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LeAnn Rimes: Thai Beach Babe

LeAnn Rimes: Thai Beach Babe

LeAnn Rimes and a mystery male lunch at the Cholada Thai Beach Cuisine restaurant and then go shopping at the Malibu Country Mart on Monday (September 7) in California.

Last weekend, the 27-year-old singer romped around in a bikini in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico with her 36-year-old boyfriend, actor Eddie Cibrian. During their four-day getaway, the couple was seen kissing and cuddling while on the beach together.

15+ pictures inside of Thai beach babe LeAnn Rimes

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194 Responses to “LeAnn Rimes: Thai Beach Babe”

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  1. 101
    sammy Says:

    Le Ann may no longer care what the world thinks. She may have enough money for a lifetime. She may wish to retire or her music may be so good it will sell itself.

    Michael Jackson had a host of personal problems but will make billions in spite of those. Just a fact of life.

  2. 102
    undecided Says:

    This is titillating stuff to put it mildly. It’s good to see Le Ann so happy and Eddie so nonchalant but I think they’ve both taken a leave of absence from their minds.

    Oh heck, Sean Penn is up to the same stuff before his divorce is finished too. But why don’t these people wait til the ink is dry!

    On a personal level if their output is good I will still be a customer for what they’re selling. Lots of celebs do the same only hide it better. Oh imperfect world. Sounds like Shakespeare.

  3. 103
    sammy Says:

    We shouldn’t wish ill on our enemies It only poisons our own souls. God evens out every score in His own good time. Have faith that “the mills of the gods grind slowly, but they grind exceedingly fine”

    Love thine enemies

  4. 104
    sammy Says:

    Off to work BBL maybe lunchtime

  5. 105
    Mirabai Says:

    She sure is loving the attention. How can she even look at Eddie’s kids knowing she’s partly responsible for everything. If Brandi has any sense she’ll keep them away from her.

  6. 106
    stacey Says:

    First the supporters were LeAnn’s PR team, now their someone name Lydia. LOL

  7. 107
    chockfullo Says:


    Eddie had a 31/2 year affair with Scheana Marie Jancon, it is reported with photos. Le Ann is not the cause . She is a mere one of a whole string of Eddie’s ladies. Can’t you get it!

    Brandi has been living with it because he kept coming home most nights but Eddie’s heart wasn’t there or maybe it was there but it was everywhere else too,

  8. 108
    undecided Says:

    They should come forward and tell all sides to the story so we can decide otherwise we’re poking in the dark. Life is never black or white.

  9. 109
    gwen Says:

    Wow, Lydia yo uhave been busy. The lone LR fan has struck again.

    “99 :I’m cherry picking the article? This coming from the person who seems to see things that are not really there and even though the evidence speaks loud and clear will argue that it does not say what it really says.

    The article says exactly what people have been pointing out, expect the author seems to think that LR will bounce back. Don’t you just love that her one and only defense to everything is that “it really doesn’t say what it says” or of course throw BG under the bus to save LR.

    100-I understand that this is a difficult concept for you, but blaming BG doesn’t help LR in any way. EC was the cheater, not BG. You think that blaming BG somehow takes the wieght of the affair off of LR and EC shoulders, well it doesn’t. You can keep pushing the notion that BG is at fault because she knew that EC was cheating and did nothing, but don’t be upset when you don’t get the desired reaction .

  10. 110
    lydia= Says:


    Why do we think that LYDIA is making all of these posts?

    1) Because in true lydia fashion, she posts 5-6 comments under different names when sees that LR and EC are not receiving the proper support. Case in point, notice how all of these “new supporters” just so happened to show up at about the same time?

    2) And true to form, LYDIA seems to think that blaming BG will somehow relieve the burden of the affari from EC and LR shoulders(post 100, 107).

    3) She tries to justify the affair by bringing up EC past affairs, as in if he was already cheating then LR didn’t really do anything wrong(post 107). Even though LR was sneaking around with Ec to hotels she will argue that she wasn’t responsible for the affair because he was alreasy a cheater.

    4) True to Lydia form she will argue that LR and EC are innocent, even though there is evidence that speaks otherwise(post 108). They should come forward and tell their story? The pictures speak loud and clear, so there is nothing that they can say that will redeem themselves. They had every opportunity to do this right and they didn’t. Like you don’t go public if you haven’t filed for a divorce. Don’t go to Mexico with another woman’s husband a week after he files for the divorce or if you haven’t filed for your own divorce. Don’t go to motels or friends home for sex if you haven’t filed for a divorce. It’s that simple.

    5) She depicts LR and EC as the victims(post 103) even though they are the ones reaping havoc in the lives of 4 innocent people. So now everyone is picking on LR and EC because they won’t turn a blind eye. So while it’s okay for LR to judge BG wife, it’s not okay for people to speak about her bad behavior.

    6) She tries to deflect from LR and EC behavior by bringing up other couples (post 102).

    7) My ultimate favorite, when she tells you that you are not really seeing what you are seeing or that the article/quotes don’t really say what they really say(post 99).

    Now sit back and watch as 5-6 more “new” posters show up to defend LR or the “new” posters starts name calling/makign insults.

  11. 111
    gwen Says:

    *I posted post 110.

    101-LeAnn doesn’t care what the world thinks? Are you sure about that? She may not care about the people she hurts in pursuit of her “happiness”, but she most certainly cares about what the world thinks. Why do you think she is trying to justify her actions by having people blame BG and DS or convince us that she didn’t really do anything wrong because EC marriage was already in trouble before she got there? Why do you think that she put out those stories about EC buying her a bracelet/cake in response to people saying that he is using her for her money/fame? Why do you think that she is trying to convince people that EC loves her because they are buying a house together?

    103-What happened to love our neighbors? How are people wishing ill will on LR and EC? Because they won’t turn a blind eye to how they are disrespecting a DS, BG, and the two kids? Don’t preach about wishing ill will on LR and EC, when both of them have been so callous towards DS, BG and the two kids. No, what poisons people souls is gloating about sleeping with a man who has no qualms about hurting his kids and standing by doing nothing as his mistress rubs the affair in his wife and kids faces.

  12. 112
    chockfullo Says:

    We need some new material so what’s next?

  13. 113
    chockfullo Says:

    Tripped over to the latest video to see the lovers’ jaunt to the beach, the one of Brandi. The clarity is medium and the text isn’t out yet. Once a new issue is on the stands they may make it available.

    That Eddie is a stud. He must of been sent as a tempter. Dangerous in the gorgeous dept.

    One of my best girlfriends is Cuban and she says she won’t date them because they roam like dogs. Her words. Now we know the spanish don’t monopolize in that way but she said this is pretty normal behavior.

  14. 114
    kadisha Says:

    LOL but I think he is going through an early mid-life crisis.

  15. 115
    chockfullo Says:

    How can it be an early midlife crises when hes been at it for so many years?

  16. 116
    kadisha Says:

    Who knows then. It must be in his blood. I had a male relative like him. Drop dead handsome. Married 3 times. The 1st 2 couldn’t take it. The 3rd one was 25 years younger, stunningly gorgeous herself, had 1 kid together and cheated on her every week until he died at 80.

    She knew what he was up to but stayed with him till the end. Explain that please. She said “I guiess I love him”. But it is more common than you think.

  17. 117
    gwen Says:

    So now LR isn’t at fault because she couldn’t resist the stud or EC temptations? Is LR an animal or a human being because it’s animals who act without any disregard for others.

    Are you sure you want some new material from the cheaters because with every photo-op she digs herself deeper and deeper. I know that you think requesting the photo-ops of these cheaters will make it look like people support them, but what you are really saying is that you support the public humilation their famlies. Is that what you are doing, telling the world that you enjoy watching EC and LR take pleasure in the pain that they cause others?

    Once again, implying that because EC has a history of cheating that the affair is not LR fault(post 115). I hope you are singing the same tune when EC chemistry with his CSI co-stars are exposed.

  18. 118
    kadisha Says:

    And remember Brandi said “there is a part of Eddie I will never stop loving” or close. And Dean said “I love my wife” even after he knew what had happened. I don’t think I could love someone like that. Well if I was old and that stuff didn’t matter so much then maybe but not at my age now.

  19. 119
    gwen Says:

    So why is there this massive attempt to blame BG because she knew that her husband was the cheater and did nothing? LR knows that EC is a cheater, yet someone keeps gushing over those beach photos as if they are a sign of his great love for LR.

  20. 120
    chockfullo Says:

    Laughing right now you mean Calleigh? Haha! She’s too old for Eddie. All of 40. I think hes going for the young set,

    Like post #118 and 116 said some ladies will live with it. Brandi seems to and I think Le Ann will tolerate it too just to keep a hunk at your side. I think that will happen.

  21. 121
    gwen Says:


    Well both of these marriages had at least 7-8 years on them. If they were together for a year, I would question their sincerity.

  22. 122
    chockfullo Says:

    Gosh I don’t see people blaming the wife just saying she was one of those women who will live with the behavior. And she blew when it went media and the Mr. was smitten w/LeAnn.
    Whatyagonna do then?

  23. 123
    gwen Says:


    Well obviously BG didn’t live with it because she told his mistress to take him and said that she had no plans of getting back with him.

    Except LR is probably already tolerating EC cheating. What amazes me is that people think that his vacation with LR means that he is in love with her and completely disregard that he pulled the same stunts when he was cheating with his wife. So a picture of them smiling and laughing on a beach is equivalent to saying that he is cheating on LR.

  24. 124
    kadisha Says:

    Yeah but my relative was married for many many years. These guys want their cake and eat it too. They’re like brats.but the women live with it
    My relative was too good looking and oversexed. Mr. Cibrian has a rep as a hot lover.

  25. 125
    gwen Says:


    But that’s exactly what you are doing when you say that she “lived with the behavior”. You are basically implying that she holds some burden for EC and LR affair because she didn’t do anything when he had those other affairs. Or is your assertion that your post doesn’t really say what it says?

    It’s interesting that you say that she stayed with EC because she was smitten with him. This was an eight year marriage, so there are other reasons for staying with a person that long besides their looks. I’m not saying that it is a very good excuse, but maybe she stayed with EC because she didn’t want her boys to grow up without a father. But now that she sees him in action she knows that he is not a great father figure.

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