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Jude Law is Broadway Buff

Jude Law is Broadway Buff

Jude Law catches a flight out of London’s Heathrow Airport on Monday (September 7).

The 36-year-old actor landed in New York City via JFK airport late Monday night.

Jude is preparing to play Hamlet on Broadway for 12 weeks starting on Saturday (September 12) at the at Broadhurst Theatre (235 W 44th St). You can pick up tickets at

Model Samantha Burke is due to give birth to the British actor’s baby next month.

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  • shamrock

    Keep lighting the path Jude with all your work for Peace around the globe! Also, good luck to you on HAMLET in NYC!!!

    Seriously, how cute is Jude? Love the European style he exhibits when out and about. Dapper dude Jude~

  • Billy

    I am in love with Jude!!!!

  • Anonymous

    he kinda reminds me of Patrick Wilson

  • elle

    thanks :)

  • erica

    He’s an amazing actor. I so want to get tickets to him as Hamlet. I heard he blew people away with his brilliant performance as Hamlet in London. I’m sure his shows will be sold out!

  • dolorescraeg

    oh jeez,
    this man is super gorgeous….just walking through the airport he lights up the planet. jude…nobody like you.

  • sheryl

    *blows kisses at Jude*

    See you in NYC in October! Very, very happy that you and the other Hamlet crew agreed to come to New York!

  • Eloisa

    Thanks for the pics JJ. He is a great actor and i wish the best for him.

    I just think we did not need the last paragraph.

  • I n F a m o u s l y C o o l

    damn jude for turning holmes gay.

  • Isabella

    urgh!!! After all the grossy that he did i can’t see nothing of beautiful on him… I think there is any guy more filthy than him! Hey Jude, get a lack of shame on your face, bastard!

  • dolorescraeg

    jude you’re getting younger every day. oh god can’t wait to see you in hamlet…..

  • omg

    Looks like he is weaing pajamas.
    @Isabella: agree

  • Brenda


  • anonymous

    ewww this guy is disgusting!!! i think he has no more places to thread his di**ck on

  • gemma

    @ Brenda – definite DILF – Jude is so hot and has so much dignity to hold his head high because he’s human and totally amazing!

  • dolorescraeg

    someone said this guy is a wonder of nature and so he is….jude good luck in hamlet. i know you’ll be just as successful as you were in london. you did a great hamlet….

  • adene

    I’ve got tickets for next week! This and the US Open tomorrow! Awesomeness!

  • sheryl

    @gemma: @Brenda: Dayum right, DILF!!

  • Train


    He’s still never stick it into the likes of you.

  • isabella

    You really have a problem to understand such things! Anyway, i’ll repeat… I THOUGHT he was beautiful, but now i don’t, cause he completely lost his dignity… And he’s getting even more shamefull! So if there is something on him that never will stick into the likes of me is his SICK COMPULSIVE BEHAVIOUR!

  • http://Sexy sharyllee

    Jude is so beautiful.. Wish It did not happen that he will have 4th baby. Bet his baby will be beautiful too.. CAN T wait to see Hamlet in two months.

  • Train

    Well, I doubt very much he’s losing sleep caring what you think of him.


  • Daphne

    @Train: You’re right on.

    I saw his amazing Hamlet in London. What a talent, a force of nature. Plus I saw him at the stagedoor and he’s a lovely man. I am hoping I can go to see his Hamlet on Broadway. The reviews from Denmark say his performance has gotten even better.

    Here is a little video. Thanks to a fan that posted on Jude’s IMDb board.

  • Flaming Gecko

    Hamlet, huh? I’ll def get myself to the city and check this one out.

  • unknown

    Why do you have to mention that wh ore in every most and wasn’t she just pregnant a few weeks ago! It will take after her and be ugly, all baby girls are ugly.

  • outlander

    i am so jealous at those who get to see him in new york : ) i have seen his performance in london but i wish i could see it again.
    by the way am really wondering if he´s doing something for peace day this year…but probably not, since he´ll be performing in new york..and the pod gala is in paris this year…too bad

  • dulce mirita

    I also saw him London and met him personally, he’s a really nice man, very down to earth, utterly antidivo. Hamdsome to death and with a natural charm that captures you inmediately. His Hamlet performance was a real acting master class. He’s human, he makes mistakes but he faces them with dignity and he’s got an unjustified fame of womanizer that does not correspond to reality.

  • Kj100

    Theres bound to be loads of birds he can get Preggers & ditch in NYC.
    Gods Speed Jude!! 4Get MUSLIM LAW Bring on JUDE LAW

  • Kj100

    Oh and ERICA I also heard hes blown loads of people away in London!! JUDE LAW YEAH

  • Sweetannie

    I saw Him both in London and denmark and he gets better a
    and better. I envy you that are going to ser him in NY. And by the way, he is so yummy.

  • JAzz

    I’m flying from LA to NY in a week to see him in Hamlet. I can’t wait.

  • dolorescraeg

    the peace one day gala which will be held in paris on sept.19th will be aired on french t.v. sept.21st….jude will appear at the concert through satellite t.v.he would never miss doing this because peace one day is so important to his heart. as you may know he went to afghanistan twice with the founder jeremy gilley. jude went to kabul, the helmond province. the taliban stopped fighting that day and thousands of children were was one day of peace. this is recognised by the united nations and jude is its ambassador. he is trult an amazing guy.

  • kim

    Jude Law just walking through the airport and remain sexy while doing so.

    Love You Jude.

  • Sara

    Love Jude ♥

  • Eloisa

    I am soooooo jealous, of all of you that or saw him or are going to see him in Hamlet…… a performance praised by critics and the public at the same time.

    Jude, sos grande!!!

  • Pole

    I saw him in London and Denmark too and he’s really amazingly good as Hamlet. And obviously sexy, smart and nice too. Love him and wish I could go to NY and see him again. Oh wel..

    Thanks for the pictures Jared.

  • jami

    He is in NY! Yay!

    Can’t wait to see Jude in Hamlet in October!

  • sheryl

    @jami: Jami, the only thing getting me through until I get there is the Dior commercial on YouTube, not to mention the “making of” video. Just…dang!

  • jami

    That making of the video put me over the edge- big time ;)
    I was debating on leaving my children overnight to go into NYC in late Sept., but after seeing that…..all I can say is “BABYSITTER come QUICK!” I am SO there. I hope I have a run in with Mr. Law.

  • http://justjared bond007123

    Jude Law is one sexy guy. That smile has to melt every girls heart. I know it does mine. He just needs to learn to use better judgement about his personal life with the ladies!!

  • isabella

    dulce mirita,
    you said that he’s human and makes mistakes… i agree with that! But to make mistakes is something totally diferent than persist in the errors! That’s stupid!
    Jude Law already made a lot of mistakes and seems that he have not learned anything from them and that’s the worst fault that a person can have!
    I just hope Sophia doesn’t turn like her mom or dad… She needs decent parents to grow as an individual… And Samantha Burke and Jude Law are the most indecent parents that i’ve ever seen… That’s disrespectful to the child!

  • sheryl

    @jami: Jami, my wish for you is a “run-in” with Mr. Law, of the close encounters kind! Ha!
    Ya know, I’m just mildly amused at how a few people (or the same one with multiple personality disorder, who knows..or cares) insist on hammering and hammering away about Jude, like he’s Damien all grown up…practically Charles Manson, I tell ya! Ha ha…no exaggerating at all, uh uh! He’s horrible! Evil! Vile! Despicable! And I bet he doesn’t put the lid back on the toothpaste, the good-for-nothing animal!
    (Just kidding, Dolores…you know I’m kidding, so don’t worry)
    Nah, truth is, I think Jude’s pretty okay and possesses loads more personality, respect, and class than most of the internet vultures. Good for him. Heck, I bet his kids have more class and respect in their little fingers than they do.
    I’ll take on of him, dipped in chocolate, please….

  • jami

    Let them go on and on talking about how he makes mistakes and he is so bad and horrible etc. etc…..
    I am not at all worried what the naysayers are saying about Jude or what they think about him in general and I am quite sure that Jude could give a rat’s a s s about what they think too.

    there is my 2 cents

  • sheryl

    @jami: Ha! Nah, Jude’s going to go on being fabulous, of course.
    Hey, you are close enough, if he’s scheduled for a talk show or something, you could probably go, couldn’t you? Nah, I guess tickets to those get gone way ahead of time, even before the guests are announced, aren’t they? I thought about trying to go to Letterman on one of my previous trips, but there were no tickets available on the dates I was going to be there.

  • isabella

    I’m getting shocked of how people are so ignorant when they talk about Jude Law. Nobody in their right mind would think that a guy like him can be a worthy person! Jude Law is a despicable human being… He’s so selfish that he even think about the consequences that his acts can lead to other people; he only care about his sick needs!
    A man that after having an affair with his own children’s nanny and now is expecting a child of a woman that he even had a serious relationship, doesn’t have an ounce of respect and dignity! Not to mention that he already has three kids that are growing up seeing their father committing shameful acts! The mind of these kids must be very confused and it can even induce affective disorders! Apparently no one sees anything wrong with them, they all seem well and happy, but the problems start to appear in the future… Everything that they have passed are in their unconscious and begins to reflect as the age progresses – Any book or article of psicology can prove that! So, it’s and absurd trying to soften the Jude Law’s erros or even say that he’s a human being so he’s worthy to hold his head high and keep moving around! The only way for him to be worthy to something is he stops to think that he can do whatever he want with his penis and have more respect for the closest people to him, like his family and children!

  • isabella

    (He’s so selfish that he even think about the consequences that his acts can bring to other people)

  • C Blevins

    If i wasn’t so broke, I’d buy premium tickets for Hamlet on Broadway with Jude! If I brown bag it, could I save enough by December? I wonder

  • Sara

    Juuuuuude, Je’taime x3
    Love Love Love Love Love Love You, HEART ♥
    and I don’t ever get tired of saying it!!!!

  • s2

    @isabella: @isabella: LOL! Don’t you ever get tired of your sick posts? Darling, go suck a lemon! You must be bored, and have nothing better to do, so maybe that’s the reason to come here and say really ridiculous things about Jude, right?
    Ahh, leave him alone.

  • http://Sexy sharyllee

    s2, you are right,, Isabella, pls stop talking negativly about jude law!!
    leave him alone..