Lady Gaga: Monster Cable Crazy

Lady Gaga: Monster Cable Crazy

Lady Gaga channels her inner Count Dracula at the Monster Cable party at Tube Station nightclub on Monday (September 7) in Berlin, Germany.

The 23-year-old singer will be performing her hit song “LoveGame!” TODAY (September 8) on the Season 7 premiere of The Ellen Show.

Gaga will also be hitting the stage this Sunday at the 2009 MTV VMAs. Which crazy costume will she wear? She told Newsweek, “I would say that the fashion for the performance is a representation of the most stoic and memorable martyrs of fame in history. It’s intended to be an iconic image that represents people. I think after watching the performance and maybe studying it after you watch it on YouTube, you’ll see the references and the symbols come through.”

30+ pictures inside of monster cable crazy Lady Gaga

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lady gaga monster cable dracula 01
lady gaga monster cable dracula 02
lady gaga monster cable dracula 03
lady gaga monster cable dracula 04
lady gaga monster cable dracula 05
lady gaga monster cable dracula 06
lady gaga monster cable dracula 07
lady gaga monster cable dracula 08
lady gaga monster cable dracula 09
lady gaga monster cable dracula 10
lady gaga monster cable dracula 11
lady gaga monster cable dracula 12
lady gaga monster cable dracula 13
lady gaga monster cable dracula 14
lady gaga monster cable dracula 15
lady gaga monster cable dracula 16
lady gaga monster cable dracula 17
lady gaga monster cable dracula 18
lady gaga monster cable dracula 19
lady gaga monster cable dracula 20
lady gaga monster cable dracula 21
lady gaga monster cable dracula 22
lady gaga monster cable dracula 23
lady gaga monster cable dracula 24
lady gaga monster cable dracula 25
lady gaga monster cable dracula 26
lady gaga monster cable dracula 27
lady gaga monster cable dracula 28
lady gaga monster cable dracula 29
lady gaga monster cable dracula 30

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  • dani


  • mike

    she’s got freaky saggy eyeballs that point in every direction…prob like the d ick she’s packin between her legs

  • Louise

    She really tries hard to look even uglier. Why does she get so much attention? Boring music, ugly clothes, no attitude, no talent… And she looks like one of those creatures from the videogame Lemmings.

  • kat

    dude there is something wrong with her face
    i’ve never seen a 23 year old that looks like that

  • nicci

    WHAT the heck is she wear? she have some weird ass colthed , i must say. two thump up to lady gaga weird outfits

  • jill

    seriously loosing her/his mind

  • taylor

    In the beginning it was kind of funny to see what she would wear.
    Now it’s just annoying.

  • haha

    i can’t believe this person still alive, no wonder world become more and more worst to live in because of the taste of today’s music is so GREAT (Sarcastic) that let this kind of dickhead become famous .. n also she ripped off all xtina style in just one year.. wat a waste

    like the old say easy come easy go… God please let that dream come true, make the world become a better place with morality and real talent.. amen

  • leslie arnelle

    I’m all for being unique…different..setting yourself apart from the rest but the more this chic is in the spotlight the more dreadful her look and performances…that live aol version of “Poker Face”….my my my…(((sigh)))!!!!

  • J

    she looks like a broke-ass sarah michelle gellar. simply hideous looking.

  • rpatzfan

    she getting old and ugly

  • JJ

    She is soo Rad!! I LOVE that people don’t get her!!
    She is a legend in the making….

  • JJ

    She is soo Rad!! I LOVE that people don’t get her!!
    She is a legend in the making….

  • Deno


  • the_boyfriend

    I’m looking forward to Ellen and seeing her on there but she should stop with the crazy for a while, it’s not even shocking or interesting anymore, every 2 days we get more pics of her and at this point it’s just meh.

  • Gwen

    YAY!! I cant wait for Ellen! LG is going to be the talk of the town tomorrow!!
    I LOVE HER!!!

  • chris

    Ellen today,
    VMA’s on the 13th!!!
    Lady Gaga is taking over!!
    peace out CA.

  • weegirl

    Lady gaga is the Queen of pop !! haters, bow down.

  • Erik

    Paris loves Lady G

  • woop

    lady gaga is on fire! she is so hott

  • Barbie

    I love Lady GaGa’s crazy clothes, She is so fun to look at! I wish there was more people as wonderful as her in this world! and her music is fantastic!
    It is sad some people have so much hate in them for people doing what they love to do.
    Lady GaGa is an inspiration.
    If you dont like her art, that’s fine! go make your own!!
    love, love love her!!

  • :/

    She tries too hard to be avant garde and just looks awful. Wish she would go away already. So gross! 23?? Yeah right! More like at least 33.

  • Tealeaf

    Her costumes make her look about 60

  • hmm?

    does she have a mental problem or something she deffo wack in the head and looks nothing like 23 more like 99 with plastic surgery and what fashion does she have probably setting the trend for early NEVER thousand and NEVER

  • Me

    She is a mixture of snooty, goth and Kanye West (Yellow & sunglass). She’s trying to hard not to be a “one it wonder”

  • Kristina

    gosh, her boobs reminds me of my granny. and her face as well. 23? like seriously? i would say 36, 37. her costumes are hilarious in a bad way, because she tries to be original, but she just looks like a fool.
    and yes, i do not like her music as well, not only her fugly looks. when she was “all new” just dance was ok, but now her songs are all the same, the beat and the lyrics.

  • kirsten

    I like her for daring to be different. For not fitting in the common sense of fashion. For being fun to look at when browsing through this site.

  • lakers fan in boston

    “dude”, that’s not fashion
    i just this tranny would go away forever

  • zack cohen

    Lady G’s designer shoes…

  • pooter

    she’s a real nutcase..!


    She looks like a damn fool!

  • O.

    I love Lady G SOO much!
    she is so cute, Her style is wild, she is fun and a great talent!
    Viva La GaGA!!

  • Callie

    OMG! I love that she is so crazy!! I want more! more! more!!
    can’t wait for new music!!
    she is gonna stomp Craptina Uglyera.

  • will

    Lady gaga is walking art.
    love her or hate her, Everyone has an opinion about her….
    she is huge!!

  • zAZU

    Really? Walking art? Everyone has an opinion about alot of things, but that makes her infamous, not famous. But her daddy agreed when he shelled out the money for her to buy this little girl’s version (if he is touring with her, she ain’t having sex, sorry kiddos) of “goth”, as did the company she is trying to endorse already (desperation time, she might be the new Dame Edna, but she will never be in music long…sorry, Dame Edna is talented, scratch that last comparison). She doesn’t care about music, she doesn’t care about “fashion” she wants to get endorsements and more money, money, money, little ID10T “monsters”. Any noble virtues attributed to this person shows how naive her “fans” are……so, what do you want for your 12th birthday?

  • GaGA 4 Eva

    @zAZU: LOL, you make no sense….for someone that hates her YOU sure think you know a lot about her..
    Sorry “zAZU” FAIL!
    go back to your little cave with the others…

  • zAZU

    *snicker* @ above. Ah, what would you like for your 12th birthday? Are you aware of the msm?

  • Kate

    Is lady gaga a guy before?
    or is that just another rumor??

  • Lupin

    The ONLY good thing I can say about those outfits is at least they cover her ugly ass. But man she is so overrated, everyone keeps calling her “original” when all she is is a ripoff of David Bowie and Madonna. Except unlike David and Madonna, Lady Gaga’s music sucks. I’d like to see her career ten years from now, if she’ll even have one. But hey, who knows, she may actually still be successful ten years from now. Did anyone expect for Britney Spears to still be relevant in 2009 back when she first burst onto the scene with “…Baby One More Time” in 1998?

  • Andy

    Ugly clothes??? These clothes are some of the kinkiest arousing I’ve ever seen on a celeb!

  • Samatha

    Lady Gaga is awsome but she acts so crazy lik her eyes in Bad Romance and What she wears on the red carpet yes she is crazy or she is on meds or something but either than that lady gaga can sing dance act and everything else but at least she isnt boaring lik everyone else just to think of it i lik her crazyness :)

  • Samatha

    I like lady gaga even though she is werd she is awsome

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