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Ben Affleck: Violet is Sprinkles Sweet

Ben Affleck: Violet is Sprinkles Sweet

Ben Affleck spends some quality time with two of his favorite girls — his daughter Violet Anne and his mom Christine Ann — on Sunday (September 6) in Boston, Mass.

Ben took Violet for her bi-annual check-up at the dentist followed by a cup of vanilla ice cream with ranibow sprinkles.

Jennifer Garner was on the other side of town taking Violet‘s lil sis Seraphina for a walk.

Ben has been busy in town directing and starring in his new movie The Town.

15+ pictures inside of sprinkles sweet Violet Affleck

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violet affleck sprinkles 01
violet affleck sprinkles 02
violet affleck sprinkles 03
violet affleck sprinkles 04
violet affleck sprinkles 05
violet affleck sprinkles 06
violet affleck sprinkles 07
violet affleck sprinkles 08
violet affleck sprinkles 09
violet affleck sprinkles 10
violet affleck sprinkles 11
violet affleck sprinkles 12
violet affleck sprinkles 13
violet affleck sprinkles 14
violet affleck sprinkles 15

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  • a bridge to sell ya

    If some believe everything you read then I have a bridge to sell you.

    Kevin Smith says and prints a lot of stuff on his blog, 99.9% of the time; Kevin talking out of the side of his mouth. I don’t think Ben and Kevin are that close anymore.

  • Lola

    Doesn’t anyone find it odd that on one of Ben’s few days off (since he’s both acting and directing The Town) that he would hang out with Violet and his mom while Jen is on the other side of town with the baby?

    Why wouldn’t they all just hang out together during what must be a busy time for Ben?

  • not strange

    Lola @ 09/07/2009 at 2:49 pm

    I don’t find it strange. Ben gets up with his family, leaves the family home to take Violet to the dentist/ice cream returns home to Jen and Sera.

    Why is that strange?

    Ben is then at home with Violet and Sera, Jen goes to the local food store? Not strange.

    A couple/family can spend time together without it being 24/7. Much like many families across the country do everyday. Mom/Dad or Mom or Dad goes to work, one takes children on errands. Mother or Father or both get home from work. Maybe one child has to go to soccer practice another child ballet across town. One parent one way with one child another a different way. They then return home to be together. Not strange, very normal in fact.

  • weird

    @not strange: shut up & get a life. you dont know anything

  • Lola

    It is strange that on what must be one of Ben’s few days off, they wouldn’t choose to go out as a family. Ben’s mother could go with him and Violet to the dentist but Jen and Sera couldn’t? Instead Jen had to take Sera out on a walk alone?

    OPEN YOUR EYES- something’s up.

  • I disagree

    I agree with not strange. They are a NORMAL FAMILY. Unlike ones that live their lives for pap attention. If they DID go to the dentist, that is not the best place for a little baby. Its normal for a family to take one on an errand and the other stays with the other kid. IT MEANS NOTHING. You are TRYING TO MAKE IT SOMETHING!!!! WHY>?????????????????????? WHATS IT TO YOU??????

  • Why is Lola so obsessed

    It seems strange that Ben Affleck woudl have 106 commnents and counting. Is like he’s become Bradgelina to the Brandgeloonies on this site! It had no idea the Afflecks had that much interest for everybody.

  • mimi

    @Why is Lola so obsessed: I think Ben is getting more comments than usual since people saw pictures of him smiling. It is rare when people see Ben smiling these days and they are wondering what’s up with that, especially when he seemed so happy and comfortable in the company of his co-star.

  • leah

    How many dentists work on Sundays?

  • You are wrong mimi

    You are wrong mimi:
    Actually, it seems as though Ben is getting more comments than usual becuase some people cant tell the difference between a rubber nipple and a spout on a sippie cup!
    That is the overwhelming subject i can see on this thread!
    Some people have nothing to do on Labor Day off

  • You are wrong mimi

    Celebrity dentists!!

  • 4xshare

    Ben and jenn have so many comments lately since ben appeared smiling with Blake. That´s all. I don´t care if they are together, they are bored or what,but ben is a womanizer and a pocker and sex addict. He used to date famous women like Jlo and Paltrow when he was young and sexy, and then his image was so bad he decided to play the family and easy- going man, when he is the opposite. You only have to see his smile with blonde bimbos and his “smile?” when he spends time with his family. I doubt this couple is going to break up,Ben thinks he needs this image to have success, when his career is dying. But Violet and Serafina are very very cute, they are innocent children, don´t trash them

  • You are full of it

    Ben is not a womanizer, not since he’s been with Jen anyway. She’s the best thing to happen to him and he knows it. His “reputation” is just that = it has nothing to do with reality. When you see him with his family, he is being followed by Paps and he doesnt want them around his family, of course he could hit them I think he wants to I’ve seen him come close to it. I think he looks happy when he is on his set, Blake has nothing to do with it, he’s gald for the publicity for his film.People are STUPID to be making out like they arent happy becuase of that. Look at the pictures today on Lanie Gossip he looks happy to be filming there too. It has nothing to do with happiness with his wife or children. You are all such chidlren.

  • I agree

    They are a sweet couple:

    He’s protective of his family and doesnt like them photographed! Leave him and Jen alone! They are in love

  • ria

    Ben sucks as an actor his movie just bombed.

  • ria

    Its not “his” movie its Jason Batemans. He had a small supporting role and he got all the good reviews so don’t blame him.

  • Huh?

    @I agree: in love ??????? Haha your are crazy!!!!!!! They’re never together! Everrrrrr!!!!!!!!! He looks so much cuter with Blake

  • 4xshare

    113, Are you serious?Don´t you remember when he appeared with a periodist sitting on his knees, groping her and talking about her tits?He was with garner at that time.But i don´t care, think what you want. He has the reputation he deserves. Perhaps that´s why his career as actor is dying, except if he´s in a movie with aniston, barrymore and johansson at the same time. At that point some of you are ridiculous, sorry

  • megameg

    @go sox: Hello. A nanny traveled with them. The nanny is with the baby

  • ria

    @ria: Yeah, yeah, whenever Ben’s movie’s bomb it’s someone else’s fault. Yeah, yeah right, LMAO!. I bet if it did good, everyone would be saying it was Ben’s movie…

  • benfan

    Some of you obsessed Jen fans REALLY believe Ben Affleck will stay with Jen forever? Keep drinking the kool-aid, kids. These two are separated – they are apart more than they are together. And yes, it IS strange when a “normal” family who haven’t seen each other for months, on the one day he gets off, they are NOT together. Give me a break, ppl. Something is not right in this marriage not to mention Ben’s misery and “I’m chained” comments he makes in interviews. Also, when he imitates Jen, he makes her sound like a commanding and controlling beeyatch that orders him around. I think Jared wrote it straight up when he wrote: Jen’s 2 FAVORITE girls – Violet and mom. I would say Sera’s next. Then matt. Jen is replaceable. You know what they say, first wife replaced with younger wife. Third wife, Asian. Go Ben, do it while the kids are young so they won’t remember. Life is too short to be miserable (Ben) or live in denial about another sinking marriage (Jen’s 2nd marriage is going down the drain isn’t it).

  • missme

    Hahah I love it: following up at the dentist with ice cream ;)

  • benfan

    That’s a bottle. I don’t freaking care if it has modern day handles. Nipple = bottle. Ask any mom. But it’s okay b/c on the other posts, apparently Violet goes to a special needs school and is developmentally challenged thus the tantrums, bottles, pull-ups and pacifiers at almost 4 yrs. old. Plus, it doesn’t help that she’s raised by nannies, mom and dad live separately and they are always traveling or gone. Yup, what a “normal’ couple! Normal HOLLYWOOD THAT IS.

  • benfan

    That’s a bottle. I don’t freaking care if it has modern day handles. Nipple = bottle. Ask any mom. But it’s okay b/c on the other posts, apparently Violet goes to a special needs school and is developmentally challenged thus the tantrums, bottles, pull-ups and pacifiers at almost 4 yrs. old. Plus, it doesn’t help that she’s raised by nannies, mom and dad live separately and they are always traveling or gone. Yup, what a “normal’ couple! Normal HOLLYWOOD THAT IS.

  • not strange

    The day after the Ben/Blake photos, was a picture of Ben on set smiling. He was talking to males on the set. We was pretending to shoot an air gun. (google it).

    Does that mean he is “doing” the guy he was talking to? Or that he treats men like gargabe? Nope, means he was smiling while trying to give some directions. Nothing more nothing less. Same damn thing with the Blake pictures.

  • kj

    @Lola: No I don’t find it odd they didn’t hang out together. You are seeing maybe 5 minutes of the day in a few photos and that’s it. You can do seperate things and still be in love. How do you know they didn’t hang out with each other later in the day or even at home? You don’t, only they know. It always baffles me how people see a few photos and makes up there minds about people they have never met and probably never will.
    All I know is that me and my old man don’t feel the need to cling to each other 24 hrs a day or try to meet someone else expectation on what our relationship should be.
    Probably you and the other ones out asking these stupid questions are probably clingy obnoxious people who don’t do well in relationships cause you have to a have a short leash on your mate.

  • YLG

    Dear Ben and Jen;

    Please keep your kids away from other “Hollywood” kids so they won’t become as screwed up in the head as these hollywood kids are destined to become. Right now lil Miss Violet seems to be a normal well adjusted kid. I hope she stays this way and won’t be in rehab when she is twelve. She’s a cutie patootie!

  • Miss West Virginia

    Thanks Jared for the pics of Violet, Chris and Ben Affleck. Inasmuch as they won’t appear on because Jen is not with them. I’m happy you posted them even if some of the comments are made by nasty and juveniles delinquents for attention and some excitement in their otherwise boring lives. It was great seeing them anyway.

  • jenny

    it’s the same crazy person posting negatives things about this wonderful family, it’s a good thing they don’t give a crap about what you think, this f o o l is a gay j-lo fan who is pissed at Ben for dumping the all hyped no talent j-lo, her name is correct she is low. i am a Hugh Ben fan and all these lies are just that, lies. he loves his wife and family, leave his mother alone freak.

  • Haha

    Ben much rather be bangin blake

  • Bens smile

    Run Ben.

  • bostonprof

    Violet to the dentist on a Sunday? Probably not, but Ben to the dentist on a Sunday makes perfect sense..Like Ben, I have veneers and when they chip or fall off, my Dentist (who is right next door to the stores in these pictures), has come in on a Sunday to see me. Dr. Helaine Smith is in West Roxbury on this same block and she is a top cosmetic dentist. It makes sense Ben would take himself and his family to see her.

  • really west roxbury

    I went on to see pics of Ben in town. I can’t believe I missed him!! I bet he took Violet to see Dr. Smith. It’s like a spa in there and she sees lots of boston celebs.

  • janet

    The dentist is a cosmetic dentist (I know that section of West Roxbury well). I doubt his 1-year old daughter saw her for a “bi-annual” appointment.

  • Diana

    Look some one must have something to sell.

  • p!nk

    yeah! too late for a dentist for Violet! Her rat teeth are so messed up! she can open a can of tuna with those buck teeth!

  • gmamma

    I love her cute little V tee!!

  • j

    maby there are two type of man, one is cheater, and
    cheater is always cheater, another type of man is very
    sincere to his wife, and family, he can respect his wife
    Balthazar getty, brad pitt, ryan philipp, sean penn are good cheater.
    and who are clever husbands. but maybe woman who
    called to go to bed, refused such offer, men can’t make
    affair. please think about his children, and don’t homewreck.
    though jen asked reese, and ben met his mother, blake always
    speaking sell phone, sometime very cheerly, sometime
    very sad, this shows she fall in love with someone.

  • spellcheck

    I always loved “ranibow” sprinkles.

  • piinkyprinxcess

    violet is cute
    she kinda looks like taylor swift
    when she was younger :)

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