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Jim Verraros: Wedding Pictures!

Jim Verraros: Wedding Pictures!

American Idol vet Jim Verraros tied the knot with entrepreneur Bill Brennan on Sunday (September 6) at the Oak Brook Hills Resort in Illinois.

“Every little choice reflected who we are,” Jim told People. “It was the most beautiful day. Gay marriage is not legal in Illinois but we wanted the day to be a reflection of our love and commitment to each other as well as a statement to other gay couples in Illinois.”

Jim, 26, finished ninth on Idol‘s first season and met Bill four years ago on MySpace. For more on Jim and Bill‘s special day, visit

20+ pictures inside of “married couple” Jim and Bill

Just Jared on Facebook
jim verraros wedding pictures 01
jim verraros wedding pictures 02
jim verraros wedding pictures 03
jim verraros wedding pictures 04
jim verraros wedding pictures 05
jim verraros wedding pictures 06
jim verraros wedding pictures 07
jim verraros wedding pictures 08
jim verraros wedding pictures 09
jim verraros wedding pictures 10
jim verraros wedding pictures 11
jim verraros wedding pictures 12
jim verraros wedding pictures 13
jim verraros wedding pictures 14
jim verraros wedding pictures 15
jim verraros wedding pictures 16
jim verraros wedding pictures 17
jim verraros wedding pictures 18
jim verraros wedding pictures 19
jim verraros wedding pictures 20

Photos: Timothy Whaley Photography
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  • LuckyL

    Lol Oh Jared

    Another Z-lister post

  • cry no more

    LOL !!! i think i just peed !

  • um

    who are they? and a committment ceremony is not a wedding!

  • jj

    i support anal sex

  • mike

    ok, um, im not sure but I think they might be gay

  • jj

    awww they look so cute together……say no to overpopulation say yes to gay marriage!!

  • Rita

    OMG…I don’t even know what to say. It’s just so…WRONG. So very, very wrong.

  • caxposed

    Congrats to the newlyweds! Jim better cut the honeymoon short and start shooting his scenes for “EO3″!

  • kim


  • alex

    Awww they look so cute together!

  • rpatzfan

    so cute together ,i bet they had great sex

  • j


  • zac_Efron_huge_fan

    @cry no more:
    ROFL the best comment Ever

  • what?

    I now pronounce you husband and husband

  • Flaming Gecko

    Beautiful, beautiful.

  • Elizabeth

    DISGUSTING!! I am an ADAMANT supporter of the ban on gay marriage. This just makes me want to throw up.

  • ugh

    @Elizabeth: and you make me wanna throw up.

  • Hmmm…


    I agree!

    @Elizabeth: You make me want to throw up, your views are outdated and ignorant, why do you have to bring so much hate into the world?

    Have no idea who these two are but congrats to them! They seem very much in love. Love the pic of them with the dog!

  • Just me

    @Elizabeth: You’re cute. I just wish I was 50 years older.. just for you. I would have fought to ban womens rights.

    And they look very happy together. Love is love. And I hope Elizabeth stumbles into a gay club someday to see how much fun they are.

    Mm.. Jim.. I Heart Him. Lots.

  • t

    cute couple congrats

  • Sean

    I wonder which one is the QB and the WR.

  • Micha

    congrats! they are a beautiful couple. however i’m not sure i remember him from AI. what season is he from and was he in the top 12?

  • anja

    heey.. that was disgusting!

  • Megan

    Awww. they look cute together. Congratulations!!!

  • Sabrina

    congrats to the happy couple :-)! And everyone who says their “marriage” is disgusting should look in the mirror and see what’s really disgusting…

  • IcKe

    The blond guy (whoever) looks moronic in the professionell pictures. I think he trys to look sexy…
    I`ve got an advice: An open mouth doesn`t work – not even you are a hot chick. You ever look degenerate and birdbrained!!!

  • becca

    Congrats to the happy couple! They look great together.

  • marla

    @Elizabeth: What is disgusting is people like you who think true and pure love in any form other than your sequestrated beliefs has no right to openly express, itself no wonder the world is in total chaos right now.. Maybe if we have less of you the world will be a better place.

  • Dino

    Congratulations! :)

  • jess

    yuck yuck gonna vomit

  • Jessica

    Awww so beautiful and they are hot toghether, wish they would make a porno haha. I loved Jim in eating out.

  • Kj100

    But both they are Men, I do not understand, where is Lady Wife?


    im closet bisexual, i think they look cute and all. But I would rather be with a female. Imagine all predudice they get everyday.

    I could be discriminated by people already because im an ethnic minority, if I come out now, I could be discriminated by my own people who are more likely to be against homosexuality and other predudice white people.

    Lifes unfair.

  • SouthAfricanGirl

    I want to vomit whenever I’m in the presence of homophobs like jess and Elizabeth!
    Anyway, they do look like a great couple!

  • irene

    for all of you who said things such as “eww”. Just stop a second to think about the person you are going out with or the person who you might marry. Is it a person that someone else choose for you, or is it a person that you chose yourself because you love her/him??? Would you like some little stup*d id*ot to come and tell you with who do you have to spend your life with??? don’t be fake, the answer is NO! So what makes you think that you have any kind of right to give your opinion about their couple, even if you were their f*cking mother you would have no right because if that woman had a children with somebody it’s probably because she chose to be with his father and therefore has no right to choose for others.
    PS: don’t care if there’s any grammar fault, i’m not english

  • Jess


    Then don’t read it. You don’t like Gay marriage – don’t marry a gay. Simply. What does what they do affect you? Idiot.

  • Jess

    Yay! Beautiful ceremony! The best to them and congrats!!

  • Jess


    Poor stupid jess.. Go ahead and vomit dear. If I was as ignorant as you it would make me sick too.

  • jj fan

    PUKE like most high profile gay ‘marriages’ they’ll quietly break up in a year or two…

  • madmax

    I think this is beautiful Two people who found love. I wish they had been able to legally get married. Hopefully Illinois will come around. They could have gone to Iowa and gotten married legally.

    Makes me wish I could have attended my friend’s marriage in Australia (don’t have the money for a trip like that)

    I wish them all the best

  • It is still a sin

    Men are not supposed to be with men! I don’t care what year we are living in….This makes me want to throw-up! I can’t imagine how it must make God feel!

  • poon

    no thanks. jared you are all kinds of gay.

  • Angela

    To save my life I couldnt tell you who was the American Idol leftover. At this point I think Jared could do a feature on me and it was be equally celebrity newsworthy to this thread and post.

  • Vomit

    Nasty, gross and unnatural. This will bring about the end to Western civilization and family values.

  • renee

    You know these guys should be utterly ashmed to show their faces. I realize I’m just one person however, and it’s a new day so you think. Any man that can stand behind another man and actually find his ass attactive and willing to enter an exit is TOTALLY PERVERTED. Why on earth would you want the world to know that you are that sick. And yes gay people need help because that is not the way GOD made us.To lust an indulge after the same sex. However, the Bible speaks of such times and the consequences.

  • sweetness

    It’s too bad they can’t reproduce..because if they had kids together they would be GORGEOUS. Two hot men. Congrats.

  • Disgusted American

    @Elizabeth: hey Elizabeth – as a biatch – hows it feel? You are obviously stupid as the day is long……no clue what women struggled through to obtain thier rights? probably not –look up the name alice paul you dumb ……(fill in blank) and educate yourself.

  • Disgusted American

    @It is still a sin: its doesn’t make the man-made Gawd feel anything since GAWD doesn’t exist – ONLY in your small little mindnow go stuff your buy-bull where the sun don’t shine you ingnorant twit.

  • Disgusted American

    ..and that goes for the rest of you stupid women in here complaining…..JEALOUS are u? Are your boyfriends dogs? You dumb broads have NO CLUE as to what women struggled thru to obtain your RIGHTS to Open your PIE Holes and get the RIGHT to Vote……Educate yourselves twats…….and please , for the love of your made up mysterious sky GAWD – do NOT have children – you’ll make awful mothers!

  • tan

    looks like someone 4got 2 take his medds ! wow did your girlfriend dump u ? and r truly disgusting ! a disgusting american ! eww get a life idiot ! what a loser!