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LeAnn Rimes: Thai Beach Babe

LeAnn Rimes: Thai Beach Babe

LeAnn Rimes and a mystery male lunch at the Cholada Thai Beach Cuisine restaurant and then go shopping at the Malibu Country Mart on Monday (September 7) in California.

Last weekend, the 27-year-old singer romped around in a bikini in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico with her 36-year-old boyfriend, actor Eddie Cibrian. During their four-day getaway, the couple was seen kissing and cuddling while on the beach together.

15+ pictures inside of Thai beach babe LeAnn Rimes

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leann rimes thai beach restaurant 01
leann rimes thai beach restaurant 02
leann rimes thai beach restaurant 03
leann rimes thai beach restaurant 04
leann rimes thai beach restaurant 05
leann rimes thai beach restaurant 06
leann rimes thai beach restaurant 07
leann rimes thai beach restaurant 08
leann rimes thai beach restaurant 09
leann rimes thai beach restaurant 10
leann rimes thai beach restaurant 11
leann rimes thai beach restaurant 12
leann rimes thai beach restaurant 13
leann rimes thai beach restaurant 14
leann rimes thai beach restaurant 15

Photos: GUTS/WENN, Fame Pictures
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  • jill

    I love Cholada..popcorn salmon..yummmy

  • Teri

    She is truly ugly and she looks old.

  • tyrae

    Great photos JJ

    Thank you for a new topic!

    Le Ann has a lot of suitors these days. She looks bright! Love your music honey!

  • restinlove

    Her eyes are really pretty. Blue and smiley.

    The guys are swarming her, She’s on the market. Probably there with her friends for Thai barbecue.

  • tyrae

    Ugly she is not!

    Sarah Jessica Parker is fug, evan wood is fug, lots of ugly peeps in HW but she isn’t one of them

  • jace

    I’m interested if she’s free. I love her spirit.

  • Queenoftrashin

    Where DOES she find all of this cheap-a*s*s-looking s*h*i*t that she wears?

  • heyjude

    Me too. Love the popcorn salmon. Just a fun day for her and friends.
    That guy is interested in her.

  • lababae

    The paps are on her trail. Well that’s ok by me.

  • lababae

    Fred Segal is where she finds that stuff.

  • facts

    Cheating w-hore.

  • bambu

    She looks cute in these summer outfits. Her body is that of a 27 year old in good shape.

    So what if she doesn’t have those pop-up inflatable boobs that Brandi wears? At least Le Ann is real and honest about what she has and real is very appealing to men.

    I know Le Ann’s wardrobe is very expensive.

  • letitrip

    My wish for Le Ann is that she finds out that Eddie is a schmuck. Could her friends please tell her his gorgeous face and body are not worth much. He is not good husband material. For an open relationship he’d be fun but don’t take him as a serious prospect for the future.

  • extraextra

    One of the online tab sites had a fresh photo of Dean yesterday. He’s walking down the street in New York looking pretty darn happy. Not just pretending to be happy but truly contented.

    He has gained some weight though. Anyone else catch it?

  • tyrae

    I caught the pic of Dean in NYC. Must agree he did look happy.

  • holycow

    Le should just date a bunch of different guys for awhile. She hasn’t had much experience in that department. Let her get to know different types and play the field. Take your time girl.

    One thing is clear to the eyes and that is she looks so much better since she got out of her marriage. It was like a weight on her.

  • letitrip

    # 16

    In total agreement !

  • LolaSvelt

    Are you really going to post daily pictures of this has-been just because she tapped somebody else when she was still married?

  • letitrip


    Go to another topic if you don’t want to see and hear of Le Ann. Don’t look if you don’t like her.

    Go look at Sadie Sandler or Lohan if you want some beautiful interesting faces to stare at.

    Lots of us want to see Rimes.

  • beachbabe


    Doubt if you’re a lola or svelte. Dream on girl

  • beachbabe

    She’s taking off too much weight if you ask me. She looks healthier with a little more on. Please don’t look like skeleton Jolie.

  • Ruth

    Her PR team are working overtime to whitewash this young woman’s behaviour over the past few months. Until the affair went public we never saw a picture of LeAnn Rimes – now she is selling herself on a daily basis.

    It is interesting that her lover is keeping well out of the limelight (except for the well-rehearsed photoshoot in Mexico) and she should do the same. Only her PR people and a few loyal fans can justify her blatancy and she would do well to think a little before staying with a man who has treated his wife in such a cruel way. A little discretion wouldn’t hurt them but it is obvious that she is very pleased with herself – obviously happy that she finally caught her lying cheat of a lover. Just how long does she think he is actually going to stay with her?

    Yes, I saw the picture of Dean and I wish him well. He and Brandy were savaged by this affair and by the Rimes PR machine – they didn’t deserve such humiliation.

  • tyrae

    @ bambu # 12

    That is hysterical…pop-up inflatable boobs. ROFLMAO

  • sunseeker

    Of course she looks happy, she is in lust, but believe you me that does not last that long and then life happens and then she will hopefully see what a jerk Cibrian is, but I doubt it ,she thinks so little of herself she has to make do with a liar and a cheater.
    And if you look back at some of the photo’s of her and Deane she is always smiling, and Rimes will stop smiling once whe finds out what a d*ck she married.

  • noneya

    Jared, can you PLEASE stop publishing stories about this loser! LeeAnn is a home-wrecking ho who loves being in the spotlight and has no shame. Stop giving her 15 seconds of fame by publishing stories on her every move. Her behavior will be her ruin.

  • gwen

    The paps are on her trail because she is tipping them off and it becomes very apparant with every photo-op. This doesn’t look good for her and comes off as an ATTENTION-SEEKER. She hasn’t laid low since she came back from Mexico. So the strategy is to keep telling the public that she and EC look good together in hopes that being “in love” absolves all of their lyng, cheating, and gloating. Well the media/press are just contributing to the downfall of LR and eC image/career. They need to be honest and tell them that these photo-ops make them look very bad.

    The media/press is really trying to push this “romance” nonsense. Of course the coupple were seen cuddling and kissing, he did the exact same thing with his wife too. So what this means is that Eddie is cheating on LR because while he was smiing and laughing with his wife he was having an affair with LR, so he must be cheating on LR if he is smiling and laughing with her because that’s his MO. No amount of gloating is going to convince people that EC loves her, he doesn’t even care about his own kids. He makes that evident while he stands back and allows his mistress to flaunt the affair. If he is such a the “devoted” father tell his mistress to stop with the photo-ops and leaks to tabs? She might be kissing and cuddling EC on a beach, but just remember that she isn’t the only one.

    Don’t just love how some posters are trying to convince people that her marriage was bad (and therefore all DS fault), by claiming that LR looks better since the split? She looks immature, selfish, and desperate.

    LR is real and honest? Real and honest people don’t sneak to motels and friend homes to have sex with someone else’s husband. Real and honest people don’t keep gloating about how they “won” and jerk who doesn’t caer enough about the welfare of his kids to make his mistress stop flaunting the affair.

  • LOOK again,KARMA!!

    She married too young.Dean did too.

    Fine,get a divorce.

    LeAnn is feelingsweet,samrt,andclevegettingherextoaskfor a divorce.

    Eddie is a liar,cheater.
    LeAnnhad heraskfirst.


    Both had marriages.

    Get a divorce.

    Find others.Find each other.

    Garth Brooks/Trisha Yearwood


    LeAnnRimes and mess with Eddie is a bad decision.

    Johnny andJune paid kara.They were right for each other for they even sort of died at the same time.Till death do us part,yep,Johnny could not live without her.

  • sunseeker

    Could somebody please tell me how some people here know that Brandi has had a boob job and had cheek implant. I have very high cheekbones and have had no implants. Lots of people have said that Rimes had some work done, so what.

  • tyrae

    If you don’t like Rimes don’t come to her site.

    I don’t like most of what JJ puts up but I never ask him to take it off.

    Stay out of here if you don’t like it. Go to see who you like.

  • Amelia

    #19 Believe me, no one wants to look at her picture. And it is not because of her looks or her singing talent. She and her lover have humiliated and abused their spouses over months and we have to look at pictures of her going in and out of buildings? Does she deserve a medal for her behaviour?

    I don’t care about their divorces but as a performer, she and Cibrian are answerable to the public, especially if they cannot be discreet and keep the affair private until such time as they decide to separate from their spouses. He has two small children and a wife who are living through a hellish experience – is that a reason to smile at the camera? Dean was blasted in the press for being “gay” – why did her PR team go public with this. She could have divorced him at any time without talking about this private matter. But no, they wanted to hurt Dean and Cibrian’s wife – and they did.

    Cibrian and Rimes deserve every condemnation for their vile behaviour. They could have done it differently, without exposing their spouses to such cruelty.

  • popcorn

    Why come here and whine if you don’t like her. Go away. Leave. Pick someone you like. Why waste your time on her if you dislike her. Put your attention on who you like.

  • inactuality

    Actually many people do want to look at her photos and read about what she is up to. How can someone say no one wants to look at her. You speak for everyone? That’s a pretty audacious thing to say.

  • bella

    Could not stand her before and cannot stand her now.

  • inactuality

    When some of you say the people who support her are her hired PR team then the claim that Brandi’s supporters are her hired PR team would hold true also.

  • inactuality

    The paps are on her trail because they have something they can sell to feed their families.

    Paps aren’t wasting their time on celebs who aren’t in vogue t the moment.

    Heck the paps are probably camped out at her driveway.

    So Jennifer Garner is alerting the paps every time she takes her kids to the park? Which is everyday!

  • Roni

    This PR campaign reminds me of the Miller/Getty photoshoots in LA after the affair went public last year. It didn’t work then and it won’t work now – the public is just not that stupid.

    LeAnn is a performer and relies on public sympathy and her fans to sell her craft. As a married woman she should have thought about that before entering a very public affair with a married man. They could have been discreet and protected their spouses from even more public humiliation. What is she trying to do now – show us that life goes on and that she is very happy. Well I hope that she will be happy in another year or two with that cheat of a man who lied publically to his wife and made a complete fool of her.

    A message to Rimes PR team – give us a break, we have got the message. LeAnn is happy, Eddie is happy and two innocent spouses plus two little boys have been crushed in the media. Well done LeAnn and Eddie!

  • SHameless


  • calmdown

    Both sides need to take a deep breath and look at the whole picture and we all know what that is.

    No need to get the panties twisted in knots now. LMAO

  • AEP

    TRAMP! And she can’t possibly be 27, she looks 45.

  • Roni

    #34 Rimes is the only one of the four who can afford a PR media team.

    I have no problem with her fans who like her but how can ANYONE justify her stupidity?

  • inuits

    There was no marriage to wreck! That thing between Brani and Eddie was no marriage. It was a farce. An appearance only.

    Brandi knew what he was up to all these years. She didn’t live in a cave. She may have thought she was married but he was only acting but never into her or the marriage.

    Le Ann should shop around, take her time, go on dates and not fall for his charms which are considerable and almost irresistible.

  • spongeeddie

    I agree with the posters who advise Le Ann to play the field. Eduardo is not a long term bet. He’s a narcissistic Casanova type of guy.

  • cassidy

    I think Brandi’s cheeks are hers but the boobs do look like the inflatable type esp. because she has had 2 kids or she has a push up bra on.

  • lydia=inuits, popcorn, inactua


  • gwen


    “There was no marriage to wreck! That thing between Brani and Eddie was no marriage. It was a farce. An appearance only.”

    Keep telling yourself that. So you downplay the marriage and trash BG because you think that it will help LR? What good has trashing BG and trying to convince people that she was a bad wife done to help LR? Nothing. EC is still cheating on LR and LR still looks like an attention-seeker who is so desperate that she pays for EC services.

    If you don’t like what people are writing about LR, then do yourself a favor and don’t read.

  • cassidy

    Brandi was/is a make-up artist so she knows how to highlight her cheekbones to give them emphasis. I’ve never seen cheek implants the size of apples. That would leave visible scars. Those must be hers. Botox and boob job, prolly. Cheeks are hers.

  • tenton

    All this will blow over when the next scandal hits and they always do. It is funny to see people take sides like it is a hometown football game.

  • calmdown

    tenton 47


  • excuseme

    @ 40

    There are people posting here who do like and support her. I am one but I am not justifying the way in which this was carried out. And in all fairness all four sides would need to be presented to be able to fully understand it. Otherwise we are biased and not fit to judge.

  • beauvoz

    This thread is on fire. Lots of inflamed opinions. Opinions since we aren’t privy to the behind the scenes scoop.