

  39. 39
    haters go away Says:

    Most dentist recommend that 3-4 yr olds visit the dentist on a regular basis.

    Besides do we have a picture of Violet in a dentist chair? Nope!

    Ben could have taken Violet to visit a friend. Some assume a lot from some pics.

  40. 40
    It's a NIPPLE Says:

    You think that people can’t see the rubberized nipple on the top of that thing? The kid still uses a bottle, is on a pacifier and wears diapers still at 4 yrs old. And I agree about the kid being put in special ed.

    A child has to be potty trained to attend school and if they aren’t they have to be put in a special ed class. Exactly who’s going to change the kid? Let alone that she’s 4 and eating solid food. Gross Jennifer

  41. 41
    Kate Says:

    “Jennifer Garner was on the other side of town”
    Ben should dump that b!tch.

  42. 42
    name calling not nice Says:

    Thermos Leak Proof Sippy Cup with Handles
    Avent 2 Magic Cups
    Avent 2 Magic Cups

    Not a bottle!

    My reusable h2o bottle has a rubber spout. Doesn’t make it a bottle.

  43. 43
    It's a NIPPLE Says:

    That’s not even the same cup. face it the kid still uses a bottle.

  44. 44
    leah Says:

    Details, details…. a dentist that works on Sundays?

    “Ben took Violet for her bi-annual check-up at the dentist followed by a cup of vanilla ice cream with ranibow sprinkles.

    Jennifer Garner was on the other side of town taking Violet’s lil sis Seraphina for a walk.”

    Just the facts, Jared.

    Jennifer Garner & Seraphina Affleck: Sunday Stroll

  45. 45
    It's a NIPPLE, not Says:

    #40. So what if all you say is correct. Not your child. Not your dime. Not your business.

  46. 46
    HA HA Says:

    Look at people trying to convince everyone that it’s not a giant nipple on the top of that thing. It’s a thermalized bottle with a nipple on the top. OBVIOUS

  47. 47
    leah Says:

    On Labor Day Weekend? Bahahaha!

  48. 48
    ben fan Says:

    Ben rocks as a dad. Way to go taking V. to the dentist.

  49. 49
    HA HA Says:

    Not your dime. Not your business
    Technically it’s every American’s business because our tax dollars go to funding special education

  50. 50
    bloggers in need of Sp ed Says:

    only ppl here needing sp ed is some crazy bloggers. get a life already. being mean to a 3 year old make you feel important?

  51. 51
    sweetness Says:

    maybe Ben and Jennifer are doing the Gwyneth and Chris Martin thing.

    They made a conscience decision NOT to appear together so paps can’t take pics that people dissect their relationship on whether they are together or not. Ben has learned from his days of being with JLo not to exploit his relationship with the paps because then they will follow them relentlessly.

  52. 52
    chavala Says:

    haha here we go with the family pics…From the first moment the flirting photos appeared, i knew we´d see ben pics with his family. Second part photos with her wife in few days!!I don´t have to say anything bad about garner, but ben is such a fraud. Take your director career seriously ben, because your actor´s career is over!

  53. 53
    Ah Says:

    The kid will be 4 in less then 3 mos

  54. 54
    carly Says:

    to chavala @ 09/07/2009 at 11:20 am

    Reason we see Ben with Violet this weekend is because this is the first weekend they have been in Boston together for a few weeks.

    So much is read into a few pictures.

  55. 55
    HA HA Says:

    being mean to a 3 year old make you feel important?


    I don’t think anyone is being mean to Violet. They’re just pointing out the obvious and some people are flipping out that they did. lol

  56. 56
    OW Says:

    Yeah that’s not a nipple. ROTFLMAO

  57. 57
    well Says:

    After few weeks ,we will see Ben is in NYC,grapping a childish blonde bimbo who is holding a mini dog

    Violet ,your daddy is not into you mommy any more ,your daddy is into the bombshell or blonde wh***

  58. 58
    lollipop is special ed Says:

    The only ones here that are special ed are the posters. You are all ridiculous. By the way, Ken Sunshine isn’t ben’s publicist anymore. And the last thing they are going to do is read Just Jared. Ben has said he doesnt read the internet or blogs because of the idiots on them. Or what he said actually was the negativity but he could have said idiots because that’s who comes to Just Jared and obsesses over the Afflecks.
    By the way that is a Thermos sippy cup with handles but what’s more important, you children, is that Chris Affleck’s appearance since she was with her son shortly after Sera’s birth in California. I hope its just that she was caught without makeup but I’m worried its more. but you creeps like Lollipop are too caught up in insisting a sippy cup is a bottle!

  59. 59
    leah Says:

    These bottle/cup combo look like it converts for the child. I know I had my two boys close together and it can be very tough if you do not have the 1st completely off the bottle before the 2nd is born. (Problems galore with my oldest.) Sometimes they regress when the little one comes along. A sippy type cup almost becomes like a bottle to them. I bet the little one gets weaned early to a real cup and that will fix all problems with Violet.

  60. 60
    Ah Says:

    Lively has nothing to do with this. He’s directing the movie she’s in. Regardless the reality is he and his wife appear to live separate lives and are barely ever together if at all. While I agree pap pics are only snippets in their lives the point is they’re mostly on opposite sides of the country doing their own thing and Garner is mostly with the kids alone or with Victor Garber.

    But part of that falls on Garner. She’s said it and Affleck has said it she barely trusts him alone with the kids. But look at her, 4 yr old in diapers, still using a bottle and pacifier. Ugh

  61. 61
    Ben's Mom????????????????????? Says:

    “Chris Affleck’s appearance since she was with her son shortly after Sera’s birth in California. I hope its just that she was caught without makeup but I’m worried its more.”

    I agree. Seems like is might not be in the best of health. She was photographed just a while ago with Ben and Jen in LA. Her appearance in these pics looks very different.

  62. 62
    lol Says:

    Jennifer didn’t have her children close together.

    People need to stop insisting that it’s a sippy cup. We get it. It’s a thermalized sippy cup BUT THE KID IS USING A NIPPLE ON IT NOT A LITTLE SPOUT!!!!

  63. 63
    anja Says:

    the nippled sippy cup belongs to ben. end of story.

  64. 64
    Ashley Says:

    Violet is so cut

  65. 65
    googles Says:

    @name calling not nice:

    Okay, I googled it:

    “For many babies,
    beginning to drink from a cup is the start of an exciting stage: learning to feed themselves!
    The Magic Trainer Cup is perfect for beginners, so your baby can feel confident when reaching for a cup.”

    It’s a freaking baby bottle.

  66. 66
    a realist Says:

    office fan @ 09/07/2009 at 9:44 am #16

    LOL, boy I am glad that I don’t have random freaks commenting “that I must not love my wife or my kids because “they” don’t see enough pics of us together or I’m not smiling enough in them.” I like seeing pics of celebrities, but I would never assume to know what’s going on in their relationships based on pictures that I see on some website. Hey…but whatever makes your miserable lives have meaning. =)
    This great comment bears repeating.

  67. 67
    Whatever Says:

    It’s obviously a nipple on that thing bottle, sippy cup or whatever you want to call it. It’s a big a** nipple on it. Thus, it is a bottle.

    Anyway his mother looks like she has vitilago. Someone on the other page mentioned it. Her skin is all blotchy and it’s not peeliing from a sunburn

  68. 68
    Whatever Says:

    her skin looks like t his

  69. 69
    common sense Says:

    googles @ 09/07/2009 at 11:41 am

    wonderful that you know how to use google. Now, do you have any common sense, or chidlren?

    Sippy cups come in stages, and various sizes. Because that is an example doesn’t mean Violet has the baby one.

    Many, many, many millions of preschoolers have sippy cups.

  70. 70
    a realist Says:

    That is NOT a nipple. That is the spout of the sippy cup.

  71. 71
    sue Says:

    vitiligo you bottle obsessed fool.

  72. 72
    Jane Says:

    That certainly is a sippy cup with the spout up. IT IS NOT A NIPPLE. I have seen many sippy cups.

  73. 73
    Stevie Wonder Says:

    Everyone understands it’s a damn sippy cup. That’s not the point. The thing has a nipple on it. But if it makes you feel better that Jannifer Garner’s 4 yr old isn’t still on the bottle then by all means say it’s not a nipple when it’s clearly a nipple top. Oh and while you’re at it say Violet isn’t in diapers and doesn’t suck on a pacifer either. Whatever gets you through lol

  74. 74
    an idea Says:

    To all that comment on Violet needing Special Ed. Here is an idea. How about spend some of your FREE time in a Special Ed. class helping some of the students INSTEAD of spending it here commenting on 5 seconds of Ben Affleck’s life!

    More Vol. a teacher has the less tax payers dollars are being spent and the more time a teacher has to spend with each child.

  75. 75
    Noticias de famosos Says:

    Ben and daughter Violet are equal, the two and Jennifer make a beautiful family.

  76. 76
    denise Says:

    Maybe the woman in the pic is not his mother, but is another family member.

    By the way, Ben is carrying a sippy cup with the spout up.

  77. 77
    Shannon Says:

    It’s a cup with a nipple on it. It’s pretty obvious and clearly seen in these photos. I think most people who are mothers or not know what a bottle with a nipple on it looks like and if you don’t there isn’t much more to say.

  78. 78
    Shannon Says:

    That’s Ben’s mother

  79. 79
    Hysterical Says:

    People are honestly trying to say that is not a nipple? Sit down

  80. 80
    lollipop Says:

    THAT is a sippy cup with its spout up you nipple obsessed fool. You all insisting on it being a nipple are coming across as a bit wacko. Obsessed much? Give it up you are WRONG.

  81. 81
    Stevie wonder is mad Says:

    @Hysterical: .

    YOU SIT DOWN: That is a sippy cup with its spout up– you nipple obssessed fool. You are wrong so why dont you just give up? Trying to tell is black is white– keep on repeating it won’t make it true.

  82. 82
    big brother Says:


    You would be correct. Ken Sunshine is an a*shole, btw.

  83. 83
    kj Says:

    @office fan: Couldn’t have said it better my self :-)

  84. 84



  85. 85
    kj Says:

    @Ow: That’s just pathetic. Can’t keep the bashing to ben and jen, you got to bring the kid and grandma into it? Loser

  86. 86
    Ew Says:

    Every time I see either one of them all I can think of is Kevn Smith telling everyone how Affleck called him and said

    “I just f*cked Elektra in the mouth”

    And yeah it’s a nipple

  87. 87
    garner affleck fan Says:

    everyone just leave them alone!!!!!

  88. 88
    Hysterical Says:

    LMAO. Stop trying to prove it’s not a nipple. It is and everyone knows it.

  89. 89
    Cindy Brady Says:

    Garner probably talks to Violet in that fake baby talk voice she loves to use. No surprise the kid has stunted growth.

  90. 90
    Wow Says:


    That’s a sippy spout you idiot. GET OVER IT ITS NOT A NIPPLE you obessessed FOOL!

  91. 91
    Get over it Says:

    This is a stanless steel sippy cup. Notice the top of it. Affleck is holding one with a nipple on it.

  92. 92
    shamrock Says:


    Sweentess, thanks for the laugh this morning. Storytelling on blogs is what this JJ world is all about. lol

    Anyhow, my heart is beating so fast, as it’s so warm and sweet to see Ben with Violet, and Mommy taking a stroll together. I hope his Mom is doing well. Also, my wishes are Ben is on good terms with all in the family currently.

    Good Luck to Ben on this film and I truly believe he is a kind, gentle, loving, soul that is misunderstood so many times in the public eye and media scoop.

    If all of you could go back to your life and work on that, you would be so much more productive. Life is short, the world needs our help. Use this energy and produce something positive, instead of knocking a family you don’t even know.

    Peace and Love to the Affleck clan~

  93. 93
    Weirdos Says:

    Mommy? Is she yours?

  94. 94
    Celebwatcher Says:

    They are quite a strange couple. I wonder if they’re doing this on purpose or are secretly separated.

    Nicole Kidman pregnant???Find out at!!! And get a free psychic reading just ask how.

  95. 95
    GET OVER IT YOU!~ Says:

    @Get over it:

    NO YOU GET OVER IT! That’s not the same sippy cup TURKEY! HE one Ben is holding has a SPOUT ON IT!!!!

  96. 96
    ben the womanizer Says:

    Ew @ 09/07/2009 at 12:17 pm

    Every time I see either one of them all I can think of is Kevn Smith telling everyone how Affleck called him and said

    “I just f*cked Elektra in the mouth”

    And yeah it’s a nipple

    Read more:


  97. 97
    wow Says:

    this guy is sucha douche hahahahah

  98. 98
    lollipop Says:

    Obviously you can’t read because I never made a comment about some dumb*ass sippy cup. I simply said its obvious the marriage is DEAD. End of story. Next…By the way, reading is an important comprehension skill, perhaps you should learn it.

  99. 99
    a spade is a spade Says:


    I love Kevin Smiths candid humor, but that thought just made me vomit in my mouth.

  100. 100
    a spade is a spade Says:

    Her PR team needs to tell her to lose those glasses. How does someone who has money end up looking like she shops at Walmart?

  101. 101
    a bridge to sell ya Says:

    If some believe everything you read then I have a bridge to sell you.

    Kevin Smith says and prints a lot of stuff on his blog, 99.9% of the time; Kevin talking out of the side of his mouth. I don’t think Ben and Kevin are that close anymore.

  102. 102
    Lola Says:

    Doesn’t anyone find it odd that on one of Ben’s few days off (since he’s both acting and directing The Town) that he would hang out with Violet and his mom while Jen is on the other side of town with the baby?

    Why wouldn’t they all just hang out together during what must be a busy time for Ben?

  103. 103
    not strange Says:

    Lola @ 09/07/2009 at 2:49 pm

    I don’t find it strange. Ben gets up with his family, leaves the family home to take Violet to the dentist/ice cream returns home to Jen and Sera.

    Why is that strange?

    Ben is then at home with Violet and Sera, Jen goes to the local food store? Not strange.

    A couple/family can spend time together without it being 24/7. Much like many families across the country do everyday. Mom/Dad or Mom or Dad goes to work, one takes children on errands. Mother or Father or both get home from work. Maybe one child has to go to soccer practice another child ballet across town. One parent one way with one child another a different way. They then return home to be together. Not strange, very normal in fact.

  104. 104
    weird Says:

    @not strange: shut up & get a life. you dont know anything

  105. 105
    Lola Says:

    It is strange that on what must be one of Ben’s few days off, they wouldn’t choose to go out as a family. Ben’s mother could go with him and Violet to the dentist but Jen and Sera couldn’t? Instead Jen had to take Sera out on a walk alone?

    OPEN YOUR EYES- something’s up.

  106. 106
    I disagree Says:

    I agree with not strange. They are a NORMAL FAMILY. Unlike ones that live their lives for pap attention. If they DID go to the dentist, that is not the best place for a little baby. Its normal for a family to take one on an errand and the other stays with the other kid. IT MEANS NOTHING. You are TRYING TO MAKE IT SOMETHING!!!! WHY>?????????????????????? WHATS IT TO YOU??????

  107. 107
    Why is Lola so obsessed Says:

    It seems strange that Ben Affleck woudl have 106 commnents and counting. Is like he’s become Bradgelina to the Brandgeloonies on this site! It had no idea the Afflecks had that much interest for everybody.

  108. 108
    mimi Says:

    @Why is Lola so obsessed: I think Ben is getting more comments than usual since people saw pictures of him smiling. It is rare when people see Ben smiling these days and they are wondering what’s up with that, especially when he seemed so happy and comfortable in the company of his co-star.

  109. 109
    leah Says:

    How many dentists work on Sundays?

  110. 110
    You are wrong mimi Says:

    You are wrong mimi:
    Actually, it seems as though Ben is getting more comments than usual becuase some people cant tell the difference between a rubber nipple and a spout on a sippie cup!
    That is the overwhelming subject i can see on this thread!
    Some people have nothing to do on Labor Day off

  111. 111
    You are wrong mimi Says:

    Celebrity dentists!!

  112. 112
    4xshare Says:

    Ben and jenn have so many comments lately since ben appeared smiling with Blake. That´s all. I don´t care if they are together, they are bored or what,but ben is a womanizer and a pocker and sex addict. He used to date famous women like Jlo and Paltrow when he was young and sexy, and then his image was so bad he decided to play the family and easy- going man, when he is the opposite. You only have to see his smile with blonde bimbos and his “smile?” when he spends time with his family. I doubt this couple is going to break up,Ben thinks he needs this image to have success, when his career is dying. But Violet and Serafina are very very cute, they are innocent children, don´t trash them

  113. 113
    You are full of it Says:

    Ben is not a womanizer, not since he’s been with Jen anyway. She’s the best thing to happen to him and he knows it. His “reputation” is just that = it has nothing to do with reality. When you see him with his family, he is being followed by Paps and he doesnt want them around his family, of course he could hit them I think he wants to I’ve seen him come close to it. I think he looks happy when he is on his set, Blake has nothing to do with it, he’s gald for the publicity for his film.People are STUPID to be making out like they arent happy becuase of that. Look at the pictures today on Lanie Gossip he looks happy to be filming there too. It has nothing to do with happiness with his wife or children. You are all such chidlren.

  114. 114
    I agree Says:

    They are a sweet couple:

    He’s protective of his family and doesnt like them photographed! Leave him and Jen alone! They are in love

  115. 115
    ria Says:

    Ben sucks as an actor his movie just bombed.

  116. 116
    ria Says:

    Its not “his” movie its Jason Batemans. He had a small supporting role and he got all the good reviews so don’t blame him.

  117. 117
    Huh? Says:

    @I agree: in love ??????? Haha your are crazy!!!!!!! They’re never together! Everrrrrr!!!!!!!!! He looks so much cuter with Blake

  118. 118
    4xshare Says:

    113, Are you serious?Don´t you remember when he appeared with a periodist sitting on his knees, groping her and talking about her tits?He was with garner at that time.But i don´t care, think what you want. He has the reputation he deserves. Perhaps that´s why his career as actor is dying, except if he´s in a movie with aniston, barrymore and johansson at the same time. At that point some of you are ridiculous, sorry

  119. 119
    megameg Says:

    @go sox: Hello. A nanny traveled with them. The nanny is with the baby

  120. 120
    ria Says:

    @ria: Yeah, yeah, whenever Ben’s movie’s bomb it’s someone else’s fault. Yeah, yeah right, LMAO!. I bet if it did good, everyone would be saying it was Ben’s movie…

  121. 121
    benfan Says:

    Some of you obsessed Jen fans REALLY believe Ben Affleck will stay with Jen forever? Keep drinking the kool-aid, kids. These two are separated – they are apart more than they are together. And yes, it IS strange when a “normal” family who haven’t seen each other for months, on the one day he gets off, they are NOT together. Give me a break, ppl. Something is not right in this marriage not to mention Ben’s misery and “I’m chained” comments he makes in interviews. Also, when he imitates Jen, he makes her sound like a commanding and controlling beeyatch that orders him around. I think Jared wrote it straight up when he wrote: Jen’s 2 FAVORITE girls – Violet and mom. I would say Sera’s next. Then matt. Jen is replaceable. You know what they say, first wife replaced with younger wife. Third wife, Asian. Go Ben, do it while the kids are young so they won’t remember. Life is too short to be miserable (Ben) or live in denial about another sinking marriage (Jen’s 2nd marriage is going down the drain isn’t it).

  122. 122
    missme Says:

    Hahah I love it: following up at the dentist with ice cream ;)

  123. 123
    benfan Says:

    That’s a bottle. I don’t freaking care if it has modern day handles. Nipple = bottle. Ask any mom. But it’s okay b/c on the other posts, apparently Violet goes to a special needs school and is developmentally challenged thus the tantrums, bottles, pull-ups and pacifiers at almost 4 yrs. old. Plus, it doesn’t help that she’s raised by nannies, mom and dad live separately and they are always traveling or gone. Yup, what a “normal’ couple! Normal HOLLYWOOD THAT IS.

  124. 124
    benfan Says:

    That’s a bottle. I don’t freaking care if it has modern day handles. Nipple = bottle. Ask any mom. But it’s okay b/c on the other posts, apparently Violet goes to a special needs school and is developmentally challenged thus the tantrums, bottles, pull-ups and pacifiers at almost 4 yrs. old. Plus, it doesn’t help that she’s raised by nannies, mom and dad live separately and they are always traveling or gone. Yup, what a “normal’ couple! Normal HOLLYWOOD THAT IS.

  125. 125
    not strange Says:

    The day after the Ben/Blake photos, was a picture of Ben on set smiling. He was talking to males on the set. We was pretending to shoot an air gun. (google it).

    Does that mean he is “doing” the guy he was talking to? Or that he treats men like gargabe? Nope, means he was smiling while trying to give some directions. Nothing more nothing less. Same damn thing with the Blake pictures.

  126. 126
    kj Says:

    @Lola: No I don’t find it odd they didn’t hang out together. You are seeing maybe 5 minutes of the day in a few photos and that’s it. You can do seperate things and still be in love. How do you know they didn’t hang out with each other later in the day or even at home? You don’t, only they know. It always baffles me how people see a few photos and makes up there minds about people they have never met and probably never will.
    All I know is that me and my old man don’t feel the need to cling to each other 24 hrs a day or try to meet someone else expectation on what our relationship should be.
    Probably you and the other ones out asking these stupid questions are probably clingy obnoxious people who don’t do well in relationships cause you have to a have a short leash on your mate.

  127. 127
    YLG Says:

    Dear Ben and Jen;

    Please keep your kids away from other “Hollywood” kids so they won’t become as screwed up in the head as these hollywood kids are destined to become. Right now lil Miss Violet seems to be a normal well adjusted kid. I hope she stays this way and won’t be in rehab when she is twelve. She’s a cutie patootie!

  128. 128
    Miss West Virginia Says:

    Thanks Jared for the pics of Violet, Chris and Ben Affleck. Inasmuch as they won’t appear on because Jen is not with them. I’m happy you posted them even if some of the comments are made by nasty and juveniles delinquents for attention and some excitement in their otherwise boring lives. It was great seeing them anyway.

  129. 129
    jenny Says:

    it’s the same crazy person posting negatives things about this wonderful family, it’s a good thing they don’t give a crap about what you think, this f o o l is a gay j-lo fan who is pissed at Ben for dumping the all hyped no talent j-lo, her name is correct she is low. i am a Hugh Ben fan and all these lies are just that, lies. he loves his wife and family, leave his mother alone freak.

  130. 130
    Haha Says:

    Ben much rather be bangin blake

  131. 131
    Bens smile Says:

    Run Ben.

  132. 132
    bostonprof Says:

    Violet to the dentist on a Sunday? Probably not, but Ben to the dentist on a Sunday makes perfect sense..Like Ben, I have veneers and when they chip or fall off, my Dentist (who is right next door to the stores in these pictures), has come in on a Sunday to see me. Dr. Helaine Smith is in West Roxbury on this same block and she is a top cosmetic dentist. It makes sense Ben would take himself and his family to see her.

  133. 133
    really west roxbury Says:

    I went on to see pics of Ben in town. I can’t believe I missed him!! I bet he took Violet to see Dr. Smith. It’s like a spa in there and she sees lots of boston celebs.

  134. 134
    janet Says:

    The dentist is a cosmetic dentist (I know that section of West Roxbury well). I doubt his 1-year old daughter saw her for a “bi-annual” appointment.

  135. 135
    Diana Says:

    Look some one must have something to sell.

  136. 136
    p!nk Says:

    yeah! too late for a dentist for Violet! Her rat teeth are so messed up! she can open a can of tuna with those buck teeth!

  137. 137
    gmamma Says:

    I love her cute little V tee!!

  138. 138
    j Says:

    maby there are two type of man, one is cheater, and
    cheater is always cheater, another type of man is very
    sincere to his wife, and family, he can respect his wife
    Balthazar getty, brad pitt, ryan philipp, sean penn are good cheater.
    and who are clever husbands. but maybe woman who
    called to go to bed, refused such offer, men can’t make
    affair. please think about his children, and don’t homewreck.
    though jen asked reese, and ben met his mother, blake always
    speaking sell phone, sometime very cheerly, sometime
    very sad, this shows she fall in love with someone.

  139. 139
    spellcheck Says:

    I always loved “ranibow” sprinkles.

  140. 140
    piinkyprinxcess Says:

    violet is cute
    she kinda looks like taylor swift
    when she was younger :)

  141. 141
    blu ray rippere for mac Says:

    a happy family

  142. 142
    blu ray ripper for mac Says:

    a cute girl.

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