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Jon Gosselin: Kate Stole My Wedding Ring

Jon Gosselin: Kate Stole My Wedding Ring

Jon Gosselin takes a break from watching the kids and talks with his fans while his ex-wife-to-be Kate shops for groceries on Labor Day (September 7) in Reading, Penn.

On Good Morning America on Monday, Jon accused Kate of stealing his wedding band. He says Kate‘s the only person who could have taken it. Ouch!!!

As for their current relationship, Jon said, “I don’t trust her anymore. I was abused … I was beaten down … I’m not going back to that life style. She knows the truth. I wish to God, she would speak from emotions … She’s not speaking from the heart. Please – the stuff you tell me in private should be the stuff you tell me on TV.”

But Jon claims he did try to salvage their marriage. The 32-year-old reality dad said, “I learned about myself. If she’s not going to therapy, she’s not going to fix herself, then it’s not going to work. It takes two people. I have a $22,000 therapy bill. I mean, I tried to have marriage counseling. I did it myself. She refused to go.”

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  • Sande

    I totally get it—both these people are wackos.

  • whatever

    I think this man just needs to shut up

  • leah

    Kate Gosselin is a narcissist, I believe she took Jon’s ring…told him the marriage was over long ago. Kate uses people and then discards them like Kevin and Jodi. Jon learned how to do this too from watching Kate…you lie down with dogs, you get fleas. The whole family got sick from Kate’s narcissism, both these fools’ greed along with TLC egging them on for profit and ratings.

    God help the children. Children of narcissists will have problems all their lives. Does Jon not see his kids need help too?

  • YEAHyeah

    GROW SOME SET OF BALLS JON…… and stop making lame excuses.

  • jess

    He keeps talking crap about Kate even though he should keep his mouth shut, because you know it will come back to his kids. Thatswhy Kate keeps her mouth shut, as well she should.

    I think Jon is just a lazy whiner, who doesn’t want to work and just wants to party and blame everyone else for his problems.

    They’re both to blame for the ending of their marriage, but in Jon’s universe he will never be to blame and he will always act immature and idiotic. Kate is so much better off without him.

    Seriously, now he’s whining about his wedding ring and accusing Kate? What a loser!

  • leah

    Verbal and emotional abuse need to be brought to the forefront in this country, instead of women condoning it…..recognize it and condemn it. Kate did this with her children and Jon. Don’t do this with your kids and husbands. Make a better family.
    Would you tell a woman to shut up or make fun of her if she said she was abused? Why do you do that to a man? Think women cannot abuse? The joke is on you or you do the same in your home.

  • anon

    I agree with leah’s comments and others. They BOTH need therapy and to STOP talking publicly about PRIVATE issues if not for thier own self-respect than for their kids. One of them needs to grow up and step up to do the right thing. If Jon did get counseling I say kudos to him. I dont think Kate wil go because she would have to take ownership for her own behavior and choices and wake of failed friendships and family relations behind her.

  • kc

    Good for Kate, Jon. You broke your marriage vows.
    I hope she chucked it in the bottom of the sea!

  • anon

    Time will tell if either one of them can move from just celebrity and tabloid fodder to actual relevancy and professional achievment based on talent not just doing what people have done for centuries…give birth to more than one child at a time (and some even did it naturally before fertility treatment existed…shocking huh?)

  • savannah

    You guys are really rude. You only see one side of the story and that’s it. I really don’t really care about these two, I only have seen their show once & don’t plan on continuing, but the least you guys can do is maybe see what he’s going through. That’s all i’m gonna say.

  • jill

    this guy is so disgusting ewwwwww

  • anon

    My partner and I stopped watching the show because of Kate’s behavior. There are thousands of women who face much more stressful and even life threatning situations every day with very little in support or resouces, if any, who dont lash out and berate those around them constantly. They find a way to rise above their circumstances. You can find them in the poorest areas of the U.S. and around the world in countries where just surviving with your family is your goal and cannot afford to indulge in petty blame games and finger pointing…

  • sadie

    Whoever told Jon that this interview was a good idea needs to be fired. When he says, “the stuff you tell me in private should be the stuff you tell me on TV” he actually means “Please let the public see that you’re not this dignified behind closed doors.” Unfortunately for Jon, Kate knows what should be kept private and is sticking to the joint statement they made awhile ago about not talking publicly about their divorce. He is not winning any sympathy with this interview. No one is thinking “Oh you poor thing, you hadn’t gone out to a bar in 10 years? Your wife was on a book tour, making millions of dollars for the family, and you had to stay home with the kids? What a terrible life you had. Every answer he gives just makes him sound like a whiny bitch. He’s more concerned with the public’s opinion of him than he is with the well-being of his children. He is a pathetic little man.

  • Gwin

    I’m not sure I understand why Jon would care if Kate decided to take his ring? It’s not as though it will have the same sentimental value to him as it would be saved w/hers in a box for the children. He has clearly moved on… his over-playing the past is clearly an attempt to justify his actions – he obviously realizes he is looking badly.

  • LOOK again,KARMA!!

    Jess and whatever,THEY both are losers. The real losers are those kids who have never not been”on.” Lights! Camera!Action!I
    It is not normal.
    They BOTH are equal on abandonment of each other and of the kids for MILLIONS of dollars they each are worth. The kids income is separate.
    Jon is acting like a college boy,but he has some strong proof there in a therapy bill he had during the marriage.
    He got flack for the new Mercedes SUV,well,Kate just bought a new Toyota Sequia or the other big one this summer.
    How many new autos do these people have and need?
    Come on.Be real.

    She bought a home in Maryland.He bought a NYC condo.
    They only need to live in Penn.
    These people are answering to their selfish selves.
    BIG MONEY changes people.
    Think about people you know who,never had,and got some money,newjob,inheritance,and they CHANGED!!! Not change for thebetter.

    Jon and Kate both are equally wrong.

    BTW,she is onThe View as guest host this month and has been on People mag crying ,Us,and others a few times this summer.
    She gota paycheckforthose.

    .Both are equally wrong

    WAIT,I bet those some of those kids get messed up in a few years.

  • Anonymous

    I´ve been following this ridiculous Jon/Kate story in different sites and each site has the same story. If they can´t stand each other why did they ever get married if that love they felt for each other burned out in a nano-second. If they keep trashing each other that´s fine but they should think about their 8 children. Have they thought what this public trashing of each other is doing to those 8? Probably not. I hope that Kate finds a better man for herself than Jon. He cheated on her and deserves to be trashed by her but he should leave Kate alone.

  • sue

    Foolish Jon is definitely going to lose custody of those kids now. No judge is going to put up with this kind of crap. Between parading the kids out to the gawkers and paps at their home this weekend, and making false accusations against their mother on national tv – not to mention adultery, gross mishandling of family funds – all of these things. If he’s willing to say those things on TV, what is he saying to the kids to their faces? He doesn’t deserve to be anywhere near the children for a long, long time.

  • Pattyanne

    Jon Gosellin needs to become an adult; he never accepts responsibility for his own bad actions, always Kate’s fault. I wonder if his slutty, doper g/f Hailey didn’t program him with this line of thinking? The break up did begin while he was living in her parents home….well surprise Hailey, you can have boy-toy brainless , whimpy wonder Jon…and i hope you two hook up for life! Anyone who puts their privates ahead of the emotions of eight kids old enough to read and understand that Daddy said on Good Morning America, “I despise Kate” is an azz! At least, no matter what her marital faults may be or not be, Kate is not hawking her rage and impotantcy on national tv against her soon to be ex (i hope!) for the kids to view! Grow up Jon, and face life head on…you have to man it up now that you don’t have a partner who will guide you thru life…Hailey is only in it for deserve her

  • *snort*

    He complains that she abused him, now he’s complaining that she’s not being abusive enough — FOR THE CAMERAS.
    Kate was horrible to him when they were married.
    That was not a good example of how to be in a loving relationship, no matter how aggrevating.
    Now he’s being horrible to her while they’re divorcing.
    This is not how you show them how to end a relationship with someone.

    (And he probably has MORE than $22k worth of Ed Hardy crap)

  • stella

    OMG..Sadie..are you kidding me??? I don’t like Jon or Kate, but that’s just hilarious that you would say that. Jon has had one interview with People mag…he didn’t speak one negative word about Kate…Not one. Kate has a contract with People mag to continue to bash him, throw him under the bus, do what she does best. Demoralize everyone in her path. If you watch this show ever, you would know that what he is saying is true.
    And for the record, It looks as if Aunt Jodi and Uncle kevin were right all along!!! 5 months ago, they said exclusively that Jon came to them 6 months before, saying Kate would not go to counseling, and he suspected she was cheating on him with the bodyguard. Im glad he’s kicking her a$$ in the public forum for a change. She’s a controlling bitchh…

  • bella

    if he is telling the truth for the sake of the kids this should not be aired out in public for all to see or hear. Yes kate was verbally abusive to him on the show and belittled him alot. He also had problems that contributed to the marriages downfall. I hate it when couples blame one another. It was both of you . . . own up.

  • Lekili

    Man up Jon!
    Why on earth would either one of you want to air your dirty laundry for all to read?
    Nobody cares that you allowed your wife to walk all over you. You have a mouth to defend yourself against such attacks, use it.
    As a parent, I am ashamed of both your behaviors and how it must be hurting your children. Hope the money was worth it!

  • Kookabear

    I always felt Kate was the root of the problems. It was clear on the shows that she treated Jon like an idiot or garbage most of the time. He is making a mistake lashing out like this in public but hey, he is human. It must be hard watching her portray the victim in all of this…..

  • Shirley

    Way to throw your wife and kids under the bus Jon. You are beyond stupid. Kate always tried to give you the benefit of a doubt in all her interviews. This is your first interview and you trash her like this. You contradict yourself on every single comments that you’ve made. So you think the media is exploiting your kids, so why do you always go to your fence day after day to expose more of your dumb comments? You don’t think about anything or anybody except for yourself. Just STFU for once, and take care of your kids for once. You even said in the Utah interview that you and Kate loved each other. This was in January of this year, right? Then you go on to say the marriage was over last October. You can’t even keep your lies straight. I just hope that Kate takes full custody of the kids because if they were left in you care, all they will see is partying, drinking, smoking, drugs, and I’m pretty sure other things that will negatively impact them for the rest of their lives, you idiot.

  • Bella

    He needs to take a big ol heaping of STFU, seriously.

  • pr person

    Waaaahhhhhh! Listen to the DOUCHE cry, whine and bash his soon to be ex wife. Isn’t that completely charming? Pathetic loser, needs to grow up and act his age instead of acting like the ninth child.

  • teri

    Why is he STILL bashing the mother of his children? He wanted freedom and no responsibility and he got it. I don’t understand why he’s still b!tching about Kate. Sounds as if Jon has a few screwes loose or just a cry baby. Jon and Jen Anniston need to hook up for real, they have so much in common.

  • erica

    Of course nobody condones verbal abuse, whether from a man or a woman. But the point is that Jon uses this as an excuse for his bad behaviour and that is crap! He messed up pretty badly, too and he continually refuses to take responsibility for it, instead he goes on national television and points straight at Kate. Face it, the man is a douche. Kate should not have treated him that way, granted, but he is acting like a teenager when he has eight kids. The man is a loser!

  • sandra

    If Jon is so positive that only Kate could have taken his ring, why did he say he looked under the kid’s pillows for it? Does anything he says make sense? Jon is his own worst enemy, he needs to keep quiet or he’s going to lose custody of those kids completely.

  • Cindy

    He should have smacked Kate down hard first time she pulled this BS 10 years ago: A lesson to all men to keep a firm hand with your wife because once a woman/wife gets out of control it is a no win situation for a husband. I warn my sons about this very type of American Bytch

  • Khate

    I hope Jon is featured on the TV show “Snapped” when he finally does away with this worthless pig Kate.

  • leah

    If Kate verbal/emotionally abuses Jon…she does it to the kids. We have seen it on the show. If she will do while being taped, imagine what she will do in private. Jon should have spoken up earlier.
    Kate is an abusive narcissist. TLC enables an abuser for profit and ratings.

  • HockeygurL

    Grocery stores are open on Labor Day ? I thought store owners are not allowed to open, here in Canada, Ontario anyway all major stores including grocery stores are closed. I guess Kate needed some comfort food. And John really needs to shut his cake hole already.

  • Rhonda

    Team Jon, Run Jon and take the kids with you. I don’t know how you stayed with her 10 years, she was so bossy and rude.

  • victoria #1

    First of all, there is NO Maryland home. Kate has stated this several times on X-17 online. She does not know how this even got started, except when she was visiting there she happened to say that the homes were beautiful, and if she did NOT live where she did NOW, she
    MIGHT consider living there. But would never uproot her family at this stage of the game.

    Jon just keeps opening his nasty nicotined mouth and showing his
    immaturity. If he is in therapy, you would think the therapist would tell
    him to keep his fat trap shut, and how to deal with all of this with some type of dignity and maturity. Obviously, this person was in it for the money. Jon screaming for his wedding band is ludicris. Another way for him to get in the news. Why should it matter to him, that a circle of gold is missing from a person he hates and has no intention ” from
    ever going back to or that lifestyle.”

    Does he want to pawn it for money? I doubt it. Is he jealous because he thinks Kate has more publicity than he does, so the accusations
    will bring him into the light?

    Have these two idiots even thought about years down the road, when
    the children are old enough to read everything about this spilt, and
    what went on and what was said, how they are going to feel?
    Are they prepared for those therapy bills? $22,000 won’t even pay
    for one child then. Jon had better leave those ATM’s alone, and quit
    offering to ” back-up ” his sleazy whorey girlfriend’s shoe and sandal
    line and other deals, because he will need the money. Going on pricey
    vacations Las Vegas ( coming up ) and picking up tabs for lunch for his new BFF ( Lohan ) and buying clothes and furniture as fast as water
    runs through a spicket, is disgusting and shows lack of maturity and concern for his children’s welfare.

  • mailey

    if he hates her so much, he shouldnt give a flying flip if she did take his stupid ring.
    gawd, this guy is such SCUM. he’s just disgusting to look at and as a person.. just everything ew.

  • mertz

    AHAHAHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!! this guy is simply amazing. what a mother f’n blowhard. i’m glad she messed up your manhood and took your balls and stole your identtity…no she crushed it under her sharp ocd demeaner faster than you can blink. that is awesome. lets give it up for b*tches everywhere, because there is nothing better than making a man your b*tch. *rolling eyes*. i am in no way team kate or this douchebag’s team, but come on. she’s no devil and he’s no saint.

  • eml


    seriously??? he should have physically abused her so that he had complete control?? god help any woman that ever encounters any of your sons.

  • mertz

    lol hockey girl, yes stores are open on labour day…especially grocery stores. not everything is closed.

    don’t take advice from this cindy person guys. i mean there is nothing better than a simpering, cowering wife that you can have beneath your thumb all the time and order her around saying , “b*tch make me a sandwich,” which is apparently what all guys request from their wives…to not talk…to not do anything unless ordered, and to cook clean and pop out children and have an always open vajayjay. BUT I COMPLETELY HAVE TO DISAGREE WITH THIS HEFFER CINDY SAYING MEN HAVE TO BEAT THEIR WOMEN TO KEEP THEM ON HAND. wow. so read what she said. women and men are not perfect…but there must be some sick people out there who condone violence.

    Anyways this whole situation with this guy is completely hilarious, whether Kate is a b*tch or not, because this guy is exactly the type of person you avoid when you are looking for someone to marry. He has all the typical signs of people who are self absorbed but don’t know it yet. It must only be her fault that he’s a complete loser and that she castrated his nuts and served it to him on a plate. He has no spine. He can cry all the emotional abuse he wants but the fact is that he was missing his spine and his manhood. It`s sad and also totally hilarious at the same time because we all know BLAME SOMEONE FOR ALL YOUR DAMN FAULTS INSTEAD OF LOOKING CLOSER TO HOME, kinda like point that finger right back at you and look at your own damn self. meh. it`s not like he would read this website either way. i don`t even think he knows how to read.

  • Jennifer

    Hey TLC don’t you guys get it, if this imbecile, pig, and disgrace of a human being is on the show, ALl the fans are going to be totally put off by his behaviors! We CANNOT stand the site of his guy. Be wise and think about your network or else you can kiss all the fans of this show goodbye.

  • JADE

    Wow, I’m astonished at Jon’s adolescent behavior. Stop complaining all the time, please! Jon suck it up, you are getting the divorce you want, so you can go hangout with other social misfits. This was your worst yet, you should be ashamed of yourself for talking this way about the mother of your 8 children.

  • HockeygurL

    @ Mertz lol hockey girl, yes stores are open on labour day…especially grocery stores. not everything is closed. >>>> Thanks for clearing that up.

  • lucy

    to- leah below

    you are just as big of an idiot as Jon. You guys should hang out. he’s a FREAK SHOW. and embarrassing for his children. at least she has some class and enough dignity to keep their private life private. sure looks like he worked on his marriage, in between visits to see his 13 year old girlfriend on the side, who i absolutely feel sorry for because shes so ignorant. if kate took the ring then so be it, she probably paid for it because Lord knows he cant keep a job.

  • lucy


    ya you try raising 8 kids ALONE and see how not stressful it is. give me a break. you people think you know everything. you’re an idiot

  • Catalina

    Who is this guys PR firm? Obviously they are doing a terrible job. Jon, you’re a piece of garbage. Trash talking the mother of your children. Real classy. You think people will feel sorry for you? Ha, we are laughing at you because you are a spineless jerk.

  • steph



  • steph


    hahaha :)
    I know, he’s just doing that because mostly everyone’s team kate now!

  • Kates not dangerous!!

    lisa k. said…
    I just saw the second part of the GMA video interview with Jon…I do think he could use better judgment when doing the things he does, but he is not lying about the abuse he suffered from Kate. The proof is in the show tapes…she 100% abused this man. I think she isolated family and friends from him (like most abusers do) because she didn’t want them to find out about the abuse. Kate is a manipulator and that is why she is now playing the victim. Most abusers play the poor little victim to take the focus off of what they have done. No matter what the Kate lover fans want to think…they are taking up for an abuser. I bet she did this in front of the kids and that would make them her victim to. Who will she abuse now that Jon is not her target? We have already seen how she hit the little kid in the driveway…I hope the kids are not her target. Kate needs help and fast before she really hurts someone. I think she is dangerous!!

    September 8, 2009 12:25 PM

  • Lauren

    An open letter to Jon Gosselin;

    It’s one thing to accidentally air your dirty laundry to the public, but it’s quite another to schedule a time and a hotel room ot sit down with Chris Cuomo and tell all. Regardless of what actually happened you will always be the loser in this scenario. You knew you were being photographed playing around with all of those 20 year olds and you continued. Now you’re the victim? Give me a break!

  • mia

    He should be keeping this private for the sake of the kids. They will hate him eventually for trash talking their mom on a public forum. She is still their mom.